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Do you enjoy ticky boxes and telling me things?
If'll totally want to get in on this poll.

What? You can't see it? That must be because Dreamwidth doesn't offer polls even though they cost the same as that other sucky site I used to pay.
So you'll have to go over there to take the poll."

Why would you want to take a poll?
Great Question.
I'm trying to decide on a tagline for Under the Bed and need to know which of my ideas is the least sucky. I value most of your opinions. The rest, I'll probably chuckle at--but you're tough, you'll get over it.

Thanks, all!
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Poll #5066 Noveling ?'s
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Numbered Chapters:

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Titles for Chapters:

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Only if They're Relevant
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More Than One type of Zombie in a Zombie Novel is:

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Too Much Info for the Reader
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Totally Depends
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A Terrible Idea
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I'm Intrigued
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Favorite Aspect of Zombie Movies/Books

Least Favorite Aspect of Zombie Movies/Books

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I'm going in to work tomorrow, even if my voice is as crappy sounding as it is today. My low, gravely voice is okay, but my higher, customer voice is nowhere to be found. The Coricidin is helping me feel well enough to function, but I'm by no means up to snuff. No holiday work-party, no solstice bon-fire; I didn't even cook H a fancy meal like I'd planned. We ordered from Tio's, which cost $40 for some reason. Fie! H enjoyed his birthday gifts from me. I got him a cute pair of boxers for his cute butt, Pan's Labyrinth (2-disc SE), Battlestar Galactica Razor, a book about high tech spy gadgets (not for Kindle, real), and some new earbuds.

We sent out out holiday cookies and such today. I was quite pleased to have gotten everything finished on time. We send a big box of treats to H's mom & fam, H's dad & fam, H's grandparents, my brother, and my Aunt Barb & fam. We sometimes also send a box to [ profile] sudrin, but happily it looks like we'll be seeing him in person this year. Yay! Oh, and [ profile] sudrin? Sorry about the late nite text. Anyway, I'll be baking more cookies to give out on NYE, as well as a batch of my amazing peanut butter fudge.

Speaking of texting, I got a call from a lady at Credo Mobile, which is my new phone service I mentioned earlier. Last time I posted about them, one of their reps asked me to get in touch. I heard that they have people watching what's being said about them online. Since they responded to my post within 12 hours of my posting it, I must assume that they are indeed, keeping a watchful eye on the Internets. After all, my blog os only moderately popular. Anyway, I did get in touch with them, saying pretty much this )

They called me back a few days ago, but I was waiting to call them back when I had a voice. A chick named Yvonne called back today and was totally on-the-ball and helpful. She seemed genuinely concerned about fixing my issues and basically dealt with me the way I would deal with myself, had I called myself at work (if that makes any sense). She even talked to me about various Sprint policies, how they deal with their GPS info, and why Sprint phones don't typically have SIM cards. Needless to say, she made me very happy. I settled all my issues (well, I still can't get this Bluetooth thing to work but that may very well be something on my end. I'm not sure yet.) They are also sending me a solar charger for free to make up for our sucktacular beginning with their service. Overall I was impressed by their timely response and what really did feel like a sincere desire to give good service. So yeah, thumbs up!

Because smoking is such a hot-button issue this New Year's Eve, I'm posting a poll. H and I honestly tried to think of someone we know who doesn't smoke cigarettes but still allows cig smoking in their home. Aside from us, we couldn't think of anyone. So here:

[Poll #1502027]

The NYE menu will consist of a repeat of the Nutella pastry from my birthday party, a strawberry shortcake trifle, and corn chips with spicy salsa which I will make myself. And whatever people decide to bring with them. In case you weren't aware, it starts at 8pm and ends when we're finished. Intoxicants should be consumed in moderation, as our crashing space is limited and contains rambunctious cats.

Scored a big box of 70's children's books today. If anybody wants to go through them, let me know. They are well worn and have obviously been loved by children. But looking through the box is like being in my elementary school library again, minus bullies and corduroy pants. Speaking of libraries: once when I was 10, my mom was a Girl Scout leader *irony* that all the troop kids loved. One day they asked her how old she was and for some inexplicable reason, she told them she was 22. Of course, they counted back and a rumor went all over school that my mom had me when she was 12. Eventually, the librarian asked her about it. It sucked.

Hope everyone I didn't see on FB had a wonderful Yule.
I didn't even drink my mead as I was so damn sick.
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[Poll #1494231]

This weekend I'm going shopping to get the rest of the groceries I will need to make three types of cookies, some cranberry quick bread, and some peanut butter fudge candy. Mmmmmm...
So next week I'll begin all the baking. I was going to make candles as well, but I forgot that they can't ship beeswax sheets when it's cold. I thought about getting some granulated wax to make jar candles, but I only have about 5 jars, which is not enough for everyone. *sigh*

At my work, we have a running joke that every year someone is told by a customer that they've "ruined Christmas." I always wish someone would say that to me so I could reply Yes, because Christmas is all about things. Without things, there is no Christmas. That is an excellent lesson for your family. As a non-Christian, I like this holiday mainly for the togetherness and the gift giving--okay, and the yummy food. I don't get offended when someone says "Merry Christmas" because I know that they're wishing me well according to their own beliefs. That's cool by me. In return, I expect people to not lecture me when I say "Happy Holidays." Once, someone asked me to be more specific. I apologized and wished them a Happy Hanukkah. Why? Because I've never met a Jew who gave a rat's ass about the precise wording I use to wish them well.

When I got to work today, I saw that one of my co-workers had given me the new Simpsons Scene It! board game as a late birthday gift, and because I worked for him tonight. In funny time-off news, I accidentally asked for NYE off instead of NYDay. Obviously, I will not want to get up and go to work the night after I host a party. Anyway, I hereby challenge ANY and ALL locals to a steel cage match in Simpsons Scene It! I'm particular hoping that [ profile] lickingtoad and I will go head to head. Frankly, as this game encompasses the first 19 seasons, there's probably a bunch of stuff from the last 5 years or so that I don't know very well. We shall see.
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Some of you may know my dear friend, [ profile] thehula. If you were at my wedding, you probably saw her reading the Christian verse we included. She is one of those people who makes sure I am seeing myself clearly, in case I happen to forget how wicked awesome I am. She is a college professor now, crazy smart!

She and I recently talked about the No Fat Chicks shirt I planned to wear to the Vampire Ball. After some careful thought, both sober and otherwise, I have reconsidered. I'm still going to put together a new "No Fat Chicks" shirt. (I got some great no-pocket T's and some sparkle letters in a 70's font.) It's still hilarious and it's still the sort of message people need to see and think about.

But for a Vampire Ball, methinks something having to do with Vampires would be more apropos. I often say that I'm much more a zombie fan than a vampire fan. It is true. But there are plenty of old school Vampire things that I love, one in particular. The question then becomes:

[Poll #1462566]

Of course, you can clicky those pics to embiggen them.

Since my work bonuses have been tiny, H and I talked about my skipping the Vampire Ball to save money. I never did hear back from the promotions chick, so no table for book selling. If I want to go, I have to buy tickets. It is a fundraiser, so I can't exactly feel bad about spending $40. Anyway, H decided that he would buy me two tickets for my birthday so that I and my friend from work can go. That H, he is pretty amazingly great. So, I'm giving the promotions chick until Monday to finally answer the Email(s) I've been sending since the first of September, then I'm going to go ahead and order the tickets. BTW, my birthday is not until the end of November. You'll see it coming, because there will be a grand party announcement beforehand.

I forgot to mention, H and I got that Friday the 13th reimagining On Demand. There was lots to like about it. But in the end, it was vapid and predictable with some rather intense stupidity. I understand that this is the nature of such films. But wouldn't it be cool if they made a slasher flick, but with interesting characters who could really act? Oh wait, they did that. It's called Vacancy. Then it was called The Strangers. So it is possible. They just don't bother to make it happen. Sad, really.
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Okay, I'm talking about walking shoes here. Not running shoes or cross-trainers. Just walking.
And remember, I'm a fat chick, so keep that in mind when you answer.
Fat girls who're on their feet a lot especially encouraged to give input.

[Poll #1450627]
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FYI, Midnight Meat Train was quite good. Much, much better than you'd think a movie with such a title would be. It's based on a Clive Barker short story, so that explains the goodness.
Here: clicken to embiggen this desktop photo of the evil Mohogany.

Brooke Sheilds is in it, which is kinda cool. Blink and you'll miss Ted Raimi, which you should not do. Ted Raimi is so cute. I love him in Skinner. The movie is very gory and pretty scary with some good suspense and one of those smarty pants endings that horror fans (myself included) love. The script has sort of a Rod Serlingish sense of mystery and irony, but with contemporary violence and terror.

If you likee the horror, you'd do well to check this one out.
Now I need to read the story, which I won't do right away. I'm on moratorium from reading until I finish editing my serial killer novel.

Also, while I have you here:

[Poll #1414629]

Speaking of horror, within 24 hours I will likely have downloaded all seven seasons of HBO's Tales from the Crypt. I know, right? I'm totally stoked, as that is one of my favorite shows of all time.
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If you saw ME in a police car, what would you think I got arrested for?
(Bearing in mind that I live in Ann Arbor and would not get arrested for marijuana possession)

Answer me, then post to your own journal and see how many crimes you get accused of.
(You don't have to repost if you don't want to)

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
20,651 / 50,000

I don't think I'm done writing for the day, I really need to get ahead so I don't fall behind the weekend before my birthday when I'll be terribly busy. The story is coming along reasonably well, though I'm not sure how horrifying it all is. It's definitely creepy and crazy.

[Poll #1296198]
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I saw this meme in Poppy Z Brite's journal. Because I'm interested in everyone's answers, I picked out the best questions and made it into a poll. Please encourage your flist to take it. I notice that when I write, every character (almost) talks just like me. Maybe this will help my dialogue become more diverse, which I totally need for my serial killer novel.

[Poll #1168722]

That last one is not a dialect question...I just wanted to know.
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[Poll #1109168]

Today is H's birthday. I gave him a set of pajamas, and Onion book, King Kong and V for Vendetta (both 2-disc special editions). He was most pleased, and he gets more gifts in a few days. Whoo Hoo.
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I think I'm going to try to hire some ceremony musicians since I've been spectacularly unsuccessful at getting anyone to play for free. Luckily, my new job has me surrounded by musicians who are looking for gigs. Problem is, it's a bit more expensive than I thought. At the same time, I only get one wedding.

What do YOU think?

[Poll #1035829]

We saw the Simpsons movie. It was indeed, funny. Nothing really to report, just a funny, funny thing with about the same amount of political and social commentary as the show. There was a smidge of naughty language, one very sad moment, and a penis. Oh yeah, and Spider Pig/Harry Plopper.

I had therapy today, they are still on me about quitting smoking entirely. I'm not gonna do it. I don't think it's so bad to have a vice or two. I'll probably be done with this program soon after the wedding. I'll just have to get my meds from somewhere else.
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[Poll #909445]
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FEAR [feer]
1. a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid.
2. a specific instance of or propensity for such a feeling: an abnormal fear of heights.

ANXIETY [ang-zahy-i-tee]
–noun, plural -ties.
1. distress or uneasiness of mind caused by fear of danger or misfortune:
2. earnest but tense desire; eagerness

WORRY [wur-ee, wuhr-ee]
–verb (used without object)
1. to torment oneself with or suffer from disturbing thoughts; fret.

I've been thinking a lot about worry and axiety lately, and how much of my anxiety stems from fears that border on totally irrational. Of course, the internet doesn't help. I worry that something bad will happen to H. I worry that I'll never find a job and be penniless and reliant forever. I'm anxious that I'll never be published or picked up by an agent, and that all my efforts will be for nothing. I worry that I'll never actually have my life or priorities in order. I bet I'm not alone in this, so I'll ask.

[Poll #883691]
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My sweet new toaster no longer works. I actually consulted the directions to make sure I hadn't committed some kind of inadvertent toaster faux pas. This is probably the work of cylons who'd like nothing more than for me to have to eat raw toast with my egg whites and turkey bacon. Bastards. So we now have to take it back and exchange it for a toaster that actually toasts. Shame, since I liked the blue lights on it. I've never had bad luck with an Oster before.


Received my package from elf today. Apparently they couldn't send me the nail stuff because they ran out. With a big "everything is one dollar" sale that's bound to happen. I did get 2 4-packs of shadow, 2 eye liners, 2 multi purpose pinks, a brush, 2 pressed powders (although these were quite tiny, .16oz to be exact. Most of my other PP's are from .35-.4oz. Still, for a dollar it's hard to complain. Got some other stuff too, makup remover pads, lip balm, concealer, sharperners and such...all for only $18. 'Twas a fabulous bargain and the stuff all looks pretty and nice.

Only a slight Fie! over no nail stuff--I ordered 3 polishes and a set of toe separators because I'm a girly, girly, girl.

Smallville: it's painfully bad.

Missing birthday parties: also Fie!

I'm in the middle of a smallish block as I try to finish chapter four of my NaNo Novel. This chapter will have a smallish animal attack too, so that'll be fun. As usual, I'm posting chaps in my awesome writing journal, [ profile] wednes_writes. And also as usual, I need to know who is reading so you have to join up proper to see my amazing locked chapters. Woot!

And from our "I don't think this is just me..." file, here's a poll:

[Poll #860566]
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You know, sometimes it's a lot of fun to practice arguing on the internet. There are throngs of passionate people, some of whom have infinitely more knowlege about things than I. I often end up learning something and honing my own wordsmithing skills to boot. I also meet new peoples and impress myself with my own sparkling wit and clever retorts. But sometimes, it's just annoying. I'm not sure why I watch any pagan or writing comms at all, since they are 10% insight 10% networking, and 80% annoyance and book reccomendations.
So, [ profile] nate101000, be comforted in the knowlege that someone on the internets is far more irritating than you, even if you were simultaneously voting for Bush, ordering a subscription to Creedo, and inviting my mom over to my house.
Now THAT's irritating!

[Poll #811395]

I had a dream last night that Stephen King died on his way over to my house.

Everyone is getting new cats. I almost want one too.

I'm going to try to write a new chapter tonight, and this week I'm going to relearn Illustrator so I can get super fly at it. Someday I hope to have all the skills my resume says I have...sort of like attaining the weight on your drivers license. ;-]

Group was stupid last night. I'm sick to death of hearing about "the power of positive thinking."
If postive thinking really worked, everyone would do it.
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Answers to Movie Meme #2 )
Nice job people, you did better this time and I made it more difficult.

Here's what's bugging me now:

--My back. If I don't exercise, it hurts. And I hate exercise, but I'm getting more consistent.
--Commemorative Coins. They are fake, the stuff they "commemorate" is often pointless, ghastly, or just fucking stupid.
--Julia Stiles. I've decided I just don't like her.
--SciFi channel, well 80% of thier programming anyway.
--Cabbies who talk about Jesus as if I'm interested and then get made when I suggest that Jesus has no problem with "foreigners" or "the gays."
--People who ask you a question and then get mad when you disagree politely.
--fat bias
--the relentless suggestion that I completely stop smoking pot.
--the relentless affirmation that I hate the idea of completely abstaining from pot.
--Mick Jagger is not going to live much longer, which is incredibly sad in a historical way.

More interesting and pleasant stuff:

--Today is Jim Dale's birthday. He is supposedly 71.
--Last night H and I took a zillion pics for my new mood theme, which will be of me, in a variety of moods. It will be availible for you punks to use when I'm finished, if any of you are big enough fans of mine to actually want the Wednes mood theme.
--I'm seeing DaVinci Code tomorrow for $1.
--Taking B-vits again is taking the edge off of this drastically reduced sugar thing.
--I planned a meal with no starch in it and didn't even notice. That's odd for us. Poor people eat a lot of starch so they can feel full. Every meal ever eaten here has either bread, rolls, rice, quinoa, cous cous, potatoes, perogies, or pasta. But not so tonight.
--The Greatest Movie of the Year comes out on Friday. Can I get a Woot Woot (in parseltongue)?!?
--Ween's country album is hilarious no matter how often I hear it.

And finally, here's a poll:

[Poll #796488]
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Here's a thing I copied from userinfoabbagirl where you put "your name looks like" into google (if you're still using that despite them being communist sympathizers) and post ten or so interesting ones. As usual, these are hard for me, since almost all of them were about weather.

Right now, Wednesday looks like a potential tornado

Wednesday looks like a fun time

Wednesday looks like a nice, even day.

Wednesday looks like the winner by a nose.

Wednesday looks like maybe a tiny bit of the same

Wednesday looks like my headache!

Wednesday looks like old wine in a new bottle.

Wednesday Looks like an alien, sings like a diva.

Wednesday Looks like that's the best we've got for a while.

Wednesday looks like a fairly sure bet.

Speaking of Teh Internets, here's a poll:

[Poll #740439]
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A recent uncalled for flaming leads me to post the following poll. You're a bunch of smart cookies, so lend me your collective mice and get to clickin'

[Poll #731213]

Despite the assertion that I know nothing of fat people, the new chapter of Hazel's story will be up in a few hours at [ profile] wednes_writes that you may all partake of her chubby goodness. Like the last chapter (which was a lot of fun, in my estimation) things continue to look up for Miss Dorsett, and I've thought up some good surprises for later.
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FYI, Hostel gave me a total goregasm. Kids, it is outstanding among movies of it's type. Precisely the correct amount of gore, handled in just the right way for maximum impact. Eli Roth is a master, and dammit, I'm even okay with him doing The Bad Seed for 2007.

If you like horror, or even hardcore action movies, see this one. It is extremely satisfying, sufficeintly creepy, downright terrifying in parts, and does not drag at any time. Good, strong stuff. And now, I'm thinking horror, and doing the happy DVD dance because we got a DVD player as a gift for one of our many admirers.

So kids, lend me your thoughts on some horror:

[Poll #720807]

In non-horror news, Stephen Colbert really needs to hire a food taster. He really ought to be more careful of publicly insulting people with no regard for the law. Bush the younger was SO not amused... I less then three Stephen, and don't want him to find a bear in his oatmeal like so many dissidents before him.
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[personal profile] roane posted a hilarious meme in which you google "(your name) needs" with the quotes and all, and then post the funny ones. I didn't get any hits with Wednes; however, my birth name Wednesday yeilded some damn amusing results. Some of these are fragments of a sentence or two, cut/pasted to form a slightly different though but left intact. Here's a sampling:

Wednesday needs to be condemned in the strongest possible terms.

Wednesday needs to hurry up already!

Wednesday, needs just one win to clinch the district title.There's more, and they are hysterical )

and my favorite, from a LOST fansite:

Wednesday needs to come, like, NOW plz.

There were many more, but I think you get the jist here. Hilarious.

Now I must ask you all something about language. People sometimes use words to indicate displeasure with something and thereby maligning the thing in the word. For example, if I call someone a "fag" I am probably not saying I hate them because they are a homosexual; but it is still considered offensive by some to call someone a "fag"...even if you've been saying it since before you knew what a fag was.
The other day online, someone used the term "retarded" to define someone who argues online. Granted, this person was stupid, abrasive and lacked simple math and arguing skills. And yet, I was most offended by the (IMHO) archaic use of "retarded" to indicate a stupid person. So...

[Poll #584380]
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pic is under here if you need to see it again )

[Poll #404761]

I saw Lemony Snicket tonight. It was pretty good and I even liked the many script changes.
The trailer for Pink Panther also looks damn funny. Steve Martin is a funny, funny guy!

Other than that, everything still pretty much sucks.
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I made this, just for all of you:

[Poll #340485]
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Man...TV is crazy yet again. There's this a-hole on National Geographic who volunteered to let a bunch of bugs sting him (in a controlled environment) to see how painful it was. Like "Gee, this scorpion sting is most unconfortable". Well no shit, Sherlock!

Went to work the BYO baby show today. Some lady return her ticket for Tom Hanks's Ladykillers because "I don't watch R rated movies". Have you ever heard of anything so arbitrary and asinine? To let a group of people you don't know and have never met decide your veiwing habits based on what they deem acceptable for children of various ages?!? That's so very lame.

And now, without further is a Prime Time Cartoon Poll (past and present) I made up just for you's:

[Poll #271241]

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