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JoJo went to HVHS (the vet) today. It was a relatively painless ordeal for all concerned. He's been licking so much that now the inside of both back legs and the bottom of his belly are both largely bald. But--no scabs, no infection or redness. Just a whole lot of licking for no good reason. Also, tiny patches on the back of his front legs.

I managed to get him in the carrier all by myself. This is kind of a big deal. He howled like the world was ending. We joked that he might actually be turning into a werewolf he was howling so damn loud.

HVHS was super nice and easy to deal with. They loved how beautiful and chill he was. I mean, he was loud and nervous, but with that in mind he was very good. They gave him fancy food and trimmed his nails for the lowest price because he behaved so well.

They think he has contact dermatitis. We need to shampoo our carpet and look into what's different about his litter. They took a skin scraping from him but didn't notice anything unusual. They're gonna call us back later with test results, but his health seems otherwise very good.

He's home now. We could have given him a steroid shot, but decided against it. They were really great at HVHS, and everything was only $77. I gave an extra $20 for donation because it was less than I was expecting, and because they were great. I'm relieved that there's nothing seriously wrong with my little man, but really wish he'd stop all that damn licking.
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Livejournal has taken it upon themselves to supercede my carefully chosen colors and layout and replaced it with some bullshit that looks like Twitter merged with Wordpress then incorporated Facebook's advertising policy. It's hideous, and I honestly don't know if I'll be able to read my feed there with any sort of regularity. God DAMN it's ugly.

While I'm here, congrats to [profile] absinthofheart on the new addition to their family. It will be fun for me to know there's another baby around that I can see for an extremely short time before handing it back to their rightful guardians.

JoJo is still licking himself like mad, and still has bald patches between his legs, and on the backs of his front legs. It upsets me to see it, and upsets me further that there doesn't seem to be anything wrong. It seems like if he had a rash, or (Zod forbid) fleas, that both cats would have them. I plugged in one of those expensive Feliway diffusers. After five weeks though, I'm not seeing an improvement. His demeanor is fine, maybe a little more chill (which I think might be the diffuser). He's eating and eliminating fine, and his nose is chilly and damp. A vet-tech couldn't find anything wrong with him. So I don't know what to do. Fie!
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I'm bummed to admit that my new short story will not come together in time for the submission deadline. This sucks. I thought about that story for a really long time, and was quite taken with the concept. But it just never came together and was a horrific exercise in typing and deleting, typing and deleting, and wondering why I think I can even be a writer in the first place.
You know, the usual stuff.

Trying to find another new gig. Also going to be doing tarot readings via Skype or Google chat. That'll be fun and good brain exercise even if it's not especially lucrative. Do hit me up if you're interested. First timers get a full reading for only $10. After that, it's $20.

JoJo is still licking bald patches into his skin. There's no infection, and he eats a varied diet so I don't think it's a vitamin deficiency.

Also, I need to see a tax professional. Can anybody recommend a good one?

How come criminals don't use brightly colored, jet propelled knockout gas anymore? Life would be so much more whimsical. I'd much prefer that we all carried that instead of guns.


Jan. 11th, 2014 03:58 am
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Furbies are one part amazing, one part annoying, and one part confounding.
I've seen three personalities so far (since Weds eve) and two of them burp and fart constantly. At least it's not whiffy.

JoJo is utterly terrified of it.

I'm chalking this up as a win.

Videos to come, methinks.

"New Year"

Jan. 6th, 2014 04:24 am
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I still think it's dumb to start a new year in the middle of winter. Where I am, there's literally a foot of snow on the ground, and even seasoned Michiganders (NOT Michiganians though, because fuck them!) are losing their shit. It's dangerous out there, folks. I predict that H and I will have a spirited argument when he goes back to work Wednesday night. He'll insist that it's perfectly safe to walk a mile to the bus stop. I'll disagree strenuously and end up envisioning stoned Ann Arborites sliding their Volkswagons off the road and right into H.


Otherwise though, all is well at Chez Wednes.
I decided to by myself the damn Furby (*Zoidberg voice* Why not?) since I was rolling in gift certificates and totally wanted one. Sadly, the accompanying app will not work on my iPod. I've been thinking about getting a new iPod touch (or probably a newer refurbished one), since I need a way to take credit cards at events. After I figure out a new computer, that will be my next fanciful tech-want.

Been looking around to pick up another writing gig. I'm amazed at how little some of these places are offering when they want people who've been published in national magazines. Two dollars a page. Really?

Technical issues at the mag continue to vex me. I'm told that the EiC will be more available this year, so that will be good. There's a lot of great fiction coming up. Artists continue to be awesome in letting us use their work. The Feb cover is creepy cute, while March will be downright gruesome. Working with authors continues to have its challenges. Who knew customer service skills would come in so handy working with pushy authors and their fragile author egos? Oh wait, I did. ;-) Anyway, the January issue will be available on Amazon soon. If you've been readin' the mag it would be awesome if you could take a mo' and leave a review. If you'd like a review copy to check out (you'll need to leave a review at Amazon and Goodreads to get a freebie), hit me up.

Been actually writing the screenplay instead of just talking about it. For now, Final Draft is the software that's working best for me. I really only like Word for stuff that's full of paragraphs. It's not as funny as it should be yet. After I lay out the story, I can go back through and punch it up.

Did I already post about Stoker? OMG it was fucking incredible. The cast was pitch-perfect--Matthew Goode is one of the creepiest guys in the world--except usually he does romantic comedies. Ew, right? Stoker was truly exceptional. Scary, sexy, suspenseful, and damn surprising. Loved it.
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When they want to do maintenance work in our building, the office sends us a vague note telling us to crate any animals and move stuff around...and they'll be by some time in the next couple of weeks. Yes, they actually give us a time frame of weeks.

After fucking us over several times with this last required maintenance visit, they finally showed up several hours late today to change the fucking windows we didn't even want changed in the first place.

So what do these assholes do? They take the windows completely out of both bedrooms, and just walk away. Yeah. I admit, I made the assumption that they were not idiots and that they gave something close to a rat's ass about renters. I also thought that anyone who was not a fucking dumbass would take one window out, replace it, then take the other one out. They are in different rooms after all.
After all, that's what a sane person would do. My mistake.

Now Pentelope would never run out an open door or window. Ever. JoJo would not come out if someone was in the room messing with the window. But if say, a window was removed and then everyone left that room...he might very well leap out the window. Since he isn't here and neither of us can find him, I can only assume that's what happened.

Hartman and Tyner is easily the worst, by a WIDE margin, worst place I have ever lived. I've been to trailer parks that have better management, and stayed at homeless shelters that afforded residents more courtesy and basic respect.

Well, I've had it. I'm reporting them for their various illegal entries, and for that asshole who messed with my toothbrush. I'm reporting the lack of fixing things, the lease violations, that time they told us not to call the cops when people upstairs are fighting, everything. Because fuck them! Fuck them!

EDIT: JoJo is back. He was close by.
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Like many cats, JoJo hates closed doors. Doesn't matter what's behind said door--he wants in. He's especially fond of running into the bedroom when we open the door. He flings himself on the bed and rolls around like he owns the place. It's pretty cute.
JoJo (whose full name is Joey JoJo Junior Shabadoo) also does a thing where he climbs up on my lap, and flops over so I have to hold him like he's a baby. Because I'm a childless woman in my 40's, I joke with him (and any humans in the room) that he shouldn't do that--because it makes me look crazy. I might as well be wearing a wedding dress and rocking my cat-baby to sleep, right?

The more I think about it though, it's not that crazy.
In fact, of all the people I know who post excessively about their cats at least 2/3 of them are men. Men who complain about not being in relationships--posting pics of their cats, funny stories about their cats, boringly ordinary stories about their cats, LOLcat-style memes, and lengthy descriptions of how they choose their cat food and select cat toys. I can't tell if it's boring or hilarious. I suppose it can be two things.

People whine about how technology keeps us from truly interacting with each other. It doesn't. It's probably cats. And it's not out of necessity. It's because humans tend to suck, and cats tend toward awesomeness.
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Pesto Ahoy!

Jul. 1st, 2011 08:06 pm
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I completely forgot to mention in my last entry, the miracle that is garlic scapes. These are, I think, technically garlic sprouts. They are the green onion equivalent to garlic. So garlicy, but milder and nicer, and snappier. I used them when we had friends over for mexican lasagne earlier in the week. Man, they are redonkulously delicious.
I want them till forever.

I have some left, so tomorrow is pesto.
Apparently pesto is the fan favorite of garlic scape recipes.
I think of pesto as more of a method than a recipe anyway. Mine will have scapes, parmesan, walnuts, spinach, a few spices, salt, and some good olive oil.

For reference, garlic scapes look like this:

And taste like this:

Not getting much work done today. At the tail end of yet another damn kidney stone. I expect that my lower half will explode with pain sometime in the next 6 hours. I've had this one a while now, over a week. So I'm going in for reals for a CT as soon as I can get an appointment. I wasn't going to do it because it stopped hurting, plus it's gonna be really expensive, I am sure. Anyway, I'm gonna call next Weds. Pain is keeping me from getting too much work done.

Tomorrow is the day-job followed by catching up on stuff here. Was supposed to edit a podcast and put up an interview and it doesn't look like I'm gonna do either thing. So far, just a bit of online time and some TV and pain killers. I'll probably watch a movie and go to bed.

I need to take some pictures of some black rats. Anybody know where I can find some that are clean and pretty and will pose for the camera?

Hahahahaha. JoJo just brought me a fortune cookie from the kitchen.
No lie. What an awesome cat.

H is printing me up a book containing all known grammar and vocabulary for the Dothraki language. I'm intensely interested in how one creates a language for use in a novel. I don't exactly write fantasy, but it seems like a new language could have various and sundry applications in horror.


May. 24th, 2011 03:54 pm
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Game of Thrones is kicking my ass. It's awesome! After the season ends, I'm totally going to read the first book. The cast is amazing, and if Peter Dinklage does not win an Emmy, then that shit is rigged. He is goddamn delightful to watch.

I am drafting the last chapter of The Finster Effect tonight. This second draft is pretty damn good. But after a week of polishing it's gonna sparkle like a teenage vampire's junk. (Or, you something good.) It's funny, because H and I differ wildly in opinion as to what this last chapter is doing. I thought I was being very clear, and he thought I was doing something else entirely. I get pretty frustrated with H's inability to read my mind, which is why he and I have never successfully collaborated on a writing project. I feel a sort of inner imperative to not drag him down to my level. If you've ever read what I write, that will make sense to you. He's far too happy a person to want to be mired in all that cumbersome darkness and fear.

I'm away from the day-job from now through June 2nd. Then I'm gonna spend a day watching movies and TV and stuff. I might check out Kate Winslet's Mildred Pierce on HBO. I also have that Joan Crawford movie "I saw what you did" on the DVR. That'll be a good watch, methinks.

And just to keep it lively, here's the star of our show: Joey JoJo Junior Shabadoo.
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This sucks. It's one of those Monday mornings that shows up and you're like Really? But I didn't even get a weekend! I was at work Friday and Saturday; Sunday I was up by 9am so we could grocery shop in time for me to come home and cook a nice meal for my brother--who visited yesterday. People over all day Sunday, no time to relax much less get any work done. Taking a break from the podcast for the month of November, I think. Perilously close to burnout and will be doing the NaNoWriMo again. Might even post a short story this week since I'm so short on both energy and time.

Working all day today AND tomorrow. Training today, which means nonstop talking and being annoyed and frustrated all afternoon. *sigh* Plus I bought new band-aids to cover up this grossness on my forehead. They are too big and I have to get new ones--which means an extra trip to the store. Sometimes I actually wish I *could* drive. Life would be much simpler.

It was good seeing my bro, as always. Our conversations remain fairly superficial, which is not what I'd prefer--but dealing with those Private types has never been my strong suit.

JoJo is basically back to his old, terrible self. He still needs to put on more weight; but his personality is back and none of his wounds got infected. We are also past the danger time for rabies--so he appears to be free of that as well. Thank Bastet for small favors!
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I cannot fucking believe that October is halfway over. This is frakking unreal. I feel like this entire year has gone by in a blink and I don't have nearly the amount of stuff done that I wanted to by this time. I have a podcast ep that needs putting up tonight (it was supposed to go up last night, but it isn't edited or mixed). I also have 2 articles due no later than Sunday, one of which had to have the topic changed because I won't have time to watch a movie twice before writing the article. Dang and fie!

Looks like I'm a regular Brett Favre when it comes to retiring from NaNoWriMo. That is to say that I'll be Zokoutoing that shit up once again this year. I have to bust some ass on the zombie novel, and so will be using the November momentum to make that happen. The Finster Effect promises to be a great novel--perhaps even better than KMLYLM.

JoJo is slowly coming back around to being his old self. He is still super skinny, he's a tiny guy anyway but he looks like he didn't eat for the whole week he was gone. Something got ahold of him out there too, and he was bleeding a bit on both sides of his head. I got a horrible mental picture of some big dog grabbing him by his little head and shaking him. I don't even know if that happened, but I want to kick that dog in the face. JoJo also has a small chunk missing from his head. I'm kind of afraid to take him to the vet. Since I can't prove what bit him, and he hasn't had his shots, they may say he's considered rabid and have to put him down. At the very least, his shots will be over $100 and it will be even more trauma for my poor little man. He's eating, playing fetch, and begging for food and attention, so I'm not too worried as far as that goes. But he's also kind of jerky and twitchy. I have no idea what might be causing that. We're keeping a close eye on him. He won't be fully in the clear for at least 4 more weeks.

Holiday shopping is well underway. All my fave peeps are getting some fly gifts and baked treats once again. Not sure what the menu will be this year. Expect those awesome butter cookies with jam that I do, oatmeal cookies w/cinnamon chips, either orange chocolate chips or mint--haven't decided yet, and maybe some kind of granola or bread.
Also, the invite for my birthday party has gone out via Facebook. If you didn't get one and feel you should have--it's probably an unintentional oversight. Do let me know.
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I cooked some bacon in paper towels (the microwave kind) and hung the paper towel in the doorway. He digs those out of the trash without fail. Finally, around 11:30 I was just about to give up for today and go to bed, we heard him. I went outside and talked him out of running away for about 30 minutes. I shook food at him, threw treats and pieces of cheese, smooshed up some dry catnip and put it by me. Eventually he just came over and let me pet him, and I grabbed him.

It looks like somebody might have taken a swipe at his ear, but other than that he appears to be fine. After 20 minutes or so of growling, he was back to being his old affectionate self. He's already calm and resting. He is getting a new reflective collar and a blinky charm that goes off whenever he moves in the dark. No bells though. He's plenty loud and will not require a bell.
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Our top story this Monday: JoJo spotted, alive and well. We have not been able to catch him yet, but he is fine and knows where he lives and where he should be--even though maintenance seems to have absconded with the towel we left out for him. They are suck asshats, I swear. It is supposed to rain today, so I am hoping that will drive him home. We left the doorwall completely open last night thinking he might come back on his own. No dice. I am just so relieved and happy that he is okay. I have picked out a new collar and blinker for him that he's gonna have to wear from now on. My stupid complex is also gonna replace that damn screen--or else! (Or else what? Exactly.)

The non-cat aspects of my weekend were pretty good. Got some stuff done on Friday and went to my signing on Saturday. As I suspected, there was no reason for me to get up at 5am to get to Olivet by 8am. I arrived at 8:30 and didn't sell anything until after 10am, when the under 60 crowd finally showed up. I did a bit better than breaking even and saw a lot of people I was really delighted to see. The kids at the house were most hospitable and fun. They really need some furniture and paint though.

We're doing Live Chat now at my work, so I'll be taking part in chat-based customer service stuff now. It's sort of cool, even though I'm not much of a chat-person.

Plans for this week include watch 28 Days Later twice so I can write a review of it. Also, new Ladies of Villainy blog, Stabbing for Sadie ep #8 podcast, and presumably judging those films for Three Corpse Circus which is totally coming up. Saturday is Dracula at the Sauk, which promises to be delightful.

Columbus Day. Basically like walking into a stranger's house and telling them that you live there now.

And finally, I am rocking a new sweater I got on sale for $18. It's badass! And because JoJo is gone, I made it all the way to work without it getting covered in cat hair. Go me!!!
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Still no sign of JoJo. My neighbors thought they saw him, but there is actually another black cat running around the complex without a collar. I suspect that's who's been eating the food I've been leaving out. I am sad, and quickly running out of hope. He's been gone since Monday night. It's freakin' Friday now. I can't stop thinking that something terrible has happened to him even though I know it's just as likely that he's out there having a swell old time. Fucker.
Everyone I know has a story about a cat being gone a long-ass time and coming home once all hope was lost. I imagine they all also know 3 or 4 stories when a cat runs away, never to be seen or heard from again. I will presume he was taken in by a new family if I don't ever hear anything. I've called all the vets and shelters in the area, and have an ad on Criagslist and a few local places. Plus I put a ton of flyers on people's cars.

Going out of town tomorrow for a book signing at my alma mater, Olivet College. I haven't been on campus in, I think, about 10 years. Maybe a bit less. Facebook keeps me in touch with several classmates, some of whom I'm stoked to see this weekend. Plus I'm hoping to sell a lot of books, hype the podcast, and get people fired up for my big Kindle release at the end of the month. We're leaving A2 at 6:30am in the hopes of being there by about 8:30. We'll be hanging out at Longman House for a bit--I predict we'll split outta there early as my assistant will not really know anyone.

Just found out that the anthology I'm in is going to be available in hardcover. Fancy! I don't expect any of you to pony up $23 for a hardcover book just to read one of my short stories--but you should feel free to do that if you want to. The publisher on this is a pretty nice guy.

Finished season 4 of Dexter and hope to catch up on season 5 this Weds. Whoa, you think it's gonna be the same formula they've been doing all along--and then BAM! A thing happens. I can honestly say that while it was logical and utterly plausible, it was totally unexpected.

New South Park. Meh.
We also gave up on The Event. We decided we just didn't care.
Caprica premiere was great though. It's a really strong show.

Holiday shopping is underway. H is getting some kickass stuff once again this year. I know people rail on about making the holiday too commercial, but it is well established that I think it's fun to buy cool gifts for people I like. I also enjoy baking food and giving it away. So there.
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My buddy Steve came over last night with some Missing JoJo signs to put up around the complex. At the very least, if someone finds him they'll know he belongs to someone. Or if they see him um...not alive, they'll know that someone is missing him. We put up one dozen signs, enough to get the word out without spamming the neighborhood.

Today, I woke up and all the signs had been taken down. WTF?!? Right? I called the leasing office to ask if it was them. It was. Signs are not allowed in the halls or outside the buildings. We pay extra every month per cat, and when one goes missing, decorum prevents me from having signs up. Oh, I asked, as if I wasn't furious. What was I supposed to do, then? What is the proper procedure to get the word out to my neighbors? She didn't answer, just asked if I'd like to leave a message for the building manager. I left her a message yesterday. She never called me back. I'm sorry about that, she said. Can I have your phone number? Sure. *gives it* Of course, it was on the flyer. Someone could have called me to say it wasn't allowed and tell me what I was supposed to do instead. Okay, well, I'll let her know you called. *Yeah, you do that, you heartless harridan!*

As a customer service person, I don't want to be a bitch to the chick in the leasing office. But I don't have to be happy with that situation. It's ridiculous. If nothing else, they need to stop charging me extra for a cat that isn't here while they are actually thwarting his return. Fuck these dicks, seriously. H is making some more flyers tonight and everybody is getting one on their windshield.

I guess, psychologically, I feel better being pissed at the building manager than I do feeling sad about JoJo. Goddammit, he needs to get his ass home.

Nothing Yet

Oct. 5th, 2010 01:08 pm
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JoJo still has not returned home.
Apologies again for the gigantic pics of him last night. I forgot that DW does pics entirely differently than LJ. My bad.

Our neighbors informed the local PD that a "suspicious looking black man" was "wandering around in the parking lot, looking at stuff with a flashlight." I don't know whether to be glad that our neighbors actually care about preventing crimes, or pissed that black men over 6 feet are still so very scary to some. Both, I guess. If I didn't know H, I might not want him (or anyone, really) flashlighting under my car at 3am...and again at 6am.

I've learned that our neighbors drink a LOT in the woods that surround the complex. Somebody really likes half pints of 5' o'clock vodka. That SCREAMS alcoholic to me.
Yes, there are woods surrounding my complex which means that searching for JoJo is pretty much ridiculously futile. We've spent an awful lot of time on it anyway. Bearing in mind that I am not an outside person, an extraneous walking person, or a trudging through uneven terrain person, I'm holding up reasonably well. I'm sore as fuck though. I figured he'd be someplace close, probably in the bushes. No dice. He hates being chilly so I'm kind of nervous as to where he might have gone to get warm.

Aside from not making it in to work today so I can continue to sit in front of an open door wall (and periodically research the dumpsters since he loves to dig up trash), I'm doing okay. When Clarence died, I was almost hospitalized because I took it so incredibly badly and had so much guilt that I'd failed her. I was awake for four days straight and I think I was also off my meds because "Fuck this shit, I'm done!"
This situation with JoJo is even more overtly my fault, so the fact that I'm no longer hysterical shows just how much progress I've made being mentally odd.

Anyway, here's a smaller snap of JoJo, my little man:

Come the fuck home already, buddy!
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JoJo finally busted a big enough hole in the screen that he could get out of it. He also slowly nudged the doorway (which is pretty heavy, actually) far enough that he could actually get outside. In fact, I actually saw the tail end of his ass scooting out the hole in the screen. Little shithead!

I couldn't get the screen door to open so I had to go outside to get him. After trying unsuccessfully to claw his way back in, he climbed up the screen, panicked and tore off toward the other side of the complex. H and I looked for over an hour. If he's out there, he's hiding and I don't see the point of searching the whole complex in the dark. I am hoping he'll come back as we have left food and nip by the doorwall, and we are watching for him. I need to go to bed as I got very little sleep last night. I need to start looking again as soon as it gets light.

So JoJo, if you're reading this, get your black ass home!

EDIT: Sorry about the giant pics. I'm used to LJ resizing them )
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Off work today and tomorrow. Good thing, as I have tons of work to do. Haven't been able to stay up late and work these days. All but one day last week, I was tired and had to go to bed by 3am--even when I had the next day off work. Usually, I only go to bed early because I have to get up early the next day.

I want to go Detroit Zoo. Someone should take me.

Catching up on the JulNoWriMo today, and probably tomorrow. I'm only at about 5,000 words and should be at twice that as the first week is almost over. This is my last month with extra writing time, so I need to make it count. New ep of Kiss Me Like You Love Me podcast hits tomorrow. I still have to record the opening and mix the whole thing. As soon as my patty melt gets here, and I eat it, I'm going to get started. The book itself is coming right along. I seen to have very good luck when it comes to characters taking over and doing their thing. Colleagues decided they hate each other, compassionate people murder out of necessity, and the dog POV intro chapter turned out so wonderful and moving--it actually made me cry.

Scrubbed up my white macbook with a Mister Clean Magic Eraser. Awesome. Finally got my decals from Mac Styles. They were late, despite my paying extra for shipping so they'd get here last week. I sent them an Email and they refunded my TOTAL shipping, not just the extra charge. I thought that was swell of them, plus I love their products. I mixed them with a decal I got from this chick on etsy who has tons of great stuff. Apparently, she makes decals so she can stay home with her kid while her husband is deployed. Anyway, I think they look great:

Inside Front

New hair color should be here soon, bright black. It will be bluish at first, then fade to a deep black. I'm going to bleach some hair out and do some blue and pink Manic Panic. I've never done it before, but I'm stoked.

I've been using Puppy Training Pads on my bathroom floor because Pentelope likes to pee there. Hahaha! Success! Yes, she still pees there, but I don't have to mop 3-4 times a week. Yay.
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Since going on the new meds, I've found that my tolerance for annoyance has decreased considerably. For example, when people call me at work and begin each call with 10-20 seconds of Um...hi, yes. I want to you need my last name or something, wait--is this the right department? Did I call *business*? Okay um...I bought um...I've been buying with your company since 1972, blah blah not getting to the fucking point blah. How difficult is it to succinctly tell me why you're calling and what the fuck you want? Is it really such a chore to be in the same room as your credit card, your list of things you want to order, or your child for whom you aren't sure what size instrument they need? How the hell am I supposed to help you without those things? YOU called ME! How are you not ready to talk about your issue? Some jackass today told me we "had no right" to authorize his credit card for the things he ordered, because donchaknow he changed his order later in the day? He ended up calling back 4 times and jackassery abounded every single time. So that sucks. Still, I have the kind of supervisors who are totally helpful and empathetic. Still, I'd like for these asshats to NOT piss me off as much as they do. I'm documenting this moodiness for posterity so I can tell the doc about it when I go in for my follow up appointment--which I totally need to make next week.

I'm also looking at distancing myself from all but a few people for a time. I'm finding myself getting really upset about things I can't do anything about. Not only is it painful and difficult to tell a friend I think they need mental help, but most of the time, the friend in question will be completely unwilling to consider what I'm saying. Or if they do consider it, they have a list of reasons they "can't" have therapy, that is so thorough and long that I wonder if they didn't prepare it in advance.
I'm also trying to network and collaborate and do things that I think are important and helpful to my career goals. I feel like I should be apologetic for even having career goals--which likely stems from my mom's ever-present mantra "What makes YOU think you're so special?" I let that discourage me from even attempting to be a writer, and it discourages me still when I'm not watching out for it specifically.

Take a Stab at This! is up and running over at the iTunes. I had to rename some stuff and fine tune the metadata, but it seems like things are moving right along. The Growlers seems to be catching a few people's eye(s). If you get a minute, please head over there and rate, leave a review, or tell a friend. I'm spending a ton of time and energy on these podcasts and I really need them to get me some notice. This week: Sadie Chapter 4.

I'm due for new glasses soon. Yay. I'm hoping to go full-on Granny Glasses with the beaded chain and everything. I found a shop in Ann Arbor that says they have vintage frames, and I think they take my insurance. Happily, the optical insurance I have through H's work is pretty good. So I'm looking forward to that.

In cat news, JoJo (Joey JoJo Junior Shabadoo to you) is a breed called a British Bombay. They are characterized by their unique appearance, including black pads on their little paws. They are way far dog-like. The want to fetch and love running after treats. They tend toward overeating and LOVE human scraps. Um...scraps of food leftoever from the food humans have eaten. Not like, scraps of human or anything. Anyway, they say the breed takes well to being taken outside with a harness. I'm very into that idea, but have never done it before. Facebookers were most helpful in lending some tips and regaling me with their own experiences. The word "drag" was used a lot. That's not really what I'm going for. I don't really know what to look for in a harness as far as quality and safety.
Little help?

This guy...THIS is the guy.

And here's one of both of them, because they are cute:


Apr. 24th, 2010 09:58 am
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Life is totally chapping my ass right now. Wanna hear about it? Good.

Cut for whining )

Bonus: JoJo woke me up every hour with loud meowing and scratching on the bedroom door. I finally let him in to see WTF. All he wanted was to flop down on the bed and be petted. Jackass. So on top of being worried, frustrated, and pissed, I'm also operating on about 3 hours of sleep. So right now, at this moment, everyone in the world can shut up and leave me alone--not exactly the best attitude for a CS rep, but there you are.

Also--anybody with a decent mic feel like doing some narration for me?
You know...just in case? *grumble*

In better news, I scored a copy of the original The Collector starring Terrence Stamp. This is a creepy, delightful movie based on a creepier, more delightful book. In fact, The Collector is one of those books that inspires people who do horrible things. Lake and Ng were very into that book--well, Lake at least. I should probably compile a list of books that inspire killers:
The Collector: John Fowles
Catcher in the Rye: JD Salinger
The Bible: anon
Johhny Got his Gun: Dalton Trumbo
Collected Works of William Shakespere: Edward De Vere ;-]
The Trial: Franz Kafka
Am i missing any? That's just off the top of my head.

I also downloaded the new ultra-violent horror movie called The Collector (no connection that I am aware of to the John Fowles novel) that I'll be checking out soon. People are saying good things--so we shall see.
Finally watched South Park ep 201. Comedy Central is a coop full of cowards who lay down like bitches to let terrorists win. Lesson: our government will not negotiate with terrorists--but Viacom totally will. Also, the scene between Cartman and the "Head Ginger" is one of the greatest scenes that's ever happened in the history of Colorado.
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I'm not usually one for the useless picspam, but today I got some really delightful actiony snaps of my cats.

JoJo knows damn well he's not supposed to be up there. Hence, the guilty look.

This way for a few more of my cats (mostly JoJo) )

Cute, no?
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So...Christmas happened.

H and I exchanged some great gifts and had a nice meal. H got me some Godiva (that he got from the mall on Xmas eve because he is awesome), a laptop riser which I totally needed, and a cool digital frame. I got him a sour candy kit (with lots of extra flavors and acids), pajamas, a DVD and the book Shutter Island which I am also into reading myself.
We tend to pick up strays around the holidays, and this year was no exception. Sara, joined us for dinner of Alfredo pasta (Yummers!) and we also went to visit Cindy. Happily, Cindy refrained from any racist comments and didn't start talking about death and gloom for 45 whole minutes. Then, we left. I gave Cindy a few dozen cookies, and Sara the first Brian Froud Faerie book and a pendant featuring same. So that was nice. I love it when gifts I give are a big hit.

For whatever reason, I'm in this space where I'm fed up with doing things for people because I don't think they appreicate anything. I'm fed up with selecting and buying nice gifts for people who can't even come up with a handmade card. I grow weary of shopping and cooking for parties that people bitch about before they even start. If I take the time to make you a cookie bag, don't tell me you're giving it away because you got too many cookies--especially if you can't be bothered to bring US any cookies.
Being that the holidays are almost over, I'm looking forward to locking myself in my apartment and concentrating on doing writer things and marketing things and other stuff that only I will have control over. I need to line up some reviews for the new book, and I need to get writing on the zombies. Mmmm...zombies.

JoJo woke me up no less than 3 times last night. We have this whole system in place so that air can circulate into our bedroom so H and I can be less cold and sick. But JoJo kept busting through the barrier and pestering me to pet him. Good thing for him he's so damn irresistable.

Didn't get to see [ profile] sudrin which was a total bummer. Fed Ex'd him a few dozen cookies that will arrive tomorrow. Apparently we're going to get something from H's grandparents, and maybe his parents too. Not sure yet, but we've been told to watch the mail. My friend in Afghanistan sent me an awesome scarf, and a cool censor with a sacred cow carved on it. It's nifty.

Tonight: tacos and spicy rice. Mmmmmmm...
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Experienced my second big baking mishap of the year yesterday. Wasted roughly $35 of high end baking ingredients ruining a double batch of cranberry walnut bread. I used cranberries that we not thoroughly thawed, and as such the whole inside of each bread did not cook. As I follwed the instructions (unlike regular cooking, where I improvise, I tend to use recipes for baking--mainly because math and science are not my strong suits) to a T and the bread looked awesome on the outside, I did not take its temperature. So when it had cooled and I went to dump it out of the loaf pans, it promptly fell apart all over the cooling rack, getting uncooked batter freakin everywhere. Ruined. So now I need more eggs, flour, orange juice, shortening, walnuts and cranberries. Fie!

Last night was my first Sunday night FOX with the HD. Amazing how much better it looks, and it's just a freakin' cartoon. Also got to record with my DVR to free up my hands during the shows. ;-] JoJo stepped on the on/off switch of the surge protector so ALL the media stuff turned off at once, right in the middle of a new ep of Family Guy. So Fie again!

Today is the home-stretch work-wise. Today is really the last day we can promise that standard shipping will reach people in time for Xmas. Even still, we'll have people calling as late as Christmas Eve damanding that we overnight ship for them even though I don't know of any service that will ship on Xmas day. Work Christmas party is this Saturday, followed by H's birthday on Sunday, and the Solstice on Monday. In January begins the attempts to secure reviews for the new book. And I'll likely begin some violin instruction from one of my co workers. Nice. No one has been told they ruined Christmas yet.

Pet Peeve of the day: deleting internet posts that have generated spirited discussion. People do this all the freakin' time. I don't get it. Why bother to have a discussion on the internet if you're going to erase all record of it? And if you don't want to have a spirited discussion, stop posting controversial shit on the internet.
Second Peeve: My new phone company CREDO MOBILE has been less than stellar. So far the phone did not arrive when they said it would, even though out monthly charge began before the phones were even sent. I'm still not able to get on the internet from my phone--which means I can't get any decent ringtones. The reception where I was Saturday night was terrible. The account online still doesn't match the order we placed or the online updates me tried to make; and they wouldn't let me fix it over the phone because apparently being H's wife doesn't allow me to ask questions about our account. I said I would keep everyone informed on this new company, so I am.
Temporary CREDO MOBILE verdict: sucks!
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As H pointed out, our camera is probably the same as the one they use to photograph UFO's and bigfeet and such. It's very blurry, and grainy, plus my hand is quite shaky.

Anyway, I quickly produced this fun video of our new train, set up and running. We think this will be our traditional Thanksgiving thru January 6th decoration.

Be sure to note that there is a snake on this train.

And the cats are watching the train intensely, probably wondering what the hell it is.

For dinner I am making a main-course of stuffing with ground chicken, walnuts, cranberries, mushrooms and secret herbs and spices. There will also be green bean casserole, and mashed spuds. Never got around to making dessert. Oops. Hope H and Sara don't mind.


Aug. 26th, 2009 11:29 pm
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New episode of LOST hits January 27, 2010.
It is entitled "LAX."

Oooooooooh, I am super stoked.

In violin news, I think the problem with tuning this violin is the humidity (or lack thereof) in my apartment. So I need to spend on some kind of humidifier. I still think the peg is bad because it shouldn't shrink that badly after just a few hours in my apartment. Of course, maybe I'm just saying that because I don't want to spend $30 on a case humidifier and a hygrometer. I guess I don't really know. But the fact that it's only one peg leads me to think the instrument bears some looking at. Some of the other pegs don't turn very smoothly, but I don't know if that's them or me.

Happened to find my 4th grade teacher on Facebook recently. She remembered me, which I guess is one of the good things about having a ridiculous name.

Remember a little while back when some jackass in Florida let his snake escape and it killed a little girl? Seems that he and the mother are being charged with manslaughter. I am glad to hear it. Not to be a bitch, but that girl would still be alive if they'd had the common fucking sense to latch the cage properly and maybe stack some books on top. My snake turned mean on me after we got the cats but he still never escaped. I was always really careful. I knew I couldn't live with myself if the snake every hurt one of my cats (or vice versa, but that wasn't very likely).

I was shocked and saddened to learn that a new power cord for my computer is $72. I don't have to pay for it, of course, thanks to the AppleCare. But jeez. And it's not like you can get by without one. Also, I got a new cord for H's camera, which I had lost. It doesn't work on my computer for some reason, it says it's drawing too much power and is going to "shut down the hub." Problem is, it was plugged in directly. It's a puzzlement, but I'm going to try a few things before I insist that they send me a new cord.

For some reason, my back has been hurting really, really bad lately. Not sure what that's all about, but I'm doing extra yoga to see if I can blast through it, so to speak.
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Can I just say, the Burger King prank of the week's are not funny. They are ghastly.

IMDB brings us happy news this week. Johnny Depp is attached not only to Dark Shadows, (and yes, he's playing Barnabas) but also Incredible Mr. Limpet. The Limpet remake has been discussed for years and years now, but it is now said to be in pre-production. We can only hope that this too will be a Tim Burton joint.

Since I have a bit of extra time now that the manuscript is done, I'm watching Hung on HBO. I'm caught up now and wish each ep was an hour long. It's pretty good, funny with interesting characters. The Michigan references are somewhat relentless. Not sure what's up with that. We get it, it's in Detroit. Rich women in Detroit are horny and want to pay Thomas Jane to get with them. Can't really blame them, can you? For the sake of clarity I'll remind you that I reside in Ann Arbor.
Tru Blood is also pretty good this season. I can understand why people think Vampires are sexy. In the 80's, the sexiest Vampires to date were Chris Sarandon and Frank Langella. C'mon, nobody wants their grandfather to be biting necks and seducing virgins. Ew.

I'm carpet shampooing this week that my carpet may not smell like a PetCo on a grooming Saturday.

I got the coolest present every from the Comic Con from [ profile] uterdic and [ profile] smarbaby. If I had a scanner, I'd scan and post it, but I don't so I'll just tell you. It's a black-and-white still from the Twilight Zone Ep It's a Good Life signed by Bill Mumy. I'll refrain from detailing Mumy's many contributions to the world of nerdery. Suffice to say that I am delighted to have it, as it is proof that Bill Mumy knows he has a fan named "Wednesday" somewhere in the world.
Speaking of episodes of things, my all-time favorite Tales from the Darkside episode is being made into a feature film. The Box is based on Button, Button, by terrifying sci-fi/horror guy Richard Matheson. Damn, that guy is awesome. You may not realize it, but some of the most terrifying, iconic, and memorable TV eps and movies you've ever seen come from stories by Richard Matheson.

Hanging out with my bro on Sunday. Odd how I'm still so nervous to be around my own brother.
I need to relax.

And finally, I've given up on The Philanthropist. It just isn't very good.
I still dig you, James Purefoy.
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We'll begin this post with some TMI )

The Book. It's pretty good, though I maintain that my medicated sanity really is keeping me from achieving perfection. I wish I had a lot more time, as I'm still ripping out chapters and replacing them during editing. As you know, it's taken me a long time to decide conclusively on a theme and therefore on various plot and character elements. I know where everything needs to go and be, but it's not very close to being there. I wish it wasn't coming out so soon. Plus, I still haven't heard from my new editor.

JoJo's new favorite thing in the world appears to be chinese fortune cookies wrapped in plastic. JoJo plays fetch, which is fucking weird for a cat, and aside from ponytail holders and milk cap rings, fortune cookies are his fave thing to fetch.

Was thinking of seeing Public Enemies today. Now that I know they've wasted both Johnny Depp and Christian Bale making a fucking action movie, I'm not going to bother. Methinks Michael Mann may have gone the way of John Carpenter--where there's virtually no way to tell if their latest film is going to be decent until you actually pay big money to see it.

Seeing [ profile] absinthofheart tonight, possibly with [ profile] mguto751975 who I haven't seen in ages. Plan is to get some nosh, play some Xbox360, and hang out. Should prove delightful. We may also check out the Hung pilot, as it's supposed to be awesome.

Okay, so back to the editing.
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White Tiger kills zookeeper while tourists watch.

So...the animal lived it's whole life in captivity in what were reported to be cramped and crowded conditions. And when it exercised its natural instincts, it was put down. I don't want to say it's not tragic when a person dies just doing their job. But man...wild cats are NOT meant to be kept in cages. And whaddaya know, it led to death of both a person and a rare animal.
Plus, this particular tiger was killed after the attack had ended. I can understand shooting a tiger if it's actively attacking someone, or even if it is loose in a crowd of people. People say that once they see people as food, they will be more likely to attack us. I say that big cats already see us as food, and that it's fucking stupid to ever assume otherwise. Just ask Roy Horn...or don't, that guy is crazy.

Apparently the guy running the park was investigated by NZ's Ministry. After assessing the animal's conditions and surroundings, they considered putting 40 of them down. There were 42 big cats being housed there at the time. I guess being some kind of famous "Lion Man" doesn't necessarily make you a competent zookeeper.

This is, as it happens, the second recent White Tiger attack in a zoo. Last November, a cleaning guy in Singapore got mauled to death by two white tigers. People thought at the time the guy might have been "crazy" or suicidal. As he's dead, they still don't know. Anyway, here's the cell phone footage of the Singapore attack. Warning: this is actual footage, with sound, of a guy being attacked by tigers and people reacting to it. It is truly horrifying to watch, so much so that you might not want to. Seriously.

The difference between the Singapore attacks and most others is that Singapore Zoo determined that the attacking tigers would NOT be put down. They said they were acting "naturally."

Of course a year earlier, a Siberian Tiger escaped from its enclosure at San Francisco Zoo. It killed a zoo patron and attacked two others before being shot dead by police, who for some reason, were on the scene before zookeepers. Later, it was determined that not only were the victims taunting the tiger, but also that the enclosure did not remotely meet current zoo standards for tigers. So again, a person and an animal died.

I think I've mentioned, I'm torn on the whole zoo thing. There is certainly value in providing sanctuary for animals who can't live in the wild for one reason or another. Breeding and acclimation programs for endangered animals is generally a good thing. And teaching future generations about the beauty and importance of having animals in the wild is also very important. Zoos are doing better and better when it comes to providing healthy habitats for most animals. When I was a kid, pants-wearing monkeys smoked cigars and rode tricycles at Detroit Zoo. Now they fling poo just like real monkeys (kidding, only captive monkeys do this). Still, wild animals in captivity is a big fucking drag.

Okay, enough about that. It's my day off and I have another character to kill.
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As many of you know, I've been working on my novel Kiss Me Like You Love Me for quite some time. I started writing it in February of 2007, so at this point it's the novel that has taken me the longest time to write. My original plan was to have Mikey, my serial killer get caught, and committed at the end. He was going to live in a mental hospital, meet Sadie (from A Stabbing for Sadie) and fall in love with her. When I thought it up, I thought I was being very, VERY clever. I later decided that was a dumb idea.
Upon further reflection I decided that Mikey really needed to die at the end. After all, he was a horrible man and justice would likely be served best if, one way or another, he did not get to live. Then again, there are much worse things than death... So I went back and forth about it for many months. I put the serial killer aside to work on other things. I started two new novels, and wrote several short stories in the time it's taken me to decide definitively on an ending for Mikey.
A little while later I decided on what was to be Mikey's ending. Then I had to figure out what was going to happen to a bunch of other characters. Closure is pretty important in this book, one way or another. When you read Sadie for example, you don't really get to know the whole scoop on anyone but her. This time it's kind of important what happens to several people.
Well, today I figured it out. it's outlined, it's ready. All it needs now is for me to sit the hell down and write it. So that's what I'm doing. Then I'll have to go back and fix things--forshadowings for things I decided not to include, better reactions to startling revelations, stronger and more interesting character development. And of course, I have to bust ass, because I only have two months to finish this thing. It's pretty thrilling if I do say so--both the book itself as well as the writing process.

Beltane was yesterday. I am finding that the older I get, the less I want to go out and do ceremony with other Pagans. I was just telling this to my Godmother. I don't know if it's because spirituality is too personal to brings guests. It may simply be that fluffy, showy, "harm none," wiccan types just get on my last nerve. My experience with "true" wiccans (initiatory types who can trace their training lineage back to The Gardners and tell solitary wiccans that their religion doesn't exist) is that they are every bit as dogmatic and self-congratulatory as fundamentalist christians. I'm just saying...
So with that in mind, I celebrated Beltane at home. I cleaned the house both mundanely and energy-wise, I made merry with a secular friend, and feasted (we ordered from Ahmo's greek restaurant). Later, I gave Pentelope a valerian pill and let her lose her goddamn mind over it for awhile. Hilarious.

Also, the overall badness of the Wolverine reviews make me very sad.


Apr. 12th, 2009 03:47 pm
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So it's Easter, right?
I decided I would sleep in instead of getting up at 9am to to grocery shopping like I usually do.
Then I get up and get ready to go, only to find out that H wants to wait an hour because he's in the middle of some video game thing. Don't those things have pause buttons? Seriously...

We get to the store and it's very uncrowded. H keeps disappearing, which I hate.
We get all the way home only to find that H used the last of the dish soap and didn't put it on the list. End result, we will not be able to use our dishwasher for the next two weeks. In the grand scheme of things, that is not the end of the world. It is, however, a needless annoyance that could have been avoided by following the simplest rule: put shit on the grocery list when you use the last of it. C'mon!

The cable guy came out on Friday to fix the wall jack as it's been causing our picture to go all rainbowy. They told us they weren't going to charge us, then left us a bill for $150. I know, right? So now I've got to call about that and see what they hell they think they're doing. Damn Comcast!

To top it all off, I tripped over my speaker cord. It flung the entire computer on the floor and screwed up both my power cord (which is not supposed to happen) and my speaker cord, which is now ruined. Now I can't plug a speaker cord or headphones into the computer. The jack doesn't work anymore. So now I have to pull out my Applecare stuff and see if they cover it. I'm so damn angry at myself for doing something so careless with such an expensive and important machine.

The only "good" news I've gotten in days is that I have until July to finish my new novel. That is not a ton of time, but should be enough if I really start applying myself. With that in I go to write!

Oh, I also found out that the Pit Dernitz footage is almost certainly fake. Had me going, for sure.
Not sure what I'm talking about? Here it is:

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Just got back from the grocery store, where we somehow left my newly purchased box of Hydrience hair color behind. It was my fave shade and we got it on sale and then left it either at the store or in the cab. I didn't notice until we were home and put away all our groceries. Damn and Fie! They were also out of my favorite lemon pomegranate mints.

I'm trying to relax and JoJo keeps insisting that I play fetch with him. At least I'm not the one who has to do the actual fetching. ;-]

Watched Juno last night, at long last. The writing is very clever and smart. I enjoyed all the performances and thought the overall story was surprising and good. I can see why it caused such buzz at the Oscars last year.

This weather is making me stir crazy. I need to be social, either by having people over or by going out. People can't drive to me when it's like this, and I'm sure as hell not going out unless it's necessary--like shopping or work.

I'm giving up potato chips for a while, to see if I can. I tend to eat 12oz of potato chips a week, which is kind of a lot considering that one ounce of chips has 10 grams of fat. So I'm thinking that will be a good thing to stop buying at the store.
I'm also going to try to give up naps on my days off. Even though my meds do make me tired, I need to keep it down to 8-9 hours a day. When I nap I end up sleeping way too much. Besides, I have too much to do with all the marketing stuff and working on my serial killer.

I'm also trying to wean myself off the Abilify. It still works okay and everything, but we can't afford the $50 a month anymore with work cutting my hours and stuff. Even with pretty good insurance, the medical bills are still more than we can afford. So I cut down to a half dosage and will take it until I run out. Then that's it. I hope that works out for me and I don't go manic. If I do, I'll have to figure out something else. I wish they'd just come out with a generic of it. That, I could afford.
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Work was crazy busy yesterday, mostly with complaints and returns. Happily, I was able to chill some people out and fix some problems that were not remotely of my making. Then I came home and played Hexic.

I'm giving the zombie game a rest for a day or two, been having some vivid and horrible zombie nightmares. Last night we busted out the Wii and played some sports and some Raving Rabids, which is still pretty fun and which we still have not finished. I don't play story mode without H because I need him to do all the stuff that's too hard for me. ;-]

After I leave work today, I'm off work for three whole days, then back on Saturday. Tomorrow night is my annual NYE affair. This one promises to be small and casual. I've only got about 5 confirmed guests, and a ton of maybes. As such, there will be chips and dips, and I'm making some brownies.

Sadly, my apartment is reaching critical mass in terms of cat whiz. Pentelope keeps peeing in my hallway floor, so it's a mess or urine, some "miracle" cleaning product, febreeze, vinegar, and soap. I need to give the whole thing a good going over with a carpet shampooer. Cindy has one, but I'd hate to borrow it and give it back whiffing like wee.


Nov. 15th, 2008 04:46 pm
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Is your cat plotting to kill you?
Damn you JoJo...unless its Pentelope, in which case, sorry JoJo.

In better news, [ profile] uterdic drove me to Vault of Midnight today so I could spend the gift certificate H bought me last Xmas. That store is so fun, although I heard they had an upstairs. I didn't see any stairs. They didn't have Milk and Cheese number 7 which I totally need. But I did get Vincent Price Presents #1 and a graphic novel version of the movie M. The art is by Jon J Muth, who is fucking amazing!

In funnier news, my Hot Hot former Boss Facebooked me today. I added him weeks ago and he never added me back. I suspected he neglects his Facebook and I was right. Considering that I am writing a novel about a woman in love with her boss, it is both fortuitous and hilarious to be hearing from him now.

And finally:
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
26,556 / 50,000
I shall be writing more today, but that's it for the time being.
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My copies of The Cat's Apprentice came today. It appears that none of the italics made it into the book. They are all gone for some reason, so I'm terrified to think what that will do for people actually reading the book. I feel bad about it, because it's certainly something I should have noticed on the galley. So Boo and Hiss for that.

Other than that though, it's a very pretty book with a beautiful cover. The story is much better than I originally gave it credit for. Even though it asks a bit more of the reader, it's a good book and worth picking up, I think. And if you're one of those rare peeps who didn't like Sadie, you will likely find this book more to your liking. If not, I give up. My chick lit book, Which Hazel, will likely never see the light of day.

Oh, and this book has reviews for the last book on the back. [ profile] madush69 is there, as is [ profile] maxverbosity. So that's kinda neat. There is a pic of my deceased cat, Clarence, on the back, but there is no pic of me. The credit for the photo says "author photograph by Hollingsworth Webster" because H took the photo. So it sounds like Clarence actually wrote the book--which is fine by me.

Watched the Sex in the City movie today. I have to say, I didn't care for it. spoilers )

JoJo has almost chewed off the strap that holds the lid on my water bottle. It's the water bottle H bought me from ABC that has LOST on it. The lid has a compass in case I'm ever on an island and lost. And Pentelope peed on the bathroom floor...right on the tile. It's ridiculous. I don't know what to do with her. She's been to the vet, they can't find anything wrong with her.

Tomorrow, work.
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Well, I'm back to work today, ready or not.
I'll have to say "not" because I'm still smack in the middle of a major depressive episode. Even my impending retail therapy is not cheering me up, which means this is the real deal.

Since I never found a suitable new doc, I have to consult my old doc and see if I can get Packard Clinic to prescribe my crazy pills for me. I can NOT go off my meds, no matter what.

JoJo just puked on the floor. It makes me laugh how he runs away from his own puke, like it's going to jump out and hurt him or something. I guess that's what he would do in the wild. Of course, in the wild he wouldn't be licking dirty dishes in the sink, thus making himself sick. He simply cannot handle any amount of people food, except yogurt. Pente doesn't like people food, so she only pukes when she has a hairball.

In other news, H is great, I'm getting a new computer and iPod soon, new glasses and a new phone. I have very little to complain about, and feel sort of guilty for having depression when my life is so nice.

The credit card system at Stonegarden is supposed to be back up today so all of you who were waiting can finally order your signed copy of The Cat's Apprentice.
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I'm sure by now we've all heard about the Siberian Tiger attack at the San Francisco zoo.
Well, read up.
It's really very sad that the police killed the tiger. I'm not really clear on why they didn't merely trank it, I guess because that can take a few minutes and the tiger was already escaped. I just don't see why the tiger had to pay for the mistakes of humans. It's also very sad that a 17 year old kid was killed. I mean, damn.

My favorite zoo is the Detroit Zoo, mainly because that's the one I grew up with. I can remember looking at the lion enclosure, thinking that a male lion could certainly jump that puny moat if he wanted to. I also wondered if the animals weren't drugged or something to make them easy to handle. That was a rumor at the zoo for a while, that the animals were drugged.

I'm pretty torn on zoos to begin with. Of course it's not right or natural to keep animals locked up in pens for our amusement. At the same time, I really love seeing the grizzlies and lions and other "dangerous" animals I'd never see in real life. Zoos today do a much better job of keeping, especially big animals, in habitats close to what they are used to. I still haven't seen the new polar bear exhibit, but I hear it kicks ass. Somebody should take me there.

Usually when a person is attacked by a wild animal, it's because the person was doing something really stupid, like leaning against the bars or climbing over the fence. This time, the tiger actually escaped and mauled three people, killing one. Apparently this tiger had also attacked a zoo keeper during a public feeding. Zoo keepers seem to live in perpetual peril.

I can recall when the Detroit Zoo stopped keeping elephants (who, incidentally, kill roughly one zookeeper a year in the US) because they were too difficult to keep healthy. Because they are social animals, they became very unhappy in captivity, and would run into trees, smashing them with their big elephant heads. Very sad. I love zoos, but I have to wonder how much longer we will have them at all...


Nov. 30th, 2007 10:01 am
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The cats have been acting crazy lately, running around like maniacs. I wonder what's up.
JoJo has been attacking a milk cap ring for over two hours. That's normal though...

Did anybody leave a black electrical cord at my house? Well, I know someone did, but I've no idea who. If it was you, do let me know. It's coiled up by the chair by the door.

Work is going fine. I still screw the odd thing up here and there, but nobody seems too bent out of shape about it. So I'm not going to worry about it. I'm working a ton of hours, which should prove lucrative.

I'm going to try to return to working on my serial killer novel, and put the Franklin one away for a bit. I'm just not sure how it should end, which I kind of need to know at over 50K words. Suggestions? I'm actually having the same problem with Franklin, my "great" idea didn't include an ending, just a set of circumstances. I guess Stephen King was right when he said good ideas are a dime a dozen and writing a well plotted story is what takes real talent. I often worry that I'm actually talentless and should stop playing writer and get back to real life. But I don't want to. I want to think that my job is a temporary gig until I can live off my writing. That's a pipe dream though, for I know some wicked talented people who still have to keep their day jobs despite great success in their fields.

Anywhoo, (you know I use that word ironically, yes?) my plan to phase out therapy is underway. My therapist, Julie, agreed that it was time. I was kind of hoping she'd try to talk me out of it so I could sort of break away on my own. Maybe I'm not saying that right, but I just wanted her to want me to stay. Taht in and of itself is probably a bad sign. Anyway, I might keep going once a month for a while if I can afford it. But no more Group. whoo hoo!


Aug. 30th, 2007 11:45 am
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I've been feeling pretty depressed lately over work and some other random things. I went in for EMDR yesterday to find that yet another member of Group has died...badly. The last time a girl died, she had gotten drunk and froze to death outside. This time the woman OD'd in her car, they think on purpose, and nobody found her for several days. You cannot conceive of how awful and depressing that is to me. Well, maybe you can. But it sucks.

I'm not at all excited for my shower, I just hope people show up so I'm not sitting here alone like a complete tool. I'm making a pineapple cake, and supposedly one of the girls from Group is doing the cooking. We shall see. We are doing the toilet paper wedding gowns, so that'll be fun. And there will be prizes.

JoJo got into the garbage that H left untied. So he ate some taco bell and part of a blood pressure pill yesterday. I have a feeling cleaning up cat puke is in my future. He can barely keep cat food down, let alone a meximelt. Stupid cat.

I'm on my way to work, where my secret work crush will be. I think I have sales training today or tomorrow, I forget which. And I also think I get Monday off for the "holiday". I'll likely use the occasion to grocery shop so I don't have to go on Sunday. I wish my review would hurry up and happen so I can find out how badly they think I'm doing. Not knowing is far worse than just dealing with something bad, I think.
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LOST was some kinda drama last night. I don't think Juliet is capable of telling the truth, I guess we'll find out next week. Ha HA! And Hurley tricking Sawyer was excellent. Ha again!

I'm off to what I think will be my last meeting with the life coach today. She's been really helpful in a lot of ways, and I've finally figured out a way to put together a portfolio for myself that isn't silly or dumb.

Later, I'll be calling this violin company here in town to try to get them to hire me, yet again. I interviewed with them once before, but didn't have, I think, the musical background they wanted. This time I'm going to explain how customer service skills are not something you can learn while a reasonable amount of training and study will give you knowlege of any product line. Wish me luck, it's a pretty good gig, and just down the road from where I live.

Okay, married women, let me ask you. At what point do I start using my new name? I'm taking H's name (well, hyphenating really) after the wedding. Do I start using it after the wedding? After the marriage license is signed? Whenever I want? After my DL is changed? it just seems silly to do resumes and such knowing that I'll have a different name in a few months. Do I have to change my mailing address for that?

I have these three chairs in my living room that I've thrown a sheet over so it looks (kinda) like a couch. JoJo loved to climb under the sheet and run around playing on the chairs beneath. So there's just this big bulge running around under a maroon sheet. It's pretty funny.

Fare thee well, hit-or-miss director Bob Clark. I shall watch Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things tonight to honor you and your poor son.

Teh Funny:

Jun. 28th, 2006 10:48 pm
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Many thanks to userinfoliadra for hipping me to This Hilarious Video Clip which is sure to be enjoyable to anyone who likes cats, apple computers, laptops or stuff that is funny.

In other news, Group was surprisingly tame and enjoyable tonight. Back to the doc tomorrow, and then some EMDR, which will surely be exhausting.

I'm in the mood to write a short horror story. I think I will do that this week.
Turns out, I'm not going to do the JulNoWriMo next month after all. I was thinking that it was WIP friendly, like the WriYear, but it's really not. It's more like regular NaNo in that they want you to start fresh. Since I'm still writing Hazel and editing Franklin, I can't really do anything like that yet. I'll have to wait for November for the meanningless word count obsession to begin.

Once in awhile I plug other people's journals because I find them insightful, informative, or enjoyable. I've encountered one of these woefully underapprecated journals under the name of userinfoalex_a_polukhin. He posts lots of wonderful photos (pretty much all as clickable thumbnails) of his own, or those that he enjoys. Most are taken in Russia, (if we're still calling it that, I'm embrassed to say I don't know) and many are damn impressive. So do avail yourself of his fine photography journal.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention my favorite thing about Superman Returns. )
...and I only knew that because of The Simpsons.
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I treated myself to some used DVD's today. I almost never do this, but I bought two things I'd never seen because the buzz was so damn good. Specifically, I got Wolf Creek which I thought was about Sawney Beane. Actually, it's about Ivan Milat. I had actually been confusing it with 2003's Wrong Turn in my mind. But this one will be much better, I presume. Although Wrong Turn was not half bad, and Jeremy Sisto is quite nice to look at.
Next up, I finally scored a used copy of Raging Sharks which I've been wanting to own/see since I first heard about it courtesy of [ profile] sweinberg and his kick ass horror articles. I predict that I will find it delightfully horrible (maybe even as bad as Ultimo Squalo although James Franciscus and Vic Morrow far outstrip anything we might get from a Corbin Bersen performance). Suffice to say, I'm damn excited.
I have to go to bed in a bit since H insists on seeing X Men 3 tomorrow at 10:30am. I wanted to go on Tuesday, because I hate crowds and how people always talk during the film. I'm all for cheering, yells of terror or excitement, laughing etc, but conversations about your kid, your mom, or another version/segment of the film really need to wait until lights up. He wants to go tomorrow since he got the day off so he could sleep before the wedded bliss of [ profile] uterdic and [ profile] smarbaby commences on Sunday. Anyway, Kelsey Grammer rules, and so shall the X Men.

I was about to go out this evening when I found this note taped to my door:

It certainly would be a kindness if you allowed your little cat at least some time by an open space--somewhat opened window or doorwall. Animals need some access to Life Forces of the outdoors. We can go in and out but your pet does not. Sincerely, Your Neighbor

I have to tell you, I found that extremely presumptuous, rude, condescending, and creepy. First of all, my doorwall is open for several hours a night, every night, even in the rain. The only time it is not open is when it is over 70 degrees at midnight, which I think has happened once so far this spring. Besides, I think I can safely say that anyone who doesn't think I take my cats' well being seriously doesn't know shit from shinola. I can only assume that they think the door is never open because they are Day Walkers and haven't seen it open. Anyway, I was pretty mad, so I wrote a note and taped it up by the mailboxes:

Dear Anonymous Note Leaver,
Thank you for your interest in my cats. I am always pleased to know that there are other cat lovers around. However, I am uncomfortable and confused to learn that a stranger would be watching us or making strange and incorrect assumptions re: the care of my animals.
If you continue to have concerns, why not stop by and introduce yourself rather than creeping me out with an anonymous note? Thank you. Sincerely, Wednes (phone number attached)

I hope my reply was not too fucked up. H hates it when I "make a scene" but I am far too angry to do nothing.
I mean seriously, the nerve!!
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Sam Waterston tried to warn us, but it appears that the fine folks at Honda are just not listening. We'll see how they feel when all of their medication has been eaten for robot fuel.

In other kinds of terrifying news, we all know about the danger we are in due to supposed "terrorists." Many of us feel that this is just another way to make people hate/fear/keep an eye on our brown-skinned friends and neighbors. It's been an excuse for racial profiling, and for curtailing all of our rights. But now...The Man is trying to foil my favorite restaurant. Right, because anyone who sends money to their home country is obviously a terrorist. Nobody who makes such good lemonade, falafel, or shish kafta can possibly be a terrorist. I mean come ON, they have classic caesar can hardly get that anyplace anymore.

You know how we all thought Pentelope was a cat?
Not according to Xanga, she's not!

After skipping Group last night due to drama, I had a total mindfucker of a therapy session today. My therapist thinks that what's really bothering me about this whole "dishonesty" business has to do with what she called "The Great Lie." This is referring to my mom totally denying who my biological father is, even to the point of paying to falsify a birth certificate and hanging it on my wall so I could look at it everyday. I got "in trouble" for ever telling anyone the truth. All the while though, my mom was hysterical and fanatical about lying. Of course I would have issues with the whole lies v truth business, since so much of that is unresoved.
As such, I'm going to get off my ass and go back to EMDR even though I haven't gone in months. I just hate having so many damn therapy appointments since it makes me feel much more dysfuntional than I want to. I'm also supposed to call my Fetching Employment Counselor to talk again about how I might be able to go to grad school.

I keep forgetting, what time is that wedding this Sunday? Six?
I don't wanna be late, and miss the opening remarks; I'm sure they'll be funny.
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Came out of the shower today to the most horrible stink imaginable. Burning plastic mixed with um...let's say "human waste". I look all over the apartment to make sure the cats didn't start a fire and try to pee it out or something. Finally I check in the hallway to make sure its--but wait. The hallway is full of smoke and even whiffier. I wake up H and call maintenance, who comes right over. They bang on every door in the building and finally discern that the culprit is the woman down the hall. She has aparently lived here 5 years and just found out how her self cleaning oven she thought she'd give it a try. If I'd known the olfactory nightmare she woudl subject us to, I surely would have offered to scrub out her oven for her. Because um...ew. This is yet another in the whole "Yes hello, you do not live alone in this building" shenanegans I have to endure to live in this anty, loud, leaky floor having apartment.

Checked the mail while I was out in the hallway. Still have not heard back from the 2 publishers I queried in the beginning of January. So those rejections should arrive any day now. I also got turned down for A-ride assistance, so I get to pay full fare cab when I can't ride the bus. Aparently the AATA drivers are trained in dealing with panic attacks--I guess we'll just see about that. ;-}

I need to eat something, but who can eat amdist this stench? Oh, and it seems that Pentelope has befouled my SpongeBob bathroom rug. Yuck.

But on the plus side:
I'm Caligula!
Which Historical Lunatic Are You?
From the fecund loins of Rum and Monkey.
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I don't know whose been sending me the good cat vibes, but you's did one helluva job. I guess this is when online networking with other witches and such really helps out in a pinch. What am I trying to say is, well...

Pentelope is back home and she is okay.

Yeah...who saw that coming? Not me, that's for damn sure.
Specific details, for anyone with an interest in such things: )

I think I was still so upset about Clarence that I just wanted to do something, anything different than last time because I thought I'd fucked her over so badly by letting her get so sick. But as many of you reminded me, I need to relax a little and understand that sometimes you can do your very best and still fail. And a wise person will not let such an experience sour them from facing the future with the same zeal that...oh, fuck it. You know what I'm trying to say here, right?

Anyway, I'm just so happy that she is home. And so giddy and weird because I've been awake since 7am yesterday morning.
So I think I'm going to go to bed now.
I'll see all you crazy cats tomorrow.

And remember always that in the story of Wednes and Pentelope, Feeling the Love made all the difference.

So for tonight at least, the city remains safe...
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Hey there, [ profile] paulcurtis!

The disc of Secret Smile arrived today.
You know...David Tennant reminds me very strongly of my Hot Hot former Boss.

Remember that guy?

Anyway, thanks man.

Pentelope is at the Huron Valley Humane Society as we speak. They had to sedate her to get blood, no surprises there I guess. They will likely be calling me back in an hour to let me know if she has liver damage. If she doesn't, I can probably bring her home. JoJo, meanwhile, is enjoying having the run of the place.

In other news, I have now been awake for 31 straight hours.
Think I'll indulge in something a custard paczi. Mmmmm...paczi...
wednes: (Default) thought my life could not get any more terrible and annoying, Pentelope is sick. It appears that she has the same thing Clarence had. I'm taking her to the vet in the morning (massive thanks to [ profile] uterdic who came over here even though he was terribly sick to help me with her.

We're going to the humane society this time, since we can't afford the fancy-pants animal hospital. I'm basically going to find out for sure if she has the same thing as Clarence, which is liver problems along with some neurological damage. Apparently, this can be hereditary, which is why it should not come as a huge shock to me. In all seriousness, I've been watching her carefully since Clarence died, thinking she would probably get sick soon, and she did. Anyway, if she has this, I'll likely just take care of everything tomorrow and not make it stretch out for days and days like last time.

H is laid out with a terrible headache, he gets them a lot now. I don't know what the deal is, but he is in obvious, terrible pain and won't take a pill or drink any caffeinne. I'm feeling like everything sucks and I'm powerless to do a damn thing.

Such is life, I guess.

On an unrelated topic, the Briarwood Theatre seems to have turned into a fucking dump overnight. They dont' even have a handicap bathroom anymore. Well, technically they do, if you don't need amenities like toilet seats and doors. I'm pretty sure that's illegal, no? Anyway, it was filthy and gross, loud with a crappy projectionist. The cashier was nice though. And Harry Potter was awesome.
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Um...I've never had a boy cat before. JoJo is neutered, of course, it was a condition of his being able to live here. And Pentelope is fixed, so this is not a huge deal. But I guess it never actually occurred to me that he might try to...ah...know her in the biblical sense. Is this normal? Is it okay? I mean, far be it from me to deny them their um...diddly. But Pentelope doesn't go into heat that I've noticed and I'm just wondering what the etiquette is for this sort of thing. Cat owners, speak to me.

In other news, I saw the Oscar Meyer Weinermobile last week when I was out. That thing is awesome. I mean, it's a car, and you can drive it, and it looks like a giant hot dog. Plus, they make hot dogs inside of it. It's like some kind of obscure oxymoron for stoners. *cue Oscar Meyer Bologna song*

I'm back to writing my story and it's coming right along. I hope to have this draft done within the next 10 days. I have to start the EdMo on March first and have to give myself some cushion time since I can't just use the computer whenever I want anymore. Fie, BTW.

Speaking of ol' Compuglobalhypermeganet, H and I are going to try to reassemble it this week. We're putting the old 3gig modem back inside it and trying to put it back together from scratch. I say "from scratch" becuase the whole thing had to be taken apart to get the HD out. We have 15 pages of back wards instructions to work with (they are how to take it apart, not how to assemble). So that will be fun. Oh, and I'd been saying that this computer came out in 1998, but in fact, it came out in 1995. So I daresay it's had a good run.

OOOh, plus the Sideshow Bob ep from this season is replaying tonight. I'm totally gonna record it!!
Is the usual gang coming over or do you all have "football influenza" or whatever they call that?
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I'm feeling pretty good today, calming down a bit from the mania which has been plaguing me. In fact, I feel so good that I'm barely annoyed by the jackass whose been saying crappy things about my house (from college) online. College kids can be awfully funny when they are so obnoxious and yet so stupid...

I must say, I think these EMDR sessions are good for me. Plus I like the chick who does them, which is odd because usually frail looking old ladies kind of creep me out. I'm going back again for one next week, then I'll get on a two week rotation after that. For next week I'm supposed to think of some situation where my mom yelled at me and it made me feel bad. Gee, I only hope I can think of one.
I guess the harder to understand part is how incidents of being hit, swore at, humiliated, belittled and just generally treated like crap are supposed to be dealt with one at a time.

boring $$ stuff )

Big thanks to [profile] uterdic for this crazy article about a python that exploded. No pics though...Awww.

JoJo and Pentelope actually played today. That was cool. We also had our first night without a new cat mess to clean up. JoJo was much more calm last night too, despite being locked in the bathroom all night. He threw the towels on the floor, but did not pee on them. I daresay that's progress.

I'm sure by now you've all seen that re-edited Shinning trailer that looks like a feel good family movie. Well the West Side Story one is much much better. Or maybe, it's just more to my taste. I loves it.

Oh, and can I just say, I can't wait to hear the new Fiona Apple album?
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Flightplan is the number one movie in the country. I read one article about this movie, over at Yahoo! News! It gave away a major plotpoint. Normally I commit halfheartedly to a boycott when some corporate entity annoys me. I can't boycott Yahoo! though, because my Email is there. Much like I'd love to boycott FOX because I hate 90% of what they air. I can't because I love their Sunday nigtht lineup. Well, I could but my willpower sucks. I even order pizza from Domino's on occasion. Yeah...

JoJo used the litterbox correctly and without prodding. So that was cool. It seems he needed his own box with no lid on it. Pentelope is calming down a lot and seems to be eating enough and feeling fine. Today, it looks slightly less like we'll have to put Operation Horse Farm into effect.

Oops, spoke too soon. While I was typing she pood on the rug. Too bad. Now she has to spend the night in the bathroom.

The new Supreme Court Nominee is a joke. When you're that high up, you're supposed to get shit for giving all the good jobs to your buddies. Blockbuster and McDonalds put together doesn't have the nepotism of the feds. I daresay service workers are held to much higher standards of conduct and job performance.

Anyway, now I'm sad about the cat. I'm going to bed.
I have a terrible, busy, awful week in store.

But first, thanks to [ profile] roane for alerting me to this silliness.

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