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Still looking for work, and have a few leads.

Got hipped to a gig writing short SEO articles for a company servicing a variety of clients. Got approved right away, and found that for a chance to earn $8, all I'd have to do is:
--Research an entire industry to get a baseline of what that industry is, how the competition works, and why businesses or citizens totally need this.
--Research the types of articles this client likes, and what they don't.
--Write an article of about 400 words that is unlike anything they've received before, or like anything their competitors are doing.
--Learn the silly, non-intuitive interface that doesn't allow me to write with a real goddamn word processor and then cut/paste.
--Make edits to "fix" things the client forgot to mention they want/don't want.
If, after all that, the article gets accepted, I make $8 that I can get paid after I make enough $8's to achieve the minimum payout of $100.
Seriously? People actually work like that? And you can't just research one industry and write about it, because you can only submit one article to a client at a time.

Guess I didn't realize how lucky I was writing 4-12 articles per month for the same client who pays five cents a word and requires only minimal research after the baseline. Oh, to still have that terrible wallpaper client!!!

Was invited to write Marvel articles I am in no way qualified to write, because I stopped reading comic books in the 90's and only watch Marvel stuff now.

Was invited to appear on HuffPo live again. Declined. Not only do I have no interest in doing TV or vids (after that bullshit appearance on Thom Hartmann show), but HuffPo runs ads for fracking, and can therefore kiss my ass.

Was invited to do ghostwriting for eBooks. That's where you write an entire goddamn book, and someone else takes credit for it after giving you a minimum payment. The icing on that cake was that they wanted me to write diet books "because you know so much about them." Yeah, that's how I found out that they were bullshit.

Question: What kind of tablet is best for word processing, editing, and the like? I probably won't be typing drafts on it, but will want to do editing that way. I want to hear from people who actually do this. Is 7" too small? It seems like it would be. Is the Kindle fire fast and responsive enough for this? I need the wisdom of the experienced before I buy one.

With the extra time I've had on my hands, I've watched a few things:
Spiders (2013) Meh. This had better production values than I was expecting, and was pretty scary in parts. Ultimately though, the writing was lacking.
The Host (2012) Been meaning to watch this forever. Pretty good, but not great.
House of Cards (2013-present) Holy shit, this was awesome. I don't think I'd ever seen a Kevin Spacey sex scene before. Also, Princess Buttercup turned into a terrible person (except during the last moment of S3--WOW!!)
Dead Snow (2010) & Dead Snow 2 (2014). Enormous, tremendous fun.
Attack on Titan: Wow, this was gruesome as shit. Loved it.

Still reviewing Bates Motel, and it's still badass. Penny Dreadful and Game of Thrones are both coming up. Can you believe I almost ditched reviewing GoT so I'd have more time for Puckermob (those fuckers!). SO glad I procrastinated on that.
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On the advice of the internets and H, I finally went to the goddamn doctor to talk about the goddamn depression that's been plaguing me all goddamn winter. It goddamn helped, a little. They suggested all sorts of pills, including many that I've tried before: Wellbutrin (makes me manic), Abilify (gives me crazy high blood sugar), Zyprexa (causes weight gain), and Latuda. That one is new, and is an anti-psychotic used for both schizophrenia and bi-polar. If I can afford it, I'm gonna give it a whirl. Because it's new, it won't be available as a generic. So I have no idea how much my insurance will cover and what the copay will be. Guess I'll find out soon enough.
It's always scary to take a new med though, I really super don't want to get manic.

Work is still tenuous. Still writing SEO and sex articles, and a bunch of new seasons are starting up for Geekbinge reviews. I was *holds up finger and thumb* THIS close to giving up 1-2 midseason shows so I'd have time to write more articles for the goddamn place that just fired all their goddamn freelancers. So very glad I dragged my feet on that one. I'd have been seriously kicking myself.

I did learn a valuable lesson about putting up with crap. Never again will I tolerate someone editing my author pic without my permission. Nor will I, for fuck's sake, tolerate an editor changing my byline without my say so. Can you even imagine changing someone's name without even telling them. "Wednesday Lee"?!? What the ever loving fuck?!?

Still looking for another writing gig. It's been almost 2 weeks, which I know is not a long time in the grand scheme of job searching. But damn, I'm ready to get back into it. I do have a few irons in a few fires, so we'll see what ends up bursting into flames, I guess.

Some Things

Feb. 9th, 2015 05:25 am
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Posting spoilers for any show, especially within 24 hours of the first airing, makes you a dick. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you? #LadyStoneheart, bitches.

Bavarian creme is not the same as custard creme. People who make paczkis should know this already. Still, that's good paczkis.

Law articles today. I do find it funny that I even get paid to do that, given that I've never even taken the LSAT, let alone a law class.

Getting a free review copy of Rosewater. Stoked.
If any locals want to have a viewing party, let me know.

Still not sure what I'm getting H for Val's day. Whatever it is, it probably won't be here on time.

Kickstarter is lagging so far despite a great project and kickass perks. Little help?

Watched Birdman last night. Wow, even going in with high expectations, it was great. Kind of a Noises Off meets Rope meets a wrenching black comedy. Plus, Ed Norton.
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After much cajoling and craziness, The Horror Within Kickstarter is up and running. I've supported plenty of things at Kickstarter over the years, so it's my hope that all that good karma will help me now. Yes, I realize I'm referring to a bogus, Americanized version of karma--still, I'm hoping for it.

After one day, we're just shy of the 5% mark. I've sent a few press releases out, and plan to send a bunch more now that we're live. Here's the link to donate!

If you can't afford to donate, that's cool. Why not talk it up to your friends and wealthy relatives? Mention how much I love horror and how I have a goodly amount of experience running a magazine. Talk about how important it is to support indie horror, Women in Horror, and to find undiscovered talent and share their stories with horror fans everywhere. I think I have strong skill in editing and polishing stories to bring out their terror and beauty, and I can't wait to get back in the habit of putting out new issues regularly.

Here's our vid. Music is by Peter Alway:

Wish me luck!
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This is a reprint from 2011. Enjoy!

Top Ten Non-Weapons that YOU need for Home Zombie Defense.

If you're anything like me, you've had a zombie preparedness plan in place for some time. You know where you're going to go, who and what you're going to take—and who you're going to leave behind. You may even have a bag packed, or a small stock of food and weaponry. It's okay…I won't tell. And you shouldn't either—or you're just asking to be looted.
As the zombie genre and its fans mature, the need for increased zombie preparedness grows. Unlimited food, weaponry, and toilet paper just aren't enough any more. Thanks to the proliferation of zombie culture—many of your neighbors are now also planning to hold up in the bowling alley, the local jail, military base, or super Wal*mart. To survive and thrive, you've GOT to stay ahead of the zombies, and more importantly, ahead of anyone in the same predicament as you. Hint: that's pretty much everyone.
The best thing may just be to hold up in your own home for as long as you can. If you decide to do that, there are some necessary items that you should have on hand, ten, in fact. These are not necessarily listed in order of importance. You really do need all ten.

#10 Water Purification Tablets. Sure, you'll probably have what you think is plenty of stored water in your basement. You'll be amazed how fast it goes. The average person needs at least 8 glasses of water a day. Even cutting that in half, a family of four will need over 100 litres of water for just one month. Since you have NO IDEA how long you might be staying inside, you will need to be able to purify the water from your tap. If you have city water, it will be undrinkable within 12 hours of the electrical grid going down—unless you are armed with purification tabs. Get a bunch, they last forever.

#9 Dehydrated Food. This is kind of a no-brainer. You will likely have plenty of canned and non-perishables around your house. But again, you don't know how long you might be there. Ideally, you'll want at least one year's worth of food for your entire group. Be sure to include astronaut ice cream and tactical bacon, both available from the good people at

#8 First-Aid. Again, this is sort of a no-brainer in that you probably already have some kind of emergency medical kit in your home or vehicle. To withstand zombies and the collapse of society, you'll want to be well stocked. Be sure to have a large and plentiful assortment of bandages, cotton, splints and gauze. You'll need rubbing alcohol, peroxide, and a few different kinds of pain killers, germ fighters, bismuth, hot and cold packs, and smelling salts. Think in terms of a severely injured person that you've got to either make travel-ready—or leave behind. You cannot be too prepared. Bonus points for sedatives and alertness pills. Do NOT use caffeine in an apocalyptic situation.

#7 Vitamins. Even if you have a good supply of food and hydration, you will almost certainly need a boost. D vitamins in case you can't go outside, C in case there's no fruit left, B's to keep you peppy and alert, and A because carrots taste disgusting. Note: many vits have more of everything than you actually need. Read the label, but it's often perfectly fine to cut them in half.

#6 Fire. At some point, you will need to make a fire. Lighters will last a while, matches will last longer. Flints and accelerants are also good to have. If there's any sunlight at all, a magnifying glass is your best renewable source of fire—if you can refrain from breaking it Burgess Meredith style.

#5 Fire Extinguisher. If you're making fire, you will also need plenty of ways to put out said fire if it becomes unruly. Water should never be used for grease, electrical, or chemical fires. Instead, have on hand a blanket, some dry flour, salt/sand, and one or more of each grade of commercial extinguisher. This is another way in which your hidey hole cannot be too well outfitted. Nothing ruins a perfectly good shelter like an uncontrolled blaze.

#4 Eternal flashlight. Do I even need to explain this one? It will sometimes be dark. You will need to see. You may or may not have batteries. Thirty seconds of shaking will give you ten minutes of light. Repeat as necessary.

#3 Wind-up Radio. Not only will this keep you somewhat informed, but it may also keep you from going completely insane and murdering whoever is holding up with you. AM/FM is good. AM/FM/CB is much better. Just be very, VERY careful about giving away your position.

#2 Aloe Plant. This may not save your life, but it will make you a whole lot more comfortable if you experience a burn, a rash, or find yourself without a toothbrush for more than say, two days. Aloe is a miracle healing plant with so many marvelous properties that you should probably avail yourself of them even if you aren't expecting zombies any time soon.

#1 Love. Yes, that's corny. But you know what? The most likely thing to keep you from committing suicide (actively or passively) is a good, solid reason to live. A solitary life is no kind of life at all. If there's no one you like enough to repopulate the Earth with—why not try meeting a few new people while you're out stockpiling triple-ply TP and Pringles that you hope will last as long as Twinkies. After all, the only thing that makes us human is our humanity.


Jan. 8th, 2015 06:25 am
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You know how sometimes things start going so well that you become utterly assured that your entire world is about to go up in flames? Things have been going pretty well lately. Nothing major, but enough has been going right that I feel like I've actually got a handle on this writing-for-a-living business. Translating that, it means that taking a chance on myself and the idea that I might actually have some talent and marketable skill at this basically goes against everything I was raised to believe.

Even more recently, things have been going so well in one particular area that I'm wondering if I'm not falling into some kind of John Grisham situation. I feel valued, appreciated, and fairly (if not overly) compensated for what I'm doing. So naturally, I feel like Gene Hackman is going to suddenly show up to let me know that they're all onto me, the jig is up, and that I'm not fooling anyone.

Hopefully everything will be ready for the Kickstarter to go live on Saturday. I'm still waiting to get bio stuff from our artist.'s your week going?

In case you're interested, here are some articles of mine that are doing well. Weirdly, the share counts appear much lower than they are.

60 Modern Reads You Should Get to Before Age 30. Um, because the target audience is millenials.

Tom Mison of FOX's Sleepy Hollow: The TV hero we never saw coming.

A Friend Request from My High School Bully? WTF Do I do Now?

Why Gotham's Penguin is our fave new TV villain

10 Reasons Porn is Good for You.

How Society Benefits from Access to Pornography.
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This interview is from 2011, and was the first interview I did for Zombie Zone News that left me a little starstruck. C'mon, it's Craig Spector--who co-edited those awesome Book of the Dead zombie anthos, in addition to being a kickass writer in his own *ahem* write. ;-)

So, cut for length, here is my interview with Craig Spector )
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Livin' with Steve. Zombie-based humor is huge these days, which is to say, there's a lot of it. I enjoy a good Zomcom as much as the next guy—with emphasis on good. You gotta have a solid script, some genuine laughs, an enthusiastic cast, and some compelling scenes of undead carnage. The Australian web series Livin' with Steve provides just that. Livin' with Steve is seven animated episodes of yuk-worthy chomping sitcom action.

The premise is simple: Buddies Nate (a living human) and Steve (not so much) hang out, have fun, and try to make the rent before they get booted out of their home. Nate doesn't seem to notice that his roommate is smellier and cannibalistic than most—leading the audience to wonder who the smart one actually is. Levi George wears many hats on this project: Writer, Animator, Director, and Producer. He holds a degree in Multimedia Studies, and an advanced degree in 3D animation. I found him possessed of an enchanting combination of wit, passion, and badass horror cred. It was great to be able to ask him a few questions on behalf of ZZN.

WLF/ZZN: Hey Levi, thanks for taking the time to answer our Q's. Let's start with an easy one. Why zombies?

No problem! Zombies are slow, emotionally numb, flip into violent rages and are completely detached from reality. It kind of mirrors parts of my university years. The idea for Livin' with Steve came from that thought.

WLF/ZZN: Livin' with Steve is pretty funny. Are you trying to use humor lull living people into a false sense of security in re: the zombie invasion?

Believe me, the impending zombie invasion is nothing to be laughed about and if we appear to be making light of it with Livin' with Steve then I sincerely apologize. Having said that, I have seen countless zombie films that show the zombie apocalypse in the same bleak way. We thought it would be fun to show a zombie apocalypse from the perspective of an oblivious teenager who is too caught up in his own issues to notice the horror unfolding around him.

WLF/ZZN: Steve is undead and ravenous when we meet him. Will we ever learn anything about his life as a living person?

We have our own unofficial back story of how Nate and Steve became friends and what Steve was like before he became a zombie. For some reason I think it's funnier if we never really explain it though. We have a few very small clues hidden in the season that suggest Nate and Steve's past. Maybe we will explore it in the second season.

WLF/ZZN: Nate's obliviousness kind of reminds me of Jon from Garfield. When you remember that cats don’t talk, Jon looks totally batsh*t. Can we assume then, that Nate is totally batsh*t as well?

Absolutely. Nate is a completely deluded individual who desperately clings onto the fantasy that his best friend is a wise cracking and loyal person, not a blood-thirsty corpse. We go into how crazy Nate can be in episode 6 when he replaces his zombie best friend Steve with a sock puppet.

WLF/ZZN: Please tell us about the animation process.

Animation is a lengthy process. Most episodes took around 2 weeks to digitally animate. We would basically split the shots between 4 animators and we would work ourselves into the ground getting them done. It takes around 1 day to complete a few seconds of animation. They whole production, from writing it to the final edit took from July to December of 2011.

WLF/ZZN: The theme song is short and to the point. Who's the singer?

The singer is a very talented friend of ours called Cam Blokland (Who was also the voice of Steve). He was actually my guitar teacher for a few years when I was in high school.

WLF/ZZN: Are you concerned at all about the sanitation issues that might arise if zombies are permitted to work in food service, as in Episode 2?

The consequences of zombies working in food catering is well established in our series. That was the main reason we wanted to make Livin' with Steve. We have been a little subtle with the message so let me be very clear:
Fast Food Managers--I know it's tempting to hire zombies instead of people to work for your restaurant (as we show in Episode 5) but ultimately they will just spread the virus to customers. Unless your restaurant/pie stall serves human flesh (as we show in episode 2) this will, in the long term, lead to; people having their eyes gouged with hammers, (Episode 1), their faces torn off (Episode 3), their pets being zombified (Episode 4), and your face being shoved in a deep fryer (Episode 5).

WLF/ZZN: Episode 3 (Bitelight) cracked me up—but I'm puzzled. Do you think people actually ARE judged by the company they keep?

If you're a snooty actor, probably. Although I think if you are friends with Nate it would probably reflect badly on anyone.

WLF/ZZN: How has your work on Livin' with Steve impacted your own zombie survival plan?

Livin' with Steve is a great guide for exactly what NOT to do in a zombie outbreak. Nate lives with a zombie. He wanders the streets alone. He unwittingly feeds pies infected with the zombie virus to people's pets.

WLF/ZZN: Ep 3 also contains a spectacular REC reference. Should we be looking for other homages to well-known zombie media?

Livin' with Steve is packed full of references to zombie and horror movies. See if you can spot references to; Re-Animator, Night, Dawn, Day, The Ring, Left 4 Dead, The Exorcist, The Walking Dead, Friday the 13th and plenty more. If you spot a reference to something then leave a comment on the episode. Think of it like a very nerdy Where's Wally (or Where's Waldo as I am told it is called in the USA).

WLF/ZZN: Is your cast made up of professional actors? Please tell us about them.

For a long time we were considering Tom Cruise for the part of Nate. Ultimately he decided to do Mission Impossible 4, which we tried to tell him was a mistake. I bet he regrets it now. The cast is made up of local actors from Adelaide. They are Buddy Dawson who plays Nate. Cam Blokland (who also composed the music) as Steve and Chad Molynex, who was also one of the animators as various other roles. We got Australian Actor/Journalist/Comedian John Safran to voice the radio announcer in episode 6, which was a huge thrill for us.

WLF/ZZN: Are Steve and Nate inspired by anyone in particular?

Steve isn't really based on anyone, he doesn't really have a personality being a zombie and all. I always thought Nate is probably all the worst parts of my teenage self rolled into one. He treats his life like he is in a TV show and is completely uninterested in the world around him.

WLF/ZZN: Who are your favorite contemporary purveyors of zombie culture?

I absolutely love Edgar Wright, the director of Shaun of the Dead. I'm very fond of Paco Plaza who was one of the brains behind the REC series. Robert Kirkman (the creator of The Walking Dead) and Max Brooks (The Zombie Survival Guide) are also brilliant.

WLF/ZZN: Before we close, do you have any advice you'd like to share with young animators?

Find a group of people to work with and keep animating. Also get used to avoiding the outdoors, girls, and money.

WLF/ZZN: Thanks so much, Levi!
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Skipping this week's ZZN repost mainly because I'm just not feeling it. The new site I'm writing for is giving me "share post" overload, because I'm constantly being asked to share posts for the dozen+ new articles I'm writing every week.

Now for the obligatory statement that all this paid work is taking time away from my fiction. I'm pulling out an old manuscript to work on soon. Wish I had a tablet on which I could edit it--like an electronic notebook. If my kickstarter works out the way I want it to, I may be able to do just that.

The birthday party was awesome. Lots of people showed up, and spaced themselves out well enough that we were only rarely low on seating. I actually drank some booze at the party--some stuff friends brought that's made from grapes (liquor, not wine) and tasted like a yummy cross between rum and tequila, if you can imagine such a thing. Trifle was awesome, bean dip was fine but nothing to write home about. Great crowd--plus my brother got me The Walking Dead Monopoly game that came with a MacFarlane figure of The Governor. It even has two heads--a one eyed and a regular. Neat!

All done with Under the Bed magazine as of now. Hoping to have the vid done for the Horror Within Kickstarter done by the 15th of this month.
Wish me luck!


Oct. 31st, 2014 12:08 am
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That hilarious moment when someone who SWEARS they don't have your Email password and would NEVER use it to intrude on your correspondences pops a friggin gasket at the fact that Email passwords have been changed.

Um, how do you even know I changed it if you weren't trying to use it?
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Livejournal has taken it upon themselves to supercede my carefully chosen colors and layout and replaced it with some bullshit that looks like Twitter merged with Wordpress then incorporated Facebook's advertising policy. It's hideous, and I honestly don't know if I'll be able to read my feed there with any sort of regularity. God DAMN it's ugly.

While I'm here, congrats to [profile] absinthofheart on the new addition to their family. It will be fun for me to know there's another baby around that I can see for an extremely short time before handing it back to their rightful guardians.

JoJo is still licking himself like mad, and still has bald patches between his legs, and on the backs of his front legs. It upsets me to see it, and upsets me further that there doesn't seem to be anything wrong. It seems like if he had a rash, or (Zod forbid) fleas, that both cats would have them. I plugged in one of those expensive Feliway diffusers. After five weeks though, I'm not seeing an improvement. His demeanor is fine, maybe a little more chill (which I think might be the diffuser). He's eating and eliminating fine, and his nose is chilly and damp. A vet-tech couldn't find anything wrong with him. So I don't know what to do. Fie!
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Feeling pretty awesome right now.
Not so much because I'm doing great things, but because I'm trying my very best to do great things.

I feel better physically when I exercise. Instead of just knowing that and making excuses for why I'm not doing it--I'm doing it and feeling it and it's all good.

Ditto money making, being awake when the sun is out, cooking proper food daily, and a few other things that are making me feel utterly amazing.

Also spending much less time on the internet, stopped with the click-bait and "news" articles meant mainly to enrage rather than inform.

In the back of my mind, I'm wondering what emotional tragedy or anxiety ridden thing will happen to throw a spanner in the works.
For now though, it's all pretty good.
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I'm bummed to admit that my new short story will not come together in time for the submission deadline. This sucks. I thought about that story for a really long time, and was quite taken with the concept. But it just never came together and was a horrific exercise in typing and deleting, typing and deleting, and wondering why I think I can even be a writer in the first place.
You know, the usual stuff.

Trying to find another new gig. Also going to be doing tarot readings via Skype or Google chat. That'll be fun and good brain exercise even if it's not especially lucrative. Do hit me up if you're interested. First timers get a full reading for only $10. After that, it's $20.

JoJo is still licking bald patches into his skin. There's no infection, and he eats a varied diet so I don't think it's a vitamin deficiency.

Also, I need to see a tax professional. Can anybody recommend a good one?

How come criminals don't use brightly colored, jet propelled knockout gas anymore? Life would be so much more whimsical. I'd much prefer that we all carried that instead of guns.
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I'm nearing the one year anniversary of my involvement with the mag. Granted, the first issue of Under the Bed didn't go live until August, but I started working for eFiction in June, and put out the last issue of eHorror before I magically transformed it into what it is today.

The first year was incredibly stressful, no doubt exacerbated by my own incompetence, the insane amount of pressure I was putting on myself, and my habit of grossly exaggerating the expected returns. Just like when I first got published, I presumed I'd make enough money the first year to buy a new computer. Without embarrassing us all with the actual numbers, let's just say, I haven't.

But you know, my first year at Shar was pretty terrible. I was in way over my head, having slightly exaggerated my own musical knowledge. After that, it got a lot better--which is to say, I got way better at it. I became more confident in the knowledge I did have, and better able to compensate for the stuff I didn't know. After that, I just kept on learning things until I decided I didn't like them anymore.

My first year of college was also difficult. When I got there, I was so incredibly scared and intimidated, I didn't eat for almost 3 days because I didn't want to be seen in the cafeteria alone. It got better though, as everything seems to if I stick it out long enough.

So I guess that's the pattern. The first year of anything worthwhile will probably suck. My first year with H didn't suck, but there was a definite learning curve. I had no idea how to treat someone who was always kind and respectful to me, or how to manage a healthy relationship. That took at least a year, presuming that I've learned it now. ;-)

I guess the question is, what should I do next? I'm def gonna stick it out with the magazine, for as long as my computer allows it, at least. It's maddeningly slow at times, but it's still chugging right along. But I'm thinking of doing some self-publishing since I actually seem to know how. I haven't been writing much fiction, and I really need to be working on Millicent Mixter. I'm writing that one using Scrivener. That's a sweet program, though I wish it had some color adjust options. Black on White is not a great color scheme for me.

How and When I learned *Computers* )That's funny, because I don't even have an iPhone.


Apr. 8th, 2014 06:48 am
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Made a few adjustments to my Goodreads advertisements. In the space of one week, I literally increased my views ten times, and my clicks five times. Did not expect so dramatic an increase. I thought small targeting of specific readers would be better for me, but maybe not. I guess I'll have to wait and see if it translates into sales.

Still trying to chase down more freelance work. Know anybody who needs SEO, blogs, or anything I'm good tell. Geekbinge site has been wonky lately, but I'm told it will be fixed soon.

Did I already mention that Under the Bed is going to print? Yes, I'm told it will be this summer, so we shall see. I'm guessing that issues will be right around $10. Won't that be fun?

Got an extension on my taxes, and am going to file my Michigan return on paper. Turbo Tax is just too expensive for me now that I'm freelancing, which sucks, because now is when I really need the good version. I just can't pay an extra $170 on top of the $350 or so I owe the gub-mint. Being poor blows. Too bad I plumb forgot to be rich.


Apr. 5th, 2014 08:00 pm
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If there's one thing that sucks about being a freelancer, it's figuring out your taxes. I have waiting until the last minute again, thinking I could just spend a few hours with Turbo Tax and it would all be jake. No dice.

Last year, I claimed a bunch of expenses: advertising, website costs, cable and internet bill, office supplies. Plus we had plenty of medical expenses since I was still paying off the CPAP and getting prescriptions and stuff. State-wise, I was due for a phat refund. But when I told TurboTax that H was probably going to claim me, the refund vanished.

When I later learned that H did not claim me, (or any of our expenses) I was pretty bummed. I had no idea you could go back later and make changes. This year, I vowed to go back to TurboTax and amend my previous return before working on this years. But wait--in order to amend last year's return, the site said I had to download a program (some 2012 version of their site) and install it. That sounded punk as fuck, but whatever, it was a big refund and I really need a new computer.

But wait--what's this?
It seems the program is ONLY available for Windows. So now if I want to amend my return, I'd have to partition my hard drive, score a copy of Windows, and install it before I could even get started. Bullshit. I'm not doing it.

So...I made an appointment at HR Block even though they'll probably be more expensive. But if I go there, I also have to have print outs of receipts for everything. But it's all online or in a folder on my computer. So I'd have to go to Kinkos (paying for another cab) just to print everything out. It's all an enormous pain in my ass.

I complained on Turbo Tax Facebook page, since that generally gets me better results than contacting customer service (and because the comments on my page just annoyed me further), and someone said they want to help. I PM'd them, and am waiting to hear back. Like I said...annoyance!
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I'd be willing to bet my last $5 that the chick at Terminus is a cannibal--or possibly the leader of a cannibal cabal.
That's why she's inviting people to go there. That's why she was grilling meat when they arrived. That's why she's played by Denise Crosby--because as far as I know, she's only played one non-asshatted character ever.

In other news, I'll be really happy when people stop trying to get Stephen Colbert fired. If one tweet by someone who isn't even him as convinced you that he's nothing more than a hateful bigot who deserves to have his platform taken away, I daresay that you could stand to clean your loop a bit better before turning on your TV. And if you haven't even seen the episode, kindly STFU until you do. No uninformed opinions plz.

Yes, people have a right to be offended at things they don't like. When shit offends me I usually have plenty to say about it. Nobody is being "too sensitive," IMO, and people trying to silence this woman are being just as myopic as she is.
But--not only was the tweet a reference to earlier mocking of racial insensitivity, but it wasn't even written by SC himself. Sure, people have every right to be offended, even outraged, if that's what their misunderstanding of the situation leads them to believe. That doesn't make it true, or reflective of Colbert's intentions.
A few people have explained to me that intentions don't matter if people('s feelings) are being hurt. This is where you lose me. If everyone who uses a certain word is always a certain way--aren't George Carlin and Lenny Bruce also total racists who "don't care about the pain they inflict?" If intentions don't matter, why do people want hate crime laws. NOTE: I do not support hate crimes legislation--not because I think hate crime is awesome, but because I think we should punish people for their actions, not their thoughts.

Hurt feelings necessitate an apology, and perhaps further discussion that leads to greater understanding on both sides. Trying to silence those with whom you disagree--instead of making your case and engaging in fair discussion--is just pointless posturing, just competing to be the Decider.

Maybe we could entertain the idea that we don't necessarily have to get people fired every time they do or say something we don't like. I've worked enough fast food and customer service jobs to know first-hand how much people LOVE to get others fired or reprimanded for doing something they don't like--whether it's not giving away free food undeservedly, saying a word that makes us cringe, or the terrible crime of not smiling. Wanting swift and crippling revenge against people we disagree with is petty, malicious, and an ineffective way to manage hurt or bring about social change. Do we really think all of TV would be better without Stephen Colbert? I don't see how...


Mar. 13th, 2014 10:27 am
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I've had a low grade flu since the weekend. You'd think it would be gone by now. Or maybe I caught it on Monday since I spent the day with a kid. Kids are little sickness factories, especially since they spend so much time with other kids. Anyway, not feeling so hot.

Been trying to get up at a more reasonable hour, lay off that stuff I like, and just generally be less of a recluse. But people suck. I mean, I believe that people are basically good, and that if we take the time to get to know most people--we'll have more understanding and all that there. Internet-wise though, people are assholes. I got so annoyed with someone this morning I told them they had sand in their vagina. Not something I would normally do.

I've always been more of a night person than a day person, and I'm wondering if it might be because day people are jerks.

Was gonna watch Those Who Kill since I still have the first 2 eps on my DVR. Alas, it's already been pulled from the schedule. Sorry, Chloe.

Been waiting for a phone call about a job for the last hour and a half. They gave me a 1-hour window, so I'm irked that I'm still waiting. Plus, I have to call Uverse. Curious to find out why they think we should pay them $193 a month for slow internet and sub-par cable. At least Comcast has an awesome product to go with their awesomely huge rates.

The mag now has a movie reviewer and a book reviewer. Hoping to find a video game writer. You'd think it would be easy, given how many gamers I know. It's not though. *sigh*


Dec. 4th, 2013 04:54 pm
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So, you know how I write SEO for a living? And how I supplement that with sex articles and TV reviews and book reviews and blogs and then I run an entire magazine?

Well, all that has left me with very little time or energy to write fiction.
This will not do...

I fully intended to NaNoWriMo that script I keep talking about. Guess what though? I didn't do it. Part of that was time related. Another part was that if I get a lot of work done, and make a reasonable amount of money--I feel enough sense of accomplishment that I don't feel like I need to do anything else on a given day. That's a BIG part of the problem.

I intend to scale back on GeekBinge reviews. They are enormous fun, but don't pay shit. Worse, they just aren't getting the play that they should be. Maybe they are too long? I won't be scaling back for a few weeks though. Mob City starts tonight and I'm totally covering it even though it's the same night as American Horror Story: Coven.
Got a new gig this week, writing reviews of non-fic books that I get for free. Yeah...they had me at free books.

So yeah, the next thing I write should be that screenplay for SyFy. I'll have to find an agent just to shop that, which will probably be really hard. But I have no excuse for not writing it. I just haven't been pushing myself as hard as I could have--unless catching up on four seasons of Community counts as pushing myself. I strongly suspect that it does not.

After the script is done and shopping for an agent begins, I should finish that short story I started for an antho that I never subbed it to. Yeah...

But then, I should really look through my pile of half-finished novels and see which one I should pull out and work on. What to do About Franklin has some promising characters. It was an attempt to write something with the scope, humor, and gruesome shit as a Christopher Moore Pine Cove book. The main lesson I learned that I shouldn't bother trying to emulate other writers. Mainly because, fuck that shit. Also, I would hate it if anyone tried to write like me on purpose. I'm so damaged emotionally that when I see that people are trying to get on my good side, it makes me think less of them. As in the popular Simpsons phrase You WOULD like me, Loser!
There's that other book with a title so lame I can't even remember it right now. That one is about 50,000 words deep (duh, it began as a NaNoWriMo) and is about a damaged woman in love with her hot hot boss. I know, right? That one has two different first-person POVs which is just so like me.

Under here is a giant pic of me hours after my last birthday, wherein I turned 43. You can totally see how awesome my hair color is. )


Nov. 5th, 2013 03:40 pm
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I complain too much, which is why I haven't posted in a while. Don't get me wrong, there are still plenty of assholes in the world who go around doing stupid shit. But dammit, I gotta stop focusing on that so much. With that in mind, here is a list of shit I am grateful for:

1. H. Fucking duh. H is a rock that lets me be a crazy-pants nut-job and still not have to live in a cardboard box. He's kind, considerate, honest, and would run into a burning building to get me if I needed him to. He is also what makes it possible for me to be a pro writer.

2. Being a pro writer. It's my dream. Since I was five, I wanted to be the person who writes the stuff that goes in books. And I am. I'm not making as big a splash as I want to. I need to write for sites that are more visible, and I will. For now though, making money through writing is awesome.

3. The Mag. Yeah, I'm still pretty new at the mag stuff, and there's a lot that I'm not very good at yet. It's still tremendous fun and I'm learning a ton about writing, editing, and how horror is built.

4. Fam. I got back in contact with some of my fam a few years ago--including my good brother. The other brother, not so much. My fam is pretty awesome. Having a fam is different from friendships. You didn't actually choose these people, so you're connected to them even if they are religious whackadoos (we don't really have these), GOP supporters, or are suspicious of Mexicans. I'm pretty lucky in that my extended fam is a loving, diverse, and fascinating bunch.

5. My real-life friends. By this I mean people who I see on a fairly regular basis. They are a witty, whip-smart, and wonderful bunch.

6. My on-line friends. I have a lot of these, including a small handful of people I feel genuinely close to, and would invite into my home if they were nearby. I am grateful that the internets let me connect with so many people that I can have amazing conversations with, and share in all their life stuff.

7. The cats. I love that I get to have cats around, and have some good ones these days.


Oct. 25th, 2013 10:36 pm
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I am told that my new website will be Up and Atom on Saturday, which is tomorrow. It's a Wordpress site, which is the same kind of site roughly 3/4 of the writers I know have. Except this one will be about good ol' me.
You'll be able to find it the same place as ever:

In addition to hyping the books, it will feature the old podcast eps, the comics I did for Resilient Brainforest, and the various mags and anthologies I may be found in. Then it will talk about the mag, the audiobooks, and all that there.

I'm starting a newsgroup where I'll send out a weekly (or so, I've not decided yet) bulletin rounding up all the places I've been online that week. So it will include my Kinkly articles and GeekBinge stuff, as well as anyplace I've been interviewed or featured. If I do anything else for ZZN, I'll include that as well.
So it'll be crazy comprehensive and informative for anyone with an interest in me and what I've been up to.

NaNoWriMo starts soon. I've carved out some time so I can work on my SyFy script, which I'm pretty excited about getting done. It might also be fun to see how badly it can be fucked up by a terrible director and some godawful acting. I really hope I get to find out.

In worse news, I'm still very far away from being able to convert mag issues to epub and mobi formats. Even worse, I'm not exactly sure how much of this is due to my computer being too old to run the current version of Nook. The mobi files so far are just a big jumble of text I can't make heads or tails of.
So dang and fie on all that.
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I had a dream that Bill Maher got assassinated and HBO invited me to take over the show. They also wanted me to write the new season of True Blood, but I said no because it was too late to save that crapshack. Imagine all the cool people I'd get to meet if I hosted Real Time. It would only be kind of offset by the number of complete and utter asshats I'd have to endure.

My new website should be live by the end of the week. The designer, my 2nd cousin I think he is, is doing a swell job. If our moms are cousins, that makes us second cousins, right? Anyway, it's a wordpress site with a slick new layout. It builds on a lot of the stuff I've been doing since my first site went up around 2009.

Mag issues continue to be awesome, while my skill at InDesign leaves me feeling like I should stick to crayons. I still can't figure out how to export issues to mobi or epub that people will actually be able to read. Fie. Is there a service where I can pay someone to come over and show me? There should be.

H and celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary on Monday. The actual anniv was Saturday, but of course H had to work. I got him a new watch, a bottle of ghost pepper hot sauce, and some sour cherry Turkish delight, because he loves those Narnia books. He got me a new set of wrist braces since my old ones were pretty sad. He also bought us dinner from Banditos, which is now my fave mexican delivery place in town. We liked Burrito Joint but their uncooked rice broke my tooth, so we ain't going back there.
H and I will have been together for 15 years in July--since we lived together for 7 years before we decided to get married in a year. Fuck. That is a long time for someone to put up with my crap. It's kind of unbelievable.

Maverick is out for mac computers. It's also free. Nice!
I desperately need a new computer, so I'm hoping to be able to do that by the end of the year. Wanna help? Subscribing to the mag is a good way to do that, while supporting small authors and artists. Or, you could just send a macbook pro to my place, and I could open it and use it. ;-]
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It's the moooost wonderful tiiiiime, of the yeeeeaaarr!

Once again, I don't actually have any Halloween plans.
I'm still too busy with the mag, reviews, Kinkly, and SEO clients to plan anything major.

Speaking of which...
What has become the Undead October issue is coming out in a few days. I'm still pretty bummed about skipping a month, but if what I am told is correct--it will allow us to have a predictable issue release schedule from now on.

The November issue is already in the can, and not surprisingly, looks like it should have been the October issue. Still looking for someone who can draw me a badass Krampus for the December issue.

And finally, I'm doing the NaNoWriMo this year, though instead of a novel, I'm gonna write my SyFy script. That thing is gonna be hilarious, and I'm stoked. That's why I'm doing the mag issues a month ahead of time, so I can skip November and still be on schedule. Might as well, since we were late releasing.
Still wrestling with ID CS6. It feels like being trapped under a wet blanket, I can eventually work it out but it's frustrating as hell. My brain just doesn't think like that. Even though the principles are the same as Illustrator, it's harder when it's a bunch of pages.

My new website is supposed to be done soon.
That will be nice.
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Yes, that's a terrible thing to say. Depression, suicide, mental illness, self-harm--none of these are funny or good. But goddammit, if your only life-plan is really about fighting against people getting healthcare, being fed and educated, or being able to vote without having to spend money to do so--fuck right the hell off. If the only people you help are already super-rich and you're only helping them to get super-richer--seriously, fuck off and die.

Politics are making me tired. But knowing that people who already have a food budget of $4.25 a day are about to have even less money? I can't stand knowing that and feeling like I can't do anything about it. I'm gonna call the food bank on Monday and see what I can do to help. Probably not much since I'm poor and have no car, but I bet I can do more than nothing--and so I shall.

My own life is crazy busy right now.
My sleep schedule is weird and I think I might be getting sick.
As such, Friday's Pics won't actually happen until Saturday this week.
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For all the work I've been doing, you'd think I'd have a lot more money.

Right now I'm doing 3 TV reviews a week: Dexter, Boardwalk Empire, and Under the Dome. Two of those shows are ending in the next 3 weeks. Then I'm picking up Hostages and American Horror Story: Coven. My new column for GeekBinge is Friday's Pics. We started with 1980, which was kind of an easy one:

Flash Gordon
The Fog

Yeah, I imagine Seth MacFarlane would have been totally down with that.
And yeah, my GeekBinge archive makes it easy to find all my reviews and snarky commentary.

My Kinkly articles continue to be a lot of fun. I've got a Vampire article coming up for Halloween, and another article planned for next month in addition to the news articles I've been doing.

Things at Under the Bed Magazine are slow going. Barnes & Noble has taken their sweet time in getting us changed over to the new branding. They still haven't released the September issue. This is a drag, since I'm putting really strong issues together. I'm getting sort of good at the editing thing, and think the mag has good art and fun extras. It saddens me that it's taking so long to make it to The People. I am hopeful though, that these issues will work themselves out.

In other news, I'm gonna make a new Bean Bag Frog like the one I had in college. Bean Bag Frogs are good thinking caps as I recall. I found a pattern online. Later I'm going to Joanne Fabrics and Crafts to get all the stuff I need. I could have ordered it all online, but I don't want to buy fabric until I touch it. I need some fabrics and button eyes and ribbon for the tongue. Plus I need pins and a pin cushion. I may get bean bag beans, unless they're expensive. I don't know, is there a reason why I shouldn't use lentils or rice or beans or something?
I hope they have that one that's a tomato inexplicably tied to a strawberry. What the hell is that all about, anyway?
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So...I did not get to go on HuffPo Live.

When they invited me, and I said yes--I thought that meant they were having me on. It didn't.
It meant that the producer I talked to was interested in having me on, which is the first of several steps to actually going on.

Turns out, someone associated with the show became available and I was bumped--you know, because I'm not that more qualified to talk about feminism, Skyler, BB, and women in TV in general--than the average smart person who pays attention to stuff.

Anyway, I thanked them for thinking of me and let them know that Dexter is ending in a few weeks and I'm totally available to talk about America's love affair with murderers. I'm infinitely more qualified to talk about that.

I wasn't even finished being bummed about it when I was approached by my editor at Kinkly for a new project that will make me monies and be tons of fun.

Also, the Kindle I got my brother for his birthday has arrived. I'm resisting the urge to open it and check it out. I'm also giving him a drive with a zillion books on it. Because my brother is awesome.
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I am not sure I care for the idea of simultaneous submissions. I can see why they're a convenience to the writer, but now that I'm a big-city editor (Ha!) I'm finding the whole concept to be a pain in the ass. Not sure yet if this means I should ban them entirely (not that people would listen) or stay with the current policy which is Simultaneous Subs are strongly discouraged.

Literary types, do you think the submission numbers would go way down if I insisted on no simultaneous subs?
Is that something I should be insisting on considering that we don't pay pro rates yet?

Not sure how to proceed, but I do know that it's frustrating as hell to accept a story, plan out an issue, and then see the work get withdrawn--especially if I've already edited it.
I'm inclined not to accept any submission from an author who does this. But I'm not sure if that's reasonable, or a sign of petttiness on my part.
(I wasn't going to tell anyone this, but I can be damn petty at times--Ha!)

Little help?

In other news, tomorrow night is Ghost Shark.
If you're in the neighborhood and want to come by, it comes on at 9pm.
I also made chocolate chip bananna bread with pecans.
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I haven't posted in almost a week. Goodness! You all must be beside yourselves with worry and curiosity. Truth be told, I haven't been on the internets as much as usual. That whole being called a misogynist by strangers thing soured me on my beloved interwebs for a couple of days. Plus, our internets have been out a few times.
I've also been working on the mag, which is alternately awesome as fuck and frustrating as hell. I'm always a tad bemused when grown-ass adults behave like cliquish junior high schoolers in work situations. Seriously? I mean, Really?!?

Undead September is gonna be a badass issue. Having said that, I don't foresee doing a theme issue again any time soon. I'd much rather keep people guessing while avoiding tropes. Tropes piss me off. The only thing worse than following tropes is deliberately doing the opposite of what the trope would require. Predictability is the death of the scare--and if I ever meet Rob Zombie in person, I just might have to tell him that if he's still in the room when I wake up from swooning.
If I wrote a book about my experiences thus far as an editor, it would be called:
Too Many Commas:
My Love Affair with the Backspace Key

People use too many commas.

John Oliver is done hosting The Daily Show...for now. He slayed it, seriously. That guy is adorable, and it's clear that he is well-respected among his peers. Not only is he smart, clever, and really funny--but as soon as he had any pull in the industry, John Oliver immediately started showcasing other comics on a stand-up show. That's just awesome. I love that the Comedy Central late-night peeps seem like genuinely good people who aren't full of shit. We don't hear about them cheating on their wives, driving drunk or otherwise acting like assholes. As sad as it is that this is considered remarkable, I'm glad to know that there are media types who aren't scumbags--not even a little.

Here's a video about how HBO should show more dick that's not of the HODOR variety. Muchas Lulz.
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Or is it?

I'm incredibly busy for someone who barely leaves the house. Still doing all my usual SEO work. I have about a dozen SEO clients right now. I also write an article or two a month for Kinkly. Those articles tend to go bonkers online. I guess people on the internet like sex. Who knew?

Still reviewing Dexter (meh, so far) and Under the Goddamn Goddamn Dome or whatever it's called. I might as well make the title longer since they've got the nerve to give us a whole second season of that watered down claptrap. H hasn't read the book and he still says it's flat and absurd, and the dialog is clunky and most of the performances are stiff. Dean Norris is giving a stellar performance though. The totality of my snarky comments may be found at Geekbinge.
We're doing some Breaking Bad stuff to celebrate the new season. I'm doing an In Memoriam article with snarky commentary on everyone who died, and a short piece on why Skyler is the worst wife in the history of anything. Well, it's supposed to be a short piece. But she's awful, so it might get long and a little ranty. I'm caught up with the first half of Season Five, and am pretty stoked that they brought in Justin Louis. I love him! I was sad when he turned into a zombie that time.

And of course...the mag is going on. My experiences with theme issues thusfar has led me to conclude that there will be no more theme issues. I'd like to leave each issue as a grab bag where you never know what you'll get. We'll feature things in a way that has universal appeal among horror fans. Undead September is happening, and we've got some cool vampire stuff in the mix for October. Remember, vampires are villains, not fuck buddies.
Horror is a vast landscape and I don't want issues to be restricted to any one thing in particular. Submissions are slow at the moment. I'm hoping that once issues get out there and people see how badass the mag is, that will change. In the mean time, you might consider subscribing so as to get your hands on the horror. It's a mere $1.99 a month or $19.99 for a whole year. I'm not even sure how you could resist. You can't, can you? Besides, how will you review it if you haven't read it?

And finally, IT'S SHARK WEEK!!!
Granted, I liked Shark Week better when it was about shark conservation and the importance of not hunting apex predators to extinction. Now it's about how scary and bitey sharks are, and how high they can jump. I gotta confess, some of that leaping white shark photography is fucking awesome.
I mean, seriously.
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It's coming right along. It would be finished now but I'm still waiting to get interview questions back from one of the artists. Laying it out has been a huge task, but I think I'm getting the hang of the program now. InDesign is actually a lot like Illustrator with multiple pages. So all those Stig & The Puppetman comics actually did more than display my inadequate drawing skills.

I was gonna avoid using Creative Commons art like old ads and stuff. But I decided to go for it, at least until we can afford to pay artists. The cover art turned out really nice. See:
Art by Michael Larson

The logo is vectored, but in this jpg it doesn't look like it.

I'm waiting for my new bundle of assignments for SEO work. They are late. I was thinking I'd go ahead and get started. Then I weighed that against how mad I'd be if I spend a whole day doing them and then didn't get paid because the client cancelled or wanted to wait or something. So I'm working on some other stuff instead. I need to figure out a schedule where I can get all my stuff done and still have time for my own fiction.
That's right...I still write fiction.

My computer situation is getting dire. In addition to it being really slow and the click bar not working (actually, I had to turn it off so it would stop clicking automatically), and it shutting down randomly, the battery is going as well.
I guess I'm gonna have to break down and buy a mac mini, but not until September since I'm presuming new models will come out to go along with Maverick.
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My plan for yesterday was to get up, get a few hours of work done, then make dinner and hang out with H. We only get a few nights to hang out, so I look forward to them. Got up, got some work done. Suddenly, I felt like complete crap. Pain in my back and side, headache...I thought I might be having another kidney stone. That would be infuriating, since I gave up almonds, which I love.

A few minutes later, I got crazy chills. Like INSANE chills. I got into bed and put 2 blankets on myself. Still cold. H came in and doubled up the blankets. Still cold. He doubled up a comforter on I had a doubled up blanket, a doubled up comforter, and a patch quilt on me. Still fucking cold. Luckily, H is a furnace, so he covered me with his mighty heat-releasing form. When it seems obvious that there would be no dinner and I wasn't getting out of bed, he turned on a DVD of Salem's Lot until I fell asleep.

Slept 4 hours. Woke up feeling better. Still not feeling tip top, and have no idea what that was all about. I do know that I've been incredibly stressed lately between work and my own fiction and now the magazine. I imagine my immune system is run down. It doesn't seem like a kidney stone now, nor does it seem like my ulcer is back. I kicked that ulcer's ass when I left my old day-job.

Now, of course, I can't sleep. This means I almost certainly won't be up in time to make H last night's dinner before he goes to sleep for work (about 2pm). Fie! He really wants it too, because it's mexican meat pie with polenta crust.
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Oh man, I had a rough couple weeks of work, work, and then some more work.
Now I'm largely caught up. Yay!

My VERY spoilery Game of Thrones review is here. I knew what was coming, and actually found it somewhat cartoonish and over the top for about half of the last scene.

Say, did you know you could follow me on Twitter for content you can't see here or on FB (but you CAN see it on LJ if you're over there)?
Add me, I am @WednesFri
I also have a Pinterest now. That site is pretty fun, I must say.
I play around over there now that Pet Society on FB is going away.
Yeah...that was money well spent.

Talking to someone about a job via G+ today. I've never had an interview via online chat before--though I assumed I would back in 2008 when I bought this computer. It's more of a gig than a job, but I'm stoked anyway.
Details later, if applicable.

I have a 70's movie party coming up. We're gonna watch Trilogy of Terror and Crowhaven Farm, the latter of which I have not seen since the actual 70's. I'm also gonna attempt a chocolate cheesecake. I'm not really prone to fancy baking, utilizing a bain marie, or even a springform pan. I'm not that great at baking, though I'm awesome at cooking.
We shall see...
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Marketing 2.0 is about to get underway as I update my website, start a newsgroup, and continue with the paid adverts. Audiobooks will (hopefully) be out soon--but that's tougher since it's not all under my control. I'm not gonna be linking this blog to my site anymore--at least not as the main blog. I have a big awesome plan for something I could tell people about that they don't already know and will find fascinating.

So I'm stoked about that.

TV Reviews continue to be fun and good for exposure. The money is not great, but the writeoffs are awesome.

We watched Defiance, all they've showed so far. It was not bad. Derivative, but hell, what isn't? There are some future-Lannisters in it. Bright blonde hair, ruthless while pretending to be on the level, and inappropriate nakedness between family members. Mom, please put on something besides beads before you hug your kid. All I remembered was the door and weights, that there were witches, and that a girl a little older than me (at the time, I was probably about 11) was trying to steal a grown-up lady's husband. Amazingly, she was successful, which blew my mind as a kid.

For H, I got some Assassin's Creed game he had on his wishlist. He likes it, though he says he's "way behind."

Tonight I have two TV reviews--thank the gods The Following is finally ending tonight. I've had fun mocking it, and puzzling how Bacon and Purefoy could have thought this was good writing. *swoon* Purefoy...
It's so disappointing that such a promising show was SO terrible. I'm still digging Bates Motel. Both of the leads, Freddie Highmore and Vera Farmiga, give excellent performances. I expected the tacked-on brother to be a throwaway character, but he's also been interesting and good.

Reading Under the Dome so I can be in-the-know when the series comes out this summer--I'm totally reviewing that too.
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The giant book giveaway is finally over.

I was feeling pretty bad that Kiss Me Like You Love Me only made it to #4 in horror in the US. Then my publisher told me that all the books above me had paid for Amazon promotion, whereas I had not. Amazon promoting is retardedly expensive. I am spending a little money on some ads, but only as much as I can honestly afford. The audiobooks are costing a lot more to produce. Hopefully they will sell well.

Final high numbers are as follows:

US: #4 in Horror #69 in all of Kindle. *snerk*

Canada: #1 in psychological thrillers, #3 in horror

Germany: #3 in psychological thrillers, #5 in horror

Italy: #4 in horror

France: #1 in psychological thrillers, #1 in horror

Despite this, we have no plans to move to France.
Giant thanks to everyone who helped out with shares, encouragement, downloads, shout-outs, likes, and every other type of helping out. I don't make a move without you, Internets.

The remainder of this week will be spent finishing my next article for Kinkly. It's on fat esthetics and how claims of fat people not having awesome sex lives are based on naught but chicanery of the highest order. Don't worry, I'll be using more accessible language.
I'll also be finishing the new Stig & The Puppetman, reviewing a sex toy, and writing TV reviews for the Doctor Who Premiere and Game of Thrones. For the next six weeks, I've got four reviews a week. That's gonna kick my ass in conjunction with all my marketing writing, comics, commission stuff, and everything else.

I'm also gonna make Alton Brown's devils food cake this weekend.
His recipes are always killer awesome.

In other news, I would murder someone for a bag of nacho cheese Doritos. Just to make it easier on us all, that someone can be Rick Santorum.
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I got my first FREE sex toy in the mail for review today.
Apparently, my review of the Hitachi Magic Wand (rather a no-brainer, if you know anything about vibes) was so popular that I'm now considered a badass sex toy reviewer.

So I got a programmable, rechargeable, pressure-sensitive vibe to try out. I normally call trying something out giving it a whirl but that's too punny in this situation. So I'll just proclaim that the future of masturbation is here!!!

Kiss Me Like You Love Me is back for Kindle. If sales are high enough, there will be a new paperback release as well. If you haven't read this one yet-- prepare for it to be, as the fans are saying, disturbing as fuck. We're close to the end of audiobook recording. Hope to have it done by the end of the month. Should be a neat trick, since the rest of my month is swamped with deadlines. Get it? Because I'm a writer. No, really...I have a bunch of deadlines.

Come to think of it I have rather a lot of books available on your Kindle, and in dead-tree form. It should be noted that books from Crossroad Press are DRM free and can be converted for any device. If you read it for free because of online chicanery, please do post a review--that is, unless you want me to hate you.
I'll totally do it too...if I have time. ;-]
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New Resilient Brainforest is SO totally out. It's FREE, it's awesome, it's a pdf you can read on pretty much anything, and it features a new Stig & The Puppetman comic that contains...wait for it...COLOR!

Looks like Kiss Me Like You Love Me 2nd Edition is going live on Amazon as of this Monday. We're doing KDP Select for this one as well. There's a small chance that it will get held up slightly while a super famous and awesome writer reads it for review. But there's a larger chance that such will not happen.

I applied to a gig writing about movies, directors, etc. Lamentably, I attached an older version of one of my articles as a sample--and there's a giant glaring typo in the first goddamn sentence. That is sad, because it makes me look dumb-headed when I'm trying to look S-M-R-T. Why do I keep old drafts of articles? I don't know. That's why I went through fucking everything today and tossed out everything irrelevant to now.

Trying to make a few changes on the website. Like many publicity things I engage in, I don't know what the hell I'm doing. But I learned a few things recently and want to make the needed adjustments. Problem is, I know fuckall about web design aside from some basic html and MySQL. And again, that's the sort of thing you need real money to do. *sigh* Also thinking I might start promoting FB posts when stuff goes on sale, and for my book trailers. That reminds me, KMLYLM is gonna need a book trailer too. Fie.

FYI, this seasons TV review by me are as follows:
The Following S1 on FOX
Bates Motel S1 on A&E
Game of Thrones S3 on HBO
Doctor Who S7 on BBC America
Under the Dome miniseries on CBS (starting in June)
Dexter S8 on Showtime (also coming this summer)

Some of these are guaranteed awesome, and some are wait-and-see.
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Personal Drama which you may or may not have an interest in )While it's upsetting, sad, and all that--I feel a lot better in the end.

My new favorite drink/drug is Choffy. I am madly in love with it and want to marry it. Oddly, it makes me feel a bit peppy in the mornings, but I find it relaxing at night as well. It's ridiculously delicious hot or cold. I've been making it in the tea infuser that H's mom gave me for my birthday. But it's only enough for me. So if I want to share Choffy with a friend, I need a bigger pot. They sell french presses, but they are stupid expensive. I found one at Amazon made of glass and metal for under $30 that I'm gonna buy. I'm also having a sampler pack delivered tomorrow. I want to make sure the flavor I've been drinking is my favorite before getting a big bag. Seriously though, this stuff is badass. I can't shut up about it.

New Stig & The Puppetman is almost ready. My plan with these was to see about having them published. Then I learned that Stonegarden Publishing is closing its doors soon. This means that your copies of The Cat's Apprentice are about to become way collectible. It also means that I don't have very long to save up to buy all those goddamn Two Lumps collections before they go out of fucking print. Honestly, the "art" in Stig & The Puppetman is shitty enough that I can't imagine anyone who doesn't already like me would publish them.
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If you haven't been following my horrible maintenance goings on, it's here if you're interested. If not, no big whoop. The office started calling us every time maintenance was going to be making noise in the hall. They might have been trying to anger me, but I wasn't angered. I'd much rather know in advance when my water is gonna be off, when I'm not gonna be able to record because of loudness in the halls, or when they're gonna come busting in here.

I got a call from them on Tuesday telling us that our water might go out for a few hours that afternoon. It didn't. Got a call yesterday telling us that they're going to have to come in between 2-2:30 today. I planned my sleep schedule and whole day around being here to deal with them so H wouldn't have to. Instead, they show up at 11:30am. Then they tell H that they have to cut a fucking hole in our bedroom wall--for water pipes. Why the fuck do water pipes even go through the back bedroom??? Even though I've only been in bed since 6am, (when I took a sleeping pill and a pain pill because I have another goddamn kidney stone) I get up and haul myself out to the sofa. That's when I learn that this intrusion has to happen two more times in the next two days. H and I both work nights, so we find this very, very inconvenient.
Do they care? No.

I find this doubly frustrating because they KNOW we can't afford to move out, take our business elsewhere, stop throwing money into rent that we'll never see again--etc. And I have a FB friend who can't shut up about how people can always move if they "put forth the effort." Yeah, because the US is a complete meritocracy and the reason a banker makes more money than any 6 people I know put together can only be because bankers work so very hard. *spit* I'm sick of feeling guilty any time I spend $20 on something just for fun. It's not as if that money would buy us a house...still.

I have tons of work to do and can't sit at my desk for more than a few minutes. I'd love to move my laptop to a more comfortable position, but alas, JoJo broke my click bar and I haven't spent a whole day yet sitting at the Apple store, waiting for one of those rude jackasses to help me. I don't know why I can't just rip the click bar the hell off and go from there. Fuck! Everything is so annoying right now.
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I enjoy Valentines Day. So fucking sue me--as soon as you're done complaining about it, I mean. If you really find things to hate in hearts, candy, and couple-flavored fun, I might humbly suggest that you're a bitter crank? Did Cupid run over your dog or something? Giving people cards, candy, and small gifts is totally fun and nice whether it's for your partner, your sibling, or the harried single mom in the next cubicle. If you really can't bring yourself to join in the fun for some crank reason, at the very least, stop trying to ruin the good times for bitter fucking crank.

To whit, I got H a Blu-Ray copy of Flash Gordon (the movie with the kickass Queen soundtrack). It was astonishingly cheap and has awesomely heroic Alex Ross art on the cover. What? You don't like Alex Ross either? Damn, you ARE a crank.
I also got H a book about the making of Star Trek, Next Generation. It is really thick and cool and has an introduction by Ronald D Moore, who H is very fond of. He's already read me some fascinating stories from it. We're having Valentine's Day today because H works on Thursday. I'm making his favorite dinner tonight: chili con carne--which we call Chili.

H is in the kitchen right now, making a cake. Yeah, you heard right. He did this once before, and I literally talked about it for years. I even called his mom to tell her, back when she and I were friends (before the wedding). He's making the same cake again today. It's a flourless chocolate cake that requires him to melt chocolate in the double boiler, separate eggs, and whip cream by hand. I sure as hell don't do that when *I* make a cake.
See kids, that is romance. Not about money and mall jewelry necessarily, but about stepping out of your comfort zone to do things you wouldn't normally do. We're poor as shit and may never own a home or be able to retire. But we have a wonderful life, mainly because we're good and kind to each other.
And we don't have any kids. ;-] I don't know how people do that...

In other news, the marketing gig is being written off as a big bust.
Dang and Fie! But fuck that guy.
(Ha! That totally rhymes)
Kiss Me Like You Love Me is in editing and will be getting a new cover design--mainly because I don't own the rights to the other one. I won the battle to not have Mikey on the cover. Yay for that! It should be back out as an E-book in a few weeks, with the audiobook following as soon as I can schedule the recording sessions. A Stabbing for Sadie will be next.
Still looking to pick up part-time work in writing, editing, SEO, marketing, and the like. So if you know anyone...I'm WAY better at social media than say, whoever is doing that for Applebees.
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Feeling a little sad that American Horror Story is gone for another year. If you missed my Character Retrospective, you should totally check it out. I reviewed each and every episode this season, and in case you're late to the party--I'm damn witty.
You may not even realize that you totally care what I think.
But you do...

Also reviewing Ripper Street and The Following. Ripper Street is shaping up to be really good. The Following is a couple of awesome actors doing their best with some preposterous and shitty writing. I liken Kevin Williamson's "dramatic surprises" to bird poop, in that they drop out of nowhere, with no real importance except to irritate the fuck out of you.
Plus, if everything I know about the FBI comes from watching TV, I shouldn't know way more about it than someone who is writing, directing, and producing a show that features the FBI prominently. Kevin Williamson doesn't know how to write dialogue for grown-ups either. It's also painfully, upsettingly obvious who the secret mole is.

The rest of this week is finishing the new Stig & The Puppetman, working on Millicent Mixter and a little bit of paid marketing work. I'm supposed to go get blood taken, but I keep not feeling like it. Plus, everyone outside is sick. Thinking I might watch this copy of John Dies at the End I scored. Then I can write a review of it.

Stumbled over an ad for a part-time day-job I'm looking in to, just because I think it would be enormous fun. It combines a cool combination of things I used to do, but only stuff I liked. Hint: I once worked for a magician.

I sort of wish I was good at video games. That new Aliens: Colonial Marines game looks pretty badass. I might get it for H so I can watch him play.
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Twitter: I gain more followers just letting my account sit there. I seem to lose people every time I actually post something. And I hate being limited to 140 characters. Arbitrary, anyone?
This leads me to believe that Twitter is an annoying sack of crap.
So yeah...there's that.

As usual, sociopolitical stuff is inescapable since I insist on hanging out on the internets. But I can't talk about guns any goddamn more. I was thinking about opportunity in America, and how lack of it creates hopelessness, which can intensify into fear and desperation. I lot of people feel like they have less opportunity than our parent's generation had. Less money, harder to buy a home, have to take jobs you don't like, etc. But some people think we have more opportunity, mainly because of the internet.

It used to be that when you met someone, you'd ask what they do. By that, you were asking what job they had--ie, what they did for a living. But now when I ask that, I'm asking the person what they actually do. Like, what's their art, their passion, what do they make. For way too many people, what they're passionate about has little to do with how they earn a living. So asking someone what their job is not only tells you very little about them--but it may also be sort of rude. More akin to asking someone how they pay their bills as opposed to actually learning something about who they are as a person.

Then I remember how damn lucky I am to be able to do what I like full time. I'm not just writing, I'm producing audiobooks and marketing for other companies and learning all this wild new stuff. That also frees me up to make comics and learn cooking stuff and review TV professionally. On that note: I want The Following to be awesome. I'll be hella bummed if it's not. Ripper Street also starts this week on BBC America. I'm poised to dig it. My bro is coming for lunch on Sunday, and I'm making eclairs. Well, I'm attempting to make eclairs. Difficult to say what I'll actually end up with.

Tonight I have 5 more marketing articles to write, plus the draft of my next article for Kinkly. I think I have a loose plot for the next Stig & the Puppetman. I have to get that drawn by tomorrow evening so H can scan everything in for me. Four chaps to go until A Stabbing for Sadie edits are done and can be sent to Mr Publisherman for the 2nd edition. Then, audiobooks go into production.

Been watching Breaking Bad for TV night on Sundays. We're half way through season two. It's great, just like everyone says. Still, his wife and her family are so awful. I'm surprised to be liking the DEA agent much more than the women. They suck.
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Xmas came and went. We talked to relatives on the phone and/or online, exchanged gifts and had a friend over for breakfast-dinner. Pancakes, sausage, and a nice frittata. I don't get to make frittatas much because H doesn't like eggs.

H got me the Marauder's Map and the cool frame for it that opens up. It's whomping huge when you unfold it. I got him a bunch of books and T-shirts and miscellany. He also got me three different kinds of bacon from Zingerman's. Tonight we had the back bacon cut into hunks and tossed with whole wheat pasta--so we can pretend it was a healthy meal. Ha.

The various balms I gave away as gifts this year were well received. I'll very likely do this again. I thought I might do a bunch of Zom*balms if I ever have a book release party. No idea whether or not that's on the horizon.

Still feeling unmotivated and sad about writer things. I just don't have the marketing budget to punch through the wailing cacaphony of shitty writers out there. It pisses me off that one of my (very, VERY few) reviews says that The Finster Effect had "a lot of typos." It doesn't. As far as I can tell, it has one. And that wasn't actually a typo, it was an editing error. I don't know why I care--except that I'm tired of no one knowing who the hell I am. Plus, I have no idea how to set up a marketing plan and budget, because I have no idea what's going on with any of my work. Come to think of it, I'm only assuming my book sales are low. I haven't actually heard one way or the other.

The only thing I'm sure about is that not letting that other creep cut out the animal chapters was a good idea.

I was angry and sad all day, so I didn't get any work done. That means I'll probably be up until noon trying to work. Fie. I really hope I don't end up writing advertising for the rest of my life.
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Got up today, prepared to do my last 8 articles for the week. After that, I was gonna be free to work on Stig and the Puppetman, which is due at the end of the month. After that, would have been Millicent Mixter. But I got hit up for some emergency work, and had to do six articles today on subjects I knew nothing about. So it actually took longer than the 8 I was going to write--and which I now have to write tomorrow. Boo!
I don't know when I'm gonna have time to work on the trailer. Tomorrow is already Wednesday, plus I'm not going to get anything done Saturday as I have a thing I'm going to. Yikes.

On the plus side, this is the last week I have to do three reviews a week. In the future, I'm not going to do more than two, though one is preferable in addition to what I do for ZZN. I need to pitch the sex site I'm writing for, though they haven't put up my last article yet. Any topics you want to see? They seem to like lists. Damn, but kinda lazy and fluffy, ya know?

Picked myself out a new knife. It's supposed to be here tomorrow. A box of stuff from Amazon came today, which turned out to be stuff for me, from H. We have a $40 budget for birthdays, so he got me some stuff from my wish list. A replacement copy of Raving Rabids to replace the one I loaned Cindy. This one has more games on it though, so Yay! We have a riot playing Wii--usually on Sunday afternoons. Also, the original Clash of the Titans and a DVD of Tommy which I love. And Twilight Zone: The Movie which is both famous and infamous.
Poor Vic.
And finally, this glorious thing. I've wanted this zombie book for some time now, and it's even better in person than it looked online. I loves it!

For H's birthday, which is 25 days from now, he's getting the 11th Doctor's Sonic Screwdriver. It makes the right noise, and lights up, and is an actual screwdriver. Badass, right? He's also getting a Bugs Bunny T-shirt and a crazy hot bottle of hot sauce. He gets a new hot sauce from me every year.

Made a batch of chocolate peppermint lip balm. Well, I attempted to do that. I actually made an oily mess that had to be discarded, along with $16 worth of blank tubes. Drag. I had a bum recipe, and have done a bunch of research. This weekend, I'll buy new blank tubes and try again. We shall see... I also want to do a batch of cherry, and some cold balm with eucalyptus, lemon, tea tree, that sort of thing.
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Time for my yearly Thanksgiving post.
Lucky you!

I am thankful to be doing the writer thing for reals. I write for my living, and I write books. I have a little side income from fun writing like interviews and TV reviews. I'm making comics and editing my own book trailer together. Once I have 120 pages or so of Stig and the Puppetman Imma totally get that shit published as its own book.
It's amazing to me that I have second editions coming out. I'm blown away by the fact that I'm making actual money from books I've written. It still seems more like an impossible fantasy than something I have to get done before the end of the month. If that makes any sense.

I am thankful to have family in my life, which is not something I'm known for saying. Years of reconciling the "loss" of a family made me forget how really awesome some of those people are. I got a cool sparkly pink card from my favorite aunt (who is also my godmother). You have to remember someone's birthday at least a week in advance, and then go get them a card, find a goddamn's a whole friggin' ordeal to get a card to someone a few days before a birthday.
Plus, you know, I've got that brother I think is pretty cool. Not sure if he's coming to the par tay on Saturday, but I hope so. Looks to be a fun crowd this year. Glad to be keeping the menu simple--but yummy. Prepare for toom, peeps! (no, I don't mean toom-flavored peeps, because that would be nightmarish)
I also got a birthday card from my insurance agent, and my alma mater. My alma mater seems to think I can afford to do a lot more donating than I'm actually doing.

As usual, what I'm most thankful for is H.
My husband is my perfect match.
So yeah, I've got the kind of life that blows my mind with goodness.
Speaking of blowing my mind with goodness, I made this:
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The Leonid meteor shower was still supposed to be going on tonight. Nice for us, since H is home from work, and we have a telescope. I'm told that if you can find the right place to point it, you can see some cool stuff. No dice. We've had rain all day, and clouds friggin' everywhere. Sad times.

I'm trying to get all my marketing work done before Thanksgiving. I'm making a nice meal and H is off work. We're having a few friends over, people who want a nice meal and don't have local family or whatever. If you are such a person and would like to come, let me know. We're having pasta with meatballs (I've never made meatballs before, so they might suck) and a roasted pepper cream sauce. I'll also be making bread sticks. Somebody is bringing a chocolatey dessert.

Saturday is my annual birthday bash. I decided not to get all stressed out about cooking this year. We're having hot dogs and a crock pot full of baked beans. I'm making fresh salsa, toom (also a first for me, but I'm fairly confident that it won't suck), and a pineapple cake. If you are typically invited and haven't heard from me, it's because I suck at invites these days. Facebook is lame for that stuff, but I don't think I have everyone's right Email anymore.
In better news, H is cleaning the house.

Last time I got a salon haircut, it was the kind that you're supposed to maintain. Yeah, right. Months later, it is all grown out and looks awful. I have a party this weekend, and an actual family wedding with my actual family next weekend. So a haircut is in order despite my not having $80 to get one. (Yes, it really costs that much with cab fare.) So I trimmed up the front, and tried to trim up the back. I think it's a fail though. I gotta have somebody come over and trim it, because that's another one of those things H simply will not attempt. It's just hair, and cutting it in a straight line. *sigh*

37000 / 50000

See everybody Saturday!
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Still chugging away on the NaNoWriMo. Trouble is, it's all rewrites on A Stabbing for Sadie when it's supposed to be the first draft of Millicent Mixter's CS Guide (to a murder-free workplace), which is being released next year. I'm having trouble organizing it. If I was smart, I'd just start writing the sections and worry about organizing them later. Hey! I think I just figured something out.


Work is fine. Would like to be making a little more money, but when is that ever not the case? TV reviews are going okay. They are fun to do and allow me to write off my cable and internet bill. But the money is small and nobody comments at the site.
The marketing writing pays a lot better, but some of the topics are just awful. I actually had to write for a Weight Loss client. None of that stuff has my name on it, but still... Even though my articles are truthful and fact-based, I still feel like I'm schilling for the enemy.

It's been a terrible week for people who love shitty food. The Hostess company has finally collapsed into itself. Eventually, a business either has to admit that its employees are human beings who require a livelihood--or it needs to shut the fuck down. Hostess has chosen the latter, to the detriment of my passion for King Dons (or whatever they call these in your area).
Meanwhile: PapaJohns, Olive Garden, and McDonalds are going out of their way to pretend that health insurance will ruin them. Fuck you if you don't think raising your prices by a few cents is a small price to pay for ALL of your full time employees to have insurance. You don't deserve to run a business, let alone deserve my patronage. For fuck's sake--it's FOOD SERVICE. That's an industry where healthy employees are for everyone's benefit. And dammit, boycotting McDonalds is not something I'm going to enjoy. Their breakfasts are fucking delicious.

I'm sick of hearing about how when poor people want to see doctors, eat, or have homes, that they are whiny and greedy and always have a hand out. But then people who are already millionaires pretend that paying their taxes is government slavery. Niggah please.
Oddly, a lot of these are the same people freaking out because white people are no longer the majority. Oh Noes?!?!?! Like homophobes in the military--this is another case of people who are terrified that others will begin treating them the way that they've been treating others.

Watched that 21 Jump Street movie with Jonah Hill. I have increased respect for Jonah Hill, and I already thought he was pretty funny. That movie is smarter and more hilarious than it had any right to be. Well done!
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I've been so busy with work writing and NaNo writing and pretending to be a comic-er...whatever you call someone who arts comics, that I haven't been watching any new movies. I like to sit down and enjoy a movie every week. Now that I'm caught up on a few things, I thought it would be cool to watch 2 movies over the weekend.

Cabin in the Woods. Really? This is the movie you people have been blathering about since mid-summer? Let me see if I can set up my review as a cutaway: Remember that Family Guy episode where Peter says he hated The Godfather? And the family is shocked and demands that he justify it? Peter says simply, It insists upon itself. I've pondered that ever since. Peter has a point. I still love GF and GF2, but that criticism stuck with me. Last weekend, when I watched CitW, I realized that it totally insisted upon itself--and everything that came before it. In detail...including my thoughts on Who is a horror fan. )

The Muppets. On Sunday afternoon, I finally checked out that Muppet movie that came out last year. I'd had it on the DVR for a while, and grew tired of waiting for H to be in the mood to watch it. Man, it was fantastic. Fun, inspiring, incredibly moving. I'm exactly the right age to appreciate the intense nostalgia, and the sadness of Fozzie Bear having to endure the drumming of Dave Grohl. Ba-ZING. Just joshing, Grohlly ol' chap!
If I ever meet Jason Segel, I'm just going to hug him and thank him for The Muppets. Chris Cooper was delightful as Tex Richman. I wanted more cameos, but there were a bunch of cool ones anyway. The songs were good, the story was classic, and I swear, I cried through half the movie.
Everyone should watch it, but be ready to be made aware of just how old you fucking are.

If I may issue a plea to some of you's: The Finster Effect is in great need of reviews and good buzz. If you've read it, please leave a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads. If you'd like to review it and can't afford to buy a digital copy, hit me up privately, and we'll arrange some kind of barter for sexual favors, or cookies. ;-] If you're famous, please blurb it.

Three cheers, as Resilient Brainforest #4 is out. This is a FREE pdf comic collection from people who don't normally make comics. You will find crude drawings and photos, sexy talk, drug references, and #3 of Stig and the Puppetman, my delightful comic about mismatched serial killers who are also roommates. Every issue has a theme, and this months theme is "WANT." Know what *I* want? I want you to download it. We are looking for contributors, so ask me for details if you'd like to be a joiner. (Psst. Be a joiner. It's ridiculous that I know so many people yet haven't brought anyone in to this thing!)
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13762 / 50000

I'm not sure how I reached this conclusion, but I sort of thought once a person wrote a whole bunch of stuff, they could kind of coast along and live off whatever the writing makes. Yeah, not so much. Surely Stephen King doesn't have to pound out SEO articles every day before he can get back to the fiction, right? Comparing myself to the Master of American Horror is a good road to high self-esteem, isn't it? Hell, comparing myself to smaller horror writers like Kim Paffenroth or Jonathan Maberry still leaves me feeling like a losery tool.
Ah well...

Today is 6 new marketing articles and a new ZZN review, followed by working on Stig and the Puppetman until it is done--hopefully by Saturday morning. I'm trying to set up a blog tour that might end up just being a few ragers in a few blogs. Since I didn't know when The Finster Effect was gonna be out in eBook form, none of the marketing is ready. Within the next few weeks, I've got to make a book trailer and start securing ads. But guess what? I'd rather relax, puff the reefer, and watch TV. Why can't I just get that Overlook Hotel job like I wanted?

In case you missed it, here is one of the many places you can guy The Finster Effect as an ebook. Paperbacks will be out in a couple of months. I'll let you know. And if you've already read it, reviews are tremendously helpful to me. Amazon and Goodreads preferred, but hey, whatever you can do. People are calling TFE my best book yet. I worried that it lacked the personal truthiness of my earlier books, but I guess not.
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I just had to tell a friend today that I didn't have time to hang out and show her one of my fave movies, Clay Pigeons. The reason? I have too much work. Before the end of the month, I have 22 marketing articles to write. I also have my first story for Kinkly due, and a new Stig and the Puppetman. That wouldn't be so bad, but I also have a mystery shop and have to give S4S to the new publisher by then as well.

Still...I am totally doing THIS:

So if you want free scary ebooks, send me an Email and tell me why. I'm giving away free ebooks to one person every day for the rest of the month. I've already given out a bunch, but I ain't done yet. If Neil Gaiman has ever had a bad idea, this'll be the first I've heard of it. Then again, I tend to trust anyone who's been invited into the TARDIS. ;-]
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American Horror Story: Aslyum served it up last night. The link is me, telling GeekBinge all about it.

Having quit my day-job in July, I have now (mid October--uh, go me?) secured enough steady work that I don't actually need to look for more. I'm back to paying my share around here and getting those fucking medical bills off my back. Oddly enough, our deductible is actually going down next year. Thanks, Obamacare. It's still a bitch to come up with a few extra thousand dollars every year; but right now I'm just thankful that we're not getting crushed even harder than the previous year--which is what's been happening since oh, 2001 or so.

In addition for my writing and editing at ZZN, I'm also writing for GeekBinge (see above), and doing marketing writing for a company what shall remain nameless. Doing occasional mystery shops so I can get free stuff and have a reason to step outside on occasion. Recently secured a gig with a sexy-times site called Kinkly. My first article for them will go up soon. H finally relented on letting me use my real name since I'm not talking about anything from the POV of personal experience. Apparently, the fact that we have an awesome sex life is supposed to be some kind of giant secret. So if you see H, pretend you know nothing...
Actually, if you *do* see him, wish him a Happy Anniversary, because it's tomorrow. Though we've been together since 1999, we've only been married since 2007.

Still fighting this same chest cold I've had for a friggin' month. Good thing, as bleaching out the entirety of the CPAP every night grows tedious.

I predict that Obama will win the election.
I don't think even Americans en masse are stupid enough to fall for Romney and his bullshit.

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