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Since Livejournal went the way of POTUS45, by which I mean, under total Russian control while pretending everything is the same as it's always been, I've not been able to read anyone's stuff. Drag. As a result, I spend even less time in the bloggerverse than I had been. Plus, Facebook is where everyone is. I mostly use this space for long rants or things I want to keep easy access to.

Anyway, writing for a living makes me want to write less for fun and pleasure. Plus my new desk is awesome, but my chair is now monstrously uncomfortable. I ordered the Queen of all Purple Cushions, but despite swarms of ads, they don't have any to ship. I'm told they won't ship for several more weeks, which is a drag.

I still don't know how to plot this screenplay properly, and my "writing partner" hasn't been partnering much. I was hoping an enthusiastic partner would inspire me to...I don't know, be more inspired. But no. So far I feel more frustrated, and more cautious because I'm aware that I have a tendency to railroad people and don't want to do that here.

Plus, POTUS45 still hasn't been impeached. His minions are protecting him at every turn, which is how we got into this mess in the first place. *sigh*
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Heated discussions with outspoken feminists often make me more angry and frustrated than trying to talk sense into DJT apologists. Maybe it's because I expect more from those who claim to be "woke." Maybe it's because I presume that "being reasonable" means thinking pretty much like I do.

A blogger I enjoy posted on Facebook comparing Bill Cosby's treatment in re: his many rapes, with Bill O'Reilly and his allegations of sexual harassment. Their claim was that these two men were being treated differently from each other, and that the explanation for this was, of course, racism.

I don't mind saying that this seems like bullshit to me. No, I'm not denying that racism is alive and well, or that it often finds its way into the legal system. Of course it does. That's not why this claim doesn't work for me.

Point 1: Cosby drugged and raped at least 40 women while O'Reilly is accused of sexual harassment. If there are allegations of inappropriate touching or anything physical, I am not aware of them.
When commenters brought this up, we were told that these distinctions don't matter.
Um, what? Of course it matters. It matters in terms of criminal law, and it matters in the event of civil lawsuits. What a person does absolutely matters.
Example: Murdering your spouse is well, murder. Beating your spouse, while completely fucked, is not murder. So if two people do these things, one is a murderer and one isn't. Ergo, them not being charged with the same crime has nothing to do with anything other than the fact that they committed different crimes.

Point 2: No one has been charged with anything, meaning nothing has been adjudicated. How can one make a claim that one person is being punished more severely than the other when neither has been punished by the law?
Yes, Cosby has been formally charged. Again, he raped a bunch of people. Depending on the state, O'Reilly's harassment may or may not result in criminal charges. But we do know that he paid women off to avoid civil lawsuits.

Point 3: Much has been made of the unofficial punishments for these men. Public shaming, reruns taken out of syndication, unfavorable press and memes, etc. These men are no doubt experiencing different reactions from their fan bases. But does anyone really think that's solely because of race?
Do we think Bill O'Reilly's audience is made up of radical feminists who will ride him out of town on a rail for being shitty to women? No. it's made up of men who probably think if women don't want to hear him masturbating on the phone, they shouldn't wear skirts or high heels to work. O'Reilly has always been an arrogant blowhard who appeals to wannabe arrogant blowhards.
Meanwhile, Cosby has always presented himself as a kind of moral arbiter, as far back as the Fat Albert show. When you spend decades pretending to be a model husband, father, industry professional, and community leader, you have much farther (further?) to fall. Again, this is not racism. It's the difference between a fan base of crotchety old men versus sitcom-loving American families.

Ascribing motives to strangers is always tricky territory. But what really chaps my ass is this idea that dissenting comments should be deleted. Thinking that rape and harassment are different doesn't make me "part of the problem," nor does it mean I'm trivializing sexual assault. Bullshit accusations like that are why some people think they dislike feminists and feminism.

On my own page, I invite discussion from pretty much anyone. If someone proves that they're unable to discern facts from fevered dreams, persist in name calling or verbal abuse after being warned, or are spouting racist, sexist, or delusional nonsense, they get banned. It's pretty rare. I never delete comments though, because people should own the shit they say online. Taking it down gives them a free pass to pretend it never happened. Plus, I'm not afraid of words, ideas, thoughts, or language even when I strongly disagree with them. I don't mind saying that cowardly bullshit like that pisses me off. Shutting down conversations is the thing that keeps us from connecting with each other and finding common ground.
Obviously, people can run their own pages how they like. But I don't think I'll ever understand the concept of posting something (ie: inviting discussion) and then deleting every comment you don't agree with. That's just preening and posturing. It's not interacting with your readership, and it's certainly no way to consider things in a new way.

In a sense, this exchange illustrates why I didn't call myself a feminist for a long time. I equated feminism with people bitching about comedians not being sensitive enough, or pretending that their offense means every joke they don't like can never be told again. Like deleting comments, saying people shouldn't joke about things is saying "I refuse to have my opinions challenged." Or more confrontationally put, "I'm too afraid to consider that I might not be 100% right on this issue." That's nothing to feel proud or smug about.

In other news, my time at Livejournal is done. They won't allow cross posting since I don't agree to their TOS, and I don't.
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As many of you know, I've been blogging at Livejournal since 2002. When they sold their site to Russians who gave far less control over content, I started blogging at Dreamwidth and cross posting to LJ instead. I've always continued to read at both places, and to make sure my own posts make it there.

I have a pet conspiracy theory about Russia and our internet. It's one that seems increasingly true the more things happen in the world with President Cyka.  It seems super obvious to me that this Syria bombing is 100% fuckery to make us stop questioning DJT's many Russian connections.  And just like every time he gives a speech where he doesn't manage to sound like a sundowning mental patient...the media can't shut up about how "presidential" he's being.  STOP BEING FOOLED.

Even if he was being super Presidential, bombing some random base and killing civilians isn't going to make Assad suddenly be cooler to his own people.  Maybe if we were going to kill Assad or swoop in and take his Sarin and shit, that might make sense.  But we're not doing that.  We're shooting missiles that are killing civilians--in order to demonstrate how fucking awful it is to kill civilians.  And before anyone gives me that shit about how war has casualties, I'll remind you all that once again, we have not declared war.  As usual, we just started shooting shit up and daring the rest of the world to either join in or stop us.  And because most of the rest of the world aren't the buttinski's that we are, they don't.

I went over to Livejournal today to take down my account.  See, any digital info that's stored outside the US can legally be given to the CIA without any sort of authorization. So when I got a notice saying that there's a new TOS, I did not agree.  They also have a policy against "political solicitation."  I'm not 100% on what political solicitation involves, but I'm reasonably sure that I engage in it.  Even if I didn't, I'd prefer to have at least the semblance of privacy as I cling to the idea that no government agency is interested in what I'm getting up to online.  

My plan was absolutely to take my entire account down.  But in order to do that, I have to agree to the new TOS.  I do not agree, and I'm not about to say that I do.  If I agree, doesn't that mean they can keep a copy of all my old blogs?  But if I don't do anything, they already have my old blogs.  Presuming a reality where I've said things that would make Putin mad (like say, I do not like POTUS45 and think he's a lying cyka), I'd just as soon live in a world where that doesn't put me in danger.  I order a lot of delivery food, so poisoning me would be pretty easy.

And you know that guy loves to poison people.

For now, I'm not doing anything and will try to continue crossposting there.  Not sure if they'll let me though.  When I said "not now" to the new TOS, the only choice they gave me was "Log Out."  Pretty scary what happens inside of just a few years, right?  
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Remember when Archie Bunker and his ilk called hippies "pinkos"? That's because liberal-scum-types were supposedly tinged by the foul redness of communism. Russians used to be the bad guys. Their government restricted information, kept its people in poverty to preserve a ruling class, and generally did all the stuff you read about in Animal Farm. Or Red Dawn xenophobic Drumpf supporters suddenly think Russia is awesome.
Just what the sam hell crap is up with THAT?!?

Remember when Russians bought Livejournal? It was right after they tricked almost everyone into buying lifetime memberships.

I bet it was to give them a glimpse into American internet culture so they could get clues on how to best manipulate us later on.

Remember that Trololololo guy? Yeah, that was part of it too. Virality gives the Reds a look into our online behavior, so they could see what foolish, skimming share-monkeys we all are. If nothing else, they learned how many people will comment on, or even share articles they haven't even read...because they agree with the (often misleading) headline.

Just sayin'

 photo spongebob_zpse8crdvue.jpg


Meanwhile, it looks like the Cyka-elect is even more cyka than we realized. The internets are being told by some Brit that the Russians have footage of The Donald having a golden shower party with hookers, arranged for the express purpose of befouling a bed that the Obamas slept in. That's just...proof that even as we thought there was nowhere lower than the underside of rock, rock bottom--Drumpf will go lower than that.
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Like many of you, I have a family. And within that family, there are a wide range of people, some of whom believe things I think are patently batshit. My favorite Aunt once told me she'd never vote Bernie because "he's a socialist." I have a cousin who swears the min wage shouldn't be raised because it mostly applies to kids working part time, and that Citizens United is a "free speech" issue. I enjoy spirited debates when I encounter beliefs like that, but I find not everyone is willing to discuss what they believe.

So today, my youngest cousin posts a hate video....Cut for what prompted this post )

This led me to think that one reason it's so difficult to talk about racism is this idea white people have--that the only way to be "racist" is to be in a skinhead group, the KKK, or to liberally use the N-word. Kids, that's not so. Even if you've never uttered a racial slur, you can still be less than inclusive. Tim Burton probably does not hate minorities. There's no evidence to say he does. But that doesn't mean it isn't an issue that his movies have very few POC. Thinking "white" people/culture/hairstyles are "normal" and everything else is "other/different/weird/ethnic" is a problem in terms of race relations. So is presuming that every character in every book is white unless the author specifically says they aren't. So if someone tells you that you aren't being inclusive, or racially sensitive, or are being kind of a dick, they aren't necessarily saying you're Mel Gibson or Hitler. That doesn't mean you shouldn't hear them out. Though yes, you have free speech and can absolutely choose to tell them to fuck off.

To that end, I say: Ron Weasley.
JK Rowling made Ron Weasley racist on purpose, and for this very reason. He's not a Death Eater, he's one of the heroes. He's not a supremacist, but he's got issues with squibs (they have one in the family, but he's never talked to them), werewolves, giants, Durmstrangs (or maybe just the one who's sweet on his gal), and Slytherins among others. He's also fine with house elves in servitude and considers Dobby an odd man out (in fairness, so does Hagrid).
Ron isn't a bad kid. He's not malicious, though I do find him petty and tantrummy at times. I don't think he's hateful either. He just believes certain things because they make sense to him, and has never bothered to question it. You know, like how a lot of the people who go around talking smack about Muslims have never knowingly had a conversation with one--or if they have, they come away saying they're "ONE of the Good Ones." It's why the Washington Redskins logo doesn't offend people who have never been called a "redskin" out of hate. Why WOULD they understand it?

But after someone explains it fully, to respond by saying they're lying or being "overly sensitive" is...pretty racist.

When I hear someone say something overtly bigoted, the first thing I try to do is ask questions to make sure I got that right. "Are you being sarcastic? Are you saying he deserved to be shot because he took his earpiece out? Are you saying all Muslims want to kill us for our freedoms?" The answer to that question usually determines whether a discussion ensues, or a screaming match, or I just disable notifications for that post. Calling someone a "racist" is a bad idea most times, since no one, even members of the KKKlan, actually admits that they're racist. Besides, "racist" is a label we slap on a person to let them know we don't like their opinion. It doesn't help anything. Nothing is solved by calling someone a racist. But opening a dialogue? That might help.
It's hard to hear that you're not being racially or culturally sensitive. I hate hearing it, and my first impulse is to explain why I'm not. But dammit, if you've got any kind of privilege, you also have an obligation to acknowledge it, and to think about how life might be (or listen to people when they explain it to you) for those who don't have it.

People tell me it's "not worth it" to "argue" with people on the internet. I maintain that discussions can make all the difference in the world if both parties have some modicum of respect for whoever they're talking to. If I'm wrong, I wanna know why. I want facts or a fresh perspective that tell me why my thinking is wrong, and what I should have noticed that I didn't. I deserve the chance to say, Holy Shit, Long Duk Dong is TOTALLY racist, and I'm sorry I didn't see it sooner.
So yeah, if you begin by calling someone a racist because they posted a meme they didn't even read carefully, the ensuing discussion probably won't go well. But if you open up an actual dialogue you might actually get somewhere. Not always. Some people love being angry and hateful, it's like a fuzzy warm blanket to them. But usually, people just don't want to be afraid. If they learn why they don't have to, that might also help.

Ultimately, my cousin took down the fake video because she "didn't want to argue." I think that's a shame, because the ensuing discussion was a good read.


Jul. 16th, 2016 02:49 pm
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I realized something today.

I use Hootsuite, which means I set up social media posts to go live up to 4 weeks in the future. I do this for my own accounts, and also accounts for The Horror Within. Mostly, this is so I can spend a little less time on social media while remaining connected--and so my posts can go live when other human beings are awake and reading.

This does lead to awkward moments though. Like when say, "Cecil the Lion killed by d-bag" is posted 2 weeks after the dentist responsible was run out of town on a rail. Or any story that has updates, really. So I gotta be kind of careful about timely news versus evergreen articles and stuff.

Then I thought...
When I die (and honestly, how much time could I possibly have left?) my accounts will continue posting for weeks. People are gonna be hella confused. Yeah, the posts are labeled "posted by Hootsuite," but my oldster family members aren't going to know what that means. But how do I address that before my Big Day so it doesn't terrify or upset anyone? Also, that's gonna be a hella awesome troll. I wish there was a way to plan for it to be more awesome in maybe writing my own hilarious obit and posting it someplace.

As for me, kidney stones have me in terrible hurtful pain. Ugh.
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When I was a kid, if you really wanted to talk to one of your idols, it was a long process. You had to find their fan mail address, which could be very difficult if not impossible. Then you had to hand write a letter, find a stamp, get it mailed (at a mailbox), and wait...and wait...and wait...for a response that might never arrive. When I was a kid I wrote letters to Charles Schulz, Donald J Sobel, Dr Suess, Judy Blume, and a bunch more. I got a few letters back, though they're trapped at my mom's house. When I was about 11, I even wrote a fan letter to Scott Baio. He had a PO Box in Studio City for fan mail, which I found in a Tiger Beat mag. I never got even a form letter back. As a kid, I was sad about that. But now that I know what a gross, womanizing, Drumpf-loving goon is in RL, that sting is gone.

The point is that we only wrote to celebs we really liked a lot. It took a lot of effort and time. We did it because we were fans, and we wanted our heroes to know it.

But now...
Anybody with access to a computer or smartphone can Tweet at celebs in real time. Roughly half of said Tweets are complete asshole fodder. Telling people they suck and should kill themselves is Level One for a lot of these clowns. Unlike occasional stalker behavior from deranged fans (that no one really talked about until the girl from My Sister Sam was murdered by one such nutcase), modern celebs often get daily beratings. Robin Williams's children were hounded off Twitter within 2 days of their father's suicide. Those dicks that harassed Sandy Hook parents for "lying about their kids existing" started on Twitter. Twitter hosts murder threats, rape threats, doxxing (though I hear they're better about removing stuff like that now), and a bunch of other things we used to think only criminals thought about.

Much like men who want to show their dicks to virtual strangers (remember when that was a crime committed by a random pervert wearing a long trenchcoat with nothing underneath), stalking via the Internet is more popular (and less criminalized) than ever. Ditto hate speech. Anybody else find it insane that posting a pic of a nipple can get your Facebook account deleted, but threatening to murder the POTUS or calling him the N-word won't get you blocked from Twitter unless the feds get involved? I'm a staunch supporter of Free Speech, but with great power comes all the stuff Spiderman's Uncle Ben talked about.

And like LSD, the internet amplifies and distorts the shit we see and do every day. While we all know that the internet is incredibly helpful overall--it also allows some of the worst behavior on the planet to be widely seen, or even applauded. The immediacy of social media and the ease with which we're able to communicate with people the world over is being squandered, taken for granted, not truly considered for the opportunity that it is. A lot of that is due to people who live as if the Internet has always been there--for youngsters, it has. I started a Livejournal in 2002, in my early 30's. If that blog was a kid, they'd be old enough to have a smartphone and be on Facebook. Yikes!

Not sure what my overall point is. We can use the internet for good or bad, to help people or bring them down. We can use it to educate, inform, or to spread misinformation either deliberately or through apathy or ignorance. Is there a way to encourage people to make better online choices? Or at least, is there a way to truly hold people accountable (at least morally) for the things they say and do online? No, I'm not saying we should curtail speech. Wednes don't play that. But it's obvious that plenty of online assholes are only being assholes online because of the anonymity the internet affords them.

For now let me just ask--if you're only on Twitter to let female singers know that their asses are big, or to tell Jonah Hill that he's a "faggy asshole," maybe take some time to work on RL interpersonal skills before trolling total strangers. If you wouldn't say it in front of your three best friends or your favorite grandparent, don't say it to Lady Gaga. Besides, no one should ever insult Lady Gaga. She's amazing!
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Remember last summer when Facebook decided I was a liar with a fake name? I had to go through all this bullshit of sending IDs, having them ask for more, sending more, having them tell me they couldn't read what I've sent (despite it being perfectly legible). Eventually, they told me everything was fine. It wasn't. I notice too that Photobucket deleted my screencaps of my Emails with Facebook people. I presume they're in cahoots. Days later, I was again told that this was all fine. Apparently, it still isn't.
Woke up last night to find myself locked out of Facebook AGAIN. The message? "Please change your name. It looks like the name on your Facebook account may not be your authentic name. We ask everyone to use the name they go by in real life so friends know who they're connecting with."
I could count on my fingers the number of people who know me by my legal name, which is Wednesday Lee [H's last name, which I took legally when I got married]. So much foolishness. How many IDs do I need to show Facebook in order to keep arguing politics with strangers and looking at pictures of cats and dinners? Seriously.

It occurs to me, that I won't be able to log into Photobucket for this week's reviews since my login has always been via Facebook. So, if they don't fix this shit by Sunday, this foolishness will start costing me real jobs and actual money.
EDIT: Looks like I can log in via Twitter, who appears to be the lesser asshole in this situation. It's generally the users on Twitter who suck, not Twitter itself.

I wish there was a way to do what I normally do on the Internets without having to bow and scrape to a company that only uses us as marketing chattel in the first place, gives no control over content, and then occasionally accuses us of not knowing our own names. WTF. #Annoyance
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I finally, at long last, have my proper medication in hand after being more than two weeks without it. As of last night though, my psyche was pretty much broken. I was within a breath of telling H to "shut the fuck up and stay away from me," which is simply not how we speak to each other. But my brain was broken.

In weirdness news, I learned that there's a way to report people who steal your Tweets. One wouldn't think stealing Tweets would be a thing, since there's a simple button that lets you retweet. But for a few months now, there's a chick who's been copy/pasting my tweets, putting her initials in front--basically posting Tweets that look like she's telling me something I just said. But on her feed it looks like it's her own content. Why would anyone do this, aside from general fuckery? I do not know.
So today, after this person stole and copy/pasted my tweet about (of all things) reporting stolen tweets, I told her that I reported her. She responded as if she had no idea it was unethical to copy/paste other people's Tweets. She seemed to think that because she tagged me in "her" Tweets, that she was giving me credit.

I had to SMH and laugh, because I have a book client right now who I've literally spent hours with, trying to explain Twitter. But they still don't understand it. I realize that all social media sites have their own idiosyncratic elements that have a learning curve. But really?

Blue Cross Blue Shield can fuck right off, BTW. They decided to stop covering something I need. So instead of it costing $5 a month, the new "uninsured" price is $235 a month. Needless to say, that means I won't be getting it. I can almost understand why they wouldn't cover it. But I cannot understand how concentrated hydrocortisone could possibly cost that much. Fucking pharma-bros, all of them! I'm told that in other parts of the world, it's illegal to make a profit on medical supplies. Seems like common sense, right? Another way the US of A is teh oligarchy. Maybe everyone should shut the fuck up and stay away from me, at least until I feel more like my usual charming self.
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Every now and then, someone will express surprise to me that I have this person or that person as an online friend, despite them spouting unpopular views or having strong opinions I don't agree with, or even doing shitty things like posting spoilers on purpose. But people who know me well know that I enjoy dialoging about tough topics--especially among those with whom I disagree. I don't want my life to be an echo chamber of shit I already agree with. Plus, I don't know everything, and people I don't agree with are more likely to know shit that I don't know. Though they might still be bugfuck wrong. ;-)

Today I saw a post referencing Jessica Jones on Netflix. Someone else was basically saying that because in the first episode, there was a single joke they didn't like (a joke that was insensitive to, and at the expense of, fat people), they "had no interest in" the rest of the series. Now obviously, people can choose to watch whatever the hell they want. But I found it curious that this post came from a person who, every day, argues that people need to seek out information that conflicts with what they've been taught, and that they need to be more respectful of alternate/new viewpoints. I really can see both sides of this.

On the one hand, we can all choose only to expose ourselves to people, things, ideas, and speech that is to our liking. For most people, watching TV is a leisure time activity and is supposed to be fun. Plenty of people watch TV and movies to escape the bullshit they see out in the world--so the last friggin thing they need is to see mean shit on their down time.
Personally, I like my viewing material to be more challenging, so I often seek out things that will make me think, feel discomfort, ponder and debate, or get really, really scared as I wonder what I'd do if what was happening to the characters was happening to me. But that's me--overall, my life is pretty easy.

On the other hand, I think it's myopic and incredibly limiting to say "I don't like something this character said, so I'm not going to expose myself to any of this material." In this case, that means missing out on the entirety of Jessica Jones, which would be a bummer for anyone who appreciates complex characters, or in-depth discussion of issues like responsibility, trauma, control, and consent. Plus, it's an awesome cast in a well-plotted show that everyone can get something out of--you know, unless they bail after Ep1.
When I say, "It's only a show," I'm not saying that what happens in fiction doesn't matter because it's just pretend. But I *am* saying that fictional characters shouldn't have the same impact as real-life people doing and saying real-life things. If they do, you might need to step back.
The characters in the TV aren't your friends. The rules of interpersonal communication do not apply. Watching a program doesn't make you complicit in the actions of the fictional characters--not even the protagonists. The Godfather is one of the greatest films ever made. Yet most of us don't leave the theatre wishing we had Luca Brasi's job. It's possible to laugh at Three's Company (for lack of a better example) without actually thinking homophobia is hilarious or that gay people deserve to be mocked or belittled.
Surely we're not so fragile that we have to scurry away from any speech we don't like, or pretend that everyone who appears in fictional media has to conform to our personal standards of morality or interpersonal communication-- or we just can't bear to look?!? Or is it a question of feeling "disrespected" by jokes? It might bear keeping in mind that TV shows and movies aren't made with any 1 audience member in mind. If they were, we'd probably know that before tuning in. Why is it so easy for some of us to be offended by people who literally don't know we exist? I'm certainly guilty of this.

It's possible that I'm assigning emotions or motivations incorrectly to behaviors I don't like. It might be that I loathe the superior air with which people say "I don't watch THAT" as if not watching something is analogous to actually doing something that helps oppressed people. Maybe it's the idea that you really can't have dramatic conflict in a world where no one has a problem with women, or men, or rich people, or poor people, or racial minorities, or religious minorities, or fat people, trans people, gay people, people with disabilities, people with mental illness, or takes issue with how people dress, how they dance, who they date, where they come from, or whether or not they can grammar.
EVERYONE sees the world through their own filters. EVERYONE judges other people for reasons seen and unseen. If you think you don't, sorry--but you're a filthy liar.
The more types of people we expose ourselves to, the more we learn about our fellow humans. Obviously, there are valid reasons not to befriend a mafioso, or a gaggle of methheads, or a pray-the-gay-away commune in real-life. But in media? One of the best steps we can take toward understanding each other is to expose ourselves to as much varied media as we can--and do our best to understand what we see viscerally--not just turning our backs on new material one rough comment in. We can do better than that. And for most of us, our lives are comfortable enough that we can safely expose ourselves to a whole helluva lot via the media at our disposal without collapsing into a quivering puddle of sobs or annoying short-lived outrage that doesn't go anywhere.

So kids, watch what you like--or don't watch. But if I may personify Television for a moment: I promise that the mean old TV-box isn't going to hurt you unless you let it. It's just a box. I promise. And if you let fear and potential discomfort keep you from exploring all the box has to offer, the least you can do is not blame it on the box.
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Facebook is down. Please feel free to take some polaroids of whatever you're eating and mail them to me so I can see.

The season finale of Fear the Walking Dead is next week. I'm digging the slow burn, but am irritated that the little Johnny Deppish kid is still wearing the same old man clothes he stole from the hospital. Ridiculous.

I don't care what the wags say. I'm digging the hell out of Gotham and am stoked that it's back. Penguin is just delightful and Nygma gets better (and crazier) all the time. Sleepy Hollow is back soon too, though why it moved to Thursdays I do not know.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is back tomorrow. Yay! Can't wait to see Coulson's new arm.

Scream Queens is marginally entertaining, nothing great. I think it's for teenagers who think American Horror Story has too many references and old people. I don't care who the killer is, or what happens to any of these people. But I do think the killer is the main chick's dad.

American Horror Story is back next week. So. Stoked. Did a bit of research to find out who the hell this "Lady Gaga" is. She seems like an interesting chick, and someone I'll enjoy more as an actor than a singer--like Cher.

I have to make a listicle about American Horror Story by Weds afternoon. Taking suggestions. Normally I'd ask on the Facebooks, but it's down.


Aug. 25th, 2015 01:14 pm
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Been spending less time on the internets lately.
I hate people slightly less than I usually do.

Facebook does this weird thing now where it keeps automatically switching the feed I'm reading back to the "home" feed. The Home feed has the posts of every (according to FB's weird "we're hiding tons of random posts from people you've already said you want to read, because fuck you" matrix) person who I've friended back, and all their shitty ramblings. Whereas I read from a list called "Buddies," which is people and groups I'm genuinely interested in, and haven't hidden or blocked due to the barrage of misinformed, hateful, or churchy garbage that makes my blood boil. So when I'm reading my list and suddenly come across 5 "repost if you love Jesus" memes in a row followed by some hateful shit about fat people, welfare recipients, or Obama--I know FB has switched me back.

And yes, boiling blood is a major health issue for me.
Even worse than back pain.

That said, this Ashley Madison thing is bumming me out. Specifically, the glee with which people celebrate the doxxing and even subsequent suicides of people who were doing things that are, in short, none of anyone's goddamn business. Sure, if you're lying to your partner--you're probably an asshole. Though your partner might be a worse asshole. Or you might want to keep your family together for your kids. Or you might be in a place where you had little or no choice over who you'd marry. Or you might be somewhere you could be killed for being gay or trans. Or your partner might not care if you have affairs as long as they aren't humiliated publicly over it.
In short, if you think the Ashley Madison hackers are a benevolent group of justice-seekers standing up for marital fidelity, you're fucking kidding yourselves. At best, they are jaded asshats who've been hurt by a cheater and therefore don't care who else gets hurt as they punish a few strangers for things that are--again, none of their goddamn business.
If you're defending the shits who think doxxing is funny or "justice," I hope you take a long look at the way you live. Ask yourself if you do anything you wouldn't want splashed all over the alternative internet--and eventually the regular internet. Anything strangers would be thrilled to shame you for, that could potentially hurt your spouse, children, parents, friends, jobs, or anyone else you've dared to care about. Maybe ease up on the internet lynch mobs and concentrate on living your life as best you can. And stop being such self-righteous assholes.
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 photo Screen Shot 2015-07-17 at 12.28.12 PM_zpsdds3ryh7.png

Good ol' Maude. If you know her in RL, tell her from me that she's awesome.
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So, I got a reply from Facebook while I was sleeping.

FB Dicketry photo FB Dicketry_zpsp6bf7tni.png

Seems like that means their issues with me are over, right?
And yet, I still cannot log into my account.

I don't think I'll accept their apology for my inconvenience, since it has multiplied since the first time they called me a liar.

On the funny side, the Email makes me think of Peter Griffin watching TV:
"And then there's Maude..."
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I really wish I didn't have to use Facebook sometimes. They are such lame pains in the ass about this name business.

As you may know, they logged me out of my account last Thursday morning, telling me I had to prove to them that I was using my real name. Why they couldn't just google me, I do not know. Since I use that name on both of my own websites, plus every online account I've ever had, it seems like that would be the easiest way. But no, they gave me one week to get my documents in order.

The next day I sent them their required ID (my wedding certificate, and 2 pieces of mail from different senders--neither of which were hand written). After 6 days, I heard nothing. Suddenly today, I'm locked out again. I resent everything, and am still waiting to hear. Now not only can I not use my Facebook account--I can't use any account that I usually sign into via Facebook. So no YouTube, no commenting on various websites, all that annoying shit.

And like an idiot, I have business correspondences that happen through Facebook, so I can't do some of my regular work. I don't even know how long this bullshit will take.

Funny thing, when I was paying them for advertising, or back when I'd occasionally pay for game perks--they had no such desire to confirm my identity. Now suddenly it's some huge problem?

Keep in mind, that this is a site that says right in their TOS that they don't have the ability to keep our info safe. Yet they want a pic of my driver's license (even though I don't drive), my marriage certificate, and all this other shit? Just to prove that nobody is impersonating me? Fuck that shit, Facebook. Fuck it right in the ear.

Worst of all, they couch these intrusive requirements as a matter of safety for me, and truthiness for them. Bullshit. It's as much bullshit as when Google tells me that giving them my phone number makes me "safe" when all it really does is increase the amount of scam texts and calls I get. All this name bullshit combined with their facial recognition software makes this something downright Orwellian.

So why couldn't they look over my shit when I sent it 6 days ago? Nobody knows. You can't talk to or even Email an actual person. I have roughly a dozen bylines using this name on different sites: LJ, DW, Kinkly, ZZN, Associated Content, Geekbinge, Puckermob, Articlecats, Disqus, and a few more that are eluding me at the moment, plus my own pro website, Amazon, Under the Bed, and The Horror Within, not to mention the scads and oodles of fiction I've published.

What a fucking pain in the ass.

My name is Wednesday Lee Friday, and I despise Facebook's bullshit policies.
And we have always been at war with Eurasia.
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Livejournal has taken it upon themselves to supercede my carefully chosen colors and layout and replaced it with some bullshit that looks like Twitter merged with Wordpress then incorporated Facebook's advertising policy. It's hideous, and I honestly don't know if I'll be able to read my feed there with any sort of regularity. God DAMN it's ugly.

While I'm here, congrats to [profile] absinthofheart on the new addition to their family. It will be fun for me to know there's another baby around that I can see for an extremely short time before handing it back to their rightful guardians.

JoJo is still licking himself like mad, and still has bald patches between his legs, and on the backs of his front legs. It upsets me to see it, and upsets me further that there doesn't seem to be anything wrong. It seems like if he had a rash, or (Zod forbid) fleas, that both cats would have them. I plugged in one of those expensive Feliway diffusers. After five weeks though, I'm not seeing an improvement. His demeanor is fine, maybe a little more chill (which I think might be the diffuser). He's eating and eliminating fine, and his nose is chilly and damp. A vet-tech couldn't find anything wrong with him. So I don't know what to do. Fie!
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So Harold Ramis died.

No, wait...he didn't.

Actually yeah, he did.

What the fucking hell, man? I know that troll levels on the Internets can be both plentiful and passionate about fucking with people anonymously for no damn reason. It's like an entire counter culture made up of sociopaths who lie for fun. They couldn't ALL be abused children in denial--surely some of these trolls are just assholes at heart, right?

Seriously though, some of these trolls are like yelling FIRE in a Trolls of this type make people jaded, cynical, and angry. It's the kind of shit that desensitizes us and makes people unwilling to care about others. And before anybody gives me that "People shouldn't take the internet so seriously..." or "People shouldn't believe anything/everything they hear on the Internets" shit--let me remind you that the Internets are where most people get their news, do their socializing, and even work. Whether or not you think that's a good thing or a bad thing--people shouldn't be fucking around with that for "fun." If you think upsetting complete strangers with made-up bullshit is fun--get thee to a psychiatrist poste haste! Seriously.

Entire websites that are nothing but troll? Who thinks it's a good idea to build, fund, and maintain such a thing? What kind of sick mind thinks posting nothing but deceitful clickbait is a good use of time and energy?!? I really don't understand the mindset behind this sort of thing...other than general sociopathy. Really--what the fuck is wrong with people.

I have fucking had it with this shit.
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Remember last February, when I bought myself a set of Max pajamas from Where the Wild Things Are? Well, I did. And they are adorable. I posted a few snaps of me in them, taken by H (my husband who thinks I'm totally hot). I later put them on Pinterest, on my board "Fat People Existing." It's pretty much what it sounds like--positive and joyful pics of fat people out in the world doing stuff. Or in this case, me in my fly pajamas being cute and hilarious, and yeah...fat.

Today, I see that someone I don't know had reposted it. As you can see, she didn't even bother to change my blurb. To a fat positive board? No. To a costume or fun pajama board? No. To a chicks being silly, clothing that is grey, or pointy-eared people board? No, no, and nope. A total stranger posted a pic of me looking badass--on a board, and I am not kidding, called:
Oh Crap, Fat People!
Whatever, I think. Probably just some dumb teenager who doesn't know what the hell...right? No. I take a closer look, because I can't imagine why this would happen on Pinterest. Isn't it mostly grandmothers and people buying houses or learning about fashion? No.

This is Ally, who thinks mocking fat people she doesn't know is hilarious. But please, no porn in front of the kids. Mockery and hate-speech, sure, but no porn. She has children, and those children are about to have children. Isn't that wonderful? Lest you think that Ally is a mean person, you should know that her Pinterest actually contains the following boards:

And as everyone who follows the teachings of the Bible knows...

Ally knows how to treat people. After all...

She's also really consistent about being healthy, which is why she has the right to mock fat people without a care for the fact that they're a person.

And if all that wasn't absurd enough, Ally is a little wary about hoodies.

So yeah, you wanna make fun of fat people?
You wanna be some kind of bigot bully hypocrite and terrible role model while bragging about your procreation abilities and adherence to the teachings of Christ? Consider this your big fat calling out--You terrible, terrible person.
Courtesy of my being done with work for the night, and not having posted here yet this week.
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Lots of you know that I'm a fan of Health at Every Size. This is a philosophy that essentially says I'm going to eat as well as I can, and exercise regularly. If that doesn't make me lose weight, so fucking what. I'm also a fan of Size Acceptance. This means that if you have some sort of problem with the size that I am, so fucking what. One might say I live on the philosophical corner of MindUrOwnBidniss Ln and HateElsewherePlz Blvd. One of the chick bloggers on FA and HAES I've enjoyed reading is Ragen Chastain. I've been reading her for a long while now. While I do think her blog is hella repetitive, I also think it's full of good information.

But here's the thing...
Like many blogs written with a concrete foundation in feminism, Ragen bends way the hell backward to not offend readers. Every opinion, every statement of philosophy, begins with a long disclaimer stating that just because she says something works for her--she's not telling everyone else that they should do it, or that it's the only right thing for anyone to do. I presume she does this because, on the internet, you can't say anything without someone jumping on you about it. If someone says "Hey, what a lovely sunny day it is" someone else will rag on them for being insensitive to people with skin cancer. If someone says "I lost weight and I feel great," others will undoubtedly ask how they enjoy being a tool of the diet companies. People are dicks, and anyone even remotely visible online needs to have a strategy for dealing with dicks up front.

But see, we all make judgements. I actually think the occasional shaming of idiots can serve to better the world, if only to encourage them to be a little less vocal in their idiocy. We all think that some people look better in certain clothes or with specific haircuts, would be happier dating different people, having a cat instead of a dog, finally admitting they're gay, watching HBO instead of Honey Boo Boo. We've all got opinions about other people and the things they do. Me, I can't shut up about mine.
Still, I don't think having those opinions makes me a hater. I'm not putting people down to feel better about me. I don't think even thinking ugly things about others does not make a person evil or mean-spirited. Own your judgements just like you own every other emotion--even when it doesn't make sense. Just like we eat foods we know are bad for us, miss people we know are actually assholes, we sometimes make judgements about people that we later feel guilty about. That's okay, really.

What's my point? I'm getting to that.
it's about my peeve: What I really, super, dooper hate.
When people pretend they aren't being judgemental when they are. I hate when people, even people like Ragen, whom I admire, do this. If someone you admire is doing something you hate (say, a fat sports hero going on The Biggest Loser) fucking say so. Otherwise, you get into this infuriating sacrificial-grandmother posture. Oh no dear, you just go to that party instead of playing cards with me like we do every Saturday. You make your own decision like the grown lady you are, and if I'm dead when you get back...well, that won't be your fault. You just went to a party.
This whole put-upon narrative of You can do any foolish, harmful thing you want...I'm not saying one single solitary word about it...not ONE WORD... thing is such utter bullshit. Prefacing your judgement with passive-aggressive ranting about how judgemental you're NOT being is uglier than simple judgement would ever be.
Why? Because it's dishonest. It also places the judger on a higher moral level than the person being judged--even though in most situations, the one being judged is actually the one being genuine. Look how judgemental I'm NOT being in the face of so-and-so's complete idiocy. I think it's their right to be an idiot so I'm not saying one word... in the middle of a post where you're saying a bunch of words about the idiocy you just said you weren't judging.

If you think people shouldn't buy or use Slimfast, say so. If you honestly believe it's harmful and dangerous-- don't pretend like you're cool with it either way, and will respect the other party just as much if they do the thing you're making it pretty clear that you don't want them doing. Disclaimer: I don't know Ragen in real life. I've not met her so I have no idea if she's the same in her blog as she is in person. She's certainly not the only person who fits the examples I've described. But it was her recent blog post that burst the dam on this issue.

All people make judgements every day. All of us. Even people like me who barely leave the house these days. I still make judgements about people based on what they say, what they do, how they respond to issues, what they say about their children. We all do this. There's no shame in it. It's how you navigate humanity. If you're constantly treating others in a way you wouldn't want to be treated--well, then you might be an asshole. Get that checked out. If not...relax. Having an opinion, even about other people, is normal, natural, and unavoidable. Opinions are actually part of instinct. We need them for survival, though this is less true on the internets

I'm what my mom used to politely call "mouthy." I've got lots to say, and I'm reasonably good at saying stuff--so I do. If I start becoming a pompous jackass, a rude bitch, or a mean-spirited asshat, I fully expect my friends to tell me that. No, that won't be a fun way to spend an afternoon. I can be rather defensive and difficult if I'm feeling insulted. But I also have enough introspective skill that I can look at the advice objectively and see if there are things I need to address.
I feel that improves me as a person the same way an aggressive editor improves prose. While I do have those moments of "Fuck you, really?" I end up a better person for it in the end. I was being a total snobby bitch about fanfic a while back, and a few people took me to task for it. It wasn't fun, but as I was out of line, it was an asskicking I totally deserved. Just because I hate something, people who like it aren't necessarily vapid morons with nothing to contribute to literature. Who knew, amirite? ;-]

So no, we shouldn't all go around thinking we know what's best for everyone. But if we've got something that we feel strongly enough about that we're sharing it with a wide audience--it should be truthful, honest. If it isn't, it's deceptive, which means it might just as well be manipulative.
Don't manipulate me, just tell me what's up.
I'm a big girl, I can handle it.
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Do you enjoy ticky boxes and telling me things?
If'll totally want to get in on this poll.

What? You can't see it? That must be because Dreamwidth doesn't offer polls even though they cost the same as that other sucky site I used to pay.
So you'll have to go over there to take the poll."

Why would you want to take a poll?
Great Question.
I'm trying to decide on a tagline for Under the Bed and need to know which of my ideas is the least sucky. I value most of your opinions. The rest, I'll probably chuckle at--but you're tough, you'll get over it.

Thanks, all!


Apr. 11th, 2013 07:32 pm
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I am terribly sorry to hear of the passing of [personal profile] opalcat.

I plan to mock some stupid people in her honor.
And maybe be kind to someone too.
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There's this thing I used to say back in college:

Are you kidding?
I smoke so much weed,
the Zig Zag guy has a tattoo
of ME on HIS arm!


I'm kind of feeling like that right now, because the Hash Bash is following me on Twitter.

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This new Kindle version comes with a sneak preview of The Finster Effect, which you should totally read if you haven't already done so.
Unless you're waiting for the paperback, in which case...gimme a minute--Jeez!
My new KMLYLM ad, by H.

If you're only reading me here at Dreamwidth, or landing here via my website, you'll want to know that I have a goddamn Twitter. I'm still not good at summing up a thought in 140 characters. And I regularly embarrass myself by saying random shit to celebrities in the middle of the night. So yeah...I am there, and you can totally follow me.

In random confession news, my favorite David Bowie album is Never Let Me Down. It's also the only one you can buy in a bargain bin.
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Personal Drama which you may or may not have an interest in )While it's upsetting, sad, and all that--I feel a lot better in the end.

My new favorite drink/drug is Choffy. I am madly in love with it and want to marry it. Oddly, it makes me feel a bit peppy in the mornings, but I find it relaxing at night as well. It's ridiculously delicious hot or cold. I've been making it in the tea infuser that H's mom gave me for my birthday. But it's only enough for me. So if I want to share Choffy with a friend, I need a bigger pot. They sell french presses, but they are stupid expensive. I found one at Amazon made of glass and metal for under $30 that I'm gonna buy. I'm also having a sampler pack delivered tomorrow. I want to make sure the flavor I've been drinking is my favorite before getting a big bag. Seriously though, this stuff is badass. I can't shut up about it.

New Stig & The Puppetman is almost ready. My plan with these was to see about having them published. Then I learned that Stonegarden Publishing is closing its doors soon. This means that your copies of The Cat's Apprentice are about to become way collectible. It also means that I don't have very long to save up to buy all those goddamn Two Lumps collections before they go out of fucking print. Honestly, the "art" in Stig & The Puppetman is shitty enough that I can't imagine anyone who doesn't already like me would publish them.
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Yeah, I know I'm way behind on the whole Tweeting thing. I hate restricting myself to a single sentence, because you can't actually talk about anything. I'm following tons of celebs--the interesting ones. Except when I scroll down my Twitter feed, I just respond to them like I'm talking to my regular online buddies. Not sure if that's the best way to go. Somebody already told me I should leave the internet because I hate all things Evil Dead. Yeah, the internet is no place for people with shitty taste.
If you want to read my Tweets, they crosspost to FB and LJ, but I don't know how to make them post here. Yeah, I'm sure you're bummed.

Have you seen the greatest thing to happen in the history of horror television?
No? Then by all means, feast your peepers!

If you're in the mood for an announcement, you should know that both A Stabbing for Sadie and Kiss Me Like You Love Me are getting shiny new complete audiobook editions. They'll be distributed by the good people at Audible dot com, through my publisher at Macabre Ink Digital and Crossroad Press. So there. My widespread popularity is imminent. So get ready for a bunch of trollish commenters to tell me my work Suuuuuuuxxxxx1!1!1!! Because that's what happens when you get famous. I look forward to people judging my entire existence based on a single Tweet or post, and perhaps assuming things about my life based on a single photo.
That's gonna be awesome! Luckily, I've already worked a ton of customer service, so I won't be surprised at the shitty meanness of the public at large.

Putting together a series of articles detailing my career in phone sex. Also did a review of...well, I'll post it once it's up. Let's just say, it's been a long while since I've been able to write off sex toys as a business expense. ;-]

Hope to have S4S edits done by next week so I can seriously draft and polish Millicent Mixter's Guide. Been writing that in sections that I have not put all together. Stig and the Puppetman continues to be awesome. These days, all the comics are 4 pages long. I'll have a book in no time!
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The new issue of Resilient Brainforest is out.
Download it for FREE right fucking here.

A few of you have asked me why I don't post Stig and the Puppetman on my blog or at my regular website. After all, that's what other webcomic makers do, right? Let me say this as clearly as I can:

I am NOT a comic, an illustrator,
or visual artist of any kind.

I'm a writer. I write novels and short stories. I put together articles and interviews and reviews for TV, movies, and other people's books. I lend other writers the assist. Anything else I do generally has to do with either making money to buy stuff I want, or with promoting my own work.

Posting my comic online is what an illustrator would do. I appear regularly in Resilient Brainforest for several reasons. First and foremost, someone I think is pretty cool asked me to participate. I enjoy the challenge of doing something I wouldn't normally do. Then, I got sort of attached to the characters--and the ideas started falling out of me like vomit after Jaeger night.

Finally, this is a collaborative project. Everyone involved is working at least as hard as I am. To showcase my own work to the detriment of the rest of the contributors--is what an asshole would do. And I, as you may know, am not an asshole. That's why I'm still giving away Stig and the Puppetman for FREE in Resilient Brainforest mag--and nowhere else. To get it, you have to go all the way to the site, then click on "download." Then, you wait (YMMV). Before you know it, you have a FREE pdf full of comics for you to enjoy, loathe, or print up and use to wallpaper your bathroom.

Now you know!
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I'm signing a contract for a freelance gig that is essentially well-paid, per project content creation. It's cool, but not exactly my dream job. And I'm not sure how steady the work will be.

Was supposed to hear back on the job I was testing for. Was supposed to get an automated Email last night letting me know. I stayed up until 12am PST to get it, even though 3am on a Sunday is late even for me. Didn't hear. Still haven't heard. The site indicates that I finished the test, but no results. I are irked. It specifically says not to write and ask for results, but if they're more than 2 days late, I probably will. Right now they're only 18 hours late.

Also waiting on another contract that will allow me to make a big announcement. I imagine most of you have figured it out already. Plus, I told 3 people not counting H. I hate waiting, and I suck at it.

For movie night, we watched Hannah. I was hoping it would be pretty good. I ended up digging the hell out of it. Was worried at one point that the ending would flop, but I felt quite satisfied. H and I are fans of Eric Bana, and Cate Blanchette is great in everything. Tonight, H and I are finally gonna watch The Horde. Last week we checked out The Revenant, and thought it was pretty good, and I'll likely write that up for ZZN.
Speaking of ZZN, got some fun interviews coming up. A few of the kids from Zombie Hunter and a Dr Rotz who does a series of web vids that I'm finding pretty hilarious.

Michael Dorn is the Captain in the new Star Trek series.
Imma watch the hell out of it! (Of course, I said that about Enterprise but didn't actually watch it due to its lameness)

And finally Mel Hines and James L Grant have dropped yet another webcomic on an unsuspecting world. Failure to Fire is online as of today. It's gonna be awesome.
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I sort of flaked on my 10-Year Bloggiversary, which was actually the tenth of June. I thought it was in July, but when I checked, it uh...wasn't.

Of course, it's only a "whoops" if a bloggiversary is something that merits a joyous celebration. It may or may not be. Let's find out how joyous we should be with some exploratory listing of things that have happened since I began a blog in 2002.

--Got internet ordained.

--H and I have moved twice and still remain houseless.

--I got two cats, lost one, and then got another one.

--I had a yellow anaconda, but now I don't. I never will again, Zod willing.

--I completed five novels, three of which have been published.

--I've written at least 100 short stories, poems, articles, marketing pieces.

--Acquired and left two day-jobs.

--Got married. That was pretty cool.

--Three years of extensive therapy, EMDR, and med experimentation on a massive scale.

--Got back in touch with my brother, my godmother/favorite aunt, and a ton of various and sundry cousins, aunts, uncles and distant relations from my mother's side of my family. Whoa.

--Exchanged a few Emails with my biological father. Meh.

--Learned how to knit on a loom. Made a few dozen hats and miscellaneous yarny things. (This is a big deal since yarn crafts had always been a fail for me)

--Ridiculous infatuations with Chris Noth, Rob Zombie, Voltaire, and my hot hot former boss.

--Learned to bake bread, make a roux, and that there is no food on earth that cannot be improved with bacon. Though I kind of suspected that for most of my life.

Okay then, I shall make a little merry. That's a pretty good list.

I shall close with a bit of self indulgence.
Please tell me your most (and least, if you must) favoritest thing about my blog.
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Trying to finish a short story draft today that I intended to finish by the end of last month. Oops. Can't seem to get around to all the anthologies subs I want to sub to. Ah well...
Still not sure how to set up the reveal. It's pretty damn creepy though.

Reviews are still trickling in for my various books. Funny how I haven't put out a novel in over two years, and people are reading my stuff more than ever. Reviews are largely positive, and I'm nowhere near the point where I want to avoid reading press on myself. I really need to get my Finster packet together so I can go about the task of securing an advance. I wish I could just pay someone to do everything but the cover letter. That just feels like cheating to me. Funny considering how many times I've written college papers for cash--back in the day.

If you missed Neil Gaiman's recent interview with Stephen King you really should check that shit out.

Game of Thrones is still super badass. That little prick Joffery better not live out the season. I'm with Robb, I really don't care who rules as long as it's not him. We shall see, I suppose. I don't really like watching a show where I have to constantly resist the urge to go to Wikipedia and find out what's going to happen. It requires a level of self restraint I simply do not possess.

Gonna check out an extreme horror movie called Farmhouse on DVD. Still can't really afford to see Cabin in the Woods or The Raven yet. And the early word on The Avengers is that it's extremely ordinary. I welcome you to confirm or deny in the comments.

I have a 3-day weekend I plan to fill with Short Story writing, reading another big hunk of this AMAZING book that is changing my life and confirming a bunch of shit I already suspected, making thanksgiving casserole for H because he asked for it, baking banana bread for the day-job, and applying for freelance gigs. I'll watch The Comedy Awards, Game of Thrones, and roughly half of whatever FOX is serving up on Sunday. I will also be resisting the urge to order more sushi, and figure out why this goddamn blue will not stay in my goddamn hair.

Livejournal peeps, the site is working like ass (again/still) and not letting me comment. I have plenty to say, I'm really not ignoring you.

Question: What causes the phenomenon where after an hour+ visit with someone, one or both of you thinks of a zillion more things you HAVE to say after you've gone to the door and opened it, so you just stand there conversing in full earshot of any neighbor within 5 meters of their front door?
Seriously. It's rampant.

Checking In

Feb. 8th, 2012 09:31 pm
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I've just arrived on DW to see that my posting page has a weird new format that is smaller and doesn't look as good. Let's hope this does not continue. I like shit in the center of the screen whenever possible. This is WAY too left-justified for my taste.

Way too many people are taking Rick Santorum seriously. Even if it is just republicans, it's still insane. The anti-gay bigotry is bad enough--but banning birth control?
He's batshit, plain and simple.

Having a swell time watching haters defend their hate in re: Prop 8. It's irritating how many people bash gays and then ask YOU not to judge THEM for being bigots. Guess what? Your stance is not a valid one. It is hateful, ugly, and completely based on your own misinformed fears and biases rather than logic, reason, or facts. If you insist on believing that shit, I can't stop you--but PLEASE stop pretending your being oppressed if absolutely everyone doesn't join in on your world-wide hate party.

Ordered my first vape for um...aromatherapy purposes. Should arrive tomorrow. Looking forward to giving it the ol' college try.

Doctor Who is the best thing ever. It's my dream come true--where they drop the expensive FX and pay some REAL goddamn writers. David Tennant has actually replaced James Purefoy as hottest Brit at my house. Nothing against Purefoy, but he doesn't seem like he'd be nearly as much fun to hang out with. Also, I really need to own Fright Night.

EDIT: IMDB says David Tennant was born in Scotland. Mister Purefoy? As you were.

So...ladies of Etsy, who wants to make me some custom 10th Doctor jewelry? Pendants, earrings, or a bracelet that includes a therapeutic level of magnetized hematite. Yeah!
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Been thinking in the shift in how I spend my time online. As it happens, I'm on Facebook more than anywhere else. That's not necessarily how I want it; it's just where everyone is. I still pop by DW/LJ, and I hit up Google+ mainly to wait for people to show up. I haven't figured out how to get a decent feed that shows posts in chronological order. That might help. I don't like that I can't go back and find Facebook conversations I had a month ago. I don't like how much information I'm entering but have absolutely no control over. I can't put my finger on my fear--since I'm not really hiding anything from anyone. I just have a feeling that all this sharing is going to come back to bite me later, and I'll wonder how the hell I ever could have been so stupid and naive. After all, humanity is always coming up with new and terrifying ways to exploit the vulnerable for profit.

Watched both parts of Appropriate Adult, the BBC movie about Fred and Rosemary West. As far as I know, I've read or watched all available material on this case. Godawful parents are a speciality of mine. This movie didn't come close to the true horror of the case, the family, the crimes, the victims. Emily Watson, the chick from Red Dragon, was the main character, as some sort of civilian helper for criminals--some kind of barely trained social worker I guess. She was great in it, but the movie itself was just a big dud. It implied that all sorts of facts about the case weren't known--stuff I'd already read about years ago. I don't get it, and I didn't like it.
The most striking thing to me was the treatment of the main characters partner (live-in bloke but not married). He was bi-polar and went off his meds. So the MC calls an ambulance and says "My partner's bi polar and has gone off his meds. He's having a manic episode." So the ambulance picks him up, takes him to a nice hospital where he has a private room. He stays there until he's better. And when he gets out, his job is waiting for him with no reprimand or judgement whatsoever. He starts taking his meds again, and everyone moves on. As an American, that knocks me on my ass. How much healthier would our country be on the whole if we had such a reasonable attitude about helping the mentally ill? How many less people would be in prison? How many less drug addicts who deteriorate slowly over years of dysfunction and unhappiness? What am I saying? If Facebook is any indication, people can't even agree that gay people should be allowed to be gay--let alone that people are still worthy of dignity even though they're mentally odd.

Scaling back on everything but The Finster Effect, as I am in the home stretch. No more freelancing for a bit. May even skip a podcast, we shall see. TFE is shaping up nicely, just like I keep saying.

New TV season starts soon. Yay! This season, I'll be watching
(or at least saving to the DVR or catching On Demand):
Criminal Minds
Boardwalk Empire
The Walking Dead (I know...I can't resist)
Person of Interest
Sunday night FOX
and we'll probably keep going with Falling Skies whenever that comes back, midseason I'd guess. H also wants to start downloading Fringe.

Sleep Study on Wednesday. They were supposed to send me some paperwork that still hasn't arrived. I called, and they sent me a link to download it, saying that it often doesn't arrive until the day before. Front page, it says you have to give 48 hours notice to cancel (everywhere else on earth it's 24 hours). If you don't, they charge you $200 out of pocket. Fine, fair enough. But if that's the case, shouldn't they be telling you that within 48 hours of your appointment? *sigh* As my great-grandpa used to say That's how they gitcha!

New Zombie Zone News interview is up. This week: James L Grant. Some of you local types may know him as [personal profile] flemco. He's what my mom would call "mouthy," which made for a great interview.
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and I just realized, I don't give a crap about anyone's name.
It's not like I have the ability to remember names anyway--which sucks because everyone remembers MY name. But I digress...

Have written over 11,000 new words since Tuesday night. Still behind, but it's coming along so very well. I've achieved this largely by neglecting other work. No Parablog this month, no ZZN article this week, and no podcast as of yet. But all my pending podcast peeps were late getting stuff to me--so I'm not taking the full hit on that one. ;-]

The Finster Effect is amazingly fantastic, or so I think. We'll have to see what happens when I go back through this draft. I have a lot left to do in the month I have left (just to turn it in, I will get it back after that). The cruel joke there is that May is sweeps. So I'll be emptying out the DVR so it's ready to record all the important TV happening. I mean to watch The Killing and Game of Thrones but have not had time.

Let my guard down around someone who then proceeded to sucker punch me in the gut.
Guard back in place, and thanks for the reminder, jackass!

H and I stopped ordering delivery food a month ago to make up for the money we spent on the bed. We're doing that until the end of May. Funnily enough, I've lost 7 pounds since April 1. I don't usually talk about such things here, because I think it's weird to compliment or congratulate people for body-stuff. It's like telling someone how great they are for shaving or taking a dump. Just do your thing and leave me out of it.
But pounds. And it's not like we've been replacing delivery food with healthy food. Between us, we eat a pound of bacon about every 2 weeks, and blue box Kraft dinner is my go-to meal when I'm tired or busy. Then again, the Door-to-Door Organics thing is also awesome and makes it so I can eat tons of fruit and veggies.

Okay, this is weird, but I'm thinking of buying a gun. I am not taking questions about why that might be. Nor will I be discussing safety issues--there are no children here, and neither of us is suicidal, or an idiot. And I'm not concerned that perhaps my penis is too small. It's a badass gun, and I likes it.

And finally, if any of my regular LJ readers need a DW invite code, please see me.
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For someone behind on deadline for a new novel, I've certainly been doing a lot of frivolous shit lately. The novel is fully outlined (by "fully" I mean, all the way to the end with no expected major changes. May add a chap from a character I wasn't expecting.) and the redraft is coming along well. I don't really have much farther to do, it's the first pass of editing that will make me want to die inside...a grandiose punching up if you will. That's when a passable story and some tolerable characters magically morph into people you adore and don't want to die--and then we watch many of them die horribly while the survivors suffer through it.

My paid account finally ran out at Livejournal. I swear, if LJ had been what it is now when I joined, I probably never would have started blogging in the first place. Seriously. No wonder nobody fucking uses it anymore, it's nothing but ads. Slow, page filling ads about shit that I could not possibly care less about. Cars? Really?

Ordered that Fantasia box set I've had on my wish list. Those stupidheads at Disney are putting it back in "The Vault" at the end of the month. The Disney Vault, in case you don't know, is what they call it when you have to start paying collectors prices for movies within 6 months of release if you don't buy them when Disney tells you to. It's also where they keep Song of the South, I imagine. Anyway, the set is very pretty and sounds awesome, even if it is edited. I do think they should not label something as "original" if it is, in fact, edited to take out racism.

Watched The Social Network finally. It was pretty good, though not terribly factually accurate. Dug the soundtrack. Dig Justin Timberlake. I can't help it.

Was given a book about the making of Psycho, which most of you know is one of my top-three fave movies of all-time (the other two being the original Night of the Living Dead, and the first remake of The Ten Commandments). The book was garbage. It began with a whole chapter on how Ed Gein was this huge "mass murderer" and killed all kinds of women. False! It went on to say that Robert Loggia played Sam Loomis in Psycho 2. Double False. There is virtually no info on Anthony Perkins, and 3 chapters that go on and on about how they covered up Janet Leigh so she didn't have to be nude in the shower scene. Like I care. So...feh on that.

Working the day-job until 9pm. Then home to make H and I some stir-fry with a yummy peanut sauce. Then, Daily Show and Colbert, then, back to work. Aside from a few short visits, it's gonna be all writing all the time for the rest of the week.
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So far, the only hardship of my switch from LJ to DW is that I have 35 less userpics. *puts back of hand to forehead dramatically* It'll probably take me a little while to locate all my new DW peeps. If there's anybody you think I should be reading or knowing, do be sure to hip me.

I'm not sure what features I have now with my slick paid membership. I'll be investigating that in the days (and weeks) ahead. For now, I think I'll leave you with an oldie but a goodie:

It's even cooler when the pics and sound are in sync! Honest.
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You may have noticed that I'm still here at LJ despite my rather dramatic announcement from last week. You may suspect that because LJ reversed it's choice to allow sharing of our locked posts, that perhaps I would just go ahead and stay. This is emphatically NOT the case. I fully intend to make the move over to Dreamwidth. They have some cool features and do not appear to be dickheads. So that will be good. My weekend was filled with fun and productivity, so I simply did not have time to do it.

Friday night [ profile] custardfairy drove me to a party at [ profile] sarahmichigan's place. We watched a terrible "scary" movie, and there was food, wine, and hilarious and stimulating conversation. I totally have a girl-crush on a chick I met there.

Saturday night I finally mixed my new podcast ep. The day-job has been kicking my ass and I haven't had as much time to do my real work. [ profile] absinthofheart took me out for a feast at Red Lobster--which is her fave chain restaurant. I had an amaretto sour, and many, many shrimps. Then back to my place for Lips on the Xbox. Once in a while, *I* get to be the loud, annoying neighbor. ;-]

My website hits are way, way down. Having to switch to every-other-week is hurting me much more than I thought it would. I am bummed, but as my main actor for KMLYLM simply cannot get me chapters every other week, this was really the only solution. Once again, fame eludes me and I'm feeling far too impatient to wait for it.

I have one week left to finish watching Season 5 of Criminal Minds. I want very much to be caught up by the Season 6 premiere on the 22nd. I have ten episodes left, and they are all on my iPod. *insert profound and relevant quote here*
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Despite the fact that I haven't posted in a week, I really do enjoy having a Livejournal. I started this thing in 2002 (with an invite code--'member those?) at the persistent insistence of my dear friend [ profile] uterdic. It was great fun then, and slowly more and more of my friends made their way over here, making it even more fun. I started joining comms and meeting more people, and before I knew it, I'd met a great many people here who I've become actual friends with. There's an even larger circle of people I'll probably never hang out with in RL, but whom I love keeping up with.

Whenever I, or my cats, needed something, Lj peeps were there. You guys shared in my sorrow when I lost my job, and when I lost Clarence. You shared in my happiness when I got married, and got published. You followed the saga with my family that continued with me actually having a relationship with various family members. I can honestly say without fluffly, wanky drama, that I really do love and admire a great many of you. (This is one of those rare cases when I probably AM talking about you *snerk*)

So it is with heavy heart that I announce (I opted to forgo the press conference) that am packing up this thing and moving to Dreamwidth. I will probably feed some unlocked posts over here. I cannot allow my locked posts to run the risk of ending up on Facebook, or worse yet...turned into *gak* Tweets. I plan to stop by and read the half dozen or so of you staying here, but this place is a freakin' ghost town anyway. I'm not giving another penny of my dough to a company that doesn't give a rat's ass about my privacy. True, internet privacy is an oxymoron, but if I can't at least pretend that my secrets are safe, I won't be able to sleep at night.

In other news, I'm battling my social anxiety by going to a party tonight where I will ONLY know the hosts. Someone I've never met before (a friend of the hostess)is giving me a ride. Many people don't know how terrifying I find many social situations because I'm usually the one having the party. I'm fine in my own element, but take me out of it and surround me with strangers--it's a recipe for intense nervousness and being downright ascared. know, wish me luck with all of that.
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Almost ended up with a 4-day weekend. But then I remembered that I require money to buy the things I want to have. Like groceries and meds. I'm off tomorrow and back to work on Monday, so that's still gonna be sweet. Tonight I'm having fun, getting some cartoons off the DVR and putting them on some discs. Got a bunch of fun things planned for the weekend, parties, recitals, shopping trips and visiting the bro. I'm gonna bring him my famous mexican dip, because he's never had it, and some kind of fancy dessert--maybe a Pepperidge Farm cake. Those are surprisingly cheap and good. I'm also going to cut new versions of Chaps 1 & 2 of the podcast for the new book. I have some much cleaner, better versions of the vocals. I'm stoked.

Any of you guys check out Home Movie? My God. It is terrifying. Even my saying that is kind of a spoiler because you wouldn't really guess that it gets as crazy as it does. Yikes. The direction and camerawork are quite good. My copy was kinda shitty, but I thought it needed more light a lot of the time. I can chalk that up to truthiness and scariness, but as a viewer, I was straining to see more. That's probably just what they wanted. *sigh* This movie has some chilling performances, unbearable suspense, insane music. It's Dark as Hell. I am not kidding. LOVED it.

I also intended to watch Martyrs this weekend. But the version I got lost the subtitles when I converted it for iPod. Sucks. I can't find a version with subtitles, so I'm hoping someone I know has a DVD of it. I work less hours in the summer and I can't go around buying stuff like I like. My love of shopping is why that Pet Society game on Facebook is so damn much fun. Or I guess I could learn French. Pierre Boulle has eluded me for far too long anyway. ;-]

Speaking of NOT buying things, I'm about to run out of both paid time and extra userpics. I doubted the staying power of LJ when there are so many other popular places to hang out online. But dammit, I'm in this for the long-haul. I likes it here. There's plenty of smart people around saying cool things. There's also lots of wankers spouting nonsense and serving as a cautionary, virtual example. So yeah, if anyone feels like hooking me up with a month or two, it'll be well utilized.

In case you haven't heard, I'm contributing to the new blog by League of Extraordinary Women of ParaNormal and Horror. Yes, that's a long title. But we have a lot to tell you's, so you might as well settle in. I chat it up about horror, movies, a lot of the stuff I'd mention around here, but more objective and (dare I say) professional--and less personal. Feel free to sign up if you can possibly bear to read more of my ravings.

And finally, please enjoy this Burger King placemat that people get to use when they aren't in Los Estados Unidos:

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Looking over my last few Lj entries, several of them have been responses to the Writer's Block suggested topics. Obviously, these topics are designed to get your thinker going so you can post something interesting for a change. So yeah, if one strikes me I'll go ahead and comment, as I've been doing lately.

Problem is, I shouldn't have so much difficulty finding things to post about. If you've ever had a friend who was homebound, or jobless, or in the hospital...all they talk about is stuff they've seen on TV or the Internets. Kinda like how people with their first kid talk about nothing but the kid for like, a year or more until someone reminds them that THEY are the one we're interested in. Walking, smiling, making a noise, moving bowels, or eating oatmeal is just not that interesting to me no matter how cute the kid is who does it. Point being, I don't ever want to be one of those people who runs completely out of life experiences to talk about--who then ends up talking about media, other people, and whatever else just to avoid admitting that they aren't doing a goddamn thing with their lives. It scares the ever loving shit out of me, to be frank. If the most interesting thing I've done in a week is watch a funny TV show, I'm making a mockery of what life is supposed to be.

So when I realize that it's nearing the end of January and I don't even have a press packet done for my new book--I hate it. I've done precious little work on my new zombie novel--though I'm sort of waiting for The Crazies to drop so I can avoid anything they're doing. I actually have opportunties to get my work in people's faces, at least locally, and I'm slagging off. I'm feeling far too depressed to hype myself, to tell people how valuable and worthwhile my work is, or that I have a big, splashy event coming up. I can't let depression (or mania, for that matter) keep me from doing what I need to do in order to have the life I want to have. I wish I could go back to the docs, but I can't even afford to see my regular doc, much less a new psyche doc. I couldn't even afford to get my hair cut and had to do it myself (a friend cut the back and it's not glaringly uneven).

So if you see me online slagging off, playing Facebook games, or Xbox, or watching more than 1 movie a day, or taking afternoon naps, don't be afraid to tell me to get my ass back to work. Tell me that I'm awesome and if I miss an opportunity to tell the world I'm awesome, I'll regret it forever. Some day, I'll have enough money to buy H and I a house. And if I'm the one who pays for it, he'll have to let me bring Pentelope. Yeah!

In other news, I have a Tres Leches Cake soaking in the fridge right now. It's my first one ever, and I'm hoping that it's delicious. Seems like anything soaked in sweetened condensed milk will be yummy, but I've had some collossal baking missteps in my day, so we shall see.
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I changed my background gif to something that's less likely to induce a seizure.

You're welcome.

Also, that guy who was LaFayette at the Vampire Ball just hit me back on Facebook.
Turns out, he's straight. I would not have called that...especially since he knelt down before Voltaire on stage and later kissed this guy dressed up as Andrew Squigmond from Laverne and Shirley.
It was so cute!

In other news, I'm working 5 whole days this week, plus I have an interview on Weds for a new magazine that's local to my town. They want to interview local authors, so that is me. Very glad I just got some new publicity pics taken. Also, working with a local minister about doing some community outreach stuff on the importance of writing and communication skills in general.

My work is having a chili cook-off on Friday. H has been edgy about how much money I'm spending on marketing stuff, so I'm not going to do any more money intensive things for a while. I have spent much, much more money trying to market myself than I actually make selling books. It's a bummer, especially since I have so many more talented friends who seem to be doing a whole lot better than me for a whole lot less money.

As you might imagine, I have a ton of books leftover from the weekend. So if you are local and you need to buy one, hit me up. That's my new slang expression I'm picking up. Like it? ;-]
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Since I'm spending stupid bones on the Vampire Ball, I didn't renew my extra LJ pics and they expired. No big whoop, right? I am told they pick out the icons you use the most and get rid of the rest.
I'm not sure what kind of mechanisms they use to keep track of such things, but if that was what they were trying to do, they failed most miserably. I can tell you the last time I used, for example, my Gaeta icon from BSG. It was when Gaeta was pulling all his shenanegans--the ones that eventually got him killed. I have certainly used many other icons more recently than that.
That said, I should probably pony up the dough to get my userpics put back. The pics themselves are not really a big deal. But it does seem like showing Lj some monetary love is appropriate just so they don't shut down. If I sell enough books at the Vampire Ball, I'll totally reup my userpics.

Had to express order some new tights for the Vampire Ball, which still don't fit very well. I don't get it. I'm buying them a full size larger than their chart says I need based on my height and weight. Are tights supposed to just barely go on and constantly be pinching and uncomfortable? That's not really what remember, but it's been roughly 15 years since I've regularly worn tights, or even nylons. Luckily, I also got some cheap, black leggings which I will be sporting under my velvety black vampire dress.

Whoever took it upon themselves to send me a big box of sparkle pens and silver Sharpies with a nice note (telling me to have a good signing) is wicked awesome. You have totally choked me up with your thoughtfulness, kindness, and excellent taste in pens. So fess up if you want; if not, it was a lovely gesture and I feel even more prepared than I would have otherwise.

Tomorrow is my radio interview with Flint Talk Radio. I hope it goes nice, and I hope I'm over this flu by then. I've been doing nothing but sleeping, lazing around, and taking psyllium (and tons of water) until I get better. I thought it was just stress making me sick, then I started barfing and being dizzy. Fine way to spend an anniversary. *sigh*

EDIT: Thank you [ profile] spiralwitch for the userpics. I guess Rob Brenzy is right. The Universe IS conspiring to shower me with blessings. *sigh again*
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Several (read: many) people with journals completely in Russian have added me, then disappeared recently. Some of them are spammy things for hot girl on girl action, some are just weird. Anybody else getting this?

Python problem worsens in Florida. Python genocide in effect. Sad, but I've talked about this before. I do think it's dumb to mention the baby killed by a pet python in an argument about pythons in the wild. Their choice seems to be either kill the pythons, or watch as the pythons kill native species. When I read about it, I vacillate between feeling very sad, and hopping mad. It really, really bothers me.

In cheerier news, We're ALL GONNA DIE!!!! Brahmans must be losing their goddamn minds round about now. I gotta say, I'm not looking forward to the social discord that may well follow (or precede, I forget how that works) this thing. Anyway, keep your eyes peeled! Myself, I'm looking forward to watching footage of this amazing eclipse on the internets.

Speaking of Teh Internets, this next vid comes courtesy of a bunch of peeps on the Facebook. It used to be that people dreamed of having access to music or movie making equipment. Often, only lucky or well-connected people would be able to get near such things. This meant that people did not squander that access. Movies and music were mostly created for either serious self expression, or a serious desire to make money. Now that lots of people have access they are able to dick around with such equipment and do frivolous things with it. We, the viewer, are then treated to some amazing and wonderful stuff with (arguably) little or any cultural value. This, for example:

It's like some kind of wonderful grungy rick-rolling.
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As it happens, the biggest new news of my day is that LJ changed the profile page to something hideous. I wish paid members had choices about this kind of thing. For serious.

The word count widget I use is overloaded and the page won't load. Sad times, so you get this one:

It's back:
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
11,598 / 50,000

Still working my ass off on the NaNoWriMo. I've made it somewhat "easy" on myself by telling a story from one perspective, then retelling the events from another. The perspectives (an erotomaniac and her unknowing victim) are sufficiently different so as to allow for good reading. I'm enjoying writing it, which leads me to think someone will enjoy reading it.
I'm also using Chris Baty's book: No Plot? No Problem! which is all about how to write a novel in 30 days, as you might expect. Chris Baty, if you don't know, is the founder of NaNoWriMo.

I'm curious to know what you all think of New Hampshire's plan to graduate kids after 10th grade if they can pass a test. I can remember reading a book a while ago (I can't remember the title) that asserted the reason we keep kids in school until 18 and after is so they aren't flooding the job market. To me, it sounds like a misguided way to shave some money off the school's budget. I don't really see the benefits other than that.

It's open enrollment at H's work. That happy time of year when we decide to gamble on the hope that neither of us gets seriously ill or needs a hospital for anything. Good insurance is so expensive, but not having it is such a useless gamble. I'm giving up optical this year, but keeping the dental and medical with prescription. Even with the insurance, my scrips are almost $100 a month. Fie and Fie again!!

Okay, I'm off to work. Maybe a Friday Five later if I'm bored!!
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Even though I'm trying not to pick up any new shows, I did give Life on Mars a try last night. It is based on a BBC show, so the concept is solid, and the cast (Lisa Bonet, Harvey Keitel, Michael Imperioli) is well put together. Other than that, I was not very impressed. It seems pretty clear that the lead guy is actually in a coma and has not really time traveled to 1973. I'm gonna give it a few weeks and see if it falls into it's groove.

I'm about to lose my "extra userpics" on LJ, and I can't decide which ones to keep. In fact, I'm not even sure how many I will get to keep, I got lot of free ones for being an upstanding contributor or whatever. How do I find that out? Anybody know? I'll look into it when I'm at work today. I have a feeling it's going to be a long, slow day.

Last October we had free shipping at work, so we were crazy busy. I missed half the month though, because I was busy getting married, having a honeymoon, and making a life with my beloved H. But our sales goals are the same as they would be if we had free shipping. Needless to say, no one is fussed about the very real fact that we will not make our sales goals this month.

My buddy Steve will be getting an LJ soon. Details to follow. He is trying to increase his online presence because he is writing a book. So we'll likely see him around soon.

here's a Halloween meme )

It looks as if I will not be doing the NaNoWriMo this year, much as I might like to.
Well, I may surprise myself. I haven't gone through my idea file yet, I need to.
Any of YOU doing the NaNo?

EDIT: Okay seriously, stop sending paid time and userpic time, you anonymous wonderful people!!!
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I don't really feel like writing about zombies right now, I know--what a shock. I'm at work all dang day and don't really have the time. Then again, I might feel like it later, or else I'll post a fun zombie short story as a neat treat for the all of you's.

Finally I figured out what's been going on with AIM. Apparently there's a thing called a "Salmon Bot" that sends messages to two random people who have LJ's. Several times now I've had total strangers (with salmon in their user name) pop up on AIM and ask me why I'm IMing them. It was totally confusing, though I knew all along it was some kind of spam craziness. One chick actually threatened to call the cops on me--so she was either 12 or in her 60's. heheheheheh! Actually, I didn't "figure it out" someone told me. ;-]

I don't like Hillary Clinton anymore. Her behavior during the primaries has been ridiculous. Old news, I know, but I just felt like discussing it. Even more than her though, I hate FOX news and their slanty bullshit. The "baby mama" thing is just the tip of the liberal-slamming iceberg. I added the Raw Story feed to my flist, and now I'm getting 20-30 angry political posts a day. The posts themselves are not so angry, but they are angrying up my blood. I'm not sure how long I'll keep them around.

What was the first rated R films to win an Academy Award after the introduction of MPAA's rating system? No cheating!

My work presentation is today. Wish me luck!!

I'm back!

May. 19th, 2008 12:29 pm
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Had a swell weekend out of town. It was chilly and windy, but also sunny and nice. Never quite made it onto the boat, but got a lot of reading done, saw some deer, and ate lots of yummy food I'd never get to eat around here. Plus we watched Dan in Real Life. It was kind of ordinary, but a fun watch all the same. Later, there were fire works. Nice.

wednes's LJ stalker is zenithberwyn!
zenithberwyn is stalking you because they have nothing better to do with their time. They are also stalking you in real life. Look out!

LiveJournal Username:

LJ Stalker Finder

When I came home, H had cleaned the whole place. He likes to clean while I am away for some reason. It's always especially nice to come home to a super clean apartment. Later, we'll be watched Battlestar Galactica and playing some Wii.

My LJ account expires soon. I'm debating if I want to pay for it again, though I almost certainly will.
I like my extra usperics and enjoy not having to see ads.

I reread my own book over the weekend. The editing is not very good. There's a typo on page 87 and a bunch of extra quotation marks there for no discernable reason. I suspect that the editor did not know how to use the program properly, or else she's just a moron. I wish I had gone over the galley better, I just thought a professional editor would know how to insert quotation marks correctly.

So hey, did I miss anything?
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Since no one has adequately explained to me how not posting is supposed to piss off a bunch of people in Russia, I will not be observing the "strike." Personally I think the idea of striking over a few ads is ridiculous and incredibly self-involved. Has anyone heard, there's a war on. People are striking about looking at ads at the site they are blogging at FOR FREE. If the ads bug you so much, pony up the dough for a paid account. Then you have a right to complain if you're not getting your money's worth. Besides, MYSpace, FAcebook, Photobucket and FLicker all have plenty of ads and people use them.

LOST last night was excellent as usual. This has been the best season since the first season, and I am duly impressed. I really hate Michael, though I think Sayid may be jumping the gun trusting the captain with him. Should be interesting to see when and if Michael will die. It was nice to see Walt for a moment, I dig that kid, have ever since he died on ER many moons ago.
I hope Rousseau is not dead, though she and Carl are probably toast. I presume they've been killed by Ben's people, who will, of course, not do anything bad to Alex. And of course, the people on the boat may well know that Alex is NOT Ben's daughter...we'll just have to wait until sweeps to see. I can't beleive we'll be getting new eps in April. Whoo hoo, next LOST is the day before my book comes out.

In Wednes news, turns out I do have diabetes. I am not at a stage where I need insulin or anything, but they are giving me a pill that has so far, made me gassy as hell. I can't keep food down currently, but that may just be nerves or something unrelated. They are sending me to a nutritionist to learn what I have to do to make myself better. And I have to, as expected, exercise. This is almost a good thing, since it is making me take my health more seriously; which is something I have been reticent to do. And while I can't reverse the diabetes, I can make is much less serious. Anyway, I'm skipping work today and playing the dulcimer, writing, and napping. That'll be good. Maybe I'll do my taxes if I can figure them out.
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Kids love marijuana...still. I find articles like this both infuriating and sad. Kids are starting with drugs younger and younger. Why? Are they as goddamn miserable as I was when I started (I started with alcohol, and didn't smoke weed until college, but I drank a LOT)? I sure hope not. I guess I just find it sad that eighth and ninth graders find it necessary to use drugs. Does that make me a hypocrite? I don't think so, just a sad Wednes. I feel like nobody is giving kids proper information about drugs, so they don't learn the difference between things like pot and drinking (which are still pretty dangerous if you don't know what you're doing) and pain killers and huffing, which will fucking kill you if you aren't really careful. Also, where are teenagers getting Vicodin and Oxycontin in the first place?!?

My friend bought Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix for me yesterday. I just have to go pick it up. There are quite a few DVD's I'll be needing, including LOST season 3, Simpsons Movie, and Rob Zombie's Halloween. I'm hoping I'll like it more the next time I see it. I'm also thinking of picking up the directors cut of 1408. It has to be the directors cut though, because the theatrical version has a terrible, stupid ending.

TV has started to suck really badly since the writers strike. Not only can I not have Daily Show and Colbert, but H can't even have Bionic Woman. Everything is being replaced with game shows or "reality" TV--which I always knew didn't actually have writers. It almost makes me want to be a scab.

I've come to a conclusion about this whole LJ kerfluffle. I really, honestly, for realsies don't care about people flagging accounts. It all sounds like some kind of masturbatory party for soccer moms and other won't somebody please think of the children types with nothing better to do than trying to censor the internets. Of course, the policies are hysterical, unclear, and pretty stupid. But that doesn't really affect me. I guess in the end I don't care that much; even though I get the feeling I'm supposed to be outraged and yelling about free speech and adult content. Kids shouldn't be reading porn online, nor should they be posting naked pics of themselves. And face it, furry and Harry Potter fanfic usually isn't very good. Maybe somebody can tell me what there is to be so upset about???

Anywhoo, I'm off to work, two hours early.
I guess I'm just a sucker for punishment.
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Today just so happens to be my five year LJversary. That's right, five whole years of bloggy goodness.

This means that I've known some of YOU for five years, or about as long. Some of you have gotten married, had children, finished grad school, got new jobs, changed religions, and learned to cook. Myself, I got engaged, got four books written and two published, learned to knit hats, and changed apartments twice. I also lost about 50 pounds and switched from VHS to DVD.

More importantly, I met a lot of really wonderful people. And I am honored to know each and every one of you--except those of you who suck. ;-}
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Do I understand correctly that Six Apart has been suspending the journals of those posting about their past history of sexual abuse? That they are suspending locked communities where consenting adults are engaged in age-play? All this in the name of catching pedophiles (who we all know are really over at MySpace anyway)? ;-]

Once again I'll go on record as saying I'm against pedophilia.
But is this right?
I mean, I know they can do it. But I think we all expected that they'd be a bit more discriminating and go after people who are actually a danger to children.

Funny, I've always taken a no age-play stance in my own comm [ profile] erotillectuals, and people used to get lippy with me about it. No more I suppose. LJ agrees with MEEEEEE!

Seriously though, WTF?

While I have you all here, do any of you guys wanna be Wii buddies?
Let me know and we can trade Wii #'s by Email.
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I have to wonder...
Is my perceived grip on sanity so tenuous that if I don't post for a few days people have to start making inquiries? Am I dead? Did I get committed? Am I flopped out in a flophouse somewhere smoking opium and looking for Jack the Ripper? None of the above. I'm fine, I just didn't have anything to say. I was trying to think before people started nudging me. Being tapped on the virtual shoulder can be just as irritating and startling as real life taps.

Still waiting for my interview to be up at NaNoWriMo. Still waiting to hear about some short story subs. Still waiting for my smooth package to arrive from [ profile] lirrin. When that arrives, it will almost certainly put me in a fun mood. I love getting stuff in the mail. Still waiting for my copy of the NaNo interview to arrive here. Come to think of it, I'm also waiting for a response to my last Email to my FMIL. Waiting is boring, certainly nothing to post about.

Decided that we're not going to rent chairs for the wedding. The ceremony is going to be less than 25 minutes long, and I just don't see the point. I'll tell everyone beforehand, they can bring blankets if they want to sit down. I'm bringing chairs for the grandparents, and to [ profile] nate101000's parents if they decide to come. Everyone else can stand up and like it. I don't get a chair and I'm the bride! I just can't see the value in spending over $100 on chairs to use for less than half an hour. If it rains, we're moving it up to the loft anyway.
What's the good news? We are getting our wedding rings through DeSignet just like I wanted to. Everyone says they make the best custom rings ever. I'm going to have it incorporate the phases of the moon, and some 5-pointed stars. It will be similar to the ring pic I posted before, but it will be one of a kind until I get famous and everyone wants copies of my ring. ;-] Anyway, I'm still not used to just getting what I want all the time. It's pretty cool.

Sadly, my copy of Secret Smile has gone the way of so many things I don't have anymore. Sadder too is the fact that I don't even remember for sure who sent it to me. I want to say [ profile] paulcurtis but I can't say for sure. I'd be willing to pay handsomely for another copy. Handsomely. it's a great little film, or miniseries if you will.

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