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You know what's weird? Given the popularity of Harry Potter fandom with women my age, I'd have expected people in my social media feeds to be losing their minds over Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. They weren't. Nobody has been all "Oh, you haven't read it yet?!? It's soooo good." None of that. Now that I've read it, I totally understand why.

Cut, because here and Goodreads are some of the only places you can still cut for spoilers. )

So if you feel like reading it and don't want to spend, let me know and I'll loan it to you for Kindle. It's a pretty short read.
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I was watching Hannibal (the show) recently and was quite taken with the brooding sexiness of Will Graham. That Hugh Dancy is an attractive guy. But when he's clean shaven and smiling, eh? Not as good IMO.

This got me thinking about the popular archetype of the attractive broken guy all the ladies want to fix (or gay men, whatevs). There are plenty of guys like this on TV: Jon Snow, Sawyer from LOST, every other TV cop (Stabler, Mike Logan, Tim Bayliss, etc). I was trying to figure out how far back that goes and who started it.

I'm not super old--but as far as I can tell it goes back to James Dean. The sad kid who nobody understood, was sexy and needed a nice lady to hold him and stay with him and tell him that he's good. What is it about us that attracts us to such men? Is it that we're also damaged and want to be around someone as damaged as us--if not moreso? I mean, hanging out with a broken guy allows us to put our energy into "fixing" him (which we probably call "helping him") instead of looking inward and dealing with our own shit.

Uh oh, I just became aware of a RL parallel in my early years of dating. Almost exclusively, I dated broken men all through my teens and 20's. Life-wise, I can't be the responsible sane one in any relationship. Objectively, I am neither of those things.

And yet...this brooding male archetype is wildly popular. So it can't be just me. How much further back does it go? Did people look at Caligula and say "Aw, he just needs to find the right girl?" I mean, even Hitler had a girlfriend--one who suicided herself right along with him. People love Severus Snape even though he's a complete prick--it can only be because he's so dark...and so sad.

As Rod Serling would say--there's not a lesson here. We're just taking a look into a broken thing in our world and wondering WTF.

EDIT: Sarah pointed out a glaring error in my thinking here. I'm embarrassed to have not thought of Edward Rochester. That's one of my fave roles for dudes, and can reveal intense acting chops a'la Orson Welles, Ciaran Hinds, Michael Fassbender et al. My bad.
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If you hate Harry Potter, go ahead and skip this post. Maybe go out shopping for a sense of whimsy or maybe a soul.

One of the things that has always bothered me about the HP series is how we're supposed to forgive Snape at the end of the last book. Spoiler alert, he dies. Then we learn via penseive that Sev loved Lily Evans more than life itself. He couldn't look at Harry without hatred because Harry looked like James and James is who stole Lily away from him.

Okay, fine. That explains why Snape couldn't control his temper around Harry. I think that's some bullshit since he was a professor, but whatever.
What about Snape's treatment of Neville? Sev certainly wasn't in love with Alice Longbottom. So why should we forgive him for his treatment of Neville? After all, one might argue that Neville is far less able to stand up for himself than Harry. Maybe Voldemort could sense that, since he chose Harry instead of Neville to be the chosen...


If Neville had been the Chosen One, Lily Potter would still be alive. Well, maybe not because James and Lily could have just as easily met the Longbottom's fate--which would be worse than death IMO. But that's got to be why Snape hates Neville--he's furious at his very existence, even though Neville had exactly nil to do with how that all went down.

Honestly, I kind of feel better having figured that out.
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So let's just get this out of the way...

In more Wednes-centered news, I'm in a new anthology that is out in paperback today! Fortune: Lost and Found is a collection of short stories about how the pursuit or loss of monies can know, horrifying and deadly. Been reading it on the Kindle, and there are some really great stories in it. I'm quite proud of mine, which is called Trabajando Alegre. It's about a government program to assist poor Latino immigrant-types. Horror ensues.

Speaking of money, it's Election Season. I recall saying roughly four years ago about how incredibly angry I feel at people who would actually vote McCain/Palin. How was that possible? How could anyone look at those people and say "Gosh, imagine how awesome the USA would be with them in charge!" ??? I couldn't imagine. This time is, if anything, worse. Mitt Romney isn't just a robotic war hero who altered all of his beliefs so he could try for a job he really, really wanted (like McCain). He's a monster. A MONSTER.

Mitt Romney is a lifelong bully and snotty rich asshole. No, I don't think all rich people are snotty assholes. But he clearly is. I'm not jealous of his amazing job-creation abilities, his many houses, or his fleet of robot sons. For somebody running on a ticket of profound America-love, it's sort of odd that no one in his family ever served. I mean, Obama never served, but he's not pretending that he loves flags and patriotism more than...well, the American People.

That's the crux of it for me. Romney is NOT a man of the people. No one, ever, anywhere could possibly look at (what's actually available of) his record and think that he was. Unless you're super, dooper rich, voting Romney/Ryan is akin to punching yourself in the face. Romney thinks laborers who want living wages should have gone to college so they could have better jobs--never mind that he wants to cut programs that help poor kids go to college without emerging 30K in debt. He thinks women should keep their legs closed if they don't want to be baby machines, and that EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE should love the same god as him, the same way he loves him, and that anyone not wearing magical underwear is not to be trusted.
Actually, he might not think any of those things, because he's the most dishonest motherfucker in the history of politics. Nixon could advise this guy on morality...if he's still got his head in that Futurama jar, I mean.
Romney accuses poor people of hating rich people when his disdain for the poor is the stuff of legend. He tells every non-super rich person that they are essentially worthless, they're problems are beneath his notice, and that if they want to be equal under the law--they should become a corporation. Now why the fuck didn't I think of that?

And then there's Paul Ryan, who fully intends to cut the many programs that made him rich in the first place. This would include social security (which he received after his father died), infrastructure money (which funded his family's construction business for over 60 years), and of course, the stimulus, which he called "a monstrosity" of spending but still helped himself to--for Green Jobs he now feels are unimportant.

These are the gentlemen calling foul on the NaNaNaBooBoo Stick your head in DooDoo audacity of the Democrats when they finally said "Hey Romney man, do you even pay taxes?" His actual comments were a rousing "No Comment" followed by tons of lies about what other people did or did not do. That'll learn people to question the integrity of Sir Mittington of Romneyshire.
I can't wait to see how giant a write-off Rafalca is now that the Olympics is over. He's probably strapped to the roof of a car someplace...

Okay, so it's Friday. A friend is coming over for dinner and nail polish. We'll probably watch some True Blood just so I can show her how shitty it's become. I'd really like to throw a drink on the new writers. Hey, HBO! Yes, I DO think I could do a better job writing dialogue than that. Fly me out to wherever the hell your writers are, and I'll show you...if I get to do lunch with the guys who play Jason, Hoyt, and Terry. *Cougar Growl*
Maybe while I'm rewatching, I'll count how many times the word FUCK is used where interesting or revealing dialogue should actually be.

This weekend shall be Finster edits, an Epic Subbing, finishing my secret-short-story mashup project, and working on my comic for Resilent Brainforest #2. This time, I have an idea that might end up being multiple comics. I'm kind of into it, though who knows what'll happen once I look around the internet to make sure my idea isn't already a thing. I hate when that happens. I thought I was the cleverest chick in the world when I came up with Welcome Back, Potter about the wizard who returns to teach unruly kids at his alma mater. *sigh*
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Pondering the wide world of writing is pretty fucking wacky. Started posting links of my stuff to Reddit and Stumbleupon. This has led to dramatically increased views, and a handful of comments from people I don't know. My article about which fictional characters you want on your offensive zombie team is doing pretty well. One pithy commenter took the time to say simply "Fuck Legolas." In all honesty, I do not entirely disagree--except that I am a chick, and I'd be very surprised to learn that Legolas swings that way. Anyway, I'm not exactly sure why I think it's so important for me to share my thoughts with the interwebs, execpt that I can get paid for it, and I'm still trying to get people to read (and buy) my books. I think they're pretty good...the books, I mean.

Every time I think someone might benefit from one of my many musings, I check out the bazillion other assholes online who thought the same thing--and how very little I care about their poorly formed, hideously grammatized excuse for prose/opinion/thought. I like to think I'm smarter than the average bear; but given the average intelligence of said bears--that's not anything to write home about. Still, I have articles planned about how commercial news is killing us, why people refrain from calling horror stories horror, a few pieces on my favorite iPhone Aps (that one was assigned), and one on how 9/11 changed me--also assigned. I have to ask myself, Why would anyone, anywhere give a single rat's ass how 9/11 changed me?

Reading a review copy of a YA zombie novel that isn't nearly as shitty as I was expecting. In fact, it's pretty funny and good. A lot of people look down on YA fiction as being "immature." Far as I can tell, it's the same as adult fiction with less swearing and no graphic sex or violence. Surely a novel doesn't become shitty simply because people aren't fucking and disemboweling each other on every page. Still pondering the possibility of writing some scary kids books--I really wish I could quit my fucking day job and spend some real time on what I really want to do.

My new chair kicks ass. If you hadn't heard, I lost my sitting exercise ball in a freak popping accident. I got this giant comfy desk chair that looks like what Henry VIII would sit in while he finished his zombie novel.
Speaking of zombie novels, when the fuck did the Christian morals-infused zombie novel become a viable subgenre? Seriously, when? Only Kim Paffenroth should be doing this, no one else appears to be good at it. I take that back, I would not say Paffenroth's stuff is actually about cramming faux morals down our throats.

Gonna be putting my Ladies of Villainy series up somewhere else, after some minor fine-tuning. Just need to decide where. The site I wrote them with is now defunct, but those are good articles that only about 100 people actually saw and read. Until I can afford and agent and/or PR person, I should probably keep a tight grip on anything I'm putting out for public consumption.

Mildred Pierce on HBO is well acted and well produced. Damn, it's depressing. If Kate Winslet is having this hard a time, what hope do the rest of us have? I must say though, she's hooking up with a lot more men that I expected from a story set in the 1930's.

Movies I've seen and dug recently:
Last House on the Left (remake)
The Reef
Harry Potter 7.2

Movies I'm looking forward to:
Rise of the Planet of the Apes
Don't Be Afraid of the Dark
Fright Night (remake)
Dark Knight Rises
Harry Potter 8...What? They aren't? How could it be the last--
Son of a BITCH.
Sometimes I'm so morose at the thought of no more Harry Potter that I consider making a fanfic, despite my well-known hatred for the public literary masturbation that is fanfic.
But wouldn't it be cool if a totally insane wizard only communicated with paintings of people he made up himself? Yeah...that might be fun.

Happy Birthday to my brother, Mark.
He hates when I call him my "little brother" which makes sense, since he's about a head taller than me.
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--How the fuck is it Monday again already?

--How is it that I've never even HEARD of Standard and Poore's until a week ago, even though apparently the very survival of our country depends on their opinion of us?

--True Blood. Fuck you. Not really a question, unless it's "How could you?"

--Why did anyone, anywhere pay to see The Smurfs movie?
--Follow up: How can I find them and smack them?

--Anybody see the new Planet of the Apes? How was it?

--Should I spend $150 or so to do the first ever Flint Horror Con? (bearing in mind that I ALWAYS lose money on these things)

--When can I quit this terribly intrusive and annoying day-job?

--Why won't my insurance company and/or local hospital tell me how much my various needed procedures will cost? Are they TRYING to bankrupt my ass?


--Why is American Idol still on the air? Do any of these people actually become American Idols?

--When does Harry Potter 7.2 come out on DVD? This Russian bootleg is only gonna hold me over for so long. ;-]
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Home from Harry Potter. I should totally be in bed, and I will be...soon. Have to work the day-job tomorrow. More like the afternoon-job since it's a 2-close. I'm hoping it'll be slow, and I can not be too stressed.

So yeah...Harry Potter 7.2 was amazing. The whole movie was in 3D, and we got special 3D glasses that were round. I totally kept mine. DH2 was perfect, or as close to perfection as a book to film can be within the confines of space and time. Specifically, Spoilers if you've not read the books ) So yeah, that's all I've got as of this writing. I really hope I don't find a bunch of flaws in it after thinking about it for a few days. Not sure when I'll be seeing it again, hopefully some time when I can show up early enough to not sit in the far right of the 3rd row. Damn, it was good.

Kicked off 7 Authors in 7 Days over to the Zombie Zone News. First interview was Kim Paffenroth who wrote the most well-respected scholarly book on Romero's work to date. He is also a fascinating cat who is a professor of religion, and just put out a fiction novel on zombies and Dante's Inferno. Great interviews coming up with some new writers, and also the likes of Peter Clines, and Craig DiLouie. The guy from was great and sent me some awesome audiobook samples to accompany the interviews. It's gonna be swell.

Other than that, just making edits on The Finster Effect so I can get it to beta readers by the end of the month. I'm not supposed to be buying any books. But um...I bought some books. New copy of Danse Macabre, A Best of Lovecraft collection with a delightful intro by Robert Bloch, and then a few I sent to some college friends who recently had a baby.
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If I was an 8-year-old kid, this would be the best day ever.
If you're like half of Facebook, you may not realize that every year on 7/11. 7-11 gives away free slurpees. I honestly can't remember the last time I had a slurpee, but if it's still 90 fricken degrees outside when I leave work today, I just may have one today.

Perhaps you've heard that Permuted Press is doing a thing with Currently happening is ZombieFest. I offered to help them out with some publicity and the next thing I knew I had seven new author interviews to put up in the next 3 weeks. That's twice as many as I usually do. Plus I need to get The Finster Effect to beta readers by the end of the month. AND I was gonna do another podcast ep, although RAJA is doing great guns. Plus I'm contributing at Associated Content these days, and hoping to write something hilarious and clever enough for the good people at

Got a letter from Comcast that they're onto my occasional free downloading. More to the point, it said We know you downloaded Boardwalk Empire, and stop it. So if you do any free downloading, you might want to lay off anything that comes from HBO. Personally, I thought the illegal part was seeding. I guess not. Let's hope HBOGo continues to be a thing, because Boardwalk Empire is pretty dang know, for those of us who still miss The Sopranos.
Yeah, I understand in theory why free downloading is wrong. I justify it because I pay for HBO, and because shut up, I'm poor. I also give tons of my own creative work away for free.

Doing a Thursday midnight show of Harry Potter 7.2 this week. Judging by the clips they've been showing on ABC Family (shut up), Nigel is doomed. That won't be quite as sadly horrific as having to watch Colin Creevy die. I don't think I'll ever get over that.
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Fundraiser is going well so far. Well over halfway to goal at this point, plus it looks like someone bought one of my needed items from my wish list. Sweet! I'll be pain free in 7-10 business days, unless Amazon is a damn liar.

This made me laugh, so maybe it will have the same effect on you:

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30104 / 50000

Have to run out to WAAM in a bit to rerecord some stuff for the podcasts I am NOT producing this month. Next ep will go live on my birthday, November 24th. Starting next month we'll be back to novel chapters etc. produced by me. Not sure how I plan to finish this draft, bake Xmas cookies, work 4-days a week, write for ParaWomen and ZZN, and still produce a new podcast ep every other week. But I guess I have to. How the hell else is anybody going to figure out who the hell I am, right?

Have a big pile of notes on stuff that will need to be rewritten for the second draft of The Finster Effect. The story is coming along fine, but a lot of it is passive voice, and there's far too much telling and not enough showing. Overall, I loves it! These dog chapters are breaking my sad little heart.

Haven't seen Harry Potter 7.1 yet. Didn't make it to the midnight show for various reasons, and have been home all day today writing. Plan to see it tomorrow some time after work. Yeah, working a long day tomorrow, and the shopping orgy madness is well underway.
Saturday night movie crowds are my most hated of all movie crowds. People better turn their goddamn cell phones off and take their crying kids the fuck out of the theatre. I know it's PG-13, but for fuck's sake! If you must take your 5-year-old to that movie and pretend it's not scary, at least take them to a friggin' matinee. Thank you.
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Back to the day-job after 5 days off. I shouldn't be complaining, but guess what? I am. This place gives me a rash. I really don't like customer service. I used to find it fun and challenging, but lately these people can just fuck off. And of course, the holiday love-Jesus-or-we-hate-you stressbag spendfest is nearly upon us. Blech. I enjoy giving gifts as much as the next guy--but people always freak the fuck out if their preshus leettle snoeflayke can't get their expensive whatever. After all, how else will they know that somebody loves them???

In better news, the new book is coming along smashingly. Killed someone last night, but had to unkill them when I realized they had not yet completed their arc. Plus, I have them doing a cool thing and I need them alive in order to do it.
For a zombie novel, there aren't really all that many zombies. There will be though. I'm just worried that it will get boring. People have a lot of preconceived notions when it comes to the cannibalistic undead. I want to exceed them while not being ridiculous, and while scaring the shit out of them. A few of these people aren't very lovable. Hope that doesn't become a problem.

My 40th birthday bash is a week from Saturday. My actual birthday is a week from tomorrow. And of course, Harry Potter 7 pt 1 is just two short days from now. No plans yet for Harry Potter. Fie! I really wish there wasn't always so much going on during the NaNoWriMo. Ah well...
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Oh. Em Gee.

I am not typically a fan of Florida, or as we Simpsons fans call it, America's Wang. It's hot down there, and humid. There's big scaley gators and now there are pythons and monitor lizards all over the freaking place too. It's totally conservative and has a bunch of dry counties. Though I must say, the marijuana is yummy dirt-cheap. I used to know a guy who lived down thata way. He turned out to be a jerk. America's Wang is also loaded with theme parks even more crowded than the Ann Arbor Art Fair. Why would I ever even consider going there?

Well, because the Harry Potter theme park is coming...soon.

Frankly, it is kinda stupid that I've never been to Universal Studios. They have the Psycho house, and one of the original models from Jaws. Plus, I'm something of a movie person. Maybe it's time.
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My dear friend [ profile] sudrin is at Dragon*Con this weekend with the lovely [ profile] frogdiva. They are seeing lots of famous people and taking many fun pics. They got to see John Schnieder, Leonard Nimoy, and one of the Mythbuster guys. Tonya even got an awesome pic of Tom Felton. I know, right? Luckily he did not appear to have the Elder Wand in his possession.

I asked [ profile] sudrin to get me one of these. They do have them at the website, I later learned. But I wanted one that Voltaire actually touched. I know, I'm ridiculous like that. Having his assistant or PR person send me something just wasn't my preferred end result. So...Dave was kind enough to spend some of his valuable Dragon*Con time on something I wanted. Sweet, no?

Not only did Dave get me my pressie, but he was kind enough to steal Voltaire's soul just for me:

It appears that he is walking around the Con, doing whatever and talking to fans. But if you look really closely at this pic, it's pretty obvious that he's thinking about me and hoping I can make it to The Vampire Ball. That, or I'm totally on the brink of some kind of psychotic break. Time will tell, I guess. ;-]

Anyway, I finally found the elusive remix of "The Man Upstairs" which led to me making my first music download purchase from Amazon. You have to also install some kind of special Amazon program so the files will go to your iTunes or something. It was free and only took a second, but still, I say Hmmm...
Sadly, I don't love the "Heavy Drama remix." They just sort of gothed it up a bunch with a Pink Floydesque overlay. Frankly it feels like it's trying too hard and it's offputting. It's not even longer, which I understand those long dance mixes because they are...well, great for dancing. Ultimately, it was only 99 cents and I was glad to find it.

Still no word in re: The Vampire Ball. Frown and Fie.
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You ever window shop on the Internets and come across something that literally drops your jaw? The kind of thing that you are certain was created exactly, specifically for you by someone you've never met--or only met once in passing at a comic book store, for example? Such a thing happened to me just this minute.

Well this is one of those things.

I love the work of [ profile] evandorkin. Have since the early 90's when I discovered him while buying some Serial Killer Trading Cards. Milk and Cheese was the greatest and best discovery I made back in the days when I couldn't wait for it to be Tuesday so I could take the bus to Dave's Comics in Royal Oak and see what was new for the buying. I bought a ton of comics such as Ren and Stimpy, Simpsons, Night of the Living Dead (and Night of the Living Dead London, obviously), various serial killer and zombie comics, things from Vertigo, Slave Labor, something about a guy named Nod; basically whatever struck my fancy as I have no real nerdery when it comes to comics. I just knows what I likes. And I like Evan Dorkin very much, even when he took jabs at Matt Groening in the 90's when The Simpsons was still comedy gold every single week.

I wanted to post the pic for you's mainly because it's the coolest fucking thing I've ever seen. I want to bid on it, but likely will not for two reasons. One, H would flip his lid if I spent money on art given our current finances. Two, even if I could afford to spend some monies on art, the piece will almost certainly reach bidding levels way outside my range. You know what though? I'm just really happy that this piece exists somewhere in the world. And I still have Georgina (whose name should have been Sadie, but I digress) in comic book form sealed up nice in a mylar bag. So I guess I do have a bit of comic nerdery after all. ;-]

So yeah...I'm sure you get the idea. The real one has not had the photoshop ripple effect applied to it.

In other news, Zuma for the Xbox consumes me. It is way far fun. I just realized that we have more games for the Xbox than we do for the Wii, and we've had the Wii way longer. We do still play a lot of Sports, and Cooking Mama is really fun to play by myself.

And finally, today is the 74th birthday of Jim Dale. Not to be crass, but 74 is pretty old. If he's planning on reading Beadle the Bard for us, he really should get a move on.

If you enjoy music and things that are good, be sure to hip yourself to Vanessa Mae. She is a violinist who does this wild techno fusion stuff that blows my mind. She's on the iTunes (and the Limewire, but I'm kind of on this kick where I'm paying for music because it feels like the morally correct thing to do). But I'm hoping some peeps at my work will have some of her stuff I can borrow. Because you know, over 3/4 of my workplace is made up of string players.
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For some reason I'm just now getting around to posting that I went to the midnight show for Harry Potter 6 on Tuesday. Fandom was, as expected, ridiculous and absurd. The little kids were the most well-behaved, their parents were the worst, and silly teens in "sexy" Hogwarts uniforms cracked me up. Oh Fandom, you embarass yourself and me.

Anyway, I thought... )

Made a rather depressing realization about my personal life. When I was younger and in the dating scene I had a serious issue with proactivity. If I decided the person I was dating was unsuitable for me, I would never do the breaking up. Instead, I would just stop caring what the person thought of me, and treated them accordingly. When they broke up with me, I could then pretend that I was being victimized. Apparently this is a pretty common pattern among survivors of abuse.
I was disappointed to become aware that I repeated this same pattern with a person I was in a supposed friendship with. Rather than being clear about saying I don't like you. I don't enjoy your company. I'd rather not interact with you unless I have to. I bascially reverted to what I'd call "not putting up with their shit." This translates to me not being remotely respectful of the fact that the person I don't like has feelings. I thought that I had progressed beyond that kind of passive aggresive game playing. Apparently not. So yeah...that was a bummer. On the plus side, the situation exploded and now I don't have to pretend not to dislike anyone anymore.
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Finally broke down and spent $1.99 at iTunes to download a single episode of Beavis & Butthead that I simply could NOT find at Limewire. I downloaded it three different times and all three downloads were missing the end of the ep. So I bought it. Anyway, it's the one where they aren't allowed to laugh, which is largely considered the funniest Mtv ep of B&B ever.

The news is bumming me out as of late. It's one of the reasons I haven't been posting as often. Also, I spend a lot of time on Facebook. Anyway, Dr Tiller's murder is horrible and sad. I was saying earlier that this kind of thing didn't really happen when Bush was in office. People seem to get all riled up when we have someone even remotely pro-choice in the White House. I actually like Obama's stance on the abortion issue, which I read as Hey, we're never going to agree, and should continue to debate the issue respectfully. In the mean time, lets see what we can do to reduce the number of abortions. It's perfectly reasonable, so why are people freaking out?!? Oh yeah, because of dillholes like Randall Terry and Bill O'Reilly are calling respectable doctors "government sanctioned mass murderers of children." While I certainly advocate personal responsibility, I don't see how you can be surprised when you preach lunacy to a bunch of loons and then one of them does something loony.

Then of course there's that horrible plane crash, the Guantanamo detainee who killed himself after 7 years in captivity without being charged, Susan Boyle going to the psyche ward, GM making Detroit a fucking joke, and idiots mocking the new additions to the DSM V when they don't have the first fucking clue about psychology, psychology, or the process of successful treatment. Okay, I'm done.

Forgot to post this when it actually happened, but I watched my first James Bond movie from beginning to end. H and I watched Casino Royale, which I must say, was very good. Daniel Craig is HAWT, which I cannot really say about any other Bond, except maybe Timothy Dalton. The plot was good, full of some surprises. Rather than being what a 12 year old thinks it's like to by a spy, this Bond goes right up to the line of cartoonish super badassery, and then stops. Plus Craig was the only person in the movie overtly portrayed as a sex object. No vacuous "Bond girl." And no ass-kicking bikini girls. So yeah, it was good.
I also checked out Taken, which featured another character tantalizingly close to cartoonish super badassery. It was def an enjoyable watch! But you know, Maggie Grace is nowhere near 17. *checks* Yep, she's almost 26, making her just three years younger than Harry Potter.

And finally, some arrogant jackass had the balls to write an unauthorized sequel to Catcher in the Rye. Now he's surprised to be getting sued. Some other asshat at Daily Beast said something about how you can't copyright a character and that what this jackass did is fine. I'm pretty sure if I tried to publish a story about a young wizard named Harry Potter, someone would (rightly) sue my ass. (In fact, the distributors of Harry Potter and Leopard Walk Up To Dragon can likely explain that better than I can) That said, I'm interested in hearing absolutely anything JD Salinger wants to talk about, even if it's just cursing out another writer.

At first I was very into the new Safari, but it's been shutting down a lot. FAIL.
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I'm not actually going to post about Mexican Swine Flu except to say Holy Shit! and I'm glad I live in the north. Well, I was already glad of that. ;-]

Somehow I'm the last to know that they added a made-up scene to the Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince movie (spoilers under clicky)?!? Not sure how THAT news managed to elude me for all this time. For all the news I've been reading as of late, I seem to miss a few key events here and there. Frown.

Still trudging along with the rewriting of the ending of my serial killer. He is not cooperating at all right now. Not giving up, shall stay at it all night if I have to. I'm gonna at least finish this chapter. Then I will reward myself with a viewing of Michael Emerson on The Practice. I heart him. <3

Do you know the bible?
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So...Lindsay Lohan is gay? Do people know about this? How did that tidbit of knowledge escape me for so long? I don't care. I just think it's weird that I didn't know.

Replacing Dimitri Martin with Reno 911!?!??
Don't toy with me, television.

Shock of all shocks, Crabbe tokes up, presumably with Goyle. Not sure why people are giving him such a hard time about it. First of all, Crabbe can hardly be considered a "role model." Secondly, he's almost 20 years old. He's hardly a child. Thirdly, I'm sick to death of people being so sanctimonious about pot smoking. Get over it already.

Before I talk specifics about tonight's LOST, I have to express my profound dismay at the fact that an EBS test ran during the second to last segment of the show. It's a well documented fact that Ann Arbor has a very high per capita of LOST fans. Choosing to cut into a new episode on prime time is careless or stupid or ignorant or mean. I missed at least a minute of actual show. Anyway, let's begin with this "surreal" photo of the two Bens:
Anyway, spoilers within ) I daresay, next week looks even more exciting.

Went to the docs today. As I was saying on Facebook, for a fat chick I'm in really good health. Cholesterol is good, sugar is in the normal range, weight is down, heart and kidney's doing their thing, and blood pressure right where it should be. So fie to the idea that I must be close to death because I am heavy. That said, I think I'm gonna try to step up the exercise.
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Not really "feeling it" today. Don't want to go to work. Don't feel able to write. Not wanting to be social or productive and am really just forcing myself to do regular, normal stuff. In short, I'm very depressed. And I'm sick to death of it. Had to postpone my doc appointment due to finances, but hopefully I'll be able to go next week.

H and I watched the BattleStar Galactica finale last night.
My spoilery thoughts on the matter )That said, I can't imagine we'll watch Caprica. I don't even know who the Greystone's are.

I also caught the Big Love season finale last night. I have to say, I feel bad for Albee. With Roman as his father, I don't see how he could have become anything other than what he is. Nicky is a different story, as she has had the unconditional love of a family for quite some time now, and she keeps fucking up. I think Bill is in the right there. Joey's whole deal was a surprise, though of course it makes a lot of sense. I really do enjoy that show, though even for HBO, a ten episode season is pretty punk.

The latest word on Daniel Radcliffe's stunt double is that he will be a quadriplegic. It's very sad, the poor kid was only 25. I guess they've finally repoened the set and have resumed filming.
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Yesterday, [ profile] absinthofheart came over with a copy of Wall-E. I had not seen it before and I have to say that it was excellent. The animation was nice to look at, and the plot was a lot of fun. I had heard about how some people were upset at the portrayal of humans in the film. I suspect that I'd never think about excersize again if there were hover chairs. Then again, I might still enjoy swimming...
Anywhoo, if you haven't seen Wall-E yet, I urge you to do so.
And if you get a chance, the short Burn-E is pretty good too.

Dead Rising or "The reason Wednes wanted an Xbox in the first place" is due to arrive today. H is gonna test it out so he can help me with it. I'm really, really stoked.

I'm making a super spicy chili tonight. It's gonna be tasty.

Beadle the Bard is an adorable book, if awfully short. The art direction is nice, though I don't think the drawings are by the same artist as the cannon books.

Hey Xbox havers, what are the best puzzle games for the Xbox?
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Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
40,336 / 50,000

I'm barely keeping my head above water in the NaNo thusfar. But I've got a pretty good chance of winning again if I can really buckle down and focus this final week. This is a lot more difficult when there's work and social gatherings and internets and video games to contend with. I think I'll do it though.

Nobody will get to read the first draft, as first drafts are far too terrible to share. The second draft, however, will go out to a select um...selection of preferred readers. Let me know if you want to be on that short list.

In cooking news, I used my bread machine for the first time today. The middle of the top of the loaf caved inward. I think it rose too high and touched the top of the machine, making it deflate. Other than it looking funny and not really browning on top, it was delicious and had a good texture. Any idea what I should be doing differently? It was a deluxe white recipe, just milk, butter, bread flour, sugar and yeast.

Also, Daniel Radcliffe is going to be on Inside the Actor's Studio in December.
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I cannot believe they moved Half Blood Prince all the way to NEXT JULY!!!

I'm so royally bummed.

They say this will not effect the November 2010 release of the first Deathly Hallows movie, but who the hell knows.

Apparently the writers strike made them light on titles for next summer blockbuster season, so they are holding off on releasing HBP until then. It's an outrage! A scandal!

For serious.
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They Are Publishing Beedle the Bard!!!. I can finally buy it!!

Not sure why it took them so long, but soon I shall own a copy. Yay!!!

In family news, I got an address for my Great Aunt Pat, who is a remarkable and funny woman. The "me" of her generation, I think. So I'm going to write her a nice note. Also, it turns out that my Uncle Victor (the hare krishna) is living in Vegas and has (gasp!) Email. He's always been one to swear off material possessions, so him with a computer is pretty shocking.

I've been connecting with people I went to high school with on Facebook.
The shocking thing is that everyone sounds absolutely delighted to hear from me. it seems that I made a lasting impression on quite a few people back then. I had no idea. One guy even put ME in HIS semi-autobiographical debut novel. A character named Tuesday (something close to my old last name). Neat. I'm going to see if he wants to do a joint signing somewhere.

Okay, I'm off to work. I have to release the call center newsletter today. I do enjoy being in charge of the newsletter. It's one of the only aspects of my job I'm really good at.
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It's the slow season so once again I have time to post. I'll be watching the floor for 2 hours today, plus having sales training for another hour. Hopefully, this means my day will go by quickly. I haven't gotten any notes about mistakes in a couple of weeks. So that is cool.

Yesterday I got a bunch of books ready to send out. I'm trying to get some signings, and also convince Borders to carry my book instore instead of just on the website. That would be swell. I'm also trying to get a review by the Ann Arbor news. When I get more books, I'm going to try Fangoria for a review even though that is a long shot. I might as well try the New York Times as long as I'm sending them out. I thought my publisher was going to be doing more of this sort of thing, but it turns out not.

I've been listening to a lot of Jim Dale reading Harry Potter lately. They lull me to sleep at night, so that has been cool and relaxing. I'd like to take a gander at the 800 word prequel that everyone is talking about. And I don't know why Jim Dale can't read Beadle the Bard aloud for me. It's bad enough that I can't buy one...

A customer just called, totally upset that thier cello didn't have any frets on it. They said they expected better from our company and will be taking their business elsewhere in the future.
Cellos do not have frets.

If I get bored enough, I'll be back later with a Friday Five
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My new meds are making me feel like ass. We know this, this is not a surprise. I doubled the dosage per the docs instructions and everything got exponentially worse. Fie! Then I Emailed work to let them know I wasn't coming in, thinking they'd be pretty peeved. Instead of peevery, they offered me next week off as well. I took them up on it, almost drooling at all the writing and reading I'll be able to accomplish in that amount of time.

I've decided to work on my Serial Killer novel, and have changed the theme to a religious one. The narrator is no longer trying to kill Mikey, but to lead him to salvation. Dami may get to live, because Chandra may become a little less impulsive. Maybe not though...Anyway, I have some swell ideas that will hopefully fall into place once I give this thing a good going over, which I intend to do as soon as I finish rereading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Half Blood Price was just as sad as I remembered it. But I always knew Snape would turn out to be good.

I've been thinking a lot about sattelites lately. There must be zillions of them floating around up there, since so many things are sattelite dependent. I was reading about how the Monterey bay aquarium let another Great White Shark go, and that every time it's dorsal fin breaks the surface it sends a signal to a sattelite. Doesn't that mean that the scientists launched it's own sattelite? And all the phone companies and whatever else that use sattelites, do they all have their own or do they share? And what else do those sattelites do? Are they keeping an eye on us? I bet they are.
It's enough to make you want to wear a foil hat.

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Meez 3D avatar avatars games

It's my day off today, and I've completed most of my prep for my presentation on Friday. It's about Bonding and Rapport as part of the sales process. Should prove most valuable. I also changed the cat litter and cleaned up this filthy apartment. I really need to scrub the carpets, but I don't have access to a carpet shampooer currently. Drag.

So Ralph Feinnes is not appearing in Half-Blood Prince. I don't think that's a very big deal though. If memory serves, it's mostly about Draco and the Death Eaters anyway. I don't even remember when and if Voldie appears in that book. I need to read it again though. I still say David Warner should be playing Fenrir Greyback. He's not, though.
In better HP news, Deathly Hallows is for sure being made into 2 films. Whoo Hoo!!!
Both movies are being directed by David Yates. Whoo Hoo again.
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It's super slow here today, and I haven't posted in a few days, so here I am.

The cab made me late to work again today, luckily nobody seemed to care. They are fairly laid back about such things here so long as one doesn't make a habit of being late. Or maybe they are just being nice to me.

I heard a rumor that Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince will be made into 2 movies instead of one. Anyone else heard this? That would kick ass. Draco is going to PWN that movie, I can't wait. I've been waching HP all weekend and it's been delightful to see movies 2 & 3 again. I know I own them but it's still fun to catch them on TV.

Also, I still really need people who have read my book, A Stabbing for SAdie to go to the site and leave a review. I'm talking about Dan, Cathy, Dave and Dave, and all the rest of you whom I know have read it and didn't think it sucked too bad. Reviews are important not just to increase sales but so my publisher knows I'm busting ass on the publicity.

And of course, I'll ask you for reviews again when the book makes it to Amazon. By then, I hope more people will have read it.
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Tomorrow I find out whether or not I've lost all of my mp3 music...about 11 gigs worth. I'm trying to keep hope alive but it's not looking very good. I have all my music saved n a succession of discs, but if you can believe this, I can't find them. They are all together in a case somewhere in this apartment. I think there's some kind of vortex in my apartment that eats discs. I can't find my Final Draft disc, which I totally need to work on, or even read, my killer zombie screenplay (that I will one day finish, for serious).

Does anybody out there have a Final Draft disc they can burn for me?!?

I got a haircut Friday night after work. I'm having a photo taken for my book cover (the back) so I need to have snappy hair. It'll be a black and white photo, taken my the same talented chap that photog'd at my wedding. My book is all edited. I'm just waiting for one more person to go over it. The editor took out a zillion words like "and" and "but" and "kind of" and "pretty" that I tend to use ad nauseum and then never edit out. The editor did a smashing job, so far as I can tell.

I was going to go to bed, but Harry Potter came on at midnight and I'm slowly getting sucked in.
Stupid ABC family or whatever they're called now...

Some lady in Ann Arbor got killed by walking in front of a train. I don't want to jinx myself or anything, but it seems like that would be sort of difficult to do...just walk in front of a moving train. You'd have to be basically deaf for one thing. Am I missing something here? How does this happen.

Anyway, I changed my mind. I'm going to bed.

You fit in with:

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80% reason-oriented.

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No Way!

Jan. 9th, 2008 09:34 pm
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Can you believe I actually was on JK Rowling site at a time when the door could be opened? I can hardly believe it either, having missed 2 Wombat tests and nearly every other cool thing behind the secret door.

Well here's what I saw there! (clicky to make biggie) )

As for me, the WW plan is going okay so far. I've learned that egg beaters are tasty and that I can eat salad several days in a row without dying. ;-] On the other hand, I'm feeling really sad and don't know why except that I think my meds are messed up currently and I no longer have a psyche doc to ask about such things. I swear it was better and cheaper having the county insurance.
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Kids love marijuana...still. I find articles like this both infuriating and sad. Kids are starting with drugs younger and younger. Why? Are they as goddamn miserable as I was when I started (I started with alcohol, and didn't smoke weed until college, but I drank a LOT)? I sure hope not. I guess I just find it sad that eighth and ninth graders find it necessary to use drugs. Does that make me a hypocrite? I don't think so, just a sad Wednes. I feel like nobody is giving kids proper information about drugs, so they don't learn the difference between things like pot and drinking (which are still pretty dangerous if you don't know what you're doing) and pain killers and huffing, which will fucking kill you if you aren't really careful. Also, where are teenagers getting Vicodin and Oxycontin in the first place?!?

My friend bought Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix for me yesterday. I just have to go pick it up. There are quite a few DVD's I'll be needing, including LOST season 3, Simpsons Movie, and Rob Zombie's Halloween. I'm hoping I'll like it more the next time I see it. I'm also thinking of picking up the directors cut of 1408. It has to be the directors cut though, because the theatrical version has a terrible, stupid ending.

TV has started to suck really badly since the writers strike. Not only can I not have Daily Show and Colbert, but H can't even have Bionic Woman. Everything is being replaced with game shows or "reality" TV--which I always knew didn't actually have writers. It almost makes me want to be a scab.

I've come to a conclusion about this whole LJ kerfluffle. I really, honestly, for realsies don't care about people flagging accounts. It all sounds like some kind of masturbatory party for soccer moms and other won't somebody please think of the children types with nothing better to do than trying to censor the internets. Of course, the policies are hysterical, unclear, and pretty stupid. But that doesn't really affect me. I guess in the end I don't care that much; even though I get the feeling I'm supposed to be outraged and yelling about free speech and adult content. Kids shouldn't be reading porn online, nor should they be posting naked pics of themselves. And face it, furry and Harry Potter fanfic usually isn't very good. Maybe somebody can tell me what there is to be so upset about???

Anywhoo, I'm off to work, two hours early.
I guess I'm just a sucker for punishment.
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Went back to therapy today. I'm thinking I'm going to begin the process of slowly weaning myself off of therapy and Group and stuff. I'll still take the meds because it's obvious that I need them, but I don't think I need to be so intensely focused on my mental health anymore.

H and I received lovely gifts today from Mr and Mrs [ profile] cmdavi_70 and from [ profile] diachrony. Both gifts are much appreciated. Whooo!

We ran out of milk today so I couldn't cook any of the things I had planned for dinner. Instead we ordered from Pizza House, which means I have a slab of tiramisu waiting for me in the fridge. I guess I made myself used to fine dining and only want gourmet food now.

You know, every time I watch HP and The Goblet of Fire on tv, I find myself hoping that just once, Cedric would get to the cup in time and not be killed. He never does though...
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Well, I finished my book...and here are a few spoilery thoughts. )But I guess we'll have to wait a few days for the fanfic on that.

Alright, I'm really tired since I was up all night reading.
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Whelp, looks like the new Harry Potter book has already been spoiled.. I hate when people go out of their way to spoil people, especially kids. What's the point of being such a jerk?

Know what this means? I'm on internet black out until I can read my book. Sad thing is, I didn't order from Amazon and now it's too late to reserve a book anywhere.

Does anyone know how I can get a book on Friday now?
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I just killed a large supporting character in my serial killer novel. I don't do a lot of that in my writing. Oddly enough, it doesn't really come up. I'd rather keep people alive so that more terrible things can happen to them than to have them die in some stupid way. It was kind of a drug related death, and I wonder if I'm not trying to once again work out my personal demons through my characters.

No matter what happens, I don't seem to be able to get away from writing about myself in one way or another. I wonder if that's a good thing or a bad thing. On the one hand, it feels like lazy writing because this book has been coming together so easily. OTOH, maybe writing about ourselves is how we find the truth inside the lie (I didn't say that, Stephen King did). Writing what you know is key, and I know myself better and better with each passing year.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
28,899 / 50,000

In other news, I'm spending way too much money on wedding stuff. I bought $17 worth of makeups today, which doesn't sound like much until you realize it's from e.l.f. where everything is a dollar. Speaking of which, they make surprisingly awesome cosmetics considering what they charge. I wish they had nail polish too!

Crimson Tide was on TV tonight. That's one of those movies I love despite the fact that it's in a genre that I almost never watch. Certainly, that's one of the signs of a good film, when it transcends genre and is just plain old great. Of course, One Flew over the Cukoo's Nest was also on today, but being in a good mood, I didn't want to get near it with a ten foot pole.

Tried to see Harry Potter again this weekend, but plan after plan just seemed to fizzle and die on me. No matter, it's not like it's leaving theatres in a day or two, I have plenty of time. And I managed to get some good writing, editing, and TV watching in instead.
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Today I went to see Harry Potter on opening day once again. I saw the last one at the IMAX and it was a good experience, though not a 3-D one like I had today.

My spoilery review )
Anywhoo, it's damn good and I hope to see it again very soon. See it with the 3D if you can.
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Tonights LOST was a good one. cut for mild spoilers ) The show makes me feel like Kathy Bates in Misery sometimes. "Have you all got amnesia? This isn't what happened last week! He didn't get out of the cockadoodie hatch!!" Which is kind of silly, since there hasn't been a hatch for quite some time now.

Got my new shades, but have no batteries for the camera, so nobody gets to see pics. It's nice having prescription specs, I've never seen things so dark and yet so clear. They are cute glasses, all pink and sparkly. I wore them today even though it wasn't remotely sunny.

This weekend I'm going to get back to the writing of my serial killer story. I put it on hold to work on Sadie, then I got sick. But now I'm back ready to create more psychosis and murder more young girls.
Mmmmm...young girls. ;-]

[ profile] nate101000 hipped me to this story about a Harry Potter theme park addition to Universal Studios. Wow! I've never been to Universal Studios...I know, but it will be cool to have another reason to go.
I'm rereading book 5 like everyone else in the world. Umbridge is such a wonderfully hate-able character.

Did any of you see Disturbia?
I'm beginning to suspect that it might not suck. Anybody know?
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UK version:

US version:

Too small for the likes of you?
Clickie to make biggie.
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How are YOU spending it?

Myself, I'm baking breads and later, cookies.
I'll be taking a nice walk and maybe having some sorbet.
Sadly, methinks it'll be too cloudy to find a that little sliver of moon.

There's a cool breeze coming in right now and I can hear the rain through the window.

That stupid door on JK Rowlings website wouldn't open when I clicked it.
Do I need to do something else? I got the title from Leaky Cauldron, but that door continues to thwart me. Maybe it's a Firefox issue? Or a mac thing?
Anyway, the title of the most eagerly awaited book of all time is:
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
Let the wild speculations begin.
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You probably know this already, but it's Banned Book Week once again. What are we banning? Mostly Harry Potter, but that's not all. I don't mind telling you that I find the very idea of banned books funny, even as it is a microcosm for much that is wrong with American today.

I've heard people say What's so wrong with wanting to keep offensive material out of the hands of children? Nothing really, except that "offense" is in the eye of the beholder. Some parents think very moral books about kids away at school are utter blasphemy because the children have magic wands. Others think The Bible is far too violent or sexually explicit for anyone under say, 16. So, like most things, the responsibility falls on parents to monitor what their children read. But, there always seem to be those types who aren't content to monitor their OWN children, and want to decide what EVERYONE's children are allowed to check out of a library, bring to school, or even be allowed to purchase without a parent. I am pleased to say that even with all of my own youthful nuttiness, I have never, EVER been told I couldn't read a specific book.
I read The Love Machine by Jacqueline Susanne in junior high!! While reading it at lunchtime, a nun confiscated it from me, and called my mom. Mom told her to mind her own business and give me my book back--and didn't she know that while there was no commandment about what not to read, there was a rule against stealing. Ha HA! That's the thing about bi-polar parents, sometimes they are alarmingly cool.

I have to wonder if there's anything you could put in a book that would really, truly need to be banned. Some peice of knowlege or an idea so destructive that the world really is better off not knowing about it. I doubt it. I don't think there is any knowlege that lessens us simply by knowing it. But I'd be interested to know of a legitimate reason for book banning; something other than I don't want my kid to hear about that until I've brainwashed them enough that I'm sure they'll disregard/mock/deny it when they do hear it, which is pretty much how book banning feels to me.

H and I went to the craft store today so I could get some embroidery floss, hoops, cross-stitch cloth and a couple of those little counted cross stitch kits because it always feels like cheating to follow the lines. I may well end up doing some crewel work for holiday gifts since I already know I don't suck at it. But if [ profile] sleazeanna or [ profile] sexyrockgoddess want to get together this week or next, I can totally clear some time for you's. I really do want to be able to do some simple knits and crochets. As I keep telling myself: I can do anything a blind old lady with arthritis can do! YEAH!!!
I will make H a scarf this year if I have to learn fuckin' macrame to do it. Maybe I can just tie a long succession of square knots until it looks like a scarf. That would be hilarious. Anyway, I'm not sure how we spent $60 on just a few small things at Michael''s a special skill of mine, I guess.
Then H and I rode the bus to Meijer so we could catch the #5 bus home. But that bus stopped running at 6 so we had to take a cab, even though we had already taken the bus farther away from where we live. At Meijer, they had this giant, inflatable gargoyle. It was bad ass. I wish I had room for it, because I would totally get one.

And now, I'm off to make a spicy potato soup with keilbasa. I love a nice homemade soup on a chilly day.
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I can't tell if I'm merely cranky, horribly depressed or just plain dysfunctional for the past 2-3 days. But I hate it. I'm shirking at least half of my normal responsibilities and I want to take all LJ communities off my flist because every single post sounds irretrievably, incredibly, bone-chillingly stupid. Today, I have no desire to work on Hazel's story, even though I'm supposed to be done with this draft in 21 days. I don't feel capable of doing anything at all...maybe there is a dementor lodged in my air conditioning. That would certainly explain it.
EDIT: I figured it out, it's because I cut my sugar intake by less than half. So this will go away soon, yes?

Stephen Colbert put Jon Stewart On Notice tonight.
And all the liberals gasped, and then laughed.
I do find it comically ironic that Geraldo Rivera is lecturing anyone on hard news and journalistic integrity.

We are all upset about that business in merry old England today. But you see, I am an American and I only see other countries in terms of what they give me that I can't get elsewhere. So to all of Britain or the UK or whatever the hell you people call yourselves (that's right, I said "you people" you wanna fight about it?) ;-], hear this now. Get JK Rowling out of the country and keep her safe until she finishes Book Seven!! And you know, keep foiling terrorists before they strike. It's just one of the many, many, many ways in which you embarrass the US with your competance.

You know how everyone thought Avenue Q was like Sesame Streets/Muppets but for adults? Apparently the son of the real Jim Henson has a thing or two to say about that. It seems the Muppets are working blue in their new broadway show. I know I was just saying that remakes and sequels don't diminish the original and that everyone should just calm down. I imagine this story found it's way to my desk just to test my committment to that theory. Grrrr. Stupid poetic justice!

But I think there comes a time in everyone's life when their childhood illusions are suddenly and traumatically shattered. Sure, there's the Santa/Easter Bunny/Toothfairy is actually your parents stuff. But there's also those once in a lifetime things that don't happen to the next generation the same as they happened to you. Things like Pee Wee Herman's arrest, or the Challenger Disaster come to mind as things that made me realize that the world is completely fucked and no matter how good you are, it's no guarantee of success. I can recall having a huge crush on Freddie Prinze because of Chico and the Man (The Man being Jack Albertson of Willy Wonka fame) and that he died from shooting himself in the head with blanks or something. When you're a tiny kid, that can hit you hard. Famous people can die badly? It was a mindfucker as I recall.
Reagan getting shot was also very disturbing, not just because a crazy guy imitated a movie and almost killed our president. But people around me where not sad that he was shot, and I didn't understand that at all. I think I still thought I knew people from TV, like they were friends of mine and would recognize me if I met them on the street. Of course, I was a weird kid.
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I'm back, as you can see. Just like always I had a swell time and am glad to be home. I saw a family of galloping turkeys and a some swarming frogs and spiders and a mouse and a bunch of those butterflies that are either monarchs or those ones that look like monarchs. Who can tell from a moving car? Not me, obviously.

While I was relaxing, I read Bad Twin, which I borrowed from [ profile] uterdic. I was not impressed with the writing style at all. Mr. Purgatory's choice of vocabulary was repetitive, dull, and absurd. Three different characters in three different parts of the world used the word "settee" to describe a small sofa or couch, or davenport, or love seat. One of these characters was a gruff ship captain referring to a sofa on his ship. Did everyone start saying settee and I missed it?
Anyway, the book only had a few remotely revealing things about LOST.
And I'm not entirely clear on the concept, which seems to involve a fictional author (that part I get, as I wouldn't put my own name on it either) writing a fictional novel featuring people from a fictional show. Where, exactly, is the fiction? In the book? In the whole thing? I'm confused.
And why would Dharma or Hanso even care that such a book is published? It didn't tell us anything significant, so far as I can tell. Just a few tiny hints at things. I daresay, I'm starting to feel a little "played" by the way they put nonsensical things in places just to get us talking about it. It's like a conspiracy, wrapped in a second conspiracy, wrapped in an enigma, wrapped in a vest. You know what I'm talking about...

H moved our living room furniture around while I was gone. He's both awesome and clever. We had discussed a few things, but I told him to just do whatever he wanted with the furniture. He really took the focus off the TV and now the living room is more like a conversation pit than a poor approximation of a movie theatre. I actually thought we got a new TV because ours looked so much bigger the way the room is now. I'm gonna tweak a few things when I wake up, but it looks awfully nice. Plus I'll have the opportunity to put up some posters on the newly vacated wall space. H put up his Bette Page movie poster. It's quite attractive.

Wanna Know a Big Harry Potter Book Seven Spoiler?!?!?!?!? )

I have a horrible, busy week shaping up. I sure hope it's not gonna be seven thousand degrees with %200 humidty again. Tuesday I see the regular doctor, Weds is Group, Thurs I see the crazy-med doctor, and then I meet my new job counselor (where I have to take the damn Meyer-Briggs and who knows what other tests), and Friday I have an interview to be a receptionist. Probably a futile gesture, but why the hell not, no?

Anyone with any taste at all should check out, be impressed by, and then add the delightful [ profile] hulk_smashy.
It's just as smashy as it sounds. It features, as you might imagine, Hulk (and friends) and is by the enchanting and talented [ profile] smarbaby, the artist who also gave Gronk, and the illustrations of MRoM to the world. Oh, and she is a nerd.

Okay then, I'll leave you with this:

How Will I Die Quiz

How Will I Die Quiz

You will die at the age of 93

You will die when your chair explodes very unexpectedly

Find out how you will die at

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By far the most exciting rumor to reach mine ears in the last little while is the one which suggests that Terry Gilliam wants to direct Half Blood Prince. And JK Rowling wants him to do it. Without going into lengthy and vivid detail, that would be nifty. It's gonna be hard to make HBP into an enjoyable film since the story is so damn tragic, but if anyone can do it, it's Mr Gilliam.

In Consumer Product Watch news, I tried Olay Daily Facials Self-Foaming Discs seeing as how my skin is beginning to show it's (or rather MY) age. Not that i mind looking my proper age, but I'm so very cute that I'd hate to lose my elasticity or my smooth, soft skin. These are pretty good. They make a whole huge bunch of lather, only time will tell if it lasts all the way to the bottom of the jar, but I bet it will. Cost? $6.49 for 30. I presume that I'll use them every other day, instead of every day. My skin felt great afterwards, and a light exfoliating was just what I needed. These get my reccomends, although I probably should have gotten the more moisturising ones. Myself, I have combination skin.

Every store in town is out of ant bait, anr traps, and ant spray.

And now, onto LOST )

I think I added everyone who invited me to their MySpace. If you requested me and I didn't add you, it's because I didn't receognize you by your uncongruous username/pic. So you know, make yourselves known.

And finally, why am I just finding out now that Simon Pegg is in MI:III?
I also saw him on Doctor Who a few weeks back. Anyway, we'll probably go on Monday unless the reviews are dreadful.
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Tonight, I sat here all by my lonesome and watched Saw II which H bought me and which I had not yet seen. Holy Crap! It was awesome, I daresay it was as good if not slightly better in some ways than the first. Such violence, such suspense! And the Last House on the Left reference? Le Mou Jouste!
I must confess though, that the dialogue was pretty badly written, with tons of profanity in place of someone taking the time to think of interesting language or unique speech patterns for the characters. Plus, there was a wide gap between which characters got developed and how much. Then again, I always have to complain about something.

Jigsaw does not fuck around. Well, he does, but he plays the merry jokester in a very serious and violent fashion. Of course, the movie has another compelling, amazing and startling ending that I totally did not see coming. Well, I figured out one tiny part of it, but it was pretty obvious when you think about it. Anyway, I am delighted to learn that Tobin Bell and someone else (I don't wanna give it away) have signed on for Saw III, due out later this year. *does happy Jigsaw dance* It's always so nice when borderline nerds like Tobin Bell or Robert Englund rise to prominence as movie murderers. Horrorfans, get thee to this movie if you haven't seen it already (I know, I'm behind)

In case anyone missed it, the new chapter (three) of my new chick lit story is posted over at [ profile] wednes_writes. If you can't see it, it's because you haven't joined up proper. I hope to have another chapter done by the end of the weekend, and hopefully it will be more fun to write than this last one was. There's some cool stuff coming up, and chapter three laid a lot of the groundwork.

Even though it isn't listed over in the IMDB cast list, I am told by some rude jackass over there that the Dursleys have indeed signed on for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix movie, which comes out 439 days from today. What? I was bummed that they were cut last time, and glad that we will see Diddikins get chased by dementors.
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Thanks, [ profile] abbagirl!

Harry Potter meme )

While I'm here, I may as well share this cool Battlestar Gallactica know-it-all site chock full of frakkin' facts and pics of My Hero, The Chief. I still am needing some kind of slick .gif of The Chief. It seems that he is not anyone's favorite character but mine. That is highly illogical (see, I mixed mileius for a moment)!!
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1. I seem to have a troll from the UK. Not any more intelligent than our home-grown trolls.

2. The Nervous Witch is one of those wonderfully stupid Chick Tracts designed to teach you how everyone who doesn't witness for Jesus is a terrible, terrible person. This one is especially funny and delightful because it's so laughably wrong. It also warns people of the growing menace of Harry Potter. Because all Harry Potheads hate Jesus, love Satan, and enjoy swearing at their moms--because who's gonna stop them? Jesus? *menaical laugh* Enjoy!!

3. Paul bought us a fabulous lunch at La Shish which is far and away my new favorite restaurant. Anyone who wants to impress me should take me there. It is both the best lemonade, and best caesar salad I have ever had. And kibbee? You bet. Better hommus and babaganoj than Whole Foods. And better service than any place since Aloha Grille went under. And no, get that, NO screaming children. I'm guessing because American children don't know enough to love Mediterranian Food.

4. Several of you informed me about this new children's book about marijuana. Really. It's Just a Plant is currently sold out due to it's intelligent, informative line on pot, pot laws, and pot use. Good, strong stuff here...the book, not the pot. Anyway, I want a copy and I think anyone with a kid should have one too.

5. Bill Paxton. I love him. He's in the frakin' Fish Heads video for crying out loud. There is no end to his cool. If you didn't already love him because of Near Dark, Aliens, Weird Science, Boxing Helena, Titanic or would have to love him because of the genius that is Frailty. This is a fave of mine since it deals with many of my favorite topics: murder, religion, insanity, and nefarious deeds. Mmmmm...nefarious deeds...
Bill can now be seen on the surprisingly entertaining Big Love on HBO. I really suggest you catch it, since HBO's prices for buying DVD's would have to be lowered considerably to be called highway robbery.

6. My illustrated copy of 'Salem's Lot will be here soon. I love everything there is to do with this story. I love the short story that inspired it, the novel, the Tobe Hooper directed miniseries, even the new miniseries had lots to like about it. Why do I love it when I'm not huge into Vampires? I should think you would know that I love it because they are only vampires in the technical sense. For the most part, they are zombies. And boy, do I love zombies.

7. I am behind on my writing and will have to get caught up before I go on vacation next week. Otherwise, I'll have to edit while I'm there. I'm moving away from the frantic produce at all costs pace of NaNoWriYear. I really need to do a good strong edit of What to do About Franklin that cannot be measured in word count. Duh. By NaNoWriMo time, I should have the tentatively titled Kitten Claws outlined and ready to go. Funny how I didn't appreciate the value of a makeshift outline until my mid 30's. Actually, it would be more accurate to say they are character summaries and chapter synopses than outlines.

8. I'll cut the late but hilarious Friday Five )
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Okay, I'll talk briefly about the Oscars. But I'm not going to mention any awards except that hilarious rap band who acted like they were at the Mtv music awards instead of the Oscars. That was awesome, and then the Queen of Latifia gave them their little gold guy, and I thought they might light up a spliff right then and there. But then they would be steroetypes...

My beloved Jon Steward was quite good. Although the opening jokes were not very funny. It took him a little while to get past all that shit some non-daily show staffer wrote for him. I hope he doesn't let outsiders write his material anymore. I realize that the Academy Awards joke writers are probably not "outsiders" in the traditional sense. But if they make Jon Stewart seem unfunny, they clearly suck at what they do. Jon Stewart can call someone a dick on their own show and it's still funny. Honest. I've seen it. ;-}

Speaking of funny, I've got two words for you: Ben. Stiller.
Best presenter EVER. Although I did have to give it up for whoever came up with the Carrell/Farrell makeup bit. Ha HA!

We had a few select people over here. And the hilarious [ profile] kindofblue328 tricked us by getting us to stock up on vegan food and then didn't show up. So all those veggies and hommus and etc were eaten in your absense. We missed you, Todd. Luckily, the girl we are trying to set you up with did not make it either. Thankfully, the pita chips made it here safely.

I've rediscovered that yoga works much better when I do it for a full half hour and not five minutes. Go figure. I just think I should put my money where my mouth is where it pertains to excersize and such. I'm making a yummy soup tonight, modified from one I saw on Rachel Ray show. She's a good one, so spunky. And my back feels pretty good because of the iyengar yoga. I could do that downward-facing-dog six times a's so excellent.

I wish H would come home, so's we can go to the grocery store. I have no idea where he is, since he wasn't here when I woke up. We never seem to go until the afternoon, then the place is swarming with old people and moms with screaming kids everyone seems to be able to hear except them. My new passive aggressive way to deal with that is to just start screaming to H about stuff I want. And when H gets all embarased and tells me to be quiet; I can loudly proclaim that I'm just keeping up with the noise. You know, like when you're telling a cop why you were speeding on the expressway...keeping up with the flow of traffic and such. I never get to say that, because I don't drive.

Oh yeah, Harrry Potter and the Goblet of Fire movie comes out tomorrow. I also recently got all the Jim Dale audiobooks. They are good as hell. Wheee! I better enjoy them, since that's the last Harry Potter think being released this year. Fie!
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---Do you ever think to yourself:

Man...if my neighbors could hear what was going on in my head, they'd call the cops?

If I ever talked to anyone else like I talk to me in the fight currently going on in my head, they'd be justified in kicking my ass. As I was just saying to someone around here, I think if there were two of me, I wouldn't be able to stand hanging out with myself. Not to be self-denegrating, but in almost no time I think I'd really tire of my bullshit and have to give myself what for.

---Why is LJ working so crappily?
I don't pay for anything on the whole internet (unless it's being shipped to me) except LJ. So I want it to work properly all the time. And today, it isn't.

---Does anybody want to go see The Hills Have Eyes remake with me?

---Is anyone really surprised to learn that a lot of dead people voted in the Detroit election?

---Don't you think David Warner should play Fenrir Greyback?

---And finally, how sad are we to lose Ralph Furley/Mister Limpet and Kolchak the Night Stalker in one weekend?
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As you must all know by now, I and about five million other people went to the IMAX to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Wanna know what I thought of it?

You Muggles will have to click here )

Maddest props go to [ profile] sweinberg for the awesome package of movies I recieved in the mail today. Not sure if you timed that to arrive near my birthday party, but either way it was pretty slick. There is all manner of obscure low budget horror from the last few years. This includes my favorite hilarious shark movie Shark Attack 3: Megalodon. Here's what I said about this movie last summer!! Also included were such gems as Ghost Rig, Hunting Humans, The Bunker, and Arachnia. Of course, I'll also get to see such genius actors as Jeff Fahey (who has actually done some horror I love and own), Robert Giuillaume, Chris Atkins, and a whole slew of teenagers we'll probably never hear from again.

Now I am baking cake and peanut butter fudge candy for tomorrows gala gathering.
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Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
8,026 / 50,000

Well, I have not fallen behind yet, and that is a good thing. I think 2K per day is a perfectly reasonable goal, and should allow me to take a day or two off around my birthday (or perhaps Harry Potter Day).

Speaking of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, would you like to know who'll be seeing it opening day at the IMAX? Of course you do, because it's me. And guess what's the best part? The movie is not being cut down at all, it's still a marvelous 2 and a half hours long. Take THAT, Guernica!

Oh, and here's a special marquee style message for Ryan and Chris, because I bailed on going to your birthday party.

EDIT: Okay well fine. Apparently "less-than, marquee, greater-than" is going to be some kind of bitch and not work, foiling me from seeing the words "I suck" rolling their way across my screen. Damn and Blast. Anyway, I also apologize.

I suck, and for that, I am sorry.

Isn't that pathetic? Don't you just want to forgive me and than get re-mad so you can forgive me again? That's totally what I would do if anyone were gauche enough to miss my birthday party *cough* K and N *cough*.

Anyway, doesn't my Goblet of Fire icon kick the ass?
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I'm not feeling well today. Truth be told, I've been feeling sick, headachey and dehydrated for several days now. As such, I have reschduled this weeks EMDR. No sense going if my mind is going to be somewhere else. I do have to make it to my doc appointment tomorrow and to group. I hope I'm feeling better, and that I'll make it home in time to see the beginning of Smallville. Maybe I'll just tape it.

My freind from group came over with a 4-pack of toiler paper from the dollar store. I found that funny and nice of her. [profile] klynnfrost and I had Jimmy Johns for lunch which was healthy and tasty. She also gave me a Corpse Bride poster which I'm going to have laminated. Wheee!! I heart Kassy and don't get to see nearly enough of her. I also got my new Good Vibes catalog in the mail. Not that I care, but the packaging is a little more obvious than it used to be.

It seems that my new cat will be arriving either tomorrow night or Friday afternoon. He is getting "fixed" and shots updated tomorrow morning. If he's out of the fog from the gas by 10pm or so, he's getting delivered here. I'm still debating if he will be named Fergus or Ruteger. I haven't met him yet, so it's hard to say. I might think of something entirely different once he gets here. Either way, I'll have a pick for you guys soon. It's a boy, another black american short hair.

Have you Potter fans seen this pic from Entertainment Weekly? It would have been pretty damn awful had it actually made it into the movie. Don't they have some kind of super-nerd fans on set to keep things like this from happening. In case you aren't very nerdy, "Marvolo" is Voldemorts middle name after his maternal grandfather. So the muggle Tom Riddle would certainly not have the same middle name as his magical son. Plus according to the Leaky Cauldron, the birthdate is wrong. I confess though, that I wouldn't have noticed it.

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