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You'll all be thrilled to know that the 2nd edition of A Stabbing for Sadie is available now wherever fine eBooks are sold. I imagine Amazon is where most of you will be picking up this awesomely edited, vastly improved version of my debut novel. Smashwords also has it in a variety of DRM free formats.

cover by David Dodd

Haven't read my first book? It's about a mentally unstable chick trying to shake off her miserable formative years and develop into something better. But, she's confused, ill, tired, and poor. Luckily, she's also witty, honest, and complicated while having a knack for bitter sarcasm and knee-slapping humor.

Did a Guest Blog recently, about how point-of-view impacts the relationship between characters and readers. I use popular examples like The Girl Next Door, Carrie, and Fowles The Collector. Then, of course, I talk about my own books as well. I think it's a pretty good read. I'd be stoked if it got some real play. Personally, I don't think horror writers talk about POV and narrative voice nearly as much as they should.

Things at Under the Bed magazine are still a fine mix of frustration and awesome. The issues continue to get better and better. We're taking on a lit reviewer and looking for a videogame writer, and we have an excellent film reviewer (Psst, it's [personal profile] porcelain72). We don't get enough Letters to the Editor though. You guys should send some in:


Dec. 21st, 2013 05:00 pm
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"I'm so excited."

"Her name is Twinkle."


"How did you get enough money to buy this?"

These are just a few of the things my goddaughter, Evelyn, said when I gave her the Furby I got her for her birthday (also her Xmas gift).

Here she is with some blue-haired lady.


Dec. 4th, 2013 04:54 pm
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So, you know how I write SEO for a living? And how I supplement that with sex articles and TV reviews and book reviews and blogs and then I run an entire magazine?

Well, all that has left me with very little time or energy to write fiction.
This will not do...

I fully intended to NaNoWriMo that script I keep talking about. Guess what though? I didn't do it. Part of that was time related. Another part was that if I get a lot of work done, and make a reasonable amount of money--I feel enough sense of accomplishment that I don't feel like I need to do anything else on a given day. That's a BIG part of the problem.

I intend to scale back on GeekBinge reviews. They are enormous fun, but don't pay shit. Worse, they just aren't getting the play that they should be. Maybe they are too long? I won't be scaling back for a few weeks though. Mob City starts tonight and I'm totally covering it even though it's the same night as American Horror Story: Coven.
Got a new gig this week, writing reviews of non-fic books that I get for free. Yeah...they had me at free books.

So yeah, the next thing I write should be that screenplay for SyFy. I'll have to find an agent just to shop that, which will probably be really hard. But I have no excuse for not writing it. I just haven't been pushing myself as hard as I could have--unless catching up on four seasons of Community counts as pushing myself. I strongly suspect that it does not.

After the script is done and shopping for an agent begins, I should finish that short story I started for an antho that I never subbed it to. Yeah...

But then, I should really look through my pile of half-finished novels and see which one I should pull out and work on. What to do About Franklin has some promising characters. It was an attempt to write something with the scope, humor, and gruesome shit as a Christopher Moore Pine Cove book. The main lesson I learned that I shouldn't bother trying to emulate other writers. Mainly because, fuck that shit. Also, I would hate it if anyone tried to write like me on purpose. I'm so damaged emotionally that when I see that people are trying to get on my good side, it makes me think less of them. As in the popular Simpsons phrase You WOULD like me, Loser!
There's that other book with a title so lame I can't even remember it right now. That one is about 50,000 words deep (duh, it began as a NaNoWriMo) and is about a damaged woman in love with her hot hot boss. I know, right? That one has two different first-person POVs which is just so like me.

Under here is a giant pic of me hours after my last birthday, wherein I turned 43. You can totally see how awesome my hair color is. )
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Remember last February, when I bought myself a set of Max pajamas from Where the Wild Things Are? Well, I did. And they are adorable. I posted a few snaps of me in them, taken by H (my husband who thinks I'm totally hot). I later put them on Pinterest, on my board "Fat People Existing." It's pretty much what it sounds like--positive and joyful pics of fat people out in the world doing stuff. Or in this case, me in my fly pajamas being cute and hilarious, and yeah...fat.

Today, I see that someone I don't know had reposted it. As you can see, she didn't even bother to change my blurb. To a fat positive board? No. To a costume or fun pajama board? No. To a chicks being silly, clothing that is grey, or pointy-eared people board? No, no, and nope. A total stranger posted a pic of me looking badass--on a board, and I am not kidding, called:
Oh Crap, Fat People!
Whatever, I think. Probably just some dumb teenager who doesn't know what the hell...right? No. I take a closer look, because I can't imagine why this would happen on Pinterest. Isn't it mostly grandmothers and people buying houses or learning about fashion? No.

This is Ally, who thinks mocking fat people she doesn't know is hilarious. But please, no porn in front of the kids. Mockery and hate-speech, sure, but no porn. She has children, and those children are about to have children. Isn't that wonderful? Lest you think that Ally is a mean person, you should know that her Pinterest actually contains the following boards:

And as everyone who follows the teachings of the Bible knows...

Ally knows how to treat people. After all...

She's also really consistent about being healthy, which is why she has the right to mock fat people without a care for the fact that they're a person.

And if all that wasn't absurd enough, Ally is a little wary about hoodies.

So yeah, you wanna make fun of fat people?
You wanna be some kind of bigot bully hypocrite and terrible role model while bragging about your procreation abilities and adherence to the teachings of Christ? Consider this your big fat calling out--You terrible, terrible person.
Courtesy of my being done with work for the night, and not having posted here yet this week.
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I meant to have H take these pics and post them over the weekend. But them my weekend got kinda wild. Plus you know, I'm not in the habit of posting pics of my whole self online. As much as I talk a good game about fat acceptance, I'm still rather fearful of what haters will say to a fattie like me--because I secretly fear that whatever it is, they are right. That I'm a fatty-fatty-two-by-four (thought what the hell kind of FAT measurement that is, I do not know) who deserves a steaming cup of derision. Yeah...still working on that.

But you know what? Fuck it.
This is what I look like in my new Max pajamas.
No makeup, hell, I didn't even shower today.

And look how goddamn happy I am!

Wolf girls in da house represent!
(I uh...didn't have a scepter handy)

So yeah...I'll eat you up, and soforth.
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Coming soon to wherever the hell you buy new reading materials.

Re recording of audiobook continues this week. I am reading 2 parts, though that won't be common knowledge even though I'm about it online. I'm supposed to hear the new narrator audition soon, so hopefully that will go well. The problem with casting that is that I don't know how to tell an actor how to give me what I want. I just know what sounds right, and what doesn't. As usual, the hard part is casting the Indian accents. It's too bad my favorite NP at the clinic isn't also a voice actress. Or maybe she is, I've never asked her.

My review of John Dies at the End is up. I review the movie, not the book. Do people actually read books anymore? ;-]

In worst things that could possibly happen news, my computer is on its last legs. This saddens me, since 100% of my money earning and roughly 80% of my interpersonal communication takes place via computer. Jojo broke the click bar and I don't know how to disable it. It clicks and/or stays clicked at random times even though I never touch it. No idea how I'm going to get another one, since H said it cannot possibly come out of the house budget. Why, oh why did I invest in those pajamas!?!?!?!
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It's come to my attention that I've been doing comics for Resilient Brainforest for 6 whole months, including the initial one-pager about fireflies rescuing their comrade who is caught in a mason jar.
I know, right? With that in mind, I've decided it's time to go ahead and post a teaser for the comic I've been doing.
Stig & the Puppetman are two serial killers who share an apartment in the Big City. Stig murders women and cooks them into stew. Puppetman drives an ice cream truck and likes to turn children into fanciful marionettes.
Every month, our fearless editor gives us a theme. I've been turning that theme into a 3-4 page comic. This month, the theme is SEX. So here's a snippet from page one:

You will note that I am not an artist, even in the loosest sense of the word. Still, I think it's pretty funny.
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The fake apocalypse was basically the same as any other. I didn't actually meet anyone (except H's mom that one time) who believed it was real. I heard from dozens of Christians who leapt at the chance to mock the beliefs of others--as if mayans foreseeing the apocalypse is more absurd than virgin births, reanimated non-zombies, and . Nice, eh? I presume tomorrow we'll once again hear all the terrible things people who DID believe it was the end of the world actually did. Let's hope they kept the murder to a minimum.

Toward the beginning of November, my cousin Victoria sent me an Amaryllis bulb that was supposed to grow into a flower if I didn't kill it in the mean time. I read the instructions, and watered it a few times--fully expecting it to die long before it grew anything. A few days ago, H asked me if I'd seen my flowers (we keep plants in the only animal-free room we have--H's office). Sure enough, there were two giant flowers on it. A few days later, there were twice as many. Can you even imagine in? You don't have to, because look:

Amazing, no?

I put H's stocking gifts out last night. Only then did it occur to me that I didn't buy him any candy this year. Now I have to decide if I want to go out and get some. I'm pretty sure I don't, but we shall see. He's already getting some cool stuff. I got him a Bugs Bunny T-shirt, and another shirt from T-fury which is of the 10th Doctor Who. Plus a bottle of hot sauce and a 11th Doctor Who screwdriver that is an actual screwdriver. His stocking has new earbuds, paperback replacements of Alien and Aliens, astronaut ice cream, and some sticky notes with the TARDIS on them.

We got a juniper bonsai from Team Wilcox. If we can keep JoJo from eating it, it will be awesome. It's really cool looking, but I don't want to post a pic yet in case we kill it. Treated myself to a gift in the form of this highly recommended gadget for aromatherapy. What? It's therapy. It's aromatic. You wanna fight about it?

Dexter Retrospective should go up soon. I'm reviewing the first season of The Following (if it lasts a whole season, fricken FOX), and Ripper Street on BBC. I somehow managed to secure Game of Thrones reviews in March as well. Depending on my schedule, I may see about reviewing Bates Motel as well. So that will be fun.

Happy Solstice, kids!
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I keep thinking that some magical thing will happen that will hip readers to who the hell I am and what the hell I'm doing. We made a TV commercial for A Stabbing for Sadie and played it on TV. It didn't do much. I've done all the usual marketing things, except Tweeting. I don't fucking Tweet.
But I digress...

I prithee, if you don't think the trailer sucks too badly--tell a friend!
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That's right. I turned officially Old as Fuck yesterday on the occasion of my 24th birthday. Ha! Did I say 24th? I mean 42nd.

Here's a link to the partay pics from FB. The party was sort of random and scattered this year, with many guests coming at different times, on different days, or not at all. One person skipped because they thought another person was attending--but then neither of them actually showed up. DRAMA!!! I hate that shit, because I never know if I'm handling it right.

A goodly number of fine people did attend, and a few of them even brought gifts. We played Cards Against Humanity, which is always hilarious. There was great food, and precious little drunkeness. I bought a fifth of Southern Comfort that was barely touched. Not sure what I'll do with it. I bet it'd be good on a holiday cake.

I got Sid Haig's autograph in a cool frame, signed to me. Sweeeeeeet!! I also got Michael C Hall's autograph, and a Dexter clip-on badge. It was sweet. My assistant, Sara, made a gift basket with different kinds of lemon soda. H made me a sweet card and got me some gifts he says will arrive later in the week. Neat, eh?
I also got a sweet pair of sketchers, some really beautiful and thoughtful cards, something from Ryan that will also be here in a week or so. Plus Game of Thrones S1, The Muppets, and these:

It was the best pineapple cake in years. Sometimes I use boxed cake mix, for ease. But lately I'd been trying different recipes in an attempt to find the perfect one. This year I did Martha Stewart's yellow cake recipe but used butter crisco instead of butter. I've never actually made that substitution in a cake before. Alton Brown was right when he says it makes things taste more buttery than actual butter. The foodie in me was uneasy, but the cake was fucking delicious. I also added half a cup of sour cream--that's my "secret."
I didn't take a picture, but it was pretty, and in a bundt pan. It was light around the outside, and I wasn't sure it was done. It was.
I really, really, REALLY need a new bundt pan. I've had the same one since 1998 and it really has seen better days.
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I've decided that Election Season is like Christmas, except less often and we split into two distinct diametrically-opposed groups. Wait, I guess that would be like Christmas these days. Anyway, I'm glad/desperately hope that it'll be over tomorrow and that the good guys will pull this one out.

As always, be sure to vote!
Hint: They aren't, in fact, all the same.
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My sleep schedule has been full of the craze--Crazeful, if you will...
I've always wanted to be in some kind of Overlook Hotel situation where I can sleep, wake, eat etc whenever I wanted with no thought of anyone else's schedule. I'd be curious to see how much sleep I'd actually want, and what the intervals would be. *sigh* No matter what I do, someone wants to make some kind of demand of my time. If only I could be totally snowed in.

I'm cutting this pic due to hugeness )
This marvelous thing arrived in the mail. WOW! and wow again.
Big thanks to the sender, [personal profile] crowjoy. You are badass!

Under this cut is a rather large pic of one of the anthologies I was in over the summer. )

My Obama Biden 2012 bumper sticker also arrived. I'm not posting a pic since I presume you've all seen a fucking bumper sticker before.

In case you forgot, or *gasp* didn't know to begin with, I'm covering a few shows this season for GeekBinge. Whatever you do, do NOT cheat yourself out of the awesome episode reviews I'm putting up for Boardwalk Empire on HBO, and Dexter on Showtime. Starting this week, I'm also covering American Horror Story. When the mid-season shows start, I'll also be doing episode reviews of Following--which is the new series with Kevin Bacon and *swooooooon* James Purefoy. That guy is stupid-hot, and even more swoonworthy is the fact that he's an engaging and versatile performer.

I'm not actually covering The Walking Dead this season. I presumed someone at ZZN would handle it, but that place is might as well have virtual tumbleweeds rolling past. I wish the dudes would come back and write some shit. After's zombie season. It can't be all about Floridians eating each other's faces, after all.

This Friday is my 5-year Wedding anniversary.
Time flies when you're happily married, eh?
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It's not a very obscure literary reference, so I'm gonna assume you all know.

So this happened. Finster came in town from Cali just to go to the show. What show, you ask? Jason McCauley Berry and the All Night Fish Market. Back in the day, Finz and I went to these shows endlessly, roughly weekly but sometimes more. If you picture them dark and blurry, it'd look something like this.

It was a time for beer drinking and terrible jobs, hunting for a cool boyfriend and eventually realizing a girl friend would make more sense. A time for drugs and floundering, figuring shit out and wallowing in grand ideas and stupid mistakes. A time for a Heathen Ranch, gazing up longingly at the poverty line, and realizing that I was honest to Zod crazy and needed to do something about it.

Before the gig, there was a BBQ at the new home of my old friend and former Heathen Ranch roommate. A few other friends from that era were there. Newsflash: Having children ages people a LOT. Everybody's still as sexy as ever though. The dude on the far right is Joe, who is Our Narrator in the KMLYLM podcast. I know, right?

Merriment ensued.

My old friend literally lives within walking distance of my mom's house in Royal Oak. We drove right by it on the way to the bar, which was in Ferndale.

H actually got the night off work to come with. Because I asked him to. He hates bars, parties, going out, and being around crowds. He mostly sat at the table watching my bag. I mostly walked around acting like the queen of the castle, puffing the wacky tobacky, drinking tons of water and a few sips of coca cola, and dancing my ass off. I imagine some unflattering pics of said dancing will be showing up on Facebook over the next week. Can't wait...

Officially, the party was for our friend Bill, who was turning 40. Bill is an awesome guy who totally has not changed since back in the day. It's a weird thing to suddenly be back among people who knew me when I was a totally different person. And it's crazy to hear how people remembered me, how they "always knew" I'd be successful, and how I always seemed like I'd do great things. Not for nothing, but I don't recall 98% of these people mentioning that at the time. Quite the opposite, in fact. Anywhoo...

The gig was amazing. Jason still has the sweetest voice ever. I love it so much. The last song of the night was about me. I don't mean that in an absurd drunk-girl kind of way. The song Blues for a Better Wednesday was written about me, roundabout 1990. I'll probably podcast it sometime so you can all hear it. Jason called it their best song. I was quite touched.

The whole event was tremendous fun, and illustrated rather sharply the differences between my life then, and my life now. There were a bunch of people I was delighted to see, and a few conspicuous absences, and a healthy handful of people who said how happy they were to see me--who I didn't recognize at ALL. I look pretty much the same as ever, but most of the dudes put on weight and lost their hair. A lot of the chicks totally changed their hair, and everyone was wearing dark glasses for some reason. People kept hugging me and H would ask who they were, and I wouldn't know. Bizzarre, but nice to be so well loved, amirite?

In other news, I have a ton of work to do this week. Tonight I'll draft the review of the Dexter premiere, which I'll finish and put up tomorrow. Also tomorrow will be watching and putting up a review of the new Boardwalk Empire ep. Have you been reading my Reviews at GeekBinge? You totally should be. I'll also be covering American Horror Story when that comes back--in just 17 days!!!

Also, I'll be finishing the new Stig and the Puppetman comic. After that, I'll be tearing into A Stabbing for Sadie to make edits for the 2nd edition. I changed almost nothing from KMLYLM. It's gonna get a new introduction and some new "Thanks." I thought about going back through some of Dami's dialogue but decided against it. That book is pretty good as it is, and doesn't need me um...Lucasing it up. Sadie, OTOH, is getting tore up and thematically embiggened.

The next book is outlined and ready for me to write the hell out of it for NaNoWriMo. If you're planning to get down with the NaNo this year, be sure to add me as your buddy. This one is set for a 2013 release as well, so I kind of have to rock this thing hard core. Luckily, that is typically how I roll.

In sadder news, I walked away from cooking bacon today and it burned to an inedible blackened crisp. I was sad. Bacon abuse. No.
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Some of you know that my upcoming novel The Finster Effect is named after a real-life buddy of mine who is affectionately called Finster.

See Fig 1.

Finster and I met in my junior year of high school--the year I switched schools and had to start all over trying to make friends. I sucked at this. Finster was in my typing class, which we both almost failed because instead of doing assignments, we typed each other letters. There are a bunch of them at my mom's house in my hope chest. We were also in Fiddler on the Roof together (Sounds crazy, no?) along with that Andre guy from the first season of The Real World on Mtv. [Bad username or unknown identity: sudrin"] knows this because he came to see me in a performance. We weren't sure at first if we were going to date or be buddies. We ended up being buddies, and I never actually liked one of his girlfriends--until he met the one he eventually married.

Finster has a bunch of sisters. The only one I actually know doesn't like me. I've often wondered how a chick with such a cool haircut could endure such a sharp stick up her ass...but I digress. After high school I went to Olivet College and he joined the Army. Within a few years, we were both back in our parent's places and started hanging out again.

For much of my 20's, I looked for love, a better job, and kept on going to shows with Finster. Mostly we saw Jason McCauley Berry and the All Night Fish Market at bars around Detroit. Jason is a good friend of mine from college. The band rocked so hard. Once we went all the way to Chicago and I threw up in the middle of the street. Hippy drugs and booze flowed pretty freely back then and a good time was had by all. These were days of 4am opening shifts at McDonalds, LSD, and the very end of my having any sort of relationship with the mater. There was also dancing. Tons and tons of dancing. There were gigs where Finster and I were the only ones dancing in the whole club. But dance, we did.

Me and Finz circa 1995

Eventually, ANFM stopped playing together. Jason became the booking guy at the Blind Pig. Finster moved to California and eventually got married. I met H and started writing books and doing my thing.


Tomorrow, Jason McCauley Berry and the All Night Fish Market is playing a reunion show in Ferndale. I'm going, this time, with H. Finster is flying out from California (come to think of it, he's probably already here) so I have someone to dance with. There's a BBQ at the home of one of my fellow Heathen Ranch buddies, followed by the show. I am SO super stoked!
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I'm pursuing a job that would essentially make me a professional watcher of television. Suck it, people who thought such a thing was impossible. I'm so super stoked, even if I can't make a real living at it, it's going to be tons of fun. I sent them a cool batch of what they call Cards about a TV show of my choice. I picked last week's ep of Girls, which is an HBO show I'm currently digging the hell out of.

I don't feel like going on and on about TV just now. But Girls is good stuff. They are all very real and flawed and way too reminiscent of my own 20's. A talking-doctor once called them "The Terrible 20's" because for women especially, we're so busy unlearning all the shit we were taught about being women--we barely are able to maintain control of our own lives. I don't even want to tell you how many times I thought I was irretrievably insane during my 20's. But I digress, it's a good watch. See it, if you're able.

Do I even need to say how badass Game of Thrones is? How incredibly epic? How Peter Dinklage exemplifies why it's not TV, it's HBO? I really love their trend (yes, I'm calling twice a trend) of having the epic emotional finale in the second to last episode of the season--leaving the finale for all hell to break loose. I am SO ready for that shit.

Guess what? Now this is happening.
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I am feeling better.

Had a work meeting with my boss (at my own behest). It was open, honest, and I left feeling much better than I did when I went in.

Meds seem to be evening out.

Got a nibble on a gig making those silly lists that people pass around on Facebook. The site looks like it's more pictures than words--and I frankly find those to be a pain in the ass. Still I'm gonna look it over and see if it's something I'll want to do. If the pay is okay, I could certainly create some funny lists. I'm the Egg McMuffin of pop culture and tend to be witty as fuck.
And I've always wanted to be professionally opinionated.

The sushi delivery place will be the end of me. If I had it, I could spend hundreds of dollars a week there. So much eel...

Mark was here for lunch today. Hamburger Pie.

Well into the Matt Smith Doctor Whos (Ha! I almost wrote "Doctor Whose" which would be laughably ungrammatical.) They're pretty good. I asked H if the next two-parter was going to be emotionally draining--you know how they can kick your ass sometimes? He said I don't think so, no. Right. Because at the end of the two-parter Spoiler here, obiviously )

And lastly, I got a haircut. I had all the bleached hair cut off. My hair was normal brown for about 4 days. Now, not so much.

The blue is a lot of fun. And with just the one color, it's not really that weird. Besides, as a writer, I get to be eccentric even though I'm not rich. With that in mind:

There's a wee bit of pink as well.
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"I find it to be my biggest struggle--to figure out how to be medicated enough to function but still have some semblance of my personality, and access to my insanity for when I need to write something. Insanity is a door, and I can't have it completely closed and locked for fear of being trapped in normalcy. THAT would be FAR scarier than anything my illness could dish out."

--Me, on how I'm actually getting some shit done today for the first time in about 2 weeks.

For those of you dying to see a pic of my undead protege,
I'm just gonna leave this here.
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H and I got this for Christmas, and it's totally taken this long for me to post pics of it. I know, right?

Get it? CAPRICA? Toaster? Hahahahahahahaha!

I forgot to resize one of the pics, so it's going under a cut for hugeness )

In other news, recording with my first child actor went swimmingly. He was enthusiastic and professional. I learned that a lot of the same skills one uses in customer service also help when working with children. There are pics of that event, but they will not be posted here. Sorry...

My interview with Night of the Living Dead's Judith O'Dea is now posted over to the Zombie Zone News. It's a really good one. She's a delight!
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In case you've not read it, Kiss Me Like You Love Me is a damn good book. In the hopes that more people will hip themselves to it, this is happening:

Anybody who helps me spread the word gets my undying gratitude.

Let me be clear, this is a bloody, creepy, stabby book for GROWN UPs.
No sparkly shit, heroes saving the goddamn day...none of that happy crap.
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Thank goodness. Christmas is here and soon we can all stop correcting each others well wishes. That will be nice. I'm still complaining because I worked the day-job Friday, and am in again tomorrow even though NO shippers are actually shipping. We won't be able to do anything for anyone, yet we still have to show up at 9 freaking a.m. But I digress...

Girl-H has been staying here for over 2 weeks. I love her. She is great.
Still, it'll be nice to be able to walk around in my underwear again. And to eat meat.
I like meat.
Anyway, we're pretty festive:

H hates when people take his picture.

I got H a new book by C.S. Lewis called Boxen. I also got him Ghostbusters on Blu-Ray, a Superman cartoon DVD, some sour freezer pops, the 10th Doctor's screwdriver, Astronaut Ice Cream, and a few little trinkets for the stocking.
Girl-H got a Kindle with warranty (which she loves, Yay!), and some random coolness from Thinkgeek: 20D of Destiny, cupcake mints, breathable chocolate, edible flowers, miracle berries, etc.

H got me this amazing thing:

Not Slytherin...Not Slytherin...

My stocking had a bunch of pens from the Dexter store that look like syringes. They even have red liquid inside. I look forward to a cop hassling me over them. *snerk*

Apparently, H got me something else cool, but it arrived broken so I don't get to know what it is yet.

H designed a badass card for us to give out. I'm putting it under a cut for hugeness, (EDIT: it's smaller now, but still easy to read) but I swear it's H's crowning card achievement. Do give it a read! )

We're not really doing anything fancy. No big meal, no visiting, though we'll likely watch H's new copy of Ghostbusters. I made rolls, some with blueberry, and some with nutella. I think I'm going to stop writing to you chumps and go have some.

Happy Holidays to every last one of you.
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Went to a party at my brother's house last night. Wanted to see him and his costume, and meet his new girlfriend. It also gave me a reason to make my famous mexican layer dip. I didn't have much, but it turned out yummy and really, really hot.

Ryan was my date:

Mark was a suicide bomber, which is decidedly NOT racist.

Party costumes were good. There was a chick football player, a nurse, grim reaper, redneck, and a few people who seemed to be dressed like their regular selves. I didn't really know anybody, but everybody was nice. My social anxiety was in full force, not just because I was outside my home and surrounded by people I didn't know--but because that whole part of town is considered the scene of my spiritual depantsing. I hope I didn't say anything rude or offensive, but I never know.
I basically feel like THIS whenever I go back there.

So yeah, if you only see ONE picture of a Halloween witch this season, make it this one.

We split right around the time beer pong started. My bro has a bunch of beer signs that my grandpa used to have in his basement. He gave me one, which I thought was cool. I always thought it was wood, but upon taking it off the wall I learned that it was plaster. It had initials in the back, so now I wonder if it wasn't made by someone in the family. I shall follow up on that.
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Was sick on Friday so they sent me home from the day-job early. Super tired and run down and sore. Saturday was homecoming at my alma mater, wherein I was welcomed:

Had to leave Ann Arbor by 8am to arrive nearly by 9:30am. The alumni ass-kissing was exceptional. Tons of students and staff checking in to make sure I was comfortable, if I needed anything, and then just asking me stuff about writing and getting published. As usual, my assistant was awesome. She even wrote down all the things I was agreeing "to do sometime, no rush" so I wouldn't forget. I ought to have her start writing down the names of people I met; I swear I don't remember half of them--which sucks because everyone always remembers my name.

Anyway, there were lots of people I was delighted to see, including one of the few professors I love who are still on campus.

Hung out at the house for a bit. For those who don't know, "the house" refers to the home of Alpha Lambda Epsilon which is where I pledged when I was a student. If you think pledging is only for assholes, it's because you've not met the fine men and women (Yup, co-ed house) of ALE.

Every pledge class makes a plaque with their names on it, a motto or phrase that reminds one of the pledging experience. As it happens, I designed, carved and painted out plaque, except for the names. I used to be quite handy with a set of tools.

If you're wondering what that bizzarre series of letters is after my name, it's the second name I had as a kid--technically belonging to my dear mater's second husband. It's also the name I used for the far. We'll just see how long I live. *snerk*

And finally, here's me and NYT best selling author Scott Sigler, who is more famous than me...and still a damn nice guy. It was nice to see him, and to sell more books than he did--because he didn't bring any. Ha!

Even though the party went on until well after 9pm, we left before 3pm because I was feeling so damn sick and tired. Everybody talked about how happy I seemed, and how happy they were for me. Then one of my sisters came out this way and crashed at my place. Somehow, it never occurred to me to take a pic of her. Ultimately, I had a nice time and sold enough books that I didn't lose any money on the trip.

Woke up this morning with a completely empty humidifier dish in Ye Olde CPAPe. As such, I had no voice whatsoever. Sucks too, since I was kind of awake at 6am. Drank a bunch of tea and went back to bed on heavy humidity. 5 hours later I'm feeling okay and can talk, though the high notes may not be back until later.

Finally, This is my favorite song at the moment.
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In my quest to be a highly paid freelancer (ha!) I started contributing over at Associated Content. My recent article is getting a few hits and some "likes" or whatever. So that's cool.

They have you write a little bio explaining why anyone anywhere would give a flying crap what you have to say. So I listed a few things about myself that might make me seem not-dumb. They cut the blurb in the most hilarious way possible. I am reminded of a certain South Park ep where a certain kid with a stutter is delivering a message from Stan to Wendy.

You know the one?

Cut for being a long screencap that might mess up your layout )

For the record, I'm a Contributing Editor at Zombie Zone News. I don't know what YOU guys were thinking; and that's not even how you spell that.

Seriously though, should I change it?

Pesto Ahoy!

Jul. 1st, 2011 08:06 pm
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I completely forgot to mention in my last entry, the miracle that is garlic scapes. These are, I think, technically garlic sprouts. They are the green onion equivalent to garlic. So garlicy, but milder and nicer, and snappier. I used them when we had friends over for mexican lasagne earlier in the week. Man, they are redonkulously delicious.
I want them till forever.

I have some left, so tomorrow is pesto.
Apparently pesto is the fan favorite of garlic scape recipes.
I think of pesto as more of a method than a recipe anyway. Mine will have scapes, parmesan, walnuts, spinach, a few spices, salt, and some good olive oil.

For reference, garlic scapes look like this:

And taste like this:

Not getting much work done today. At the tail end of yet another damn kidney stone. I expect that my lower half will explode with pain sometime in the next 6 hours. I've had this one a while now, over a week. So I'm going in for reals for a CT as soon as I can get an appointment. I wasn't going to do it because it stopped hurting, plus it's gonna be really expensive, I am sure. Anyway, I'm gonna call next Weds. Pain is keeping me from getting too much work done.

Tomorrow is the day-job followed by catching up on stuff here. Was supposed to edit a podcast and put up an interview and it doesn't look like I'm gonna do either thing. So far, just a bit of online time and some TV and pain killers. I'll probably watch a movie and go to bed.

I need to take some pictures of some black rats. Anybody know where I can find some that are clean and pretty and will pose for the camera?

Hahahahaha. JoJo just brought me a fortune cookie from the kitchen.
No lie. What an awesome cat.

H is printing me up a book containing all known grammar and vocabulary for the Dothraki language. I'm intensely interested in how one creates a language for use in a novel. I don't exactly write fantasy, but it seems like a new language could have various and sundry applications in horror.


May. 24th, 2011 03:54 pm
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Game of Thrones is kicking my ass. It's awesome! After the season ends, I'm totally going to read the first book. The cast is amazing, and if Peter Dinklage does not win an Emmy, then that shit is rigged. He is goddamn delightful to watch.

I am drafting the last chapter of The Finster Effect tonight. This second draft is pretty damn good. But after a week of polishing it's gonna sparkle like a teenage vampire's junk. (Or, you something good.) It's funny, because H and I differ wildly in opinion as to what this last chapter is doing. I thought I was being very clear, and he thought I was doing something else entirely. I get pretty frustrated with H's inability to read my mind, which is why he and I have never successfully collaborated on a writing project. I feel a sort of inner imperative to not drag him down to my level. If you've ever read what I write, that will make sense to you. He's far too happy a person to want to be mired in all that cumbersome darkness and fear.

I'm away from the day-job from now through June 2nd. Then I'm gonna spend a day watching movies and TV and stuff. I might check out Kate Winslet's Mildred Pierce on HBO. I also have that Joan Crawford movie "I saw what you did" on the DVR. That'll be a good watch, methinks.

And just to keep it lively, here's the star of our show: Joey JoJo Junior Shabadoo.
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After literally five straight days of irritated Apple calls, visits to the Genius Bar (tm), carbon copy cloning, and failed attempts to turn off File Vault--I have finally fixed my computer.
That's right, I now have access to all of my hard drive. Amazing.

I did it using a borrowed back-up drive, and the awesome power of my brain.
You kids know what that means...

Take THAT:

Now I have to make up for all that time I couldn't spend working on TFE.
Back to it, I go.

My kickass interview with Craig Spector is up Why you aren't already reading it is beyond me. I'm kind of bummed that no one has been commenting on it. Even if you think my interview sucks, and was completely unworthy of him--why not pop by and tell him so?
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Well, because you guys are so great. Only a handful of people are actually reading this on DW. My loyalest fans (not to be confused with loyalists, which I totally skeeve) are still over to the livejournal. While Facebook does take up most of my internet time, I gotta blog. I just gotta. I'm so self absorbed, I think people I've never met want to see pics of me when I was little!
But I digest... [sic]

Here is a GIANT pic of me dancing with my cousin at my Aunt Barb's wedding: )

Put up the new podcast ep just now. Chapters 19 and 20 of Kiss Me Like You Love Me now available at my site, and on the iTunes. Chapter 20 is way far violent and you should only listen if you're into that sort of thing. For serious.

Read a review yesterday for the most recent anthology I appeared in. It's the first interview that mentioned my story specifically, and now I can't find it. Maybe it will show up on Amazon. The publisher on this is a real go getter, and he's pushy but not rude. I like him a lot.

Had lunch with my favorite aunt today, my mom's sister--Aunt Barb. She's pretty great. We went to iHop and had a 2 hour lunch full of family talk. Last time we went out, I let her know that she could give my current phone number to my mom--which she did. My mom didn't call, which is not a surprise. I've actually given my mom my number several times over the years, which she has not used. Ah well...what can ya do?

Today I plan to finish my Q's for Bear McCreary (I'm interviewing him via Email for ZZN, in case you missed that news), touch up my hair color, rewrite a chapter so it makes some goddamn sense, watch Sunday's ep of Big Love, and start my article for the ParaBlog. Ladies who Survive promises to be a great series despite a lame title.

Got new pants in the mail today. They are purple with a pink stripe up each side. They fit a little loose but I bet they will shrink when I wash them. I also got the first underwire bra ever that doesn't make me want to tear it off after wearing it for an hour.

And finally, I am seriously considering using this as my author photo on my next book:

It is also my Email response when people write to ask me why I have to write such unpleasant things. ;-]

I R Cute

Feb. 24th, 2011 09:51 pm
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Drawn by the lovely and talented Alex Heberling at BODYSLAM!
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This past weekend, I did my first ever appearance at a body-positive event. Preemptive disclaimer about the kind(s) of fuckery that will not be tolerated in the comments. ) These kinds of things are also referred to as "Fat Acceptance," "BBW/BHM events," "Health-at-Every-Size" initiatives, or may be associated with NAAFA or similar group. This particular one involved a new group called Love Your Body Detroit. The event was a fundraiser called BODYSLAM. There were vendors, poetry and prose, foodstuffs, and an art display--The Vagina Show to be exact. I like vagina's as much as the next person, but stuff like this is just silly to me:

I am so much more than my vag (excuse me, my yoni), my period, etc.

Anywhoo, it was held at the Trumbullplex. The chicks were awesome, the crowd was fun, there was a chick selling underwear with a diagram of uteri printed on the front, and some that said "yes means yes." There was also an artist named Alex Heberling who did a great drawing of me. Once H scans it, I'll be using it as a profile pic here and there. Eventually, I'll teach the world that not all women in horror are barely 18, half-naked, and repeatedly falling on their asses after tripping over nothing.

A few pics from the evening )

Oddly, there aren't any pics of me at the show. There is, however, some video. I've never actually posted a video of myself online before. Because you see...I'm pretty fat. Not someone who could be confused with chubby, no. I'm She'd be so pretty if... fat. AKA, Doesn't she know she could drop dead of a heart attack any second?!? fat. I exercise every day. Really. And while I do love cheeseburgers, I generally eat pretty well. I feel a great need to explain (read excuse) my weight, and insist that when judging me, people factor in my thyroid, depression, medication, etc etc etc so they know I'm trying. So they know I'm not lazy, not a gluttonous pig, not any of the things they assume I am based on my size. I am so uncomfortable looking at the footage of myself at the event, that it's a damn good thing I showed up.

Yeah, I'm fat. I'm also a goddamn genius. I'd take that over being a skinny idiot any damn day of the week. I couldn't get this vid to upload at my site, so I'm actually posting it publicly on YouTube, thereby making it viewable to the entire interwebs. If people are mean enough to me, maybe I can redeem myself on Daniel Tosh's show. ;-]
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Oh, Happy Day!
For my custom jewelry from Etsy arrived. As some of you know, the discovery of Etsy has led to me not wanting any jewelry if there's a chance that someone else has the exact same thing. Everything is either one-of-a-kind or made in small runs. I'd been waiting for a particular piece to arrive; and today--it did!

Here are two more, including the back )

This other pendant I got actually contains a pic of the artist herself. Hence these are the most amazing bits of collectible hoo-ha that I have ever owned. I never thought anything would be cooler than those NotLD graphic novels with the sweet pencil drawings. Because I don't drive, am poor, and hate crowds, I don't go to the cons like most other fans. So I've never met Kyra, or George, or Savini, or Ken Foree, or any of the other cats that do cons all the time. Lucky for me, many of these peeps are on the Facebook now. ;-] Kyra is funny and friendly, so that's awesome. She also offered to add me to her links page on her site--which I am quite over-the-moon about.

Someone told me recently that they had "No idea" that I was a fan of Night of the Living Dead. They didn't know that NotLD and Psycho are two of my top three movies of all time (the other being Cecil B DeMille's remake of The Ten Commandments--but I don't always make it a point to share that with horror fans). Needless to say, I was shocked by this. It's only on every bio and profile page I have on the entire Internet. I've been watching NotLD at least every-other month since I was a wee Wednes. I've had a zombie defense plan complete with marked-up maps, minor weaponry, and wind-up radios since I was in jr high. My overall lousiness with guns makes me uneasy at times. I'm the kid that non-horror people think of when they see anything zombie related. Zombies have always been my thing--which is why it's weird that zombies are the subject of my 5th novel (though 4th published one) and not the first. I started a zombie novel in 1995 but never finished it--I wasn't really a writer yet, just a wannabe.
If I'm being completely honest with myself (and the all of you's) I have to admit that this jewelry is extra, extra cool because the artist is the most iconic female in all of horror (Well, MAYBE after the Bride of Frankenstien).
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As you all probably know, there is some amazing original craftiness happening on the etsy. After connecting on the facebook, I became quite enamored of one artist in particular for pewter castings. I recall years back that she was selling trowel necklace charms and I really, really wanted one. Was too poor though. Fie and Sad.

Fast forward to today, the artist is making her own interpretation of my kickass logo.
Soon it will be a pewter necklace, the baddassery of which will blind asshats and haters the world over! So I'm pretty stoked. H is too, which is good since he designed the logo.

My logo:

The wax sculpture:

B&W so you can tell what it will look like monochromatically.

Of course, I am also getting the trowel. ;-]
Better still, it sounds like it's going to be done in time for my reading next month.


Jan. 21st, 2011 01:33 pm
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I've got the Seasonal Affective Disorder yet again. For those of you who don't like diagnoses that were invented after 1975, I'm Fucking Depressed. I hate my day job. I never have enough time to do stuff I want. I'm too poor. And everybody I've ever met in my life has just had a baby, bought a house, quit their day-job, or some other great adult accomplishment that I will never get anywhere near. You know I'm depressed when I'm comparing myself to other people, since I know intellectually that doing so is a recipe for spiritual and emotional disaster.

Which is why the rest of this post is (giant, sorry) pics of an amazing recipe for stuffed dates. I made this on Sunday for my cartoon viewing guests. Smashing success, they were. Caution: Bacon Ahoy! )

I assure you that they were magically delicious. Even good cold. Sweet and um...porky.
Too labor intensive and deadly to have often, but def on the menu for my next gathering. And thanks to my buddy Cre for the recipe.
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Fundraiser is going well so far. Well over halfway to goal at this point, plus it looks like someone bought one of my needed items from my wish list. Sweet! I'll be pain free in 7-10 business days, unless Amazon is a damn liar.

This made me laugh, so maybe it will have the same effect on you:

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It's that scariest weekend of the year and I'm playing it surprisingly low key. Today, I have donned my favorite "No Fat Chicks" shirt. My costume is Irony; and that is hilarious. Tomorrow is the NaNo gathering. The Finster Effect promises to kick-ass. The little meet-and-greet thingy is at Pizza House. Even though I've been eating their food for years, I've never actually been there. This will be followed by writing and TV--new Dexter and The Walking Dead premiere.

Watched most of the rally on TV today, except I got up late. I tuned in* just in time to see Sam Waterson give a speech, then Cat Stevens, Ozzy, and the O Jays (the non-murderous ones) singing variously themed songs about trains. Then I watched until the end, surprised that it was over by 3pm. How reasonable! I was bummed I forgot to DVR it, but I presume they'll be selling DVD's of it soon enough--with the profits going to charity, no doubt. *Do people still say that? I'm not actually tuning anything.

In my part of the world, it's Devil's Night. For some reason, I'm going to be headed toward the fires etc, instead of remaining in Ann Arbor--where "fun" fires are pretty much unheard of outside an actual fire pit. So, play nice out there kids. And if you simply MUST vandalize something or set something ablaze--please make sure there are no people inside. We don't want a repeat of...well, every other year since I was a wee Wednes.

I can't rant about this in the place where I saw it. So I'm gonna rant here. )

Happy Halloween, kids!
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I cooked some bacon in paper towels (the microwave kind) and hung the paper towel in the doorway. He digs those out of the trash without fail. Finally, around 11:30 I was just about to give up for today and go to bed, we heard him. I went outside and talked him out of running away for about 30 minutes. I shook food at him, threw treats and pieces of cheese, smooshed up some dry catnip and put it by me. Eventually he just came over and let me pet him, and I grabbed him.

It looks like somebody might have taken a swipe at his ear, but other than that he appears to be fine. After 20 minutes or so of growling, he was back to being his old affectionate self. He's already calm and resting. He is getting a new reflective collar and a blinky charm that goes off whenever he moves in the dark. No bells though. He's plenty loud and will not require a bell.

Nothing Yet

Oct. 5th, 2010 01:08 pm
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JoJo still has not returned home.
Apologies again for the gigantic pics of him last night. I forgot that DW does pics entirely differently than LJ. My bad.

Our neighbors informed the local PD that a "suspicious looking black man" was "wandering around in the parking lot, looking at stuff with a flashlight." I don't know whether to be glad that our neighbors actually care about preventing crimes, or pissed that black men over 6 feet are still so very scary to some. Both, I guess. If I didn't know H, I might not want him (or anyone, really) flashlighting under my car at 3am...and again at 6am.

I've learned that our neighbors drink a LOT in the woods that surround the complex. Somebody really likes half pints of 5' o'clock vodka. That SCREAMS alcoholic to me.
Yes, there are woods surrounding my complex which means that searching for JoJo is pretty much ridiculously futile. We've spent an awful lot of time on it anyway. Bearing in mind that I am not an outside person, an extraneous walking person, or a trudging through uneven terrain person, I'm holding up reasonably well. I'm sore as fuck though. I figured he'd be someplace close, probably in the bushes. No dice. He hates being chilly so I'm kind of nervous as to where he might have gone to get warm.

Aside from not making it in to work today so I can continue to sit in front of an open door wall (and periodically research the dumpsters since he loves to dig up trash), I'm doing okay. When Clarence died, I was almost hospitalized because I took it so incredibly badly and had so much guilt that I'd failed her. I was awake for four days straight and I think I was also off my meds because "Fuck this shit, I'm done!"
This situation with JoJo is even more overtly my fault, so the fact that I'm no longer hysterical shows just how much progress I've made being mentally odd.

Anyway, here's a smaller snap of JoJo, my little man:

Come the fuck home already, buddy!
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So here it is, the cut that will henceforth be known as the Larry Balong. I also got some good snaps of the color, since it's pretty badass. I'm going to redo the blue tomorrow as it kinda faded off the bottom.

Turns out, the Larry Balong is a great cut. Very similar to Bre's. The stylist (who was AWESOME, by the way) was Ashley at Regis at Briarwood Mall. She gave me this kickass deep conditioning, and you totally can't tell my hair was recently ravaged by bleach. And believe me when I tell you that this morning--it was obvious that my hair had been ravaged by bleach. She put in this deep conditioner and I had to sit under the dryer like the chicks in that one scene from Carrie. I sat there and read a book (I'm reading the Bio of Daisy and Violet Hilton) while my hair got all nice and moisturized. Then...the cut.

It's Layery in the front and back, so it can be poofy both places.
It won't actually be this straight normally. She used the blow dryer and a giant round brush.
I did get some kind of volumizing tub of something to smear into my hair. And some kind of sculpting stuff that will be awesome if I ever decide to bust out with a faux hawk.

The back is really short, so it's totally off my neck. Awesome!

As you can see...the pink kinda got away from me.

But in the end...I turn out adorable.

Once I get my new glasses next week, I'll have a whole new face.
Then hopefully, new publicity pics!

Also, I'm looking for podcast people who might want to trade 60 second promos with me.
Know anyone?
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My iPod has magically transfigured itself into a piece of crap. This is disappointing since I was hoping it would remain an iPod for a good while longer. Granted, it was my own folly to buy a refurb (from Apple, I'm not crazy!) and not get the Applecare. I was light on funds and really wanted the classic instead of the Nano. Now it is possessed of a problem. If I forget and restart my computer while the iPod is plugged in, it creates a database error that makes it so I can't get into any of my files--except the ones I dragged and dropped there for safe keeping. The only solution is to restore it, which erases the whole goddamn thing. This happened last month and it took me weeks to redownload and format everything. iTunes doesn't let you redownload stuff you've already bought (anymore--dicks!), so I was just out that $80 or so. Then last Saturday night, it happened again. Fie and frown. I burned some stuff onto discs, but as I only have a combo drive and not a super drive, I'm limited that way. So I just have to be really careful or risk losing everything all over again. I really do need to invest in some hard drive space.

Am supposed to be working on two different short stories that I wanted to submit, like...yesterday. I have two great ideas that I should be able to bring in within the proper word limit. I just don't have any goddamn time. Plus all this rapid mental cycling is making it difficult to focus. Plus I'm working and doing the podcast and a few other random projects. I can't even express how much I'd like to quit my day job. But I'm no where near that point financially. But you know, money-wise, I've always been a complete failure. It's a good thing I've got a swell personality.

And now, for your daily cute:

These are cracking me up at the mo' so I thought I'd share.

Got the coolest present from [ profile] uterdic and [ profile] smarbaby, who just got back from Harry Potter Land, or whatever they're calling it. SIRIUS BLACK'S WAND!! I know, right? And I'm telling you, it's badass.

I haven't taken any good pics of my hair, but the stripes are in. They turned out more like swaths, actually. Lots of blue on one side, and plenty o' hot pink on the other. The blue is already coming out of the bottom of my hair, presumably because that's the part that's been processed the most. I'm taking that as a cue to get a haircut. I was kind of inspired by [ profile] thehula's new 'do. I prolly won't go quite that short, but almost.

Will have new glasses pretty soon. Picked them out today at the new eye doctor. Spent $60 finding out I don't have macular degeneration or glaucoma. Hooray for the gift of sight! The news specs are a bit more understated than my current pair. I figured I'd dial it back a notch since I have clown hair right now. I don't want to do the full-out Penelope Garcia. Then again...I kinda do.
H thinks I make a lot of "gaudy" choices regarding hair and accessories. He also points out that I never buy anything beige, brown, orange, gold, tan, or any mottled color aside from gray-blue. That's mainly because I'm a winter. But I'm sure the fact that my parents couldn't get enough of those gross 70's Earth Tones and splashed them all over our old house is a contributing factor.
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Just to be clear, the captions are below the pics.
LJ spaces them funny in my layout.

Full frontal shot of the terrarium. Isn't it neat?

You can see some condensation on the glass, that's how you know it's a terrarium. I added some kind of stringy white gunk to the top because it came with it. It's kind of ugly though.

Duh, a venus flytrap. Also, a butterwort.



In the back are two different kinds of pitchers. Ain't it purty?

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Off work today and tomorrow. Good thing, as I have tons of work to do. Haven't been able to stay up late and work these days. All but one day last week, I was tired and had to go to bed by 3am--even when I had the next day off work. Usually, I only go to bed early because I have to get up early the next day.

I want to go Detroit Zoo. Someone should take me.

Catching up on the JulNoWriMo today, and probably tomorrow. I'm only at about 5,000 words and should be at twice that as the first week is almost over. This is my last month with extra writing time, so I need to make it count. New ep of Kiss Me Like You Love Me podcast hits tomorrow. I still have to record the opening and mix the whole thing. As soon as my patty melt gets here, and I eat it, I'm going to get started. The book itself is coming right along. I seen to have very good luck when it comes to characters taking over and doing their thing. Colleagues decided they hate each other, compassionate people murder out of necessity, and the dog POV intro chapter turned out so wonderful and moving--it actually made me cry.

Scrubbed up my white macbook with a Mister Clean Magic Eraser. Awesome. Finally got my decals from Mac Styles. They were late, despite my paying extra for shipping so they'd get here last week. I sent them an Email and they refunded my TOTAL shipping, not just the extra charge. I thought that was swell of them, plus I love their products. I mixed them with a decal I got from this chick on etsy who has tons of great stuff. Apparently, she makes decals so she can stay home with her kid while her husband is deployed. Anyway, I think they look great:

Inside Front

New hair color should be here soon, bright black. It will be bluish at first, then fade to a deep black. I'm going to bleach some hair out and do some blue and pink Manic Panic. I've never done it before, but I'm stoked.

I've been using Puppy Training Pads on my bathroom floor because Pentelope likes to pee there. Hahaha! Success! Yes, she still pees there, but I don't have to mop 3-4 times a week. Yay.
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Have you ever heard the story Bill Mumy tells about Alfred Hitchcock? I think Bill Mumy has mad nerd cred and I dig him very much. In fact, it so happens that I have his autograph in my living room. To Wednesday, Stay out of the Cornfield! -Bill Mumy How frakkin' badass is that? So, the story is that one day, during shooting of an episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Billy kept missing his mark. So Hitch went up to him and said:

If you don't hit your mark this time
I'm going to nail your feet to your mark
And the blood will spill out like milk.

Yikes. That must have been terrifying for a little boy. *shudder*

Still, Hitch was The Master. Suspense. Horror. He popularized the psychological thriller, and was one of the first to suggest that traumatic things that happen in childhood can leave lasting trauma into adulthood. As you might imagine, I was very complimented when someone on Facebook said I looked like a female Hitchcock in this picture:

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Let's change that, shall we.
At work, we do what's called "Hilarious Friday" wherein many of us do our damnest to be even funnier than usual. For some people, this is cake. Me, I'm always pretty funny, so I have to go out of my way.

I'm not working Friday, because I have to work on Saturday.
So I'll let fly with the funny now:

Needs no explanation.

This is the first commercial I ever made a point of recording on one of my various cartoon videotapes:

In honor of Dr Demento going off the air:

Have a Hilarious Friday, Everyone!

Also, I'm waiting for my podcast, Take a Stab at This! to be approved over at the iTunes. Once it is, you'll be able to search for me there, and download my stuff instead of having to go to my website.
Woot, right? Woot.
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My brother, Mark came over for dinner today. I made a big stir-fry that turned out really delicious. The cheesecake brownies were delicious too and I sent him home with a couple of sizable ones. I'm starting to sound like one of those grandmotherly-types that keeps telling people to eat, and wants to send them home with big Tupperwares full of food. Not that I have any actual Tupperware. Anyway, there was food, (Bro-ham called my cooking "gourmet") trivia, great conversation. He's such a good guy. H took this awesome picture of us:

I like it very much, although I'm pretty sure having a shine on your face is one of those things chicks are supposed to feel mortified about. And just for fun, here's one of JoJo. He's once again making sure that he's the center of attention.

Not pictured: Pentelope, H.

I've been debating making a conscious choice to stop saying "Mentally ill." I don't care for the phrase, connotatively. More importantly though, I don't think it's accurate. There is no cure for a mental health diagnosis. Even a supposed cure-all like ECT (I've never had ECT, but it's one of my greatest fears in re: The Crazy) doesn't actually make you not mentally ill. Like the common cold, treatments are designed to relieve symptoms so the patient is able to function out in the world. Saying a person is "ill" all the time...forever is goddamn depressing. If I take my meds and do what I'm supposed to, I feel reasonably well most of the time. So calling me "ill" is not accurate. It's not like I'm contagious.
But what to say instead? I'm okay with the word Mental even though the connotation of that is not great in many circles. After trying and rejecting several options I'm almost ready to settle on Mentally Odd. That sounds closest to the truth to me.

My brain chemistry works differently than a lot of other people's. If I want to have a job and maintain relationships the way other people expect and deserve, I have to take pills to alter my brain chemistry. That sounds pretty simple, but socially/politcally/emotionally it opens up a whole can of worms. I know people who literally flinch at hearing the word "crazy." They view it as accusatory and derogatory. They take great offense. It *is* kind of a low-brow way to refer to someone, and when people use it seriously or "half-jokingly"--you can bet it's coming from a combination of ignorance and judgement. The word "crazy" calls to mind images of ranting lunatics in straight jackets, being led away by men in white coats. We now know that not everybody with a mental health diagnosis (verbose phrase, isn't it?) reaches anything close to that point. But some of us do, and we're not entirely comfortable with people not taking it seriously. At the same time, it *can* be pretty fucking funny.

The word "insanity," like "crazy" gets tossed around all too often. Insipid people describe themselves as crazy if they lose their car keys or space out in traffic. That is a far cry from what actual mentally-odd people go through. (Okay, I tried it out there. How'd it sound?) I almost resent people using it casually and untruthfully. I do accept that it's in the vernacular now. More importantly, when people say it, I grok that they are talking about themselves and not me. Still, it's not accurate, just hyperbole. I don't want to be one of those douches who can't take a little hyperbole without getting all Gloria Allred on everyone. ;-]

My final point on insanity today is this: Having a brain chemistry that is different from the average person is a good thing, IMO. Not that I have a choice, but now that I understand what the hell's going on with me I am able to manage it in a way that still allows for feeling the highs and lows of life. I can get to my crazy for writing, and deal with my crazy for say, going to work. And my books really are getting better and better. Like regular people, sometimes it gets to be too much. But I can deal with it, sometimes with a bit of help. I'm not ashamed to ask for help if I need it. In fact, I'm proud that I can now recognize that I need it BEFORE I've done something horrible to fuck up my life. That thing recently was a pretty close call though, I admit. Anyway--I'm not trying to jump on a "we crazy people are sooooo much deeper than you" high horse. Just saying that there are benefits to having a brain that doesn't want you to do the things you think you want to do.
Mentally odd (!) people see the world differently that so-called sane people. We often do feel things with greater intensity than the average person (I almost want to use the word severely. We feel things severely.) and with my diagnosis, dizzying highs and crippling lows. Of course, there are also crippling highs and dizzying lows--which are not as good. The ability to see things in a different way from many is why so many of us become artists of one kind of another. Once we recognize that we have this ability (people usually have to tell us, because we don't tend to realize how different we are on our own) we typically aspire to hone it. People wonder why so many great musicians, actors, etc turn to drugs, or die young, or can't make a marriage last. It's because we're fucking crazy. ;-] Mentally odd people crave the outlet, the expression, the approval--even the applause when all those noisy people aren't scaring the shit out of us. But we also have issues. Scary, scary issues. Seeing things "differently" is natural for us. It's only different when compared to the "sane." But even a differently-mentally-odd partner (damn, it's getting verbose in here again) needs someone with some level of predictability. If we want to live and be around other people, we're better off etching our message of benevolent oddness into the glorious wall of human creativity--shut up, it's a metaphor--than we are etching it into our own collective forearms.

Plus, sometimes, writing a book about murdering people reminds us how wrong it is to actually murder people.
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Until this afternoon, I had zero pictures of me and my family growing up. I was diligent about taking pics and organizing photo albums as a kid. Not so much anymore. I thought it might be cool to have some old pics of me and the fam. My cousin Kathi, who is the daughter of my Aunt Barb, was kind enough to dig up some pics, scan them, and Email them to me. Here are a few that are so adorable and funny, I don't even feel the need to use an LJ cut:

Yellow tights
Yellow tights
Me, getting ready for dance class in 1976. That would explain the couch.
Me, ordering two of something
Me, ordering two of something
If there was anything cooler than the 80's, it was pretending the 80's were the 60's.
Totally Wednes
Totally Wednes
Behind my right me is my cousin Kathi in the red dress, behind my left is my Uncle Bob.
Christmas 1980
Christmas 1980
That's me and my bro-hams. Chad is the one holding the picture in the KISS shirt. Mark is the one in the Tweety shirt. And the kid in front of me is, again, my cousin Kathi
Halloween  1980
Halloween 1980
This is us in our Halloween costumes. I'm supposed to be some kind of Indian princess or something, I forget exactly.

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But dammit, everyone needs to know that [ profile] flemco said this:
I'm getting pretty fucking sick of living in a nation where mercy and compassion are viewed as something for pussy faggots and government-sponsored vengeance in the name of bloody retribution is viewed as cool and awesome. I don't think further comment is needed.

Moving on, my Book Release Party for Kiss Me Like You Love Me (cover designed by the aforementioned [ profile] flemco the Amazing) was on Tuesday. If you like that sort of thing, here's a couple of pics:

I wore a new dress.

Audience, me, general ambiance pics located under cut. )
The signing was great even though I was really nervous. I used that silly $9 fashion tape to tape my bra straps to my shoulders, then the straps to the dress. Aside from one minor incident before doors opened, it was fine the whole night. So if you ever want to tape yourself to your clothes for some reason--I recommend Hollywood fashion tape!
I sold a fair amount of books, lots of fine peeps showed up. My brother, the prez of the company I work for, a local dulcimer whiz/rocket scientist, H, several of my fave coworkers, a college friend I hadn't seen in years, and plenty of my current crowd were all gracious enough to attend. There was red and white wine, and plenty of what I am told was delicious food. I didn't eat because I was so crazy nervous and trying to make sure no one was bored.
If you're local and you missed the event, you can still get signed copies at 317 Braun Ct in Kerrytown near the Aut Bar. Keith and Martin were great and really deserve to sell every last book they invested in on my behalf. Plus, they have a great store with lots of cool stuff--especially if you like rainbows! ;-]

Tonight is my appearance on ParaWomen Radio. Clicky the linky to listen, join the online chat, or download as a podcast later on. I'll be talking about my own bad self, and the new book with [ profile] kissdbyagnome. Should be wicked awesome. That's tonight at 7:45 EST till around 8:30.

And new Proteus Machine kicks ass. If I were ever to assert online any knowledge of illegal drugs (which I would, of course, not do) I'd tell you that it's very much like the after effect of taking acid. LSD like a funner (yes, that's a word) brain wave equivalent of spending 14 hours cleaning out the garage. Afterward, you've gotten rid of a few things you didn't really need and what's left is totally clean and organized. So far, it's like that. Hey [ profile] swayworn, if you're interested, I did session P34.
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Hey, Wednes. You should totally buy this. And it was right. It had been on my wish list for some time. I'd take it off occasionally, knowing it was a dumb thing to spend $200 on. That's a lot of money, and it's essentially a toy. H would not want me to spend $200 on a toy. But then I'd have to put it back on my list, because it's just so awesome.

And went on sale for $15. It's inexplicable. Amazon has crazy price changes, most often in the middle of the night. I'll see something I want at a crazy-low price, but when I talk to H about buying it the next day, it's back to its regular price. How does that happen? What's up with that? I have no idea, but the price was so amazing (C'mon, 93% off?!?) I took a bunch of screen caps.

It's for proof, in case somebody tries to pull a fast one! )

In even more awesome news, dig my Amazon Author Page. I'm just a jump to the left (and then, presumably, a step to the riiiiiiight) of being super, crazy famous. Can you feel it? Or am I just high? In either event, I'm getting some chocolate, then going to bed.
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I'm not usually one for the useless picspam, but today I got some really delightful actiony snaps of my cats.

JoJo knows damn well he's not supposed to be up there. Hence, the guilty look.

This way for a few more of my cats (mostly JoJo) )

Cute, no?
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I had a party for New Year's Eve--just like always.
And just like always, I'm posting pics as proof that I have friends! ;-]

See more under here ) It was a delightful affair. There was a strawberry shortcake trifle that I forgot to get a picture of. I think Jay took one though, so I may be able to post it eventually. There is a lot left, but it's not really ready for its closeup anymore. There is also a fair amount of yummy salsa. I will probably turn that into chili after we go shopping. We had a few first timers at the party, including some coworkers, local freelance writer [ profile] sarah_michigan who arrived with her husband, and a guy named Doug who had the best laugh ever. Absolutely making my night, as the arrival of [ profile] the_hula which was utterly delightful, as I had not seen her since my wedding. There were a few MadLibs, some Simpsons Scene it! and plenty of music, foodstuffs, and stimulating conversation. No fighting and nobody got sloppy drunk, so that was all good. I was hoping to introduce Sarah to some of my writer friends, but none of them actually showed up. Fie! Okay, it's the new year. So it's totally time for me to get back to working on writer things. If you want to interview me, review my book, or book me for a reading or signing, now's your chance. Get in touch with me before my dance card is full. Okay, my dance card will probably not fill up, but you should still get in touch with me anyway! Feliz Ano Nuevo kids!

2010 Wall of Tidings. You'll notice that my stocking (below) has an asterisk. That's because my gift didn't fit in it. The gift was in the fridge, also with an asterisk.

Bre took this pic of me and H hugging.

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