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For all the work I've been doing, you'd think I'd have a lot more money.

Right now I'm doing 3 TV reviews a week: Dexter, Boardwalk Empire, and Under the Dome. Two of those shows are ending in the next 3 weeks. Then I'm picking up Hostages and American Horror Story: Coven. My new column for GeekBinge is Friday's Pics. We started with 1980, which was kind of an easy one:

Flash Gordon
The Fog

Yeah, I imagine Seth MacFarlane would have been totally down with that.
And yeah, my GeekBinge archive makes it easy to find all my reviews and snarky commentary.

My Kinkly articles continue to be a lot of fun. I've got a Vampire article coming up for Halloween, and another article planned for next month in addition to the news articles I've been doing.

Things at Under the Bed Magazine are slow going. Barnes & Noble has taken their sweet time in getting us changed over to the new branding. They still haven't released the September issue. This is a drag, since I'm putting really strong issues together. I'm getting sort of good at the editing thing, and think the mag has good art and fun extras. It saddens me that it's taking so long to make it to The People. I am hopeful though, that these issues will work themselves out.

In other news, I'm gonna make a new Bean Bag Frog like the one I had in college. Bean Bag Frogs are good thinking caps as I recall. I found a pattern online. Later I'm going to Joanne Fabrics and Crafts to get all the stuff I need. I could have ordered it all online, but I don't want to buy fabric until I touch it. I need some fabrics and button eyes and ribbon for the tongue. Plus I need pins and a pin cushion. I may get bean bag beans, unless they're expensive. I don't know, is there a reason why I shouldn't use lentils or rice or beans or something?
I hope they have that one that's a tomato inexplicably tied to a strawberry. What the hell is that all about, anyway?
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I sort of flaked on my 10-Year Bloggiversary, which was actually the tenth of June. I thought it was in July, but when I checked, it uh...wasn't.

Of course, it's only a "whoops" if a bloggiversary is something that merits a joyous celebration. It may or may not be. Let's find out how joyous we should be with some exploratory listing of things that have happened since I began a blog in 2002.

--Got internet ordained.

--H and I have moved twice and still remain houseless.

--I got two cats, lost one, and then got another one.

--I had a yellow anaconda, but now I don't. I never will again, Zod willing.

--I completed five novels, three of which have been published.

--I've written at least 100 short stories, poems, articles, marketing pieces.

--Acquired and left two day-jobs.

--Got married. That was pretty cool.

--Three years of extensive therapy, EMDR, and med experimentation on a massive scale.

--Got back in touch with my brother, my godmother/favorite aunt, and a ton of various and sundry cousins, aunts, uncles and distant relations from my mother's side of my family. Whoa.

--Exchanged a few Emails with my biological father. Meh.

--Learned how to knit on a loom. Made a few dozen hats and miscellaneous yarny things. (This is a big deal since yarn crafts had always been a fail for me)

--Ridiculous infatuations with Chris Noth, Rob Zombie, Voltaire, and my hot hot former boss.

--Learned to bake bread, make a roux, and that there is no food on earth that cannot be improved with bacon. Though I kind of suspected that for most of my life.

Okay then, I shall make a little merry. That's a pretty good list.

I shall close with a bit of self indulgence.
Please tell me your most (and least, if you must) favoritest thing about my blog.
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I got a rejection of my newest short story today. It was pretty harsh. I suppose I should be glad that someone took the time to read it and offer insightful commentary; but a lot of it really stung. A few things strike me as preferences rather than absolutes, but I don't know. Does everything really have to be a complete sentence? I hope not. Can a room smell like stale sorrow? I daresay it can.

Anyway, such things shake my confidence to the core and I didn't end up working on my new novel at all tonight. I made hats for the girls in Group instead. I made one girl a hat 2 weeks ago and now everybody wants one. Happily, I have all night tomorrow to work on my new scary story.

The story in question is up, unlocked at [ profile] wednes_writes. Maybe some of you can tell me if its got a weak opening and closing. I'm not saying it's flawless, but goddamn; I don't think it was worthy of a mighty blasting and not one nice comment.

Wait, do editors or potential publishers bother saying nice things about rejected stories? Maybe that was overly optimistic of me.

So yeah, if anybody needs a hat they should let me know. ;-]

You wish.

Dec. 28th, 2006 03:29 am
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You've got wednes on you.

Which movie was this quote from?

Get your own quotes:

In other news, these Adult Swim marathons all week have been positively scrumtralescent.
So is the lemon soda I'm drinking...fucking delicious.

Bridezillas is the most hilarious reality show EVAR.

Can you beleive I'm still not done making hats? I made two more today for Dave C and Kwame.
I rule. Now I have to make another hat for Bre to replace the one that JoJo "played with."
Stupid cat. It's cool though, this one will be bigger and fluffier.

Here are some questions about weddings:

--How important is the receiving line?
--Do I need RSVP cards if my guests are mostly young?
--Pros and Cons of opening gifts at the reception?
--Who usually cuts the cake (after the first cut) and serves it to guests?
--Is it tacky to have them slice their own? Should I assign someone?
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pics from my birthday party )

Not sure how this happened, but not pictured are: [ profile] lickingtoad, [ profile] pak_man78 and his gal Becca, and the lovely [ profile] purplecat_a2. H is also not pictured because as usual, he could only attend for a few minutes on his way to work. It was a fun party, even though parties get much tamer as I get older.
My list of gifts includes: LOST season 2, Some knitting notions, World War Z: an Oral history of the Zombie War, Llyewllyns 2007 witch Calendar, Fat Tony Simpsons figure, Universal Monsters comic, screenplay for Fantastic Planet, chocolate, The Man Who Laughs on DVD, a Borders card with which I hope to buy an unabridged complete Poe, and Money, which I'm using to buy The Golem on DVD, and some ultra violent horror, On Writing by Stephen King (and I won't be loaning this one out, suckahs). I also got six months of paid LJ time which I really needed, and a beautiful candle holder for tea lights from my soon to be MIL and FIL. They're good, those guys.

Today I bought myself a Cool Corder Machine because I want to try to make myself a better knitted purse and can't make cord. But the dang thing doesn't come with instructions. Wish me luck on the endless search to find them online.

It's Honore's last dinner with us for the year, and she wants pasta again. I'm learning that vegetarians eat a lot of pasta. We're having linguini alfredo with mushrooms and roasted peppers. Mmmmm. We'll also be having garlic bread and no salad. It's been really cool having her here, even if I'm really too high strung for a ten day visitor. Tomorrow H and I will resume our carnivorous ways once again. We spent way too much money at the grocery store. But the important thing is that if I want pound cake, I have some.

NaNoWriMo is drawing to a close and I'm going to be scrambling my ass off in order to make it this year, being just over 46K as we speak. I can do it, but it's going to involve hauling some ass...but since I don't write with my ass, I guess I'll be hauling some fingers and a few thumbs. I don't think anyone is reading furiously right now, so I'm going to go ahead and quick edit the rest of the chapters before I post them. Come January people will almost certainly start reading as if it's winter and they have time on their hands once again. Speaking of which--I'm not usually one to post about weather. But jeez, it's super, super nice outside today. Sixty degrees at the end of November, I feel like taking the dog for a walk, but I don't have one.
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We got our new toaster today. It's larger than you'd think any toaster would need to be. I haven't taken it for a test toast yet, but I will...probably in the morning. I also bought a bunch of yarn so I could make hats for H's family for Yule. It turns out, there was a whole second aisle of yarn at Meijer I never noticed before. So I got some fun yarn, and then accidentally got baby yarn. No idea what I'll do with that...if only I knew of someone having a baby. ;-]

Remember the great LJ blackout a week or so ago? Paid members are getting a free week because of it. Which is awesome for me because my Lj time is going to run out in March.

I thought I was way ahead of the NaNoWriMo. The widget said I was like, 8K ahead. But when I added it up, I'm only 2-3K ahead and fading fast since I haven't written today yet. I was finishing a scarf. Stupid widget.

I want to see Stranger than Fiction. Who wants to go with me?

So we picked up the ring... )

Does a cheesecake with apple pie filling on top in a graham cracker crust sound good?
It sounds good to me, but it will be for Honore's birthday, so it has to have mass appeal.
If course, we're having vegetarian thanksgiving in her honor as well. Broccoli & spinach lasagne and homeade bread. I haven't decided what kind of bread yet though. I wish I had a good sourdough starter.

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This Fun Quiz created by Rob at BlogQuiz.Net
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Night of a Thousand Balls...

This was my nickname for this weeks Battlestar Galactica, which H and I watch the Monday after it airs. Everybody had their mojo working as it were. I've never liked Saul Tigh so much...what a moving scene. Ditto Gaeda. I had no idea he was such a badass, and methinks Laura R will be most happy to see him. Overall I was enthralled by the writing and cast performances. As much as I hate to agree with Entertainment Weekly, it really is one of the best dramas on television.

I know I say this a lot but...Fuck Gaius Baltar. Fuck him right in the ear. I felt bad for Starbuck, and glad for Little Adama. Watch the ep and you'll agree: it was the Night of a Thousand Balls.

Over a yummy pasta dinner, we watched The Island, which for a Michael Bay movie, was pretty good. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised by how much it didn't suck. A bit heavy on the action sequences, but whaddaya gonna do?

Before Yule, I have to do 3 more cross stitch designs, 5 more hats, 2-3 scarves, a triple batch of granola, 2 double batches of bread, 2 double batches of jam thumbprints, and one more kind of cookie, probably. I'm thinking that along with all my regular appointments and such, that I may not be able to complete NaNoWriMo this year. But I'm going to give it a whirl anyway. If I do it, that will be two novels in one year. Obviously, that would kick ass!
I'm also still working on my damn Hazel Synopsis. I hate doing those, I really do.

Speaking of Yuletide treats, I often wonder if I shouldn't put the cookies and breads into festive containers. My mom used to arrange them on a plate and cover it in plastic wrap. Then they'd tip over and cookies would spill out all over the back seat of the car. Mmmmm... I guess the fancy wrapping doesn't make anything taste better. And ziplock bags really do lock in freshness, after all.

And finally, we have a beaded curtain in our living room. It's bad ass.
Old school wodden beads, and so far, JoJo hasn't destroyed it.
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You may have noticed that I'm posting less often these days. I've taken to only posting when I have something interesting to say...or when I feel like it. I guess I just feel like it less than I used to. I'm not going to post about the second Stingray Victim or the possibility that the Stingray's are coming to get us. Nor will I be posting about the asshats who hae nothing better to do than fight Ann Arbor's School Districts same sex benefit policy. I will also, and admittedly with great difficulty, refrain from talking about Norbit; even H was furious when he saw this trailer. Frankly I'm sick and tired of giving space to idiots, bigots, and other assorted jackasses.

This week I made a few more hats, a cool purse for myself, and possibly something nice for one of you who is having a birthday soon. It's definately NOT [ profile] sudrin. But then again...maybe it is. ;-] I'm behind with my plan to edit and submit my Hazel story. I forgot about the goddamn goddamn synopsis which I hate. I hate writing synopses whether by chapter or overall. I hate them. I hate them, and I dislike them greatly. So I'll be doing that as soon as I can make myself sit down and do it, which will probably be after a nap, finishing this hat, and a snack of leftover caesar salad. Mmmm...

Had an awesome visit and lunch with [ profile] kissdbyagnome today. I learned a lot about people I went to high school and college with, and that LaShish has awesome baklava. Mmmm... I also have my officiant lined up for the wedding, because it will be her. Here's who I have so far:

Groom: H
Bride: [ profile] wednes
Officiant: [ profile] kissdbyagnome
DJ/MC: [ profile] madush69
Photographer: [ profile] slapnticklejr
Food Helper Outer: [ profile] klynnfrost and possibly [ profile] missgrete
Invite Design: [ profile] smarbaby (and no, she can't do yours!)
Aisle Walker Downer: [ profile] uterdic
Lucky I'm on LJ or I'd be doing everything myself. LOL

Since there's no Friday Five up yet for this weeks, I'll do last week's, since I didn't do it.

1. What job do you have, and why do you like/hate it?
None, and yes, I hate it. Right now, going to these damn meetings and appointments and shit is my job. With that in mind, I kind of suck at it, missing as many as 3 appointments a month sometimes. Yeah...suck. I also do a lot of writing and more recently, knitting.

2. As a kid, what did you want to be when you "grew up?"
A teacher, and ichthyologist, and a writer.

. Is the job you have now anything like what you imagined as a kid?
Actually, the writing part of it is...except I always thought I'd make money at it. But I sort of always wanted to do drugs and write for a living. And I'm not doing much drugs or making much living, but the writing is good.

4. Do you have a five-year career plan?

5. In order to get the job of your dreams, is there anything you wouldn't do? Why?
I wouldn't write anything that I thought was outright bad. No propaganda (but honest advertising is okay), I'd never plaigarize or deliberately steal someone else's idea. And I try to avoid using my feminine wiles to get jobs, which is probably why I'm not employed. ;-]
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My very first hat.

It has a brim, a stripe, a tassel, and it fits on my head. It is also crooked on many levels and is missing a few stitches here and there.
My very first hat.
Here, you can see the tassel

...not to mention how nice it looks on a gallon of distilled water.
Here, you can see the tassel

And this's personal.
I say this because the actual hat is for me.
...not that it will help me this weekend, because yarn does not protect you from rain.

While I'm here, have you seen this awesome article by Kim Barto?
I heard about it at Big Fat Blog, and it's strong stuff.
Wieght loss at any cost, or Good health at any size? )
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I finished H's scarf. It's five and a half feet of thick, warm, camouflage goodness. Since I want it to be a total surprise, I can't even let H know that I figured out the whole knitting thing. This means nobody else in his family can have a knitted gift this year since H does all of our package sending. Nor can I make myself a hat and wear it around unless there's some sort of deceptiveness involved, nor can I go out yarn shopping, because why the hell would I need more yarn if I can't knit? It's gonna require some covert ops.

On another topic, how come I never knew Bill Clinton was such a badass?
I like him more now than at any point during his reign presidency.
I was always more of an Al Gore fan then.

Here's a cool meme I lifted from a few of you's
Answer each of the following in exactly two words:
cut to prevent annoyance )

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I made something with yarn. Well, I haven't actually finished it yet. But it's coming together and it looks like something. In fact, it looks like a warm, cozy scarf that H will totally like. It's not falling apart, or unraveling, or so tight I can't move it. And it's been over an hour since my last urge to rip it apart and start over.

as proven by these unretouched photos )

As you can see, I'm using a loom to do this loopy, figure 8 wrapping style and then you use this little hook dealie to pull the bottom thread over the top. I had to try it about six different times with 3 different cast-ons and 4 different stitches.

But this season, unless I run out of yarn, H will have a new scarf!!

BTW, should it take more than 2 skeins of yarn for a longish (but not ridiculously long) scarf?
I only bought 2, now if I need more it won't match. ;-[

wednesday lee friday is poisonous! Induce vomitting if ingested.



That's right, you brain eatin' zombie bastards! So step off.
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You probably know this already, but it's Banned Book Week once again. What are we banning? Mostly Harry Potter, but that's not all. I don't mind telling you that I find the very idea of banned books funny, even as it is a microcosm for much that is wrong with American today.

I've heard people say What's so wrong with wanting to keep offensive material out of the hands of children? Nothing really, except that "offense" is in the eye of the beholder. Some parents think very moral books about kids away at school are utter blasphemy because the children have magic wands. Others think The Bible is far too violent or sexually explicit for anyone under say, 16. So, like most things, the responsibility falls on parents to monitor what their children read. But, there always seem to be those types who aren't content to monitor their OWN children, and want to decide what EVERYONE's children are allowed to check out of a library, bring to school, or even be allowed to purchase without a parent. I am pleased to say that even with all of my own youthful nuttiness, I have never, EVER been told I couldn't read a specific book.
I read The Love Machine by Jacqueline Susanne in junior high!! While reading it at lunchtime, a nun confiscated it from me, and called my mom. Mom told her to mind her own business and give me my book back--and didn't she know that while there was no commandment about what not to read, there was a rule against stealing. Ha HA! That's the thing about bi-polar parents, sometimes they are alarmingly cool.

I have to wonder if there's anything you could put in a book that would really, truly need to be banned. Some peice of knowlege or an idea so destructive that the world really is better off not knowing about it. I doubt it. I don't think there is any knowlege that lessens us simply by knowing it. But I'd be interested to know of a legitimate reason for book banning; something other than I don't want my kid to hear about that until I've brainwashed them enough that I'm sure they'll disregard/mock/deny it when they do hear it, which is pretty much how book banning feels to me.

H and I went to the craft store today so I could get some embroidery floss, hoops, cross-stitch cloth and a couple of those little counted cross stitch kits because it always feels like cheating to follow the lines. I may well end up doing some crewel work for holiday gifts since I already know I don't suck at it. But if [ profile] sleazeanna or [ profile] sexyrockgoddess want to get together this week or next, I can totally clear some time for you's. I really do want to be able to do some simple knits and crochets. As I keep telling myself: I can do anything a blind old lady with arthritis can do! YEAH!!!
I will make H a scarf this year if I have to learn fuckin' macrame to do it. Maybe I can just tie a long succession of square knots until it looks like a scarf. That would be hilarious. Anyway, I'm not sure how we spent $60 on just a few small things at Michael''s a special skill of mine, I guess.
Then H and I rode the bus to Meijer so we could catch the #5 bus home. But that bus stopped running at 6 so we had to take a cab, even though we had already taken the bus farther away from where we live. At Meijer, they had this giant, inflatable gargoyle. It was bad ass. I wish I had room for it, because I would totally get one.

And now, I'm off to make a spicy potato soup with keilbasa. I love a nice homemade soup on a chilly day.
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Okay, I got my knitting boards and found all my yarn from last year and the year before. I have plenty of hooks, one straight board and three or four circular ones of varying sizes. My plan is to do scarves until I can't stands no more, then work up to something like socks or a hat.

How come people want to charge for patterns?
Don't they know I'm poor. I'm quickly learning though, that yarn work is not neccesarily for poor people. You can spend a shitload of money on yarn and patterns. For now though, I'm gonna stick to getting yarn at Meijer.

Now I'm off to figure out how to use these damn things.

Also, can anyone think of something men like that looks cool with embroidery?
I kick ass at embroidery.
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As many of you know, I have often lamented my utter and unexplicable lack of yarn skills. The yarn related arts have always eluded me. I cannot crochet, not even the simplest stiches. I tried several times to knit H a scarf, because I was told that knitting is easier than crocheting and that nothing is easier than a scarf. No dice. Some of you even sat down with me and taught me, I even received some lovely yarns and needles/hooks in the mail.

I can't even do a latch-hook rug out of a damn kit. Everyone in the world has one of those circa 1978 latch hook rug pillow thingys with a goddamn tweety bird on the cover. But not me, because I can't make anything with yarn. Nothing at all...well, maybe a poof ball that I could put on top of a hat if I could make one.

Why bring this up, yet again?
Well, the Yule season of perpetual gift giving will be upon us soon. And as usual, I'm poor as hell.
So I want to try to make H a scarf again this year--especially since I still have all my stuff leftover from last years disasterous attempts, and the year before that.

So what's different? What's changed?
Well, I learned of the existence of this device, called a knitting board. Aparently they are even easier than knitting (which of course, was far too difficult for me). They are supposed to be more akin to working a loom than actual yarn craft. I used to be really good at loom, having made many many potholders before I ever even smoked pot. Ha HA!

Do any of you (or your grandmothers, I suppose) use these things? Are they as easy as they appear, or is this just another ploy for me to waste more money on supplies I'll never use? The drag part is, I'm awesome at embroidery, and used to make my own cross stitch patterns for fun. But I can't imagine anything H would want embroidered.

Advise me, crafties!
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That's right punks, it's H's birthday.

He loved his gifts. He got Akira: special edition, Photon (the idiot chronicles), a grey henley, a bunch of sour candy (not the Japanese stuff, I'm saving that for Christmas), Aliens soundtrack, Killzone for PS2, Onion Book #14, and a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

So he thought that was swell. Plus he got this other game called GUN for PS2.

Here, of course, is our Christmas picture:

Katie gave us the coolest thing. It's a big plant of rosemary that I can use for a zillion different things. I can even leave it on the table because the cats won't touch it. It's the bomb.
So then, H came home from work and said "Why did you get a tree?" since we had already discussed and rejected the idea of a tree.
Although, I've taken to celebrating Christmas in the same was Christians celebrate Halloween. A little garishness never hurt anyone, no?
Yule is a swell time to get together with family, talk to eachother, share a meal, maybe buy fun things for one another, give out cookies and whatnot. I'm very into that aspect of the holidays. But not much for the decorating. Besides, if I wanted to really decorate for Christmas, I'd have to move my Halloween decor out of the way. And I'd really rather not.

So a trip to the dollar store later... )

And finally, you'll all be delighted to know that I'm knitting a scarf that looks like a scarf. Katie taught me how to do it, and I've been working on it here and there. By say, New Years, it just might look like something. Plus it's made of camouflage yarn, so H's neck will be virtually undetectable.
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Damn! Damn! Damn!

I messed up the scarf for H. It is unsavable and must be begun again from the beginning.

According to this confusing-ass crochet book for beginners, I forgot to do a "turning chain" for the new row. As such, my line of single stitches kept getting smaller and smaller. Plus I have a hard time figuring out what part is the top, because it was getting all curly... and not a bald and hilarious curly.

Plus, doing just one row takes like, fifteen minutes and hardly looks like anything at all. I worked on it for 2 hours and just had this tiny, curly mess. I suck so bad.

Is there an easier stich than the single stich, or does it just not get dumbed down any more than that?

You win this round, Yarn-Related-Arts!


While I'm here though, please enjoy A Christmas Story in 30 Seconds by Bunnies. I advocate these Angry Alien folks highly. So if you haven't been watching them, get on over there!!


Oct. 20th, 2004 11:27 am
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Blind old ladies can do this...I've seen them.

My mother is a blithering idiot, and she can do it.

The most evil witch I have ever met can crochet like nobody's business.

This books is written in language a 4th grader could understand, and is fully illustrated.

So why is my yarn just a big, long knot???

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