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H and I celebrate Christmas the old fashioned way:
We buy each other stuff we wouldn't normally buy.

I got H:
A spinny top that works with a string
chinese finger trap
Star Trek Next Gen Pez dispenser box set
Alien T-shirt
Tee fury T-shirt with every Doctor on it.
Onion hardback front page collection
2 pr satin boxer shorts

He got me:
Doctor River Song sonic screwdriver
box of dark chocolate hazelnut truffles
hazelnut milk
Whole Foods hazelnut coffee creamer
smoked hazelnut gelato (outrageous!)
organic choco hazelnut spread (that is NOT nutella)
ventresca tuna
2 packs of Nathans hot dogs because we love them and only one store in the area actually sells them. Woot!

So yeah, that was nice.
Most of our peeps got cards and homemade lip balms.
Always well received and appreciated, so far.

We also got a big tin of cookies and a pumpkin bread from my Aunt, and another bag of yummy treats from my old college pal who visited today.

We also watched Doctor Who, which I haven't reviewed yet but will.
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H and I finished the last of the lip balms today. Awesome.
He doesn't really have to help, but it goes so much easier with an extra pair of hands. We did chocolate orange, coconut lime, and cherry cordial. Two of these we also did last year, but they turned out a bit different anyway.

I love that I'm not baking this year for Xmas. H is getting cookies for his birthday, and my brother will probably get some. That is all.
For H's birthday dinner, he wants bacon double cheeseburgers and fries.
This totally works for me. I didn't used to be good at making double cheeseburgers because my habit is to make thick burgers so they can be nice and pink on the inside but a bit charry on the outside. But then I figured out the right way to do really lean, flat burgers that sit nicely atop each other.

What presents is H getting?
So glad you asked:
--A T-shirt with all the Doctor (Who)'s on it
--Some PS3 game called Kingdom of Amalur
(Todd MacFarland worked on it)
--The best covers from The Onion

For Xmas, H is getting:
--Two more T-shirts (one Doctor Who, one Alien)
--2 pair satin boxer shorts
--Another Onion collection
--Star Trek Next Gen Pez collection
--Stocking stuffed with candy and small toys
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--Five shifts and counting left at the day-job. I've requested an exit interview.

--Falling Skies continues to elude greatness, while remaining just interesting enough for H and I to keep watching. Last week's death was a tough one. I still say Terra Nova was better.

--Gearing up to begin Torchwood. Woot.

--Nora Ephron. *sigh*

--An Anonymous gift giver sent me a hardcover copy of this amazing thing, which arrived today. I am beyond stoked.

--Have a phone interview tomorrow night for a different job that I'd be very good at, I suspect.

--Hatfields and McCoys part one was so boring I could cry. Gonna try part 2 soon in the hopes that Bill Paxton will be hotter and more interesting.

--Best fruit salad EVER: peaches, white nectarines, plums, bananas, cherries, frozen blueberries, canned pineapple, (everything but the pineapple is organic and amazing). Sauce was melted lemon sorbet, and lime juice. Mmmmmm.
It's going on some toaster waffles later on.

--Working on a new article that should be of great interest to many of you. Also have some stuff cooking for ZZN. Interview slots opening up soon. Lemme know if you know someone I should be talking to.

--True Blood has been boring as shit this season. Seriously.
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I'm smack in the middle of a week off from the day-job. Was hoping to have a steady freelance gig lined up by the time I got back. No dice, thus far.

Making some great edits to The Finster Effect. Love it even more than I did before, which is a lot. On schedule to have a query packet ready by Saturday. Yay!!! Speaking of my books, I got my very first one-star review on Amazon. It's for The Cat's Apprentice.

H and I have been watching Doctor Who. We just finished a two-parter where The Doctor has to be human. Then he's sad. I can't get over how good this show is, how impressive the writing is, how deep the themes are, and how smokin' fucking hot David Tennant is. Honestly though, that's an afterthought. I'd watch this show even if The Doctor looked like Dan Hedaya.

I'm glad I found another cool show to enjoy, because The Walking Dead sucks. It pains me to say it, you don't even know how much. H and I were both SO stoked when we heard that Darabont was doing TWD, that they had a fantastic cast, and they were pumping some real money into it. Sadly, all of that lasted for one season. Season two, a way-too long arc leading to what ended up being a really good mid-season finale. It should never have taken 7 whole episodes to get there. Or six...I forget now. Anyway, if you've been watching I'm sure you know all the stupid plot points and ridiculous idiocy that's been going down this season. (Presumably, spoilers in the comments).
And as much as I adore the work of Greg Nicotero, and think The Mist is a damn near perfect horror film--fuck him for the goings on with the swamp zombie. And fuck him for all that CGI blood. To you I say: Is that what you learned studying under Tom Motherfucking Savini (pretty sure that's his name now)??? To use goddamn, goddamn CGI blood? What are you, SyFy Saturday?!?
Just so you know, I'm not paying to own that shit either.
And I bought the first season on DVD despite its absurdly high price.

You people could have elevated the zombie genre in a way we've not seen since the time of 28 Days Later. Giving the world a riveting, action-filled, compelling zombie drama with high production values and intense and artful direction--and what did you do? You cheaped out. And you artists? You fucking stood for it. It is bullshit. As a fan, it offends me.
You all should be ashamed.
Except Jeffery DeMunn. I will always love you, Sir.
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Well, there's plenty of crazy to be had in the conservative sphere right now. Groups of straight, mostly white men are meeting in secret to decide how they can best get those dirty sluts to keep their legs shut so all the boys (will be boys) will stop getting them "into trouble." When I was a kid, an unmarried girl who was knocked up was referred to as being "in trouble." You know, the way you get "in trouble" for not cleaning your room, or saying something that gets five rounds of hollow point bullets shot through the laptop you bought with your birthday money. But I digress.

Everything sucks and everybody is stupid.
I keep applying for freelance gigs and then never hearing anything back. I clicked a link to check out online grad schools and have been getting constant calls from 2 schools for over a week now. The website says it costs at least $30K for an online Masters, so I don't really see the point in discussing it further. I have to get the hell out of my day-job. I'm feeling fine now about the day-to-day, but I seriously don't have it in me to keep using those terrible archaic computer programs for another busy season. I am confident that I won't be able to do it without flying into a rage. Even if I could, I'm also confident that I'm not being paid a good enough hourly wage to work with something that longs to be half as awesome as OS9.

Got a new keyboard for home. So far, it's great.

We had Valentine's Day. I got H some more of those sour freezer pops I got him for Xmas that he liked a lot. I also got him a T-shirt of the 11th Doctor. I've only seen up to the 10th Doctor, but I know H loves Matt Smith.
He made me another awesome card (more on this), some blood orange soda, some sparkling meyer lemonade, organic lemon curd, and a kitkat with hazelnuts. Man...hazelnut kitkat was outrageous, and I want to eat them til forever.

I'm trying to get H to make cards and sell them online. I know a lot of people do this, but I'm not sure how to start. I asked him to come up with 20 or so cards. We should be able to watermark them and list them on a site to produce and ship to order. I imagine I could host it at my same site and just pay someone to build it. Or maybe etsy would be a good way to start? H is so damn talented and it's annoying how many people who are less talented them he is making money with their stuff online. So, we're gonna give it a whirl. Any advice would be much appreciated.

New podcast ep expected to go up later today.
Also, does anybody know what the hell is going on with Stephen Colbert? I'm unhappy that the show is not on, and very concerned because no one is saying why.

Checking In

Feb. 8th, 2012 09:31 pm
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I've just arrived on DW to see that my posting page has a weird new format that is smaller and doesn't look as good. Let's hope this does not continue. I like shit in the center of the screen whenever possible. This is WAY too left-justified for my taste.

Way too many people are taking Rick Santorum seriously. Even if it is just republicans, it's still insane. The anti-gay bigotry is bad enough--but banning birth control?
He's batshit, plain and simple.

Having a swell time watching haters defend their hate in re: Prop 8. It's irritating how many people bash gays and then ask YOU not to judge THEM for being bigots. Guess what? Your stance is not a valid one. It is hateful, ugly, and completely based on your own misinformed fears and biases rather than logic, reason, or facts. If you insist on believing that shit, I can't stop you--but PLEASE stop pretending your being oppressed if absolutely everyone doesn't join in on your world-wide hate party.

Ordered my first vape for um...aromatherapy purposes. Should arrive tomorrow. Looking forward to giving it the ol' college try.

Doctor Who is the best thing ever. It's my dream come true--where they drop the expensive FX and pay some REAL goddamn writers. David Tennant has actually replaced James Purefoy as hottest Brit at my house. Nothing against Purefoy, but he doesn't seem like he'd be nearly as much fun to hang out with. Also, I really need to own Fright Night.

EDIT: IMDB says David Tennant was born in Scotland. Mister Purefoy? As you were.

So...ladies of Etsy, who wants to make me some custom 10th Doctor jewelry? Pendants, earrings, or a bracelet that includes a therapeutic level of magnetized hematite. Yeah!
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Smack in the middle of a 5-day-job-day work-week. Now that I have all those hyphens out of my system, I'm actually getting a ton of stuff done. Short day for me, as it's my usual day off. 6-9 is just annoying enough to curb my productivity. Anywhoo... My plan to apply to at least one new freelance job every business day is moving forward full steam. I have ideas for a couple great new articles, and am right on schedule with all my regular marketing stuff. Yay for me!

Santorum. No. Just...stop it. All of you.

Been watching Doctor Who. Rewatched all the Eccleston eps and are 4 eps in to the Tennants. Sarah Jane...*sigh* David Tennant is so super attractive. He and James Purefoy need to Celebrity Deathmatch--the winner gets my undying affection. I know, right? ;-] I'm digging the hell out of Doctor Who. The writing is just so damn good. How many times do I say: Why can't they just get rid of one special effect and hire decent writers? That, my friends, is Doctor Who. Looks like it was made for $50 an episode, but it's so goddamn brilliant and moving that the visuals barely matter. Um...except The Doctor. They're all pretty hot.

Still waiting for my new yoga mat and blocks to arrive.
I shall become the yoga master. It's a new kind I'm trying. No more Iyengar...which really does seem to be designed for skinny people. Also waiting for the new headphones Girl-H ordered for me from Amazon. Should be here any day. I'm stoked.

Also, Dragon Dictate is awesome. Just plain awesome. Plus, it knows a bunch of nerd words. So far, Shatner, Nimoy, Jedi, Gandalf, Mordor, and Harryhousen. Seriously. I have programmed nothing yet and it knows all those words. I'm finding the speech recognition to be excellent, so long as I speak in my radio voice. I'm using a $30 Logitech mic and having great results.

I need a haircut. The thing about cool short haircuts is that they must be maintained. I wish I could just go to a barber. $15 and out the door. I really just need the back trimmed and cleaned up anyway. Hmmm...maybe I will try going to a barber. Or Greatclips. But I don't trust those bastards.

And finally, Rick Santorum's wife had a partial-birth abortion.
Does that mean he probably won't also come out of the closet before the election?
Because seriously, fuck him.
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So...Sly Stone is homeless and living in a van--presumably down by the river. This is sad. One of the articles I read said that this is "by choice." While I do think there are people who prefer not to be unconstrained by trappings like a home and stuff, I don't think that's the case here. People who love being nomads are unlikely to cram everything they can carry into a van and then live in it. Plus, Sly was a huge drug addict for many years. Often, addicts are loathe to admit that they've lost control of their lives--the tacit assumption is that it proves everyone right when they say you have no control. Poor Sly. Let's hope the new album gets him back on his feet and out of his van down by the river.

H wanted to check out Terra Nova on FOX. So we did. It was okay, rather predictable. It stars the guy from the craptastic American version of Life on Mars. It also has a chick who played a tree-person on Doctor Who. But yeah, nothing special. Jurassic Park meets some kind of family drama sci-fi business. *yawn* Funny, because Senor Speilbergo is also producing Falling Skies--another overdone concept done reasonably well from an FX standpoint.

I sometimes wish I could obliterate my memories of all the TV and movies I've ever watched. Media might be more enjoyable if it was all new to me.

Tomorrow I'm finally having a dentist look at the Xrays I had taken last month. Also going back to get fitted for my CPAP mask. Still impossible to find out what anything is going to cost. From online research, I have a sense of how much the equipment costs, but no clue how much of it we'll actually have to pay out of pocket for. Everyone is telling me to be aggressive and not settle for sub-par equipment. Point taken. The thing I gotta strap to my face before bed every night should be of good quality. Got it. If I was Canadian instead of American, it wouldn't even be an issue. *sigh*

Boardwalk Empire Premiere: Great
Criminal Minds Premiere: Apology Accepted. Now let's never speak of this again.
New Radiohead Album: It's my Jam.

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