Sep. 3rd, 2017 06:22 am
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It's no secret to anyone that I suck at music. More accurately, I've never really put a bunch of effort into learning an instrument. I've tried a few, and don't appear to have any real talent. My fingers don't like to cooperate with my brain (which may also be why I suck at yarn crafts and videogames that aren't puzzles), and I'm not very mathy. Plus, practicing an instrument is SOOOO repetitive that my mind starts to melt after about 20 minutes.

Still, I used to have a cool theremin that I built into a Mr Potato Head years ago. H bought me the kit back when we used to buy each other expensive gifts. I think it was around $80. Anyway, it was pretty badass. I do like to keep an array of odd instruments around the house. I have some sweet bongo drums I got in a pawn shop as a college student. I have a 90s Casio keyboard that I got from a dude who borrowed my Charles Manson autobiography and never gave it back. I have a student model lap dulcimer that's pretty sweet, and a recorder, because everybody has a recorder kicking around somewhere.

But I don't actually play these things. I make sounds with them, basically in the same way a toddler does with the pots and pans under the sink. Just flailing around banging stuff every which way until it makes the sound I'm going for. There's an ignorant, fumbling quality to it, which is why I prefer to play around with interesting or unusual instruments that fall comfortably into my fun budget.

Truth be told, the instrument I should actually have is something more like this:

Anyway, I loaned my theremin out to someone who instantly turned out to be the most irritating, selfish, thankless, rude fucker I have ever invited into my home. I'd rather just let them keep the fucking thing than deal with him long enough to get it back. That leaves me down one theremin.
I could possibly build a similar one again. But I'm looking at optical models instead. Those have a shorter pitch range, but here's the thing. I'm wondering if you couldn't build two optical Theremin circuit boards and house them in the same unit (maybe a lunchbox?) and install a switch so you can choose which one you want to use. It's still a monophonic instrument, but you'd have a wider range of notes available in a housing that wouldn't even need the obnoxious antennae. So I'm talking to a dude I know online to see if we can't figure out a way to make this happen. Personally, I can't imagine I could ever build a circuit board. But that's why hiring people is an option.
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Rebecca Black is getting death threats. Really.
This is just one more in a long line of reasons why America is completely fucked.

Yes, it's an annoying song. It's vapid, trite, and will NOT get out of my head
She's not a very good singer. I much prefer to Colbert version.
What? You haven't? is the acceptable YouTube version:

I know, Colbert can make absolutely anything awesome.
If he had a spoken-word-off with Shatner, Shatner would run out in tears.
I had no idea who Taylor Hicks was and had to look it up.

Seriously, if you have time to send death threats to a 13-year-old girl because you don't like the song she sang, please do take note of the following:
--If you aren't sure how to avoid the song, let me know and I'll tell you. It's astonishingly easy.
--Teenagers are supposed to want to sing and dance and do stupid shit. Duh.
--Everything that's going on in the world, and THIS is what you make time to worry about and act upon? You should be ashamed of yourself.
--How about spending your time an energy actually helping someone?
--Get a fucking hobby, learn a language, read a book.
--Haven't you heard? We're toning down the violent rhetoric now.
--If you didn't sign your real name to the death threat, you are a coward and should fuck right off.
--If you did, you're an idiot and should fuck right off.
--Where's YOUR one million plus hit vid on YouTube? I'm sorry where? Yeah, thought so.


Jan. 4th, 2010 10:01 pm
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Meijer has Peanut Butter and Jelly ice cream. No, I'm not kidding. And yes, as long as peanut butter is safe, you should totally have some. It's premium ice cream sold by the pint. About 10 bites is a whole, big lot so eating one pint will def take you several sittings. Mostly super rich peanut butter ice cream. Then softer, super purple grape jelly swirl. Yummers, for serious.

My mom's cousin Victoria (don't you just love that name?) sent H and I the coolest gift. It's a bamboo box full of those flowers tea bouquets and a glass teapot for the steeping. You put a little bouquet of tea in the pot, pour in some hot water, and the dry tea blooms all pretty and then turns yummy. It's really pretty and I'm gonna give it a whirl on Weds, which is my next day off.

Going to catch up with Cindy tomorrow as I'm told that she bought me a tiny electric aquarium with fake fish that swim around. Apparently they had them for $2 at a local drugstore. Neat.

Having my first violin lesson on Friday. That should be neat. I'm gonna see if I can get it back in tune before the teacher gets here. A guy I work with is giving me lessons in exchange for my help with some writing projects. Eventually, I'm going to play in a recital at my work.
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Experienced my second big baking mishap of the year yesterday. Wasted roughly $35 of high end baking ingredients ruining a double batch of cranberry walnut bread. I used cranberries that we not thoroughly thawed, and as such the whole inside of each bread did not cook. As I follwed the instructions (unlike regular cooking, where I improvise, I tend to use recipes for baking--mainly because math and science are not my strong suits) to a T and the bread looked awesome on the outside, I did not take its temperature. So when it had cooled and I went to dump it out of the loaf pans, it promptly fell apart all over the cooling rack, getting uncooked batter freakin everywhere. Ruined. So now I need more eggs, flour, orange juice, shortening, walnuts and cranberries. Fie!

Last night was my first Sunday night FOX with the HD. Amazing how much better it looks, and it's just a freakin' cartoon. Also got to record with my DVR to free up my hands during the shows. ;-] JoJo stepped on the on/off switch of the surge protector so ALL the media stuff turned off at once, right in the middle of a new ep of Family Guy. So Fie again!

Today is the home-stretch work-wise. Today is really the last day we can promise that standard shipping will reach people in time for Xmas. Even still, we'll have people calling as late as Christmas Eve damanding that we overnight ship for them even though I don't know of any service that will ship on Xmas day. Work Christmas party is this Saturday, followed by H's birthday on Sunday, and the Solstice on Monday. In January begins the attempts to secure reviews for the new book. And I'll likely begin some violin instruction from one of my co workers. Nice. No one has been told they ruined Christmas yet.

Pet Peeve of the day: deleting internet posts that have generated spirited discussion. People do this all the freakin' time. I don't get it. Why bother to have a discussion on the internet if you're going to erase all record of it? And if you don't want to have a spirited discussion, stop posting controversial shit on the internet.
Second Peeve: My new phone company CREDO MOBILE has been less than stellar. So far the phone did not arrive when they said it would, even though out monthly charge began before the phones were even sent. I'm still not able to get on the internet from my phone--which means I can't get any decent ringtones. The reception where I was Saturday night was terrible. The account online still doesn't match the order we placed or the online updates me tried to make; and they wouldn't let me fix it over the phone because apparently being H's wife doesn't allow me to ask questions about our account. I said I would keep everyone informed on this new company, so I am.
Temporary CREDO MOBILE verdict: sucks!
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I'll do ya a few better. I've had my computer almost exactly one year. These are my top 25 most played songs for the last year. It's a fascinating glimpse into my psyche. Seriously. This is on the laptop only as I no longer synch my iPod.

Acid Trip: Rob Zombie
Animals: Nickelback
The Bachelor and the Bride: The Decemberists
Bad Things: Jace Everett
Brickhouse 2003: Rob Zombie
Close But No Cigar : Weird Al Yankovic
Dark Globe: Syd Barrett
Fett's Vette: MC Chris
Final Scene: Sweeney Todd
Fuck Her Gently: Tenacious D
I will survive: Cake
Kidnap The Sandy Claws: Korn
A Little Priest: Sweeney Todd
Lotion: Greenskeepers
The Man Upstairs: Voltaire
Meet The Creeper: Rob Zombie
My Favorite Bears: Rowan And Hastings
Never There: Cake
Possum Kingdom: The Toadies
Tribute: Tenacious D
When You're Evil: Voltaire
White & Nerdy: Weird Al Yankovic
The Worst Pies In London: Sweeney Todd
Re: Your Brains: Jonathan Coulton
A Sorta Fairytale: Tori Amos

Okay, so that is my top-25 iTunes list, alphabetically. I took out two things because they were chapters of Harry Potter books and replaced them with the next two most often played songs.
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Got my new cord from Apple this morning. Awesome right, seeing as how I ordered it yesterday afternoon. That Apple! They are great. Funny thing though, they didn't send the whole cord, just the boxy part that goes from the middle to the laptop. That's the part I needed, but still...I kind of expected to get all of it. Wild, right. So apparently only HALF the cord costs $72, not the whole thing. Plus they sent it in a box with the most convenient return label I've ever seen.

The camera cord I ordered did not work. I wrote back to the guy and he is sending me a new one ASAP. He doesn't even want the other one back. Nice for me. Eventually I'll get the insurance pics off the camera.

Speaking of things that don't work, it appears that the G peg on my violin is not fucked as I had suspected. It's actually okay and requires some finessing. I'm not usually one for the finesse, so it never occurred to me to do that. Anyway, my goal for the evening is to get this thing in tune, and record myself playing an open E, and maybe an A and post it to my violin blog tomorrow at work. BTW, the chick in my new violin icon is Vanessa Mae.

In re: LOST. Does anybody know if the season 5 finale had a different name in European markets? I've heard two people now calling it "The Accident" instead of "The Incident." Obviously, these words have vastly different connotations, so I'm just wondering if these people I'm encountering are simply morons (it's been known to happen) or if there's something else going on here.

Didn't make it to work today. Couldn't actually sit up under my own steam this morning. After nearly an hour of H pounding on my back with the Homedics thingy, I'm feeling marginally better.

If you can handle another of my animals are taking over the world posts, do take note of the fact that Large Lizards have taken over a public park in Thailand.

Here's a funny thing from the Facebook:

Get it? It's like the remake of Psycho poster.


Aug. 26th, 2009 11:29 pm
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New episode of LOST hits January 27, 2010.
It is entitled "LAX."

Oooooooooh, I am super stoked.

In violin news, I think the problem with tuning this violin is the humidity (or lack thereof) in my apartment. So I need to spend on some kind of humidifier. I still think the peg is bad because it shouldn't shrink that badly after just a few hours in my apartment. Of course, maybe I'm just saying that because I don't want to spend $30 on a case humidifier and a hygrometer. I guess I don't really know. But the fact that it's only one peg leads me to think the instrument bears some looking at. Some of the other pegs don't turn very smoothly, but I don't know if that's them or me.

Happened to find my 4th grade teacher on Facebook recently. She remembered me, which I guess is one of the good things about having a ridiculous name.

Remember a little while back when some jackass in Florida let his snake escape and it killed a little girl? Seems that he and the mother are being charged with manslaughter. I am glad to hear it. Not to be a bitch, but that girl would still be alive if they'd had the common fucking sense to latch the cage properly and maybe stack some books on top. My snake turned mean on me after we got the cats but he still never escaped. I was always really careful. I knew I couldn't live with myself if the snake every hurt one of my cats (or vice versa, but that wasn't very likely).

I was shocked and saddened to learn that a new power cord for my computer is $72. I don't have to pay for it, of course, thanks to the AppleCare. But jeez. And it's not like you can get by without one. Also, I got a new cord for H's camera, which I had lost. It doesn't work on my computer for some reason, it says it's drawing too much power and is going to "shut down the hub." Problem is, it was plugged in directly. It's a puzzlement, but I'm going to try a few things before I insist that they send me a new cord.

For some reason, my back has been hurting really, really bad lately. Not sure what that's all about, but I'm doing extra yoga to see if I can blast through it, so to speak.
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I have some music icons (such as this one), and I have one for work (the ringing, old-timey phone) but I don't have a musical icon for any of the kinds of music I actually make. Never got around to making a dulcimer icon mainly because I had to put the computer away in order to play the dulcimer in the first place. Anyway, I'm gonna have to find some kind of cool violin icon for myself for when I'm posting about my new musical project. I'm not going to be too detailed here. I'm doing another blog on the site so all my work peeps can see it. If any of you have any interest in seeing it, I'm over there as...wait for it...Wednes.

I will mention that I got a travel music stand for half price because there was a rip in the carrying bag. I don't plan to carry it around much anyway. I got some books (essential elements, one on note reading, and some other basic stuff), a CD and/or DVD, a shoulder rest we don't carry anymore, a cleaning cloth, and some light rosin. I also dug up H's camera which I couldn't find but was hiding in plain sight. Now I can take pics of all my accessories and post them in my new blog. I intend to also buy a light for the music stand, some kind of chinrest comforter, and a spare set of strings. My discount is only 10% which I daresay is kind of low considering that most of the employees at my work are serious musicians. Even Whole Foods is 20%.

Speaking of pictures, I can't figure out how to get a piccie of my new hair that is actually truthful. For some reason, our living room lamp has a 60-watt bulb in it. I need to go by some 100's or 120's so I can see my hand in front of my face. The hair is quite dark, and a bit blue. H is color blind so he can't see the blue, but my work peeps totally noticed. Happily, they all said kind things. I really love that I so thoroughly enjoy my co-workers.

I was looking for the Wolfman Trailer and saw this thing called Avatar which I had not heard of until just this minute. I assumed it had something to do with that Last Airbender thing from Nickelodeon. I'm not well versed in Anime, but Anime fantasy is certainly the least annoying kind of fantasy (except JK Rowling and Roald Dahl, obviously). But's some other thing from the mind of James Cameron. I can only assume there's a big boat in it. Seriously, though it looks pretty cool. But it was not what I went to Apple Trailers for. I very much wanted to post the new Wolfman trailer for you, but embedding is disabled. So here. 'tis a good looking one. Kind of looks like Coppola's Dracula without Keanu Theodore Logan Matrix fucking it up. I predict that after Jekyll, I will loathe him even more.
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In about 20 minutes, my hair will be something called "bright black" owing to the fact that Feria was on sale. As a somewhat frequent hair dyer, I've tried all the drugstore hair color and the whole foods stuff, and I prefer Feria to all of them (although Garneir Nutrisse is also good depending on what color I'm in the mood for). I've never actually gone this dark before, and hope I don't end up looking like a Vampire. I usually go some kind of red or maroon, or maybe a reddish brown. Pics to follow this evening, once it's dry.

Assembled some peeps for a viewing of District 9 last night. WOW!!! Never a dull moment, grabs you and doesn't let go...additional generic movie comment here. My initial reaction to this movie is that it crams the social message down your throat. Even though I agree with the message, it seemed a little "up it's own ass" as Trey and Matt would say. H pointed out that the truthiness outweighed this aspect, as it was a very likely and believable chain of events from every angle. I was expecting some kind of smart action movie that was well above average. This was a drama with some action, and was absolutely fucking fantastic. Just to sit there and watch, it's entertaining and engrossing. Emotionally exhausting, to be sure, but easily one of the best films of the year. Keep your eyes on this director, and on the lead actor because he was incredibly versatile and believable. I like the idea of using all unknown actors so you have no idea who the "main" characters are. If you are a fan of sci-fi, horror, drama, talking about politics, or seeing things that are good, for the love of Prawns, do not miss this movie. On a completely unrelated topic, I've cancelled my trip to Johannesburg which was to take place 3 years from now. *snerk for people who have already seen it*

A few years back, there was some fake zombie news on a fake website designed to look like BBC news. Well, BBC must have liked that idea, because they've posted some actual zombie news. Seriously. They say that If zombies actually existed, an attack by them would lead to the collapse of civilisation unless dealt with quickly and aggressively. Really? No shit? Well, thank you Captain Obvious!

Still haven't looked over my manuscripts to see what to work on next. Really need to get on that. Should also be picking up my new violin tomorrow. I'm going to write a blog over at detailing my progress as a barely musical person trying to learn the violin from scratch. I think it's a good idea and that maybe someone in that circle will find it valuable. Maybe it will end with me playing something in front of people. We'll just see how it goes.

And finally, Kraft is making a brick cheese that tastes like both cheddar and swiss. After eating it, I still find it inexplicable. It's texture is cheddary, but the taste is def swiss.
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Not much going on with me these days. Went to the dentists today only to be told that my flossing skills suck. So I'm gonna buy one of those flossing handle things that people are using these days.

Went to Hollywood video, where I bought Sweeney Todd and Cloverfield for a scant $20. So pleased was I with my savings that I went ahead and ordered Season Three of LOST on DVD from Amazon. I've been wanting to watch the finale again, when Hurley busts in in the VW bus and saves everyone. Such a great episode of a rather marginal season. I also learned that Season Four of LOST doesn't come out until December. Drat. I kind of wish I had taped it, but then I wouldn't want to buy it when it comes out. And the Special Features are gonna be rad. Speaking of Sweeney Todd, I never realized that was Borat who played Pirelli, the mean barber who hit Toby.

I have to give yet another sales presentation at work Friday. This one is on the prevention of Buyer's Remorse, which is a boring topic to say the least. Nonetheless, I made up a game including some role plays, and an informative handout which should cover my obligations. I'm also supposed to find an appropriate tapes call to play to illustrate good technique, but for the life of me I haven't been able to find one. Maybe that fact can illustrate the point that we all need improvement.

So I guess I'll spend the better part of my evening watching Johnny Depp sing and kill people.

By the by, I don't think I'm ever going to put together that Dulcimer I got as a kit. I'm just not motivated enough, and that's all time I should spend writing. Besides, I already have a student dulcimer that I like very much. So if anybody wants it, I'll sell it for half of what I paid, which would be a scant $30. Any takers?
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I have a draft of my press release that I need some help on. So if the all of you's could take a look at it and tell me what you think, I'd be most grateful. I haven't written a press release in awhile. I should mention, I'll also have a book Tip Sheet which details the basic facts about the book, ISBN, pages, size, type and an excerpt.

click here to read my Press Release )

Just assume it has all the proper underlining and italics.
I don't think I have a handle on WHY people will want to read the book and WHY it's release is actually something newsworthy. Any hints? Should I keep it to one page, or flesh it out with more reviews and fun facts about me?

In other news, I went out to lunch today on the company and got some yummy tacos from Qdoba. Mmmmm...
Also talked with a coworker and confirmed my desire to find a new job. I really like my coworkers, but management needs some serious people-skills development. Anyway, I'm giving a sales presentation on Friday, so wish me luck.

And later, homemade chili for dinner because that's H's fave. I forgot to buy chipotles so I'm using Tio'a salsa and habaneros to spice it up. Mmmmm...again.

Got some new tabulature for ye olde dulcimer. I'm going to try to learn Sloop John B, Beautiful Dreamer, and 900 Miles among others. Should be a blast, I'm amazed that I can actually learn songs on an instrument in something like a reasonable amount of time. I almost never practice for more than half an hour at a time, once or twice a day, and I'm learning a bunch. Part song practice and part "noodling around" (as [ profile] peteralway would say) with chords and stuff.
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LOST (the parts I saw of it anyway) was weepy and wonderful. How can you not root for Penny and Desmond? And Faraday is turning out to be a compelling character in his own right. Sadly, Jeff Fahey's character is not. One things for sure, I'm keeping my Time Turner with me at all times. You just never know when the world is going to go kablouie on you...
Anyway, I missed the beginning of LOST because my cab was over an hour late. While stomping angrily to the door, I slipped on the ice and fell right on my tailbone. It doesn't hurt that bad, but if memory serves it's going to hurt like hell tomorrow.

I can now play Morning has Broken on the dulcimer.
Take that, Guernica!

Also, if any of you have read A Stabbing for Sadie, can you please go to the site and leave a short review? It would help me out a lot. Of course, I'll be asking you to do even more reviews once the book is listed on Amazon. :-] Anyway, I'd really appreciate it. And I can use snippets of your reviews in my press releases.
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Woot woot and yay!

And now to strum out some wicked tunes.
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Wow, little kids must be saying "fuck" more than I noticed:

blog readability test

TV Reviews

It's high time I had an icon for dulcimer related things. Maybe I'll make one when my new dulcimer finally arrives. I sent out the cheque for it today so I'm hoping I'll have it in 10 days or so. In the mean time, the loaner is coming back today. Woot!

I just realized yesterday that as cool as my book cover is, it doesn't have my pic on it. I sent it in a while ago, I wonder why it didn't end up on the cover. Oh well, the cover looks good how it is. You will all be pleased to learn that my book goes on sale starting April 8th, 2008.

H and I went to Red Robin last night, using the gift card I got for my birthday last year. They have a bottomless lemonade with strawberries in it, which was fairly amazing. H had a 5-alarm burger that he only found mildly spicy but tasty. I had a guacamole and bacon burger because I'm clearly trying to die young. They also had endless fries but we were too full to take advantage of that. We're staying home to watch a movie tonight, probably Citizen X.

Finally it's been revealed that work reviews will be sometime this week. So mine will be totally soon. As you all know, I'm not looking forward to it. But we shall see, no point in stressing.

Now I'm off to watch the trailer for the new M Night Shymalan movie. I love that guy.
Which is your favorite Shymalan movie? Mine is Unbreakable.
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It seems that what I actually purchased was a dulcimer-shaped-object, and not an actual dulcimer. What I mean by this is that for my just over $100, I got something almost untunable and virtually unplayable. So I'm going to return it in the hopes of getting something better. [ profile] peteralway has been most gracious in helping me figure all this out. By the way, if all my dulcimer talk has piqued your interest, you can learn more at Everything Dulcimer which deals with both mountain (what I'm doing) and hammered dulcimers.

Anyway, the one I bought is just kind of cheap and crappy. The action is too high and it's really hard to tune. Plus it's this hideous orange color. Really Hideous. I'm told dulcimers of it's sort are also called "wall dulcimers" because you can hang them up as decoration. I don't generally pay $100 for a wall hanging, so like I said, I'm sending it back. In the mean time, I have an awesome loaner.

Here's a list of songs I'm trying to learn:

Amazing Grace
Ode to Joy
Banana Boat Song
London Bridge
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies
Morning has Broken
Ten Little Indians
the Unquiet Grave

That should take me a good, long time to learn. In the meantime I'll be practicing chords and stuff. It's pretty exciting being able to play a string instrument. I can't wait to get a good dulcimer of my own.

In other news, it's snowing like crazy hell out there. I was thinking of venturing out to the iHop tomorrow, but I don't guess I will in all this snow. I came home from work sick today, after puking up my vitamins. I know...Ew.

What Is Your Love Heart Candy?

What Is Your Love Heart Candy?

Find out which Love Heart Candy is yours at

Finally, a nice big hug goes out to all you sad sacks on my flist complaining about not having Valentines for Valentines Day. I have known many a single V-day, and I'm hip to what a drag it can be. And if it'll make you feel any better, you can send yummy chocolates to me.
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Roy Schieder has shuffled off this mortal coil. Sad times. So much for my idea for a Seaquest reunion. I'll have to get the DeLuise kids back on TV some other way.

My dulcimer arrived in the mail today, despite the tracking saying it is going to Brooklyn. They are fast tracking another one to me, so whichever one looks best, I am keeping. I haven't opened it up yet, H is hogging the big table while watching Sarah Connor Chronicles. So far, it's tiny and it's a weird kind of orange color. I may paint it or something, I'll have to research what I can do.

I'm looking for a tabulature of Greensleeves in DAA tuning. I found one in DAd but I'm not quite ready to go to a new tuning yet. Anyway, my new dulcimer seems like a nice, very basic starter instrument, I'm going to have a riotous blast playing on it. I eventually won an eBay auction for a dulcimer kit, so my buddy Steve and I will likely get started on that soon.

wednes Highway
Confusion Lane5
Family Farm51
Valley of Depression117
Please Drive Carefully

Where are you on the highway of life?


I hear that at my work, they use reviews as a means to gank people's bonuses. I just found out what my bonus is supposed to be, should be interesting to see what i actually get. I'm new to the concept of actually making less money for doing a sub par job, which I'm convinced my job performance will be viewed as. My sales are average, but I still screw up on a fairly regular basis. So we shall see.

Tomorrow I have to be up early, but I'm not remotely tired. Fie.
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This is pretty funny considering I'm sitting here in my pajamas after having slept late. So far I've had some waffles and played on the dulcimer. I have Ode to Joy pretty much down, but will practice it a bit later. [ profile] peteralway hipped me to a site with a zillion songs written in tabulature so's I can play them. I've picked out a few to start working on. If UPS tracking is being truthful with me, my dulcimer will be here on Monday. Woot. I bought a cool device that is a combination tuner and metronome. Mostly I use it for tuning, but the metronome thingy is kinda neat.

I ate waffles out of the toaster today. They were pretty good, especially now that I have a toaster with a frozen setting. I'd forgotten that frozen waffles can be good, I've been making them from scratch for so long now.

I got one of my publicity pics back from the photographer.
Let me know what you's think:

This one will likely go on the back of the book. I don't know though, I might pick one that's more serious.
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I had my dulcimer lesson today. It lasted a little over two hours and gave me a ton of things to practice on. I got a free booklet on playing and even a loaner dulcimer to practice on while I'm waiting for the one I ordered to arrive. Turns out, it's a pretty simple instrument if you want it to be. It can also be fairly complex in terms of playing chords and picking out melodies. Anyway, it's really cool and I offer up many thanks to [ profile] peteralway for being so patient with me.

No review at work yet. I wish they'd just write me up and get it over with. The cab company has made me late several times in the last month, so I'm getting a write up for being late. It's a drag, because there's not much I can do about the cabs being late. But I also see where they have to apply the same standards to everyone. So, fie. Other than that, work is going fine. I'll be using my employee discount to pick up some accoutrements for my dulcimer, like a tuner for example.

H and I watched Eastern Promises last night. It was really good, but should have been about half an hour longer. Once you find out the big twist, the movie gets exponentially better (not that it wasn't already good) and you want there to be more of it. He is also naked for a whole big long scene that is not at all sexy. Wild, I know. Viggo impresses the hell out of me in pretty much everything. If there's a bad movie with Viggo in it, I've yet to know about it.

We got a new microwave. Ours broke quite suddenly so now we have a new one.
It costs over $100, yee gods.

In worse news, I didn't come in contact wiht a paczi all day. Frown.
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Got paid today.

Working much of my ass off has allowed me the disposable income to purchase ,this dulcimer outfit, which I may well do after my lesson on Tuesday. Or I may look around some more.

It looks like a good instrument for a beginner, which is me. Then again, building from a kit might have it's advantages. This one is at a great price though, maybe suspiciously great?

LOST was awesome. A really fantastic season opener. I love when they follow Hurley, and I was shocked at what almost transpired between Jack and Locke. I love Rousseau and Rose & Bernard. I hope they find a way to not leave the island, but we won't know until perhaps, next week. I want to know what Locke and Jacob were talking about. And I want Hurley to end up happy, dammit.

Who wants to guess who the "Oceanic Six" are?

I'll guess:

(I know she wasn't on the plane, but I still think it'll be her)
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H and I both have the day off today. I can't recall the last time we had a day off together that wasn't a Sunday (when we grocery shop). We thought about seeing a movie and or going to dinner, but ended up staying home and watching TV. We didn't even get anything On Demand.

I managed to finish going over the edits for both books, and do my acknowlegments for Sadie. I'm not sure that Cat's Apprentice will need them, but I haven't decided yet.

Been researching dulcimers and dulcimer kits for my big lesson. It appears that you can spend a crapload of money on a dulcimer if you want to. I'm talking about the lap, or mountain dulcimer, not the hammered kind. I'm talking with my buddy STeve about building one from a kit.

Speaking of my buddy Steve, he got H the coolest present: a Rubik's cube for color blind people. It has black and white shapes instead of colors and it is damn cool. Steve is totally into the cube right now, he just called to see if we needed any silicone lubricant to make it turn faster. I don't think we do, but it's nice to know where to get some should we ever have the need. His is white and black, but otherwise, it's like the one pictured:

I'm off work tomorrow too, and should probably go to the docs to get more blood work done. Apparently my glucose was high, but I also didn't know I had to fast last time. So we shall see.

Three people on my flist have jury duty this week. Have fun doing your civic duty, chumps!
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Got called in to work 2 hours early today, so here I am. Like a good kid, I showed up. My only act of disobedience is that I'm wearing a T-shirt, which I never do at work. Of course now that I know people get fired for dress code violations, I should be more careful. I've seen people where T-shirts to work here though, so it's probably not that big a deal.

I've been acting as "floor monitor" lately. It's where you watch the calls coming in and make sure people are taking them. We have a great staff so it's an easy gig. I'm just impressed that they're letting me do it. Impressed with myself and my awesome job performance, I mean. ;-]

Around work, I'm actually known for my ability to not lose my cool with customers. Funny, because usually I'm known for saying any damn thing I want to customers and not giving a crap how they feel about it. I'm not sure yet which one I prefer.

Having my first dulcimer lesson in a week or so. I'm determined to find a musical insturment that I don't suck at. And since I eventually found a yarn art I could do after years of trying and failing, I'm confident that I'll find something that works for me. I've always wanted to be able to make a little music, but aside from a kazoo, music has always eluded me. Anyone remember when I built my own theremin out of a Mr Potato head and a kit? After years of trying, I can still only make space ship noises from 50's B movies. Not that that isn't crazy cool anyway...

Still working on book edits. My acknowledgements for Stabbing for Sadie are almost done. I'm trying really hard not to forget anyone, but I'm sure I will. Waiting to get my publicity pics back so the cover design guy can get going. Exciting, scary stuff.

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