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Feb. 23rd, 2017 01:57 am
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After music, architecture, incense, and free wine, the best thing about Catholicism is the Friday night Fish Fry. It was a joyous event back when my family was pretending to be Catholic to get lower rates at St Mary Magdalen school.

These fish frys featured thick cuts of cod filet, deep fried (or deep fried earlier in the day and then baked). They came with, as you'd expect, fries and slaw. It was fantastically delicious.

Most Catholic churches don't do these anymore. If they do, it's only during lent or when people aren't ponying up at the collection plate. So if I want fish fry fish, I have to seek it out at a restaurant. There are a few around here who have pretty good fish & chips, but it's hit or miss since restaurants pop up and disappear on the regular.

What I want to know is--why can't I get fish like this that I can cook at home? Surely these people are getting it from somewhere. But I've never been to a store, even a decent restaurant supply store, where they have these for sale. If I found them, I'd even spring for the good tartar sauce (the kind that only comes in tiny packets now, because Kraft doesn't sell the good tartar sauce to the general public. They won't tell me why). Alas, no dice.

I've decided to pretend that I can't get the fish I want because it's a Catholic conspiracy. Something about saving unborn babies-- maybe the fish is another way of symbolically devouring the flesh and blood of the Christ. Seems like something I should write about...but is there really a fresh angle on that?
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Before I get right into the Penny Dreadful tarot, I'll take a mo' to remind you all that I'm reviewing Penny Dreadful for GeekBinge. The first episode looked like 75% vampire wank, 25% cool Frankenstein stuff. The second episode was fucking incredible. If you check out my review, you'll see that Alex Price (Proteus) stopped by to give it a read. Squee, am I right?

Before the show aired, I went ahead and ordered the Penny Dreadful Tarot from the Showtime store. Their Dexter stuff is of good quality, so I figured these would be cool. By the by, you can get Penny Dreadful Tarot readings Here. They are silly.

First off, the Penny Dreadful tarot is smaller than a typical deck, though larger than a playing card deck. 2.75" x 4.75" They are purple with line drawings, and no other color. I don't have any other decks like that, so that's neat. If you're wondering, these are the other decks I have:
HR Giger (Major Arcana only)
and now this one, the Penny Dreadful tarot.

The major arcana cards are interesting, if not particularly true to the original symbolisms.
I'm gonna cut the pics since they're kinda big )

The so-called face cards are unique and cool also. I just don't think I could ever actually read with this deck. But then, I don't read with the Giger deck either. I have it because it's utterly badass, and was a gift from an old friend.
What I think is cheap though, is the number cards. Each suit has one card design, with the symbol added to match the count. So the II of Cups is the drawing with two cups. The III of Cups is the same drawing with one more cup...and so on through 10.
Here they are )

So yeah, they aren't bad. They aren't very expensive, so I think the Penny Dreadful tarot deck can be a fun little treat. But don't expect to actually read anything with it. The good news? After a slow beginning, Penny Dreadful is kicking ass and has every indication of being a top-notch show.
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Turns out, the new Supreme is me.
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When I was a kid, religion was not really a thing at our house. Mom practiced no faith, and her husband was a non-practicing Christian who had no patience for people who thought anything other than Christianity was "real." We learned about Santa before we learned about God/Jesus. My grandparents took us to church sometimes, but it had no more meaning than a movie or a concert to me. I had a public school teacher who made us pray, and who called me a "heathen" for not knowing the Lord's Prayer so I could say it after the Pledge.

Cut for potentially boring chatter about why I'm going to church this Sunday. )

Pope Francis has the potential to cause the biggest Church upheaval since Martin Luther and his hammer. It shouldn't be that way, but sadly, it has to be. So this Sunday, I'm heading down to St Francis Church to hear mass and see if my local Catholics are in line with the new Pope and his message. Because if I can get in on this wave of spreading compassion and comfort, I'm in!

I wrote St Francis' outreach person... )
So far, this seems okay to me. Watch my new "church" tag if you want to follow this adventure.
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Been rewatching HBO's The Newsroom in preparation for it to start back up. Such a great show. Helps make a lot of what goes on in the American political theatre a little more manageable. It also makes me miss Keith Olbermann. A lot. Okay, new topic.

Like most of you, I have a few enthusiastic Christians on my various social media feeds. Myself, I have reasoned my way out of most beliefs. Anything I do that can be described as "religious" involves doing things I would do anyway--because I like them. Things like affirmations or remembering quotes, lighting candles and incense, and trying to live according to my own beliefs about what a good person is and how they should act. I find myself getting frustrated with so-called believers who use their religions to justify hurting other people. It's an old, tired dance that most of the people reading this will not need explained to them. At the same time, people like Bill Maher piss me off, because they are not just hostile to religion, but smug as fuck in their disdain for anyone who DOES practice a faith. And yet, I think even Bill Maher might agree that compassion is a worthwhile thing to develop if it doesn't come naturally.

I heard a fundamentalist Baptist recently talking about how Mormonism is a cult. Their argument boiled down to there being no proof that Jesus ever came to America. I mean, if THAT's your argument, what proof is there that Jesus was born of a virgin, or rose again after he was murdered? Why it is considered blasphemous to even call what happened to Jesus a murder? Moreover, this particular Baptist believes that America is God's chosen country, that he loves us best, and wants us to win every war.
Which leads me to ask, why is it MORE ridiculous to think that a god who loves us best--would never actually visit or send a delegate? I'm not saying any of that is true, only that it doesn't hold up to logic. Most religious beliefs don't. That's why we use words like Faith and Belief to describe things people are SO certain of, that they are willing to kill or die for it despite an overwhelming lack of evidence.

So what's my point? Getting rid of preprogrammed shit like that is HARD, even impossible for some. But Wednes, people say, it's just not reasonable, not logical, it's dangerous, and it hurts people. Yes, that's all true. But that doesn't make it feasible to expect people to just forget about religious beliefs they were taught when they were children. But Wednes, you may be thinking, when we become adults, we have to put away childish things. We don't still believe in Santa or the tooth fairy, do we? That's a great analogy, I'm glad you used it.

How many of you had super critical parents, or know someone who did? How many of you grew up believing that you were worthless, ugly, stupid, and deserving of every shitty thing that came your way? How many things did you NOT attempt because of that. How many stories not written, how much art not created or shared? How many fucked up relationships, missed job opportunities and general good times has the fallout from bad parenting caused?
Now, everyone who said Yes to the first question: how many of you are completely, 100% over that? That not only do you emphatically deny the awful things your parents said, but that you don't even fear for an instant that they might have been on to something? That those voices NEVER play in your head, or come up in your dreams, or haunt you to some degree as you're out there working and raising kids and getting flipped off in traffic? I'm gonna guess that it's right around 0% of you that feel COMPLETELY and utterly free of that crap--and I know at least a few of you have gone through therapy, sometimes multiple times. You've read books and consulted and tried to surround yourself with positive people and have even accomplished things any normal parent would be proud of. And's still there. Does that make you an idiot? makes you human.

When you're a kid, and hear about the big guy in the sky who you can't see, but created everything...well, that stays with you. It lets you feel safe in your home when the facts say you may not be. It helps you feel less devastated by all the things you're powerless to fix. I know people personally who refrained from suicide because they were afraid to end up in hell. Is that a good thing? I can't say for everyone, but it gave this guy enough time to figure some shit out and go on to have kids of his own and life a full life.
At some point, Santa and the Easter Bunny are revealed as fake. In fact, you're considered a big stupid baby if you still believe in Santa for too long after your peers have stopped. But god? If you suddenly stopped believing in god, your grandmother might cry, your mom might innundate you with Emails, your extended fam or community might ostracize you, and in the back of your mind--you probably think they might be right for doing so. And even if you don't believe it outright--you probably fear it. When something is deeply ingrained in your psyche, not everyone is capable of challenging it, let alone overcoming it completely. That's not stupidity, or naivety, or sheep moving through life on auto-pilot. There are plenty of religious people out there who utilize their faith to improve their world and the way they relate to other people. To tell them they are wrong for doing so is not just shitty--but it claims superior knowledge of absolutely everyone--which is one of the things that pisses me off about the concept of an omnipotent god in the first place...but I digress.

Am I saying we should coddle people who use their faith to hurt others? Should we be silent in the face of science deniers? Of course not. But when regular people are just doing their thing and minding their own business...but also have a religion, let's all try to keep the self-righteous sneering to a minimum if we can.
After all, isn't that what Jesus would do?
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The fake apocalypse was basically the same as any other. I didn't actually meet anyone (except H's mom that one time) who believed it was real. I heard from dozens of Christians who leapt at the chance to mock the beliefs of others--as if mayans foreseeing the apocalypse is more absurd than virgin births, reanimated non-zombies, and . Nice, eh? I presume tomorrow we'll once again hear all the terrible things people who DID believe it was the end of the world actually did. Let's hope they kept the murder to a minimum.

Toward the beginning of November, my cousin Victoria sent me an Amaryllis bulb that was supposed to grow into a flower if I didn't kill it in the mean time. I read the instructions, and watered it a few times--fully expecting it to die long before it grew anything. A few days ago, H asked me if I'd seen my flowers (we keep plants in the only animal-free room we have--H's office). Sure enough, there were two giant flowers on it. A few days later, there were twice as many. Can you even imagine in? You don't have to, because look:

Amazing, no?

I put H's stocking gifts out last night. Only then did it occur to me that I didn't buy him any candy this year. Now I have to decide if I want to go out and get some. I'm pretty sure I don't, but we shall see. He's already getting some cool stuff. I got him a Bugs Bunny T-shirt, and another shirt from T-fury which is of the 10th Doctor Who. Plus a bottle of hot sauce and a 11th Doctor Who screwdriver that is an actual screwdriver. His stocking has new earbuds, paperback replacements of Alien and Aliens, astronaut ice cream, and some sticky notes with the TARDIS on them.

We got a juniper bonsai from Team Wilcox. If we can keep JoJo from eating it, it will be awesome. It's really cool looking, but I don't want to post a pic yet in case we kill it. Treated myself to a gift in the form of this highly recommended gadget for aromatherapy. What? It's therapy. It's aromatic. You wanna fight about it?

Dexter Retrospective should go up soon. I'm reviewing the first season of The Following (if it lasts a whole season, fricken FOX), and Ripper Street on BBC. I somehow managed to secure Game of Thrones reviews in March as well. Depending on my schedule, I may see about reviewing Bates Motel as well. So that will be fun.

Happy Solstice, kids!
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Sent The Finster Effect off to the publisher a couple hours ago.
It still has to be edited and everything, but right now, it's as good as I can make it.

Which, if I do say so, is pretty dang good.
And can you even believe it's my FOURTH book.

I know, right.
So I'd like to make a shout out to those of you who've been reading my blog since I turned to you in 2004 and said "Hey, I lost my job. I think I'm gonna try to write that book I've always wanted to write."
Cuz 'member, I did that. And the it got published, and now I'm here.

I know I said this last time, but I swear this is my best book yet.
I was worried that there wasn't going to be enough suspense, but it turns out that if you love a character, and they're in danger, you care and Voila! suspense. After you read it, you can let me know whether or not you agree.

May 2012

In other news, my Kindle is here and there's something wrong with my airport. So I can't register it, so it can't download my stuff from Amazon. Uncool. I'll probably end up taking it to the library if I don't get it figured out soon. I do have an Apple gift card, but it's not enough for a new airport and I was also hoping to spend it on a Time Machine drive.

Birthday party pics will be forthcoming now that I have time to breathe and stuff.
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Well, because horoscopes are a combination of superstitious guesswork and clever writing. Guess what? I'm a fan of clever writing. That's why I read Rob Brezny every week. I have to read both Scorpio and Sagitarius for reasons I won't get into here. Usually, the two contrast each other in a nice way that leaves me pondering various ways in which I can better my life and my own bad self.

This week however...

The highest unclimbed mountain in the world is Gangkhar Puensum, an almost 25,000-foot-tall beauty in Bhutan. It will remain free of human influence indefinitely, as local authorities are keen on preventing the environmental degradation that has occurred on popular peaks like Mt. Everest, where climbers have left lots of trash. What's the equivalent in your sphere, Sagittarius? The most prominent unconquered prize? The Grail that still remains elusive? The virgin treasure your quest has not yet won? According to my analysis, you now have the potential to make tangible progress toward that goal. Unlike the case with Gangkhar Puensum, there are no rules or laws preventing you.

In the song "Fantasy World," the lead singer of the band Pissed Jeans imagines himself in his happy place. "It's Friday night and Saturday morning in my fantasy world / Sitting near piles of clothes and drinking a soda / with a slice of pizza in my fantasy world." He's not describing some unrealistic paradise where he can fly like an eagle and seduce anyone he wants and find gold bars under his pillow in the morning. Rather, he's content with the simple, familiar pleasures. I urge you to follow his lead as you imagine and create your own fantasy world this week. Love what you've got.

Notice how one of them is telling me to quit my day-job, and the other is telling me not to? I still really want to do it, but can't risk suddenly not having a reasonable income. Still...there's nothing in the world I'd like more than to quit.


In other news, I've been trying these Lean Cuisine frozen snack dealies. I like the spring rolls very much. I'm pretty surprised too--usually frozen (and particulary DIET) stuff is gross and super salty. Not so, these yummy spring rolls.

Do you guys know about Zombie Go Boom!? They are the mythbusters of zombie weapons. Shovels, bats, they test it all to let you know what YOU need to stock your arsenal with. I dig them, and you will too.
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My gleeful mockery of the Faux-Rapture came to an abrupt end on Monday morning when I started reading the news. I hate publicly agreeing with Bill Maher on anything because he's such a smug prick. But I am slowly being convinced that religion does more harm than good. I like to cling to the belief that many religious people are well-meaning and honestly try to do what their faith demands. Sorry, but in my experience, that is not the majority. Okay, we know about all the war and oppression and stuff people attribute to religion. But that isn't religion, that's a bunch of asshats using religion as an excuse for their fuckery.

However...spending your kid's college funds, selling houses and throwing the money away on billboards (Can someone explain to me what, exactly, a billboard advertising The Rapture is suppose to accomplish? Is it like a post-it letting people know you've gone? Seriously, how does informing people of an impending apocalypse changing the outcome AT ALL, unless the presumption is that you just have to recite the magic words to get your salvation token that allows you access to The Rapture Ride?), or murder-suiciding your entire family? What the sam hell fuck is wrong with these people? Yes, I understand that fear is crippling and some people simply cannot handle it.
But this is just beyond the fucking pale. It's different than people who are already violent, aggressive, bigoted asshats claiming they're being asshats in the name of their lord. These are purportedly average people who listened to the wrong dude and were convinced of something so horrible and petrifying that they simply could not live with their fear of it. You'd have to be a sociopath not to see that it's hurting people more than it is helping.
My incessant need to Understand this frustrates me to the point of madness.

But hey, The fake rapture date has passed, humanity is back to normal, yes? Well, yes and no... Utah is on the gold standard. Bully for you. You gonna get back to leech application, separate but equal drinking fountains, and making it legal to shoot a man who steals your horse? Seriously people, Glenn Beck is a lunatic. Please stop doing what he says before his show finally ends and he has all day long thinking up new kool-aid recipes for you to chug.

Make no mistake, I practice a faith. I am a pagan humanist. I revere and respect the old gods of many pantheons. It's more like a fan club than actual worship, and it helps me focus, reframe, and figure shit out. Of course, I say largely the same thing about LSD. Crowley is my guy, and the idea that the final authority on what we do and what we need is US, ourselves--is really the only thing that makes sense.
Problem is, being a humanist is hard. You have to think and evaluate; it requires introspection, honesty. You need an inner barometer and a moral compass in keeping with what you actually believe to be true. I'm told it can also require discipline, but I seem to have successfully maneuvered my way around that. *snerk* Point being, you don't just trust some guy who's taken some classes and believes he should be your conduit to your deity. If some like minded people want to form a community so they can do their thing--I'm all for that. When it turns into scorn and vilifying disagreement, heretics, and then violence...well, you've kinda gone Animal Farm at that point and it's time to stop. A good rule of thumb is to think about what the world would be like if absolutely everyone lived just like you. Not how you tell people to live, but how you actually live.

Okay, now lets get out there and quit being such ignorant fuckwads.
So say we all.
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Contrary to the drunken conversations I've been having since high school, I will be going to my day-job tomorrow even though it's the day before The Rapture. Granted, a Friday night shift promises to be largely devoid of actual work. And I'll be coming home to stay up all night and write. Or wandering the desolate earth, looting and crying out for my lost opportunities to bond with a non-mexican named Jesus. Either way, I'll be working on The Finster Effect.

To paraphrase a movie I like:
This book is so goddamn good, it makes my heart hurt.

Still have not figured out the source of my podcast audio issues. Garageband produces stutters in the vocals, like the reverse of a skip--repeating a small segment of the vocal so it sounds like a stutter. Sometimes it does it two or three times in succession. I don't understand it. I don't know how to fix it. And I'm tired of it making me look like a chump. The Apple Geniuses were NOT aptly named in this case. It's not my recorder, it's Garageband. It's not related to memory, or disc space. Anybody have any ideas?

Are you guys aware of Poe? Not the goth horror guy, but the sister of the guy who wrote House of Leaves? She's a singer, and I love her. Her voice sounds like Sheryl Crow, but not annoying and not singing about being drunk, or on the beach, or drunk on the beach.

Anyway, if I'm wrong and this Saturday really *is* The Rapture, I'm going to feel very silly. Eternal torment for refusing to kowtow to the HDIC (Head Deity In Charge)? That's like a forever version of a bad customer service situation. Oh, so you refuse to believe in me just because there are no concrete signs of my existence?'re letting the fact that I've hidden myself from your kind for hundreds of years get in the way of the blind obedience some of your people claim I require? Well, then that's the last time I try to bring salvation here!
And being stuck on the earth while all the godly pious types ascend? That's gotta feel like having to stay at work after your shift ends because of a tornado. Really? I don't even have to be here anymore and I'm still here? Hmmm...nice cars around here. I'd probably be a pretty good driver if there was no one else on the road.
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This week is my doc appointment to discuss why I am unlucky enough to be victimized by recurring kidney stones. I gotta get to the bottom of this, as I am at the day job with another fucking stone. I'm gonna try and stay here, but nobody has anything stronger than ibuprofin. If I get a MedMar card, does that mean I can come to work high?
Seriously, these things are kicking my ass.
Happily, a co worker was kind enough to go out and fetch me a Peanut Buster Parfait.

In better news, I'm wearing some fly wide-leg pants I got from the fat-chick pantsery. They are pretty awesome, though could do with some laundering and some slight shrinkage. I got a few pairs of new pants recently so I could stop wearing ones with ripped out hems or JoJo snags on the upper leg. I always feel much more together when I have nice threads.

Came in to work to find my sweet calendar that H made me is mysteriously missing. I thought maybe the cleaning lady just knocked it down on accident, but I and coworker looked everywhere it could have fallen. It is nowhere to be found. I'm irked, because occasionally my pagan stuff goes missing (the pic on the calendar is my logo arranged in a repeating circle to look like a witchy star) and I later find out that it was stolen by some well meaning Jesus freak. If that has happened to me at my workplace, I promise you that I will be utterly humorless about it. Speaking of Jesus' fan club, 2 of the cookies I made for H's mom will never reach her, because I have them with me. Bwah hahahahaha!

Tonight is guacamole and a movie with a friend, followed by podcast mixing and posting, then noveling that is expected to last all weekend. Yay. Somehow the entire month of April went by without me ever posting a podcast ep. Oops. KMLYLM ch 21-22 will go up next, then a swell short I've been working on with 100% people from my day-job.
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You may recall that I received a crazy Email from H's mom recently. While I was mentally crafting my response, another one arrived. This new Email informed me that the second coming of Christ is slated to happen May 11th of this year. Yep, in just a few short weeks. Rather than panic, or buy a new dress, I sat down and soberly composed this thoughtful response:

Cut for length, and in case you don't care to read it )

You'll notice that I threw in some Glenn Beckian buzzwords, and that I did NOT include any single, cherry-picked verses. Most of you know my stance on this, but a book that can be summed up by a single line within that book--is not a very good book. Jaws tells us that The great fish moved silently through the water, and that's true. But that's certainly not all their is.

It is worth noting that H is not giving me any shit about this at all. No "please be respectful" or "don't upset her." He honestly wants me to manage my relationship with her myself without his input. Given the way I see how other marriages handle family-in-law, I feel damn lucky. As disrespectful as I think Grace is, I also know there are people in my own family (not the ones I talk to, but others) who would treat H even worse.
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This upset me to the point where I figured I'd just share it with the all of you in its entirely.

I swear to Zod that this kind of thing makes me want to write a long letter about why I like the teachings of Jesus just fine, but wouldn't join a Christian church if they started handing out pot instead of communion. And maybe counter that with a little friendly advice from my main man Crowley.

EDIT: Oh, and apologies for not making this clear last night. This is from an Email that I got from H's mom. You know, the chick who walked out of my wedding moments after telling me that she believed "all good hearted people will go to heaven." Apparently she only means the good hearted people who are not satanic fucking pagans.

Seriously, this shit makes me hoppin' mad. )
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I have been told that my faith is not a "religion" because I don't actually worship anything. IMO, religion is supposed to act as a guideline to help me figure out moral and emotional quandaries. It has little if anything to do with kneeling and pretending I'm not as important as a (to quote [personal profile] flemco boogums in the sky. That is why I am, first and foremost, a follower of Crowley, and Thelema's first law:

Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.

Not ten rules, not 3-fold this or that, no jumping through sacramental hoops to reach the finish line and make it past the big gates. It's very simple, decide what kind of person you want to be. Then aspire, every day of your life, to be that person. I do my best to follow this rule, and typically it leads to me having a good life, and/or feeling pretty good about the life I have.

Example: I have to work with someone I don't like. They drive me nuts. Not that bright, not especially kind or interesting, personable, or engaging. I had been cold to this person, willfully ignoring them--thinking that I was protecting myself from having to be annoyed. But really, the fact that I don't like someone does NOT relieve me of my responsibility to be a kind person. Bummer, since I'm really good at being bitchy and it's kinda fun. Sure enough, when I stopped being rude to them, I felt better. This is not just because I was taking the so-called high road; but because I don't want to be mean--if for no other reason than I hate it when bitches are mean to me.

Second thought for the day: I am really really good at knowing just what to say in a given situation. Great with words, getting my point across, and leading people to where I want them to be.
Why then, do I have no fucking idea when to keep my fool mouth shut? I have always been terrible about saying too much, being too honest, or just plain blabbing shit that is best kept private. I recognized this about myself over 20 years ago, yet I've made basically no headway.'s a puzzlement.
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Let's suppose you knew a person. And this person went through a phase where they were very into LSD. Said person had a particular phobia that they ONLY had when tripping. (note: "Tripping" used to ONLY mean enjoying the long-term effects of a hallucinogenic drug. I do NOT mean the current definition, which seems to mean something like visibly angry or upset. I only use "Tripping" to mean the former. There are plenty of other words to indicate the latter.) They were afraid of plants. Especially hanging plants. But any plant they weren't keeping an eye on. This person was sure they were coming to get him/her.

Let's suppose that this person has been looking back fondly on that part of their youth. And that they were sorta creepy to begin with. And that these are one of those things that are just plain wicked awesome. Can you think of any reason why this person shouldn't save up to buyTHIS as a pressie for the self? Because I am somehow privy to the scoop that they are really, really thinking about it. They miss having plants.

How super badass is this:

Awesome, right?
It also comes with a cat-shielding apparatus:

In other news, we watched Hellboy 2 today. It was pretty good. We were going to have fish and salad for dinner, but the whitefish I got at Meijer had a zillion pin bones in it and was pretty hacked up. Sad. I'm off work until Saturday (my third Saturday this month though, Ew). Plan to post new ep of A Stabbing for Sadie tomorrow and get a ton of writing done. Nightmare Before Christmas on Blu Ray also on the horizon for the week.
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I was raised in a family that occasionally pretended to be Catholic. I sang in the choir with my brother. I was an altar server when they just began allowing girls to do it. When my parents decided to send us to Catholic school right when I was supposed to start junior high, we were baptized immediately and started attending Catechism and tithing so we could get the in-parish rates. I didn't understand most of it, had no real foundation in prayer or the bible. I knew that other version of The Lords Prayer because my fifth grade teacher (in a public school--we didn't even know what a can o' worms THAT was) made us say it every morning after the flag pledging oath thing. I had a bible I got as a gift when I was 3, but I mostly looked at the pictures. I didn't really read it.

Up to that point, I used to ask to go to church and my mom would come up with reasons why I couldn't go whenever someone invited me. I was very interested in god and religion, because I was pretty damn unhappy and thought my friends with faith were happier than me. Turns out, there were lots of other reasons for that. :-/ Plus, the people at the churches were nice and wore fancy hats. My mom always wanted as few people butting into our lives as possible.

Obviously there is a lot about Catholicism that I can't get with, the Nazi background of the current pontiff not the least of them. They have a long history of feigning piousness while robbing the poor and literally selling access to heaven. Taking advantage of faith for financial gain is reprehensible. Then there's the subjugation of women, their stance on divorce, on reproductive rights, homosexuality, I could go on. Even though I kept searching for some kind of meaningful spiritual connection long after leaving Catholicism, I still really miss going to Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve. And if I had anybody to go with, I'd totally go this year.

My bro got his package of holiday cookies and such. Apparently, it was to his liking, so that is nice. My Aunt sent H and I a gift cert to La Shish (now called Palm Palace) so we can go there and indulge at some point. [ profile] uterdic and [ profile] smarbaby got H some Star Trek online game that's coming out soon. I got Fido and the new Tek Jansen comic book that just came out. Sweeeeeeeet! We got them a digital camera with a timer that you attach to a pet collar. Then they can see what their pets do all day. It should prove hilarious. I'm giving out some slick gifts this year, chosen with great care. I'm pretty excited to give out stuff to my peeps. Then, all I have left to do is bake the rest of the cookies and make peanut butter fudge so I can give out goodie bags at the New Years Eve party. Wheeeee!

Finally ordered myself a copy of Half Blood Prince. Since I did that, I got to preorder District 9 for only $7. How could I resist that? Those two fliks, and Zombieland are the only movies I intend to buy for awhile. I'll probably get Up eventually, oh, and then Where the Wild Things Are will certainly be bought almost immediately. So yeah, I guess I do have a few movies to buy. I guess I probably shouldn't have ordered Lifeboat from Columbia House with the rest of my stuff. So I'll be paying that off for a paycheck or two. *blush*
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Chances are, the reason it's my dream home in the first place is because some kind of crazy murder took place there. (Is there a such a thing as a non-brutal murder???) Obviously, I would give the new digs every kind of spiritual sweeping within my power. But a murder would NOT keep me from buying a house or living there, even though I am terrified of my own shadow most of the time. A random killing might make me a little more nervous than a crime of passion, as in the Simpsons house hunting adventure where one of the houses has a chalk outline on the ground, and I'll be back!! written in blood on the wall. Let us not forget that the Manson murders at Roman Polanski's house were a case of mistaken identity.

If indeed there are upset spirits of the formerly alive wandering around trying to get justice for one thing or another--then pretty much every place would be haunted. Every hospital, every old folks home, every asylum--hell, especially every asylum. We'd have our asses haunted every time we found love, or happiness, or had children, or aquired wealth or did anything else happy that some ghost is judgmental and bitter about because they don't think they got their fair share of whatever the thing in question is. They'd never stop fucking with us, and we'd be basically powerless to do anything about it.

In the end, ghosts are probably the spiritual remains of people. Like people, some of them will be really nice, others will be complete dicks, and most will be average and boring as shit. There is the theory that if they are ghosts, than it's because they were too upset over something to travel to whatever comes next. That would suck, but it's no reason to haunt an innocent bystander. So I'll say to ghosts what I say to most people who take their bullshit out on others instead of doing the work. "Get over it. Move on already."
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We all know that the bible has a well-known liberal bias. It's one of the only ways in which the bible is like reality. *snerk* Thank heavens that the good people at Conservapedia are finally rewriting the bible to reflect American Christian Values.

No, sadly I am not kidding.

The Conservative Bible Project is taking all the hippie socialism and love your neighbor crap out of the bible and replacing is with "concise" language instead of all that liberal wordiness.

The bible is not even MY book, though I do own a nice Gideon and a King James from the early 70's. I have to say though, that it's difficult to put into words just how offensive I find this. Obviously, the bible has been translated many, many times and is already pretty far from the "original" text. Even if we could agree on who wrote what, when, and with what information, we'd still be pretty far away from the "truth."
But for heaven's sake, rewriting it with a specific political agenda in mind is...well, do I even have to point out how completely fucked up that is?

On a completely unrelated topic, I can't find my copy of Grimm's Grimmest Fairy Tales. So if I loaned it to you, I'm gonna need it back. It's nowhere to be found in my apartment.
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Seriously, does anybody know what the fuck she is trying to say?

I understand the following:
I'm stepping down as governor.
I'm transferring authority to the LT Governor.
That transfer will take place at the end of the month.
Trig is awesome (tacit: don't forget, abortion is bad).

But that's really about all she said. The rest was a jumble of mumble.
Don't believe me? See for yourself.

Honestly? I think this portends a huge scandal about to break.
I also think she wanted to wait for Daily Show/Colbert to go on hiatus.
I hear she's really sensitive about comedians doing bits about her.

In other news, I think I'm going to save up and buy a pair of Nike shoes. I haven't had any sneakers since the Great Shoe Throwing-out Disaster of 2003 and think it's high time I got some...for sneaking. I figure as long as I'm getting sneakers, I might as well get a good pair. Nike really does lead the world in foot-to-ground technology. Basically they design the most comfortable and supportive shoes in the world, then everyone copies them. I've recently learned that you can customize Nikes now, just like Converse. So yeah, I'm gonna save up and get a pair. The pair for me is $120 plus shipping. Not bad, considering they'll be incredibly comfy and last for years. It's not like I'm gonna grow outta them.

I was going to make fun of the guy who is now marketing Blessed Christian table Salt because he was so offended by the idea of Kosher salt. I was looking for the link where they sell it, but could only find site after site of people making fun of it. Then I came across this. I guess I knew there were many Christians who are offended by even the suggestion that it's okay to not believe exactly as they do. I did not know how serious they were about pretending they are an oppressed minority.

Newsflash people: vocal disagreement is not "bashing." Bashing is say, denying people basic human rights because you don't approve of who they want to fuck. Bashing is persecuting or prosecuting people who don't believe in the same invisible man in the sky as you. Bashing is jailing and torturing people because you're afraid of them. Bashing is shooting a man in the heart because you wish he didn't do his job.
Christianity is a choice, Homosexuality is not. Get over it, already.
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Sagittarius (current week) :

A guy I barely know critiqued me at a party recently. "You haven't suffered enough to feel intense passion," he said. "Your life has been too happy, too easy." I didn't want to get into a debate about whether my life has been too happy and easy, so in my reply I didn't mention my divorce or the time I was shot or the grueling poverty I endured for 18 years. "So you're saying," I told him, "that suffering is the only way you can acquire passion? I don't agree. Have you ever raised a child? Have you ever been in love with someone who incited you to make radical changes in your life? Have you ever worked on a creation for many years and then submitted it to be judged by thousands of people? I have." I'm letting you know about this, Sagittarius, because I predict you'll soon be offered an experience like those I named -- adventures that have the potential to build intense passion without requiring you to suffer.

Speaking of things that are just fucking incredible, have you heard that scientists have captured images of memory being made inside a brain??? I've been pondering lately about how some scientists devote their lives to work that improves the daily lives of humanity at large. Simple concept, yes. But when I see it in real life in the guise of say, [ profile] thehula, I am in awe of the ability to parlay study and knowledge into practical applications and experiments that ultimately make the lives of strangers better. So many jobs revolve around non-essential products and services that people purchase rather than on something that creates lasting benefits for humanity at large. Not really a judgment call on people with sucky, unimportant jobs. Just an observation.

In other news, my left hand keeps going numb for no reason. I'll be slapping a brace on my wrist as soon as H wakes up. I have one left over from when I used to be a cashier at Whole Foods.

EDIT: I can't find my damn wrist brace. Now I have to buy one, maybe two. Plus, BOTH hands are falling asleep for no reason. I suppose it could have something to do with my being on a computer for 75% of my waking hours. :-/
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I'm up late tonight dicking around on the internets, trying in vain to get away from the constant influx of horrible news. I was looking around on Facebook and inadvertently came across a chick I used to work with, who I call The Evil Witch. She's a witch, and she's evil. (You have to specify that because most witches are good.) She actually made one of the necklaces (my natal astrological chart, in necklace form) I wear--it took me many months of cleansing and spellwork to get all the Evil off it.

Some tangenty background, read only if you like WTF kind of things. ) I googled her and found that she did a book review for some Christian book written by a guy she knows. I clicked over to the book on Amazon to check it out.

Here's the crazy part:
The author has commented on EVERY negative review, even arguing with the reviewers. There do not appear to be any discussions on the five-star reviews. He even gives people shit for using screen names--on the internets! As I fancy myself a writer, I am both amused and appalled. I've been very lucky thusfar in that no one has left me a truly shitty review anywhere. I didn't love the three and a half stars (out of five) I got from Withersin Magazine but I still thanked them for taking the time to review me. And when their editor posted the reviews on Amazon as only THREE stars even, I didn't say a word. It just seemed petty to complain about half a star, even though I did feel some annoyance about it. I figured if I was going to be a writer, that was something I just had to accept.

It would never occur to me to confront a stranger about his or her taste in books, especially my own books. I do know of one person who strongly disliked my first book and I don't even think she finished it. She's a straight laced conservative chick, not really my target audience. As she bought the first book and didn't like it, I gave her a freebie of my next book. She enjoyed it and thanked me by posting a nice Amazon review.

Seriously though, leave it to a "devout Christian" to tell a stranger that their feelings about something intensely personal are "wrong" or "incorrect." The nerve! And then to throw out what I'm sure Christians must call "the S bomb." Telling a Christian they're Satan because you disagree with them appears to equate with the secular "once you call someone Hitler, you've pretty much destroyed any hope you had of appearing rational" theory.

Then again, maybe I'm just being a judgmental jerk about this.
People who see disagreement as personal insult bug the hell out of me in the first place.
Whenever a famous person reacts badly to critics, they usually come off looking like a crybaby jerk.
Look at Sarah Palin for crissake. She wants to be the Commander in Chief but cries to the press because Obama won't do anything about the mean old bloggers who keep picking on her children. Oh NOES!1!

I'd love some input from you writers, artists, movie makers, and others of you out there who produce things which are experienced viscerally. Ever confront someone who didn't like your work? Why or why not?
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...but I can't. Poor Grasshopper.

Serious badass may have died the same way as total 80's douche. Personally, I think what a man wants to do with his crank when he's alone in a room is SO not anyone else's business. I also think it is disgusting and unnecessary to publish this kind of "news" so soon after his death (please then, overlook the irony of my posting about it). What's the point of trying to make David freaking Carradine look like some kind of perv? Is it just because he's from a famous Hollywood family? Because Kwai Chang Caine was so wicked awesome that he needs to be brought down to the level of the common man? No, it's mainly because he's dead and can't stand up for himself. How much quality entertainment has this man given us? Lots. So why make him out to be a freak? Honestly, if we knew what average people really did (or fantasized about doing) sexually in their real lives, EVERYONE would seem either completely freaky, or totally repressed.

I am duly intrigued by the story of William Kurelek whom I've only been made aware of today. Apparently, he was a schizophrenic with amazing artistic talent. Maybe I should say he was a talented artist who also had schizophrenia? He sounds utterly fascinating and I'm trying to find a short film that was made about him in the 80's. One of the most interesting facts about him is that he supposedly found answers to his spiritual problems by converting to Catholicism. Not to be a smart ass, but I've never actually heard of that happening before. Frankly, I don't know how any adult could accept the teachings of Catholicism unless indoctrinated from an early age. Then again, Poppy Z Brite has recently converted to Catholicism, and I don't really understand that either. We pagans are not fans of arbitrary sex rules, tithing, or institutionalized bigotry.

Had some time off earlier this week. Now I'm paying the price. Worked today, work tomorrow, on-call on Sunday. Our website is gonna be down and some of us have to come in to take orders by hand. I know, right? It's gonna suck nard, as the kids say (or said in the 90's). Anyway, if it's busy I told them they could call me and I'd come in. Hopefully, it'll be nice and slow.

Hopefully this week I'll finally be able to watch Pontypool with H. We've been meaning to check it out for a while now. Anybody heard anything about it, good or bad? It is, apparently, about zombies.
Also, why does IMDB suck so bad anymore? Lots of annoying and intrusive ads, the "Pro" feature that you are supposed to pay for to get info on movies still in development, and even stupider people commenting in the forums.

And finally, Jolly Rancher cherry soda is surprisingly bad. Silly me, I expected it to be a cherry jolly rancher in soda form. No dice. It tastes more like carbonated cough syrup. Just as well, as I'm not really drinking sugar sodas much anymore.
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As many of you know, I've been working on my novel Kiss Me Like You Love Me for quite some time. I started writing it in February of 2007, so at this point it's the novel that has taken me the longest time to write. My original plan was to have Mikey, my serial killer get caught, and committed at the end. He was going to live in a mental hospital, meet Sadie (from A Stabbing for Sadie) and fall in love with her. When I thought it up, I thought I was being very, VERY clever. I later decided that was a dumb idea.
Upon further reflection I decided that Mikey really needed to die at the end. After all, he was a horrible man and justice would likely be served best if, one way or another, he did not get to live. Then again, there are much worse things than death... So I went back and forth about it for many months. I put the serial killer aside to work on other things. I started two new novels, and wrote several short stories in the time it's taken me to decide definitively on an ending for Mikey.
A little while later I decided on what was to be Mikey's ending. Then I had to figure out what was going to happen to a bunch of other characters. Closure is pretty important in this book, one way or another. When you read Sadie for example, you don't really get to know the whole scoop on anyone but her. This time it's kind of important what happens to several people.
Well, today I figured it out. it's outlined, it's ready. All it needs now is for me to sit the hell down and write it. So that's what I'm doing. Then I'll have to go back and fix things--forshadowings for things I decided not to include, better reactions to startling revelations, stronger and more interesting character development. And of course, I have to bust ass, because I only have two months to finish this thing. It's pretty thrilling if I do say so--both the book itself as well as the writing process.

Beltane was yesterday. I am finding that the older I get, the less I want to go out and do ceremony with other Pagans. I was just telling this to my Godmother. I don't know if it's because spirituality is too personal to brings guests. It may simply be that fluffy, showy, "harm none," wiccan types just get on my last nerve. My experience with "true" wiccans (initiatory types who can trace their training lineage back to The Gardners and tell solitary wiccans that their religion doesn't exist) is that they are every bit as dogmatic and self-congratulatory as fundamentalist christians. I'm just saying...
So with that in mind, I celebrated Beltane at home. I cleaned the house both mundanely and energy-wise, I made merry with a secular friend, and feasted (we ordered from Ahmo's greek restaurant). Later, I gave Pentelope a valerian pill and let her lose her goddamn mind over it for awhile. Hilarious.

Also, the overall badness of the Wolverine reviews make me very sad.


Mar. 20th, 2009 12:19 pm
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As I mentioned on Facebook, I am a Bad Witch. I totally slept through the Equinox this morning. Whoops. Anyway, Easter will soon be here, which for me means Reece's Peanut Butter Eggs. They have always been my most favorite Easter candy. I used to trade my brother all my peeps for one Reece's egg. Peeps are one of the rankest candies in the history of candy, right up there with black licorice and necco wafers.

Working a 1-9 shift today, which will seem incredibly long. Business drops off sharply after say, 6:30 but we have to sit around waiting for calls until 9pm. I plan to work on my serial killer now that I've figured out a new ending. Hopefully this ending will be better than the one I originally planned. Plus I found out yesterday that I got the cover artist I wanted for that book. Going with a new editor though, which is probably a good thing.

Yahoo news is one of the most useless "news" outlets in the world. Some of the stuff they present as newsworthy makes me cringe. However, I am quite sad about Natasha Richardson. She is in two movies I absolutely love: Gothic, and The Handmaid's Tale. She is the main chick in both of them. Sad times...

I was gonna do a Friday Five, but I have to leave for work.
Maybe I'll do it later if I get bored enough.
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H and I just argued whether the 12 days of Christmas ends tomorrow, or ends on Christmas. I was quite confident that it started on the Eve of Christmas night and ended January 6th, which is epiphany.

I said something like, "Crap, we have to take down the Christmas decorations tomorrow."

H asked why.

I said "Because it's the sixth, that's when they come down."

"Says who?" H said.

"Duh, the 12 days of Christmas!" I tell him.

"That's the 12 days before Christmas," he says.

"No way..." I tell him, and proceed to the internets to prove myself right.

Of course H does not trust the validity of Wikipedia OR Snopes, so it's much harder to win an argument with him that way. Once again though, I know more about H's religion than he does.

As for me, I'm home sick today. Luckily, I was in on Saturday so it's not like I'm calling off my first day back. Although today would have probably been a difficult day at work. I'll find out tomorrow, then H and I will finally go grocery shopping which we were supposed to do on Sunday but couldn't, because of the stupid flu.
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Occasionally, I do not dress up scary for Halloween. This is one of those times. Here is a rather grainy pic of me in this years costume, which is really a louder version of the way I dress normally:

I'm also pretty sparkly, which you can't tell from this picture.

Of course it is also a religious holiday for me, the festival of Samhain (pronounced SOW-en for you gringos out there) and is the day we honor the dead. Actually, there are zillions of ways to celebrate Samhain, but that is mine. Like so many pagan holidays, I will celebrate alone because I don't know any local witches cool enough to actually festival with.

That said, I have to go to work for five hours today. Then I will come home and watch scary movies until I can no longer keep my eyes open. I watched The Mist, and my Simpsons Treehouse of Horror collection, and Night of the Living Dead in the past week. Now I think I'll watch Salem's Lot, Misery, and maybe Citizen X.

If you haven't heard the music from Nightmare Before Christmas Revisited, I highly recommend it. [ profile] smarbaby hipped me to it, and I've been downloading it like crazy. Fine stuff!
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I got some new books this week, and didn't have to pay a cent. My boss at work is moving across the country for a new gig. So not only is she leaving us, but she gave me a bunch of books dealing with Witchcraft in Colonial America. There are four of them, and they all look to be good reads. I have a ton of reading I want to do, but I will get around to these eventually.

My buddy Steve got me Christopher Moore's LAMB. He got me the version that looks like a bible, with fake leather cover and gold leaf and everything. It's pretty nice. Oddly, despite my love of Chris Moore's work, this is the first book of his that I own. I haven't had a ton of extra money since I discovered him. I need to at least pick up the Pine Cove novels. They are so damn good.

In family news, my Aunt Barb reminded me that she is my Godmother. I don't know how I could have forgotten such an important thing, but I did. This makes me feel much better about talking to her and not my mom. After all, in my mom's absence...well, you know what I mean.
I'm also trying to figure out how to see my bro's wedding pictures on Pictage. His wife assures me that they are up, but I can't see them. I'm very bummed to have missed the wedding in the first place, so I really want to see the pics. I hope I can figure out what the hassle is so I can view them soon.

Did my beloved Obama pick a running mate yet? I just got my bumper sticker in the mail.
I'm just waiting for my button to arrive.

I stayed up until 3am last night watching a special about the Planet of the Apes movies. Now I'm in the mood to watch them again. Luckily, I have some pristine VHS copies of all five films. Sadly, a lot of my fave VHS movies are too crappy to watch anymore, Salem's Lot being a prime example of this. I hear the DVD transfer of Salem's Lot is teh suck. So I don't know whether or not I'm going to bother buying it.

Recently, I switched to pre-natal vitamins. My doc said they are the best vitamins out there (although if I could afford it, I'd buy Solgar Omniums) and that I should take them despite my desire to remain childless. Only thing is, since I've switched to them, I've felt really, really tired. I already take beta blockers, which make me tired, so I'm not into this really. I'm wondering if I should switch back, even though I've already bought 2 big bottles of pre-natals. Advice?
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Photo by Wendy Kubacki

Here is me with my new wand that was made for me by my good friend Steve. It's made of red oak and is sanded to a cool shine. He also sanded up some staffs (staves? I call them wands, not rods) for me and [ profile] absinthofheart. We two are lucky gals.

Something has been bugging me lately. There's a person I've known forever who has started to strike me as so pretentious I can hardly stand it. It was bothering me to the point of profound annoyance and I couldn't figure out why it was bugging me too much. I began to wonder if perhaps I was the one who had become snobby and irritating. I'm still mulling it over and am open to any insights you fine folks might have. I'd like to think I'm very down to earth and easygoing, even though I'm prone to freaking out needlessly about things. But I don't think I'm pretentious. Although now that I think about it, my Mom says I am. Or said. I haven't talked to her in years so I don't know what she says now, but I bet it's all the same. Yeah, she always said I was snobby with my new clothes and fancy book learnin'. Okay, this is turning into a ramble.

I'm done with work until after the Big Thing. We are going to get the license on Monday, or apply for it or whatever. Then I have to buy enough soda for 60 people. I'm going to figure 2 for everyone plus an extra case. Some people will likely bring beer or wine. My dress is done being hemmed and I'll have my "final fitting" on Monday as well. H's mom went crazy buying gifts off our registry. How long is one supposed to leave the registry up for after the wedding? I'm sure it's considered *gasp* tacky to keep it up to "too long." And tacky is the worst possible word to describe someones wedding choices...if the knot has anything to say about it anyway.
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[ profile] madush69 wanted to know the following:

Why is life so challenging?

The simple answer is that if life were easy, everyone would excel at it and nothing would hold any real value. Everything worth getting is worth working for, and all that stuff gives you a sense of accomplishment in the end. If it doesn't, you're getting shafted, and it's time to re evaluate.

Do you think there is a point to all of this?

Oh my goodness, yes! Your job as a human is to figure out what kind of person you want to be, and strive each day to be that person. The "point" is to do as well as you can, and not give up because things don't go your way the first 20 or 30 times. If I'd given up looking for a job, I wouldn't have found this one. If I'd given up on men after dating an abusive drunk, I never would have met H. If I'd stopped trying to eat right and excersize because I'm already fat...well, you get the idea.

As for me, my work day was nice. My secret work-crush was most talkative today, so that was nice. I brought in cookies for the office, and they were much appreciated. I also wore a new dress to work, which one of the women kidded was "all virginal and white". I was like, "Yeah, it's white all right..."

Oh, and an old college chum just found me via Email. I love catching up with people.

More answers later...
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I am honestly answering questions this week. You can make up to two inquires about absolutely anything and I'll post honest answers.

[ profile] groovesinorbit asked me about my scar. What scar? you ask? Why this one:
As this unusually happy pic of me indicates, I have a forehead scar. It's the way in which I am most like Harry Potter, though it is not lightening shaped. It's placement is the same as that dot people have that allows all the light and love in the universe to enter their bodies. Hopefully, my scar works the same way.

I got that scar in a car accident when I was two. Nobody put me in a car seat, I guess they didn't do a lot of that in the 70's, and I whanged my head on the door handle in the backseat. Boom. Scar. It was the first of many head injuries for your old pal userinfowednes

She also asked what it was that first drew me to witchcraft. That has a somewhat long answer )

Alright, keep those questions coming.
I won't be this unflinchingly honest forever--
--actually, maybe I will.
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I am a

What Flower
Are You?

I went crazy online shopping for the wedding. I bought a few more cameras so we are sure to have enough, I ordered a collectible silver sixpence (which I need, because of the poem) that I can loan to [ profile] klynnfrost if she'd like. I ordered a gift for one of my caterers and the gifts for all the men (who are all getting the same slick gift). I'm also looking at a few different kinds of lingerie for the "wedding night" as they call it. I'm not much into lingerie, but I do love shopping. I still have to buy the besom (if the color swatches ever get here), the toasting goblets, and all the food and drink and accoutrements therein. I can't believe we're still within the budget, our budget is so damn small.

Today we're getting our engagement pics taken if it can stop raining long enough for us to get outside. I imagine we'll do some B&W and some color, which probably means I'll have to change clothes halfway through. I'm having engagement announcements put in the A2 news, and in the city where my mom and her husband are so they can know I'm getting married. I'm still working on whether I'm sharing my happiness with them, or rubbing my happiness in their faces. Probably a little of both, which I think is okay.

Happy Beltane for all those who celebrate. Even if you don't recognize the cross quarter holidays, it's good to know that today is the mid point between the Vernal Equinox and the Summer Solstice. Get your gardens planted if you haven't already. Myself, I'm sharing space in a friend's garden so I get all the veggies and herbs with very little work--not that I mind gardening work.

Can I ask all you married types what you did for a wedding album? Did you do it yourself? Did your photographer do it? Is it a scrapbook or a photo album? Has anyone gotten the kind that you order already printed up? Do tell, for I need input. I'm leaning toward doing it myself.
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We watched Taledega Nights: Ricky Bobby Story tonight. It had some very funny moments but also dragged in places. I think the whole Wil Ferrell/Judd Apatow team could use some fresh writers or something. I daresay it's high time Wil Ferrell branched out into something besides juvenile comedy.

Battlestar Galactica was kind of a disappointment as well. How much longer are they going to tease us with promises of Baltar getting his due? I know there was supposed to be a death, but the way all that was handled was just...expected I think. I don't like to guess what's going to happen five minutes into an episode. Nor do I care for the whole "OMG It's YOOOOOOOU!!" reveal only to tell us jack shit. PS Please resolve this Dee/Starbuck/Apollo/Sam business. It's also getting tired as hell.

We're going to try yet again to go to Cobblestone Farms tomorrow to reserve our date. I still don't know where we're going to get our cake from. I don't want to spend more than $200 including delivery, and I want about 120 slices. I guess that's a little optimistic, but it must be possible. I guess I'll have to have an average sheet cake instead of a pretty one. H is being a really good sport considering he doesn't care square one about the wedding and is paying for everything.

Ooh, does anybody know where I can get a nice, festive besom for jumping over?

Sopranos on A&E is much better than you think it will be. A lot more chicks in lingerie than I remember, and everybody says "Freakin' this" and "Freakin' that". But it's such a good show that it loses very little in the translation.

Oh, and the new season of ROME kicks every kind of ass.
Last week's ep was terribly depressing though.
I don't think we're ever going to see the Vorena again. ;-[
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I just finished keying in all my edits for The Cat's Apprentice draft one.

This means I'm on draft two, which will largely be fine tuning for language, plus I still have to write an ending. I have about three more chapters to go. But in truth, I could start sending it out to publishers right now. Despite some rock parts, I like this manuscript a lot. I just hope pagans aren't pissed at my depiction of thelemites as stoners bent on revenge and control of other people. They are atypical, but not so much as you might think...

Had a fun lunch with [ profile] kissdbyagnome today.
It took over an hour for lunch to get delivered, but worth the wait.
I heart bakalava.

I've been listening to The Decemberists so much, it's almost annoying.

You Are Miss Piggy

A total princess and diva, you're totally in charge - even if people don't know it.
You want to be loved, adored, and worshiped. And you won't settle for anything less.
You're going to be a total star, and you won't let any of the "little people" get in your way.
Just remember, piggy, never eat more than you can lift!

You bet your gosh darn rear end I am!!
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How are YOU spending it?

Myself, I'm baking breads and later, cookies.
I'll be taking a nice walk and maybe having some sorbet.
Sadly, methinks it'll be too cloudy to find a that little sliver of moon.

There's a cool breeze coming in right now and I can hear the rain through the window.

That stupid door on JK Rowlings website wouldn't open when I clicked it.
Do I need to do something else? I got the title from Leaky Cauldron, but that door continues to thwart me. Maybe it's a Firefox issue? Or a mac thing?
Anyway, the title of the most eagerly awaited book of all time is:
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
Let the wild speculations begin.
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Elton John has decided that all religion should be banned. Yes, thank you Elton. We were waiting with baited breath for you to chime in. I can't recall how many times I've said Wow, the world is such a crazy place...people hating and not loving. If only Elton John would speak up and tell us what to know, when Mel Gibson, Michael Stipe and Bono run out of ideas.

In all seriousness, plenty of people are ready and willing to tell you which religions are so bad they deserve to be banned. Many Christians have said this of Islam, pointing out that thier secred text says that women are worth less than men. And clearly, that's bad when taken literally. It's also tough talk coming from a christian. I presume I don't need to list examples of things the bible supports but would horrify contemporary peoples. Even sacred texts reflect the times in which they were written, edited, or translated. Duh. That's why you're supposed to do a new one every couple hundred years...and why it sucks that people are so resistive to change. I know plenty of pagans who are outspoken anti-christians, usually becuase of their own negative experiences with pushy family members, or excessive dogma. And of course many atheists think anybody with a religion is a little bit crazy.

In the past, Elton has also come out (so to speak) about "Cafeteria Christians" which purportedly indicates someone who "picks and chooses" what tennants of a religion to follow. According to him and others, this is bad. This could also be called "thinking with your brain." For example, while the Catholic ideology teaches condemnation of gays, it is still possible to have been raised Catholic and not beleive this. Does this make you less of a Catholic? Or does this make Catholicism less applicable to modern society? Or does it mean that you have to change churches whenever you change your mind? I don't really know, as pagans generally just use words like 'solitary' and 'eccelectic' to explain their picky choosy ways. And that's totally cool by me.

Claiming that religion causes violence is just silly. I don't think anyone would argue that the purpose of religion is to give people reasons to hate, or to kill. I've always thought religion is how we answer questions that science has no answers for yet. From the constellations to what happens when we die, religion helps us be less afraid. It helps us feel that there is power greater than ourselves, and that the things we do have meanning in some larger sense. Maybe none of that is true and we just need to beleive it, but in either case, it's not about hate.
Saying that religion is the cause of hate is like saying Jodie Foster is responsible for the Reagan assasination attempt, or that cable TV makes teenagers want to have sex. Just because violent people use violent book passages as excuses for violence, doesn't mean there is any causality. I know plenty of people who love both gays and Jesus, even if Elton John doesn't hasn't met them. I'm sure it's frustrating as hell not to be able to be legally married to your partner. It's ridiculousness of the highest order. Again, just because people are using the christian bible as an excuse to persecute, doesn't mean that Jesus would have approved. I've never met him, but I imagine he'd be pissed to learn that people have been hating and persecuting him his name.

And finally, "religion" does not mean Christian, Judeo-Christian, Western, Eastern or any other branch of religion. It means any religion. So when you say "religion...blah blah blah" you're talking about every kind of organized spirituality. So you may wish to be more inclusive...especially when your point is that "religion" is not inclusive enough.

While I'm talking about Elton, I'll ask why he hasn't put out but one decent song since the 80's (and I dont' mean that Lady Diana claptrap either). Seriously Elton, what up wit dat?!?

Lastly, I'll mention that I broke 21K today in my NaNoWriMo novel. Woot!
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Why am I drinking a lemon soda when I only have a few left since the store was out of them? Because I finished another chapter, and I always have a lemon soda when I finish a chapter. Of course today I deserve an super extra double size soda, because I have finished my latest manuscript about the cute fat girl figuring out how to assert herself. Wheeeee!


There will be some editing, but not so much as you might think.
Shouldn't take more than a few weeks, which will give me enough time to plan out my NaNoWriMo novel for November. I have a swell idea that I toyed with last summer. But I can't tell you's; it's a secret.

Tomorrow I'm headed up north to boat and be outside for the Equinox.
Wheeee! again.

LOL That sounds totally accurate!!
Your English Skills:

Grammar: 100%
Punctuation: 100%
Vocabulary: 100%
Spelling: 70%
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People used to say that you should never talk about three things in public: religion, politics, and...actually, I forget the other one. They are not considered appropriate subjects for "polite" conversation. Myself, I'm not usually too concerned about the social acceptance of my conversation for the simple face that when I'm conversing I'm almost always around people I consider friends.
I assumed that when people declared these topics "impolite" it was because people often feel strongly about them and some nasty, ugly disagreements can follow. Anyone who is paying attention to current politics knows that people get intensely divisive about such things. I consider that a good thing in theory, but a bad thing at parties.

So what's my point? I've decided that talking about the specifics of your religion in public is um...I don't want to say rude because that's a judgment call. But it's almost always TMI. I'm not talking about philosophical debate or comparison, nor am I suggesting that anyone should not divulge or explain their belief system to INTERESTED parties. Lately though, I find a lot of people telling me about how Jesus fills their heart with love and keeps them sober, or how they spent the last six months preparing to cleanse their altar tools to better commune with the Life Force. I do not wish to hear the your ten exciting uses for menstrual blood, nor uplifitng reasons to buy Chick Tracts. I have no interest in people's private, personal religious goings on. I suspect that when people make it a point to openly discuss such things, it's a showy and/or prideful way of letting everyone know how devout they are. To my mind, this goes against the very idea of spirituality, which is to recognize the deity within (or find a path to deity if that's your thing). This does not require an audience.
In a way, I liken it to discussing sex. By all means, mention that you got laid if you want to. But I don't want to hear all about which positions and how well they worked, your amazing erection, or the fact that you like to get spanked because you had a mad crush on your buxom nanny as a kid. And I'm not even saying not to talk about it--I'm merely suggesting that you not assume everyone is interested.

In more interesting bloggings, here's a Friday Five invented by me, userinfowednes (elephants are smart, loyal, matriarchal and have long excellent memories. any other similarities I have to an elephant you may feel free to keep to yourself)

Five Facinating Sites that you prolly didn't know about:

1. Ever wonder what happened to the cast of FREAKS? Well, wonder no more!!

2. Do you know ALL the symbolism in American Pie? You can totally find out.

3. Where can I get a list of words that have been taken out of the dictionary? Why, right here!

4. Doesn't anyone offer a tutorial in L33t Sp34k? Yes in fact, and it's the BBC.

5. Let's say that you can't reach me during some kind of zombie emergency. Who would you call next? Why, the Federal Vampire and Zombie Agency, of course.
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It's been awhile, I know, but happily it's time for another edition of Consumer Product Watch:

I happened to taste this grape alcohol drink last week or so, and it was really good. Didn't taste boozy at all. Of course, my tolerance for alcohol is so low, that this one bottle was making me feel drunk. Reason # 908 why I drink almost never. Sadly though, I forget what it's called. I think it was a Smirnoff thing; it was not a wine cooler. Those are for losers. Anyway, it comes in a clear bottle shaped like a beer bottle and the stuff is as grape as grape can be. Purple grape candy, not real grapes. Dang...what's is called?

Doritos is doing it's best to make you crave them. Of course, I have always revered the Potato Chip over the Corn Chip. But some of these new Dorito flavors are hard to resist. The Black Pepper Jack is very yummy and flavorful without tasting like the same damn "nacho" dorito you've been eating since you were 10. By the way, what exactly is "nacho" cheese? Is it a type of cheese, or is it simply what happens to cheese when you involve it with corn chips? Taco Bell uses nacho cheese. I could ask them, and they'd probably have to tell me--with a smile. At Taco Bell, smiles are free. Anyway, the Firey Habanero chips are quite remakably hot for being mainstream. This is rather a recent trend in commercial foodstuffs: actually making things HOT. I support it. Really, I do.

Chocolate Avalanche Payday. Hershey has always led the US in terms of developing delicious candy bars. Who among you remember the joy that ensued after the Nutrageous was invented? My buddies were practically dancing in the street. The Payday bar was something of an anomaly because it contained no chocolate. It's ad campaign used to tout that it didn't need chocolate to be delicious. Well, that philosophy has gone the way of 7up, with chocolate covered Payday. I daresay it's the most innovative chocolate enrobing since the Chocolate Covered Twinkie.

And finally, if you still dont' own a tiny replica of The Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile, you can buy one here.

Happy Holiday to all my Thelemite friends who are celebrating today. I intend to do a bit of merrymaking myself. For the rest of you, here is a tiny snippet from The Book of Law, Chapter Three:

Fear not at all; fear neither men nor Fates, nor gods, nor anything.
Money fear not, nor laughter of the folk folly,
nor any other power in heaven or upon the earth or under the earth.
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Woke up relatively early this morning. I've been doing that lately. It's helping me be more productive in everything except writing and editing...which I am accustomed to doing in the wee hours of the night. We had to be up in time to make the noon showing of V for Vendetta at the Showcase so we could be back in time for my first ever in-person visit with extraordinary Simpsons fan, [ profile] derekfz. Purportedly, he'll be here in an hour or so.

Anyway, V for Vendetta was better than The Matrix. Much, much better. And here's why: (mild spoilers) ) And for once, nobody was loud or obnoxious during the film. And I got those little corndog bites I love so well.

My Illustrated copies of both Angels and Demons and Salem's Lot finally arrived today. Yay for that.
Whooo. I'm also reading a book called The Black Arts which is an old-school black magic primer (not a grimoire) from 1967. This is an original hardcover that so far is an intriguing and surprisingly good read. It was also a gift from K and N, whom I'll be vacationing with this weekend.
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1. I seem to have a troll from the UK. Not any more intelligent than our home-grown trolls.

2. The Nervous Witch is one of those wonderfully stupid Chick Tracts designed to teach you how everyone who doesn't witness for Jesus is a terrible, terrible person. This one is especially funny and delightful because it's so laughably wrong. It also warns people of the growing menace of Harry Potter. Because all Harry Potheads hate Jesus, love Satan, and enjoy swearing at their moms--because who's gonna stop them? Jesus? *menaical laugh* Enjoy!!

3. Paul bought us a fabulous lunch at La Shish which is far and away my new favorite restaurant. Anyone who wants to impress me should take me there. It is both the best lemonade, and best caesar salad I have ever had. And kibbee? You bet. Better hommus and babaganoj than Whole Foods. And better service than any place since Aloha Grille went under. And no, get that, NO screaming children. I'm guessing because American children don't know enough to love Mediterranian Food.

4. Several of you informed me about this new children's book about marijuana. Really. It's Just a Plant is currently sold out due to it's intelligent, informative line on pot, pot laws, and pot use. Good, strong stuff here...the book, not the pot. Anyway, I want a copy and I think anyone with a kid should have one too.

5. Bill Paxton. I love him. He's in the frakin' Fish Heads video for crying out loud. There is no end to his cool. If you didn't already love him because of Near Dark, Aliens, Weird Science, Boxing Helena, Titanic or would have to love him because of the genius that is Frailty. This is a fave of mine since it deals with many of my favorite topics: murder, religion, insanity, and nefarious deeds. Mmmmm...nefarious deeds...
Bill can now be seen on the surprisingly entertaining Big Love on HBO. I really suggest you catch it, since HBO's prices for buying DVD's would have to be lowered considerably to be called highway robbery.

6. My illustrated copy of 'Salem's Lot will be here soon. I love everything there is to do with this story. I love the short story that inspired it, the novel, the Tobe Hooper directed miniseries, even the new miniseries had lots to like about it. Why do I love it when I'm not huge into Vampires? I should think you would know that I love it because they are only vampires in the technical sense. For the most part, they are zombies. And boy, do I love zombies.

7. I am behind on my writing and will have to get caught up before I go on vacation next week. Otherwise, I'll have to edit while I'm there. I'm moving away from the frantic produce at all costs pace of NaNoWriYear. I really need to do a good strong edit of What to do About Franklin that cannot be measured in word count. Duh. By NaNoWriMo time, I should have the tentatively titled Kitten Claws outlined and ready to go. Funny how I didn't appreciate the value of a makeshift outline until my mid 30's. Actually, it would be more accurate to say they are character summaries and chapter synopses than outlines.

8. I'll cut the late but hilarious Friday Five )
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Okay, so I got offered a job interview at Concordia College, which is a small private college very near me.

The listing I answered was a different listing than what they have on their website.

Let's Compare and Contrast, shall we? )

I realize that they are a private college, but is it really legal to require such a thing? This is even more annoying than Comcast and their "what do you do when you're not at work" style drug test.

Too bad, too. I have great respect for sincere Christians who actually follow the teachings of Jesus.
Plus, I really need a damn job.
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I've had a fairly ordinary couple of days. My holiday shopping is done, I even have a Christmas dinner planned since H will be here for once. I forgot that he takes the actual day Christmas more seriously than I; so I'm going to make sure to recognize his day. We're having chicken parmesan.

I didn't do anything special for the Longest Night of the Year. I wrote, went online, talked to some people, had dinner, and watched TV. No big whoop.

It makes me angry whenever I pay attention to the news, so I don't. I haven't noticed that the Patriot Act has been extended for no good reason. I'm trying to let go of my disgust for Bush's absurd and blatantly self-serving pandering. He makes me physically sick to watch anymore. I weep for the country I love. Although, I admit, I have to laugh (again) at the utter ridiculousness of Rick Santorum. Everyone involved in this particular bit of news is so ridiculous, I don't even know where to begin the pointing and laughing.

And now...a few words on so-called intelligent design )

I've also been reading a lot of posts from people who "hate Christmas". To them I say, if you hate it so much, why are you paying so much attention to it? Seriously, stores are only slightly more garish and crowded. People are arguing about petty crap and stressing out only a tad more than they usually do. Yeah, that music they play sucks, but (ipods are plentiful and) you don't really have to listen to it.

In all seriousness, here is a list of solutions to common holiday problems )

LiveJournal Username
Do You Celebrate Christmas?
What Would You Really Like?
Will Buy You The Best Prezzies!man_bites_dog
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Best PresentMP3 Player
Worst PresentApple
People Who Like You Enough To Get You Prezzies
Fun Quizzes by Sarah at BlogQuiz.Net
Scorpio Horoscope at DailyHoroscopes.Biz

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I saw this tree out the window and had to get dressed, go out there and take some pictures of it. It was just that beautiful. Of course my picture doesn't really do it justice, but since I took it, I figured I might as well post it. It was still snowing out, obviously. Most of them turned out like big spotty blobs. But not so much this one:

Having to hear noisy neighbor children is almost worth it when I go outside and see something like this:

Snowmen made by neighbor kids.

Ah, seasons. There really are no bad ones!
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Wednesday the Witch
Wednesday the Witch

Halloween 2005. This is the costume I wore for Kassy's Halloween bonfire.

And as an added bonus, here is a pic of H doing what he loves best.

H and the PSP
H and the PSP

This is an especially cute pic of H playing the PSP.

In other news, we decided not to go to the Night of the Living Dead musical. It will probably suck, and sitting in a folding chair for 2 hours in my zombie costume would most defintely suck. Besides, I dress up like a zombie all the damn time anymore...

We are going to try to get IMAX tickets to see Harry Potter on opening day. I could be, however, that we have already waited too long. We are going opening day regardless. It's pretty cool having the new HP so close to my birthday; that hasn't happened since Chamber of Secrets, which seems like a very long time ago. Anyway, they are cutting half an hour out for the IMAX showing, so we'll have to see it in a regular theatre too. That reminds me, I want a new Harry Potter gif. Anyone know where i can find a good one?
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Here are some things I find interesting, maybe you will too:

Reece's "Creamy" Peanut Butter Cups taste exactly the same as regular cups.

Lays makes Curry Garlic flavored potato chips now. They are tasty, like all potato chips. But all in all I'd have to call them fairly unremarkable. I guess I'm more interested in the thought process behind such a product. Does the average dumbass american even know what curry tastes like?

Rob Zombie is so sexy. Just reminding you all.
He's on some show right now where some asshole is trying to climb out of a coffin buried in the ground with wet dirt on top. Yeah...good luck a-hole! Seriously, if he lives I'm declaring shenanegans.

I'm stoked for the movie Red Eye. Wes Craven is due for a hit, and Cillian Murphy is just delightful.

I thought our modem was broken. But it turns out H just plugged it into the outlet that goes to the light switch. Duh?!? But I sleuthed it out and have my delicious cable modem internet once again.

I put up the rest of my posters today. I forgot I even had that sweet poster of Micky and Mallory Knox. It's awesome!! Plus my old "Area 51" poster is back up. Wheee!

Went to the dollar store today to get some miscellaneous crap: Bubbles, chip clips, chocolate, crazy glue, candles and a pencil sharpener. Dollar stores, like Comedy Central, have improved greatly since my first encounters with them. I also went to the fabric store to get some new altar cloths. Now I have a nice white satin one. Turns out, one yard is the precise size I needed.


Jul. 15th, 2005 01:01 am
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I must tell you, I blame many people for my obsessive reading on Grizzlies and Grizzly Bear attacks over the last day or so. First, I blame Timothy Treadwell for being so flamboyantly bear-loving and attracting attention to both sides of the issue. Side one being that bears are cool and people should like them. Side two being that like active volcanoes, bears may hurt you if you try to hug them.

Getting freindly with other pagans has certainly acquainted me with the noble bear. Plus seeing the black bears up close with K and N on vacation was utterly amazing. If a black bear attacks you, you could very well die. If a brown bear attacks you, you will almost certainly be killed and eaten.

In fact, Brown Bears (also called Grizzlies in case you don't watch nature shows) are among a very elite group of animals that actually will attack and kill humans for food. Unlike sharks who generally let us go after one bite, and snakes who will poison us but cannot possibly eat us...when male brown bears kill people they are usually found to be starving later on. Then of course, there is the whole mama bear protecting the cubs thing. But that is pretty obvious and not really unique to bears although they are damn good at that whole thing.

Anyway, I won't post it here because I can't quite bring myself to; but if you google "Grizzly Attack" there is a most horrible picture of a guy whose leg has been pretty much devoured by a bear. Coudl be Treadwell, could be not. Probably not because it doesn't say. In case you can't tell, I'm fascinated by this.
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So a few minutes ago I was talking to [ profile] psychswitch on the phone so he'd know when we're going to see Land of the Dead. Someone knocked on the door, and the dog started going all crazy so I had to see who it was. It turns out, it was these two guys from the Baptist church handing out those little fliers they have. Not the good ones like comics, but the regular ones inviting us to come worship with them.

Without even thinking I was like, "Oh, no...well, I'm a witch. Thanks." I showed them my tatoo and was like, "Thanks guys, really. But I'm good." They wished me a good evening and left. Suddenly, I found that very funny.

Me, Halloween 2004

Maybe because my tat is in some ways "Protective". And today, it protected me from an intrusive assault by the local baptists. Could you imagine if you were having a gathering and just randomly started knocking on doors inviting people? *shudder*
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Crochety old man made new Pontiff. Promises more of the same...but not as fun. Pope Benedict XVI, it seems, has had it up to here *indicates mitre* with the liberalism and acceptance of other cultures propagated in contemporary society.

He's sick and tired of women working outside the home (in trousers, no less), people having sex and forming families with those they love (unless of course their union is bathed in the loving light of Christ--who never did take a wife, BTW), and people seeking deity in ways unsanctioned by him and his friends from work. Sounds like he's going to begin his new gig by condemning a whoooooole lot of people. Should be just the image builder the church has needed since everyone found out they passively sanctioned the rape and molestation of hundreds of children.

Seriously, this guy is going to set them back 100 years.
And for the Catholic Church, that means the 1700's.

I hear people saying "well, he's 78...he won't be around too long". But it's not like this guy's going to be doing any manual labor. Those poor Catholics could be in for 20+ years of ultra conservative diddley.

Think I'll pop some corn, pull up a comfy chair and just watch people flock away from The Church.

but before I go, a word about the sacrement of Confirmation )
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I'd like to preface this by saying that while I am not one of those annoying, self important PETA people, I love bears for thier wisdom, constancy, loyalty, resoucefulness...I could go on all day. And I really thought there was something wonderful and magical afoot when I saw the first pic of this bear and her mom. Even if it is not a true albino, a white "black" bear is a remarkable thing.

Remember these guys? Remember these guys?

An albino black bear is a rarity, but as the photographs displayed above attest, an infant bear of that uncommon variety is what people started spotting near the Chemawawin Cree Nation in Manitoba (about 250 miles northwest of Winnipeg) around May 2004. Visitors to the area began reporting to conservation officials that they had seen the snow-white cub roaming the First Nations community with its mother amidst a pack of black bears, sending tourists flocking to Oscar's Point at the northern tip of Lake Winnipegosis to catch a glimpse of the unusual little bruin.

Unfortunately, the cub's celebrity ultimately helped bring about a tragedy that befalls many bears. Visitors began feeding the mother and her cub, acclimatizing the bears to humans and their food, and on 11 July 2004 the mother was struck and killed by a vehicle as the pair of bruins was being fed by highway motorists. The female cub, unlikely to survive on its own, was subsequently taken to a new home at the Assiniboine Park Zoo in Winnipeg. Its light-colored fur had already begun to darken by then, indicating that the cub was not a true albino but rather, as sometimes happens with black bears, was born with a temporarily white coat that gradually darkens as the animal matures. (pic and text courtesy of

How is it possible that anyone could be old enough to drive without having heard the expression: Do Not Feed the Bears!??!?

"Hey, that bear looks different, let's use the power of human stupidity to fuck up it's life," said the masses.

I fucking hate human beings sometimes.
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hey kids!

I'm going to a party for the solstice in just a little while. I made a blueberry muffin cake and some yummy honey butter for us to spread on things. Plus I'm bringing my cards so i can read for people today, I'm in that sort of mood.

I'll be glad to have longer days, I think I may be turning into one of those people who enjoys sunlight. Normally, I'm a hard core night person, but it might be nice to have more balance in that regard.

Simpsons is already a rerun tonight. I guess that makes sense, since they had a Christmas ep last week. It works out well for me, since I won't be home to tape it. Still, I could do with 52 new eps a year. it s a good show, Duh!

Not big on trust, eh?

What is Your Shakespearian Tragic Flaw?
brought to you by Quizilla

Gave H his birthday gifts today. A Liberty video T-shirt, hawking book about time travel, graphic novel, Coppolas dracula on DVD, final Fantasy X-2, and another PS2 game with pitfall and river raid, kaboom, spider fighter and a bunch of stuff i can play with him. he always wants me to play PS2 with him, but I'm so crappy at most every game. So hopefully we'll have fun with that.

this new thing Ryan did to his computer is awesome. its like I have my own computer with my own preferenes, desktop and stuff. And my own AIM acount so his freinds will stop trying to befreind me (kidding).

And who knows, I might go see that movie everyone is talking about this week. With the short guys and some ring or something.

Good Solstice to all my pagany readers!

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