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My typical plan for summer is to stay the hell inside with so much air on that I sometimes get high and think it's fall. Because heat sucks. Global warming and I are totally not going to get along.

Spent a week house sitting while my more talented friends headed to SDCC. Got to play with doggies and kittens and watch a TV as big as my bed with a stereo louder than that really loud kid upstairs. We watched Skull Island, which was fun but not great. I spent most of it being irritated at the photographer who kept not taking pictures of stuff.
We also saw John Wick 2, which was awesome.
We rewatched Lego Batman and Guardians of the Galaxy, because I love Drax.
Not because I am Groot. I am not, in fact, Groot.

We got our 5th FREE drone this week, which is pretty friggin' cool. This one is another folding model. It's supposed to have one-key return, which will make it easier for a bonehead like me to fly it. I'm mostly just thrilled by having toys that fly. I suck at flying them even worse than I suck at zombie games. Anyway, we're getting a better drone next week, so H is extra stoked about that. For a few years I wanted to get him a decent toy drone to fly. But they were out of our budget. Now, it's pretty much raining drones.

The Radish thing is not thrilling me. They still don't have Horror listed as a genre, so my piece is in "general." Lame. I'm bugging them about it, but honestly I can't imagine that this is gonna become a thing for me. I'm a terrible judge of these things. But I'm not into the idea of spending another 18 months on a project that two dozen people see that I lose more money on.
Writing a test piece for a new gig this week. This has the potential to be killer, so I have high hopes.

Oh, and I hate the President. I make snarky comments to him every morning on Twitter, just because it makes me feel a tiny bit better. #LittleThings

Game of Thrones has kicked ass so far. Fuckin' Theon, seriously.


Nov. 29th, 2016 05:15 pm
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H and I were gone all last week, housesitting for some good friends. It's pretty cool, because all the stuff they have is nicer than the stuff we have. Their living room TV is big as a bathtub and has a better sound system than the local indie theatre. The recliner goes up and down by itself, and the fridge makes ice and the most delicious water I've ever had outside an Evian bottle. Plus, dogs. I love dogs, but can't have one in the shitty matchbox I live in.

Of course, I didn't post online that both H and I were out of town, or that our apartment was sitting empty (well, with cats, but they aren't good at guarding things). But everyone seemed to want to put it on my page. "Hey, aren't you guys out of town?" "Are you and H having fun being away?" "Who is watching your cats while you and H are gone?" It's as if people don't know that we live in a shitty neighborhood with shitty security and neighbors who would barely take notice if a stranger stole our shit in the middle of the night. Happily, though, nothing bad happened. Some errant JoJo puke and the eating of birthday flowers. That's all. H and I had a swell time eating unhealthy food (mostly) and watching HULU, which I've learned has even shittier horror movies than Netflix. I was actually tired of bacon by the end of the week.

I got some birthday presents:
A collection of Amazon gift cards allowed me to buy myself this.
I also got a fancy electric herb grinder...for grinding herbs.
H got me a Duck Dodgers Pop Funko, and a kickass book of Grimm fairy tales I've been wanting. Plus he made me another wonderful card like he does every year.
I got a cool witches oven with a cauldron and such. It's kind of amazing.
Plus: chocolates, cookies, flowers, some great cards, a hat, and I'm told--a big scary head to put on display. So yeah, I gots the hookup for sure.

As much as it's fun to hang out in a different place, it's also good to be home.
My own bed, bathroom, cats, and kitchen are always more comfortable--even if we live in a total shitbox. Why? Because it's OUR shitbox.

In other news, we had a death in the family. Uncle Tom (not technically MY Uncle, but the Uncle of my cousins on my godmother's side) was a cool guy. We thought he was a ton of fun, until someone explained to us that he had a drinking problem because of the war--and that the stuff he did wasn't funny. I disagreed then, and still kinda do. No, alcoholism isn't funny. But Uncles at family BBQ's are. He was a nice guy, jovial and bitter in a way that incorporated a lot of humor. He also had a glass eye that he once removed and rolled down a picnic table. How can that possibly be described as anything but hilarious? I don't know. Godspeed, Uncle Tom. The world is less funny, and a little less kind without you in it.

I sort of forgot that I was doing the NaNoWriMo this year. My head exploded after the election and never quite got put back together. Ah well. As [personal profile] flemco loves to point out, I can write whenever the hell I want.

H's work schedule is terrible right now. They switched him to 5 days a week (used to be 4 10-hour days, now it's 5 8-hour days) which means more travel time and expense and less time for us to watch TV and do stuff together. Do we really think people will avoid posting spoilers for Gotham, Supergirl, Agents of SHIELD, or Z-Nation? I don't. But one of his coworkers accidentally killed someone (driving like a maniac, I'm told) and now has to go to prison. The world is a crazy place, kids.


May. 24th, 2011 03:54 pm
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Game of Thrones is kicking my ass. It's awesome! After the season ends, I'm totally going to read the first book. The cast is amazing, and if Peter Dinklage does not win an Emmy, then that shit is rigged. He is goddamn delightful to watch.

I am drafting the last chapter of The Finster Effect tonight. This second draft is pretty damn good. But after a week of polishing it's gonna sparkle like a teenage vampire's junk. (Or, you something good.) It's funny, because H and I differ wildly in opinion as to what this last chapter is doing. I thought I was being very clear, and he thought I was doing something else entirely. I get pretty frustrated with H's inability to read my mind, which is why he and I have never successfully collaborated on a writing project. I feel a sort of inner imperative to not drag him down to my level. If you've ever read what I write, that will make sense to you. He's far too happy a person to want to be mired in all that cumbersome darkness and fear.

I'm away from the day-job from now through June 2nd. Then I'm gonna spend a day watching movies and TV and stuff. I might check out Kate Winslet's Mildred Pierce on HBO. I also have that Joan Crawford movie "I saw what you did" on the DVR. That'll be a good watch, methinks.

And just to keep it lively, here's the star of our show: Joey JoJo Junior Shabadoo.
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My week off has been just delightful thusfar. Lots of time spent with H, with friends, working on the podcast, and watching TV and films. Catching up on Criminal Minds, which has been just delightful. Hotch is my main man...though an erie fascination with Dr Reid cannot be denied. *sigh* Plus I love Garcia--so damn cute! Been editing and getting some recording done. Also caught up with some friends, and more to come. Waiting to hear from userinfolachupacabra about a visit today. Dinner with Sara tomorrow after my psyche appointment. Lunch with userinfokissdbyagnome on Friday. Back to work on Saturday followed by lunch with userinfoklynnfrost. Sunday I'm meeting a potential vocal actor for the podcast, followed by cartoons. Then Monday, back to work at the rate of 3 days a week through July. Woot!

H and I scored a copy of The Box which I mentioned in an earlier post. I found much to like about it, moreso than H I daresay. Decent characters, solid performances, Frank Langella was creepy as hell. I think they spent a bit too much time on filler that didn't really go anywhere, but the commentary on humanity was well played. And it's another in a long line of movies where a certain actor does NOT get the girl in the end.

And of course, last night was the long awaited Jacob-centric episode of LOST. Here there be spoilers! ) Jacob is hot, and I would brave the Smoke Monster for him. Not a prediction, I'm just stating it as a fact.
And of course, me wantee polar bear!

In sad news, Robert Downey Jr is a huge republican now. WTF happened?
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Let me begin with a belated pic in honor of all you mothers out there:

Obviously, I could have gone a lot of different ways with this: Margaret White, Mrs Vorhees, that wench from "Mother's Day," Augusta Gein, or even the mom from Flowers in the Attic. I went with a classic, because that's how I roll.

I've been craving the kind of food elementary kids eat for lunch. Bologna and "american cheese" slices, tiny chocolate puddings in a little cup, if I'm not careful, I'll find myself drinking colored water out of a little plastic barrel. This week, I bought chicken and pork bologna instead of beef, and Meijer brand "american cheese" slices to save $5. Not sure how it will taste. At least I didn't buy WonderBread or Miracle Whip. When a processed foodstuff sounds like it has magical/mythical properties, it's probably best not to eat it.

Today is the first official day of my week off. I'm not back at work until this Saturday. Today is mostly spending time with H. We're gonna play Left 4 Dead 2 DLC: The Passing. Then perch, salad, and cornbread for dinner; and a viewing of The Box which we have not seen yet and which did NOT get good reviews. When H and I first got together, we talked for hours on end, almost daily. One day we were talking about old TV shows, and we both remembered one ep of Twilight Zone remake in particular--and after talking at length about it, we realized that it was based on "Button, Button" by Richard Matheson. Matheson, of course, being responsible for some of the best horror TV and movies of all-time. For serious.
Tomorrow, recording with my Narrator, then LOST, then writing. Wednesday is audio editing and writing. Thursday is my doc appointment, and writing. Friday is open for now, hoping that the lovely userinfokissdbyagnome will join me for lunch or some such. And then more writing.

Finished Off Season by Jack Ketchum. Goddamn. He scares the hell out of me, even though this was his first book and he got even better. I read the Unedited version, which means the version he didn't have to compromise on. The apathy of my publisher is a drag some times, but I'm glad he's never made me cut anything I felt was important. And I had a little scare over the elephant story in S4S. But it's in there, as some of you know.

Went to Blockbuster over the weekend to spend some gift cards I'd had forever. Scored copies of Analyze This, Precious, 9, and The Box for $17 total. Wanted to buy Home Movie as well but they only had it as a rental. Turns out, when you start a new account at Blockbuster (I hadn't been there since I got married and couldn't remember my old phone number) they give you a free rental with "no return date." So I'm keeping their rental copy. Ha! I really do love that movie and am stoked to watch it on my big TV. Downloaded Incredible Shrinking Man for iPod yesterday, just for fun.

My Bic lighter just died. And I don't have another one. Drag.

And finally, my new Audiobook Podcast, "Take a Stab at This!" is now live on my website. Pod-o-matic wanted a LOT of money to host all my eps there. Since I'm already paying for a site with purportedly unlimited bandwidth and storage, there was no reason in the world not to put everything over there. You can listen at the site, download FREE mp3's, or subscribe through iTunes to get automatic updates. Pretty sweet, eh? New eps will go up once a week.
And for the love of all that is scary, please tell your friends!
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I've been feeling overwhelmed and unwell to the point of actually contemplating a short hospitalization. Of course, I have a job and therefore can't afford that, because I'd actually be expected to pay for it. Also can't afford the med I've been prescribed, so I'm going to see if I can get a ($50) appointment with the mental health doc they now have at my local community clinic. I want to discuss some med options and see if there's anything that might help me without making it so I can't get to my Crazy--which I need for writing.

My boss is giving me most of next week off, per my request. Aside from my own personal Crazy, my day-job has been kicking my ass. The last two weeks have been fucking unbearable, they really hung us out to dry. Like Christmas times a million, plus web support we are in no way trained to provide. I'm working tomorrow and Friday, then not again until the following Saturday. In that time I will sleep, edit and mix audio for podcasts, and outline the new book. Then I will sleep a bit more, play some Xbox and watch a few movies I've been meaning to watch. It will be glorious. I am getting pretty damn excited for the new book to start coming together. Zombies, you know.

Have you guys read Under the Dome yet? I got it for my birthday, but the I started reading Jack Ketchum and haven't stopped yet. But I'm thinking about picking it up during my week off, since it isn't really a good book to carry around in your purse. Will the ending make me mad? (You know how some Stephen King novels end like he couldn't think of anything so he just stopped writing or flipped a coin or something? userinfowednes
no like.) With that in mind, should I read it?

Speaking of Jack Ketchum, I think I got banned from posting at his Facebook fan comm. I posted something about how the movie version of The Girl Next Door sucked, and how whoever made it didn't seem to understand why the book is so goddamn good. Then, I couldn't post over there anymore. That's a drag, but I was being absolutely sincere. I adore Ketchum's work, and it infuriates me that someone would (or could, I suppose) make such a sub-par movie out of such an impressive book.

H and I watching a silly little zombie movie called Insanitarium. I expected that it would be laughably bad. It was almost good. Had some very cool elements, even if they weren't well fleshed out *snerk--zombies? fleshed out? Hahahahahaaa!* or well-acted. Supposedly, nanotechnology made the zombies, but aside from telling us that verbally, there's nothing else on nanotechnology in the whole movie.

And finally, if you're like me, you've been waiting for Google Chrome for mac to finally allow you to organize your bookmarks. It's still in Beta, but they have fixed that and I am now using it to great affect. Yay!
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I have today off because I am working on Saturday this week. So far, everything is going according to my sinister plan. Got paid yesterday, going to cash my cheque tomorrow (minus what I give H for the bills). After I pay the dentist and put aside my cab monies for the next 2 weeks, I should have a small fortune leftover for my getaway weekend with [ profile] absinthofheart to celebrate her birthday. I do so enjoy her company. This year I got her the fourth in the series of Harry Potter pens from The Noble Collection. They are boss.

In weird-ass news, a mentally ill kid from my Alma Mater seems to have murdered someone in Italy while on a school trip. Isn't that cray-zay?

In things-that-will-surely-suck news, Keanu Reeves has signed on to star in Jekyll and Hyde. I don't know about you, but I'm getting pretty sick of Keanu fucking up things I love. He fucks up Shakespeare, he almost ruined Dracula, he destroyed Day the Earth Stood Still, and now he's going to massacre Jekyll & Hyde. I guess he hasn't heard that you need ACTING ABILITY to take on such a role. It's not a fucking action mov--well, I suppose if they really wanted to fuck it up bad, they could make it one. I wouldn't put it past Hollywood to show less than no respect for such a classic and wonderful story.

So far, the Star Trek reviews are good. I'm stoked, as H and I plan to see it Tuesday night when I get off work.

I'm quite sick of hearing about the bible thumping, fake boob getting, pageant losing, prejudice spokesmodel Miss California. Like "Joe the Plumber" I'm at a loss for why anyone gives a rat's ass what these people think. They are not learned, well spoken, or particularly well informed. So why are they in every third news story?

As for me, I'm going to kill off a character today, and get some things summed up.
And for anyone who was paying attention, it appears that I did not make any kind of stir whatsoever at the Ippy Awards. Bummer.
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Okay, lots of stuff happened on LOST last night. So let's get right into it:
Variables man...variables. )

I'm at work right now. It's the last day of Free Shipping. I have to say, my boss has done an awesome job of making sure we have enough staff for the HUGE call volumes we've had. I've been working my ass off, but it's been pretty okay, except maybe Tuesday.

My week has actually gone pretty well. I managed to figure out and eventually fix my iTunes issues. I got the weekend of the 15th off to leave town (never thought I would, since I put in for it 2 weeks late), and my copy of LOST season 4 came in the mail yesterday. As soon as I finish with my serial killer, I'll be able to watch it.
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But I really think that lately I've been enjoying watching Seth McFarland's shows better than The Simpsons. I know, blasphemy right? I'm not saying that Family Guy is a better show, just that I'm enjoying watching it more. I think overall Simps has been a spectacular show, one of the best in the history of television, and certainly the best animated show. But in terms of just sitting down and watching, I always laugh harder at Family Guy (and even American Dad sometimes) than I do at Simpsons. Plus, I find that the social and political commentary in the McFarlane shows is dead-on in a lot of places. I find myself laughing, nodding and saying "pretty much" a lot while I watch.

So...Wolverine. It got leaked, right? Well, then why isn't everybody talking about how good it is? Doesn't that logically follow that if people have seen it, they should be raving? They aren't. This leads me toward great worry. I don't want it to be bad. Liev Schrieber is awesome.

Let's not forget that today is the birthday of [ profile] hellamama. Be nice to her, she's someone's Mom. Actually, she's sort to TWO someone's mom. Here's hoping her birthday is delightful!!

As for me, I'm opening four days in a row this week. I don't care for openings, and I don't care for working four days in a row. I do realize that many people do this, but those people are not me. I'm on a LOT of medication, and I needs my sleep. I also need days off to write. I only wrote a chapter and a half all weekend. Anyway, I want sleep and won't be able to get any real sleep until Friday. Frown.

Not sure I'll be able to get the weekend off for the birthday of [ profile] absinthofheart. I was supposed to ask for it off like, a month ago and flaked on the date. So now I probably won't get to go away that weekend. 'Course, I really should be using that time to write anyway. Speaking of writing, I'm supposed to put the employee newsletter out in 3 days and I have almost no news for it. Fie!
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I'm now back in town, and will be going to see Watchmen with H in a little while.

I did not get as much writing done as I wanted to over the weekend. For starters, I sent my most recent story to four friends to take a look at it. Not a single one of them managed to get back to me on it in over a week. So I had no real feedback to work with, and therefore no impetus for change.

Tried to start a second story for the same publication. Zombies, this time. So far, it's trite and reads like Tom Savini will be making an appearance any second. Not sure what I'm going to do about that, work on it, I guess.

Tomorrow I'm back to work for four straight days, then Sunday off for grocery shopping and cartoons, then 2 more days of work. So I won't get a day off until next Wednesday, which is a bummer since I'm under 3 different writing deadlines right now. I'm trying to write 2 short stories for an anthology I'm trying to get into. One for a magazine, and the other is my novel deadline. I felt like I had all kinds of time in December, now it's the middle of March. Plus I'm still supposed to be doing publicity things and I have no good ideas.
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I have MC Chris's song "Fetts Vette" stuck in my head. Boooooo!

Like every Monday, this morning was very difficult. Plus I have a terribly busy week this week so I could get Friday off. Now, it turns out that I didn't need Friday off but I actually need the following Tuesday off. I was able to switch, so I can still go out of town. Everything feels more difficult and stressful than it should these days...

Still feeling quite manic. It's a bummer because while being depressed makes everything more difficult, mania is actually MUCH more dangerous in terms of screwing up my life. I spend too much money, indulge in way too much of this or that ;-] and tell everyone I know exactly what I think of them...which is NOT the way to win friends and influence people. ;-] I'll be glad when I'm feeling better. It's one of those things that you have to just man-up and tough it out. Then again, it might turn out that I really need my other meds, we'll just see how it goes I guess.

In brighter news, the new guy at work brought us chocolate with bacon in it. I had a bacon-chocolate dessert on my honeymoon in Chicago and it was yummers! This is a chocolate bacon bar, so it's not as decandent, but damn tasty all the same.
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Train Horn

Created by Train Horn

H can hear it just fine, but I can't at all. Alas, I am decrepit. Frown and Fie!

Still working on my story for these guys about the threat of being eaten. I'm writing something I like, but I'm not sure how well it will fit in with what they want. I might try to start something new if I go to Clare next weekend with [ profile] absinthofheart and her fam. The scheduling for the trip got kind of messed up so I'm not sure I will attend. I do enjoy having a place to write where there's no TV or internet to distract me. Plus there's nature and a fireplace and stuff.

The onion in the ointment, as it happens, is that my lack of Abilify is making me manic. I tend not to be very good company when I'm having a manic episode, though the writing that comes out of such mania is often quite good. I was completely unmedicated when I wrote Sadie, and that is the best thing I've written thusfar. I've often thought I wouldn't be able to write well with the meds, and I still suspect that perhaps my best work is behind me. I wish I could live on an island and not work so it doesn't matter if I'm crazy or not. Sometimes I feel totally out of touch with my inner nut-job, which for a horror writer is not the best thing. Anyway, being manic is a drag, and I would probably get in trouble if I murdered [ profile] nate101000 because of it.

It is also a bummer for work. It's much more difficult to be calm and collected with stupid people, rude people, people I can't understand, children, and people who call my sales line and then ask to put me on hold. Sadly, that is a fair sampling of the people I talk to.

Back, I am

Oct. 6th, 2008 12:48 pm
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I'm back from my weekend away. We went to the vacation house in Clare to write. I wrote a little more than 3 chapters, which turned out to be about 4k words. Not as many as I'd write during 3 days of NaNoWriMo, but still pretty good. Still not sure if I'm going to do the NaNo this year, I'll have to consult my idea file and think on it.

The weekend was, for the most part, nice and relaxing. I always enjoy spending quality time with [ profile] absinthofheart, though I wish she didn't share her snacks with me so much. Keebler makes a shortbread cookie with fudge on it that I shouldn't have been anywhere near, it seems.
We saw an array of fun animals, as usual, though I think the dog (we took one with us) kept some of them away. There were blue jays and rabbits, a very big black cat and my favorite, deer. I love to see deer bounding around looking all majestic and whatnot.

My serial killer is coming along nicely. Right now he's decided to kidnap Elise, to see if the fortified cell he built is going to hold the girl he really wants to keep captive. Elise does not have long to live, methinks.

This week I plan to finish reading Watchmen, start reading Angels and Demons, sign all my copies of Cat's Apprentice and get them ready to send out on Sunday, and write at least 2 more chapters. That's in addition to going to work, of course.

Now, H and I are off to play Wii pool, and maybe some bowling. We really need to buy Wii Play instead of borrowing it. Cow racing and pool are way too much fun.

While I'm here, what are you guys being for Halloween?
I think I'm just going to go to work in my pajamas and be "slumber party Wednes."
Other than that, I don't have any scary plans yet.
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I got to see most of the debate last night. As expected, Mrs Palin demonstrated her inability to think on her feet by doing little more than reciting the company line. And she used the word Maverick so many times, it made me wonder if she knows that a Maverick is a cow that has wandered off from the herd. I guess it's a good thing not to go with the herd, but I wouldn't want to be thought of as a "cow." Cows are so stupid they don't know enough to stop walking when they poo so they won't poo on their back legs. So maybe McCain and Palin are Mavericks. We can find out, somebody just has to check the backs of their legs. Biden, to my mild surprise, was swell.

I shall be incommunicado for the next few days. I'm going to Clare with [ profile] absinthofheart and her husband, to write. I hope to get a bunch of work done on my serial killer, as I have to be ready for my 2010 production date. So I'm hoping there will be little in the way of restaurants, boat rides, movie watching and other distractions. I've made some choices in terms of plot, and I think I know how it's going to end. I also decided that Dami will indeed die, even though I'd been thinking about letting her live. I have to rewrite her death though, it's pretty clunky right now.

I'd like to get this draft finished this month so I can do the NaNoWriMo, but I dunno if I can. Depends on what happens this weekend. If I can really tear it up and get a few chapters written, maybe I can participate in the NaNo. If not, I don't think so. Sad really, I've been doing the NaNo since 2004, I'd kind of like to try again. Then again, I've won every year I've done it, so it might do me some good to try and fail. It'll build character, they say. I can always use some more character. ;-]

Confidential to Breana, Carl, Dana, Tiffany and Lisa: I will be mailing out your books one week from this Sunday. I apologize for the delay. I just got the invoices that told me who ordered books, but I won't be going to a mailing place until then. I thank you all for your patience, especially in light of the fact that those who did NOT get in on the pre-order already got their books. So again, sorry guys!
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My three day weekend was very nice, and mostly spent with H. He's a good one, that H. We played Wii, watched TV, hosted a guest or two and slept very late. I made a big peanutty stir fry that was just delicious. I am back to work today, just like everyone else I imagine.

Is it true that there was no BattleStar Galactica this week? There is no new episode On Demand.
I hope we haven't missed one as we are ever nearer to the season finale.
Would that also be the series finale? I forget.

We started watching the new Andromeda Strain on A&E last night, with the second half running tonight. It has a pretty good cast but I find it kind of blah. H likes it though, so we'll be sure to catch the end when I get home from work.

Got my finished galley for The Cat's Apprentice. To my horror, [ profile] thehula was accidentally omitted from the acknowledgments page. One thousand apologies to her. She is one of my most loyal internet readers who was supposed to get a shout out this time around.

I may have a lead for a book signing. Who'da thunk it'd be so difficult setting up a book signing in a town like Ann Arbor? The B&N's around here say they don't host signings, and Borders thinks my house is too small and they don't like POD presses. Even the comic book shop didn't want to host a signing for me, and it's these signings that get books sold.

I'm using some Avon pear scented body spray today. It's yummy, I think I'm gonna buy some more if they still have it. Mine is left over from several summers ago.

I'm back!

May. 19th, 2008 12:29 pm
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Had a swell weekend out of town. It was chilly and windy, but also sunny and nice. Never quite made it onto the boat, but got a lot of reading done, saw some deer, and ate lots of yummy food I'd never get to eat around here. Plus we watched Dan in Real Life. It was kind of ordinary, but a fun watch all the same. Later, there were fire works. Nice.

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When I came home, H had cleaned the whole place. He likes to clean while I am away for some reason. It's always especially nice to come home to a super clean apartment. Later, we'll be watched Battlestar Galactica and playing some Wii.

My LJ account expires soon. I'm debating if I want to pay for it again, though I almost certainly will.
I like my extra usperics and enjoy not having to see ads.

I reread my own book over the weekend. The editing is not very good. There's a typo on page 87 and a bunch of extra quotation marks there for no discernable reason. I suspect that the editor did not know how to use the program properly, or else she's just a moron. I wish I had gone over the galley better, I just thought a professional editor would know how to insert quotation marks correctly.

So hey, did I miss anything?
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My new bag was supposed to be delivered today. Since I didn't know I had to sign for it, I took a nap after work and missed the delivery guy. Fie! Hopefully, they will try again tomorrow when one of us is both home and awake.

I'm splitting town tomorrow for the weekend. Going to relax and read and maybe go on the boat. You kids behave yourselves while I'm gone! ;-] I haven't been able to go to the vacation house much since I've been back to work, so I'm glad to be going back for a few days. Plus, it's [ profile] absinthofheart's birthday. I don't even know how old she is. 28 maybe? I'll also be missing LOST until probably Monday, so please no one spoil it for me.

Lately I've developed a tv crush on Chris Meloni. Strange, since I've been watching SVU for years and never noticed how hot he is before. Go figure. I'm also quite a fan of Jeremy Sisto on L&O TOS. He's been in some horror films I like, most notably May. That's a crazy movie.

Seriously though...
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I'm off work all week this week, and it's starting out very annoyingly. H simply will not cooperate with my plan to go grocery shopping at a time when the store will not be crowded. He wants to wait until 4pm or so, which would also make me late to meet [ profile] klynnfrost whom despite being one of my favorite people, I have not seen in forever. I simply loathe being around crowds. Even if I can finally keep myself from having a full blown panic attack, I'd just rather not be around big groups of people in the first place. That's why we see movies on Tuesdays. But enough about that.

Been working on my serial killer novel. It's pretty good in some parts, but needs a ton of editing. Probably about a third of it will be cut completely, with a large reworking of another third.

My big project for the week will be working on publicity for A Stabbing for Sadie. If you know of any place(s) I should be advertising, do let me know. I have about 2 dozen online markets I'm pursuing to try to get reviews or set up interviews. I'm going to try for signings at about five different places, and have about a dozen local and Detroit area markets I'm going to pitch to. Hopefully some of that will work out. I have one interview lined up for May (thanks, [ profile] kissdbyagnome ). My publisher is sending galleys to Midwest Book Review and Library Journal. That should help considerably.

H and I were talking about the people I hang out with, some of whom exasperate me to the point of madness. He doesn't understand why I'd hang out with anyone who does that. I was thinking about how sometimes, I am drawn to people who aren't particularly good friends because they're just so fucked up that I'm dying to figure out what their deal is. I've only realized this recently, and now I'm trying to figure out what to do about it, if anything.
I don't want to get a million responses saying "Is this me?" because it's not really anyone I hang out with on a regular basis. But I had one so-called friend who I argued with constantly and grew to outright dislike, but I would still see him every month or so for a long time. Like sometimes you meet someone through work or whatever and you hang out, but then realize that the person is actually really selfish or crazy or whatever, yet you keep hanging out with them? It's weird. Am I alone in this? Is it wrong to unconsciously feign friendship with people because you find them interesting? I mean, there's all kinds of reasons to spend time with someone, right? I dunno...
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My new meds are making me feel like ass. We know this, this is not a surprise. I doubled the dosage per the docs instructions and everything got exponentially worse. Fie! Then I Emailed work to let them know I wasn't coming in, thinking they'd be pretty peeved. Instead of peevery, they offered me next week off as well. I took them up on it, almost drooling at all the writing and reading I'll be able to accomplish in that amount of time.

I've decided to work on my Serial Killer novel, and have changed the theme to a religious one. The narrator is no longer trying to kill Mikey, but to lead him to salvation. Dami may get to live, because Chandra may become a little less impulsive. Maybe not though...Anyway, I have some swell ideas that will hopefully fall into place once I give this thing a good going over, which I intend to do as soon as I finish rereading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Half Blood Price was just as sad as I remembered it. But I always knew Snape would turn out to be good.

I've been thinking a lot about sattelites lately. There must be zillions of them floating around up there, since so many things are sattelite dependent. I was reading about how the Monterey bay aquarium let another Great White Shark go, and that every time it's dorsal fin breaks the surface it sends a signal to a sattelite. Doesn't that mean that the scientists launched it's own sattelite? And all the phone companies and whatever else that use sattelites, do they all have their own or do they share? And what else do those sattelites do? Are they keeping an eye on us? I bet they are.
It's enough to make you want to wear a foil hat.

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Going out of town this weekend to write. I don't really need to go out of town to write, but it's going to be fun since [ profile] absinthofheart is going to write too. Also, no kids. It is a rare thing indeed to go out of town with [ profile] absinthofheart and no kids. Not that I have anything against the kids. They are great, but not conducive to writing or doing many other grown-up things I enjoy. Anywhoo, I'll be back on Sunday, in time for cartoons.

I have all opening shifts next week. I hate having to be in by 9am. I suppose that's pretty normal for an office job, but I'd much rather sleep in and stay late. I tried to take a nap when I got home today, but I wasn't tired yet and it was too chilly to sleep in the bedroom. Work in general is not so bad. I'm getting the hang of it for the most part, and I'm not hating it much. Ask me again as we near closer to Xmas and the after Xmas rush of returns. I just hate how all the time I have to spend at work takes me away from writing and other things I'd like to be doing. Of course, I could be writing now but I'm doing this instead. I thought about doing the NoBloPoMo but didn't want to bug you all with lame posts when I have nothing of value to say. Although I'm doing a pretty good job of that right now. ;-]

It's damn cold outside.

I have what is either a bug bite or a hive on my neck. I hope I'm not getting hives, I hate them and don't feel like having any kind of full blown allergic reaction.

My grocery store has these new pomegranate juices that are just fabbo. I like the cranberry and the blueberry, both mixed with pomegranate juice. Mmmmm...
I've also found I like boursin cheese with potato chips. Mmmmm again.

H's computer is messed up. I don't know what's wrong with it, but he seems to think it's "broken." He even has a spare computer and thinks he messed that up too. I feel really bad for him since he uses his computer even more than I use mine. And I use mine a LOT. I imagine though that I'll see a bit more of him now that he can't play WoW.
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As it happens, I have a stellar idea for this years NaNoWriMo, so I'm going to do it. I didn't think I'd bother trying this year since I finally have a job, but then I perused my idea file and saw something great. Then I decided to bring back a character I wrote a few NaNo's ago, Raymond. Raymond is a 32 year old pothead who lives with his mother and encounters a monster in a local park. He's juxtaposed by a 30-something chubby chick with severe emotional problems. I love writing people with severe emotional problems. And now I can even write people who are sane, since my meds give me insight on that very thing. So get ready to see a bunch of those little widgets that tell you how I'm doing, fot I am indeed NaNo ing this year.

Sadly, my NaNo interview is no longer availible on the site. But I saved a copy, so let me know if you missed it and want to hear it. It was posted over the summer, when basically no one is thinking about NaNo.

I was toying with the idea of going on a short vacation this weekend. But is it the birthday of two of my favorite guys who aren't H, [ profile] uterdic and [ profile] lickingtoad. I think they are both turning 12. ;-] I also have a novel to write, and absolutely MUST get back on Sunday in time for Halloween Simpsons. I don't know if I want to risk it.

Tomorrow I'm going to the sec of state to change my name on my drivers license. Yes, I have a drivers license even though I don't drive. People find that shocking sometimes, I dunno why.

Okay, I'm going to eat some Jimmy Johns, and then get to writing.
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We are now back from Chicago and our wonderful honeymoon. We had a swell time with [ profile] uterdic and [ profile] smarbaby who went on our journey with us. We stayed in a lovely suite with a bathtub in the bedroom; it had two TV's and a mini fridge. It was sweet. There was much delicious and varied dining, a ton of walking around, and some staple attractions like Navy Pier and the Shedd Aquarium.

The aquarium was utterly amazing. As I mentioned in my voice post, there were many different kinds of sharks (though no Great Whites, much to the disappointment of one kid I saw), a green anaconda, a komodo dragon, lots of lizards, turtles, and an insane amount of fish of all kinds from everywhere in the world. There was a huge, live lungfish that has been around since the 1930's, dolphins, otters, and beluga whales with a recent calf. The whole thing was pretty damn incredible.

I have a new favorite drink: the mojito. I found it in a swell restaurant called TopoloBampo which my dear friend and Maid of Honor [ profile] missgrete treated us to. We took the bus and a cab once each, and walked around a great deal. I'm afraid I don't have any pics, because H forgot to bring the camera.

Did I say "no" pics? Well, there was one, but it's not very flattering:

Me at the entrance to the aquarium, in the mouth of a Komodo Dragon.

While I'm posting pics, let me also share this pic of a gift I got from [ profile] kissdbyagnome:

Aren't they something? I just have to figure out a cool way to display them.


Jul. 3rd, 2007 08:19 pm
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I'm back.

Did I miss anything?

I'm back!

May. 21st, 2007 12:52 am
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Back from another weekend of some relaxing, boating, fires, and poor eating habits. Mmmm. I ate at iHop twice in two days. Nice. Stuffed French Toast is pretty damn tasty.

I missed all my cartoons, (picture me frowning here) including the 400th Simpsons, Luanne's wedding on King of the Hill, and new Family Guy and American Dad (season finale's perhaps). So I'm kinda bummed about that. I collect episodes of my favorite shows, so like any other collector, I'm bummed when my collection goes wanting.

Sopranos was really difficult to watch tonight. Holy Crap, AJ finally endeared himself to me after all these years. Well, I guess he did before now but...damn. This was a really weird time for me to see this episode, if that makes sense. Anyway, no new episode next week, and only two episodes left EVER.

Since I was gone all weekend, I'll do the Friday Five now:

1. If you were a nocturnal animal, what nocturnal animal would you be?

I think perhaps an owl, they are smart and good hunters and really really cool looking. Plus it's very helpful hwo they deliver the mail.

2. Which is better: to obey the law to avoid punishment, to obey the law because the law makes sense, or to obey the law because everyone should?

I pretty much break laws at my whim, because I believe it is morally right to do so. Some laws are good, while others are oppressive and unnecessary.

3. Who is your favorite all time movie villain?

Oh damn. Zombies, if that counts. But if you're talking about one single villain...hmmm...
I guess maybe Annie Wilkes from Misery, or the Bad Seed, Or Hannibal Lecter, or Don Medina...

4. Are any kind of ethics involved in wearing a hat?

No hats at the dining table unless they are required for religious reasons.

5. When is the best time for you to take a 20 minute nap? Why?

Sometime between 5-7pm

You are 66% likeable
You are a likeable person. You are fiercely loyal to your friends and you have a lot of them. You have may have a few enemies but it is only because they don't really know the real you. Plus they are zombies.
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I ate a piece of chocolate today that was so horrible I spat it out.
That's never happened to me before, not ever.
I think some other flavor infiltrated it or something.
Gawd awful, I tells ya!

We watched that movie Man of the Year. It was highly mediocre, and not particularly funny. Next time I'll just watch Dave with Kevin Klien. That movie is awesome. Man of the Year's premise is a good one, and it's well cast. But it just forgets to be funny and is not especially poignant or inventive. Too bad really.

I'm looking forward to going on vacation the weekend of the 18th. I'm going to work on my Cat story and hopefully map out the end of my serial killer story. That one has been slow going as of late. Plus I'll go on the boat and hang out with those kids I like. And watch fires burn in the fire pit.

I finally bought SAW III but have not watched it yet. Some people are saying it's the best of the three, I'll let you know.
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Hey kids, I'm back!
Miss me?

Did I miss anything?

I was out of town since Thursday to read about serial killers and plan my new novel. Mostly, I read about killers, thought a lot about my new novel, ate food that is bad for me and played with the kiddies. Babies are cute, but that cry they do is horrendous. Plus for all that cuteness there's tiny butts with mammoth size poops, screeching cries that go all through the night, weird smells and lots of spitting, plus you can't tell what they want half the time even if they're trying to talk to you. And the draw to want to figure them out is strong.

As I inch closer to 40, I realize that my window for kid having is drawing to a close. Being around other people's kids makes me think about it more than usual.
H doesn't want any kids, which almost certainly means that I won't have any. And these days, I don't think that's a big deal. Ten years ago, I would have thought my life was over if I didn't have a couple of kids, a house and a hubby and all that crap. The more I think about it, I think that's what the average person does. Like joining the army, it also seems to be what some people do when they aren't sure what else to do with their lives. There's a whole book about it, about how poor women keep having kids because it's the only thing they can do that's actually worth something (or so they seem to think).
EDIT: This is not to denigrate anyone's choice to procreate. Plenty of spectacular people are excellent parents, just like plenty of boring people choose to remain childless.

Oddly enough, I feel fulfilled in my life in many ways. I don't think a baby would make me happier, just more average or dare I say "normal". Thing is, I have no desire to be either of those things; and I'm certainly not going to have a baby just to fit in with contemporary society's idea of what women are supposed to do. And it's not like there's a shortage of kids running around. So for now, I think I'll be happy just playing with other people's babies and not give birth to anything but novels, TV and movie reviews, and maybe some new kind of cake. I like cake, and it is nice and quiet.

Besides, the bird flu will probably kill us all in the end...
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Why am I drinking a lemon soda when I only have a few left since the store was out of them? Because I finished another chapter, and I always have a lemon soda when I finish a chapter. Of course today I deserve an super extra double size soda, because I have finished my latest manuscript about the cute fat girl figuring out how to assert herself. Wheeeee!


There will be some editing, but not so much as you might think.
Shouldn't take more than a few weeks, which will give me enough time to plan out my NaNoWriMo novel for November. I have a swell idea that I toyed with last summer. But I can't tell you's; it's a secret.

Tomorrow I'm headed up north to boat and be outside for the Equinox.
Wheeee! again.

LOL That sounds totally accurate!!
Your English Skills:

Grammar: 100%
Punctuation: 100%
Vocabulary: 100%
Spelling: 70%
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I'm back, as you can see. Just like always I had a swell time and am glad to be home. I saw a family of galloping turkeys and a some swarming frogs and spiders and a mouse and a bunch of those butterflies that are either monarchs or those ones that look like monarchs. Who can tell from a moving car? Not me, obviously.

While I was relaxing, I read Bad Twin, which I borrowed from [ profile] uterdic. I was not impressed with the writing style at all. Mr. Purgatory's choice of vocabulary was repetitive, dull, and absurd. Three different characters in three different parts of the world used the word "settee" to describe a small sofa or couch, or davenport, or love seat. One of these characters was a gruff ship captain referring to a sofa on his ship. Did everyone start saying settee and I missed it?
Anyway, the book only had a few remotely revealing things about LOST.
And I'm not entirely clear on the concept, which seems to involve a fictional author (that part I get, as I wouldn't put my own name on it either) writing a fictional novel featuring people from a fictional show. Where, exactly, is the fiction? In the book? In the whole thing? I'm confused.
And why would Dharma or Hanso even care that such a book is published? It didn't tell us anything significant, so far as I can tell. Just a few tiny hints at things. I daresay, I'm starting to feel a little "played" by the way they put nonsensical things in places just to get us talking about it. It's like a conspiracy, wrapped in a second conspiracy, wrapped in an enigma, wrapped in a vest. You know what I'm talking about...

H moved our living room furniture around while I was gone. He's both awesome and clever. We had discussed a few things, but I told him to just do whatever he wanted with the furniture. He really took the focus off the TV and now the living room is more like a conversation pit than a poor approximation of a movie theatre. I actually thought we got a new TV because ours looked so much bigger the way the room is now. I'm gonna tweak a few things when I wake up, but it looks awfully nice. Plus I'll have the opportunity to put up some posters on the newly vacated wall space. H put up his Bette Page movie poster. It's quite attractive.

Wanna Know a Big Harry Potter Book Seven Spoiler?!?!?!?!? )

I have a horrible, busy week shaping up. I sure hope it's not gonna be seven thousand degrees with %200 humidty again. Tuesday I see the regular doctor, Weds is Group, Thurs I see the crazy-med doctor, and then I meet my new job counselor (where I have to take the damn Meyer-Briggs and who knows what other tests), and Friday I have an interview to be a receptionist. Probably a futile gesture, but why the hell not, no?

Anyone with any taste at all should check out, be impressed by, and then add the delightful [ profile] hulk_smashy.
It's just as smashy as it sounds. It features, as you might imagine, Hulk (and friends) and is by the enchanting and talented [ profile] smarbaby, the artist who also gave Gronk, and the illustrations of MRoM to the world. Oh, and she is a nerd.

Okay then, I'll leave you with this:

How Will I Die Quiz

How Will I Die Quiz

You will die at the age of 93

You will die when your chair explodes very unexpectedly

Find out how you will die at

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Alright children, I'm leaving town.
I'll be back Sunday night...or whenever I feel like strollling back into town.

WARNING: this is a babbly rant inspired by a disagreement that resulted in an unfreinding:
But before I go, I'd like to go on the record (again) as being opposed to the death penalty.
And I also oppose the gov't right to make lists of citizens that anyone can access, using unclear or downright arbitraty criteria in order to placate people by pointing out where the "bad people" are--be they communists, pot smokers, enemy radicals, or "sex offenders."

Over 90% of children in this country who are molested, beaten, kidnapped or murdered are victims of their own parents and less than half of those parents do any jail time. Where're the laws to protect children from their own parents?
Almost nowhere, because people don't have a panicky, knee-jerk reaction to abusers that they have for pedophiles. And while pedophilia is abhorent, it almost never results in death.
But in the end, the government should NOT get to kill people even if their mental illness makes people really, really, really, really uncomfortable. If they commit a crime, by all means, they should go to prison. And they should have counseling. And they should have lifetime parole so they don't hurt anyone. But they should not be at the mercy of everyone they meet for the rest of their lives--which is the end result of such lists.

And just to be clear, just because I don't think pedophiles should be put to death doesn't mean I'm pro-sex-with-children. Not sure why I have to say that, but apparently it's not clear to everyone.
I suggest that educating people, including children would help a lot. Not just that whole "good tough/bad touch" thing, but the dangers of secret keeping, finding "lost" puppies, being photographed by strangers, don't talk to strangers, etc . That would be a lot more proactive than making a bunch of lists that send people into hysteria upon finding out that there neighbor once had a younger girlfriend or peed in the park. Not that I'm making light of molestation or abuse. I'm not. People seem deluded by the idea that you're safer knowing some of the criminal history of your neighbors. If you want to know so bad, why don't you go to city hall and look it up? No matter who you are or where you live, that shit will make you want to move.

Besides, this is just another Bush smokescreen to get people fighting with eachother while gas prices climb and he treats the UN like a four-pack of Charmin. Like American Idol, I'm suprised and angered that people fall for it. I'd never watch American Idol, but I always fall for this social policy as law bullshit. ;-[

Ultimately, the responsibility for protecting children comes first from parents, then from the community, then...distantly, from the government. It's not as if you can assume people are safe because they're not on "the list." And if you're trusting the feds, or even local law enforcement to label all the bad people for you, you're kidding yourself. You'll have to rely on *gasp* instinct and common sense. Good luck.

And finally, I'm always sad when people remove me from their lists because of a disagreement. I'm always much more keen on talking that shit out. Too bad really. Funny though, because this certain someone was involved in more drama in my journal that anyone else...except Nate. ;-} Ah the goth kids say: cest la vie!

Now I have to go spend the weekend on a boat. Wheeee!
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I come back from a lovely vacation to find that they are releasing an afro-centric movie version of that Bugs Bunny cartoon with Baby Face Finster.
Which leads me to inquire: What is the meanning of this?!? Seriously, Hollywizzle, knock it off!
Not only are these kinds of horrible comedies bad for all film and intellectualism in general, but they lower the standards of anyone within 50 feet of them. Presenting outdated and insulting premises fleshed out with derrivative scripts and crude, facile dialogue just to toss out themes a second grader would find immature--it makes me really annoyed that there are so many great writers out there not getting noticed while we get a minority version of a 40 year old cartoon touted as "another bold step" toward the diversification of Hollywood.

Anyway, thanks for letting me get that off my chest.

Am I cool or uncool? [CLICK]
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I'm really tired, so I'm just gonna watch Daily Show (OMG--Anderson Cooper!!!!!) and Colbert, and then go to bed. I had a grand ol' time and came back only because H wasn't with us. My cats were pretty pissed at me, but I bribed them with some tuna and they are over it.

I got a bit of editing done, and even more reading. Plan to work on keying in all my edits tomorrow. If I missed anything important in your journals, please feel free to comment with appropriate links (you don't have to tell your harrowing tales all over again just because I was out of town).

But I did get several Emails asking if I'm going to say anything about the Minimum Wage not getting increased.
I'm not. It should be obvious that anyone who would fight giving someone a paltry $7.25 an hour is a miserly bastard.
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As per usual, I'm ready to leave for my thrilling trip several hours before anyone is actually coming to get me. In my defense, they said they'd be leaving around 2. So I assumed they'd be leaving around 4. But now it doesn't appear that they'll be here until much later. So I'm probably going to make a tuna melt, then take a nap. I do enjoy naps from time to time.

The phone post numbers don't work for me, so I won't be around here while I'm gone. Is it a toll call or something? I don't know, but I'm slightly bummed. At any rate, I'll be back on Wednesday night as far as I know.

See ya!

But before I will be delighted to learn that 30 Second Bunny Theatre has finally finished Superman. So you should probably watch it.
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Well, I've returned home, slept, unpacked and spent some QT with H. Now I feel a bit more human and not someone drowning in an orgy of fresh air, animal sightings, marijuana and junk food. It's amazing how awful I feel after an entire weekend of eating fast/junk food. I was literally craving a bowl of rice and vegetables when I got home.

The trip was fun, even the car ride was fun as we had Harry Potter book on tape for K's ipod. Sadly, I am still one of the last people on earth not to have an ipod. I hear they make bus riding much more pleasant. We saw lots of cool animals on the trip. I saw a total of nine deer, five of which were alive. I saw a rabbit, a few raccoons, chipmunks (they don't actually wear sweaters or sing in the wild) and a bunch of cool birds. We didn't get to take the boat out, which was a drag, and we didn't get to have any cool ouside bonfires because of the rain. But I still had an awesome time. So Yay for that!! I only got about five pages written the whole weekend, so I'll be catching up this week.

I've skimmed through eveyone's weekend posts, so I hope I haven't missed anything important.
Please let me know if I did.
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Alright friends,

I'm going away for the weekend to have some fun, relax and try to get some plotting done. Plus we're going out on the boat. I've decided that I love boats, plus boating will be a good skill to have in case of zombie holocaust. We're driving up to Clare, which is good. I would not take a plane, I hear they are snake infested this summer.

We're also (K, N and myself) going to see DaVinci Code even though I heard it was terrible. I did sit all the way through Van Helsing, after all. In any case, I'll have a review when I get back. If it's really horrible, I'll try to do a phone post even though I've never done one before.

You just call up and post, right?

Oh, and I'm thinking of nominating H to be Stephen Colbert's new "black friend".
Wouldn't that be cool? He'd be perfect.
Speaking of perfect...I would almost wear this with a jacket. )
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I'm back.

Did I miss anything?

In Brief:

Mar. 23rd, 2006 11:07 am
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--Last nights LOST: I knew it...I fucking knew it all along...

--Last Nights South Park: Did not see that coming. Goddamn hilarious. Thought they'd take the high road.

--Hurt my leg doing yoga. Currently limping around like a gimp for the last 3 days.

--Why did I start my period today? Because I'm leaving for vacation tomorrow.

--Like Freedom? Go here!

--They are showing The Smiths on VH1 Classic right now. Nice.

--I'm applying to be the receptionist at a chiropractor today. Maybe they will have a spine-o-cylinder. ;-}

--I did not really forget the birthday of [ profile] spiralwitch. I just didn't remember it right away.

--If you missed Jonathan Kents timely and expected death on Smallville, you can see it again tonight.
--I really need to know if it's worse to be Beat Down or Beaten Up?!? (nobody answered me last time I aksed)
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First and foremost, were any of Sunday Night FOX's shows new this week? I got back in town much later than expected. So apart from an emergency phonecall about sharks on 60 minutes, I have no idea what transpired on my second favorite TV night of the week.

That said...

I saw this whip-ass TV meme, and now you can see it too:

My "Everybody Loves It And I Do Too" Show: Lost

My "I'll Catch It on DVD" Show: Desperate Housewives

My "I LOVE IT AND YOU SHOULD TOO" Show: Battlestar Gallactica

My "I Love, But Keep Missing, Dammit" Show: Boston Legal

My Guilty Pleasure Show: None. Everything I watch is of the highest quality. And if you don't buy that, Smallville

My "Comfort Food" Shows: Law & Order, L&O SVU

My "I'll Never Abandon You, EVER" Show: The Simpsons

My "OMG, When The Hell Are They Going To Put That On DVD?!" Show: The Monkees (shut up!)


I had a super-happy-fun-time weekend with K, N, and S at N's parents vacation house. We burned a lot of firewood, and ate a fair amount of unhealthy food. That S is a delight. Plus, N helped me start the scarf I'm going to try to crochet for H for Xmas. I'm using camoflage yarn (it's what H picked out before the last time I tried to crochet something) and the excellent tools I got from [ profile] fyreangel many moons ago. And can I just's really hard.

As many of you know, I have never successfully crocheted anything before, as the various yarn related arts have always escaped me. For serious. I tried for six months to do a latch hook rug and just couldn't figure it out. I think it's some kind of mental block. In fact, I've already screwed the scarf up once. I sort of stiched the wrong row because I couldn't figure out which row it was supposed to be toward the middle. It's kind of confusing, or else it's not and I'm moron. Anyway, I'm approaching it with an I love it Wednes, because YOU made it mentality. I'm sure H will appreciate my efforts and would wear it even if it was the ugliest scarf he'd ever seen in the history of mankind...and I can probably do slightly better than that.

We've received some awesome holiday cards from folks. Many thanks for that. I also recieved a refund for a movie I got from Amazon because I gave the seller a 3. She emailed me politely and I told her why I gave her that rating and she refunded me. So that was cool.

Lest anyone assert that I am reluctant to blindly follow fads, here is one of those obnoxious glittery things people are posting:
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Alrighty kids, I'm going to be out of town for the weekend. I'm taking a short break from watching TV, writing, cooking, going to meetings and docs. I'll be back on Sunday sometime.

If anything amazing happens during the next 3 days, please let me know by commenting here.
And it better be really amazing, and not some crap about overcoming a fatal illness or having nine babies. Amazing news includes: Tom Welling suddenly becoming single, Narnia not making any money, Bush saying something intelligent. You know, things we wouldn't expect.

In other news, It's Katie's Birthday.
For her gift, I'm going to tell her here and now that I'm no longer mad at her for making me have to move.
;-) And before Ryan puts a hit out on me for saying that, I'll mention that it's a joke. You dumb guys and your relentless pursuit of happiness...Fie!!

Next weekend is the great feast of Pere d'mort et Marche or Zombie Claus. Not to be confused with The Zombie Clause, which does not actually exist. Anyway, if some of you's want to go with me, you should. I'll paint you up all undead-like and take some piccies. Promises to be enormous fun if none of us are shot in the head. Then again if I died by being shot in the head because I was mistaken for a zombie, I'd almost be cool with that. I just have a few more writing projects to finish before that happens.
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I'm sure you all remember the creeped out vacation pics I posted a few days ago. Turns out, it was a hilarious joke played on me by Nate. And I must confess, he got me good. However, I don't recall ever pranking him in any way, at any time. I suppose that means that I owe him a good pranking.

*rubs hands together menacingly*

Thankfully, the untouched pics of the vacation finally arrived. So as not to bore you, I'm only posting the ones of me. You will be glad to know that these pics have not been tampered with in any way.

Self Portrait
Self Portrait

Here is a cute pic I snapped of myself. I just love being alone in the woods.

Art House Pic
Art House Pic

This pic is in black & white so it's more artsy. Nothing fancy, just me enjoying some yummy water.

Me, steering a boat
Me, steering a boat

Those of you who know me, know that I never drive anything. But my foray into driving the boat went well, except that Nate kept trying to get me to look in the water; presumably so that I would lose focus. Here's me telling him that he can't fool me for a second.

It seems abundantly clear that a good time was had by me; and in the end, isn't that what really matters?
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Thanks to Lj's own [ profile] paulcurtis, going out to the mailbox was totally worth the effort of making those 10 steps ;-} Happily, I recieved the first three episodes of Rik Mayall's new show, All About George, which has been called a Brit version of Arrested Development. I'm hoping H will want to check it out tonight, elsewise, I'll have to watch it tomorrow. Since there is no new LOST tomorrow, I'll have a bit of extra TV time to fill. Mad props to you, [ profile] paulcurtis!!

I was going to post a whole bunch of wonderful pics of my vacation. But all the ones of me came out really funny looking. I received them in the mail today. Not sure what's up with that. Anywhoo...

It begins...
It begins...

This is a picture of me smiling for the camera, and being on a boat. Of course at this point, I have no idea that I'll be dead in seven days. Hang phone is ringing.


Here is Nate, foolishly talking to me because he has no idea that I am doomed. I wanted him to set up the VCR's so I could copy a tape, but he didn't feel like it. Oh well...

Just because my hair is cute, does not mean I am not doomed.
Just because my hair is cute, does not mean I am not doomed.

Here is me deciding to watch a little TV. Oh look, that show about the girl coming out of the well is on! That thing is creepy. Hang on...what's she doing there?

Anyway, I'll post more pics once I get them fixed. I'll probably get my mirrors fixed while I'm at it. They all look very strange.
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For posterity, and for my own amusement, I'll be posting pics of my fabulous weekend in "nature" in a day or two, once I have the pictures. N is sending them to me on disc in the mail. I can assure you though, that a good time was had by all.

Upon my return home, I had a creepy, spooky, ooky Halloween card waiting from [profile] ds1972. So thanks, punk!
Also waiting for me were several job leads from my job developer. She informs me that Quality 16 is hiring *LOL*. Yeah, I'll rush right over there to interview...
Happily, there were also some good leads. So I'll be doing that most of the day tomorrow. And I think I have a new tarot client coming over. Or should I say...a new tarot querent. Ho ho hahahaha! Now that's comedy, people. Anyway, that will be good. I only have about 4 regular clients and I'd like to have more.

I found out later that I'm finally going to see Night of the Living Dead: The Musical which I thought I hadn't heard about, but then remembered that I had. Supposedly, it has Billy West in it. I wonder if that's prolific cartoon voiceover guy Billy West; or just some impostor. We shall see. I guess N's brother is working on the show as well, in some sort of sound capacity. N has this brother ho is sort of rude and standoffish, but he's hot. Weird, that. Anyway, they are encouraging people to dress up. So, time once again to dust off the 'ol zombie costume. Haven't broken that baby out since I went to see Land of the Dead. Hopefully this musical will be slightly less ridiculous. Has anyone listened to the commentary on LotD, BTW? I haven't yet and I'm hoping it will iron out what I consider some of the rough spots in that movie. I own it and like it and all that...but I think Romero was pushing the whole "suspension of disbelief" this time around. Those zombies learned awfully quick.

Today I made H and I a nice lunch of sausages and waffles. They were the best waffles I have ever eaten in my whole life. Why? Because I used Alton Brown's Waffle Recipe ) Fabulous!!

I also slept a lot upon my return home. Fresh air makes me damn tired. That probably means I don't get nearly enough of it. Go figure...
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As you all should realize by now, I went on vacation last week with K, N and their baby. It helped affirm that I made the correct choice in deciding that I was too selfish and lazy to have a baby. Their baby is one of the good ones, very cute, not collicky or anything...still she seemed like an endlessly loud bundle of want and need. I don't mean to insult anyone or thier loveable kid...but my late sleeping, pot smoking, doing whatever the hell I feel like it lifestyle suits me much better.

Anywhoo...we saw bears. That was my favorite part. If you ever get near the UP (pronouced Yew-Pee...I know, its funny cause it says's a Michigan thing) you should totally go to Oswalds Bear Ranch. And give them a bunch of your money, I sure did. I also began to understand why some pagans have a totem animal. I have always really liked snakes, sharks, and cats but never felt like they were like me. Bears, OTOH, are a lot like me, and as it happens, I like them too. So I will be looking further into that in the future, and seeing what kind of spiritual knowlege exists there.

We also went on much of this trip. Where the cancerous "sun" reddened my skin and made it dry and itchy. Apparently this sort of thing happens when humans spend time outside. Who knew?

Hindsight tells me I really should have read more on this topic as it would have proved useful...but oh well. I saw some cool animals in the wild, like cranes, mice and some different kinds of ducks. I did not see any wolfs, wild bears, or bigfeet...bigfoots...bigfeets...despite the guy next door to us swearing he saw one near town. I guess labor day weekend is a big season for animals who like to remain hidden.

I discovered that I am fair with a .22 rifle, and not very good with blow darts. But the blow dart thing won't really matter until the darts contain anti-zombie bacteria or viral agents. I'm just saying...I also discovered a few good shooting locales (movie shooting, not the other kind) including a great exterior of a store and some cool foresty places with ferns for ground cover. I found some wood for a wand and a staff, and got some really long braids of sweetgrass from some random people with a sign in front of their house. It is awesome!!

Gifts were purchased for my two favorite guys (the ones who live with me) and for myself. N bought me dinner at a restaurant called the LJ diner. And the entire UP (that's the freak part of Michigan that doesn't look like a mitten) seems to have no digital cell network. They also do not have trash pickup or 911 service. Many people seem to shoot their returnable cans rather than getting their dime back. Curious. A lot of them also burn plastic, which does not smell nice.

Upon my return home, H had voraciously cleaned the apartment and bought a new lamp so we can see in the living room. I could even read out there now if I wanted to. He also bought me a loaf of Panera sourdough (my fave) and I had a cheque waiting for me. No job offers though, and no requests for interviews. So back to the old drawing board with that.

Today I went shopping so I could go back on my diet. I'll be following the Weight Watchers plan again as it seemed to work well last time, I just couldn't afford it. But I'm going to spend on it anyway because it's important to me.

I won't be reading back thru the week i was gone except in a few communites. Please do not hestitate to point me toward something cool or important I may have missed. Ryan, I saw you as a Jedi so no need to tell me about that, Nerdbag.

Oh, and my refridgerator finally has a new light as I called today and got us one.
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Well, I wouldn't have beleived it myself. But all signs point to the fact that I, the most prolific homebody in the modern age, am actually taking a vacation away from my home for over an entire week. I honestly can't recall the last time i was away from my home for so long...really.

I went to Florida for 6 days once in 1996, then before that I went to Woodstock '94, which took about 6 days. So I guess the longest I've been away from home before that was Even when I went away to the nut house, that was only for a week. So this should be a fun trip, staying in a cabin with electricity and a DVD player and microwave. I imagine we'll be doing without air conditioning, but it hasn't really been that hot. H is giving me some Deep Woods OFF which I'll use unless someone has a better reccomends. Normally I'd use something all natural, but I'll douse myself in poison before I let myself get eaten alive by blood sucking mosquitos. I am more susceptable than most to bug bites, and I am a whiny bitch when covered with itchy bites.

Anyway, we're going to go to a bear sanctuary. That will no doubt be the shizznizzle! So I am excited about that. I'm leaving on Friday and coming back Labor day Monday (which I imagine will be a horrible drive, luckily I'll be sleeping thru it) just in time to see The Return of Ken Jennings on Jeopardy! That reminds me, I have to send him an envelope to get my autograph!!!

Your Ultimate One Night Stand... by crispnite
LJ Username
Favorite animal
You invite over...
They bring...
You talk about...
You end up...Coloring your hair and smoking pot!
Quiz created with MemeGen!

One night stand indeed! She'll be back...

In other news, it seems that they still have not recovered The Scream. So sad, stealing great art. Tomorrow we are going to see Manchurian Candidate. Wednesday night I have a midnight shift at the shelter, hopefully that will go well and not make me horribly depressed.

What's a good thing to bring camping in case I get bored?

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