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Pretty stoked for GoT to come back next week, more stoked to be reviewing it in exchange for actual monies. Finishing a rewatch of 1-3 and noticed something I hadn't earlier:

Season 1:
Jon Snow: "I've always wanted to be a ranger."
Samwell Tarly: "I've always wanted to be a wizard."
*both men laugh*

Season 3:
Samwell Tarly: *says some stuff he learned from books*
Gilly Craster: "You know all that, just from staring at marks on paper?"
Samwell: "Yes, I suppose so."
Gilly: "You're like...a wizard."

Sam loves Gilly even more because she sees him the way he wishes he was. Of course, he's also brave as fuck and has no idea. I love Samwell Tarly, even though he's sort of a copy of Samwise Gamgee.
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I'd be willing to bet my last $5 that the chick at Terminus is a cannibal--or possibly the leader of a cannibal cabal.
That's why she's inviting people to go there. That's why she was grilling meat when they arrived. That's why she's played by Denise Crosby--because as far as I know, she's only played one non-asshatted character ever.

In other news, I'll be really happy when people stop trying to get Stephen Colbert fired. If one tweet by someone who isn't even him as convinced you that he's nothing more than a hateful bigot who deserves to have his platform taken away, I daresay that you could stand to clean your loop a bit better before turning on your TV. And if you haven't even seen the episode, kindly STFU until you do. No uninformed opinions plz.

Yes, people have a right to be offended at things they don't like. When shit offends me I usually have plenty to say about it. Nobody is being "too sensitive," IMO, and people trying to silence this woman are being just as myopic as she is.
But--not only was the tweet a reference to earlier mocking of racial insensitivity, but it wasn't even written by SC himself. Sure, people have every right to be offended, even outraged, if that's what their misunderstanding of the situation leads them to believe. That doesn't make it true, or reflective of Colbert's intentions.
A few people have explained to me that intentions don't matter if people('s feelings) are being hurt. This is where you lose me. If everyone who uses a certain word is always a certain way--aren't George Carlin and Lenny Bruce also total racists who "don't care about the pain they inflict?" If intentions don't matter, why do people want hate crime laws. NOTE: I do not support hate crimes legislation--not because I think hate crime is awesome, but because I think we should punish people for their actions, not their thoughts.

Hurt feelings necessitate an apology, and perhaps further discussion that leads to greater understanding on both sides. Trying to silence those with whom you disagree--instead of making your case and engaging in fair discussion--is just pointless posturing, just competing to be the Decider.

Maybe we could entertain the idea that we don't necessarily have to get people fired every time they do or say something we don't like. I've worked enough fast food and customer service jobs to know first-hand how much people LOVE to get others fired or reprimanded for doing something they don't like--whether it's not giving away free food undeservedly, saying a word that makes us cringe, or the terrible crime of not smiling. Wanting swift and crippling revenge against people we disagree with is petty, malicious, and an ineffective way to manage hurt or bring about social change. Do we really think all of TV would be better without Stephen Colbert? I don't see how...


Mar. 13th, 2014 10:27 am
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I've had a low grade flu since the weekend. You'd think it would be gone by now. Or maybe I caught it on Monday since I spent the day with a kid. Kids are little sickness factories, especially since they spend so much time with other kids. Anyway, not feeling so hot.

Been trying to get up at a more reasonable hour, lay off that stuff I like, and just generally be less of a recluse. But people suck. I mean, I believe that people are basically good, and that if we take the time to get to know most people--we'll have more understanding and all that there. Internet-wise though, people are assholes. I got so annoyed with someone this morning I told them they had sand in their vagina. Not something I would normally do.

I've always been more of a night person than a day person, and I'm wondering if it might be because day people are jerks.

Was gonna watch Those Who Kill since I still have the first 2 eps on my DVR. Alas, it's already been pulled from the schedule. Sorry, Chloe.

Been waiting for a phone call about a job for the last hour and a half. They gave me a 1-hour window, so I'm irked that I'm still waiting. Plus, I have to call Uverse. Curious to find out why they think we should pay them $193 a month for slow internet and sub-par cable. At least Comcast has an awesome product to go with their awesomely huge rates.

The mag now has a movie reviewer and a book reviewer. Hoping to find a video game writer. You'd think it would be easy, given how many gamers I know. It's not though. *sigh*
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Matthew McConaughey is not returning to True Detective next season. Luckily, he's not why I watch. Still...a little Bill Paxton would be nice.

I'm glad I don't actually know anyone in RL who thinks their religious liberty depends on being able to legally discriminate against gays, or anyone really.

Not linking to it, but Zack Snyder seems to think he directed Watchmen to "save" it from the Terry Gilliam's of the world. Fuck you, dude. Even if Terry Gilliam stopped making films after The Fisher King, he'd still be a goddamn genius.

Did everybody see my Seattle PI article about horror and perspective?

I do not support sending troops to the Ukraine, no matter what kind of shenanigans Putin is getting up to over there. Might be a non-issue though. Wait, do they have oil? I'm sure that will make all the difference.

Bates Motel comes back tonight. I'm reviewing it.

I was interviewed for Women in Horror Month, at long last!

Pasta for dinner, with tons of capsecum, mushers, and ground pork. Unusual for us to eat ground pork, but H does most of the shopping now--so I ain't complainin'

We're finally gonna watch Thor 2 so we know what the heck is happening on Agents of Shield tomorrow.

Shockwave Flash, I hate you. Chrome for mac, you're really starting to suck.
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Turns out, the new Supreme is me.

Movie Talk

Jan. 17th, 2014 06:45 am
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Dude, Where's my Car? is a cheap homage to American Grafitti.

House of 1,000 Corpses is a better remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre than the actual remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Most horror remakes are shitty.  A few are great:
Dawn of the Dead
The Fly
The Hills Have Eyes
13 Ghosts
Red Dragon (original title: Manhunter)

Some are pretty good
The Hitcher
Salem's Lot
Last House on the Left
Night of the Living Dead (Savini)

I wouldn't say these are definitive list, but those are the ones that come to mind.  I also really need to have a lot more Pixar movies.  As I was thinking that, Disney sent me a thing to join their movie club.  H doesn't have a copy of Avengers, which he totally should.  I need a copy of Up, and would like to have Monsters Inc and Wreck it Ralph.

Found out tonight that the head writer from The Daily Show has left to work on John Oliver's new show.  This bodes well for Oliver, and HBO, and us viewers.  I imagine TDS writing staff is solid enough that this won't be an issue that makes it all the way to us.  

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H and I celebrate Christmas the old fashioned way:
We buy each other stuff we wouldn't normally buy.

I got H:
A spinny top that works with a string
chinese finger trap
Star Trek Next Gen Pez dispenser box set
Alien T-shirt
Tee fury T-shirt with every Doctor on it.
Onion hardback front page collection
2 pr satin boxer shorts

He got me:
Doctor River Song sonic screwdriver
box of dark chocolate hazelnut truffles
hazelnut milk
Whole Foods hazelnut coffee creamer
smoked hazelnut gelato (outrageous!)
organic choco hazelnut spread (that is NOT nutella)
ventresca tuna
2 packs of Nathans hot dogs because we love them and only one store in the area actually sells them. Woot!

So yeah, that was nice.
Most of our peeps got cards and homemade lip balms.
Always well received and appreciated, so far.

We also got a big tin of cookies and a pumpkin bread from my Aunt, and another bag of yummy treats from my old college pal who visited today.

We also watched Doctor Who, which I haven't reviewed yet but will.


Dec. 4th, 2013 04:54 pm
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So, you know how I write SEO for a living? And how I supplement that with sex articles and TV reviews and book reviews and blogs and then I run an entire magazine?

Well, all that has left me with very little time or energy to write fiction.
This will not do...

I fully intended to NaNoWriMo that script I keep talking about. Guess what though? I didn't do it. Part of that was time related. Another part was that if I get a lot of work done, and make a reasonable amount of money--I feel enough sense of accomplishment that I don't feel like I need to do anything else on a given day. That's a BIG part of the problem.

I intend to scale back on GeekBinge reviews. They are enormous fun, but don't pay shit. Worse, they just aren't getting the play that they should be. Maybe they are too long? I won't be scaling back for a few weeks though. Mob City starts tonight and I'm totally covering it even though it's the same night as American Horror Story: Coven.
Got a new gig this week, writing reviews of non-fic books that I get for free. Yeah...they had me at free books.

So yeah, the next thing I write should be that screenplay for SyFy. I'll have to find an agent just to shop that, which will probably be really hard. But I have no excuse for not writing it. I just haven't been pushing myself as hard as I could have--unless catching up on four seasons of Community counts as pushing myself. I strongly suspect that it does not.

After the script is done and shopping for an agent begins, I should finish that short story I started for an antho that I never subbed it to. Yeah...

But then, I should really look through my pile of half-finished novels and see which one I should pull out and work on. What to do About Franklin has some promising characters. It was an attempt to write something with the scope, humor, and gruesome shit as a Christopher Moore Pine Cove book. The main lesson I learned that I shouldn't bother trying to emulate other writers. Mainly because, fuck that shit. Also, I would hate it if anyone tried to write like me on purpose. I'm so damaged emotionally that when I see that people are trying to get on my good side, it makes me think less of them. As in the popular Simpsons phrase You WOULD like me, Loser!
There's that other book with a title so lame I can't even remember it right now. That one is about 50,000 words deep (duh, it began as a NaNoWriMo) and is about a damaged woman in love with her hot hot boss. I know, right? That one has two different first-person POVs which is just so like me.

Under here is a giant pic of me hours after my last birthday, wherein I turned 43. You can totally see how awesome my hair color is. )
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My birthday party is this weekend. I get so giddy with child-like glee for my birthday party. Lots of my favorite peeps come over and we eat yummy food, play games, and enjoy general merriment. It's like Christmas, but just for me and a select group of comrades.
Ya'll should come if you're in the area.

Key & Peele. Those guys are so smart and hilarious, I don't even get bent out of shape when Jordan wears a fat suit. From me, that totally means something since I went off on Jon Stewart for wearing one.
Also, I got my eye on you, Jay-Quellin!

My fam. Seeing my brother on a regular basis is awesome. Bummed his new GF can't come to my party because I would love to meet her.

I'm enjoying how many people are finally realizing how fucked up our current minimum wage is. That's right, people with full time jobs shouldn't be below the poverty line--especially if they're only supporting themselves, or themselves and one child. That said, yes, most families do require two incomes. If your wife has a job and you don't--fucking find yourself a gig, you lazy bastard.
Sorry to digress, that was for one person in particular.

Work. Even when various assignments are brain-breakingly terrible, I still LOVE being able to earn money by writing and editing from home. That is my life's dream, though I did think I would also have a house. Ah well...guess you can't have everything, amirite?

American Horror Story: Coven. I adore you. You are my favorite American Horror Story yet, which is huge considering last year's themes were insanity and mental health "treatments." And I've always been a fan of killer Santa Clauses--ever since Larry Drake in Tales from the Crypt. I still need to buy all these seasons. Would you believe I don't have a single one?
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Hey kids, the November issue of Under the Bed is available now in all formats. So that's awesome.
Only $3.99 per issue


Subscribe to save some dough. Only $1.99 per issue, or $19.99 for the whole year. AND you can try us out for FREE for two weeks. Neat, eh?

Tech-wise, I'm still having a rough time with the mag. Converting my beautiful layouts to epub and mobi files is sucking my life dry. Gotta work on that this weekend when I'm done writing boring SEO and fascinating Kinkly stories.

I'm pretty pleased with my new Website. It's pretty nice and lets me show off more stuff. Stig & The Puppetman are slowly going up there, the podcasts are all there too, and the mag, and all my books, and links to everything else I'm up to. So that's cool. There's also gonna be a newsletter, once people sign up.

Holy Crap! I just saw that Anthony Wiener is being on Bill Maher tonight. That's crazy. Who gives a crap what that guy has to say anymore? Um, Wiener, I mean. Maher is also kind of a jerk though.

I downloaded The Conjuring so I can finally check that out. H is also done watching Fringe so we're gonna start buying eps of Torchwood--like I wanted to forever ago.
Comedy-wise, I'll be caught up with Community by the time it comes back in January. Only 13 eps in the next season. That's not nearly enough, because this show is hilarious and clever and I'm bummed I waited so long to watch. Abed and I should have been friends since years ago. Plus, how awesome is it that Chevy Chase plays an out-of-touch asshole? Classic.

I hate spending more than $10 for a Kindle book, but I did pay $12 for MaddAddam. See, I adore Margaret Atwood and this is the third in a trilogy. So far, awesome. I can't even get my head around how she makes the fantastic feel immediate and earthy, while taking vile characters and terrifying events and making them seem like they're being read to you in a flowery garden. I wish I knew what she was like in RL. I suspect if I had insight like that it would totally break my brain.
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I had a dream that Bill Maher got assassinated and HBO invited me to take over the show. They also wanted me to write the new season of True Blood, but I said no because it was too late to save that crapshack. Imagine all the cool people I'd get to meet if I hosted Real Time. It would only be kind of offset by the number of complete and utter asshats I'd have to endure.

My new website should be live by the end of the week. The designer, my 2nd cousin I think he is, is doing a swell job. If our moms are cousins, that makes us second cousins, right? Anyway, it's a wordpress site with a slick new layout. It builds on a lot of the stuff I've been doing since my first site went up around 2009.

Mag issues continue to be awesome, while my skill at InDesign leaves me feeling like I should stick to crayons. I still can't figure out how to export issues to mobi or epub that people will actually be able to read. Fie. Is there a service where I can pay someone to come over and show me? There should be.

H and celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary on Monday. The actual anniv was Saturday, but of course H had to work. I got him a new watch, a bottle of ghost pepper hot sauce, and some sour cherry Turkish delight, because he loves those Narnia books. He got me a new set of wrist braces since my old ones were pretty sad. He also bought us dinner from Banditos, which is now my fave mexican delivery place in town. We liked Burrito Joint but their uncooked rice broke my tooth, so we ain't going back there.
H and I will have been together for 15 years in July--since we lived together for 7 years before we decided to get married in a year. Fuck. That is a long time for someone to put up with my crap. It's kind of unbelievable.

Maverick is out for mac computers. It's also free. Nice!
I desperately need a new computer, so I'm hoping to be able to do that by the end of the year. Wanna help? Subscribing to the mag is a good way to do that, while supporting small authors and artists. Or, you could just send a macbook pro to my place, and I could open it and use it. ;-]


Sep. 23rd, 2013 06:16 pm
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Even if you've never seen an ep of Dexter in your life, you've probably heard people bitching about the finale online. See, any show that's been on TV for longer than one season will have haters after the finale--no exception. If I liked the finale, the haters can shut up. If I didn't like it--well, they can have at it. ;-] (I liked LOST and Sopranos, but was furious with BSG, for example)

Despite the formulaic season structure on Dexter, and despite the fact that we went through this season surrounded by pivotal characters we barely knew--I thought the finale was beautiful and tragic. I liked it very much.

That said, Dexter pales in comparison to other things on I don't know what genius at Showtime decided to run the Dexter finale the week before the Breaking Bad finale, but that was a terrible choice. And it didn't just work out that way--it was planned. Dexter was moved ahead over a month from when it normally airs, so I don't get that at all. Speaking of Breaking Bad. Damn...this shit is getting really sad. Maybe crime doesn't pay?

With S1 Under the Dome behind us, I'm starting to review Hostages tonight. I hope I didn't choose wrong, because we watched the Sleepy Hollow premiere last week and it was pretty good. I don't even think GeekBinge is covering that, which is a drag.

Speaking of good, Boardwalk Empire has been kicking ass.

In Under the Bed news, the EiC and I made the choice to skip a month of the mag so we could have a regular release schedule. This is due to some weirdness at B&N and some other crap I didn't really want to worry about. So what was Undead September is now our October issue. November will be full of monsters. For December, I really want to put the Krampus on the cover. I'm hoping someone will come through with a drawing. *eyes you artists*

You can beat the rush on our awesome zombie issue by subscribing before it comes out. Here is where you'd do that. It's only $1.99 a month, or even less for a whole year--$19.99. Every month you get at least five awesome short stories along with features (*ahem* [personal profile] porcelain72), reviews, interviews, and my own snarky commentary. How can you resist, and why would you want to?

We have Wreck-it-Ralph on the DVR.
If H won't watch it with me, I'm going to punch him.
I wish I had a boxing glove. I'm not a very hard puncher.
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I'm gonna talk a little about this seasons The Newsroom so far
with some spoilers. )

I love The Newsroom. It harkens us back to a simpler time with independent sources and verified facts. A time when people actually gave a shit about the difference between news and entertainment. It reminds me of when I got out of college with my journalism degree ready to tear Detroit a new one--and then our newspapers went on a strike that lasted more than three years.
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So...I did not get to go on HuffPo Live.

When they invited me, and I said yes--I thought that meant they were having me on. It didn't.
It meant that the producer I talked to was interested in having me on, which is the first of several steps to actually going on.

Turns out, someone associated with the show became available and I was bumped--you know, because I'm not that more qualified to talk about feminism, Skyler, BB, and women in TV in general--than the average smart person who pays attention to stuff.

Anyway, I thanked them for thinking of me and let them know that Dexter is ending in a few weeks and I'm totally available to talk about America's love affair with murderers. I'm infinitely more qualified to talk about that.

I wasn't even finished being bummed about it when I was approached by my editor at Kinkly for a new project that will make me monies and be tons of fun.

Also, the Kindle I got my brother for his birthday has arrived. I'm resisting the urge to open it and check it out. I'm also giving him a drive with a zillion books on it. Because my brother is awesome.
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As I was watching Ghost Shark last night, it occurred to me that these shitty CGI movies could be less shitty with better writing. I mean, make a stupid, over-the-top monster movie with boobs everywhere and a cast that looks straight out of the United Colors of Benneton (do kids still know what that is?). But do it with a compelling script, a zillion pop-culture jokes, maybe a single character that audiences actually like--just for fun.

I could do that.
One might even argue that with my love of monster-movies, sharks, and horror--with my wit and dark sensibilities, and my passion for good dialogue that I'm incredibly well suited to this sort of work.
I have some awesome ideas, but I'm not posting them here.
Someone with an agent would totally steal them.

But no...
It seems that prestigious film scripts like Sharknado, Piranhaconda, and Ice Spiders can ONLY come to the SyFy Channel via an agent.
Yeah, those cheap-ass, underwritten CGI crapfests that I love so well have all gone through agents.

Is anyone else picturing a Saul Goodmanesque agent extoling the virtues of mixing dangerous animals with weather or other dangerous animals to make a boob-filled teen romp that only the SyFy channel would air?


In other news, aside from not really having the voice for it, I think Ben Affleck will be just fine as Bruce Wayne/Batman
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I am not sure I care for the idea of simultaneous submissions. I can see why they're a convenience to the writer, but now that I'm a big-city editor (Ha!) I'm finding the whole concept to be a pain in the ass. Not sure yet if this means I should ban them entirely (not that people would listen) or stay with the current policy which is Simultaneous Subs are strongly discouraged.

Literary types, do you think the submission numbers would go way down if I insisted on no simultaneous subs?
Is that something I should be insisting on considering that we don't pay pro rates yet?

Not sure how to proceed, but I do know that it's frustrating as hell to accept a story, plan out an issue, and then see the work get withdrawn--especially if I've already edited it.
I'm inclined not to accept any submission from an author who does this. But I'm not sure if that's reasonable, or a sign of petttiness on my part.
(I wasn't going to tell anyone this, but I can be damn petty at times--Ha!)

Little help?

In other news, tomorrow night is Ghost Shark.
If you're in the neighborhood and want to come by, it comes on at 9pm.
I also made chocolate chip bananna bread with pecans.
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I haven't posted in almost a week. Goodness! You all must be beside yourselves with worry and curiosity. Truth be told, I haven't been on the internets as much as usual. That whole being called a misogynist by strangers thing soured me on my beloved interwebs for a couple of days. Plus, our internets have been out a few times.
I've also been working on the mag, which is alternately awesome as fuck and frustrating as hell. I'm always a tad bemused when grown-ass adults behave like cliquish junior high schoolers in work situations. Seriously? I mean, Really?!?

Undead September is gonna be a badass issue. Having said that, I don't foresee doing a theme issue again any time soon. I'd much rather keep people guessing while avoiding tropes. Tropes piss me off. The only thing worse than following tropes is deliberately doing the opposite of what the trope would require. Predictability is the death of the scare--and if I ever meet Rob Zombie in person, I just might have to tell him that if he's still in the room when I wake up from swooning.
If I wrote a book about my experiences thus far as an editor, it would be called:
Too Many Commas:
My Love Affair with the Backspace Key

People use too many commas.

John Oliver is done hosting The Daily Show...for now. He slayed it, seriously. That guy is adorable, and it's clear that he is well-respected among his peers. Not only is he smart, clever, and really funny--but as soon as he had any pull in the industry, John Oliver immediately started showcasing other comics on a stand-up show. That's just awesome. I love that the Comedy Central late-night peeps seem like genuinely good people who aren't full of shit. We don't hear about them cheating on their wives, driving drunk or otherwise acting like assholes. As sad as it is that this is considered remarkable, I'm glad to know that there are media types who aren't scumbags--not even a little.

Here's a video about how HBO should show more dick that's not of the HODOR variety. Muchas Lulz.
wednes: (TV!!!) Why I hate Skyler White article has driven people to the point of madness. I totally got flamed, and I'm pretty sure a few of them were not sock puppets of the main detractor. One person took my thoughts totally personally, and would not let up about what a terrible misogynist I am, how I don't understand emotional abuse, and apparently think *every* battered woman has the ability to just pick up and leave (and not just Skyler, who has an education, support system, and a pallet heaped with cash).
Presumptions about strangers on the internet are amazing.
I find it especially funny because I pretty much put all my personal business right out there for the reading. Anyone who actually cared to get to know me could do so in short order--just by reading what's already posted.

But see...people aren't interested in getting to know you, especially when they're so busy judging you for daring to say something they don't like. I'm surprised they aren't telling my editor to fire me, lest they boycott the site. Ha!
It's funny mainly because we don't get all that much traffic, so the flaming was a big boost to me money-wise.
I later learned that apparently Vince Gilligan said this:
And with the risk of painting with too broad a brush, I think the people who have these issues with the wives being too bitchy on Breaking Bad are misogynists, plain and simple.
Which, I guess, gives douchebags the idea that by calling me a misogynist that they will become Vince Gilligan's best friend or something.

It seems like my editor took it much more personally than I did, because he really tried to defend me and the article--going so far as to write his own rebuttal article. His main point was that while he disagreed with my take on her, that calling me a misogynist is fucking stupid.

To my mind, saying that *I'm* what represents misogyny is an enormous misunderstanding of what feminism and misogyny actually are. That's over and above the fact that I'm about as misogynistic as I am racist, Christian, or homophobic...which is to say, not fucking much by half. You might as well say everyone who likes the show is a fan of both murder and blue meth.

Last night was movie night. We had a small but quality crowd, good food (Curt brought an amazing buffalo chicken dip that I want to bathe in) and a Burgess Meredith double feature. Foul Play followed by The Sentinel. Nice! There is polenta left over that I'll fry up for H, and a goodly amount of pina colada no-bake dealies that have no booze and are delicious.

Tonight is editing stories for the magazine, and maybe watching Savages. Tomorrow, of course, is a million TV shows. Dexter, Breaking Bad, and Newsroom. Woot!
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But I'm only talking about Breaking Bad long enough to share with you my article on Why Skyler White is the worst wife in the history of anything.


EDIT: OMG, I'm totally getting flamed as a misogynist, being called names, and am told I fail to understand the point of the show. Amazing!
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Or is it?

I'm incredibly busy for someone who barely leaves the house. Still doing all my usual SEO work. I have about a dozen SEO clients right now. I also write an article or two a month for Kinkly. Those articles tend to go bonkers online. I guess people on the internet like sex. Who knew?

Still reviewing Dexter (meh, so far) and Under the Goddamn Goddamn Dome or whatever it's called. I might as well make the title longer since they've got the nerve to give us a whole second season of that watered down claptrap. H hasn't read the book and he still says it's flat and absurd, and the dialog is clunky and most of the performances are stiff. Dean Norris is giving a stellar performance though. The totality of my snarky comments may be found at Geekbinge.
We're doing some Breaking Bad stuff to celebrate the new season. I'm doing an In Memoriam article with snarky commentary on everyone who died, and a short piece on why Skyler is the worst wife in the history of anything. Well, it's supposed to be a short piece. But she's awful, so it might get long and a little ranty. I'm caught up with the first half of Season Five, and am pretty stoked that they brought in Justin Louis. I love him! I was sad when he turned into a zombie that time.

And of course...the mag is going on. My experiences with theme issues thusfar has led me to conclude that there will be no more theme issues. I'd like to leave each issue as a grab bag where you never know what you'll get. We'll feature things in a way that has universal appeal among horror fans. Undead September is happening, and we've got some cool vampire stuff in the mix for October. Remember, vampires are villains, not fuck buddies.
Horror is a vast landscape and I don't want issues to be restricted to any one thing in particular. Submissions are slow at the moment. I'm hoping that once issues get out there and people see how badass the mag is, that will change. In the mean time, you might consider subscribing so as to get your hands on the horror. It's a mere $1.99 a month or $19.99 for a whole year. I'm not even sure how you could resist. You can't, can you? Besides, how will you review it if you haven't read it?

And finally, IT'S SHARK WEEK!!!
Granted, I liked Shark Week better when it was about shark conservation and the importance of not hunting apex predators to extinction. Now it's about how scary and bitey sharks are, and how high they can jump. I gotta confess, some of that leaping white shark photography is fucking awesome.
I mean, seriously.
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Yeah, power was out for a fraction of today, giving me yet another fine excuse to not get much work done. It's back on now, which is how I'm blogging. Duh. Publishing is closing down today. This was the publishing house that sent me my very first acceptance letter for my very first novel, A Stabbing for Sadie (which was almost named "Tiamata"). That book is in the process of being released as a second edition. In fact, this very weekend I am going through it one more time. I was ambivalent about some tense issues and now I need to fix it. Anyway, publishing with SGP was great in many ways, and helped me learn a lot about publishing, about writing, and marketing, and how it was not very much like I thought it would be at all. I'm pretty happy to be with a new house with new editions, soon to have a new website and my very own horror mag.
I always had a vision of me sitting in a room with some brilliant editor type, discussing all the ways to make it better. That never happened though. Like a lot of things in life, that's something I imagine will happen to other people but never to me.
But then, I tend toward the melancholia.

Speaking of which, the finale of Marc Maron's show is on tonight. I'm a great fan of Maron, but I daresay it's different than the way I'm a fan of say, Jon Stewart or Carlin. I've been watching Jon Stewart since Mtv Spring Break. He's always seemed like a cool older cousin who knows where I can get some pot--and will sit down and talk to me if I'm sad because the older kids were mean to me.
Maron doesn't seem like someone I'd ever hang out with. He seems like the sort of guy like Jerry Seinfeld--who is way to self-conscious to enjoy hanging out with someone like me. I had a hot, hot boss like that once.

My hair is well on the way to awesome, color-wise. I bleached the hell out of it, becoming half a blonde after about 2 hour of Flash Lightening. I'm doing it up with a new blue and a lilac--which is not taking very well. I'm hoping this second round of color will absorb better and end up looking stunning. The trim I gave my own hair looks kinda shitty, but I'm not cutting any more until it grows out a little in the front.

First issue of my horror magazine is due July 4th. That means I'll have to accept all the stories by then, and notify the authors. I also have to finish Sadie edits in that time, write 8 new SEO articles, finish the last Stig & The Puppetman for a while, and do two TV interviews a week. Dexter starts back up on Sunday. That is, if you'll pardon the sexist expression, gonna be tits!


Jun. 20th, 2013 06:39 am
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I was shocked and saddened earlier tonight to learn of the sudden demise of James Gandolfini. Damn. He should have had at least 20 more years of acting ahead of him. By all accounts, he was an awesome guy who was warm and welcoming to everyone. If you heard some crap about how he wasn't--do us both a favor and keep it to yourself, at least as far as this blog is concerned.

Like most people, I will remember him best as Tony Soprano. Soprano was an infuriating character that met a predictable end. But damn, I couldn't stop watching. Gandolfini has been great in lots of stuff, most notably as Juror #6 in Billy Friedkin's excellent remake of 12 Angry Men, and as Carol in the tear-jerking Where the Wild Things Are. When I had crazy mafia dreams about the Sopranos, James Gandolfini was always my dad. Take from that what you will, I guess.

As if that wasn't enough to be sad about, Stephen Colbert came back tonight with a tear-filled and touching memorial about his mom. She sounds like one of those super strong women who weathered a hard life and always looked on the bright side. Plus, eleven kids? Damn. It's sort of uncomfortable to hear Stephen speak as himself rather than the character. As a viewer, I really only hear that when he's on another news show or if something is wrong.

In non-sad news, Under the Dome starts on Monday. I'll be pretty disappointed if it's not totally badass. I saw a pic of Stephen King on the set. That certainly bodes well. Plus it almost certainly means he did a cameo. Woot! Don't forget, I'm reviewing it for GeekBinge.

Oh, how's the writing going? Funny you should ask:

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I'm watching all the eps of Maron that I had on the DVR, mainly to avoid work for a few hours. It's really funny and good in that low-key, depressing Maronish way. I was a fan of Maron back when you could see good stand-up on Comedy Central all the time. Boy...those were the days. I hadn't really thought about him for a while before his new show. I don't really listen to podcasts, even when I made one. Now I kinda wonder what Dave Atell is up to. ;-]
It's weird, Maron feels like he's trying to get to the guts of some big emotional and personal issues. But the show almost watches like he doesn't hang out with enough crazy people that offer him perspective. But that's not possible, is it? After all, he's a comedian. They're all kinda nuts, right? Is it because men are just so terrible at communicating? Anyway, Marc Maron in coveralls looks like a depressed serial killer who can't remember where he left his chainsaw.

Speaking of depressing news, I was sad to hear that Stephen Colbert's mom died. Still, 92 is a pretty good run. I'll be lucky if I make half of that.
John Oliver is kicking ass on Daily Show, but I'm not sure I'm ready for the inevitable announcement that Jon Stewart will be leaving some day.

Moving on to Wednes-related things, I've been reading subs for the magazine.
Oh yeah, if you haven't heard:

I'm now the editor of a horror eFiction mag!!!

Yeah, I'm not sure the complete extent of my duties yet. Should be meeting with my boss-type person soon and figuring out all the details.

My new website is progressing nicely. My cousin Richard is doing an awesome job with the design and colors and stuff. I think he is my second cousin, actually. Well, he's the son of my mom's cousin, whatever that is. It's a much more um...modern looking site that will feature blog snippets and recent Tweets, in addition to offering newsletter sign ups and all the stuff that was on my old site--like book excerpts and free audio stuff.
That'll be cool. Still waiting for KMLYLM audiobook to get approved and released. Also waiting for paperback version of The Finster Effect which I hope will be ready soon.
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Oh man, I had a rough couple weeks of work, work, and then some more work.
Now I'm largely caught up. Yay!

My VERY spoilery Game of Thrones review is here. I knew what was coming, and actually found it somewhat cartoonish and over the top for about half of the last scene.

Say, did you know you could follow me on Twitter for content you can't see here or on FB (but you CAN see it on LJ if you're over there)?
Add me, I am @WednesFri
I also have a Pinterest now. That site is pretty fun, I must say.
I play around over there now that Pet Society on FB is going away.
Yeah...that was money well spent.

Talking to someone about a job via G+ today. I've never had an interview via online chat before--though I assumed I would back in 2008 when I bought this computer. It's more of a gig than a job, but I'm stoked anyway.
Details later, if applicable.

I have a 70's movie party coming up. We're gonna watch Trilogy of Terror and Crowhaven Farm, the latter of which I have not seen since the actual 70's. I'm also gonna attempt a chocolate cheesecake. I'm not really prone to fancy baking, utilizing a bain marie, or even a springform pan. I'm not that great at baking, though I'm awesome at cooking.
We shall see...
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Now that I'm an *ahem* professional TV reviewer, I don't blog about TV here much. This weekend though, we had probably the most badass Doctor Who finale in the history of both Doctor Who and finales. Damn.
That shit was incredible.
I don't know why everyone's always bitching about Moffat.

Game of Thrones was merely adequate this week. Joffery's dicketry is getting tired, and the whole show is marred by every scene being too damn short--and every character not getting enough screen time. If a book is 500 words longer than a previous book, why can't the season be one episode longer?
C'mon HBO, you're a friggin' gold mine. Don't cheap out on the fans.

Finally read Under the Dome. It was long. Also, it's one of those books that makes you hate people. It's very truthy. That's SK horror.

As long as I'm on the internet, I might as well tell you what we're having for dinner. I'm roasting gold potatoes and hunks of keilbasa with peppers and veggies. When it's done roasting, I'm gonna put a creamy horseradish sauce on it. It's gonna be SO tits!

Bates Motel finale tonight. Stooooooked!
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Marketing 2.0 is about to get underway as I update my website, start a newsgroup, and continue with the paid adverts. Audiobooks will (hopefully) be out soon--but that's tougher since it's not all under my control. I'm not gonna be linking this blog to my site anymore--at least not as the main blog. I have a big awesome plan for something I could tell people about that they don't already know and will find fascinating.

So I'm stoked about that.

TV Reviews continue to be fun and good for exposure. The money is not great, but the writeoffs are awesome.

We watched Defiance, all they've showed so far. It was not bad. Derivative, but hell, what isn't? There are some future-Lannisters in it. Bright blonde hair, ruthless while pretending to be on the level, and inappropriate nakedness between family members. Mom, please put on something besides beads before you hug your kid. All I remembered was the door and weights, that there were witches, and that a girl a little older than me (at the time, I was probably about 11) was trying to steal a grown-up lady's husband. Amazingly, she was successful, which blew my mind as a kid.

For H, I got some Assassin's Creed game he had on his wishlist. He likes it, though he says he's "way behind."

Tonight I have two TV reviews--thank the gods The Following is finally ending tonight. I've had fun mocking it, and puzzling how Bacon and Purefoy could have thought this was good writing. *swoon* Purefoy...
It's so disappointing that such a promising show was SO terrible. I'm still digging Bates Motel. Both of the leads, Freddie Highmore and Vera Farmiga, give excellent performances. I expected the tacked-on brother to be a throwaway character, but he's also been interesting and good.

Reading Under the Dome so I can be in-the-know when the series comes out this summer--I'm totally reviewing that too.
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I require the services of a web designer who can rework the front page of my website,

When I first came up with the ideas for the site, I had no idea how important it was to have fresh content on the front page. My front page is static, and is a jumping off point to take people to other parts of the site where they can download pdf samples and podcasts, read reviews, contact page, bio, etc. But the front page doesn't change.

I need to move all the headings over to the left side of the page, and have my Twitter feed onto the other side. That way, there will be fresh content on the front page, and stupid bots won't think it's just sitting there doing nothing.

It seems like something I should be able to figure out. So far though, no luck. I need to find someone who can do this for me, preferably for a wage they'd be otherwise insulted to take. Well, not quite THAT low, but my budget is pretty tiny.

If you or someone you know is willing to take a stab at this, do let me know.

Also, if you haven't been already, do take a look at my TV reviews at GeekBinge. These days, I'm covering The Following, and Bates Motel. Coming up: Doctor Who and Game of Thrones.
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New Resilient Brainforest is SO totally out. It's FREE, it's awesome, it's a pdf you can read on pretty much anything, and it features a new Stig & The Puppetman comic that contains...wait for it...COLOR!

Looks like Kiss Me Like You Love Me 2nd Edition is going live on Amazon as of this Monday. We're doing KDP Select for this one as well. There's a small chance that it will get held up slightly while a super famous and awesome writer reads it for review. But there's a larger chance that such will not happen.

I applied to a gig writing about movies, directors, etc. Lamentably, I attached an older version of one of my articles as a sample--and there's a giant glaring typo in the first goddamn sentence. That is sad, because it makes me look dumb-headed when I'm trying to look S-M-R-T. Why do I keep old drafts of articles? I don't know. That's why I went through fucking everything today and tossed out everything irrelevant to now.

Trying to make a few changes on the website. Like many publicity things I engage in, I don't know what the hell I'm doing. But I learned a few things recently and want to make the needed adjustments. Problem is, I know fuckall about web design aside from some basic html and MySQL. And again, that's the sort of thing you need real money to do. *sigh* Also thinking I might start promoting FB posts when stuff goes on sale, and for my book trailers. That reminds me, KMLYLM is gonna need a book trailer too. Fie.

FYI, this seasons TV review by me are as follows:
The Following S1 on FOX
Bates Motel S1 on A&E
Game of Thrones S3 on HBO
Doctor Who S7 on BBC America
Under the Dome miniseries on CBS (starting in June)
Dexter S8 on Showtime (also coming this summer)

Some of these are guaranteed awesome, and some are wait-and-see.
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Feeling a little sad that American Horror Story is gone for another year. If you missed my Character Retrospective, you should totally check it out. I reviewed each and every episode this season, and in case you're late to the party--I'm damn witty.
You may not even realize that you totally care what I think.
But you do...

Also reviewing Ripper Street and The Following. Ripper Street is shaping up to be really good. The Following is a couple of awesome actors doing their best with some preposterous and shitty writing. I liken Kevin Williamson's "dramatic surprises" to bird poop, in that they drop out of nowhere, with no real importance except to irritate the fuck out of you.
Plus, if everything I know about the FBI comes from watching TV, I shouldn't know way more about it than someone who is writing, directing, and producing a show that features the FBI prominently. Kevin Williamson doesn't know how to write dialogue for grown-ups either. It's also painfully, upsettingly obvious who the secret mole is.

The rest of this week is finishing the new Stig & The Puppetman, working on Millicent Mixter and a little bit of paid marketing work. I'm supposed to go get blood taken, but I keep not feeling like it. Plus, everyone outside is sick. Thinking I might watch this copy of John Dies at the End I scored. Then I can write a review of it.

Stumbled over an ad for a part-time day-job I'm looking in to, just because I think it would be enormous fun. It combines a cool combination of things I used to do, but only stuff I liked. Hint: I once worked for a magician.

I sort of wish I was good at video games. That new Aliens: Colonial Marines game looks pretty badass. I might get it for H so I can watch him play.
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My review on the pilot ep of The Following is up.

Spoiler Alert: Dang.
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The Following tonight.
Or to put it another way, I'm going to be incredibly let down if it sucks.
Kevin Williamson, Google Earth knows where you live.
That means *I* know too.

Hot pic of Purefoy under the cut )
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Twitter: I gain more followers just letting my account sit there. I seem to lose people every time I actually post something. And I hate being limited to 140 characters. Arbitrary, anyone?
This leads me to believe that Twitter is an annoying sack of crap.
So yeah...there's that.

As usual, sociopolitical stuff is inescapable since I insist on hanging out on the internets. But I can't talk about guns any goddamn more. I was thinking about opportunity in America, and how lack of it creates hopelessness, which can intensify into fear and desperation. I lot of people feel like they have less opportunity than our parent's generation had. Less money, harder to buy a home, have to take jobs you don't like, etc. But some people think we have more opportunity, mainly because of the internet.

It used to be that when you met someone, you'd ask what they do. By that, you were asking what job they had--ie, what they did for a living. But now when I ask that, I'm asking the person what they actually do. Like, what's their art, their passion, what do they make. For way too many people, what they're passionate about has little to do with how they earn a living. So asking someone what their job is not only tells you very little about them--but it may also be sort of rude. More akin to asking someone how they pay their bills as opposed to actually learning something about who they are as a person.

Then I remember how damn lucky I am to be able to do what I like full time. I'm not just writing, I'm producing audiobooks and marketing for other companies and learning all this wild new stuff. That also frees me up to make comics and learn cooking stuff and review TV professionally. On that note: I want The Following to be awesome. I'll be hella bummed if it's not. Ripper Street also starts this week on BBC America. I'm poised to dig it. My bro is coming for lunch on Sunday, and I'm making eclairs. Well, I'm attempting to make eclairs. Difficult to say what I'll actually end up with.

Tonight I have 5 more marketing articles to write, plus the draft of my next article for Kinkly. I think I have a loose plot for the next Stig & the Puppetman. I have to get that drawn by tomorrow evening so H can scan everything in for me. Four chaps to go until A Stabbing for Sadie edits are done and can be sent to Mr Publisherman for the 2nd edition. Then, audiobooks go into production.

Been watching Breaking Bad for TV night on Sundays. We're half way through season two. It's great, just like everyone says. Still, his wife and her family are so awful. I'm surprised to be liking the DEA agent much more than the women. They suck.
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It's been asserted that I'm a cynic who thinks it's cool to rip on stuff other people like. Yeah, because people en masse have such great fucking taste. I wanted to enjoy Cabin in the Woods. I really did. It's not my fault that it sucks, or that so many people who should know better are pacified by pablum. I'm not even going to tell you how much money A Haunted House made this weekend. But it's more money than I've made collectively in my entire life to date. By all means, watch crap if you want to. I do. I love shitty slashers and terrible SyFy CGI movies. But please, don't pretend that they're good or that I'm being mean by not liking them. Please.

It's true that I don't like a lot of things "everybody" likes. As far as I know, nobody likes everything that Everybody likes. Duh. Because "everybody" doesn't actually like it. Shit that's popular for a while often fades into the background and is completely forgotten about by people who swore they'd love it forever. BTW, that's also why there should be a waiting period for tattoos. So no, it doesn't really make sense to bust on someone for not liking something other people like. I actually find people who follow every goddamn trend no matter how stupid to be infinitely more irksome.

As I so often do, I wonder what it is that makes people say "You are wrong" instead of "I disagree." Why people have to assume that there's ignorance or stupidity afoot when there is dissent. A particular peeve of mine is when people say Oh, well if you read such-and-such by so-and-so, you'd agree with me as if I'm so malleable that the right book would instantly change my mind. Books are powerful, but not more powerful than the human mind. Not MY mind anyway.

In fucking stupid news, I'm mildly bummed that [profile] sweinberg never talks to me on Twitter. He posts twenty kajillion times a day, but totally snubs me. #drag We used to be such great pals, ten years ago on LJ.
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Yeah, I know I'm way behind on the whole Tweeting thing. I hate restricting myself to a single sentence, because you can't actually talk about anything. I'm following tons of celebs--the interesting ones. Except when I scroll down my Twitter feed, I just respond to them like I'm talking to my regular online buddies. Not sure if that's the best way to go. Somebody already told me I should leave the internet because I hate all things Evil Dead. Yeah, the internet is no place for people with shitty taste.
If you want to read my Tweets, they crosspost to FB and LJ, but I don't know how to make them post here. Yeah, I'm sure you're bummed.

Have you seen the greatest thing to happen in the history of horror television?
No? Then by all means, feast your peepers!

If you're in the mood for an announcement, you should know that both A Stabbing for Sadie and Kiss Me Like You Love Me are getting shiny new complete audiobook editions. They'll be distributed by the good people at Audible dot com, through my publisher at Macabre Ink Digital and Crossroad Press. So there. My widespread popularity is imminent. So get ready for a bunch of trollish commenters to tell me my work Suuuuuuuxxxxx1!1!1!! Because that's what happens when you get famous. I look forward to people judging my entire existence based on a single Tweet or post, and perhaps assuming things about my life based on a single photo.
That's gonna be awesome! Luckily, I've already worked a ton of customer service, so I won't be surprised at the shitty meanness of the public at large.

Putting together a series of articles detailing my career in phone sex. Also did a review of...well, I'll post it once it's up. Let's just say, it's been a long while since I've been able to write off sex toys as a business expense. ;-]

Hope to have S4S edits done by next week so I can seriously draft and polish Millicent Mixter's Guide. Been writing that in sections that I have not put all together. Stig and the Puppetman continues to be awesome. These days, all the comics are 4 pages long. I'll have a book in no time!
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The fake apocalypse was basically the same as any other. I didn't actually meet anyone (except H's mom that one time) who believed it was real. I heard from dozens of Christians who leapt at the chance to mock the beliefs of others--as if mayans foreseeing the apocalypse is more absurd than virgin births, reanimated non-zombies, and . Nice, eh? I presume tomorrow we'll once again hear all the terrible things people who DID believe it was the end of the world actually did. Let's hope they kept the murder to a minimum.

Toward the beginning of November, my cousin Victoria sent me an Amaryllis bulb that was supposed to grow into a flower if I didn't kill it in the mean time. I read the instructions, and watered it a few times--fully expecting it to die long before it grew anything. A few days ago, H asked me if I'd seen my flowers (we keep plants in the only animal-free room we have--H's office). Sure enough, there were two giant flowers on it. A few days later, there were twice as many. Can you even imagine in? You don't have to, because look:

Amazing, no?

I put H's stocking gifts out last night. Only then did it occur to me that I didn't buy him any candy this year. Now I have to decide if I want to go out and get some. I'm pretty sure I don't, but we shall see. He's already getting some cool stuff. I got him a Bugs Bunny T-shirt, and another shirt from T-fury which is of the 10th Doctor Who. Plus a bottle of hot sauce and a 11th Doctor Who screwdriver that is an actual screwdriver. His stocking has new earbuds, paperback replacements of Alien and Aliens, astronaut ice cream, and some sticky notes with the TARDIS on them.

We got a juniper bonsai from Team Wilcox. If we can keep JoJo from eating it, it will be awesome. It's really cool looking, but I don't want to post a pic yet in case we kill it. Treated myself to a gift in the form of this highly recommended gadget for aromatherapy. What? It's therapy. It's aromatic. You wanna fight about it?

Dexter Retrospective should go up soon. I'm reviewing the first season of The Following (if it lasts a whole season, fricken FOX), and Ripper Street on BBC. I somehow managed to secure Game of Thrones reviews in March as well. Depending on my schedule, I may see about reviewing Bates Motel as well. So that will be fun.

Happy Solstice, kids!


Dec. 18th, 2012 02:58 pm
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Still crawling out of my angry depressed black hole. Wanted to get some stuff out of the way early so I could get some work done. No dice. Tired. Blah.

The Dexter finale was okay, but didn't settle much.
Gave H his birthday pressies last night since he's working on his actual birthday.

He got:
A Phillies T-shirt
Doctor Who Illustrated Dictionary
Dead Island for PS3.

Funnily enough, Dead Island instructions and characters read almost exactly like Left 4 Dead. Don't gamers get sick of that?

Finished 3 flavors of lip BLAM (peppermint patty, cherry cordial, lime in the coconut) and then ten 1oz pots of chest rub. It's gonna say on it Zom-Balm. "A shot to the head...cold." Hahahahahahaa! Gonna make a few cakes or cookies and send them out to fam with the balms. Cool, eh?
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Time for my yearly Thanksgiving post.
Lucky you!

I am thankful to be doing the writer thing for reals. I write for my living, and I write books. I have a little side income from fun writing like interviews and TV reviews. I'm making comics and editing my own book trailer together. Once I have 120 pages or so of Stig and the Puppetman Imma totally get that shit published as its own book.
It's amazing to me that I have second editions coming out. I'm blown away by the fact that I'm making actual money from books I've written. It still seems more like an impossible fantasy than something I have to get done before the end of the month. If that makes any sense.

I am thankful to have family in my life, which is not something I'm known for saying. Years of reconciling the "loss" of a family made me forget how really awesome some of those people are. I got a cool sparkly pink card from my favorite aunt (who is also my godmother). You have to remember someone's birthday at least a week in advance, and then go get them a card, find a goddamn's a whole friggin' ordeal to get a card to someone a few days before a birthday.
Plus, you know, I've got that brother I think is pretty cool. Not sure if he's coming to the par tay on Saturday, but I hope so. Looks to be a fun crowd this year. Glad to be keeping the menu simple--but yummy. Prepare for toom, peeps! (no, I don't mean toom-flavored peeps, because that would be nightmarish)
I also got a birthday card from my insurance agent, and my alma mater. My alma mater seems to think I can afford to do a lot more donating than I'm actually doing.

As usual, what I'm most thankful for is H.
My husband is my perfect match.
So yeah, I've got the kind of life that blows my mind with goodness.
Speaking of blowing my mind with goodness, I made this:
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I have to admit, this season's Walking Dead is not as shitty as last season. The first is still my favorite--because it's really a 6-hour long zombie drama. It bucks a lot of traditional tropes, and showed us the kind of drama we don't usually get from my beloved subgenre.
At the same time, I hate the overuse of CGI, and last week was ridiculous. Maybe some of you know better than I, but I declare major shenanigans at Michonne cutting a zombie essentially in half with a Katana. I'm digging David Morrissey as The Governor, thus far. But that's not what occasions me to post about The Walking Dead. I have a few *spoilery* questions about Carol Peltier )

The eclipse was cool. I hope everyone watched it.
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The peeps over at GeekBinge, of which I am one, put together a series on our favorite Halloween subgenre films. I would not say these are my definitive pics. It was first come, first serve. But, they are all good films worth mentioning to the yowens.

#1 Haunted House Movies

#2 Monster Movies

#3 Horror Comedies

#4 Horror for the Whole Family Oddly, there are two rated-R movies on this list. o.O

#5 Psychological Horror

For the first time in I have no idea...I didn't do crap for Halloween this year. How strange. And how untypical of me. I will be reviewing American Horror Story though. That'll be good.

Stay safe to my buddies on the East Coast.
And come back, Daily Show and Colbert!
We need you now more than ever.
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First up, I'm still giving away a book every day until the end of the month. And why the hell wouldn't I? It's All Hallows Read!

New Reviews for this week's Dexter and Boardwalk Empire are up! I'm sort of bummed that all the discussion about my reviews seems to take place on the social network sites where they are posted, rather than on the article itself. I've chosen to pretend that's because my fan base is too internet savvy to read the comments. ;-]

Thunderstorm tonight. I approve.

Trying to decide what device I'm going to buy so I can use PayPal-Here at events and book signings. I don't really want to get an iPhone because the data plan is a large and needless expense. I work from home and I rarely travel, so Wifi is fine for me 98% of the time. I'm looking at the iPad mini, but I'm also wondering if an iPod touch with Wifi wouldn't be enough. I need to check the specs of everything. I want to do this as affordably as possible, but I really need to do it.

Haven't heard from the new publisher in a bit, but I'm hoping to get KMLYLM back into print soon. Sadie edits are behind since I have so much freelance work to get done. Also gonna try to do a new Stig and the Puppetman by the end of the month. Kind of relieved I'm not doing a bunch of Halloween stuff this year.

Decided to buy myself a new hoodie. My favorite hoodie finally got too many burn holes and cat claw holes and had a broken zipper and a frayed hood. It had to go. The next season, I bought another hoodie that was too thin and short, so I gave it to my friend who had no hoodie at all. The winter after that, I got one that was thicker, but still too short. So, the next year I got one I was sure would be long enough, but it was also far too thin. This one is both long and thermal lined. And it's navy blue, just like the one I lost. I'm stoked.
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American Horror Story: Aslyum served it up last night. The link is me, telling GeekBinge all about it.

Having quit my day-job in July, I have now (mid October--uh, go me?) secured enough steady work that I don't actually need to look for more. I'm back to paying my share around here and getting those fucking medical bills off my back. Oddly enough, our deductible is actually going down next year. Thanks, Obamacare. It's still a bitch to come up with a few extra thousand dollars every year; but right now I'm just thankful that we're not getting crushed even harder than the previous year--which is what's been happening since oh, 2001 or so.

In addition for my writing and editing at ZZN, I'm also writing for GeekBinge (see above), and doing marketing writing for a company what shall remain nameless. Doing occasional mystery shops so I can get free stuff and have a reason to step outside on occasion. Recently secured a gig with a sexy-times site called Kinkly. My first article for them will go up soon. H finally relented on letting me use my real name since I'm not talking about anything from the POV of personal experience. Apparently, the fact that we have an awesome sex life is supposed to be some kind of giant secret. So if you see H, pretend you know nothing...
Actually, if you *do* see him, wish him a Happy Anniversary, because it's tomorrow. Though we've been together since 1999, we've only been married since 2007.

Still fighting this same chest cold I've had for a friggin' month. Good thing, as bleaching out the entirety of the CPAP every night grows tedious.

I predict that Obama will win the election.
I don't think even Americans en masse are stupid enough to fall for Romney and his bullshit.
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My sleep schedule has been full of the craze--Crazeful, if you will...
I've always wanted to be in some kind of Overlook Hotel situation where I can sleep, wake, eat etc whenever I wanted with no thought of anyone else's schedule. I'd be curious to see how much sleep I'd actually want, and what the intervals would be. *sigh* No matter what I do, someone wants to make some kind of demand of my time. If only I could be totally snowed in.

I'm cutting this pic due to hugeness )
This marvelous thing arrived in the mail. WOW! and wow again.
Big thanks to the sender, [personal profile] crowjoy. You are badass!

Under this cut is a rather large pic of one of the anthologies I was in over the summer. )

My Obama Biden 2012 bumper sticker also arrived. I'm not posting a pic since I presume you've all seen a fucking bumper sticker before.

In case you forgot, or *gasp* didn't know to begin with, I'm covering a few shows this season for GeekBinge. Whatever you do, do NOT cheat yourself out of the awesome episode reviews I'm putting up for Boardwalk Empire on HBO, and Dexter on Showtime. Starting this week, I'm also covering American Horror Story. When the mid-season shows start, I'll also be doing episode reviews of Following--which is the new series with Kevin Bacon and *swooooooon* James Purefoy. That guy is stupid-hot, and even more swoonworthy is the fact that he's an engaging and versatile performer.

I'm not actually covering The Walking Dead this season. I presumed someone at ZZN would handle it, but that place is might as well have virtual tumbleweeds rolling past. I wish the dudes would come back and write some shit. After's zombie season. It can't be all about Floridians eating each other's faces, after all.

This Friday is my 5-year Wedding anniversary.
Time flies when you're happily married, eh?
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It's not a very obscure literary reference, so I'm gonna assume you all know.

So this happened. Finster came in town from Cali just to go to the show. What show, you ask? Jason McCauley Berry and the All Night Fish Market. Back in the day, Finz and I went to these shows endlessly, roughly weekly but sometimes more. If you picture them dark and blurry, it'd look something like this.

It was a time for beer drinking and terrible jobs, hunting for a cool boyfriend and eventually realizing a girl friend would make more sense. A time for drugs and floundering, figuring shit out and wallowing in grand ideas and stupid mistakes. A time for a Heathen Ranch, gazing up longingly at the poverty line, and realizing that I was honest to Zod crazy and needed to do something about it.

Before the gig, there was a BBQ at the new home of my old friend and former Heathen Ranch roommate. A few other friends from that era were there. Newsflash: Having children ages people a LOT. Everybody's still as sexy as ever though. The dude on the far right is Joe, who is Our Narrator in the KMLYLM podcast. I know, right?

Merriment ensued.

My old friend literally lives within walking distance of my mom's house in Royal Oak. We drove right by it on the way to the bar, which was in Ferndale.

H actually got the night off work to come with. Because I asked him to. He hates bars, parties, going out, and being around crowds. He mostly sat at the table watching my bag. I mostly walked around acting like the queen of the castle, puffing the wacky tobacky, drinking tons of water and a few sips of coca cola, and dancing my ass off. I imagine some unflattering pics of said dancing will be showing up on Facebook over the next week. Can't wait...

Officially, the party was for our friend Bill, who was turning 40. Bill is an awesome guy who totally has not changed since back in the day. It's a weird thing to suddenly be back among people who knew me when I was a totally different person. And it's crazy to hear how people remembered me, how they "always knew" I'd be successful, and how I always seemed like I'd do great things. Not for nothing, but I don't recall 98% of these people mentioning that at the time. Quite the opposite, in fact. Anywhoo...

The gig was amazing. Jason still has the sweetest voice ever. I love it so much. The last song of the night was about me. I don't mean that in an absurd drunk-girl kind of way. The song Blues for a Better Wednesday was written about me, roundabout 1990. I'll probably podcast it sometime so you can all hear it. Jason called it their best song. I was quite touched.

The whole event was tremendous fun, and illustrated rather sharply the differences between my life then, and my life now. There were a bunch of people I was delighted to see, and a few conspicuous absences, and a healthy handful of people who said how happy they were to see me--who I didn't recognize at ALL. I look pretty much the same as ever, but most of the dudes put on weight and lost their hair. A lot of the chicks totally changed their hair, and everyone was wearing dark glasses for some reason. People kept hugging me and H would ask who they were, and I wouldn't know. Bizzarre, but nice to be so well loved, amirite?

In other news, I have a ton of work to do this week. Tonight I'll draft the review of the Dexter premiere, which I'll finish and put up tomorrow. Also tomorrow will be watching and putting up a review of the new Boardwalk Empire ep. Have you been reading my Reviews at GeekBinge? You totally should be. I'll also be covering American Horror Story when that comes back--in just 17 days!!!

Also, I'll be finishing the new Stig and the Puppetman comic. After that, I'll be tearing into A Stabbing for Sadie to make edits for the 2nd edition. I changed almost nothing from KMLYLM. It's gonna get a new introduction and some new "Thanks." I thought about going back through some of Dami's dialogue but decided against it. That book is pretty good as it is, and doesn't need me um...Lucasing it up. Sadie, OTOH, is getting tore up and thematically embiggened.

The next book is outlined and ready for me to write the hell out of it for NaNoWriMo. If you're planning to get down with the NaNo this year, be sure to add me as your buddy. This one is set for a 2013 release as well, so I kind of have to rock this thing hard core. Luckily, that is typically how I roll.

In sadder news, I walked away from cooking bacon today and it burned to an inedible blackened crisp. I was sad. Bacon abuse. No.
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Scraps of money still coming in here and there, nothing solid or steady quite yet. I am becoming frustrated, but still hopeful.

I finally watched Solomon Kane starring James Purefoy. He is, if you did not know, the sexiest Brit alive. It was pretty good. Not sure why there haven't been a few more of those. Atmospheric, nice period style, cool effects, and did I mention that James Purefoy is sexy?
He's got a mid-season show coming up where he's playing a serial killer. Yummy! Kevin Bacon is on it, which is handy because it links him to the entire cast of ROME.

A friend recommended Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon. I had vaguely heard of it, but thought it was a real documentary about the Friday the 13th movies. Actually, it's a fake documentary that discusses slasher icons as if they were real, and follows a killer as he does his thing. The writing was clever, and there were plenty of fun cameos, in jokes, and over the top performances.

Finished checking out season one of Breaking Bad. Man, that's a good show. Excellent writing, outstanding character development. Can't wait to see where it goes next. I can't imagine Walt's wife becoming any more vile, but I'm told that she does.

Daniel Radcliffe is starring in the movie adaptation of Joe Hill's Horns. I've not read any Joe Hill yet, but I've heard good things. Alexandre Aja is directing. All of [profile] eroslane's chiding aside, I dig him and am confident that this will be worth checking out.
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Finally started watching Breaking Bad. My brother loaned me the first season, and I'm gonna watch the season finale tomorrow. Odd to be getting into a new show just as the fall TV season begins, but that's just how it worked out. Walt's wife is a vile bitch.

In further TV news, I'm now getting paid to write about this season's Dexter, American Horror Story, and Boardwalk Empire. This means that ALL of our cable is now a business expense including HBO and Showtime), instead of just the internet. So big Yay for that!

Commissions are still trickling in. That's great and all, but if I ever want to see the inside of a dentists office again, they'll have to send a lot more work my way. I do like PayPal's record keeping interface thusfar.

In my own news, I'm about half-past give-a-shit with certain kinds of fuckery. I was actually called a liar on the internets recently, and told that I was making up mean things about a certain religion because I hate certain people and want to destroy them. Sadly, this comes from someone I actually know in real life who went as far as to say How am I supposed to explain to my children that you hate us???. I suppose the same way you explain all the other crazy shit you've hallucinated. Even if it were true, it wouldn't be any crazier than animals on a boat not eating each other on a long voyage.
I can only conclude that they've gone batshit, or that they've always been batshit and I just never noticed. Even though I'm pissed about it, I don't see a point in trying to convince anyone that it isn't true. Not only do religions need no help from ME to sound batshit, but the religions themselves are all equally annoying--the variance comes from the practitioners.

Fuckery #2 would be the whole Show and Tell with the Family Finances bullshit. I'm amazed at how many people think "discussing my writing career" means I'm supposed to tell them all about how much money I make, what my contracts say, or what my cut of this or that is. On what fucking planet is that considered polite discourse? And I'm certainly not giving that information to anyone with the audacity to ask me to borrow money. In the end, I'm torn between wanting to be understanding and compassionate, and telling people to quit being such selfish assholes. Plus I have that weird issue where if I think someone is trying to impress me, it makes me want to punch them in the face.

Writing: The Finster Effect is off to the publisher who is putting a hawk-eyed editor on that shit. Edits to A Stabbing for Sadie begin soon since they want the manuscript by the end of the month. KMLYLM edits will be next, and pretty minimal.
Gonna try to do a new Stig and the Puppetman comic every month. If you've not downloaded the FREE comic it appears in Resilient Brainforest is up for the grabbing.
Also gearing up to write my first non-fiction book, which is largely shrouded in mystery. Gonna NaNoWriMo that shit, just as a matter of scheduling convenience.
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I'm signing a contract for a freelance gig that is essentially well-paid, per project content creation. It's cool, but not exactly my dream job. And I'm not sure how steady the work will be.

Was supposed to hear back on the job I was testing for. Was supposed to get an automated Email last night letting me know. I stayed up until 12am PST to get it, even though 3am on a Sunday is late even for me. Didn't hear. Still haven't heard. The site indicates that I finished the test, but no results. I are irked. It specifically says not to write and ask for results, but if they're more than 2 days late, I probably will. Right now they're only 18 hours late.

Also waiting on another contract that will allow me to make a big announcement. I imagine most of you have figured it out already. Plus, I told 3 people not counting H. I hate waiting, and I suck at it.

For movie night, we watched Hannah. I was hoping it would be pretty good. I ended up digging the hell out of it. Was worried at one point that the ending would flop, but I felt quite satisfied. H and I are fans of Eric Bana, and Cate Blanchette is great in everything. Tonight, H and I are finally gonna watch The Horde. Last week we checked out The Revenant, and thought it was pretty good, and I'll likely write that up for ZZN.
Speaking of ZZN, got some fun interviews coming up. A few of the kids from Zombie Hunter and a Dr Rotz who does a series of web vids that I'm finding pretty hilarious.

Michael Dorn is the Captain in the new Star Trek series.
Imma watch the hell out of it! (Of course, I said that about Enterprise but didn't actually watch it due to its lameness)

And finally Mel Hines and James L Grant have dropped yet another webcomic on an unsuspecting world. Failure to Fire is online as of today. It's gonna be awesome.
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You may recall my interview with Joshua Hoffine back in April of 2011. He had just busted out with Pickman's Masterpiece, a series of photos based the Lovecraft story. Damn, it's awesome.
Hoffine is a horror photographer who shares my love of primal terror, and the belief that the best scares come from deep within us all.

Today I got a press release (and early pic, but I can't post it online) for his new thing, and is badass! I loves it!!

Joshua Hoffine, the internationally renown Horror Photographer
residing in Kansas City, reveals his latest masterpiece: JACK THE

Joshua Hoffine's work exploded on the internet and in numerous
magazines and news outlets around the world in 2008 when he released
his collection of photographs exploring the nature of childhood fears.
Since that time he has cultivated a massive cult following for his
meticulously staged photographic works regarding, as he puts it, "the
psychology of fear."

Conceived as a 2-panel diptych, JACK THE RIPPER depicts the moments
"just before" and "just after" a grisly alleyway murder. "What makes
Jack the Ripper compelling to me", Hoffine says, "is that nothing is
known about him. Because he was never caught, we have no actual
information about who he was or why he committed his gruesome crimes.
What we have is not a historical or biographical portrait, but a
communally imagined idea of Jack the Ripper as an aristocratic
predator. As a boogeyman, he graphically symbolizes the idea of the
wealthy and powerful preying on the poor."

On September 4th, Hoffine will be officially releasing the first image
of his project online. Signed archival prints will be available for
purchase though his website at WWW.JOSHUAHOFFINE.COM. He will be
releasing the second part of his project on October 1st.

You can find this cat on Facebook, and do check out his incredible photography on his site. It's all staged photography, not photoshop.
Plus, he's a super nice guy.

In Wednes-related news, I took a longish 2-part test for an awesome work from home day-job. It's more than I was making at the last day job, but much less than a phonsex operator. *snicker* All this hounding of freelance clients for money has already become tiresome. I think I'm more productive with a steady gig, rather than chasing work with big payments that are few and far between. Plus, writing about flowers wasn't that fun. Anyway, I'll hear about that on Monday.
Next week, we're also getting cheaper cable. No non-evil cable companies exist where I am. So we're getting rid of Comcast and getting AT&T. On paper, they'll give us a lot more for less money. I hear the internet will be slower. I hope it's not too annoying. The DVR will record 4 channels at once, which will totally rescue my Sunday night. Yeah...I got first-world problems.

Watched the RNC convention last night. It seems that the next time we see Paul Ryan, he'll have a very long nose and will have to resign himself to never becoming a Real Boy.
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Ah yes, another beautiful week in the rat race. Ha! Been thinking about rats an awful lot as I'm still going over The Finster Effect draft for what I hope will be the last time before it goes to the editor... if there's a new editor to be had sometime soon. You know, on the off chance that the book got picked up but I haven't actually announced it yet because the contract aren't in hand.

Wouldn't THAT be something?

Newsroom season finale was last night. Aaron Sorkin, I've never really watched your stuff before, but I am digging the hell out of this.

True Blood finale as well. Cut for Spoilers, like it matters. )

This week I'm testing for a new day-job gig. If I don't pass, I'll need to get set up with Windows on Ye Olde Mac (something I've been avoiding hardcore) so I can do this transcription gig I heard about. Honestly, I'm kind of a typo-monger, so who knows how that'll go. Anyway, hoping to pass this test so my income will, at least, be less erratic.

EDIT (Mon, 9:30ish pm) I passed part one!
Tomorrow, I start part 2 and think it might take a long, long time.
They gave me 161 pages of stuff to read, which took a long time for some reason.

H bought organic quinoa at the store. Man...I fucking love quinoa. I'd eat it exclusively in place of rice if we could afford it. Considering a bag of rice is 79 cents and regular quinoa is $9.50 for slightly less (this one was on sale for $6), it's a tricky thing to talk H into. Anyway, a little chicken stock and some veggies, and deliciousness is sure to ensue. It's also great in soup.

In pondering news, I'm stuck on how many of our sociopolitical issues begin with people believing things about others that aren't actually true.
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So let's just get this out of the way...

In more Wednes-centered news, I'm in a new anthology that is out in paperback today! Fortune: Lost and Found is a collection of short stories about how the pursuit or loss of monies can know, horrifying and deadly. Been reading it on the Kindle, and there are some really great stories in it. I'm quite proud of mine, which is called Trabajando Alegre. It's about a government program to assist poor Latino immigrant-types. Horror ensues.

Speaking of money, it's Election Season. I recall saying roughly four years ago about how incredibly angry I feel at people who would actually vote McCain/Palin. How was that possible? How could anyone look at those people and say "Gosh, imagine how awesome the USA would be with them in charge!" ??? I couldn't imagine. This time is, if anything, worse. Mitt Romney isn't just a robotic war hero who altered all of his beliefs so he could try for a job he really, really wanted (like McCain). He's a monster. A MONSTER.

Mitt Romney is a lifelong bully and snotty rich asshole. No, I don't think all rich people are snotty assholes. But he clearly is. I'm not jealous of his amazing job-creation abilities, his many houses, or his fleet of robot sons. For somebody running on a ticket of profound America-love, it's sort of odd that no one in his family ever served. I mean, Obama never served, but he's not pretending that he loves flags and patriotism more than...well, the American People.

That's the crux of it for me. Romney is NOT a man of the people. No one, ever, anywhere could possibly look at (what's actually available of) his record and think that he was. Unless you're super, dooper rich, voting Romney/Ryan is akin to punching yourself in the face. Romney thinks laborers who want living wages should have gone to college so they could have better jobs--never mind that he wants to cut programs that help poor kids go to college without emerging 30K in debt. He thinks women should keep their legs closed if they don't want to be baby machines, and that EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE should love the same god as him, the same way he loves him, and that anyone not wearing magical underwear is not to be trusted.
Actually, he might not think any of those things, because he's the most dishonest motherfucker in the history of politics. Nixon could advise this guy on morality...if he's still got his head in that Futurama jar, I mean.
Romney accuses poor people of hating rich people when his disdain for the poor is the stuff of legend. He tells every non-super rich person that they are essentially worthless, they're problems are beneath his notice, and that if they want to be equal under the law--they should become a corporation. Now why the fuck didn't I think of that?

And then there's Paul Ryan, who fully intends to cut the many programs that made him rich in the first place. This would include social security (which he received after his father died), infrastructure money (which funded his family's construction business for over 60 years), and of course, the stimulus, which he called "a monstrosity" of spending but still helped himself to--for Green Jobs he now feels are unimportant.

These are the gentlemen calling foul on the NaNaNaBooBoo Stick your head in DooDoo audacity of the Democrats when they finally said "Hey Romney man, do you even pay taxes?" His actual comments were a rousing "No Comment" followed by tons of lies about what other people did or did not do. That'll learn people to question the integrity of Sir Mittington of Romneyshire.
I can't wait to see how giant a write-off Rafalca is now that the Olympics is over. He's probably strapped to the roof of a car someplace...

Okay, so it's Friday. A friend is coming over for dinner and nail polish. We'll probably watch some True Blood just so I can show her how shitty it's become. I'd really like to throw a drink on the new writers. Hey, HBO! Yes, I DO think I could do a better job writing dialogue than that. Fly me out to wherever the hell your writers are, and I'll show you...if I get to do lunch with the guys who play Jason, Hoyt, and Terry. *Cougar Growl*
Maybe while I'm rewatching, I'll count how many times the word FUCK is used where interesting or revealing dialogue should actually be.

This weekend shall be Finster edits, an Epic Subbing, finishing my secret-short-story mashup project, and working on my comic for Resilent Brainforest #2. This time, I have an idea that might end up being multiple comics. I'm kind of into it, though who knows what'll happen once I look around the internet to make sure my idea isn't already a thing. I hate when that happens. I thought I was the cleverest chick in the world when I came up with Welcome Back, Potter about the wizard who returns to teach unruly kids at his alma mater. *sigh*

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