Fish Fry

Feb. 23rd, 2017 01:57 am
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After music, architecture, incense, and free wine, the best thing about Catholicism is the Friday night Fish Fry. It was a joyous event back when my family was pretending to be Catholic to get lower rates at St Mary Magdalen school.

These fish frys featured thick cuts of cod filet, deep fried (or deep fried earlier in the day and then baked). They came with, as you'd expect, fries and slaw. It was fantastically delicious.

Most Catholic churches don't do these anymore. If they do, it's only during lent or when people aren't ponying up at the collection plate. So if I want fish fry fish, I have to seek it out at a restaurant. There are a few around here who have pretty good fish & chips, but it's hit or miss since restaurants pop up and disappear on the regular.

What I want to know is--why can't I get fish like this that I can cook at home? Surely these people are getting it from somewhere. But I've never been to a store, even a decent restaurant supply store, where they have these for sale. If I found them, I'd even spring for the good tartar sauce (the kind that only comes in tiny packets now, because Kraft doesn't sell the good tartar sauce to the general public. They won't tell me why). Alas, no dice.

I've decided to pretend that I can't get the fish I want because it's a Catholic conspiracy. Something about saving unborn babies-- maybe the fish is another way of symbolically devouring the flesh and blood of the Christ. Seems like something I should write about...but is there really a fresh angle on that?

Par Tay

Nov. 17th, 2016 10:03 pm
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My annual party is this Saturday, two days from now. The apartment is crazy-clean thanks mostly to H. Tomorrow I gotta start cooking things.

Making a big batch of Aztec brownies. That's regular milk chocolate brownies with a heap of bhut Jolokia powder, and a swirl of cream cheese for contrast. They're awesome.

Also, two tres leches cakes. There will be two so one can be out while the other is in the fridge. People are coming by as early as 3pm, though the actual party doesn't start until 7pm. That's white cake soaked in three types of milk (in this case cream, sweetened condensed, and evaporated, though I might scrap one of those in favor of coconut. Not sure yet).

I'm also doing some flavorful refried beans in the crock pot. Those will have tortillas and chips to go with, in case people want bean burritos.

Then there will be a big thing of salsa with tons of fresh veg, and scoopy chips.

We always seem to have booze around here even though neither of us drinks really. There are a few hard lemonades around here, plus some Southern Comfort and wine and stuff.

Also, we're NOT talking about Politics. At all. None. Zero.
Because it's a party goddammit.
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H and I decided to get Amazon's Subscribe and Save service for groceries we use often, stuff that's bulky to carry, and stuff that's cheaper or offers more variety than we get at our regular grocery store.

Our first box arrived with a 12-pack of canned ravioli on top of a smashed 30 ct box of 1oz bags of chips. Here's video evidence:

Contacted Amazon and they refunded the whole thing. No need to ship it back, they said. So that was cool. It was only $8 and some cents. But here's the thing--they raised the price on the chips without saying anything--by $4 a month. I thought that sucked, but whatevs. So after two deliveries I'd have paid for all those broken chips anyway. But hey, prices change. Subscribe and Save is probably still okay, right?

I was checking on my items for this month, mainly because the ravioli I got is ghastlier than a thousand ghouls. Accidentally ordered italian sausage rav instead of beef. Ew. Totally my fault though, so no big whoop. I can donate them to a food bank.

But I looked at the box of Fruit Leather I ordered. I planned to get a box two months in a row, and then every other month after that. Plenty fruit leather, right? Except the price was missing on the list. Odd, all the other items had prices listed.
Turns out--the price on the new shipment WENT UP TEN DOLLARS IN A SINGLE MONTH. So not only did they jack up the price by like, 65%, they went out of their way to hide that from me. The difference between $14 and change and $25 and change is significant to people who are actively trying to save money.

Listen, I get that Amazon is a business, and that businesses exist to turn a profit. But dammit, ripping off loyal customers is not remotely the way to do that.

It's bad enough that they charge for Prime while offering fewer perks every year--and then charge more for items that have "free" Prime delivery. I can live with that. Then they offer you a dollar digital credit if you choose standard shipping instead of 2-day. But there's no way to know how much credit you have before you buy a book, song, or movie.
Not only that--but a lot of the digital content you "buy" is really just permission to stream the shows from the website. No downloading allowed. Come on--that's just bullshit. And that's without the Subscribe and Save shenanigans.

It has since become obvious to me that Amazon's Subscribe and Save service is designed to lure you in with low prices, then hope you don't notice when they charge more every month. If it's an introductory price--just say so. We all have cable TV and know how that hoosefudge works. Gotta talk to H about it tonight, but chances are--our use of Amazon Subscribe and Save is going way, way down. Like cat pads only.

I'm sad about it too, Amazon's fuckery makes me look like an idiot since I defend them always--even in the face of other authors who say Amazon doesn't record all of their sales. Seriously Amazon, you done messed up.

Indian Food

Jan. 5th, 2016 12:37 pm
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I had Indian food for the first time last night.

Paneer with spinach and a seafood dish in a spicy sauce with yogurt and nuts. Also, garlic paneer. H had paneer as well and a citrusy tomato sauce. It was really spicy. Mine was supposed to be "medium" but I also found it intensely spicy.

Here's the thing.
I need to learn to make--at the very least, paneer and that sauce, which is called "korma" sauce. I'm guessing that this will require a bunch of specialized shopping, since I doubt I have any of the spices I need onhand. Well, garlic. Always garlic.

How did a whole nationality of cuisine this awesome escape me for my whole life up to this point?

In other news, I went to the doc yesterday after not going for almost a year. The new doc is actually pretty awesome. My numbers were slightly worse than last year, which stands to reason since I was out of a few meds and have been taking abysmal care of myself since falling into a crazy depression. I got a referral for a therapist, and they also want me to have an EKG stress test thingy. I don't know why provoking my heart is a good idea, but I'm not a doctor. I'm also behind for a mammogram, so I probably should call back and get a referral for that too.

I need to get one of those lights for seasonal affective disorder. I was hoping my insurance would cover it, but no such luck. They're surprisingly costly. Fie!
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H's birthday is more fun for me than my birthday.
For my birthday, I throw a party. I clean everything and cook a bunch of food and stress out about invites and reminders and every silly detail. Then the party happens and it's somewhere between fine and awesome, and then it's over.

For H's birthday, we don't really have people over. He's even less fond of other people than I am. So I cook him a nice meal, get him some cool pressies, and do all the other *ahem* stuff a good wife does. ;-)

This year, he was taken to see Star Wars, which he loved. His mom sent him the very grown-up gift of a humidifier with some kind of whiff that goes in it. Ryan got him a combination birthday/Xmas gift. Since it's not Christmas yet, H has decided to wait to open it. Where he gets his self control, I do not know. Hope it's not a puppy, because he'll be mighty hungry by Friday. LOL

I got H the following:
An assortment of classic, hot, and sour candy.
He loves that shit.
A replica of the Lawkeeper badge from Defiance.
A book called "The Science of Doctor Who" which is cooler than most similar sounding books. Not really an examination of what they got right or wrong. Rather, it's about how actual RL science could give us the kind of events seen on the show.
I also got him a graphic novel version of the teleplay "City on the Edge of Forever," which is from Star Trek TOS in case you didn't know. Ellison FTW, amirite?

Later, I'll be making H some nachoes, because that's what he wants. Also, some cookies. He likes Alton Brown's puffy cookie recipe with Reece's chips instead of chocolate.

Okay, I'm off to do some child-care, which I'll actually be doing at home.
That means kids movies and Ninento Wii for the bulk of the day. Better than what I had planned, which was SEO articles.
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My annual birthday bash (AKA, amazement that I'm still alive party) was Saturday. As always, there were a handful of people who couldn't make it. Drag.

But plenty of people did make it. There was mediterranean food. I didn't have time to make falafel at the last minute--so I ordered it from the same restaurant that catered our wedding. I did make toum and hummus, a pineapple upside down bundt cake, a nutella cream pie. Friends brought wine, grape leaves, baklava, more wine, candies and snacks. The crowd was wonderful.

I got to give away stuff too. My young friend Emory (age 9) was given a telescope and a book on telescoping. I gave my friend's kid a violin setup, and had a box of awesome books and craft supplies to give away as well. Anyone who wanted to got to leave with pressies.

There are pictures, if you're into that sort of thing.

I got some more gifts, which was amazing:
A really nice kitchen knife
A copy of Faust with awesome creepy illustrations
My fave kind of lemon bar mix
A lego Gargoyle
Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans
Apple chips and Pumpkin spice chips (because I'm a white girl, I think)
A beautiful bouquet of yellow roses
Several new Mad Lib books. I fucking love Mad Libs

Somebody smoked tobacco in our bathroom. That sucks, because H was mad. We don't allow tobacco smoking inside, because it reeks for days. I do have to laugh though, when smokers think they're fooling people. Even if it didn't reek, there were ashes left in my sink.
Also, I was sharing a pack of fortune telling fish with everyone. When I got the pack, there were 100. I've given them out at various function, so there were probably 60-some left. I told every guest to take one, and a few to take some home for their kids. Somehow though, the entire goddamn package disappeared. Again, this is disappointing, because taking more than 50 of them isn't sharing--it's stealing. Imma chalk that up to intoxicants, which were flowing like wine (and pot).

So, you take the good.
You take the bad
You take them both
and then you have
The party for my 45th birthday.
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I do the overwhelming majority of the cooking around here, since H can only cook bachelor food. His fave meal that I make is chili, because I am the ace at it. I think my chili con carne is so good, that I'd enter it into cookoffs if they happened anywhere near me. But I'm certainly not schlepping my chili and fixin's down to Texas. I hear it's hot and racist down there. ;-)

Tonight though, H wants his second favorite meal--which is abbreviated thanksgiving. I take a whole mess of veggies and mix them with a bag of Pepperidge Farm cornbread stuffing. Add chicken stock and bake--serve with gravy that came out of a jar. That's right, a jar. You wanna fight about it? Sometimes I mix in some ground chicken, but today I'm keeping the ground chicken on the side for portion control. Meat is expensive, you know. With it, we're having green bean casserole. H friggin loves green bean casserole--and like many African Americans, he had never heard of it as a kid.

This is a discovery that I made in my adult life--that the Campbells cookbook from 1968 didn't make it out of middle-class white neighborhoods. When H and I first got married, H's grandmother asked me for the recipe after having it at her new church. She was the 3rd or 4th black person I knew who had never heard of it, despite being part of casserole culture. As far as I knew--if you knew about tuna casserole, you should also know about green bean casserole. Not so, though.

Like most people, I make personal adjustments to my green bean casserole. I always use frenched green beans out of a can, and more mushrooms than the recipe calls for (I loves mushers). I use cream of chicken mushroom instead of regular cream of mushroom. I also add sour cream and a healthy couple of shakes of Kraft parmesan. No fresh foods to be found, really. I stir it twice during cooking. Then of course the crunchy onions--which H would put on everything but breakfast cereal if he could.

In other news, my short story, "Raja" has been accepted by an anthology called "Not Your Average Monster." I had a feeling it would be a good fit for them if they liked it. I did a lot of work on this one before submitting, since another pub (that folded before they could publish it) made me edit it down to absurd proportions. So I'm pretty stoked for this fleshed out version to be getting some ink. Yay!


Jul. 14th, 2015 10:11 am
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Not caught up with my various writings?
This'll help:

Cis People Problems. Not sure how to talk to someone who is transgendered--duh, like a person.

Posting a lot about the recent church burnings down south? Why not do something to help instead?

The Rapture is coming...again.

In Praise of Public Nudity.

WTF is masking???

Penny Dreadful is done for the season, but my reviews will last forever...

I'm craving a bologna sandwich. I have bologna, but no sliced yellow cheese.

Site Launch

Jul. 1st, 2015 08:25 pm
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The Horror Within is getting ready to launch. My cousin Rich is doing an awesome job of translating my many needs and wants into realities.

Stuff we'll have and do:
--Accounts for all regular contributors, plus blank accounts so that guest contributors and fiction submissions can all have proper bylines.
--Awesome graphics that H has been working his ass off on. (Don't worry, his actual ass is cute as ever)
--Normal stuff like FB like buttons, our Twitter feed, and cool widgets
--Soon everyone will have custom graphics for their regular content.
--Staff Emails
--A fully functioning Submission page, so we won't have to use submittable.
--The ability to do polls.
--Yoast SEO management.

There's probably more I'm forgetting. I'm awesome at forgetting.
I still need to find some fiction, reprints I think, to have ready for the first few weeks after launch. For the time being, we'll probably have new content a few times a week. Hoping though, that will become more frequent with time.

What we need:
--Regular interviewers to interview mostly writers and authors.
--Novelists who want to pimp their wares.
--Regular swag writer who can commit to 1-2 articles a month about horrific analog games, figures, apparel and other horror swag.
--People dying to advertise with us. :-)

In other news, I thought I was way more caught up with work than I actually am. Seems the calendar on my iPod is not syncing with my mac mini. Talk about first world problems that are a genuine pain in the ass...!

Getting more proactive about fiction writing and subbing. Added a subplot and roughly 1,000 words to my short story Raja, then subbed it to a paying market. I've always enjoyed that story a lot and look forward to finding it a good home.

Getting a free veggie spiraler so I can review it. Got some free massagers for review earlier in the week. No you filthy minded jackals, not THAT kind of massager. They're supposed to be for cellulite, but since I don't give a crap about cellulite, I'm just using them on my calves and thighs because it feels awesome. It's a nobbly roller thing, and pretty durable. Plus, I love getting free stuff. Because FREE stuff!
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Been spending less time online than usual, mainly because I'm developing the incredible superpower known as Not Engaging. I'm disgusted to see and hear the rampant racism and hate from people I normally think are only kind of stupid. If you're really more upset about the "rioters" than about another person getting away with murder, I don't know what you and I could possibly have to say to each other.

My birthday was nice, but the real celebrating will happen on Saturday.
H and I ordered some mexican food and watched our shows off the DVR.
He made me another cool card full of loving sentiment.
H also made me a mini poster of my new logo (which you can also see in this user icon) for The Horror Within.
And he got me two knew Funko figures: Brienne of Tarth from Game of Thrones, and Papa Legba from last season's American Horror Story. Coo el!

We're having Thanksgiving dinner today so we can work around H's work schedule. I'm making a spicy mexican meatloaf that's stuffed with cheddar and jalapenos. On top is bacon. Because, bacon.
With it, we're having a cheese green bean casserole and a heap of mashed potatoes with scallions. It will be ready in about a half an hour, and I predict it will be delicious. The meatloaf is cooking on a wire rack with a pan under it so it isn't marinating in grease. I've got my girlish figure to think about, after all.

The party on Saturday promises to be awesome. Great company, one of my famous trifles (coconut cake with chocolate filling and Cool WHip--because fuck all that nonsense about natural this and organic that. ;-) Okay, not really. I just love Cool WHip. Also, my famous party bean dip.
Be there or kindly be square.
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I'm a little behind on work due to a combination of sleeping a lot and being more social. As a result, I have to work today and tomorrow even though H is off work for the big egg-hunting holiday. Not a big whoop though. We're also gonna have salad and tuna croquettes for dinner, followed by the first night of that Sci-Fi special BBC is showing. That's gonna be sweet. I think it's about Robots. And my tuna croquettes are insanely delicious. I use jalapeno instead of scallions and top with a mixture of avocado, lime juice, and labne.

Have 3 more stories to edit for the June issue. I'm still figuring out how aggressively to edit these stories. Some need very little, while others need much more--which is expected, obvs. I worry though, when authors get pissy about edits, that maybe I'm being too slashy with my metaphorical red pen. Thing is, I very rarely press for a specific edit. My edits are plentiful sometimes, but they're always given as suggestions. I suppose if I always give authors the option of accepting or rejecting each change (Thank you, MSWord), I'm not being "a tyrant" even if I make a zillion edits. Yes, someone has actually called me a tyrant, while another asshole decided that going over my edits was too time intensive, and went on to lecture me about time being valuable and him putting "all the time in on this story" that he intended to. WTF really? I found that so pretentious I thought the guy might have been punking me. But he didn't say shit when I took him out of the payroll.

H is starting physical therapy on Monday. I worry, because H doesn't do medical stuff well. But he fell and hurt his arm, and it still hurt 3 weeks later, so he has to. At least it won't be crazy expensive. Our insurance covers a lot more now. Plus, we'll be out all day Monday at appointments so I'm making a broccoli cheese soup in the crock pot. So pleased to have a nice crock pot since my old one was a total crapshack.

Decided not to watch Fargo after all. I don't really have time for a new show. Plus I heard they don't have a Marge Gunderson. I call bullshit on that.
Have you seen this Jimi Hendrix biography where Bootsy Collins reads Jimi's bio in the first-person? It's badass.

Game of Thrones has been pretty good so far this season.
Let the bodies hit the floor, amirite?
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H and I finished the last of the lip balms today. Awesome.
He doesn't really have to help, but it goes so much easier with an extra pair of hands. We did chocolate orange, coconut lime, and cherry cordial. Two of these we also did last year, but they turned out a bit different anyway.

I love that I'm not baking this year for Xmas. H is getting cookies for his birthday, and my brother will probably get some. That is all.
For H's birthday dinner, he wants bacon double cheeseburgers and fries.
This totally works for me. I didn't used to be good at making double cheeseburgers because my habit is to make thick burgers so they can be nice and pink on the inside but a bit charry on the outside. But then I figured out the right way to do really lean, flat burgers that sit nicely atop each other.

What presents is H getting?
So glad you asked:
--A T-shirt with all the Doctor (Who)'s on it
--Some PS3 game called Kingdom of Amalur
(Todd MacFarland worked on it)
--The best covers from The Onion

For Xmas, H is getting:
--Two more T-shirts (one Doctor Who, one Alien)
--2 pair satin boxer shorts
--Another Onion collection
--Star Trek Next Gen Pez collection
--Stocking stuffed with candy and small toys


Nov. 26th, 2013 04:35 pm
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My birthday party was well attended and a lot of fun. The trifle was a huge success. The queso dip got overcooked in the crock pot and ended up grainy by the end of the night. It was pretty tasty for a while though.

I got some presents:
Rob Zombie lunchbox
glass nail file that is awesome and will never dull
Books from an author I've never read before (Sweet!)
Targaryan coffee mug
Game of Thrones coaster set
blackberry balsamic vinegar
truffle oil
meyer lemon infused olive oil
lemon cookies
lemon square mix
lemon creme coated almonds (OMG so yummy!)
Criterion ed of Fritz Lang's M
Halloween H2O
IHOP gift card
Cornucopia of flowers
Fountain pen with extra ink
kindle books including How to write a novel with Scrivener, We Need to Talk about Kevin, and Murder as Fine Art

There were pics, but I have no time to edit, size and post them until I finish this giant pile of SEO and put out the December issue of Under the Bed.


Nov. 16th, 2013 10:36 pm
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I'm getting much closer to figuring out the epub and mobi conversions for my beautiful magazine layouts. Turns out, I just have to make 2 different versions of each issue so the epub and mobi will look as awesome (though different) than the pdf. It would be nice if pdfs were easier to read on Kindles and stuff. Personally, I find them difficult to read on mine. The letters are so tiny.

"I'll be fine. Besides, if I get raped it'll be my fault for what I'm wearing." Mark Wahlberg as John Bennet in 'Ted'
Ted is a hilarious movie. I enjoy it more every time I watch.

I have lost my baking mojo. The last few things I made from scratch have not turned out. I tried to make another batch of butterscotch blondies and they tasted ghastlier than a thousand ghouls. I literally threw away an entire pan of brownies. They were seriously inedible.
For the party, I'm using box mixes until I can figure out how to get my baking mojo back.

Oh yeah, my annual party is this coming Saturday--November 23rd.
I'm hoping that people just aren't RSVPing, because very few people have and I'm never prepared for the possibility that people don't enjoy my company.
I'm awesome, right? RIGHT?!?
Anyway, I invited the usual ton of people. It's open-house style, so peeps will most likely be wandering in and out from 6pm until 2am or so.
I'm making a chocolate hazelnut cheesecake trifle, and a big thing of queso dip. Plus I imagine people will bring a few things.

Finished MaddAddam, which is the 3rd in a trilogy by the great Margaret Atwood. God damn, that chick is brilliant. Such elegant writing, it's almost unworthy of some of the characters. Fuck those Painballers, seriously. It didn't end as tragically as I expected, but after reading GRRM, if a single person lives or doesn't get tortured, it seems happy and/or hopeful.

I decided today that if I could be anyone else for one day, I would be Queen Latifah. Because, duh.

WayWard Manor has been pushed back until March 2014 because they just got a whole bunch more of money. I'm stoked to give it a whirl. H says he's gonna play it with me.

Best Dishes

Sep. 2nd, 2013 02:22 am
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Before I begin with today's post, I just have to say:
How in the name of complete and utter fuck is it September already?

Moving on...
When I was on college, I once whipped up some green bean casserole after a night of drinking and et cetera. A couple of my friends were amazed by it. "Green beans and mushrooms and some kind of creamy sauce?" Outrageous!

I didn't know how anyone could get through life without encountering green bean casserole. This is even more true when you're talking to people whose families go to church. How do you get out of a church picnic without a scoop? Not to mention um...Thanksgiving.

Years later, H told me the same thing. He'd never heard of green bean casserole, but he really liked it. He wanted it all the time. A few years ago, H's grandmother told me about this wonderful dish she had at a church Christmas dinner or some such. She also had never heard of it and was really hoping she could find the recipe. She described it--and it was green bean casserole. Of course I sat down and wrote it out for her, and sent it in the mail so she'd have a hard copy. I don't think she has a computer.

Thinking about it, I realized that all of the people who didn't know about green bean casserole were African American. In case you don't know, green bean casserole was invented in the 50's. Campbell soup company put it in a recipe book called "Cooking with Soup." They used to send it out free to--well, wives, so they'd have even more reasons to buy Campbell's soup.

A few days ago, I told H that I had a craving for tuna casserole. He asked me what that was. *blink blink* Really? Tuna noodle casserole? How is it possible's yet another recipe that calls for Campbell's cream of mushroom soup (or thereabouts). The stuff in the Cooking with Soup cookbook is mostly recipes that require no fresh ingredients. I honestly don't know whether or not that would have been more economical at the time.

Now I want full data on how those cookbooks were distributed, and to what target demo. I mean, I have a guess...but it's just weird to me that with people living in the same cities at the same time (Detroit, for example, or Philly)--some people completely missed out on information others were given for free. Surely Campbell's wanted as many people as possible to buy their yummy, salt-filled soups?

Anyway, we're having tuna noodle casserole tomorrow. I don't think I have any peas though, so probably I'll use broccoli. It won't be completely authentic. H should like that fine, and it's not like he's gonna know any better. He's never had it before. o.O
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I am not sure I care for the idea of simultaneous submissions. I can see why they're a convenience to the writer, but now that I'm a big-city editor (Ha!) I'm finding the whole concept to be a pain in the ass. Not sure yet if this means I should ban them entirely (not that people would listen) or stay with the current policy which is Simultaneous Subs are strongly discouraged.

Literary types, do you think the submission numbers would go way down if I insisted on no simultaneous subs?
Is that something I should be insisting on considering that we don't pay pro rates yet?

Not sure how to proceed, but I do know that it's frustrating as hell to accept a story, plan out an issue, and then see the work get withdrawn--especially if I've already edited it.
I'm inclined not to accept any submission from an author who does this. But I'm not sure if that's reasonable, or a sign of petttiness on my part.
(I wasn't going to tell anyone this, but I can be damn petty at times--Ha!)

Little help?

In other news, tomorrow night is Ghost Shark.
If you're in the neighborhood and want to come by, it comes on at 9pm.
I also made chocolate chip bananna bread with pecans.
wednes: (TV!!!) Why I hate Skyler White article has driven people to the point of madness. I totally got flamed, and I'm pretty sure a few of them were not sock puppets of the main detractor. One person took my thoughts totally personally, and would not let up about what a terrible misogynist I am, how I don't understand emotional abuse, and apparently think *every* battered woman has the ability to just pick up and leave (and not just Skyler, who has an education, support system, and a pallet heaped with cash).
Presumptions about strangers on the internet are amazing.
I find it especially funny because I pretty much put all my personal business right out there for the reading. Anyone who actually cared to get to know me could do so in short order--just by reading what's already posted.

But see...people aren't interested in getting to know you, especially when they're so busy judging you for daring to say something they don't like. I'm surprised they aren't telling my editor to fire me, lest they boycott the site. Ha!
It's funny mainly because we don't get all that much traffic, so the flaming was a big boost to me money-wise.
I later learned that apparently Vince Gilligan said this:
And with the risk of painting with too broad a brush, I think the people who have these issues with the wives being too bitchy on Breaking Bad are misogynists, plain and simple.
Which, I guess, gives douchebags the idea that by calling me a misogynist that they will become Vince Gilligan's best friend or something.

It seems like my editor took it much more personally than I did, because he really tried to defend me and the article--going so far as to write his own rebuttal article. His main point was that while he disagreed with my take on her, that calling me a misogynist is fucking stupid.

To my mind, saying that *I'm* what represents misogyny is an enormous misunderstanding of what feminism and misogyny actually are. That's over and above the fact that I'm about as misogynistic as I am racist, Christian, or homophobic...which is to say, not fucking much by half. You might as well say everyone who likes the show is a fan of both murder and blue meth.

Last night was movie night. We had a small but quality crowd, good food (Curt brought an amazing buffalo chicken dip that I want to bathe in) and a Burgess Meredith double feature. Foul Play followed by The Sentinel. Nice! There is polenta left over that I'll fry up for H, and a goodly amount of pina colada no-bake dealies that have no booze and are delicious.

Tonight is editing stories for the magazine, and maybe watching Savages. Tomorrow, of course, is a million TV shows. Dexter, Breaking Bad, and Newsroom. Woot!
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Announcement: If you haven't yet bought a copy of my book The Cat's Apprentice, your time to do so is running out. My former publisher, Publishing is going out of business. My horror books are either available now or soon to be reappearing with Crossroad Press.
For those of you who keep asking, I still don't know when The Finster Effect will be out in paperback. Right now Mr Publisherman and I are trying to get the Kiss Me Like You Love Me audiobook up for sale through Audible. Soon...soon...

Some college peeps are coming to see me this Friday, one of these I have not seen in 20 years. A lot of chicks fret about looking older and/or fatter than they did in school. Not me. I was fat then, so nobody is gonna be shocked that I'm fat now. Between being heavy and never having any kids, I tend to look younger than other chicks I graduated with. Plenty of chicks I went to high school with (more the poor high school than the middle class one) are already grandmothers. I can't even imagine...
Anyway, we're having 70's movie night. Crowhaven Farm (which I haven't seen since I was little) and Trilogy of Terror, which I love.
I was gonna make a real cheesecake. I haven't made a real one in some time, and was afraid I'd mess it up and waste the ingredients. I'm trying a less risky fake cheesecake (read: no bake and has Cool Whip) with nutella and my famous cocoa puffs pie crust. Should be tasty, if not exactly gourmet.

Been listening to The National. The band. I like what I'm hearing. And yet, they tend to sort of fade into the background when I'm doing stuff.

And finally, I made the hilarious mistake of trying to cut all the blue out of my hair--while I was tired and kinda high. Now I have super short bangs--the kind I had as a kid. I never got nice looking haircuts as a kid, because my mom just wanted me to not need a haircut for a super long time. H likes it, but I can't wait for my hair to grow back down into my eyes.
Gonna re bleach it and put some color in the front soon. Trying a different brand of color, a blue and a lilac. Pics to come.
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Oh man, I had a rough couple weeks of work, work, and then some more work.
Now I'm largely caught up. Yay!

My VERY spoilery Game of Thrones review is here. I knew what was coming, and actually found it somewhat cartoonish and over the top for about half of the last scene.

Say, did you know you could follow me on Twitter for content you can't see here or on FB (but you CAN see it on LJ if you're over there)?
Add me, I am @WednesFri
I also have a Pinterest now. That site is pretty fun, I must say.
I play around over there now that Pet Society on FB is going away.
Yeah...that was money well spent.

Talking to someone about a job via G+ today. I've never had an interview via online chat before--though I assumed I would back in 2008 when I bought this computer. It's more of a gig than a job, but I'm stoked anyway.
Details later, if applicable.

I have a 70's movie party coming up. We're gonna watch Trilogy of Terror and Crowhaven Farm, the latter of which I have not seen since the actual 70's. I'm also gonna attempt a chocolate cheesecake. I'm not really prone to fancy baking, utilizing a bain marie, or even a springform pan. I'm not that great at baking, though I'm awesome at cooking.
We shall see...
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Now that I'm an *ahem* professional TV reviewer, I don't blog about TV here much. This weekend though, we had probably the most badass Doctor Who finale in the history of both Doctor Who and finales. Damn.
That shit was incredible.
I don't know why everyone's always bitching about Moffat.

Game of Thrones was merely adequate this week. Joffery's dicketry is getting tired, and the whole show is marred by every scene being too damn short--and every character not getting enough screen time. If a book is 500 words longer than a previous book, why can't the season be one episode longer?
C'mon HBO, you're a friggin' gold mine. Don't cheap out on the fans.

Finally read Under the Dome. It was long. Also, it's one of those books that makes you hate people. It's very truthy. That's SK horror.

As long as I'm on the internet, I might as well tell you what we're having for dinner. I'm roasting gold potatoes and hunks of keilbasa with peppers and veggies. When it's done roasting, I'm gonna put a creamy horseradish sauce on it. It's gonna be SO tits!

Bates Motel finale tonight. Stooooooked!
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I have devoted my life to the worship of Choffy.
People actually tell me that I make it on the weak side. Not being a coffee drinker, I don't really know how strong steeped beans are supposed to be. But honestly, Choffy makes me feel sort of drunk.
Not drunk drunk. Not a head buzz at all. But like, a body buzz--which I don't think I've ever gotten from booze. Choffy is a vascodialator so it makes my blood vessels relax and open up. It also makes me feel like I need a nap. I'm gonna start drinking it at the end of the day instead of the beginning.

Work is going okay. I need to pursue more avenues for making money with writing. A lot of the gigs I'm finding are evil enough that I wouldn't want to do them under my own name. But then, do I really want to do work that I feel I should hide from people who know me? Probably--because I'm a big fan of paying my own bills and buying my own stuff. And I need a new computer.

My current clients are pretty cool though. Easy to work with and decent pay for what I'm doing. The sex writing is getting me more notice than the horror stuff--which I guess makes sense since more people admit to enjoying sex than admit to loving horror. *sigh* I was hoping KLMLYM would get reviewed by my beloved Jack Ketchum. No dice. That's a shame, since I honest think he'd dig it. Then again, I'd be crushed if he thought it sucked...maybe so crushed that I'd stop writing horror altogether--and nobody wants that.

In re: horror. I'm not sure what I want to work on next. I have two partial novels (NaNos, so VERY loose rough drafts of about 55K words) that could both be made into something cool. One is a huge story that includes a monster in a lake and was supposed to capture the scope and bloody whimsy of Christopher Moore. That's when I learned I couldn't possibly carry a cast that big. But then I wrote The Finster Effect where the cast is almost that large and diverse.
The other partial I have is about a chick with erotomania who's in love with her hot hot boss. This, like most of my work, has no parallel with my own life. Bahahahahaa! Anyway, it's told from both MC's POV's. I don't remember enough about it to say if it's any good, but I'll probably take a look at it soon.
Lately I've been working on short stories in between other work projects. I look around at the call for subs and treat them like homework assignments. I've got a cool one in the works right now. 3rd person POV, which is something I have to work on.
New Stig & The Puppetman coming up. I really hope those are as funny as I think they are.

Talked to a web guy who suggested moving my whole site over to Wordpress. I have no idea how any of that works, my ignorance about such things is annoyingly pervasive. So I gotta research all that before I can figure out what to do next.
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Xmas came and went. We talked to relatives on the phone and/or online, exchanged gifts and had a friend over for breakfast-dinner. Pancakes, sausage, and a nice frittata. I don't get to make frittatas much because H doesn't like eggs.

H got me the Marauder's Map and the cool frame for it that opens up. It's whomping huge when you unfold it. I got him a bunch of books and T-shirts and miscellany. He also got me three different kinds of bacon from Zingerman's. Tonight we had the back bacon cut into hunks and tossed with whole wheat pasta--so we can pretend it was a healthy meal. Ha.

The various balms I gave away as gifts this year were well received. I'll very likely do this again. I thought I might do a bunch of Zom*balms if I ever have a book release party. No idea whether or not that's on the horizon.

Still feeling unmotivated and sad about writer things. I just don't have the marketing budget to punch through the wailing cacaphony of shitty writers out there. It pisses me off that one of my (very, VERY few) reviews says that The Finster Effect had "a lot of typos." It doesn't. As far as I can tell, it has one. And that wasn't actually a typo, it was an editing error. I don't know why I care--except that I'm tired of no one knowing who the hell I am. Plus, I have no idea how to set up a marketing plan and budget, because I have no idea what's going on with any of my work. Come to think of it, I'm only assuming my book sales are low. I haven't actually heard one way or the other.

The only thing I'm sure about is that not letting that other creep cut out the animal chapters was a good idea.

I was angry and sad all day, so I didn't get any work done. That means I'll probably be up until noon trying to work. Fie. I really hope I don't end up writing advertising for the rest of my life.
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Been working my ass off as of late, yet my ass has inexplicably remained the same size. Just as well, I'd hate to have to buy all new pants.

Bills are getting paid. My CPAP will be paid off by February--sooner if this marketing company keeps throwing extra work my way. The TV reviews are still small income generators. Mostly they are fun, and let me write off the cable and internet bills. Yay!

Tax time is coming. Can't wait to hear all the internet banter about the bullshit Fiscal Cliff the GOP manufactured. This is another of those areas in which I'm baffled as to what they think they're doing.
It should be clear as a bell to anyone with eyes that those giant tax breaks for rich people are NOT creating jobs. If they were, there would be tons of jobs right now. The reason so many businesses aren't hiring is that they don't NEED new employees. The middle class is low on cash so nobody is buying anything. If people actually had disposable income, they could buy shit, businesses could hire. Tax revenues would go up, and the need for welfare would go down. I'm not an economic genius or anything--but this plan of giving the rich giant meals in the hopes that crumbs will fall to the poor--it's asinine and only a fool would believe it. And to the mooks who say no one will try if they have to pay taxes--well THOSE are the moochers you're always bitching about. If you're only trying, creating, doing, building etc because you hope it will make you rich--fuck you. You probably don't have anything remarkable inside you anyway. The pursuit of vast wealth is insipid and displays a complete lack of understanding about the very nature of life and humanity.

I love Patricia Walden's Iyengar Yoga vids. LOVE.

H and I went to my cousin's wedding last Saturday. My mom didn't attend because I was there. Classy lassy, that one! (not) The family was warm and welcoming. In the years I was away, all the kids turned into adults, and all the adults turned into old people. Uncle *name-redacted* did not get drunk and roll his glass eye across the table like he did when I was little. Drag. Aunt *redacted again* and her partner finally started introducing each other as their "partner." Even as a teenager I didn't think any grown-ups actually had the same roommate for that long. A good rule of thumb is that if two same-sex people get a new place together more than twice--they're almost certainly a couple. Another good way to find out is to ask. ;-]
It was a good wedding. I was glad I went. They were glad to have me there. H is a delight in social situations. So Yay on that!

Had an online exchange with my younger cousin who also has no name. She posted "My friend OD'd on pot--said no one ever." Cut for Pot Talk )

Today is looking over the new Stig and the Puppetman I finished last night. Then four marketing articles. Then, trying a new recipe for lip balm that I hope will not result in a bunch of wasted garbage. Cocoa peppermint again.
Later, I'm gonna do coconut lime lip balm, and some 1oz containers of chest rub--like for colds. Neat, eh?
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Got up today, prepared to do my last 8 articles for the week. After that, I was gonna be free to work on Stig and the Puppetman, which is due at the end of the month. After that, would have been Millicent Mixter. But I got hit up for some emergency work, and had to do six articles today on subjects I knew nothing about. So it actually took longer than the 8 I was going to write--and which I now have to write tomorrow. Boo!
I don't know when I'm gonna have time to work on the trailer. Tomorrow is already Wednesday, plus I'm not going to get anything done Saturday as I have a thing I'm going to. Yikes.

On the plus side, this is the last week I have to do three reviews a week. In the future, I'm not going to do more than two, though one is preferable in addition to what I do for ZZN. I need to pitch the sex site I'm writing for, though they haven't put up my last article yet. Any topics you want to see? They seem to like lists. Damn, but kinda lazy and fluffy, ya know?

Picked myself out a new knife. It's supposed to be here tomorrow. A box of stuff from Amazon came today, which turned out to be stuff for me, from H. We have a $40 budget for birthdays, so he got me some stuff from my wish list. A replacement copy of Raving Rabids to replace the one I loaned Cindy. This one has more games on it though, so Yay! We have a riot playing Wii--usually on Sunday afternoons. Also, the original Clash of the Titans and a DVD of Tommy which I love. And Twilight Zone: The Movie which is both famous and infamous.
Poor Vic.
And finally, this glorious thing. I've wanted this zombie book for some time now, and it's even better in person than it looked online. I loves it!

For H's birthday, which is 25 days from now, he's getting the 11th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver. It makes the right noise, and lights up, and is an actual screwdriver. Badass, right? He's also getting a Bugs Bunny T-shirt and a crazy hot bottle of hot sauce. He gets a new hot sauce from me every year.

Made a batch of chocolate peppermint lip balm. Well, I attempted to do that. I actually made an oily mess that had to be discarded, along with $16 worth of blank tubes. Drag. I had a bum recipe, and have done a bunch of research. This weekend, I'll buy new blank tubes and try again. We shall see... I also want to do a batch of cherry, and some cold balm with eucalyptus, lemon, tea tree, that sort of thing.
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That's right. I turned officially Old as Fuck yesterday on the occasion of my 24th birthday. Ha! Did I say 24th? I mean 42nd.

Here's a link to the partay pics from FB. The party was sort of random and scattered this year, with many guests coming at different times, on different days, or not at all. One person skipped because they thought another person was attending--but then neither of them actually showed up. DRAMA!!! I hate that shit, because I never know if I'm handling it right.

A goodly number of fine people did attend, and a few of them even brought gifts. We played Cards Against Humanity, which is always hilarious. There was great food, and precious little drunkeness. I bought a fifth of Southern Comfort that was barely touched. Not sure what I'll do with it. I bet it'd be good on a holiday cake.

I got Sid Haig's autograph in a cool frame, signed to me. Sweeeeeeet!! I also got Michael C Hall's autograph, and a Dexter clip-on badge. It was sweet. My assistant, Sara, made a gift basket with different kinds of lemon soda. H made me a sweet card and got me some gifts he says will arrive later in the week. Neat, eh?
I also got a sweet pair of sketchers, some really beautiful and thoughtful cards, something from Ryan that will also be here in a week or so. Plus Game of Thrones S1, The Muppets, and these:

It was the best pineapple cake in years. Sometimes I use boxed cake mix, for ease. But lately I'd been trying different recipes in an attempt to find the perfect one. This year I did Martha Stewart's yellow cake recipe but used butter crisco instead of butter. I've never actually made that substitution in a cake before. Alton Brown was right when he says it makes things taste more buttery than actual butter. The foodie in me was uneasy, but the cake was fucking delicious. I also added half a cup of sour cream--that's my "secret."
I didn't take a picture, but it was pretty, and in a bundt pan. It was light around the outside, and I wasn't sure it was done. It was.
I really, really, REALLY need a new bundt pan. I've had the same one since 1998 and it really has seen better days.
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Time for my yearly Thanksgiving post.
Lucky you!

I am thankful to be doing the writer thing for reals. I write for my living, and I write books. I have a little side income from fun writing like interviews and TV reviews. I'm making comics and editing my own book trailer together. Once I have 120 pages or so of Stig and the Puppetman Imma totally get that shit published as its own book.
It's amazing to me that I have second editions coming out. I'm blown away by the fact that I'm making actual money from books I've written. It still seems more like an impossible fantasy than something I have to get done before the end of the month. If that makes any sense.

I am thankful to have family in my life, which is not something I'm known for saying. Years of reconciling the "loss" of a family made me forget how really awesome some of those people are. I got a cool sparkly pink card from my favorite aunt (who is also my godmother). You have to remember someone's birthday at least a week in advance, and then go get them a card, find a goddamn's a whole friggin' ordeal to get a card to someone a few days before a birthday.
Plus, you know, I've got that brother I think is pretty cool. Not sure if he's coming to the par tay on Saturday, but I hope so. Looks to be a fun crowd this year. Glad to be keeping the menu simple--but yummy. Prepare for toom, peeps! (no, I don't mean toom-flavored peeps, because that would be nightmarish)
I also got a birthday card from my insurance agent, and my alma mater. My alma mater seems to think I can afford to do a lot more donating than I'm actually doing.

As usual, what I'm most thankful for is H.
My husband is my perfect match.
So yeah, I've got the kind of life that blows my mind with goodness.
Speaking of blowing my mind with goodness, I made this:
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It's not a very obscure literary reference, so I'm gonna assume you all know.

So this happened. Finster came in town from Cali just to go to the show. What show, you ask? Jason McCauley Berry and the All Night Fish Market. Back in the day, Finz and I went to these shows endlessly, roughly weekly but sometimes more. If you picture them dark and blurry, it'd look something like this.

It was a time for beer drinking and terrible jobs, hunting for a cool boyfriend and eventually realizing a girl friend would make more sense. A time for drugs and floundering, figuring shit out and wallowing in grand ideas and stupid mistakes. A time for a Heathen Ranch, gazing up longingly at the poverty line, and realizing that I was honest to Zod crazy and needed to do something about it.

Before the gig, there was a BBQ at the new home of my old friend and former Heathen Ranch roommate. A few other friends from that era were there. Newsflash: Having children ages people a LOT. Everybody's still as sexy as ever though. The dude on the far right is Joe, who is Our Narrator in the KMLYLM podcast. I know, right?

Merriment ensued.

My old friend literally lives within walking distance of my mom's house in Royal Oak. We drove right by it on the way to the bar, which was in Ferndale.

H actually got the night off work to come with. Because I asked him to. He hates bars, parties, going out, and being around crowds. He mostly sat at the table watching my bag. I mostly walked around acting like the queen of the castle, puffing the wacky tobacky, drinking tons of water and a few sips of coca cola, and dancing my ass off. I imagine some unflattering pics of said dancing will be showing up on Facebook over the next week. Can't wait...

Officially, the party was for our friend Bill, who was turning 40. Bill is an awesome guy who totally has not changed since back in the day. It's a weird thing to suddenly be back among people who knew me when I was a totally different person. And it's crazy to hear how people remembered me, how they "always knew" I'd be successful, and how I always seemed like I'd do great things. Not for nothing, but I don't recall 98% of these people mentioning that at the time. Quite the opposite, in fact. Anywhoo...

The gig was amazing. Jason still has the sweetest voice ever. I love it so much. The last song of the night was about me. I don't mean that in an absurd drunk-girl kind of way. The song Blues for a Better Wednesday was written about me, roundabout 1990. I'll probably podcast it sometime so you can all hear it. Jason called it their best song. I was quite touched.

The whole event was tremendous fun, and illustrated rather sharply the differences between my life then, and my life now. There were a bunch of people I was delighted to see, and a few conspicuous absences, and a healthy handful of people who said how happy they were to see me--who I didn't recognize at ALL. I look pretty much the same as ever, but most of the dudes put on weight and lost their hair. A lot of the chicks totally changed their hair, and everyone was wearing dark glasses for some reason. People kept hugging me and H would ask who they were, and I wouldn't know. Bizzarre, but nice to be so well loved, amirite?

In other news, I have a ton of work to do this week. Tonight I'll draft the review of the Dexter premiere, which I'll finish and put up tomorrow. Also tomorrow will be watching and putting up a review of the new Boardwalk Empire ep. Have you been reading my Reviews at GeekBinge? You totally should be. I'll also be covering American Horror Story when that comes back--in just 17 days!!!

Also, I'll be finishing the new Stig and the Puppetman comic. After that, I'll be tearing into A Stabbing for Sadie to make edits for the 2nd edition. I changed almost nothing from KMLYLM. It's gonna get a new introduction and some new "Thanks." I thought about going back through some of Dami's dialogue but decided against it. That book is pretty good as it is, and doesn't need me um...Lucasing it up. Sadie, OTOH, is getting tore up and thematically embiggened.

The next book is outlined and ready for me to write the hell out of it for NaNoWriMo. If you're planning to get down with the NaNo this year, be sure to add me as your buddy. This one is set for a 2013 release as well, so I kind of have to rock this thing hard core. Luckily, that is typically how I roll.

In sadder news, I walked away from cooking bacon today and it burned to an inedible blackened crisp. I was sad. Bacon abuse. No.
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Ah yes, another beautiful week in the rat race. Ha! Been thinking about rats an awful lot as I'm still going over The Finster Effect draft for what I hope will be the last time before it goes to the editor... if there's a new editor to be had sometime soon. You know, on the off chance that the book got picked up but I haven't actually announced it yet because the contract aren't in hand.

Wouldn't THAT be something?

Newsroom season finale was last night. Aaron Sorkin, I've never really watched your stuff before, but I am digging the hell out of this.

True Blood finale as well. Cut for Spoilers, like it matters. )

This week I'm testing for a new day-job gig. If I don't pass, I'll need to get set up with Windows on Ye Olde Mac (something I've been avoiding hardcore) so I can do this transcription gig I heard about. Honestly, I'm kind of a typo-monger, so who knows how that'll go. Anyway, hoping to pass this test so my income will, at least, be less erratic.

EDIT (Mon, 9:30ish pm) I passed part one!
Tomorrow, I start part 2 and think it might take a long, long time.
They gave me 161 pages of stuff to read, which took a long time for some reason.

H bought organic quinoa at the store. Man...I fucking love quinoa. I'd eat it exclusively in place of rice if we could afford it. Considering a bag of rice is 79 cents and regular quinoa is $9.50 for slightly less (this one was on sale for $6), it's a tricky thing to talk H into. Anyway, a little chicken stock and some veggies, and deliciousness is sure to ensue. It's also great in soup.

In pondering news, I'm stuck on how many of our sociopolitical issues begin with people believing things about others that aren't actually true.
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Today is my brother Mark's birthday.
He was born on Friday the 13th.
He is 36. Who ever could have guessed that any of us would live this long?

Just to give you some contrast, here's what I had to say about my brother's birthday in 2004.
Yeah, it's locked. So if you really want to see it and can't, hit me up privately and I'll decide whether or not I can trust you. ;-] = o.O
The jist is that in 2004, I hadn't talked to him in years and missed him a whole lot. Now he comes over for lunch once a week or so, and we watch TV and hang out. That is pretty goddamn amazing, all things so considered.

So yeah, I'll be making my brother cookies later on tonight. Chocolate chip with walnuts. I was going to do a second batch of peanut butter and jelly cookies. H forgot to get jelly at the store, even though he went back a second time because he also forgot peanut butter. I've been thinking about that microwave fudge I've made a few times--the Alton Brown recipe "fidge" that's super easy and crazy good. Think I'll make that again.
If I drove, I'd take some to the old day job. I hear it's gotten WAY worse there since a bunch more people left. FOUR more people gave notice since I left at the beginning of July. I like to think it's because I gave people hope.
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Everything sounds cooler when it's from Beyond the Moon.
Just sayin'

I took Saturday and Sunday off from sociopolitical posting on the internets. I enjoyed it so much, I'm going to do it for a few more days. I may even commit to a whole week of it. I'm focusing on nice things like work, foodstuffs, H, movies, cats, and people being good and kind to each other.

With that in mind, I got an unexpected royalty check today. I try not to keep track of when those are coming--mainly so they aren't already spent by the time they arrive.

The Cards Against Humanity set that H made me is spectacular. He rounded all the card edges, and made an Aliens-specific expansion pack. If you have not yet experienced the laff-riot that is Cards Against Humanity, please do get your coolest, smartest friends together for a few rounds. Do it!!!
We played a rousing game of it Friday night, whilst having this dessert.

And now, as promised, a pictorial journey into the creation of a dessert lasagne. )

And you end up with essentially this. Mmmmm...this.
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--Five shifts and counting left at the day-job. I've requested an exit interview.

--Falling Skies continues to elude greatness, while remaining just interesting enough for H and I to keep watching. Last week's death was a tough one. I still say Terra Nova was better.

--Gearing up to begin Torchwood. Woot.

--Nora Ephron. *sigh*

--An Anonymous gift giver sent me a hardcover copy of this amazing thing, which arrived today. I am beyond stoked.

--Have a phone interview tomorrow night for a different job that I'd be very good at, I suspect.

--Hatfields and McCoys part one was so boring I could cry. Gonna try part 2 soon in the hopes that Bill Paxton will be hotter and more interesting.

--Best fruit salad EVER: peaches, white nectarines, plums, bananas, cherries, frozen blueberries, canned pineapple, (everything but the pineapple is organic and amazing). Sauce was melted lemon sorbet, and lime juice. Mmmmmm.
It's going on some toaster waffles later on.

--Working on a new article that should be of great interest to many of you. Also have some stuff cooking for ZZN. Interview slots opening up soon. Lemme know if you know someone I should be talking to.

--True Blood has been boring as shit this season. Seriously.
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I'm working on a short story for an anthology sub.
But H is hungry, and I am too, so I was taking a break to clean the kitchen before I cook the thanksgiving casserole H has been wanting for a while.
Ground chicken, various veggies, and a bag of cornbread stuffing mix with stock and everything, baked in the oven. We have mushers, broccoli, leeks and vidalias, green and yellow zucchini, that sort of thing.

Anyway, I see H at my keyboard. "Hahahaha," I joke. "So I guess now my story takes place on a spaceship and has boobs in it, right?" Mind you, I was totally kidding about H actually altering my story. He would never do that, ever.
Until today...

I sit down and see this tacked on to the end:

I woke up to the site of boobs. Boobs everywhere. I didn’t know what was going on. There [sic] size was unbelievable. I thought I must've been dreaming still. I punched myself in the face real hard to check and see; but no, I was awake. Then I realized that it must be some kind of hologram like in star trek. That, or I was on some drugs. But it didn't do drugs. That was for gays and poor people so it was the star trek thing and I thought if I was on star trek that would be sweet like the time the robot was doing it with that girl from pet sematery. She was pretty hot...

I found it chilling it its realism. LOL
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I am feeling better.

Had a work meeting with my boss (at my own behest). It was open, honest, and I left feeling much better than I did when I went in.

Meds seem to be evening out.

Got a nibble on a gig making those silly lists that people pass around on Facebook. The site looks like it's more pictures than words--and I frankly find those to be a pain in the ass. Still I'm gonna look it over and see if it's something I'll want to do. If the pay is okay, I could certainly create some funny lists. I'm the Egg McMuffin of pop culture and tend to be witty as fuck.
And I've always wanted to be professionally opinionated.

The sushi delivery place will be the end of me. If I had it, I could spend hundreds of dollars a week there. So much eel...

Mark was here for lunch today. Hamburger Pie.

Well into the Matt Smith Doctor Whos (Ha! I almost wrote "Doctor Whose" which would be laughably ungrammatical.) They're pretty good. I asked H if the next two-parter was going to be emotionally draining--you know how they can kick your ass sometimes? He said I don't think so, no. Right. Because at the end of the two-parter Spoiler here, obiviously )

And lastly, I got a haircut. I had all the bleached hair cut off. My hair was normal brown for about 4 days. Now, not so much.

The blue is a lot of fun. And with just the one color, it's not really that weird. Besides, as a writer, I get to be eccentric even though I'm not rich. With that in mind:

There's a wee bit of pink as well.
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Thank goodness. Christmas is here and soon we can all stop correcting each others well wishes. That will be nice. I'm still complaining because I worked the day-job Friday, and am in again tomorrow even though NO shippers are actually shipping. We won't be able to do anything for anyone, yet we still have to show up at 9 freaking a.m. But I digress...

Girl-H has been staying here for over 2 weeks. I love her. She is great.
Still, it'll be nice to be able to walk around in my underwear again. And to eat meat.
I like meat.
Anyway, we're pretty festive:

H hates when people take his picture.

I got H a new book by C.S. Lewis called Boxen. I also got him Ghostbusters on Blu-Ray, a Superman cartoon DVD, some sour freezer pops, the 10th Doctor's screwdriver, Astronaut Ice Cream, and a few little trinkets for the stocking.
Girl-H got a Kindle with warranty (which she loves, Yay!), and some random coolness from Thinkgeek: 20D of Destiny, cupcake mints, breathable chocolate, edible flowers, miracle berries, etc.

H got me this amazing thing:

Not Slytherin...Not Slytherin...

My stocking had a bunch of pens from the Dexter store that look like syringes. They even have red liquid inside. I look forward to a cop hassling me over them. *snerk*

Apparently, H got me something else cool, but it arrived broken so I don't get to know what it is yet.

H designed a badass card for us to give out. I'm putting it under a cut for hugeness, (EDIT: it's smaller now, but still easy to read) but I swear it's H's crowning card achievement. Do give it a read! )

We're not really doing anything fancy. No big meal, no visiting, though we'll likely watch H's new copy of Ghostbusters. I made rolls, some with blueberry, and some with nutella. I think I'm going to stop writing to you chumps and go have some.

Happy Holidays to every last one of you.


Dec. 19th, 2011 10:46 am
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Stress, I has it.
Woke up yesterday with tremendous back pain and had to go to the grocery store. Girl-H is still staying with us for another week. I'm feeling a little too stressed and crazy for a house guest. And unlike H, Girl-H suspects that my every bad mood is because of her, so I have guilt on top of everything else. Long shift today, then home to cook for the H's, then back to work for, as I said on FB, a stupid fucking night meeting that couldn't possibly wait until after the holiday for some reason.

Our dishwasher is broken, which is especially irritating because we have extra dishes because of guests and Xmas cooking, and all the bottles and extracts and such. Everybody who is getting cookies or cakes is getting them late. My mom would be rolling in her grave--except she isn't dead.

My fabulous extracts turned out fabulous. I knew it!
Actually, I didn't. I was ascared. But I did 8 bottles each (six smallish and 4 large) of vanilla blend (Madagascar, tahitian, and mexico beans in good rum) and organic lavender in creme vodka. It has come to my attention that sending old people giant boxes of sweets may not be entirely welcome. And it saves me a LOT of time and some money not doing that--though it was about $100 to get all the extract stuff. My kitchen smells awesome. My bro is getting a box of cookies after the "new year," and H's grandparents are getting cran-cherry bread the week after Xmas. I was gonna do butter cookies with good vanilla beans but I don't think I'll have time since I'm working until 7pm tomorrow, then home to make a giant veggie stir fry for the H's.

Kim Jong Il dead. "War" in Iraq "over".
I'm sure this will make the world right again, much how eating a Lean Cuisine meal suddenly makes the pounds fly off. We'll be in our skinny jeans by summer--YEAH! ;-[
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Don't you just hate it when two joyous events happen on the same day?
Luckily that doesn't apply to Veterans Day, or really Nigel Tufnel Day.
Honestly though, if everyone posting about how great Veterans are would actually do something to help them, I think they'd appreciate that a lot more than a bunch of self righteous internet posts. Yes, I appreciate the irony of my posting about that, but I do send regular care packages to anonymous soldiers. In fact, H is kinda pissed about how much money I spend on it since I do it about every other month. I'm told the folks in those god forsaken deserts miss things like Irish Spring or Ivory soap, Skin so Soft, vegas hooker catalogs, gel ink pens, jolly ranchers, new books and movies, etc. Our country gives a lot of talk about Veterans, but once they come home, nobody gives a shit about them and they end up homeless, insane, or generally low functioning since they rarely get the treatment and support they need. /End rant.

I'm behind on the book. Big surprise, no? It's taking a lot longer than I was expecting. But this book needs to be awesome. If every book isn't better than the one before it, then what's the fucking point?
Yesterday was Jack Ketchum's birthday. I gotta say, thinking about people like Jack Ketchum (or Christopher Moore for that matter) is rather discouraging. I know intellectually that comparing myself to other writers is a recipe for disappointment. But damn, why even bother writing books when so many incredible books already exist?

Made a Kugel. My first one ever.
I'll pause for a mo so you can all make a Kegel Exercise joke.
There, done? Good, let's continue.
I thought it would be more like a custard pudding with noodles. It's actually more like a cheesecake. I think I used a casserole that was too thin, or else I overcooked it. It's dry and needed cream on top to be moist and tasty. Plus, there's a lot of it. Anybody like Kugel? Do come by my place this weekend for the eating of it. It has tart dried cherries and it pretty tasty.

Still sick and congested. Suck.
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Well AMC, I am continuing to watch your little zombie program, while being very clear that this season is no where near as good as last season. Last season had crazy character development, an intense plot, tons of jeopardy, stuff happening constantly--constantly. This season totally feels like you've stretched 1 or maybe 2 eps worth of plot into three or four episodes. Who do you think you are? LOST? Well, you're not. LOST would have known enough not to fire Frank Darabont.
And Shane, you can just about go fuck yourself. Seriously.

As I work on this last round of pre-editor edits in The Finster Effect, I'm faced with an issue.
I'm not very good at writing gory scenes. I'm not sure if it's part of my impatience as a writer. I always have to go back and remind myself to describe what people and things look like. Honestly, aside from a few key points, I just don't think that sort of thing is very important. It's not about the precise manner in which guts come pouring out of someone. The thing that matters is how people felt about it, how it changed them, how it relates to everything that happened afterward. For a zombie book, there isn't a whole lot of gore. In fact, one of the things I'm working on in this pass is having everyone be just a bit more evil to each other. They aren't frightened enough somehow, so people who should be panicking really aren't. I have to say though, the animals are outstanding.

Food delivery is today. I've never cooked sun chokes before and I'm open to suggestions if anybody has any. Also planning the menu for my annual birthday bash. H wants pasta tonight. I notice his desire for pasta has waned somewhat since we switched to the whole grain stuff.

Once I leave the day-job today, I'm off until Saturday.
I predict a scribstrvaganza of epic proportions. Yay!
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Or it will be until the end of the month.
I'm supposed to be designing some posters for work for H to print, but silly me, I'm too busy working on that book that's coming out in like, 6 months. Eep! I did buy a small strobe-light and a heap of black construction paper. Our theme is...well, it's top secret. But it's something I specialize in, so if you know me, you can probably guess. I'm also doing my costume to reflect said theme.

Dexter is kicking my ass this season. Great violence and kills, superb plot development, it really looks like they're going to get me to love Deb before they kill her.
Funny thing, when I watch a 1st season Sopranos episode, James Gandolfini looks really, really young compared to how he looks at the end (when he dies). Dexter still looks exactly the same as he did in the first season...and this is season SIX. Wow, right? Even more amazing considering that he had a bunch of health issues.
Will finally watch the new Boardwalk Empire when I get home tonight.

My birthday party shall be the Saturday after Thanksgiving. It is my hope that Honore, H's sister, will be back from Korea by then. Should be a grand affair with yummy food and wonderful company. Not that anyone should feel compelled, but I'm telling anyone who asks that the idea gift is an Amazon gift card. I really, really want a Kindle fire. Really. And a carrying case. And some new stuff to read. I've been wanting to read Under the Dome forever and can't even hold the damn thing in my aching hands.

CPAP and I are starting to get along. My compliance is awesome. The pillow with the cut-outs is good, and my heated tubing will be here in a week or so. Feeling less tired, though I wouldn't say I feel more awake just yet.

Trying my hand at making a Noodle Kugel soon. Would have made it yesterday, but we couldn't find dried cherries at the grocery store, which the recipe calls for. I suppose I could substitute with raisins, but why the hell would anybody want a raisin when they can have a dried cherry? Exactly. I have some coming, much more than I need in fact. Will probably make muffins or something with them for the holidays.
Vanilla Extract is coming right along. Lavender for that extract is here, but I forgot to buy vodka at the store. Luckily, that one will only take about a week.
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Sick to death of the internets, so I'll be taking the rest of the day off, methinks. Growing weary of the idea that taxes somehow translates to poor people "taking money away" from "those of us who work." Duh, there are lots of working people who are dirt poor--us, for example. And losing your job to the recession doesn't actually make one lazy. And no, it's not as simple as "taking any shitty job, do what you gotta do." In my neighborhood, even the pizza delivery, fast, food, recyclable sorting jobs are taken--often by grown adults trying to support their families. And frankly, if you didn't know that already, you may well be part of the problem. So yeah...those of you who think we should abolish the minimum wage? Hope you fancy a Romanoff-style invasion into your big ass home.
Being anti-union means being against paying working people what they're worth, and treating them like human beings. Yes, that can get expensive and cut into your big, giant profits. If you can only make money by treating your employees like crap, maybe being a business owner isn't what you're best at.

Next up, my teeth. Going to the dentist this week to finally get the panoramic Xrays people have been telling me to get for just over a decade. Apparently, abcess molars can kill you. Since I've had 3 of them, and no dental care (save for two cleanings and one failed attempt at Xrays since 1997) and am still alive, I'm guessing that I'm probably okay. But since the perfect storm of a place that would take my insurance, a ride, a day off, and a couple hundred extra dollars has actually happened--I'm going in this week. I had a nightmare that once they took the Xrays, the dental people all started yelling and panicking and gave me some kind of Roger Ebert operation. It was terrifying. So yeah, please stop sending me the article about Bootsy's wife's nephew dying from an infected molar. I'm going already!

Next up, Carbs. I'm supposed to be cutting carbs considerably. Not for weight loss or whatever, but so I don't develop diabetes. Looking at my diet, it is almost entirely made of bread, pasta, rice, and potatoes. That's what poor people eat because it's cheap and filling. If I get fresh fruit or veggies every day, (one, sometimes 2 servings) I think I'm doing pretty well. We eat fish at least once a week (me, more since I eat a lot of tuna), but honestly, how do people afford to eat without basing nearly every meal on carbs? It seems like I'll be hungry all the time. Seriously--I have no idea how people do that.
For the record, H and I spend $200 at the grocery store every 2 weeks. He gets mad if we spend more than that, and then we have the $30 produce delivery every 2 weeks as well. That's all of our groceries, HBA's and anything we need for the cats (food, litter, pads, etc), so basically everything except prescriptions for about $55 per person, per week. Is that a lot? I don't even know.
Aside from soups and chilis, I have no idea how to plan a menu that isn't at least 70% carbs. Keep in mind that my kitchen is tiny and only 2 of my burners work. How the fuck am I supposed to make this happen?
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Ye ole daye-jobbe has been crazy busy. It's our busy season, back to school. We do a lot of trade-ins so kids can get a bigger size violin (or viola, for weirdoes) or cellos for school. Tiny violins are adorable. Before I blow that pop stand, I will probably get my hands on some junky, unplayable but still good looking, 1/32 size violin just to have as a decoration. Actually, a 1/16 would probably be small enough.
I have to say, it's been going ridiculously well so far. I've been training a lot, and the mood thusfar has been good. Waiting for the other shoe to drop, of course. But for now, I'm totally fucking killing it. Sales, training, and CS have been slain by me.

This will be hilarious for long-time Wednes readers: I have developed a total nerd-crush on one of the higher ups at the company. Obviously, it's a platonic crush not unlike the one I have on Polly Walker or Helena Bonham Carter. Given my bohemian/dionysian lifestyle, a guy in a button-up shirt with a house and a wife and kid and career and pretty exotic. Fascinating, because I don't get how people do that. He does stuff people do when they have money, like waterski or buy a new car, or suddenly go on a trip. I just don't know a lot of people like that. He's not a prick like a lot of rich people are. Plus, he loves my books and is supportive of my writing. I want to say he goes out of his way to be nice, but I don't actually know enough about his way to know whether or not being nice is out of it. Anyway, he's also got sort of an Anderson Cooper thing going on.
Speaking of which:

H just told me that someone is making a Halloween 3 and it's not Rob Zombie. My first reaction was Why? followed by No, seriously, WTF??? But then I realized, that they COULD be remaking Season of the Witch which I would be totally down with. A slick updating could do wonders for that movie--it's the perfect candidate for a remake. Great concept handled reasonably well but nothing outstanding, and very few people who are not hardcore horror fans have any feelings about it at all.

I'm behind on a lot of shit, especially interview questions, recording, and audio editing. My break from The Finster Effect is over and I've got to be busting ass on it. I have to work on my day-off tomorrow, which is a bummer. But once I do, I'm off until Tuesday. I've been slacking a lot lately because it's so hard to concentrate. I won't be getting a CPAP or whatever for at least another month. Fie!

I made one of H's favorite dinners yesterday. It's basically a big thing of veggies and ground chicken with onions and spices and stuff. Then I add a bag of cornbread stuffing mix and some broth, and bake, maybe with a touch of panko on top. Good stuff. H went grocery shopping this week so I could stay home and wait for the Comcast guy. He bought Plugra. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it, but decided that alfredo pasta would be the most absurdly decadent and delicious thing. So we're doing that. I guess if you use Plugra, you don't even have to add cream. We shall see...

I wish I had the balls to talk to Jack Ketchum online. I've written two Emails to my other literary hero, Christopher Moore. He wrote me back both times, and was really, really cool. The first time was just a fan letter. The next was a review query, which he did not have time to do. I like to pretend that Ketchum would like KMLYLM if he ever read it. But how does one go about making that happen, especially when one is such a star-struck fucking jackass about the whole thing (me, I mean)? He's obviously so goddamn cool. Sort of like he's standing outside the high school, smoking and leaning on like, a '69 Mercury Marauder. And I'm a fat chick with glasses carrying a bunch of books. See? That's funny, because I *am* a fat chick with glasses who reads and writes books. *sigh*
So yeah, balls. I can has them. Or not...

Pesto Ahoy!

Jul. 1st, 2011 08:06 pm
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I completely forgot to mention in my last entry, the miracle that is garlic scapes. These are, I think, technically garlic sprouts. They are the green onion equivalent to garlic. So garlicy, but milder and nicer, and snappier. I used them when we had friends over for mexican lasagne earlier in the week. Man, they are redonkulously delicious.
I want them till forever.

I have some left, so tomorrow is pesto.
Apparently pesto is the fan favorite of garlic scape recipes.
I think of pesto as more of a method than a recipe anyway. Mine will have scapes, parmesan, walnuts, spinach, a few spices, salt, and some good olive oil.

For reference, garlic scapes look like this:

And taste like this:

Not getting much work done today. At the tail end of yet another damn kidney stone. I expect that my lower half will explode with pain sometime in the next 6 hours. I've had this one a while now, over a week. So I'm going in for reals for a CT as soon as I can get an appointment. I wasn't going to do it because it stopped hurting, plus it's gonna be really expensive, I am sure. Anyway, I'm gonna call next Weds. Pain is keeping me from getting too much work done.

Tomorrow is the day-job followed by catching up on stuff here. Was supposed to edit a podcast and put up an interview and it doesn't look like I'm gonna do either thing. So far, just a bit of online time and some TV and pain killers. I'll probably watch a movie and go to bed.

I need to take some pictures of some black rats. Anybody know where I can find some that are clean and pretty and will pose for the camera?

Hahahahaha. JoJo just brought me a fortune cookie from the kitchen.
No lie. What an awesome cat.

H is printing me up a book containing all known grammar and vocabulary for the Dothraki language. I'm intensely interested in how one creates a language for use in a novel. I don't exactly write fantasy, but it seems like a new language could have various and sundry applications in horror.
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and I just realized, I don't give a crap about anyone's name.
It's not like I have the ability to remember names anyway--which sucks because everyone remembers MY name. But I digress...

Have written over 11,000 new words since Tuesday night. Still behind, but it's coming along so very well. I've achieved this largely by neglecting other work. No Parablog this month, no ZZN article this week, and no podcast as of yet. But all my pending podcast peeps were late getting stuff to me--so I'm not taking the full hit on that one. ;-]

The Finster Effect is amazingly fantastic, or so I think. We'll have to see what happens when I go back through this draft. I have a lot left to do in the month I have left (just to turn it in, I will get it back after that). The cruel joke there is that May is sweeps. So I'll be emptying out the DVR so it's ready to record all the important TV happening. I mean to watch The Killing and Game of Thrones but have not had time.

Let my guard down around someone who then proceeded to sucker punch me in the gut.
Guard back in place, and thanks for the reminder, jackass!

H and I stopped ordering delivery food a month ago to make up for the money we spent on the bed. We're doing that until the end of May. Funnily enough, I've lost 7 pounds since April 1. I don't usually talk about such things here, because I think it's weird to compliment or congratulate people for body-stuff. It's like telling someone how great they are for shaving or taking a dump. Just do your thing and leave me out of it.
But pounds. And it's not like we've been replacing delivery food with healthy food. Between us, we eat a pound of bacon about every 2 weeks, and blue box Kraft dinner is my go-to meal when I'm tired or busy. Then again, the Door-to-Door Organics thing is also awesome and makes it so I can eat tons of fruit and veggies.

Okay, this is weird, but I'm thinking of buying a gun. I am not taking questions about why that might be. Nor will I be discussing safety issues--there are no children here, and neither of us is suicidal, or an idiot. And I'm not concerned that perhaps my penis is too small. It's a badass gun, and I likes it.

And finally, if any of my regular LJ readers need a DW invite code, please see me.


Jan. 21st, 2011 01:33 pm
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I've got the Seasonal Affective Disorder yet again. For those of you who don't like diagnoses that were invented after 1975, I'm Fucking Depressed. I hate my day job. I never have enough time to do stuff I want. I'm too poor. And everybody I've ever met in my life has just had a baby, bought a house, quit their day-job, or some other great adult accomplishment that I will never get anywhere near. You know I'm depressed when I'm comparing myself to other people, since I know intellectually that doing so is a recipe for spiritual and emotional disaster.

Which is why the rest of this post is (giant, sorry) pics of an amazing recipe for stuffed dates. I made this on Sunday for my cartoon viewing guests. Smashing success, they were. Caution: Bacon Ahoy! )

I assure you that they were magically delicious. Even good cold. Sweet and um...porky.
Too labor intensive and deadly to have often, but def on the menu for my next gathering. And thanks to my buddy Cre for the recipe.
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Monday was H's birthday, and it so happens that he loved all the stuff I got him. I made him mexican lasagne (which he asked for) and his fave marzipan cake. He got a new tray for eating, since we never eat at the table. He's been using the last tray I bought him--which was a blue tray for kids with a racecar on the front. For serious. So he digs the big boy tray very much. I also got him a can of Romulan Ale, a book called The Last Days of Krypton, and a T-shirt for a boat rental store on Amity Island. Apparently they have big boats, and bigger boats. Good stuff!
For Xmas, he is getting Shutter Island and Iron Man 2 on Blu Ray, and another T-shirt with a Left 4 Dead health pack on the back. Sweet! He's also getting a few bottled of mana, a duct tape wallet (by Ducti), astronaut ice cream, sour candy, and some wasabi lip balm which I am confident he will enjoy.

Sent out a bunch of cookies this week, but couldn't find my cousin Victoria's address (even though she has sent me 3 things in the past year or so). Now I have it, but didn't have any packing tape to secure the box. Apparently, neither masking nor scotch tapes are strong enough. Drag. So that will be late. Also sent out a bunch of cool beeswax candles that I rolled myself. I wanted to make hats, but my hands were not even entertaining the idea of knitting.

Rude Pundit made me a bit less angry at Obama this week. The POTUS did throw a monkey wrench in the GOP's shenanegans by giving in on the tax cuts. Yeah, those cuts are totally bogus, but if it gets help for 9/11 responders, rids us of DADT, and gets START off to a flying *ahem* start, that won't be so bad. Net neutrality going down in flames though, is NOT okay. I am pretty much inconsolable and desperately clinging to the hope that some more companies will be in the area to compete with Comcast. I loathe Comcast, and would welcome any and all competition that is not AT&T. H and I got into a screaming fight about Net Neutrality, because I just don't think that because they're your cables that you should get to charge everybody more while giving them less. Fuck them and that fuckery right in the ear!
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That's right bitches, I didn't die before I turned 40.
How do I know? Because I turned 40 yesterday.
Not only did I not die of my own excesses, but I had a petite cancer scare that I came through swimmingly. Of course I have friends, family, and Anthem Blue Cross to thank for that.

Better still, my evil head trauma has NOT made me soft in the head...yet. I'm still working a day job, maintaining a reasonable semblance of sanity, writing novels, and enjoying a pretty damn good life.
Go, Me! Suck it, Not-Me!

My yearly rant on why responsible consumerism is just fucking fine )

Giving gifts should be fun.
If you think it's a pain in the ass; you're doing it wrong.

Imagine my joy when H presented me with an Exorcist play set (From the movie. It's not for doing an actual exorcism--even though I hear those are all the rage right now). It has a little battery motor that makes the head spin around. BADASS! He also got me a candle holder that is the front window of Mrs Lovetts pie shop. Sweet!
H makes me a cool card every year, because he's a whip-ass graphic designer. This year, the envelope had the theme from Jaws written out (accurately) in onamontapoeia. The card had scenes from Jaws with birthday wishes appropriately and hilariously worked in. A Jaws-themed card is especially hilarious because unbeknownst to H, I got him an Amity T-shirt for HIS birthday, which is next month. *snerk* Get out of my mind, H!

Saturday is the big bash. Anytime after 6pm is cool for coming by, and we'll be kicking people out at 3am, unless they are too wasted to drive. Limited crashing space is available. Yummy food and non-alcoholic bevvies will be served. All else, BYO. No smoking in common rooms. VIP smoking in H's office. So many great people are coming this year. College friends, work friends, many of the usual party peeps, and a few other fun surprises. If you're coming, please bring a camera. We do not have a working one anymore. :-[

The planned menu:
Spinach dip--my own variation of the classic Knorr recipe
Roasted Red Pepper Hommus--made by me
That nutella pastry with strawberries that I do.
Mexican dip courtesy of [profile] klynnfrost
Hawaiian inspired trifle: coconut cake, bannana pudding, pineapple chunks, macadamia nuts, cool-wHip, and maraschino cherries. It's gonna kick ass.

And finally, I am losing my voice. My upper register is gone, which is my "customer voice." Sucky, as I have to work tomorrow. Hoping to be on web chat instead of phones as much as possible. Low register is fine, lets hope I can keep it until after the party.
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I can't speak for anybody else, but for me, I want to know everything I can about artists whose work I really enjoy. I want to know what inspired it, what the influences were, what they were trying to convey. The more I know, the more there is to enjoy, and the better able I will be to understand the creation of art/music/movies/books from every possible angle.

My manic phase from 10 or so weeks ago has swung back around the other way, and I am now in the midst of a crippling depression. Missed work yesterday and today. I was also sick over the weekend and not keeping much down, so I was without my various meds for the whole weekend. Sucks. My doc appointment is not until next week. At the clinic where I go, I have to meet with my regular doc and the psyche doc at the same time. Good idea, to be sure, but difficult to schedule. Not sure if I need to be on some other kind of med or what. I can't really try any radical changes right now since it's the busy season at the day-job and I can't have things getting any worse.

Last night's dinner was steelhead trout and goat cheese mashed potatoes with kale. I'd never made red trout before, and it was tasty. The marinade turned out a touch too sweet, but it was still tasty. H liked it, which is the important thing around here. Going to throw together some alfredo pasta tonight. Comfort food at its finest.

Writing is going well. Seems that the need for short stories from me has gone way up, and 3 different Anthologies are waiting for subs from me. Not sure if I'm gonna be able to please everybody, but I'm gonna do my best. I need to come up with a story about a haunting, something in general horror, something on bullying, and one other thing that is escaping me at the moment. So I guess I'd better close here and get back to work.
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For the love of God, HELP ME!!
I've been held in a fortune cookie factory for over 30 years.
Your lucky number is 420

I'm not going to finish the JulNoWriMo.
There, I said it.
I've never lost a monthly WriMo before, so it's new to me.
I have decided though, that I'm going to write 50K, I'm just stretching it out to two months. That way, I'll stay motivated and writing but not stress myself out or flake on things that are important. Like today, I have to record the vocal for tomorrows podcast, and cook a big rigatoni for me and H.
Speaking of Take a Stab at This! I've had lots of traffic. Not much in the way of feedback, but a lot of people are looking at it. A couple hundred every day, so that is good news. Sent my lead actor a refurbished iPod which he should be getting today. Might make my life easier to send him the new Zoom H1 recorder my work will be carrying soon. Maybe I'll be able to afford it soon. I still have to buy some copies of my books to have on hand, get new glasses, and then it'll totally be time to work on my Halloween costume, then Christmas and every jackass I know has a birthday in either November or December--the jerks!

Our organic food delivery is coming tomorrow. We're getting spinach (Stop. Omlette Time!) and chard, two pounds of red grapes, and some other stuff. Not exactly sure who is growing grapes in Michigan, though I guess there are wineries here. St Julian's has been around forever. I used to love their sparkling juices as a kid. I ordered a bottle of dressing to go with the great lettuces, tomatoes, and cukes we are getting. I've never been so excited for a salad in my life!

Finished season one of Dexter. Even though I guessed who the bad guy was almost immediately, I thought it was a very well written show. Jennifer Carpenter annoys the hell out of me, but whatever. I'm stoked to get going on season two, and bummed that there's a season 4 spoiler on the cover of the CD set. Thanks, Showtime. You're still not HBO, so just get over yourself already. I do love how so many networks have figured out that people will watch shows if you bother to make them good--and that plenty of people really do know the difference between Art and Product.
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Still stuck on the "Dog" chapter of the new book. It's killing me. If I can't punch through it today, I'm just going to make a place holder and move on. After all, JulNoWriMo starts tonight at midnight. I know I said in December of 2008 that I was I was done with the WriMo's. I'm rethinking that, as I'm working on the new manuscript and need to invent some motivation that will make me bust through it while I still have these short work weeks. Come August, my day-job will be busy and I will feel like I don't have a second to myself. So I'll need to be "almost done" with the first draft before then.

My web site was having issues again last night. None of my databases were loading because of some SQL nonsense. They're back up today, and a good thing too. This week's new podcast episode is the chilling tale Whitman, I ain't. It's pretty short, and features a fun reading by [ profile] porcelain72 and music by [ profile] peteralway. If you haven't already subscribed via iTunes, you can find it here.
Not sure how pissed I should be about the website fail. I do pay a bit of money for that and this is the second time in two months it was out for more than 3 hours. Not cool. They should do like LJ and give me free time when they fuck up my site. But I'm not very computery, so I don't know if that's even reasonable.

Looking into getting fresh produce delivery on the weeks when we don't go to the grocery store. If you don't know, once every two weeks (payday weeks, duh) H and I cab it to the grocery store. It costs $20 round trip. We get everything we need, having made a careful list, and don't go back again unless there's some emergency--which is almost never. So we really only get to have fresh fruits and veggies the first week.
I'm trying to eat better, since I've been eating a lot of crap lately. If the kitchen isn't clean and I'm tired, I'd rather order out than clean it and then cook something. Sucks. But if I had a steady influx of fresh produce, I'd be stoked to cook more often. We're also talking about buying less meat and better snacks. We're getting too old to eat like college students 3-4 times a week. And it might not be necessary to keep potato chips in the house at all times. I'm also in the market for a cheap exercise bike if you know of any in the area.

Also planning to dye my hair up all crazy. Going to start by dying all of it either black or dark plum. Then, I'm going to bleach a few streaks in it and do some blue and pink. That's gonna be a riot. Somehow, pretending to be a youthful redhead just seems disingenuous the closer I get to 40. And who knows? Maybe soon I'll be rich and widely-read enough to be referred to as eccentric.
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In the middle of 3 days off in a row. Yesterday I recorded, edited, and posted Chapter Three of A Stabbing for Sadie audiobook podcast. It sounds pretty good if I do say so. You can listen or download here! I also recorded Chapter 5 of Kiss Me Like You Love Me so I can get Chaps 5-6 up next week. So that is all more or less on schedule. Next week I don't get that extra day off, which sucks, because I freakin' need it.

Today I need to write my new blog for the Extraordinary Women of Paranormal and Horror. In case you hadn't heard, I'm doing a series on Ladies of Villainy. This week: mothers. It will include: Margaret White, Medea, Norma Bates, Mrs Iselin (from Manchurian Candidate), Tiamata, some real-life bad moms like Joan Crawford, and Augusta Gein, and a few other fun surprises. Do watch for that. There are plenty of other Parawomen and Horrorwomen bloggers at the site, though none so prolific as me. ;-]

I'm way behind fleshing out these intro chapters for The Zombie Novel, which I have not even come close to naming yet. I've got to start choosing shorter titles for things, so this will take some thought.
I'm also developing a new short horror story (about --guess what? A crazy person who murders people!), and a YA short story about bullying for an anthology I'm donating to. A novelists-against-bullying thing.

Last time we went to the store, one of our bags somehow got left behind. As such, I am going to run out of tomatoes (which sucks, because I love to top my hippy hash with them), I can no longer make cheesecake brownies for [ profile] madush69 even though he's working on some awesome promo's for me. I shudder to think what else we're missing that we paid for, but I am very sad. It's only about $15 worth of groceries, but it costs $22 to cab it back and forth to Meijer. Drag and Fie!

The cable situation is not as dire as once suspected. We're still getting a goodly number of channels, albeit NOT in HD. No more HBO, so the new season of True Blood will elude me, even though it starts on Sunday. And no DVR, so I can only watch shows when they are actually on. It's amazing how quickly I got used to DVRing things. It now feels like a total hardship to not have 3-7 eps of Criminal Minds to dig into at any given time. But I can watch anything on network, plus we have A&E, ION, Comedy Central, and Animal Planet. So I can't complain about any of that. Well, I *can* but I shouldn't, because it's not really so bad.

And finally, some cute little kids came by selling candy yesterday afternoon. They said it was for Girl Scout camp. Having been forced into a bunch of that crap as a kid, I bought some. Upon inspection, the candy did not have any sort of fundraiser or Girl Scout logo on it. In fact, it said "2 for $1" on it. Conclusion? I got boned. I'm pretty annoyed that you can't even trust little kids not to look you in the face and lie. I was really nice to them too. The next kid who knocks on my door is getting a faceful of super soaker. That'll learn 'em!
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Bachelor Party was on cable tonight. I ought to watch as much HD cable as I can while it's still here. I think Tom Hanks is about 12 in this movie. ;-] I remember it being pretty funny, but not so outlandishly ridiculous. It ends with the happy couple riding off into the sunset in a yellow school bus. On the back, instead of "Just Married," it says "Just Having Sex." Not exactly what you'd expect to see on the back of a Catholic school bus. LOL Anyway, it turns out that with Comcast, basic cable with Internets is cheaper than just the Internets by itself. So I guess we're keeping the basic. I don't know how many channels that is. I imagine it will end around channel 65. And no HD or DVR. Drag.

My audiobook podcast is coming right along. My old college classmate, Scott Sigler said if I sent him a promo, he'll feature it on his show. I thought that was awful nice of him. He's a NYT Bestselling author now.
I did an interview recently that will air this morning. Whenever I tell someone that I have an appearance, or review, or interview, they invariably tell me how cool it is that things are "happening" for me as a writer. I don't really feel like anything is "happening." I'm just doing stuff. Once in a while, someone pays attention. Sometimes I meet someone who helps me secure an interview, a professional review, or tells me about anthologies that are taking subs. How do you even know when you've "made it?" It's not as if Weird Al Yankovic does parodies of novels.
I'm networking with lots of writers on Facebook. Some of them have written episodes of shows, or movies. Some have produced video game scripts/stories, and/or graphic novels. I met one guy who writes those novels they release after a movie comes out--like a novelization of a movie that isn't already based on a book. A lot of people don't do novels, but they publish tons of short stories. And the more I'm on Facebook, the more I notice that a ridiculous amount of people have small press novels out. Most of them are not "famous" but many still get invited to lecture and do convention panels. Again, it's all about networking, it seems. I keep waiting for something to click, setting off a massive chain of events that leads to Christopher Moore, Jack Ketchum, and Stephen King all getting together to sing my praises. Plus, we all smoke a joint together. ;-]

If you're bummed because I'm posting less often, check out my strictly horror postings with the Extraordinary Women of Paranormal and Horror. They are quite a fascinating assemblage of writers, actresses, paranormal investigators, and all manner of wild stuff. It's a pretty neat blog, even though I always have to snicker that there's a genre called "Paranormal Romance." Romance is bad enough...but with ghosts? C'mon.

My bro is coming for dinner Monday afternoon, or in about 11 hours. I'm making a spicy coconut/peanut stir fry with chicken and scallops. It'll have pea pods, bok choy, 2 kinds of mushrooms, broccoli, orange and red capsecum, and a bit of baby corn, bamboo shoots, and water chestnuts. I'll serve it with rice, those little crunchy noodle dealies, and crab rangoon. Dessert (from scratch) dark chocolate cheesecake brownies with Heath chips:

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