Jul. 15th, 2016 01:54 am
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It's time once again for me to address some of the utter crap that's been going around the Internets of late, mostly to get it off my ample chest. Because people are lazy and mean and dumb, and I like to think I'm smarter, more active, and kinder than most (based on no factual evidence, just me and my intellectual vanity wishing). For the purposes of this post, I shall refer to the Internet as if they are a cohesive collective--while knowing that, of course, they aren't.

Internet: "Why do they have to remake everything?"
Wednes: "For money. Movies are a business. Businesses work to make money. Duh."

Internet: "Can't Hollywood think of anything new and original???"
Wednes: Can't YOU? You say this same shit every goddamn time a remake comes out. Besides, originality is not the same as good. How many times have we seen a cool new concept squandered by mediocre filmmaking or a godawful screenplay? #Pixels You might as well say "Why do they have to base so many movies on books? Can't they write their own?"

--Pokemon Go!
Internet: "People shouldn't be playing this game in [place where serious historical things have happened]. It's disrepectful."
Wednes: No, they probably shouldn't be. So why are there catchable animals hiding at these places?

Internet: "This is stupid. Why are adults doing this when [tragic world event that commenter has done nothing about] is going on?!?"
Wednes: If you think adults playing a fun game is stupid, how exactly would you categorize going online to complain about it? Also, complaining about others doing something other than charity work is just empty preening bullshit unless you posted it while simultaneously doing charity work.

Internet: "MY RUINED CHILDHOOD?!?!11/1!?!?!"
Wednes: If this is the thing that ruined your childhood, I don't know how to adequately express how charmed your life must have been or how fucking batshit stupid you are now. Remakes do NOT ruin the original thing; and they certainly don't ruin the first time you watched it. If you're honestly letting this "ruin" anything for you, you're a mewling child looking for reasons to feel wronged. Here, I'll help: Happy Holidays!

Internet: "They're making it with women just to be PC."
Wednes: So now it's "PC" to acknowledge that women do things? The only reason to depict women as anything other than a love interest, sex object, or funny fat friend is because of "political correctness?" We must be up to 5% female lead characters at this point in movie history--and it's astounding how many dudebros feel legit threatened by that. Yes, you all go right on telling yourselves that female characters (along with racial minorities, gay/bi/trans folk, those with disabilities, etc) are only in movies to appease whiners. Congratulations. You just demonstrated that many types bias are alive and well, while announcing that you'd prefer that we not do anything about that.

[specific demographic of the] Internet: "I happen to think ALL lives matter, because I'm not racist."
Wednes: That's bullshit, and I think you know that it's bullshit. Anyone who says this is willfully missing the point. This can only be because they honestly believe that there's no problem with police and racial profiling, police and the murder of minorities, or minorities and the criminal justice system at large. They have to feel it's appropriate that for-profit prisons to create a demand for prisoners that is then met by railroading poor people (mostly, though surely not all) minorities and at-risk populations. People who are offered 18 months instead of 10 years for crimes they didn't commit--and who take pleas so they don't risk missing their kids growing up. People who get a total of 7 minutes to discuss their case with their PD. Anyone who believes in #AllLivesMatter seem to miss the point that responding to cries of "Stop Murdering Us" with 'Come on, you guys have to be exaggerating. Cops have never done that to me or any of the middle-class white people I know.' IS goddamn fucking racist. Even if you think all the cops in all those videos are justified. Even if you think every last victim deserved to be murdered because they moved their hand, refused to put out their cigarette, or "didn't comply" quickly and humbly enough. It's still racist to respond to "Please Don't Shoot" with "This isn't a big deal, and I'm sick of hearing about it." Beyond racism, it just makes you an asshole.
Stop being an asshole.

[specific demographic of the] Internet: Cop Haters shouldn't call a cop if they need one, because doing so makes them hypocrites.
Wednes: There's a world of difference between "hating cops" and hating that murderers get to wear cop uniforms and get paid by taxpayers even after they murder someone. It's not hating cops to be disgusted that there are otherwise good cops who cover for and defend those that aren't. Everybody knows that there are good cops and bad cops, just like every job has good or bad employees. It's just that cops are given guns and permission to use their discretion to kill if they need to. That means they deserve more scrutiny than those of us who aren't. You're not being kind to the good ones by pretending the bad ones don't exist--nor are you hating on good cops by acknowledging that they do.

There. Now I feel better.


Nov. 16th, 2013 10:36 pm
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I'm getting much closer to figuring out the epub and mobi conversions for my beautiful magazine layouts. Turns out, I just have to make 2 different versions of each issue so the epub and mobi will look as awesome (though different) than the pdf. It would be nice if pdfs were easier to read on Kindles and stuff. Personally, I find them difficult to read on mine. The letters are so tiny.

"I'll be fine. Besides, if I get raped it'll be my fault for what I'm wearing." Mark Wahlberg as John Bennet in 'Ted'
Ted is a hilarious movie. I enjoy it more every time I watch.

I have lost my baking mojo. The last few things I made from scratch have not turned out. I tried to make another batch of butterscotch blondies and they tasted ghastlier than a thousand ghouls. I literally threw away an entire pan of brownies. They were seriously inedible.
For the party, I'm using box mixes until I can figure out how to get my baking mojo back.

Oh yeah, my annual party is this coming Saturday--November 23rd.
I'm hoping that people just aren't RSVPing, because very few people have and I'm never prepared for the possibility that people don't enjoy my company.
I'm awesome, right? RIGHT?!?
Anyway, I invited the usual ton of people. It's open-house style, so peeps will most likely be wandering in and out from 6pm until 2am or so.
I'm making a chocolate hazelnut cheesecake trifle, and a big thing of queso dip. Plus I imagine people will bring a few things.

Finished MaddAddam, which is the 3rd in a trilogy by the great Margaret Atwood. God damn, that chick is brilliant. Such elegant writing, it's almost unworthy of some of the characters. Fuck those Painballers, seriously. It didn't end as tragically as I expected, but after reading GRRM, if a single person lives or doesn't get tortured, it seems happy and/or hopeful.

I decided today that if I could be anyone else for one day, I would be Queen Latifah. Because, duh.

WayWard Manor has been pushed back until March 2014 because they just got a whole bunch more of money. I'm stoked to give it a whirl. H says he's gonna play it with me.
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Feeling a little sad that American Horror Story is gone for another year. If you missed my Character Retrospective, you should totally check it out. I reviewed each and every episode this season, and in case you're late to the party--I'm damn witty.
You may not even realize that you totally care what I think.
But you do...

Also reviewing Ripper Street and The Following. Ripper Street is shaping up to be really good. The Following is a couple of awesome actors doing their best with some preposterous and shitty writing. I liken Kevin Williamson's "dramatic surprises" to bird poop, in that they drop out of nowhere, with no real importance except to irritate the fuck out of you.
Plus, if everything I know about the FBI comes from watching TV, I shouldn't know way more about it than someone who is writing, directing, and producing a show that features the FBI prominently. Kevin Williamson doesn't know how to write dialogue for grown-ups either. It's also painfully, upsettingly obvious who the secret mole is.

The rest of this week is finishing the new Stig & The Puppetman, working on Millicent Mixter and a little bit of paid marketing work. I'm supposed to go get blood taken, but I keep not feeling like it. Plus, everyone outside is sick. Thinking I might watch this copy of John Dies at the End I scored. Then I can write a review of it.

Stumbled over an ad for a part-time day-job I'm looking in to, just because I think it would be enormous fun. It combines a cool combination of things I used to do, but only stuff I liked. Hint: I once worked for a magician.

I sort of wish I was good at video games. That new Aliens: Colonial Marines game looks pretty badass. I might get it for H so I can watch him play.


Dec. 18th, 2012 02:58 pm
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Still crawling out of my angry depressed black hole. Wanted to get some stuff out of the way early so I could get some work done. No dice. Tired. Blah.

The Dexter finale was okay, but didn't settle much.
Gave H his birthday pressies last night since he's working on his actual birthday.

He got:
A Phillies T-shirt
Doctor Who Illustrated Dictionary
Dead Island for PS3.

Funnily enough, Dead Island instructions and characters read almost exactly like Left 4 Dead. Don't gamers get sick of that?

Finished 3 flavors of lip BLAM (peppermint patty, cherry cordial, lime in the coconut) and then ten 1oz pots of chest rub. It's gonna say on it Zom-Balm. "A shot to the head...cold." Hahahahahahaa! Gonna make a few cakes or cookies and send them out to fam with the balms. Cool, eh?
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Got up today, prepared to do my last 8 articles for the week. After that, I was gonna be free to work on Stig and the Puppetman, which is due at the end of the month. After that, would have been Millicent Mixter. But I got hit up for some emergency work, and had to do six articles today on subjects I knew nothing about. So it actually took longer than the 8 I was going to write--and which I now have to write tomorrow. Boo!
I don't know when I'm gonna have time to work on the trailer. Tomorrow is already Wednesday, plus I'm not going to get anything done Saturday as I have a thing I'm going to. Yikes.

On the plus side, this is the last week I have to do three reviews a week. In the future, I'm not going to do more than two, though one is preferable in addition to what I do for ZZN. I need to pitch the sex site I'm writing for, though they haven't put up my last article yet. Any topics you want to see? They seem to like lists. Damn, but kinda lazy and fluffy, ya know?

Picked myself out a new knife. It's supposed to be here tomorrow. A box of stuff from Amazon came today, which turned out to be stuff for me, from H. We have a $40 budget for birthdays, so he got me some stuff from my wish list. A replacement copy of Raving Rabids to replace the one I loaned Cindy. This one has more games on it though, so Yay! We have a riot playing Wii--usually on Sunday afternoons. Also, the original Clash of the Titans and a DVD of Tommy which I love. And Twilight Zone: The Movie which is both famous and infamous.
Poor Vic.
And finally, this glorious thing. I've wanted this zombie book for some time now, and it's even better in person than it looked online. I loves it!

For H's birthday, which is 25 days from now, he's getting the 11th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver. It makes the right noise, and lights up, and is an actual screwdriver. Badass, right? He's also getting a Bugs Bunny T-shirt and a crazy hot bottle of hot sauce. He gets a new hot sauce from me every year.

Made a batch of chocolate peppermint lip balm. Well, I attempted to do that. I actually made an oily mess that had to be discarded, along with $16 worth of blank tubes. Drag. I had a bum recipe, and have done a bunch of research. This weekend, I'll buy new blank tubes and try again. We shall see... I also want to do a batch of cherry, and some cold balm with eucalyptus, lemon, tea tree, that sort of thing.
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I'm actually sort of torn on this one. There are two:
In 2003, my friends at the Madtone, the theatre that I worked for at the time, pitched in and got me the Queasy Bake Oven. It required a bunch of people chipping in and someone driving all the way to the toy store. Also, it came with the most pornographic hand made card I have ever seen in my life.

You see, [ profile] klynnfrost had one of those cameras that took tiny pictures with sticky on the back. So there were all these bodies cut out of porno mags but with the faces of my coworkers pasted on them. It was goddamn hilarious.
Sadly, H was moritifed. He didn't even want the card in the house when his sister came to visit. So, it was dismantled and the coworker pics were time capsuled for safe keeping. I still have them in the box where I keep old movie ticket stubs and temporary tattoos.
Also, that was the year that my Hot Hot Boss sang me a song. *sigh*

The second best gift ever was, as you might expect, my Xbox, which I got last year. It seems that one of my friends knew me even better than I did. I could never have predicted how riotously fun that thing is. Riotously. Plus, it was totally thoughtful and extremely unexpected.

For the record: H always buys me wonderful, thoughtful gifts that he carefully researches before buying. He is a very careful shopper who does not make rash choices on stuff he buys. Ever. Unlike me who stays up for 26 hours straight and then wonders how these $80 charges from Amazon and Holy Clothing got on H's bank card. Stupid Internets. I guess it's H's careful attention to detail that makes it so that one particular birthday gift does not stand out. They're all just so awesome. My first birthday together with H, he bought me a Gameboy Color back when that was THE handheld game system. He has also bought me a Vincent Price figure, a Death Row Marv from Sin City, the Hitchcock box set, all sorts of cool stuff. He doesn't mess around. He has even bought me pagan books despite his personal objections to witchery.

Honestly though, the coolest thing about having birthdays is that even at my advanced age, I can still throw myself a party and know that people I enjoy will show up. Corny as it sounds, true friends are the greatest gift.
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You ever window shop on the Internets and come across something that literally drops your jaw? The kind of thing that you are certain was created exactly, specifically for you by someone you've never met--or only met once in passing at a comic book store, for example? Such a thing happened to me just this minute.

Well this is one of those things.

I love the work of [ profile] evandorkin. Have since the early 90's when I discovered him while buying some Serial Killer Trading Cards. Milk and Cheese was the greatest and best discovery I made back in the days when I couldn't wait for it to be Tuesday so I could take the bus to Dave's Comics in Royal Oak and see what was new for the buying. I bought a ton of comics such as Ren and Stimpy, Simpsons, Night of the Living Dead (and Night of the Living Dead London, obviously), various serial killer and zombie comics, things from Vertigo, Slave Labor, something about a guy named Nod; basically whatever struck my fancy as I have no real nerdery when it comes to comics. I just knows what I likes. And I like Evan Dorkin very much, even when he took jabs at Matt Groening in the 90's when The Simpsons was still comedy gold every single week.

I wanted to post the pic for you's mainly because it's the coolest fucking thing I've ever seen. I want to bid on it, but likely will not for two reasons. One, H would flip his lid if I spent money on art given our current finances. Two, even if I could afford to spend some monies on art, the piece will almost certainly reach bidding levels way outside my range. You know what though? I'm just really happy that this piece exists somewhere in the world. And I still have Georgina (whose name should have been Sadie, but I digress) in comic book form sealed up nice in a mylar bag. So I guess I do have a bit of comic nerdery after all. ;-]

So yeah...I'm sure you get the idea. The real one has not had the photoshop ripple effect applied to it.

In other news, Zuma for the Xbox consumes me. It is way far fun. I just realized that we have more games for the Xbox than we do for the Wii, and we've had the Wii way longer. We do still play a lot of Sports, and Cooking Mama is really fun to play by myself.

And finally, today is the 74th birthday of Jim Dale. Not to be crass, but 74 is pretty old. If he's planning on reading Beadle the Bard for us, he really should get a move on.

If you enjoy music and things that are good, be sure to hip yourself to Vanessa Mae. She is a violinist who does this wild techno fusion stuff that blows my mind. She's on the iTunes (and the Limewire, but I'm kind of on this kick where I'm paying for music because it feels like the morally correct thing to do). But I'm hoping some peeps at my work will have some of her stuff I can borrow. Because you know, over 3/4 of my workplace is made up of string players.
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The Scene It! Leaderboards over at the Facebook:

As always, clicken to embiggen.

Yeah, that's right. I'm teh awesome!!
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Still having some trouble breaking 20 hours a week at work. They just aren't able to give me the hours right now. 'Tis a bummer. I'm waiting for the new gig at the marketing department to be developed so I can apply. Not sure how long that will take, as we're heading into our busy season soon.
My department's annual pre-busy-season meeting is tomorrow. They'll give us pizza and pop and prizes, because they appreciate and value us. It's nice.

Tomorrow is also my brother's birthday. I gotta send him an E-card, plus I'll probably call him. He gave us that game, Bully, for the Xbox. It's pretty funny thusfar. Just for fun, here's the post I made about my bro's birthday 5 years ago
Speaking of Xbox, I've been playing it a ton lately. Now that I can play with strangers on the internet, I'm developing a little reputation for myself as a stomping good Scene It! Player. They have a ton more stuff available for download now, real games and what they call Indie Games which are cheap little gamelets that regular people made. Like indie films, there seem to be 100 crappy ones for every good one. There are also a bunch of cool new clothing options which I refuse to pay for because that is dumb. Anyway, my new Xbox avatar is pretty awesome:

Tru Blood and Hung were both excellent this week. Bummer about Jessica.
In ridiculously exciting TV news Frank Darabont is making The Walking Dead comic into a TV show for AMC. I sort of wish HBO was doing it, but I shall try not to judge because this is really, really good news for zombie fans. Other good newses for zombie fans include Zombieland, Dead Snow, REC2, and whatever Romero is cooking up for us. Let's just hope it sucks less than Diary.

Coraline was absolutely wonderful. I kept waiting for it to be an anti-drug allegory about why real life is better than fantasy. But no, it was a beautiful, scary, brilliant fairy tale. I loved it so much I'll refrain from complaining about the perpetuation of the "evil witch" stereotype. I certainly can't deny that evil witches exist. Many of them are members over at [ profile] pagan. LOL We watched Coraline in 3D DVD, which I admit I was not crazy about. I'll probably watch is in a smaller number of D next time. Maybe 2.

And finally, I enjoyed Movits! so much that I bought the album on iTunes. It's great.
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My brother Mark came to visit H and I and join us for dinner. We had tossed salad with fresh mozzarella and a good red balsamic, then stuffed shells with italian sausage. Decadent and very tasty. For dessert, Sara Lee pound cake with a nice strawberry/blueberry reduction and some cool wHip. Yummy.

We planned to hang out and play a bunch of video games. I borrowed Wii Play so we could play some pool. H and I have been talking about getting set up for Wii Resort which is gonna be sweet. And Mark brought us Bully for the Xbox360 because he already beat it and thought we'd like to check it out. I also thought we'd play some SceneIt! and some PinballFX. And then...tragedy struck.

Our TV (which was a wedding present) has been having this problem where the top of it has some kind of weird reflection thing going on that messes up the top, oh say, 1/8 of the picture. H and I started talking half-assedly about what we might do when we finally need a new TV. Our TV turns itself off when you turn it on. Sometimes it goes so far as to make a little sound, then it shuts itself off again. Even when you unplug it, the "on" light continues to blink for a few seconds, then nothing. Sadly, it doesn't seem like there's any fixing it.

This is bad, because we enjoy TV. It's also bad because we can't afford a new one. There are a couple of shows I'm watching this summer, plus I've been wanting to catch up on some DVD's. What I didn't even realize until later was...get ready, it's awful...

Shark Week starts tonight.
And I have no TV.

Obviously this is not a big deal in the grande scheme of things. But right here, right now, at this present point in space and time? It sucks.

So if anybody wants to hip me to a cheap TV, do let me know.
Cable Ready
In good working order

EDIT 10:12pm hand-me-down 27" TV just arrived. Will set up tomorrow.
Many thousands of thanks to everyone who offered to help out.
You guys rule, and I really mean that!!


Jul. 27th, 2009 05:03 pm
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Do I seriously have to download a separate Freeware thingy just to edit animated gifs? I'm sorry, but that is stupid. I have the Adobe Creative Suite for heaven's sake! There's no reason on this Earth I shouldn't be able to edit gifs with it, but everything I'm finding online tells me that because Imageready is no more, that I can create my own gifs but cannot edit existing ones. That is punk, pos, bunk, and well, completely unacceptable. Am I missing something here?

Kinda worried about my new editor just because she doesn't seem to know much about basic document management. H pointed out that there are plenty of brilliant people who don't know dick about computers. That H, he's so smart.
Anyway, the draft is "done" and handed over to the editor officially. I just realized today that I wanted my MC to be a connoisseur of something he has merely mentioned a lot. So that's a bummer. Not a huge deal, but it will probably bug me forever now.

Tosh.0 is much, much funnier than it should be. It makes me almost want to Tweet. Not quite, but almost.

Thinking about downloading Stubbs the Zombie for Xbox360. It's not very expensive and it's gotten some great reviews. H cautioned me about it because I'm impatient when learning new games and give up easily if they are too complicated. Plus I don't really play video games by myself except on the GBA. Dead Rising was much too hard for me. Those guys in the jeep are dicks. I played a lot of Wii Sports alone when we first got it, but now it's mostly something H and I do together. We got a trial of PinballFX I think it's called. It's not like video pinball, it's like REAL pinball with a flipper delay and stupidly slanted table. I'm going to play it in a bit, actually.

Tonight I'm making chicken alfredo pasta with mushrooms and red peppers. Man, it's going to be tasty even as it is making us die of cholesterol. We're big fans of comfort food around here. Then later we're going to watch Prince Caspian because I've never seen it. I bet it's gonna be about Jesus.

Not sure why, exactly, but this is the best thing I ever saw:

I'm sorry, THIS is now the best thing I ever saw...
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We'll begin this post with some TMI )

The Book. It's pretty good, though I maintain that my medicated sanity really is keeping me from achieving perfection. I wish I had a lot more time, as I'm still ripping out chapters and replacing them during editing. As you know, it's taken me a long time to decide conclusively on a theme and therefore on various plot and character elements. I know where everything needs to go and be, but it's not very close to being there. I wish it wasn't coming out so soon. Plus, I still haven't heard from my new editor.

JoJo's new favorite thing in the world appears to be chinese fortune cookies wrapped in plastic. JoJo plays fetch, which is fucking weird for a cat, and aside from ponytail holders and milk cap rings, fortune cookies are his fave thing to fetch.

Was thinking of seeing Public Enemies today. Now that I know they've wasted both Johnny Depp and Christian Bale making a fucking action movie, I'm not going to bother. Methinks Michael Mann may have gone the way of John Carpenter--where there's virtually no way to tell if their latest film is going to be decent until you actually pay big money to see it.

Seeing [ profile] absinthofheart tonight, possibly with [ profile] mguto751975 who I haven't seen in ages. Plan is to get some nosh, play some Xbox360, and hang out. Should prove delightful. We may also check out the Hung pilot, as it's supposed to be awesome.

Okay, so back to the editing.
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Got to finish watching DayWatch, which is the sequel to the excellent Russian films NightWatch. I was pretty surprised at how much I liked it. I found both of these films more difficult to follow than an average American horror film--if indeed you'd call this film horror. It's got action and drama, romance and the supernatural. There's a lot going on, and it's all very involved. In the end, the two films fit together nicely and I was very glad I watched. So if you dug NightWatch, by all means catch the sequel.

[ profile] uterdic brought over the DVD of that Dr Horrible thing by Joss Whedon. You may remember that it basically made the internet blow up in crazy fandamonium when it came out. Having finally seen it, I can see why. Very creative, clever and funny. Plus Neil Patrick Harris totally has a Chris Masterson thing going on.

Hooked myself up with the new content for Scene it! BOS for the Xbox. It has 800 new questions, a new game mode, and was pretty cheap, about $7. I'm a fan of downloadable content to begin with, and this one was just excellent. We've also been exploring the wide world of vintage games for download. We played a bit of Sonic 3 which was originally for Sega. LOL, Sega...

There's a guy: [ profile] flemco who did the excellent cover design for my first novel. Happily, I was able to get him to do the book I'm working on now as well. He has a ballsy and entertaining journal of his own. He's written some short stories that I love. While I have purchased his first novel, I haven't read it yet. I'm on a moratorium from reading until I finish this manuscript. Anyway, he hipped his readers to the the most ingenious, hilarious and potentially offensive "gag gift" I've ever heard of. And I honestly can think of a few people who deserve it. So be sure to feast your disbelieving peepers on that.

Not completely sure why THIS creepy fucking thing disturbs me so much. Probably because she looks like a corpse. Anyway, you can move her with your arrow if she gets stuck, which she does occasionally.

Finally, since all the internet information I'm reading on Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is vague and contradictory, I've decided to go ahead and call the doc. Not really in the mood to be diagnosed with a new syndrome. But since I spend such an absurd amount of time at a keyboard (all day at work, all night at home), wrist braces should have been a consideration for me long ago. My understanding is that if I get on this right away it'll be easier to deal with. Let's hope so.
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We finally watched Pontypool which is an independent zombie movie made in Canada. I had no idea Canadians even knew about zombies. I imagine they've only come to know about them recently, which would explain many things about this movie.
I wouldn't say it was a "bad" movie, but I was disappointed. The premise was interesting, but nonsensical enough that it required more explanation to really develop my ability/desire to suspend disbeleif. They also used some unique and creative methods to deal effectively with their tiny budget. Again, nice try, but it didn't quite work for me. As far as bloody, cannibalistic zombies, you really only see one. In a so-called zombie movie, that's not nearly enough. Besides, zombie extras really don't cost that much. A good Ben Nye makeup kit only costs about $60 and they could have borrowed mine. ;-] There were some plot and character devleopments that I found frustrating and stupid. Plus I'm finding more and more that profanity alone does not an interesting dialogue make. All and all, I'm glad I watched it, but won't bother buying it. But someone must have liked it, as the sequel comes out in 2010. H enjoyed it more than I did, but his standards for horror are very different from mine.

Soeaking of H, I totally meant to mention something last week, but it slipped my mind. I completely forgot to mention that mine and H's dating anniversary was June 6th. That was the day, in 1999, that we decided to become an exclusive couple. Even though we are married now and will only be celebrating wedding anniversaries from now on--we wanted to make note of this one as it represents Ten Whole Years of Wednes and H!!! I honestly can't think of anything else in life that I've chosen to do for ten whole years.

Our intention is to buy ourselves a new video game. We must decide the following: Wii or Xbox, shooter or puzzle (or something else), and how much we really want to spend--less than $60 I should think. We're also open to suggestions. Left 4 Dead 2 doesn't come out until November. But we'll almost certainly be picking it up. It looks wicked awesome.
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Came into work today to a GIANT display of homeade chocolate candies up for grabs. I daresay, I had a few. They are also feeding us taco/nacho bar for lunch in honor of Cinco de Mayo. Don't think I've ever worked at a place that celebrated this holiday before, but I'm not complaining. I guess there will also be pinatas. I'll probably abstain from that.

We downloaded the Survival Pack for Left 4 Dead. If I do say so myself, it's bad ass. A whole new way to get killed by The Tank almost immediately. I even tried throwing a pipe bomb at that fucker and he still got me. Stupid tank. Anyway, it's riotous fun playing with H. We've also been playing a lot of Wii Tennis now that I've discovered that we can play on the same team against the computer. Neat!

Had to go to bed early last night, so I totally missed J.J. Abrams on Colbert. I'll be catching the replay at 8pm (missed Daily Show too). Also, I'm making chicken and corn bread stuffing for dinner because H really wanted it. Anyway, we're hoping to see Star Trek next Tuesday after I get off work. Plus LOST is almost done for the season. Abrams must be feeling awfully good round about now.
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I just finished watching one of the movies H got me for Valentine's Day called Frontier(s). was brutal and insane. One of those "ultra violent" movies that some people refer to as "torture porn." I don't care for that title, and wouldn't even call it Gornography because the whole movie is compelling enough that you don't want to miss a second.

Samuel Le Bihan appears as a buff Nazi that you're really not supposed to find sexy. Whoops. That's the only major actor I know of in the film, though everybody's acting was perfectly serviceable. There was a TREMENDOUS amount of brutality, though only minimal on the suspense and building of fear. The lead chick was pretty good, and you as a viewer are utterly convinced of her fear, trauma, grief, and revulsion. The film itself pays homage to many great horror movies--which is kind of the same as saying they did a lot that's been done before. Still, I enjoyed this movie and am glad to have it in my collection.

As for me, I've been trying to be reasonably productive today. I helped a friend with her resume, cleaned the kitchen somewhat, put away some laundry, and did some editing. I think I'll need to rewrite a few chaps of the serial killer so that a certain character has a more dramatic death. I also got permission from the world's greatest podcaster to go ahead and do my own novel podcast. I was kind of holding off until I could talk to him about that. Now I think I'm going to go ahead and invest in an H2 recorder from work. H just mentioned though, that I should check with the Publisher Guy before I do it.

My Xbox360 is having trouble going online. I earned a bunch of gamer points over the weekend and nobody knows about it because it won't update. In brighter news, I sold my old computer and gave half the money to H.
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Actually this icon has nothing to do with what I'm posting about. I just thought we could all use a small laugh. I know I can, I'm back to work today after missing a whole week due to illness. I have a doctor's note, but I still think work is pissed at me for missing all that time. We were busy, and I'm not the only one who called out. Bummer. Not sure how late I'm working today. Could be 1pm, could be 6pm. I have no idea because I haven't been in in a week.

Thanks to everyone who suggested new music for me. I discovered some awesome stuff, like Aesop Rock, Spoon, Michael Franti and Spearhead, MC Lars, The Slackers, The Raconteurs (though I also saw them on TV) and a few others. I just love discovering new tunes. A few of you even sent me mp3's via the Email, which was awesome. I look forward to hearing the collection [ profile] swayworn sent me yesterday as well.

Watched Pineapple Express last night. It was pretty funny, though very much paced for stoners. Not a problem for me, obviously, but not everyone enjoyed it as much as I did. Odd thing about Seth Rogan, since I like him I assumed he was roughly my age. No dice. In fact, he is 12 years younger than me, putting him around 26. Yikes! People that young shouldn't be that rich or talented, which is what [ profile] uterdic and I were just saying last night.

Racked up some video game achievements yesterday. Played Lips in freestyle mode, though I found that most of the songs on my iPod do not play on Lips. I have no idea why that is. Some of the ones that don't play are from CD's, some iTunes, and some from Limewire. I don't get why some work and some don't when they are all the same kind of AAC file. Anyway, we also played Left 4 Dead with [ profile] sudrin and some Scene It! Where I got beat by about 100 points. Unluckily for me, Scene It! gives sympathy points to those who are behind. Anyway, I've got 1200 gamer points now. Whooo!
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H and I watched a few decent movies while we were off work. Yesterday at the chili-cook-off we watched Kung Fu Panda. I had played the game, but not seen the movie. Now that I have seen it, I know that the game is going to get prettier and damn hard. It was an enjoyable film, even though I'm hit or miss with Jack Black. Sometimes he's really cool and others, just annoying.

Then last night when we got home, we got Get Smart! on demand. We had a hard time choosing between that and Hancock, but figured Steve Carrell would be a better watch than Will Smith. I enjoyed Get Smart! very much. I like seeing The Rock have small roles in big films, and the chick from Devil Wears Prada was 99. She is going to be the White Queen in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. Anyway, they did what H and I wanted, made Maxwell Smart self aware and competant. Laughs were secondary to a smart plot and compelling characters. It was much cleverer and better than we expected, given that it was a box office flop. I don't know if it was the male-male kiss that turned off audiences, or if the movie was just not what they expected. But we thought it was good. I wouldn't mind adding that and Kung Fu Panda to my collection eventually.

Almost done with Left 4 Dead's second campaign. We finished The Town last night, and are going for the campaign 2 finale today before H goes to bed. Sunday we're going to try to catch up with my brother and play with him in the afternoon. Hey, [ profile] sudrin, you in?

Book sales have been terrible. I have to figure out some ways to sell some damn books and get some signings. I wish we hadn't spent $700 running that damn commercial. We could have spent that money much smarter, I think. Plus it came, I found out later, out of H's new computer fund. What a guy, right? But I feel bad. Anyway, that is my task for 2009, finish the serial killer and sell some more of Sadie and Cat's Apprentice.

My NYE party was awesome fun, and now I'm off to shoot some zombies.
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Work was crazy busy yesterday, mostly with complaints and returns. Happily, I was able to chill some people out and fix some problems that were not remotely of my making. Then I came home and played Hexic.

I'm giving the zombie game a rest for a day or two, been having some vivid and horrible zombie nightmares. Last night we busted out the Wii and played some sports and some Raving Rabids, which is still pretty fun and which we still have not finished. I don't play story mode without H because I need him to do all the stuff that's too hard for me. ;-]

After I leave work today, I'm off work for three whole days, then back on Saturday. Tomorrow night is my annual NYE affair. This one promises to be small and casual. I've only got about 5 confirmed guests, and a ton of maybes. As such, there will be chips and dips, and I'm making some brownies.

Sadly, my apartment is reaching critical mass in terms of cat whiz. Pentelope keeps peeing in my hallway floor, so it's a mess or urine, some "miracle" cleaning product, febreeze, vinegar, and soap. I need to give the whole thing a good going over with a carpet shampooer. Cindy has one, but I'd hate to borrow it and give it back whiffing like wee.
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So I went onto Xbox 360 Live Arcade to see about downloading Tetris. I kick ass at Tetris and thought it would be a good way to up my gamer score. They only had something called Tetris Splash, which seems to involve underwater Tetris or something. Anyway, since I didn't really want to play $10 in microsoft points for it, I just got the free demo which lets you play for 5 minutes at a time. Lame, right?

And then...

It gave me, for free, a game called Hexic.
Apparently, it is by the same people who made Tetris. It's kind of a cross between Teris and Bust a Move, which I also loved.

Anyway, Hexic is awesome!!!

I can totally see myself getting addicted to it. It's turny and puzzley and delightful. And I can't beleive it was FREE!

BTW, anybody know why it was FREE?
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My buddy Steve brought over the most delicious pizza last night. It's an "off the menu" item from the pizza place he delivers for. I won't mention the name of the place so I don't get him in trouble. Anyway, it's a medium pizza crust stretched out to a large pizza so it's nice and thin without being crackery. Then you take a can of Hormel chili (no beans) and use that as the sauce. You cut up some kosher hot dogs and throw them on there with some onions and pizza cheese. Top the whole thing with some cheddar and bake. When it comes out of the over, you slap a little mustard on it and devour. It's like putting trash in your body, health-wise. But man is it tasty.

It's almost the end of December, which means I'll be back to writing soon. I'm also going to get more serious abut promoting Sadie and Cat's Apprentice. I need to get some signings and make some serious sales happen. People are responding so well to Cat's Apprentice that I'm feeling more comfortable asking for reviews and generally hyping the book. Right now I'm just reading over the Serial Killer manuscript so I'll have a better idea of what needs cutting when I get back to it in a week or so.

The Xbox, I have decided is not just a game system. It's a computer made specifically to play games on. But you can do regular AIM and internet stuff on it. Plus you can play games with people from all over. I'm kind of surprised by how much I'm enjoying this thing, since I've never considered myself a hardcore gamer of any kind. I think today I'm going to download a puzzle game. Also, I changed my Gamertag. It is now Wednes Fri. I hadn't realized you could use two words, but my brother is White McWhite (not sure why, I need to ask him).

I was over at imdb last night, being pissed that they are remaking Pet Sematary. I think the old one holds up just fine and you'll never do better than Fred Gwynne as Judd. But I digest. The imdb site said I couldn't get the info about the movie because I don't have imdb Pro. Of course they offered me a "free trial", but why the hell would I pay to use imdb when I've been using it for free all this time? I can understand when the guy from wikipedia wants a donation, they don't charge people to be on their site. But imdb does charge people to have pics on their profiles, and now they want to charge me too? I don't think so.
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Of what I wanted for Christmas?

Well, I just got both of the games I wanted.
Scene It! and Lips, so we'll have both for New Year's Eve this year.
And still haven't traded gifts with H yet. So I have even more holiday coolness to give and receive.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve dinner, which we will have chicken, corn bread stuffing (with walnuts and cranberries and mushrooms) and gravy. We don't usually do the traditional meal, but we had chicken and stuffing at thanksgiving and it was so yummy we're doing it again a month later.

Big thanks to [ profile] sudrin for the ride to the Best Buy and all the fun times.

My Secret Santa person got me some Outer Limits and some Lost in Space on DVD. They remembered that I like TV. I think that's pretty cool. I bet they went over the $10 limit though. My person was pretty stoked to get their gifts. They tried on the hat immediately and raved about the Harry Potter discs. It's so fun to make someone's eyes light up with a well-chosen gift.

Now...if only my Chicago dogs would hurry up get here. I'm so starving for lupper.
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When I was a kid, we jokingly called White Castle burgers "sliders" because well, they slide right out of you. Hahahaha, gross and all that. For those not in-the-know, White Castle makes tiny hamburgers fried with onions. They are yummy, if you're into that sort of thing. White Castle is also where Harold and Kumar go, and where the Beastie Boys went and "got thrown out." The Beastie Boys also remind us that White Castle fries only come in one size, which actually is no longer true.

Imagine my surprise when, a few years ago, White Castle themselves decided to start calling their own burgers "Slyders". WTF, right?

Well, for Christmas, H's mom sent us a bunch of stuff from Harry & David. This includes the chocolate tower I posted about earlier, and some cheeses and summer sausage and such. We then got a box that said it must immediately go in the freezer. It was a box of "sliders" from Harry & David. Nary a mention of White Castle in sight. I checked, it's a box of tiny hamburgers fried with onions. Curious.

So I guess now the actual term for a tiny burger cooked with onions is a "Slider."

Can anyone out of state confirm or deny this?
Is this just how it is now?

In non-burger related news, I am only working two days this week. It feels very odd to be off on a Monday, even though my birthday was on Monday, and I was off. I'm working a few hours tomorrow before going video game shopping with [ profile] sudrin. I guess that I will go ahead and buy Scene It! and leave Lips for another time when I have more money. Too bad really, because I bet I could really build up some gamer points with Lips.
Games shouldn't cost so much, I think.

Watched Grindhouse: Planet Terror which was hilarious and very action packed. Plus there were zombies in it, which I always enjoy. This was after H's birthday dinner at Red Robin with [ profile] uterdic and [ profile] smarbaby. That was very fun as well, though it's way too cold outside.
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H and I beat the first campaign of Left 4 Dead on Easy mode. That may not seem like much of an accomplishment for all you gamers out there. But for me, it's pretty goddamn amazing. We came up with a strategy where I avoid The Tank by standing in a hallway and just blasting zombies from two sides. It worked pretty well. I managed to jump onto the helicopter on my first try. Whooooo!!

We're taking a break now because my buddy Steve is bringing us a pizza. We did manage to finish the first level of the second campaign: Death Toll. In a few weeks, I hope to be ready to play on Normal mode. I need to practice up, because my brother, Mark is getting Left 4 Dead for Christmas. We can play together on Xbox live so long as my suckiness is not too detrimental. ;-]

For H's birthday I got him a Terminator T-shirt, an Onion book and a copy of The Happening (which I think we are the only 2 people in the world who loved that movie). He was very pleased with all of his gifts. His mom and sis sent him some cool stuff too. We now have the 20th anniversary edition of TRON.

Sent out for Moo Goo Gai Pan tonight. Ever get a fortune cookie that you'd swear was meant for someone else? Mine said You are a bundle of energy, always on the go. No dice. Anyway, I had Moo Goo Gai Pan and crab rangoon. Man, it was tasty. I love chinese food though I rarely send out for it. MSG and all that...

Still trying to decide between buying Lips and Scene It! for the New Years Eve party. I can only afford one, of course, because I'm not a millionaire. Any votes? You can vote even if you don't plan to attend, I love to have every viewpoint!
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I'm curious to know what you all want for Christmas.
Not the intangibles (H asks for "love" every damn year, which is no help at all), but the buy-at-a-store material goods that you are really craving this holiday season.

As for me, I want Scene It! BOS and Lips which you all must know because I haven't shut up about them since I got the Xbox360 for my birthday.

H's mom and fam got us this, from Harry & David. It's great if you're not trying to stave off diabetes. I think H's mom forgot about that, but it's a swell gift all the same. Delicious.

So I ask again: what do YOU want for Christmas.
And if there's a disparity between what you want and what you could reasonably get, I wanna hear both!!

Now, I'm off to work!
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I'm organizing the Secret Santa gift exchange at work. I'm somewhat vexed at the thought that not everyone, or even most people, want to participate. How can a work-related holiday gift exchange possibly not be fun? I don't get it.

Finally got to watch Tropic Thunder last night. Reminds me of how much I love Ben Stiller and his amazing grasp of what's funny. Even Jack Black was utlized in such a way so as not to annoy or irritate me. So that was cool. I enjoyed the movie very much although I was fairly certain someone would die--no one did.

Played Xbox and Wii yesterday, pretty much all day. Cooking Mama is enormous fun. And I'm pretty good at Kung Fu Panda game, even though that also has Jack Black in it. Actually, I also finished baking my holiday cookies. I think I'm going to do a small batch of cherry chocolate chip cookies for work. I have a can of tart cherries I think will be delicious in it. Today will be more zombie bashing and shooting after work. Yay!!
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It's Saturday and I'm at work. Frown. The good news is it's only a six hour shift, and I get to wear a T-shirt. And we might be busy, and I have a million gift certificates to process.

I got another gift from a fan who read Cat's Apprentice and loved it. Neat. It's a magnet from The Onion that says "cute kitten thinks about murder all day." Priceless, right? Plus I love getting ifts from fans. Hell, I just plain love having fans.

H and I tried to cook on the Wii with Cooking Mama. That game is a riot. You prepare foods and get medals based on how well you do. You can do all kinds of motions with the Wii remote and it's a blast. Plus it's got a very Japanese flavor to it, like Katamari Damacy kind of.
We also played Dead Rising where I was promptly devoured by zombies more than once. This game doesn't have an EASY mode, but it does appear to adjust for my overall suckiness. So that's cool. I must say though, I don't know how a metal pipe can break from hitting zombies with it.

Did four dozen mint choco chip cookies last night. Plan to do the last 2 dozen today when I get home from work. Then I just have to make the breads in the bread maker. Our Holiday post cards turned out awesome.
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Yesterday, [ profile] absinthofheart came over with a copy of Wall-E. I had not seen it before and I have to say that it was excellent. The animation was nice to look at, and the plot was a lot of fun. I had heard about how some people were upset at the portrayal of humans in the film. I suspect that I'd never think about excersize again if there were hover chairs. Then again, I might still enjoy swimming...
Anywhoo, if you haven't seen Wall-E yet, I urge you to do so.
And if you get a chance, the short Burn-E is pretty good too.

Dead Rising or "The reason Wednes wanted an Xbox in the first place" is due to arrive today. H is gonna test it out so he can help me with it. I'm really, really stoked.

I'm making a super spicy chili tonight. It's gonna be tasty.

Beadle the Bard is an adorable book, if awfully short. The art direction is nice, though I don't think the drawings are by the same artist as the cannon books.

Hey Xbox havers, what are the best puzzle games for the Xbox?
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I'm beginning to understand how people can devote so much of their lives to gaming. Left 4 Dead is pretty horrifying and exciting, even if I'm not very good at first person shooters just yet. I keep forgetting to walk and look at the same time, the look part is especially difficult. But I'm slowly getting the hang of it. H is helping me a lot. I imagine he's pretty shocked that I'm playing shooter games in the first place.

I've been checking out other games I might want. I'm sort of curious to see what Tetris is like in the Xbox360 since they have it. I also want the singing game (called Lips) and Scene It. Those would be awesome for parties.

Probably I should get a gaming icon, for when I post about the Xbox and the Wii. I know, right? I'm a super gamer.

Anybody wanna be Xbox buddies?
I'm Lwednes, although I should have been El Wednes, I just didn't think of it in time.
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H and I went on a delightful lunch at La Shish with [ profile] sudrin, after which we did some massive updating of the Xbox, and hooked me up for my Xbox live subscription. Then we played Scene It which was enormous, uproarious fun. Later, [ profile] absinthofheart came over and we played Lego Indiana Jones which is fun only because you get unlimited lives in it.

We (H and I) decided to order Dead Rising because it's only $20 and because I've been wanting to give it a whirl since it came out. My brother said it's really hard and he didn't finish it.

Speaking of video games, the local GameStop near us just had a crazy robbery. Two people (who used eachother's first names during the robbery) tied up the 2 clerks and stole a PS3, an Xbox360 and all the money they could get. That's all. Happily, no one was injured, though going through a robbery is terrible.

H's mom sent me some birthday gifts that arrived today. She got me a new digital kitchen scale. It's pretty nice, and does very small measurements, a quarter of an ounce, for example. ;-] She also got me a copy of that romance movie The Notebook which I really enjoyed. I very rarely watch romance movies, they have to be pretty exceptional, and that one is.

On Thanksgiving I shall revel in my day off by sleeping late, relaxing, eating leftover stuffing and green bean casserole. I will write, watch TV, and poke around online. It shall be glorious. Then, one day of work until it's the weekend. Yay!!!
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It's true, today is the 38th anniversary of my birth. I'm feeling both old and spry at once.

Friday, gifts started arriving, making me wonder how I could reconcile getting an Xbox360 and finishing the NaNoWriMo. As a result, I'm a little bit behind. I hope to break 40K before I retire for the evening.

Saturday I worked all day, then came home and baked a pineapple cake for the party, while [ profile] uterdic set up my Xbox for me. He's bringing me some sort of adapter that will allow the Xbox and the Wii to be plugged in at the same time. That's gonna be sweet.

Then we had the party. Many of my favorite people were there, while some were sadly unable to attend. It's a bummer that several of my best friends don't live within comfortable driving distance. Frown. But the party was enormous fun, though for some reason we never got around to doing any Mad Libs even though I have a new book of them. It was decided that I would indeed, be having some people over for New Years Eve. I got some awesome gifts including Se7en, Shock Corridor, Cooking Mama for the Wii, and Sir Graves Ghastly on DVD this last item was lovingly processed by [ profile] pak_man78 just for me because he knows how much I love Sir Graves. H also got me the Underdog box set which I have been wanting forever.

Yesterday was dinner at Mark's house (my brother). It was the second time I'd seen him in 9 years, and the first time I'd been to his house. [ profile] nate101000 was kind enough to drive us. I know, right. That was pretty nice. My bro's house is very cool, they have a fireplace. There is also a brick wall in their kitchen. I really like my bro's wife, and they seem to be a good match for each other. That makes me really happy to see.

Today we went grocery shopping and bought fixin's for a semi traditional Thanksgiving. We're having a casserole of ground chicken and stuffing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and bread from the breadmaker, and cranberry sauce. Although I like to make my own cranberry sauce, they didn't have any fresh cranberries at the store. Bummer.

Not sure what we're doing tonight.
Might order food, might not.
H doesn't have to work again until Friday. Lucky guy!
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It's three days before my birthday, and I'm already being showered with gifts.

My Aunt got me some super comfy socks that I am loving to death. She also got me The Strangers which is terrifying, and the Horror Writer's Association's book about writing horror. I can't wait to dive into it.

Then, one of my admirers who shall remain nameless got me, get this...

An XBox 360!!! There's also an extra controller and chargers and stuff, plus a subscription to Xbox Live for a year. It comes with some games: Kung Fu Panda game and some kind of Indiana Jones lego game. Plus I got Left 4 Dead which is the newest zombie game out. I'm gonna set it up and get it working, but then I'll have to lay off of it until after the NaNoWriMo is over. Can't get blown off course now by kick-ass toys. Well, maybe for a little while, but then I'll have to catch up.

Anyway, I'm fairly blown away by all that.

In other news, my kitchen is slowly getting put back together after the Great Flood of 2008. I'll be making a pineapple cake later for the party tomorrow. Everyone loves my pineapple cake, so I like to make it every now and again. This will likely be my last party for a while unless I do something for New Years Eve. People should start thinking about whether I should have people over, or if someone else wants to do something.

Back, I am

Oct. 6th, 2008 12:48 pm
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I'm back from my weekend away. We went to the vacation house in Clare to write. I wrote a little more than 3 chapters, which turned out to be about 4k words. Not as many as I'd write during 3 days of NaNoWriMo, but still pretty good. Still not sure if I'm going to do the NaNo this year, I'll have to consult my idea file and think on it.

The weekend was, for the most part, nice and relaxing. I always enjoy spending quality time with [ profile] absinthofheart, though I wish she didn't share her snacks with me so much. Keebler makes a shortbread cookie with fudge on it that I shouldn't have been anywhere near, it seems.
We saw an array of fun animals, as usual, though I think the dog (we took one with us) kept some of them away. There were blue jays and rabbits, a very big black cat and my favorite, deer. I love to see deer bounding around looking all majestic and whatnot.

My serial killer is coming along nicely. Right now he's decided to kidnap Elise, to see if the fortified cell he built is going to hold the girl he really wants to keep captive. Elise does not have long to live, methinks.

This week I plan to finish reading Watchmen, start reading Angels and Demons, sign all my copies of Cat's Apprentice and get them ready to send out on Sunday, and write at least 2 more chapters. That's in addition to going to work, of course.

Now, H and I are off to play Wii pool, and maybe some bowling. We really need to buy Wii Play instead of borrowing it. Cow racing and pool are way too much fun.

While I'm here, what are you guys being for Halloween?
I think I'm just going to go to work in my pajamas and be "slumber party Wednes."
Other than that, I don't have any scary plans yet.
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Friday I was off, and did cooking for the party.

Saturday I went to work, and made almost 2K in sales, which is a lot.

Then the party: excellent.

Many of my favorite people were there. A few, sadly, could not come.

Wii pool, cow racing, etc. was played, Mad's were Libbed, and chocolate almond cheesecake trifle was had by all.

It was a delightful romp.

Today was grocery shopping and waiting almost an hour for a damn cab.

Then a nap.

Dinner: bologna sandwich, grape tomatoes and colby cheese with diet vernors.

Tomorrow is stir fry dinner with Honore. She's catching up with BattleStar Galactica, so I'm having fun watching the last 2 seasons again. Maybe later, Cloverfield.

Tuesday: Tropic Thunder
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H and I are going to see The Happening after I get done working tonight. It has gotten terrible reviews, but we have always loved M Night's films. It's sad that he gets pigeonholed as the "twist" guy and then criticized for not continueing to give people the very thing they are bitching about. The Village was handled terribly from a PR standpoint, it's a great little film. M Night is a great storyteller, and I'm excited to see what he has in store for me next. Unbreakable being one of the best movies I have ever seen.

The half-assed finale of BattleStar Galactica was a shocker. I say half assed because there's another half a season coming up in, I think January. They built up this crazy bunch of cylon related suspense and then...resolved it by the end of the episode, only to cut for spoilers )

Got my copy of LOST season three in the mail today. First chance I get, I'm gonna watch that season finale. Most of that season is slow and Kate-intensive. But that finale is some Hugo-lovin' goodness. I'm excited to see how they're filling up 7 whole discs.

And finally, I'd like to let everyone know that pool for the Wii (located on Wii Play) is the shizznit. H and I have been playing tons of it, and I finally got a platinum medal for my efforts. Woo Hoo!
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All the books got mailed out on Friday, even the one for my mom and one for [ profile] missmisty. So if you're waiting for your book, it was sent media mail and should arrive this week. Please let me know when you get them, I am keeping track. It cost $2.13 per book to send out, plus whatever it cost my publisher to send them to me, so I guess the shipping that was charged is correct.

Went out to lunch with my former work friend, Susan. I say former because she is the girl who got fired for a dress code violation. Anyway, she came by to pick up her book and we went to La Shish Charlie's Mediterranian. As usual, it was outrageously good.

Spent the rest of the afternoon playing Wii Play. It was enormous fun, and not just because H is an enormously fun guy. Plus it turned out that there were more games on Wii Sports that we'd never played, like bowling with a whole bunch of pins and tennis where you hit at a target. I daresay an afternoon of playing games is one well spent.

Wii Play is a lot of fun. Once I got around some Mii's I recognize, the Find Mii game got pretty easy. Billiards is challenging and fun, and laser hockey is like pong but you can move in all directions, which just makes scoring on yourself that much easier.

No work tomorrow. I believe I will follow [ profile] roane's example and bake some bread to go with dinner. We're almost out of bread anyway, and since I'm home all day I will have time to bake. I love when the whole place smells like bread dough. Mmmmm...yeasty!

And finally, for those of you who haven't ordered my book yet but want to (or those of you who need another copy) know that we're having a coupon this month at the publishing house: Get 50% off your order with coupon code: "secretsale"! *Minimum purchase of $10 required for coupon.
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My Wii started working again. We switched out the cords and when we plugged the old cord back in, it just worked. Funny, because H and I both power cycled it several times to no avail. Lucky us! Woot!

I'm working from noon till 9pm tomorrow. It's going to suck majorly. H wanted me to go see that new monster movie, Cloverfield with him on bargain movie day. But I already agreed to work 2-9 that day. Fie! They have me working extra hours at work and I'm kind of starved for big, sweeping hunks of Wednes time.

Got my publicity pics taken today. I daresay they look pretty nice. [ profile] slapnticklejr did a fabulous job as always. And as always, he gave me a great price. I'm getting excited for my book cover to come out, I can't wait to see what they give me. I hope I like it; I don't even know the procedure if I don't. I guess I should check my contract.

Also, am I the only one who thinks it barely matters between Hilary and Obama in the primaries? It seems pretty obvious that the one who wins will choose the other as a running mate, doesn't it?
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There were car accidents on the road both on my way to work and on my way home. Both times a wily cab driver kept us from getting involved. Even though I was late to work, I gotta give it up for the drivers at Yellow Cab. *raises glass to them*

I can't believe what a difficult time I'm having finding a stupid copy of Final Draft 6. I'd rather not get the new one (7) since I already have the old one installed. One would think older software would be cheap, but it seems like it's nowhere to be found. If I loaned you my disc, you damn well better return it to me before I give up and spend $140 bucks on it. For serious. I have it installed, but don't have the disc so I can't use it. Fie and Fie again!

In sad news, our Wii has stopped working. I presume that our many power outtages have taken out yet another major appliance. You may recall that H needed a new computer for the same reason. After a whole day of trouble shooting, the people at Nintendo said we should try our Wii power cord on another Wii, like we've got a spare lying around or something. I wish stuff would just work like it's supposed to. Fie!

An old friend from college stopped by my work to visit me today. It was pretty sweet.
William, if you're reading this, it was cool as hell to see you. Woot!

In better news, I found my discs with my music on them. So I don't have to start my music collection over again from scratch. That is pretty nice. In the end losing a hard drive made me lose about 50 songs and about 200 user pics. But those are pretty easy to come by. ;-] All my stories are backed up several different places so I didn't lose a one! Woot!

Has anyone seen [ profile] kissdbyagnome? I haven't seen her online in forever...
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I like to tell people that I celebrate Christmas in the same manner that Christians celebrate Halloween: garishly and with lots of great treats. In reality though, I'm sitting around in my pajamas (I took a shower and then put on clean PJ's) waiting for my almond cookie dough to firm up so I can bake it. I'll be pleased to have lots of cookies to give out on NYE when I see everybody.

I ordered out from Tio's last night. They have a new nacho dip called "Queso Freako" which I highly recommend. Just a bowl of melted cheese and chips with peppers and seasoning, it's delicious.

We went shopping yesterday where I got the stuff to make Chili for the Chili Con Carnival I'm going to New Year's Day. I also got the fixin's for pineapple cake and some regular groceries. Smoked Oysters were also on sale so I got some for myself. I haven't had those in forever.

Not sure yet when we're going to see Sweeney Todd. H doesn't get any extra time off for the holiday, because Monday and Tuesday are his normal days off. I hope it's soon though, I don't want to get spoiled, even though I know the basics of the story anyway.

Let me ask, when you guys cook or bake, do you use measuring spoons? I never do.
What about measuring cups for anything under a cup? I don't measure that either.

I wish I liked ham. I know a zillion recipes for it, but I don't like it.

Now I'm off to play Wii with H.

I hope that channel is showing the fireplace tonight. We watched it last year, it was pretty great.
Do look for it, they just show a fireplace burning for a couple of hours. Awesome.
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but I don't feel like cooking them. When is that damn IHOP going to open on Carpenter? I want my IHOP.

H made the favors for the wedding. They are, as you may know, tiny Mad Lib books written by me. They are really something. And as if that weren't cool enough, each book will come with a "Thank you for sharing our special day" pen with our names and the date on it. They are pretty sweet. We didn't cheap out on the pens, they're nice ones. This week I have to go arrange for the catering, and next week we need to go apply for the marriage license.

I finished reading Howl's Moving Castle, which was really good. [ profile] absinthofheart loaned it to me after we watched the movie together. I like Calcifer better in the book, which is not to say I dislike him in the movie. The book is much different and has a lot more girl power. I reccomend it whether you've seen the movie or not, though you should probably do both. ;-] Christian Bale as Howl is hella cool.

New cartoons tonight on FOX. It's way early for that, which is to say, they are on time this year. Usually we have to wait until November just to get a Halloween episode. And an hour of Family Guy? Yes, please! I'm making brownies (choco chip walnut) for the occasion. I may even throw in a spinach and feta pizza later just because that sounds tasty. I predict that the new cartoons will be awesome. I'm only sad that [ profile] lickingtoad has to work and therefore can't be with us.

H and I played Wii for much of the afternoon. We unlocked another level and got the Elvis suit in the Rabbit game. That game is a riot. I also massacred H in bowling and tennis. I thought he had me both times, but I emerged victorious. The Wii also gets my highest reccomends as a fun thing for couples to do together. We always have a blast playing that stupid thing.

And finally, A League of Their Own is on. I love that movie.
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H tells me that the PS3 is experiencing a $100 price drop right now. I guess Sony is no longer the number one video game company. Good thing they do a few other products. I'd say they weren't prepared for the happy splash made by the Wii. Yay Nintnedo! My own Wii age is less than my real age. Yay again!

95%The Movie Quiz - Movie Reviews

We went to the grocery store today, then to the mall to get my wedding ring resized. It sounds funny to me that i would even have a wedding ring, but I do. In just over three months and one week, I'll be able to wear it.
I don't care for the mall this time of year. Too many kids who are ill behaved, loud sweary mouthed and just generally in need of some type of supervision. The good news is that in addition to an Apple store, the mall near me is also getting a Sephora and a Torrid. Neat.

My Harry Potter Spoiler of Doom is:
Sirius Black launches a dastardly terrorist plot and rids the world of Daleks
Get your Harry Potter Spoiler of Doom

It seems more likely that Barty Crouch Jr would rid us of Daleks, just because.

Tilapia and salad for dinner tonight. I love tilapia, best fish EVAR.
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Everything's coming up Wednes today, which is nice.

My handfasting besom arrived in the mail, along with a bunch of jewelery I ordered as gifts for people. I love getting packages, so fun!! BTW, thanks [ profile] lirrin for the extra goodies. I had no idea there were so many other products associated with Peeps. I'm so excited to be giving out gifts that I'll probably start early.

TV played one of my fave Simpsons episodes, and one of the few I don't have recorded. It's the one where Marge is the Listen Lady and Homer finds his face on a box of Japanese soap.

H kicked my ass at Wii baseball today, and I beat him at bowling.
That was pretty fun. We're both pro bowlers now.

Now, I'm off to make us mostaccoli with ricotta. That'll be yummy.
Although my internet troll seems to think I'm too fat. As you might imagine, I'm all aflutter trying to get back in his good graces. Oh wait, no I'm not.

H thought I was making up the fact that there used to be a Rubik's Cube cartoon. It was terrible, it lasted only one season, but it really did exist. I know more about bad 80's cartoons that H. Woot Woot for me!!!

As for my honeymoon, which we are currently planning, it looks like we'll be spending 2-3 nights in Chicago. We'll get to see the zoo, the aquarium--which will have komodo dragons--and who knows what else? It's gonna be swell. H's fave place is Dave and Buster's, which I've never been to. I hear they have skee ball. I like skee ball.

Your Power Bird is a Vulture

You are always changing your life and the lives of those around you.
You aren't afraid to move on from what holds you back.
Energetic and powerful, you have a nearly unlimited capacity for success.
You know how to "go with the flow" and take advantage of what is given to you.
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I spent the better part of last night playing Wii and then rereading the first 27 chapters of my serial killer novel, just to get a handle on where I am with it. Turns out, it's pretty fucking good. Later on tonight I hope to add another chapter. I just have to figure out where it's all going.
As for the Wii, my Wii age is currently 49; I think I can do a bit better than that. My tennis timing is very off. But my bowling skillz rock the house.

EDIT: it is down to 38. Woot!

Saw a pic of my handfasting besom today. In case you don't know, it's the broom we're going to jump over at the end of the ceremony. Someone at etsy put it together for me:

Nice, eh?

Some of those people at The Knot are crazy. Tonight I got badmouthed because I'm not having my hair and nails done by a professional. Apparently I'm going to look "slovenly." Then they laughed at my plan to just use curling shampoo the day before and hope for the best. I don't see any reason to not look like myself. I'm pretty cute in my natural state, after all...

I'm almost done with the wedding shopping. I just have a few more gifts to buy for people who are helping out. I love having an excuse and a budget to buy people gifts. And they are getting some fly stuff! Lots of jewelery and pretty things.

Finally went back for EMDR this last week. I'm feeling quite a bit better than I have been, except now I have a toothache. I think I've just been grinding my teeth again, I hope I don't have to go to the dentist because I can't freakin' afford it. In non-toothy news, I'm having EMDR again in two weeks, hopefully it will continue to be helpful. It better be, it's really hard work.
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Do I understand correctly that Six Apart has been suspending the journals of those posting about their past history of sexual abuse? That they are suspending locked communities where consenting adults are engaged in age-play? All this in the name of catching pedophiles (who we all know are really over at MySpace anyway)? ;-]

Once again I'll go on record as saying I'm against pedophilia.
But is this right?
I mean, I know they can do it. But I think we all expected that they'd be a bit more discriminating and go after people who are actually a danger to children.

Funny, I've always taken a no age-play stance in my own comm [ profile] erotillectuals, and people used to get lippy with me about it. No more I suppose. LJ agrees with MEEEEEE!

Seriously though, WTF?

While I have you all here, do any of you guys wanna be Wii buddies?
Let me know and we can trade Wii #'s by Email.

No calls.

May. 27th, 2007 12:23 pm
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H and I will be out of communication range for the next few days, and then some.

We are playing with our Wii.

ps. Thanks, [ profile] sudrin

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