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So it's been a big long hassle with the medical supply place and the insurance company, and the sleep study people. Ultimately, it was a good idea to let the insurance cover the CPAP last year, and a terrible idea to let them cover it now. With last years plan, I'd have paid about the same as it would have cost me to buy a used machine. With this year's plan, I'm paying full price out of pocket for a brand new CPAP machine and all the accessories. That's right, full price.
Because even though we have insurance, our deductible multiplied by 4 this year. So they don't cover anything but prescriptions until we spend $4,000 of our own money.
Funnily, if we'd gone for the plan that actually covers stuff, the premiums would have been almost $500 a month. So this is actually a bargain. Because what couple doesn't have an extra $4 grand laying around? Most? Oh yeah...
We'll be making smaller payments from now til forever. I imagine by the time I pay the stupid thing off, it will no longer work and we'll have to get a new one. No one can seem to tell me what, if any, warranty it has.

In better news, the Spider story I wrote with my protege was accepted. He's getting his first professional writing credit. I'm really happy for him.

Hoping to have the Finster packet ready to send out by Monday. Sending to a way far long-shot publisher. But dammit, I want a professional advance so I can join HWA. I'm tired of not being in HWA.
Also working on the top-secret Blue Harvest project. Ha! Blue Harvest...
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The heat is really not bothering me, I gotta be honest. In fact, I've spent most of the last two weeks sitting comfortably indoors in front of one fan or another. It ain't so bad.

Last week at Ye Olde Day-Jobbe. Two more hours today, then 8 tomorrow and 8 Thursday. Friday shall be my Farewell to *name redacted* Party, followed by a blissful life of sleeping in, writing, and finding a new gig. So far, I've had 3 interviews that I thought went very well, but that didn't even result in a "thanks but no thanks" phone call/Email. I know people talk about this a lot, but how shitty is it to interview at a place who doesn't even have the courtesy to tell you that you weren't chosen and should feel free to seek out other opportunities?
Again, a little respect goes a long fucking way.

Global warming has made the sea level in New York rise (since 2005) to the point where it's fucking up the new subway station. I'm sure John Boener will rush right over there to patch it up and apologize for his science-denier stance.

Still haven't heard back on the Spider short-story I wrote with my protege. He will be sad if it's not chosen. I wish I could tell him one way or the other. Of course, he doesn't answer my Emails either, so maybe I'll never have to break the uneventful news. :-/

Anderson Cooper is gay. Daily Beast had a wonderful article about his reasons for not coming out until now, and his reasons for coming out in general. It made me like him a bit more than I already did--which was substantial.

True Blood is boring as shit. Either kill Sookie or end this thing. It's like they're competing with That 70's Show in how many people they can have the cute girl sleep with while not actually widening her circle of friends. A Tara and Pam storyline, I do not need.
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Got a hit back from a recruiter for a TV writing gig. Yay! It's more like a multimedia Tweeting thing. They seem like a cool company, and the kind of thing I'll be bummed later if I don't get in on now. So I'm going to prepare a sample thingy for them tomorrow.
They seem to be looking for coverage for shows I don't watch. Like my current gig, it was a long time before I didn't feel like I was lying by pretending to know about shit I know nothing about. I won't have that kind of settle-in time for this. It'll be sink or swim right outta the box. Still, it's on my short list of dream jobs. Imma go for it.

Tap shoe funding drive will begin this weekend. I'd guess, on Sunday.

I'm pretty impressed that I wrote, edited, and submitted two short stories this month. One of them I love, and the other one I like and think is pretty good. The latter is the one I wrote with my protege. I am not a great collaborator.
He's a great kid though. I hope it gets accepted. He'll be so stoked.

Haven't put together my Finster packet yet. Been slacking, as is my habit. I will prepare my tip sheet and a draft of a cover letter before I go to bed tonight. I don't have to work later than 6pm at the day-job this week, or probably ever again because we changed our hours.

I'm sure by now you all know about the naked guy who was eating someone's face and they shot him and he kept eating it so they had to shoot him some more? Yeah, so that happened. Zombie this and that blah blah. They haven't reached MI yet, which means it's not zombies. Though I'm sure whatever you do with bath salts to get high will soon be as popular as the vodka-soaked tampon or the martini glass full of Corocidin DX.
What else would you expect from the city Dexter works in?

In short:
Game of Thrones has kicked ass this season. Last week was intense! I want to marry Tyrion, right after I get bizay with the King of the North.
Stewart and Colbert are back tonight. Thank the gods.
I haven't really been recording Sunday Night FOX these days. I have a bunch on the DVR, but never seem to have a free day to spend putting them onto discs, cutting out the commercials and such. I've been doing this for years and years, and have about 35 VHS's full of old Sunday Night FOX shows, South Park and stuff. I just don't watch cartoons like I used to. *sigh*


May. 25th, 2012 12:03 pm
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Most of you know that I'm large with the Fat Acceptance. (Ha! Pun)
To me, this essentially means that the size of my body does not permit anyone to treat me like less of a human. By fat-haters own admission, I'm a lot more person than many of them.

Ragen Chastain, who is something of a hero of mine, is a dancer. A large, lovely dancer, and activist, and writer, and speaker. She suggests that fat people make it a point to be seen out in the world doing athletic things, dancing joyfully, wearing revealing clothing, or just generally doing things you'd like to do without carrying body shame around with you. I'm into that.

HAES thinking has allowed me to work on strength training. It is almost June, and I am stronger, more flexible, and have better balance than I did on January 1st of this year. I don't talk about diet or exercise very much, because it's boring, private, and to my mind--akin to posting about what an impressive shit I had. But I have been working on myself from a desire to feel awesome rather than a desire to change myself so assholes will be less assholish to me. I'm seeing results that I am happy with. The switch from delicious cheeseburgers to delicious sushi hasn't hurt either.

With that in mind.
Wait for it....

I want new tap shoes. I used to tap as a teenager. I did not entirely suck at it, but didn't dance as well as I could have out of self-consciousness and a general feeling that I looked awful. My mom was my main--what's the opposite of a cheerleader? I don't even know, tormentor will work I guess. But it's not like my mom was the only person who was shitty to me about my weight--I have a good brother and a mean brother, don't forget. And I went to school. Remember school? Yeah...bully smorgasboard.

I want to tap again. And I want to post vids of myself doing it. I want to open myself up to the ridicule of the internets (I did this once before when I allowed a vid of me reading at an FA event to be posted in a bunch of places. I braced for impact, but it never came), if only to confirm that it's them not me.

Can't really afford new tap shoes. I'm actually considering doing one of those online donation dealies to get $200 together to invest in a really good pair of tap shoes, and a set of regular taps, and double taps. As a zombie fan, double taps are essential. LOL and Ha! I have to get awesome shoes, because if I hurt myself--well, I don't want to hurt myself. I sit around watching TV and complaining when I am feeling poorly.

In other news, I'm having a surprise visit with my young protege today. We're working on a Spider-flavored short story that will be submitted to an anthology next week. I'd love for him to share a professional writing credit with me.
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You may have heard about the latest asshat preacher who worships his kind and loving god by telling his parishoners who he thinks should be rounded up and imprisoned until they "eventually die out." No, it's not the murderers, pedophile priests, crooked bankers who steal old people's retirement monies, it's no one at Bain capitol, or even Kony (Remember him? He was really evil a few months ago). No...these foul, loathsome beasts are none other than--you guessed it! The GayWads.

But it's not the GayWads that I want to talk about today.
Last night, Anderson *swoon* Cooper invited members of this douchebag's congregation to talk to him about why they support such a hateful pastor. A woman volunteered to be on AC360. I want to reiterate that--this woman VOLUNTEERED to speak to him. And here she is:

Now granted, plenty of people are openly mocking her viewpoints (and her size, but that's another matter entirely). But she seemed to think it was a good idea to defend a pastor who said that "all the gay people" should be "rounded up and put behind an electrified fence" and given food (unlike a few stories who said he wanted to starve them) "until they all die out."

Seriously, how does a person stand up and proudly proclaim this as a faith?
How does a person grab a microphone and state how an act of hatred and dicketry would improve our country and make us better people?
Why are people so goddamn proud of being ignorant, dishonest (this chick doesn't give a single straight answer the whole time--just trotting out buzz words and not actually saying anything) and just generally hateful?
Seriously, why the fuck can't people think through this and get over it already?
I really don't understand why anyone clings to ignorance.
And it's making me hate my countrymen.

In better news, I have a whole week off once I leave work tonight--which will be in less than 1 hour. I'm gonna pound out that short story about Spiders that I'm writing with my Protege. I'm not a very good collaborator on creative projects. I'm sort of a control freak. But a 9-year-old kid is just Milhousesque enough that he lets me do my thing and makes a ton of cool suggestions for me to incorporate.
I'm also going to put my packet together for The Finster Effect. I'm toying with the idea of giving it away for free for a day or two, then submitting it to publishers. Am I allowed to do that? I don't even know. I don't see why not... But yeah, I'm putting that shit together, because it's stupid not to.

Funnily, I was testing my Simpsons Trivia skill on the internets lately. I'm not as good as I used to be. In fact, my encyclopediac knowledge of Simpsons starts to fizzle around the end of 2004. Turns out, that's the same exact time that I started trying to be a professional writer. Seems that the first thing to go was the hours and hours I spend rewatching cartoons.
Compared to most of you losers though, my Simpsons Trivia skills are still totally badass.
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Today is day-one of my 3-day day-job work week. It's also my first day back after the Happy working at the day-job for five years dinner H and I attended on Saturday. I think I committed a faux pas by not shaking hands or hugging the owners of the company. There are 3 guys in the same family that run this place: one whom I like very much, one who introduced himself to me like we'd never met--three and a half years into my tenure with the company, and one who I've never spoken to at all. The guy I like left early, leaving me with the awkward choice of pretending I enjoy people I don't know, or taking my present (everybody got the same present) and sitting the hell back down. I chose the latter.
Amazingly enough, H got the night off to accompany me. I like showing him off. I seem much more together and professional with a chap like H on my arm. He's my trophy husband, except I don't intend to trade him in for a younger model.

Wearing my suave new blue Nike's today. I love Nike's, and love it even more when I find some for under $70. These are comfy, correct my pronation, and are badass looking.

Finished my first of 2 short stories that are due this month. The second one, I'm writing with my 9-year-old protege. It's about spiders, and will be scary as fuck. Or in kid language, scary as heck, really REALLY scary, or Gosh-Darn scary!

Criminal Minds season finale meets Doctor Who humor? Love it.
Love everything about it. That said, I'm annoyed that Garcia and Kevin don't seem to be together. I want them to get married and be the Danny DeVito and Rea Perlman of our generation--the Anges Depesto and Creepy-Guy from Ghost, if you will...the quirky couple that is obviously goddamn perfect for each other---like the Wednes and H of crime drama.

Watched the 2011 remake of Jane Eyre. It was pretty great. I adore that story no matter what, but in this version there's not a lot of the Brockelhurst villainy and not much of Jane as a young girl at all. St John was portrayed as a huge douchebag in this version when she decides not to marry him. Even worse than in the Masterpiece Theatre version--which is severe. The film had some really funny moments, and Judy Dench as Mrs Fairfax was inspired!

In Game of Thrones News, fuck you, Theon Greyjoy. You are a complete coward and a runty little shit with a giant chip on your shoulder. Tonks should have killed you while you were sleeping!
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"I find it to be my biggest struggle--to figure out how to be medicated enough to function but still have some semblance of my personality, and access to my insanity for when I need to write something. Insanity is a door, and I can't have it completely closed and locked for fear of being trapped in normalcy. THAT would be FAR scarier than anything my illness could dish out."

--Me, on how I'm actually getting some shit done today for the first time in about 2 weeks.

For those of you dying to see a pic of my undead protege,
I'm just gonna leave this here.
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Picked up an extra shift at the day-job this week to cover for someone attending a funeral. What am I gonna say? No, I don't feel like it even though my plan was to stay home, relax and dick around on the computer? Possibly, but I didn't. I could use the scratch. I need to order new magnet bracelets since my good one broke (after over a decade) and my pretty ones aren't really strong enough. I got another pretty one that is stronger, and a super-dooper-uber-strong one that will top out at around 4000 gauss. Mmmmm...gauss. I realize that I am a great believer in a few medical things, like magnets and EMDR, that a lot of people assume are bunk.
Magnets, for example, are sold as being miracle cures. They aren't. They don't lower your blood pressure, stress level, or give you an enhanced state of being. But they have helped me through some awful pains. I first used them to take down the swelling in an abcessed molar. If you've never had the displeasure, it's like a throbbing kidney stone in your mouth. Magnets did the trick--I didn't even care how absurd they looked taped to my face. These days, they curb the carpal/cubital tunnel pain.

The "ENTER" key on my keyboard at work sticks terribly.
I find it irksome.

This weekend I'm hanging out with my new buddy, a little kid I'll refer to as G-man. G-man is the child of a chick I went to college with. His family is Mormon. He is a certified genius and a huge fan of all things horror. He came out to Ann Arbor a while back to record a short story for me--and was great. I think he's 9, though he might be 10. Anyway, he's coming over on Saturday and sleeping over in H's office. We're gonna talk horror, maybe record some more fiction, and watch whatever horror I have that is swear-free and hopefully won't scar the kid for life. I'm thinking of showing him Night of the Living Bread, maybe a few original Twilight Zone eps, and either the original Dracula or Frankenstein.

I'm also taking suggestions on stuff that is quality horror but can still be shown to a kid with religious parents. The original JAWS should be fine if he hasn't already seen it. Apparently, he loves megalodons.

Still chipping away at this med situation. Doubling my dosage tonight of the Celexa. Here's hoping it won't make me more tired than I already am. My appointment with my regular doc and psyche doc together is supposed to be next Thursday, but I just found out I have to work. I'm hoping I can get that figured out, since I can't get another refill until I see both docs together. I do feel a lot less tense, angry, and worried about stuff. But I'm tired and not getting very much work done. It's so hard finding a balance...

And finally, this Friday the 13th is the giant, enormo, FREE Kindle giveaway for A Stabbing for Sadie. ONE DAY ONLY, BITCHES! I don't have H's fly graphic with me at work, but please do tell everyone you've ever known. Graphic will be up by tomorrow. Honest.

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