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I was watching Hannibal (the show) recently and was quite taken with the brooding sexiness of Will Graham. That Hugh Dancy is an attractive guy. But when he's clean shaven and smiling, eh? Not as good IMO.

This got me thinking about the popular archetype of the attractive broken guy all the ladies want to fix (or gay men, whatevs). There are plenty of guys like this on TV: Jon Snow, Sawyer from LOST, every other TV cop (Stabler, Mike Logan, Tim Bayliss, etc). I was trying to figure out how far back that goes and who started it.

I'm not super old--but as far as I can tell it goes back to James Dean. The sad kid who nobody understood, was sexy and needed a nice lady to hold him and stay with him and tell him that he's good. What is it about us that attracts us to such men? Is it that we're also damaged and want to be around someone as damaged as us--if not moreso? I mean, hanging out with a broken guy allows us to put our energy into "fixing" him (which we probably call "helping him") instead of looking inward and dealing with our own shit.

Uh oh, I just became aware of a RL parallel in my early years of dating. Almost exclusively, I dated broken men all through my teens and 20's. Life-wise, I can't be the responsible sane one in any relationship. Objectively, I am neither of those things.

And yet...this brooding male archetype is wildly popular. So it can't be just me. How much further back does it go? Did people look at Caligula and say "Aw, he just needs to find the right girl?" I mean, even Hitler had a girlfriend--one who suicided herself right along with him. People love Severus Snape even though he's a complete prick--it can only be because he's so dark...and so sad.

As Rod Serling would say--there's not a lesson here. We're just taking a look into a broken thing in our world and wondering WTF.

EDIT: Sarah pointed out a glaring error in my thinking here. I'm embarrassed to have not thought of Edward Rochester. That's one of my fave roles for dudes, and can reveal intense acting chops a'la Orson Welles, Ciaran Hinds, Michael Fassbender et al. My bad.
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Ah yes, the Gregorian calendar year. Makes basically no sense, has to be adjusted ever four years, and puts the new year in the silliest place imaginable. Anyway, let's reflect on the year, shall we?

Resolutions, how we did last year; and looking ahead )

The year in TV had a few highlights. Unlike a lot of people, I loved the LOST finale. Still haven't bought the last season. I need to though, not like I have time to watch it.
Season 3 of True Blood was delightful. I adored seeing Denis O'Hare all flamboyantly jazzed up and creating discord. Even more fun than the fantastic Michelle Forbes last season.
The Walking Dead has lots to like about it. But not a whole lot that's new. Really, the most unique thing about it is that it focuses on the drama rather than the horror.
Caprica was well written and acted, not really sure why it was cancelled except that SyFy is probably trying to save up to buy more wrestling shows. Jackasses. That they have the nerve to show CGI crapfests all weekend long and then cancel the smartest show they had does not bode well for their future as a nerd approved network. Then again, neither did spelling their name with 2 Y's.
I discovered Criminal Minds this year, bidding Law & Order a fond farewell; and Dexter which made me realize that KMLYLM is darker than I realized.
The year's low lights include season 2 of Hung, V, The Event, and anything FOX plays on Sundays that is not a cartoon.

In movies, I really enjoyed The following new movies:
Harry Potter 7.1
Piranha 3D
Iron Man 2
Shutter Island
I also dug a few movies I'd been meaning to watch:
Let the Right One In
Home Movie
The Road
No Country for Old Men
Inglourious Basterds

I also discovered Jack Ketchum this year. God damn, he is like the find of a lifetime. He has altered the way I look at horror and the writing of it, the creation of fear, boundaries, how to take people along for the ride, how to build suspense without the reader even realizing. He is just fucking incredible. Not being him, I just don't have the words to fully express the profundity with which I adore his work. I was also reminded that some fantastic novels have been turned into some bland, awful films. Sadly, The Girl Next Door is one such instance. I still don't think the people who made that movie understand why the book is good.

As for me, I turned 40 this year without incident. I had a tiny cancer scare and learned that all my friends are wonderful people. My third horror (and best to date, if I may say so) novel was published. I produced my very first audiobook CD which a great many amazing talents supported and participated in. I appeared in my third published anthology and my first hardcover. I had my first classy book release party, and got my first bit of hate mail based solely on one of my books.

Happy Pretend New Year, Everyone!
As the late, great Carlin would say "Bye Bye! Don't let self doubt interfere with your plans to improve your life!" Well, some people need practical advice.
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Previously on LOST...

Jack frantically searches for the Final Horcrux, while Miles tries in vain to determine who the last cylon is. Hurley and Dr Melfi stare at a picture of Bob Denver for two hours, then go out for Onion Rings. Clare and Charlie jump a great white shark on some waterskis while holding a baby between them at Joanie anc Chachi's wedding. Suddenly, Desmond calls someone brotha as he gives Ben Linus the ol' one two punch--that ends up being more of a 4-8-15-16-23-42 right in the kisser! Sawyer and Eko wake up in bed next to each other, and notice that Juliet has actually been in the shower all this time, and she used the last of the Dharma shampoo:

I'll just cut this for spoilers then, shall I? )

Maybe it's the new meds, but I'm really comfortable with suspending my disbelief these days. I gotta snap out of it for the new book. You know what they say: The difference between fiction and real-life is that fiction has to make sense.

In kickass news, I was thinking about buying one of those Dharma decals you put on your macbook that have space for the Apple logo in the middle. Neat. But when I looked around for one online, I decided that this was way more amazing, and ordered it from a chick on Etsy:

I'm going to order this to go underneath it:

And there will be much rejoicing.

Stay tunes, kids. tonight I'll be posting chapters 3 and 4 of Kiss Me Like You Love Me: The Audiobook Podcast over at my website. You really should try to catch it. 'Tis a scary, scary thing.

Voice Post

May. 23rd, 2010 01:40 pm
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Okay, I'm home now, so here's what it REALLY says.


It's a LOST holiday: Hurleyday!

I shall miss you, LOST.
But if you DO have a spin-off, please let it be a cop show starring Miles and Sawyer.
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You know how I took that whole week off work to get my shit straight and deal with the mania? Yeah...I went back to work for 2 whole days and then had to call off. When I went to the docs last Thursday, we decided to try a really low dose of Risperdal. I didn't get the pills until Saturday, and by Monday afternoon I felt way far high. But I wasn't. For reals. I was feeling totally loopy at work and by the next morning I was totally confused and foggy. Got a few extra hours of sleep (like, 6) and felt moderately better. I'm okay today, but I hate that evening out period where anything goes. It freaks H out and I don't like that at all. I feel like I'm punishing him for caring so much, because sometimes I'm just not well. Sucks. Anyway, I'm feeling better. Look ma, no mania!

Was watching TV with H yesterday and a bizarre thing happened. A little box came up on the TV during a commercial for some car or something. It said to click "enter" for more information. Aghast, we decided to click, and it said "click again if you'd like..." basically saying that Comcast would send this company my contact info so I could get "more information." WTF?!? No...
So...strike two, Comcast. Your prices are ridiculously high already, and you nose into your employees business with your drug testing policies. Now this? You are on my last nerve, Comcast.

Moving on LOST lays it out, because that's how they roll. )A show about Miles and Sawyer as cops would crack my ass up...

As for me, I'm gonna record, edit, and post Chapter 2 of A Stabbing for Sadie podcast tonight. My poor Mikey is having some time crunch issues, so I'm still waiting on him. Happily, the new Dami/Chandra is wonderful, so I'm excited to get a bunch of those chaps laid next week. I may have found a delightful Fran as well. So it's very exciting and fun. Plus, I love the theme song for Mikey.

Of course, I am having hard core LOST fans over on Sunday for the whole shebang. Do let me know if you'd like to attend.
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My week off has been just delightful thusfar. Lots of time spent with H, with friends, working on the podcast, and watching TV and films. Catching up on Criminal Minds, which has been just delightful. Hotch is my main man...though an erie fascination with Dr Reid cannot be denied. *sigh* Plus I love Garcia--so damn cute! Been editing and getting some recording done. Also caught up with some friends, and more to come. Waiting to hear from userinfolachupacabra about a visit today. Dinner with Sara tomorrow after my psyche appointment. Lunch with userinfokissdbyagnome on Friday. Back to work on Saturday followed by lunch with userinfoklynnfrost. Sunday I'm meeting a potential vocal actor for the podcast, followed by cartoons. Then Monday, back to work at the rate of 3 days a week through July. Woot!

H and I scored a copy of The Box which I mentioned in an earlier post. I found much to like about it, moreso than H I daresay. Decent characters, solid performances, Frank Langella was creepy as hell. I think they spent a bit too much time on filler that didn't really go anywhere, but the commentary on humanity was well played. And it's another in a long line of movies where a certain actor does NOT get the girl in the end.

And of course, last night was the long awaited Jacob-centric episode of LOST. Here there be spoilers! ) Jacob is hot, and I would brave the Smoke Monster for him. Not a prediction, I'm just stating it as a fact.
And of course, me wantee polar bear!

In sad news, Robert Downey Jr is a huge republican now. WTF happened?
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It's rare that I can convince H to have a dinner without meat in it. But Waffle Falafel turned out to be a beautiful and satisfying adventure. You do a regular falafel batter--thought it's not vegan because you add 1 egg for every 1 cup of dry mix. And yes, I make falafel from a mix, not scratch.

more pics under here! )

And end up with something like this:

That you can assemble thusly:

Moving on...a lot of people have been posting their thoughts about LOST this season. I haven't been doing that much, just because so many people do it so badly that the concept of posting about LOST feels fraught with douchbaggery. But people have been asking, so here I go: The Wishing Box theory, Go(o)d vs Evil, and why my money's on Jack ) Plain truth is, I might not be happy unless the show ends with Rose and Bernard riding a Dharma Polar Bear and waiving a banner with an in-depth explanation of The Numbers trailing behind them.
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I'm at work today. I'm feeling the TGIF sentiment more and more these days, I guess because I'm working more hours than usual. Yes, it means a bit more money that I can have to spend on book marketing. But I have less time to do the actual work involved. I've been trying really hard to think up inexpensive ways to get more exposure. Hence my idea to produce and distribute an audio CD sampler of novel chapters and short stories. It's all coming together. Last night, I thought of a title:

A Spoonful of Murder

I know, right?
It's great.

This weekend I'm going to record my audio, and edit some existing audio I got from a friend. The reading is good, but there's a hum under the vocal. [ profile] uterdic told me about some kind of scrubby program that will take that out, but I forgot to ask how to acquire said program. I only have so much money to spend on stuff. Between the Zoom H2, CD's, jewel cases, and printing--it's getting to cost a pretty penny. Not only will I be putting stuff up on my Podomatic podcast site, but I'll be submitting to iTunes in the hopes of gaining some wider exposure. My dear friend in California did some screen sharing stuff with me and now I'm pretty confident I can do the basics in GarageBand. So that's swell.

Still looking for an actress who has or can do a Middle Eastern accent. Like what a Hindu might sound like. I would need her for two voices (Mom and Daughter, so it's fine if they are similar; ideally, the daughter's accent should be a bit lighter) totaling I think 6 chapters in all. I also need one more actress to read a character in the new book. Beginning April 12th, I hope to be able to podcast 2 chapters a week, in addition to selling the CD for a super low price. Hopefully, that will help get the word out that there are scarybooks afoot, and that I am writing them.

Finally watched last week's LOST. I heart Ben Linus. This is not new news. Still not loving the obvious religious parallels and if this turns out to be a "Why you should put your faith in Jesus, oh, I mean Jacob" then I'm going to be bummed. However, if they're leading me in that direction intentionally for the express purpose of throwing me a curve ball (you know, like in SAW or Shutter Island), I will likely be very pleased. My new guess for how the series will end is... )
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I just realized something (spoilery, duh) about LOST. ) I did say during the first season (and you can check my archive under the LOST tag) that John Locke was a bad man. Okay, I was not right about that, but it was probably fueled by my wish to see him play an evil crazyman. I even watched Stepfather 2 this month--and that ridiculous farce is plotted on the assumption that the average person has never heard the song Camptown Races. Plus, it's totally a rip-off of the plot of Fritz Lang's M, which is a totally badass 30's movie that I do not yet own on DVD. Anyway, I cannot get over how amazing Terry O'Quinn is, and how much he's developed as an actor since I first started watching him in horror sleepers. And he's not even my favorite thing about the show. I heart Michael Emerson, and could watch him all day. I even listened to that dreadful James Patterson book just to hear him read it--while I wondered why he was pronouncing the H so much. ;-]

I was gonna go to bed an hour ago, but H will be home pretty soon. Then again, I took a sleeping pill so I might not make it until then. Later today my friend Sara is coming over to watch Salem's Lot. I'm so excited that someone wants to watch it with me. I also have to talk to H and figure out if we can afford to see The Wolfman. It better rock!
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Happy News, children!

Kiss Me Like You Love Me is now available for order placing and review leaving. Especially review leaving. So, if you've read the new book and have some choice words to leave, you should now feel free to do so.

If you're ordering a book because you can't make it to either of my upcoming events, you might want to give it a day or so. Amazon has not gotten the info from Ingram yet, so there's no blurb. Also, the third party sellers will NOT give free shipping like Amazon can, and the price will likely be better too if you wait. Monday is my prediction, but I can't swear to that.

If you are trading me a review for a free book, you'll want to have the review posted before my Book Release Party on Feb 23rd. And of course, you should NOT feel obligated to leave a positive review just because I'm giving you a book. Just be honest. Goodness knows I'm honest with all of you's...

In other news, LOST has become annoying. mild spoilers ) I know I've said this before, but this business of everyone knowing exactly how to knock someone out with one hit to the head is far fetched. The fact that no one has died as a result of that is even more unbelievable. Funny, I have no problem with a black smoke monster, time traveling bunnies, alternate realities, and dead people coming back to life as something other than zombies--but things like unrefridgerated ranch dressing and these hits to the head tend to trigger my shenanegans alarm. LOST, it's your last season. Just tell us what we want to know and get on with it already.

FYI, peanut butter brownies with jam are utterly fantastic. H is digging them hard core. It's a regular peanut butter brownie (would anyone else like a bite of banality? ... I would.) recipe, but you smear in some strawberry jam in the top, pushing it into the batter a bit, but not much. I have an awesome co-worker who doesn't like chocolate. I know, right?!? But he inspires me to find non-chocolately things that are still delicious. Chocolate is to baking like cheese is to regular cooking--it's the thing you add to make sure it's tasty no matter how badly your screw it up. These brownies, for example, are dense and fudgy because I forgot to add baking soda. Imagine how good they'd be if I made them right!

My bro is coming for dinner on Sunday. I'm planning to make chicken with spinach, feta, and mushrooms, wrapped up in phyllo, and topped with a tomato relish. And roasted cauliflower. That should prove tasty. Sara Moulton taught me that you can just cut heads of fresh cauliflower into big slices, brush with some sort of nut oil, and bake in the oven until tender. Mmmmmm. Not sure what's for dessert yet. Whatever it is, I am confident that a Krusteaz mix will be involved.
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Spent the day sending out the last of my press releases for the new book and book release party. I'm pretty excited for my splashy event. Tomorrow I'm going to check out the space, talk about formatting for the music, and figuring out what kind of signage and accessories I'll need to acquire. H is standing by to make me some signs and such. And I'm going to give out the bookmarks I made for the Vampire Ball since I still have a jillion left.

I'm officially a fan of Krusteaz mixes. Every one I've tried has been fantastic, whether I've made it as is or made additions. Gets my highest recommends. I've done the lemon bars and turned them into lemon cheesecake bars per instructions on the box. I've made their strudels and brownies, and last night made the pecan bars. They are very easy to make, require roughly the same stuff as a Duncan Hines/Betty Crocker cake mix, and are really delicious.

LOST came back last night (spoilers)  )Is that dependent on whether or not V is coming back? FYI, I did not care for V. I can tell you that moving LOST to Tuesday's is totally messing with my week.

Caprica is fantastic. Very well written, strong cast; they're setting us up for some great drama later on. If you get near it, do give it a watching.

I made a new soup I've never made before. I combination of Ragu double cheese sauce, chicken stock, and veggies. We did a mexican thing with ground beef, tons of sweet peppers, white corn, black beans and tomatoes. Then we added broccoli and kale, and some real cheese. Fabbo! Really, super good. Got the recipe in [ profile] s0ups_on which is a fun little comm.
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Wasn't going to post again so soon, but I'm delighted that two Coricidin have made me feel sooooo much better. I'm baking oatmeal cookies right now and I can actually smell them. So that is awesome. Going to bed early and then getting up early to grocery shop with H. Not sure I want to spend time at Mejiers 5 days before Christmas, but we need groceries so that's the breaks.

I was looking for a wednes, and then I found a wednes
and heaven knows I'm miserable now.

Which song was this lyric from?

Get your own lyrics:

And just for fun, to get you's ready for LOST's final season, here's a recap of every time Hurley says "Dude" during LOST's first four seasons. It's delightful:

When I got my last 3 phones, I typed in the code *#06# and it gave me the phone shut-off code so that if someone lifted my phone they wouldn't be able to use it. That code does not work on my current phone from Credo Mobile. Couple this with my phone not having a SIM card, and the phone insurance we order STILL not being added to our account, it's a recipe for worry. Anybody know if there's a different code?

And finally HD TV is the best thing ever. Every single thing I watch on it looks amazing. However, it appears that closed captioning is not available on the HD channels. Weird. And the DVR is fixing it so that TV will never make me stay up late to finish watching it again. Wheeeee!
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Got my new cord from Apple this morning. Awesome right, seeing as how I ordered it yesterday afternoon. That Apple! They are great. Funny thing though, they didn't send the whole cord, just the boxy part that goes from the middle to the laptop. That's the part I needed, but still...I kind of expected to get all of it. Wild, right. So apparently only HALF the cord costs $72, not the whole thing. Plus they sent it in a box with the most convenient return label I've ever seen.

The camera cord I ordered did not work. I wrote back to the guy and he is sending me a new one ASAP. He doesn't even want the other one back. Nice for me. Eventually I'll get the insurance pics off the camera.

Speaking of things that don't work, it appears that the G peg on my violin is not fucked as I had suspected. It's actually okay and requires some finessing. I'm not usually one for the finesse, so it never occurred to me to do that. Anyway, my goal for the evening is to get this thing in tune, and record myself playing an open E, and maybe an A and post it to my violin blog tomorrow at work. BTW, the chick in my new violin icon is Vanessa Mae.

In re: LOST. Does anybody know if the season 5 finale had a different name in European markets? I've heard two people now calling it "The Accident" instead of "The Incident." Obviously, these words have vastly different connotations, so I'm just wondering if these people I'm encountering are simply morons (it's been known to happen) or if there's something else going on here.

Didn't make it to work today. Couldn't actually sit up under my own steam this morning. After nearly an hour of H pounding on my back with the Homedics thingy, I'm feeling marginally better.

If you can handle another of my animals are taking over the world posts, do take note of the fact that Large Lizards have taken over a public park in Thailand.

Here's a funny thing from the Facebook:

Get it? It's like the remake of Psycho poster.


Aug. 26th, 2009 11:29 pm
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New episode of LOST hits January 27, 2010.
It is entitled "LAX."

Oooooooooh, I am super stoked.

In violin news, I think the problem with tuning this violin is the humidity (or lack thereof) in my apartment. So I need to spend on some kind of humidifier. I still think the peg is bad because it shouldn't shrink that badly after just a few hours in my apartment. Of course, maybe I'm just saying that because I don't want to spend $30 on a case humidifier and a hygrometer. I guess I don't really know. But the fact that it's only one peg leads me to think the instrument bears some looking at. Some of the other pegs don't turn very smoothly, but I don't know if that's them or me.

Happened to find my 4th grade teacher on Facebook recently. She remembered me, which I guess is one of the good things about having a ridiculous name.

Remember a little while back when some jackass in Florida let his snake escape and it killed a little girl? Seems that he and the mother are being charged with manslaughter. I am glad to hear it. Not to be a bitch, but that girl would still be alive if they'd had the common fucking sense to latch the cage properly and maybe stack some books on top. My snake turned mean on me after we got the cats but he still never escaped. I was always really careful. I knew I couldn't live with myself if the snake every hurt one of my cats (or vice versa, but that wasn't very likely).

I was shocked and saddened to learn that a new power cord for my computer is $72. I don't have to pay for it, of course, thanks to the AppleCare. But jeez. And it's not like you can get by without one. Also, I got a new cord for H's camera, which I had lost. It doesn't work on my computer for some reason, it says it's drawing too much power and is going to "shut down the hub." Problem is, it was plugged in directly. It's a puzzlement, but I'm going to try a few things before I insist that they send me a new cord.

For some reason, my back has been hurting really, really bad lately. Not sure what that's all about, but I'm doing extra yoga to see if I can blast through it, so to speak.
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I've never read any James Patterson before. It's just never shown up on my radar.

But my beloved Michael Emerson co-narrates a book called Four Blind Mice. So I'm checking it out. It's a kind of murder mystery with a bunch of sadistic, gruesome killings in it. The story is just compelling enough that I'm vaguely interested in how it ends. But it's all very ordinary.

First, let me say that Emerson's narration is excellent. I could listen to him talk all day. The other guy is fine, no complaints. But Patterson's use of language is very average and tired. The dialogue is also vapid and uninteresting. No one has an unusual speech pattern, or even a unique or revealing phrase they use. There's a guy who speaks English, Vietnamese, and French fluently, but his speech pattern is boring! It's all very mundane. Maybe he's making a point about something larger, but I don't think so. It just reads like uninspiring literature that has no real importance, no provoking theme (granted, I'm not done yet), nothing unique or original about it. Even the themes emerging thusfar (I'm just over halfway through) are tired and overdone. Ergo, I'm declaring it:

I don't think James Patterson is a very good writer.

But I hear that he's incredibly popular.
So...what's up with that?

Am I missing something here?
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Went out of town this past weekend. Got a bit of writing done, about a chapter and a half. Have a bit more work to do on the novel, of course, but as I keep saying it's moving right along. I'm working a short day tomorrow, then off on Weds so it should be easy for me to get lots written this week.

Lately I've been thinking about relationships and how I need to be better at setting limits and determining where my boundaries are. I've been feeling quite taken advantage of lately with one thing or another. I also think I've been putting up with far too much nonsense and shenanigans--the kind of stuff that leaves me feeling angry, frustrated, or depressed. As such, I'm making some moves to cut those influences out of my life.
I guess part of it is that I am "surprised" when I get treated in a disrespectful manner by people, mainly because I'm a pretty good kid and am pretty respectful in most situations. So I'm baffled when someone treats me like a maid, a cash-machine, or some kind of personal assistant--especially when the people in question aren't doing shit to help themselves or better their own situation. I want to be helpful and be a good friend, but not at the cost of my own emotional well-being. Point is, I shouldn't be surprised, because none of this is new news.
Myself, I grew up with lots of interesting problems and issues. As I grew older, I spent over 10 years trying to get a proper diagnosis, proper meds, and therapy that would actually help me recognize some things and be a better person. It's a long struggle but I'm pleased for the most part with where it has all gone. So it really galls me when people don't want to do any of the emotional work and just expect everyone else to rearrange their lives to accommodate someone who patently refuses to examine their own behavior. Okay, end rant.

I've been downloading some Season Five eps of LOST. Now I can see The Smoke Monster let Ben live whenever I want. Sweet! I'm also going to watch the Season Five Finale 20 or 30 times until I understand exactly how Ben got so duped. Poor Ben, he has such a terrible time of things. It seems that like most people, all Ben really wants is to be valued. No matter what he does, he can't get the validation he's so sure he deserves. Sad.
Now I have a whole bunch of Michael Emerson on my iPod. 6 Practice eps, 7 LOST eps, and an audiobook of Four Blind Mice which he co-narrates. There's another book on tape he reads but I can't find it for free and I certainly can't afford it right now.
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Well, my goodness. THAT was an odd and unexpected series of events.
Or...was it?

Do I need to fly a Polar Bear out to Hawaii myself or what? ) That's all I got for now, but there will almost certainly be more after I watch again online.

Also, I missed Michael Emerson and Jorge Garcia on The View.
I've never actually watched The View before so I didn't know when it was on.
Think I'll catch a YouTube of it when I get back from my weekend away.
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They surprised me with a new computer at work. Nice, because I had the slowest PC in the office by a wide margin. We're getting a new point of sale program in June and my computer is too old and slow to run it. So, I have a different one. I don't think it's "new" per se, but as it is some kind of Dell, I wouldn't know the difference one way or the other. I also learned a few things about PC's today that I didn't know--most notably that if you leave important documents on your desk top, you risk losing them during the transfer. Apparently, this is because the items are not saved onto a drive. A PC seems to have more than one drive. Plus I guess I have to get some kind of virus protection or spyware blocker or something. I don't even know what any of that is...
Anyway, PC's are stupid and I don't like them. Internet Explorer is also stupid and I don't like it either.

As for LOST, not much new happened last night. Mostly they are just setting us up for the finale, which of course will be The Incident ) ...and it better have a polar bear!

And finally, does anybody know what a "Pingback" is?
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Well, this may help 'splain:

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Okay, lots of stuff happened on LOST last night. So let's get right into it:
Variables man...variables. )

I'm at work right now. It's the last day of Free Shipping. I have to say, my boss has done an awesome job of making sure we have enough staff for the HUGE call volumes we've had. I've been working my ass off, but it's been pretty okay, except maybe Tuesday.

My week has actually gone pretty well. I managed to figure out and eventually fix my iTunes issues. I got the weekend of the 15th off to leave town (never thought I would, since I put in for it 2 weeks late), and my copy of LOST season 4 came in the mail yesterday. As soon as I finish with my serial killer, I'll be able to watch it.
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I've been having a little back and forth on Facebook with a Christian dude I went to college with. He was kind of a dick to me then, but no big whoop. Anyway, he posted this thing about how hypocritical Obama is for wanting to ban guns while he has the secret service to protect him. As you might imagine, I disagree. First of all, I've never heard Obama say he wants to ban all guns. Secondly, I don't think it's unreasonable for The President to have more protection than the average citizen.

The conversation descended into him saying that Capitalism is the only moral system. Everything else is theft and is therefore morally wrong. Unsurprisingly, I disagreed again. Personally, I think looking out for one's fellow man is the most morally correct thing a person can do.

Maybe this goes back to my core belief that government has an obligation to help its citizens have basic food, shelter, education, and medical care. Of course, everyone who is able should work for these things, but I don't think families of five should be put out in the street while single basketball players live in mansions because that's what Capitalism dictates.

I'm not neccesarily saying that we should change to a Socialist nation. But the idea that only Capitalism is moral is grossly ethnocentric and appears to be based on a rather skewed view of both systems. Just curious to know what you all think.

I've heard the argument that socialism "punishes the wealthy." This seems to assume that all wealthy people are such soley because of their own hard work. It also assumes that if you're poor, it's because you're not trying hard enough. From where I'm sitting, both of these assertions are patently absurd. The things we as a society put value on (physical attractiveness, sporting prowess, access to ShamWow, etc) are often ludicrous and have nothing to do with hard work. Okay, end rant.

LOST was a big snore last night. Pretty punk of them to say it'll be from a "whole new perspective" when it's the same pre-sweeps hoo ha recap they do every single year. When I get home tonight, I'm going to try and start watching those season five eps of The Practice with Michael Emersons Emmy winning performance. Good stuff.

Working on my serial killer was like pulling teeth yesterday. But I did manage to finish chapter 54. Something dastardly happened. Yeeeee!
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LOST served up the good stuff this week. specifically... ) And although I'm glad they mentioned them, I would still like a trip to Hydra Island to see the polar bears. And Rose and Bernard for that matter...
Any guesses as to what lies in the shadow of the statue? The opening of a Dharma station? Jughead? The big wheel that moves the island? The Question Mark? That would be something.

Anyway, I'm enjoying the fact that so many stations are playing reruns of LOST. I dig catching them out of order and being reminded of little things. Last night they played the first ep with Henry Gale, when he is captured by Rousseau. That also happens to be the ep where Hurley and Sawyer look for the frog. Sadly, they replayed The Economist and I had to miss it. Drag. I still have not afforded Season Four yet. Sad.

In other news, when I got to work today I found that they have decided that I'm an "Electric Specialist." This means I supposedly know a lot about electric instruments and can help customers out with them. That will mean some bigger sales for me if I can pull it off.
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Yahoo! just took it upon itself to delete everything in my inbox. So if you've sent me and Email and are wondering why I haven't responded, that's why. How damn annoying. I had a bunch of Emails in there too.

I had another LOST comment I thought of: if Richard Alpert does turn out to be an ancient Egyptian, wouldn't that totally explain the eyeliner? Ha! It would!

Still quite congested and coughsome. Slowly getting better though.

Went to IHOP for lunch (spinach omelette) with a former co-worker. She's a nice lady, the kind that has a zillion stories to tell. I'm off today since I have to work tomorrow. Plan is to take a short nap and get up and get some writing done. I may even be able to get some writing done at work tomorrow too. Depends on whether or not we're busy.

Wanted to get my hands on Season Five of The Practice. That is, of course, the season that features William Hinks. Michael Emerson won his first Emmy for playing that role; and he was superb. Anyway, no luck yet. Maybe I'll check out Hulu.

My plan to read less news and political crap is not going to well. Ignorant people will insist on drawing me into arguments I can't believe I'm having in contemporary America. For the point of clearness, here are a few facts:

1. Other than the fact that he is charismatic and leading a country through dark times, Obama is not like Hitler. If you think he is, you are a fucking idiot.

2. Gay marriage is not hurting The Family, our values, or our children. The assertion that gays should instead marry people of the opposite gender is ludicrous and nonsensical and in fact WOULD be an affront to marriage.

3. Islam is no more violent or repressive than Christianity, historically. To imply that Islam is wicked and evil and that Christianity is great and good is a product of being either grossly uninformed or a hypocrite of the highest order.

4. It is not weakness to show manners and respect toward foreign leaders.

5. It is not Un-American to imply that America has shown arrogance. If you honestly don't see how we have been arrogant as a nation, you are part of the problem.
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So...Lindsay Lohan is gay? Do people know about this? How did that tidbit of knowledge escape me for so long? I don't care. I just think it's weird that I didn't know.

Replacing Dimitri Martin with Reno 911!?!??
Don't toy with me, television.

Shock of all shocks, Crabbe tokes up, presumably with Goyle. Not sure why people are giving him such a hard time about it. First of all, Crabbe can hardly be considered a "role model." Secondly, he's almost 20 years old. He's hardly a child. Thirdly, I'm sick to death of people being so sanctimonious about pot smoking. Get over it already.

Before I talk specifics about tonight's LOST, I have to express my profound dismay at the fact that an EBS test ran during the second to last segment of the show. It's a well documented fact that Ann Arbor has a very high per capita of LOST fans. Choosing to cut into a new episode on prime time is careless or stupid or ignorant or mean. I missed at least a minute of actual show. Anyway, let's begin with this "surreal" photo of the two Bens:
Anyway, spoilers within ) I daresay, next week looks even more exciting.

Went to the docs today. As I was saying on Facebook, for a fat chick I'm in really good health. Cholesterol is good, sugar is in the normal range, weight is down, heart and kidney's doing their thing, and blood pressure right where it should be. So fie to the idea that I must be close to death because I am heavy. That said, I think I'm gonna try to step up the exercise.
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I took the year off from pranking anyone. Most of my attempted LJ pranks were not so funny anyway.
Ann Landers says today (April 2th) is "reconciliation day" where you're supposed to try to mend a broken relationship. Don't really think I'll be doing that either, even though I have a few to choose from. In all honesty, I don't chuck people out of my life lightly--they all SORELY deserved it. So I'm cool with being estranged from a few select peeps.

Life on Mars ended last night. I actually stopped watching it after they changed the night it was on; but I did want to see how it ended. Having seen the finale after missing several episodes, I want to ask what the point was of having Lisa Bonet on the series at all? I was fairly certain that Sam was in a coma and would return to her at the end. Instead, she was nowhere to be found during the resolution. It was nice to see "no nuts" get promoted, even though it never technically happened. Maybe I'll watch the whole season someday. I suspect that if I go to all that trouble, I'd be better off getting the BBC version anyway.
So, Michael Imperioli, what's next for you? Just tell me when and where, and I'll watch!!

My spoilery thoughts on LOST ) But that's not to say I still wouldn't like to see a Polar Bear.

H and I finally watched Resident Evil Extinction. I found it to be fairly derivative. But considering that it's both the third in a series, and is a movie based on a video game, it was pretty good. I had to go to the bathroom during the scene where she sets the birds on fire, so I'll have to catch that next time it's on. Overall though, I must say I do enjoy the Resident Evil movies, certainly more than I like those Evil Dead crapfests.

Now I'm off to work, then home to work on my serial killer. I'm WAAAAAAAAY behind where I need to be on that. I'm going back to my originally planned ending, which will also give the story an appropriate theme.
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I'm submitting my story "The Long Weekend" on Saturday. I don't have high hopes for it getting accepted. At the same time, I worked really hard on it so it would be a waste not to send it in. Who knows, maybe it's less flawed than I think it is. After all, sales for Cat's Apprentice have been brisk. I didn't have much hope for that novel either.

Still feeling pretty lousy. Not sure what the deal is with that. I think I'm going to have to pony up the dough to go back on my other meds. I hate to admit how much I need them, and hate even more coming up with an extra $50 every single month.
I'm at work right now, and have to do the voicemail yet again. It is, as I may have mentioned, my most hated of all mails.

And now...LOST I do enjoy a good, Sayid-centric episode! ) Compelling television, of course, but not what I want to see when I'm feeling down.
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Tonight is my rescheduled appearance on Parawomen Radio, which you can find over at Blog Talk Radio. I'll be talking about The Cat's Apprentice and trying not to fall asleep. I had to open today after staying up far too late watching Dimitri Martin and then listening to Harry Potter. I do enjoy that Dimitri Martin.

I'm craving a breakfast sammy from Tim Horton's. I hope one of my coworkers will be going to pick some up. They are bigger and more filling than McDonald's breakfast sammys, and they are closer to my work.

LOST was pretty good last night. But you know what they haven't mentioned in a long while? Well, I'll tell you: ) Though I still wanna see a polar bear.

Big Love has been awesome this season. Last week, the thing I most wanted to happen, happened. I was pretty stoked.

BattleStar Galactica is supposed to do a 2-hour SciFi (or should I say SyFy for some asinine reason) BSG movie showing the initial attack from the POV of some skin jobs. This will be a few months after the series ends, which will be this Friday unless I am very much mistaken. 2-hour finale and then that's it. They do have a lot of questions to answer in that 2-hours, but I have no reason not to trust them. The show has been amazing thusfar.


Mar. 4th, 2009 10:17 pm
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LOST remains one of the greatest shows in the history of television...maybe.
It all depends on how they end this thing.

If you wanna know what I think... )
But why do we have to wait 2 weeks? What's going on next Wednesday?

I have a 6-hour shift tomorrow, then I'm off until next Wednesday. Woot! I'm taking a little mini vacation with [ profile] absinthofheart and [ profile] nate101000 so I can write. When I get back, H and I are gonna go see Watchmen. It has been getting good reviews thusfar, but I'm still really worried that it will suck. I'm already more interested in the DVD extras, which I'll probably have to wait 'till Christmas for.
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I always stood up for you, Ben Linus.
Don't you make a fool of me.
I'm reserving judgment for now...but I'm very disturbed and disappointed.

In other news, Safari 4 Beta is pretty neat.

I'm also finally working on my "people being eaten" story.
Details may follow, or I may keep it to myself. ;-]
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I got my contract for my new novel Kiss Me Like You Love Me this morning. It's pretty standard and will give me five free review copies as well as my current royalty deal. So that is all good. I'll be printing that out and mailing it back soon.

Tonight is my appearance on Parawomen Radio. I'll be on from 7:45 until about 8:30, talking about The Cat's Apprentice and it's many fun themes. You can call in with questions, or follow along in the chat room. This is the second time I've done this show, as I was on it for A Stabbing for Sadie as well.

Here's the link to check it out. It doesn't list me as a guest tonight, but I promise I'll be on.

The sale at StoneGarden is helping my sales a bit. I've already sold more books in February than I did in all of January, and the month is not even half over yet. You still have until February 28th to order all of my work for half price. That's right kids, HALF PRICE!! Here's where you can buy them!

I feel like I'm leaving something out, but I have to go to work...
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You'll be delighted to know that I am feeling much better. Without going into lengthy and vivid detail, I no longer will need the CT that they are scheduling me for. I went to the doc and she gave me something to um...relax my insides and some NSAIDs for pain. I felt better almost immediately and by this afternoon I felt basically fine. Yay!

LOST was quite good this week. It's so cool how much the plot is advancing. I wanna see a Polar Bear ) My joke is that with all the time travel inherent in the show, it may well end with Flight 815 landing safely in LA. Ha!

Got into my first argument over at The Haunt. Some bimbo was posting about how mean and unprofessional Stephen King is for saying he doesn't like Stephanie Meyer and doesn't think she can write worth a damn. I said C'mon, how could you really expect Stephen King to be down with sparkly vampires that walk around in the daylight and fall in love with teenage girls they don't bite or sleep with? I don't see how it can be unprofessional for one author to have opinions on other authors. If somebody asks in an interview, I would certainly not expect him to lie. The bimbo ended by saying "who is he to decide who's good and who isn't". And I'm like Yeah, he's the best selling horror author in the history of literature. Of course "best selling" isn't the same as "best" but I think most people can agree that Stephen King has produced some truly exceptional work.
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LOST is blowing my ever loving mind this season. All you peeps who stopped watching when season 3 got stupid are really, really missing out.

Some spoilery thoughts... )

Life on Mars continues to impress. The cast is consistently fabulous and there's always someone throwing down in fisticuffs. I likes it.

I'm still polishing my press packet so I can start sending those out. I hope to get lots more blog style radio invites, and hopefully some more professional reviews. That will be sweet. In the mean time, I'm at work.

As much as my job bugs me sometimes, the hours are good, my co workers are awesome, the pay is fine, and the customers are 85% easy to deal with. I guess I just wish I had more time to do writer things. Of course given the economy, I'm lucky to even have a job.
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LOST last night was pretty awesome. Not a ton of new information, but things are moving right along...

I'll cut for spoilers just to be a good kid. )

I'll be off to work in a few hours for a short shift. Then tomorrow I am off, then back on Saturday for another short shift. Nice.
One of my supervisors called me into the conference room for a meeting on Tuesday. Of course I thought it would be for something terrible, a layoff or a write-up or something. They wanted to tell me that I'm one of the top four sellers in my department, and they want me to work on ways we can train people to improve their sales. That felt pretty good, I must say. I like being good at my job again...
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My work has "dress up Thursday" on Thursday's, kind of the opposite of casual Friday. Today I'm wearing a nice skirt and a frilly pink shirt with renaissance sleeves. Cute!

Mystery Men is on TV right now, as if I needed another excuse to love Hank Azaria.

We got some Krunchers chips on sale. They taste like Funyons, because they are sweet onion flavored. H likes them very much.

Later, I'm going to watch Be Kind Rewind which is supposed to be damn funny. I'm not as impressed with Jack Black's movies as I want to be, but we shall see. Anyway, that and some leftover Chinese food should make for a splendid evening. Chicken and Broccoli...mmmmmm.

Coldplay was on Daily Show last night. For the life of me, I just can't see the appeal of Coldplay. I know they are very popular, but every time I hear them, I think: Meh.

Today H is sending out some books for me to Midwest Book Review. I thought my publisher had sent them weeks and weeks ago, so much for relying on him. That would be a good place to have a review, so I'm hoping for the best. I also need to get a book to the Ann Arbor news soon. I ran out of envelopes after sending all those books to Borders and B&N.

Which Lost Girl Are You

Which Lost Girl Are You

Your are :


You're shallow and that's what gives you your reputation. Under all the expensive clothes and makeup you're quite intelligent.

Which Lost Girl Are You Find out at

Not a great result, although I do get busy with Sayid. Whooooo!
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H and I are going to see The Happening after I get done working tonight. It has gotten terrible reviews, but we have always loved M Night's films. It's sad that he gets pigeonholed as the "twist" guy and then criticized for not continueing to give people the very thing they are bitching about. The Village was handled terribly from a PR standpoint, it's a great little film. M Night is a great storyteller, and I'm excited to see what he has in store for me next. Unbreakable being one of the best movies I have ever seen.

The half-assed finale of BattleStar Galactica was a shocker. I say half assed because there's another half a season coming up in, I think January. They built up this crazy bunch of cylon related suspense and then...resolved it by the end of the episode, only to cut for spoilers )

Got my copy of LOST season three in the mail today. First chance I get, I'm gonna watch that season finale. Most of that season is slow and Kate-intensive. But that finale is some Hugo-lovin' goodness. I'm excited to see how they're filling up 7 whole discs.

And finally, I'd like to let everyone know that pool for the Wii (located on Wii Play) is the shizznit. H and I have been playing tons of it, and I finally got a platinum medal for my efforts. Woo Hoo!
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Not much going on with me these days. Went to the dentists today only to be told that my flossing skills suck. So I'm gonna buy one of those flossing handle things that people are using these days.

Went to Hollywood video, where I bought Sweeney Todd and Cloverfield for a scant $20. So pleased was I with my savings that I went ahead and ordered Season Three of LOST on DVD from Amazon. I've been wanting to watch the finale again, when Hurley busts in in the VW bus and saves everyone. Such a great episode of a rather marginal season. I also learned that Season Four of LOST doesn't come out until December. Drat. I kind of wish I had taped it, but then I wouldn't want to buy it when it comes out. And the Special Features are gonna be rad. Speaking of Sweeney Todd, I never realized that was Borat who played Pirelli, the mean barber who hit Toby.

I have to give yet another sales presentation at work Friday. This one is on the prevention of Buyer's Remorse, which is a boring topic to say the least. Nonetheless, I made up a game including some role plays, and an informative handout which should cover my obligations. I'm also supposed to find an appropriate tapes call to play to illustrate good technique, but for the life of me I haven't been able to find one. Maybe that fact can illustrate the point that we all need improvement.

So I guess I'll spend the better part of my evening watching Johnny Depp sing and kill people.

By the by, I don't think I'm ever going to put together that Dulcimer I got as a kit. I'm just not motivated enough, and that's all time I should spend writing. Besides, I already have a student dulcimer that I like very much. So if anybody wants it, I'll sell it for half of what I paid, which would be a scant $30. Any takers?
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I guess I should cut this just in case I get spoilery )

So I will await next season with baited breath, as LOST continues to be one of the best shows on TV.
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Rec'd yet another rejection note about book signings. This one from a local Ann Arbor shop who I just found out "doesn't sell horror books." (No wonder I don't shop there) I'll never get a signing at this rate, and my book will be relegated to abject obscurity. Fie! I'm trying to stage an event at Aunt Agatha's shop, which is much more my speed.

Season finale of LOST tonight, that's gonna be delicious.

Put out second issue of call center newsletter here at work. At least that is going relatively well. I'm working a 9 hour day today, which in my opinion is too damn long.

We sent out the stuff for my commerical finally. I look forward to seeing it air on June the 7th. I may even record the show so I have a record of my local fame. I may pay for some product placement as well, and see how that goes. I wish I were made of money...I'm not even getting a stimulus check--that's how f'ing poor I am. Then again, I'm not as poor as some people so I guess I shouldn't complain.

I watched a movie called Into the Wild which I'd been meanning to watch for weeks. It had a terribly tragic ending that I did not see coming at all, so it was kind of a mindfucker. It'd be like watching Grizzly Man without knowing that Treadwell (if that IS his real name, which it isn't) gets killed by a bear. In fact, the guy in this movie almost gets iced by a bear, and a railroad cop, and some rapids. But in the end, he doesn't. Anyway, it had a slick soundtrack by Eddie Vedder and a cast that included Marcia Gay Harden, Katherine Keener, Vince Vaughn and more.
I think I'll try to read the book.

Haven't been writing much lately. I'm worried I'll turn into someone who used to write, instead of being an actual writer. I need more time. More time to do things I want to do. More time. I also need to figure out where my serial killer is going and what will happen to him. Stupid killer, making me plan his whole deal...
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If you're interested in hearing tonights interview on Paranormal Women Radio you can download it here. I talk with Amy and Beverly for nearly 45 minutes...about the book, about my life, about paranormal things. It's a good interview, though I don't expect any of you to listen to the whole 45 minutes of it. Then again, it's better and funnier than the average podcast out there. We also got a mention over at

LOST tonight was Awesome. I know I say that every week, but lately it's been completely true. This week we got even closer to answering my FAVorite LOST question: why did The Others take Walt? They took him for Alpert. Damn that Alpert anyway...and Abbadon? Gnarly. I guess they've had their sites on Locke for many moons. Claire and her Dad, together at last. I wonder where Aaron is? I can't imagine Kate is Aaron's destiny. After all, Kate is a murdering ho-bag.

Someone on Amazon compared my book to Catcher in the Rye.
Which must at least mean my book is not full of phonies.
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I want you all to know that I called Ben's sinister plan right after fine, I'll cut for spoilers )

On a completely unrelated topic, John Oliver is a cutie patootie (in addition to being poignant, well-spoken, and goddamn hilarious).
I'm declaring it. Watch his stand up special and tell me I'm wrong.

And if his middle name isn't "Cornelius" what is it? - Which Rejected Carebear are You?

My exhaustive search for a new backpack purse is at an end. I don't have it yet, but I finally found the one I want. I've been looking for a decent black backpack purse ever since the one I currently carry got a giant rip in it. It's literally wearing thin and the straps are ready to snap at any moment. I was totally bummed because I really liked that bag. [ profile] absinthofheart gave it to me too! I bought a few backpack purses online, but they were cheap crap. I returned two of them and gave another one to S, the daughter of [ profile] absinthofheart. So I'm quite pleased to have found a good one. I wish it didn't cost $70, but if it does a good job, it will be totally worth it. I think in a month or so when I get some book monies, I'm going to buy it.
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Since no one has adequately explained to me how not posting is supposed to piss off a bunch of people in Russia, I will not be observing the "strike." Personally I think the idea of striking over a few ads is ridiculous and incredibly self-involved. Has anyone heard, there's a war on. People are striking about looking at ads at the site they are blogging at FOR FREE. If the ads bug you so much, pony up the dough for a paid account. Then you have a right to complain if you're not getting your money's worth. Besides, MYSpace, FAcebook, Photobucket and FLicker all have plenty of ads and people use them.

LOST last night was excellent as usual. This has been the best season since the first season, and I am duly impressed. I really hate Michael, though I think Sayid may be jumping the gun trusting the captain with him. Should be interesting to see when and if Michael will die. It was nice to see Walt for a moment, I dig that kid, have ever since he died on ER many moons ago.
I hope Rousseau is not dead, though she and Carl are probably toast. I presume they've been killed by Ben's people, who will, of course, not do anything bad to Alex. And of course, the people on the boat may well know that Alex is NOT Ben's daughter...we'll just have to wait until sweeps to see. I can't beleive we'll be getting new eps in April. Whoo hoo, next LOST is the day before my book comes out.

In Wednes news, turns out I do have diabetes. I am not at a stage where I need insulin or anything, but they are giving me a pill that has so far, made me gassy as hell. I can't keep food down currently, but that may just be nerves or something unrelated. They are sending me to a nutritionist to learn what I have to do to make myself better. And I have to, as expected, exercise. This is almost a good thing, since it is making me take my health more seriously; which is something I have been reticent to do. And while I can't reverse the diabetes, I can make is much less serious. Anyway, I'm skipping work today and playing the dulcimer, writing, and napping. That'll be good. Maybe I'll do my taxes if I can figure them out.
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Remember how I said I had a presentation on Friday? Well, turns out, it was today. So I had only prepared 3 of the 4 aspects of the presentation since I thought I had another day. Luckily, if they give me any crap about it I have a copy of the schedule I printed a week ago that shows me presenting on Friday. The whole thing stressed me out greatly, not just because H had to drop what he was doing, print my paperwork and bring it to me at work, but because I HATE being caught unawares.

Have you seen the trailer for Lost Boys 2??? It stars Corey Feldman as Edgar Frog. Yeah! I daresay I am intrigued, I liked Lost Boys very much when I first saw it. Doesn't hold up quite as well as I'd like, but it's still pretty darn good.

What can I saw about LOST besides WAAAAAAHH! How very sad. And how crafty of them to give us a flash forward AND a flashback. Is it me or is every couple on LOST utterly weep worthy? And since Juliet also had a flashback instead of a flash forward, can we assume she dies as well? After the dirty stunt she pulled on Sun this week, I'd almost like to see her bite it.
Anyway, I totally called Michael on the boat, so that's one for me. I had no idea that it was Ben who faked the sunken wreckage of Oceanic 815. He must be mighty pissed that anyone made it off the Island.

So the Oceanic Six are:

Kate, Jack, Hurley, Sayid, Sun, and presumably Jin. Or Aaron? Is it Aaron, or are we assuming Jin got off the Island and then died later? And wasn't 2000 the Year of the Dragon? And we still don't know whose funeral Jack attended and no one else.

I have a nine hour shift tomorrow on the phones, so I'm going to bed before Daily Show even comes on. I feel like such an old lady.
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LOST totally changed it up by giving us...get this...flashBACKS this week. Not sure why it'll turn out to be important than Ben loves Juliet or wants to "Collect" her (as in the famous novel). I certainly do believe that Ben would kill everyone on the island if it suited his purpose. This week was truly one of Ben's creepier weeks, and it's getting more and more difficult to see him, or any of the Others as good guys.
Does anyone have any insights on the book being read this week? Something by Philip K Dick I think. Anyway, I want flash forwards next week, Dammit. And could they make it any more obvious that Michael is Ben's man on the boat? They've dropped so many hints that now it'll be a surprise if it's NOT Michael. And can I just say, I love the Sawyer/Hurley friendship.

Went to work on my day off yesterday for a meeting. Turns out, I won $10 to go out to lunch with in a "Who had the best recorded call" contest. They always record our calls, mostly, but in this case they record them and play them for our workmates to hear. It's usually fairly painful, but I did okay this round and won some cash. Whoo Hoo.

Politics-wise, I'm pulling for Obama. Truth be told though, I think I could live with McCain. And I may have to, because I honestly don't believe our country at large is ready for a minority president. Living in Ann Arbor, I can forget that much of the country still thinks homosexuality is wrong and that white people need to reproduce faster so we don't get "outnumbered" by minorities. My point is that the US is still filled with stupidity and prejudice and NIMBY's* people who just don't pay attention to what's really going on. Obama would make our country a better place, I think. But then I also thought that about Bill Clinton.

Pre-Orders for my book are moving along at a nice clip. My press release looks pretty good, I think. I just need to figure out what else needs to go in my press packet, and how I'm going to get pdf's to reviewers. I'd like midwest book review to review me.

*Not in My Back Yard, or the idea that as long as something doesn't directly affect you or your family, everyone else can go to hell.
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LOST (the parts I saw of it anyway) was weepy and wonderful. How can you not root for Penny and Desmond? And Faraday is turning out to be a compelling character in his own right. Sadly, Jeff Fahey's character is not. One things for sure, I'm keeping my Time Turner with me at all times. You just never know when the world is going to go kablouie on you...
Anyway, I missed the beginning of LOST because my cab was over an hour late. While stomping angrily to the door, I slipped on the ice and fell right on my tailbone. It doesn't hurt that bad, but if memory serves it's going to hurt like hell tomorrow.

I can now play Morning has Broken on the dulcimer.
Take that, Guernica!

Also, if any of you have read A Stabbing for Sadie, can you please go to the site and leave a short review? It would help me out a lot. Of course, I'll be asking you to do even more reviews once the book is listed on Amazon. :-] Anyway, I'd really appreciate it. And I can use snippets of your reviews in my press releases.


Feb. 21st, 2008 10:14 pm
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LOST was once again riddled with teh awesome. Crazy, crazy stuff. It's pretty clear at this point that some people are going to die, Clare almost certainly among them. I thought some people would simply choose to stay on the island, Locke for example. But now it's undeniable that at least 2 of our beloved castaways will die. I'm just glad it's not Hurley.

I'd be curious to know who you all think is gonna die.

In worky news, it appears that my review will take place tomorrow. I'm not, as you know, looking forward to it. Nor am I looking forward to a 9 hour shift on the phones tomorrow. Ick. Nine hours is just too long for the likes of me.

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We watched Rob Zombie's Halloween again. I hadn't actually seen it since we went to the theatre to see it last September. It was better than I remembered, and much better than the review I wrote for it at the time. Then again, this was the directors cut with a really disturbing scene added, and if I'm not mistaken, a bit more blood here and there. Kudos to you, Rob Zombie!

I saw an interesting thought on LJ today, in the journal of [ profile] groovesinorbit.
So I'd like you all to ponder it, and I'm paraphrasing here:

What would the world be like if everyone lived like YOU.

Yeah. It's a noodle scratcher, isn't it?
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LOST was great again last night. This season has done much to impress.

TV in general is back with a vengeance, what with the writers being back and all. Stephen Colbert introduced his writers to the audience and for some reason, Kevin Bacon ran out with the rest of the writers. It was pretty funny, but I'm not sure everyone "got it". The audience didn't appear to notice.

Anyway, LOST. I like Sayid better with the curls. There, I said it. Didn't care for Locke's party using Hurley in that way. Bad Medicine. Is the guy playing Faraday the same guy who played the boyfriend in Secretary? I think it is. Why did his character have a caretaker anyway?

So we've got time travel, we've got Sayid and Ben working together on some list, and we've got four of the Oceanic Six. I just don't know why our castaways are taking so long giving up Ben Linus. Just give him up already!!!

In other news, I'm back to work today after a few days off. I think I'll have my review finally. After everyone warned me about how terrible they are, I feel somewhat prepared. I don't know though, they made a couple people cry last year. I'm in no mood to be weeping at work.

Went DVD shopping yesterday and bought Knocked Up, which I still haven't seen, and Rob Zombie's Halloween, which I trust will be better than the theatrical version. I have, of course, the unrated directors cut. And I bought H a copy of Eastern Promises for Valentines. He's a good one, that H. We're going out to dinner the next time we have an evening off together. That will be nice.
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What did you say, Hugo? (Spoilery LOST comments) )

And now, I'm off to read what you guys think.
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Got paid today.

Working much of my ass off has allowed me the disposable income to purchase ,this dulcimer outfit, which I may well do after my lesson on Tuesday. Or I may look around some more.

It looks like a good instrument for a beginner, which is me. Then again, building from a kit might have it's advantages. This one is at a great price though, maybe suspiciously great?

LOST was awesome. A really fantastic season opener. I love when they follow Hurley, and I was shocked at what almost transpired between Jack and Locke. I love Rousseau and Rose & Bernard. I hope they find a way to not leave the island, but we won't know until perhaps, next week. I want to know what Locke and Jacob were talking about. And I want Hurley to end up happy, dammit.

Who wants to guess who the "Oceanic Six" are?

I'll guess:

(I know she wasn't on the plane, but I still think it'll be her)
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I guess what they do at work when they want to get rid of you is they give you a totally unreasonable and unattainable sales goal, then bitch you out if you don't meet it. I made less than 60% of my sales goal this month, after being the second highest seller last month.

Needless to say, I'm sending out resumes now.


In better news, H is making me a letterhead for my noveling stuff, press releases and soforth. It's pretty cool, it has knives in it. I'll show you's when it's ready.

And in even better news, LOST is back tonight!!!
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Cloverfield was wicked awesome.

LOST preview was pretty damn cool.

The new Batman movie is going to make a jillion dollars, now.

My job is safe for the time being.

Lewis Black's new special is hilarious.

I don't have time to read A Thousand Splendid Suns even though I want to.

Changing my name with Social Security tomorrow.

Then to lunch at iHop.

I loves me some iHop.

And smoke.

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