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I have a terrible track record when it comes to media and popularity. What I mean is, some of the new shows I hear about...I think are the most disgusting and offensive ideas ever. And then they become huge hits:

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy (stereotype much)
The Biggest Loser (surely people know that's unhealthy and fake)
Storage Wars (strangers fight over cherished possessions of poor people)
American Idol (mostly that beginning part where they mock sincere people)
Dancing with the "Stars" (who the hell cares if Ben Nye can dance?)

That doesn't even get into reality shows that exploit families with any sort of unusual traits. Too fat, too skinny, overwhelming amounts of kids, poly, weird religions, dwarves, rednecks, whatever, or things like Prime Time wife-swapping. I'm terrible at determining what kind of things will be popular, and what will be scorned. That's also why shows I like so seldom make it past 3 seasons.

With all that in mind, it's probably good that the new project I'm embarking on feels somewhere between an unholy terror and a colossal waste of time. Cut for complaining ) I've begun so many projects thinking, "Okay, this is the thing that will get me noticed," but then it isn't. Even bearing in mind that there's really no tipping point where people go from nothing to SUCCESS, I have to think there are stages at which large amounts of new people take an interest in the work.

The new project is at the Radish app. It's new around here, but has been popular in Korea and Japan and thereabouts for a while. They publish serial fiction in a whole bunch of genres. They said they were looking for horror writers, but that's not even an option yet on their site. So we shall see...
I'm publishing chapters weekly in a serial format. I get paid based on readership, which is not really the important part. It's a way to reach a new audience and get some new fiction out there, which I haven't been doing much of in favor of commission work and paid media stuff. New chaps will go up every Wednesday (see what I did there?).

What's the story? I'm so glad you asked.
But I'm not telling you except that it will feature a revolving cast of regular people and their interactions with Max, a guy who looks normal but is actually an employee of Hell.
Yeah, that Hell. ;-)
H has been a bit of a stressbag since they changed his work schedule.
That means I had to do my own cover design, which I'm not great at.
They also don't allow words on the covers. This is what I ended up with.
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For those of you who have never visited my home, I have a tiny desk on wheels on one side of my living room. H has the whole office to himself, and I work near the TV so I can do reviews and stuff. JoJo loves climbing all over the desk almost as much as he loves jumping off of it. But see, it's a cheap piece of crap. I've already bought it twice because the first one had a part snap off after 3 years. This one is about to bite the dust too, and I don't know what to do about it. Spending $70 on a new one would suck. But I can't keep Jojo away from it, so soon I won't have a choice. I'd rather spend twice that on one that won't need replacing in a few years.

I'm totally open to suggestions for any other movable desk that has a pull-out keyboard tray, and at least one shelf that won't be taken up by the monitor. This is what I'm using now.

Little help?


Feb. 5th, 2017 03:54 pm
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So much annoyance.

Power and internet took turns going out all friggin' weekend. That's dumb, because I certainly don't need help NOT getting any work done. So I'm working today and tomorrow instead of taking some much needed time to work on the outline for my screenplay.

Yeah, I'm taking another stab at this screenplay, this time with a writing partner.

Our door buzzer has been broken for more than a week. Given the impatience of the UPS guy, I've missed a package or two. Just review stuff, but still. A week is a long time for a maintenance request...or was until we lived in this shithole.

Looking at houses bears no fruit. I fear that we'll be trapped here forever.

Somehow, my website/Email domain expired. I thought everything was automatic, but some bullcrap happened and my site was down for almost a week. Lame. Worse, I use that Email for tons of vital work stuff. So it also kept me from getting paid. Imagine my surprise when my bank account was suddenly down to single digits.

All things considered, this is minor shit. Aside from having to pay bank overdraft fees when automatic payments go through, none of this causes more than extreme annoyance.

In other news, droves of politically engaged people are taking long breaks from social media. I understand why that's necessary because this shit is exhausting. But I also think that's what evil people rely on...decent people being too tired and frustrated to keep fighting.
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When they're not talking about the Nazi rally down the street, a lot of people are talking about health care. Health care in America has sucked for a long time, almost got better, but then kinda didn't. Now? It's going to be worse than it's ever been, and for whatever reason, some poor people are happy about it.

I guess if your insurance company decided to raise rates and deductibles, that's bad news for you. But they didn't do that because they couldn't afford to pay for care. They did it so they can still make tremendous profits while providing some people with limited care. The problem isn't how much things cost--it's that HEALTH CARE SHOULD NOT BE RUN FOR A PROFIT. I'm still not clear on how that isn't obvious. Like air and water (yes, we also pay for some of those things), being able to get regular checkups and shots, take the pills you need to stave off disease and whatnot, should not be something every non-rich American has to stress about.

When I was a kid, if someone got bad news from a doctor--their first move was to get A Second Opinion. Because doctor's are people, people who have opinions and who make mistakes. When's the last time you heard about a non-rich person going to talk to a different doctor because they didn't like what the first one had to say? Honestly, I don't think I know anyone who has done this. Sometimes if a mental health doc doesn't work out, people try a different one months or years later when they can. But I don't know anyone with the luxury of shopping around for doctors...and I do know a lot of people who are quite comfortable financially.

But then, rich people have always used doctors differently than the rest of us. Ever see a movie where a woman is crying--usually because something awful has happened? And the men say "She's hysterical. Get her a doctor." I know I've been hysterical a few times in my life. Other times, I've been so angry that I've literally come out swinging. Never, EVER has anyone called a doctor to come to my home and give me a sedative. Again, I don't know anyone this has ever happened to. it's more likely that the person would be loaded into an ambulance and carted away.

On the bright side, we've also done away with the bizarre practice of doctor's not telling women what's wrong with them. There's a story in my family about a mother of young children who's doc discovers that she has cancer. It's fatal, and there isn't much time left. The doctor then discussed his finding with the mother's husband, and the two of them discussed what the mother would be told. Um, WHAT? The story is that the husband respected the mother enough to tell her the truth, which is supposed to be awesome of him. The larger point, obviously, is that it would be monstrous not to tell a mother (or anyone) that they are dying, because of some weird sexist reasons I can't begin to fathom.

Anyway, I predict that medical care is about to reach a Soylent Green-ish lack of access. I think the Supreme Court will hear an overturn of Roe V Wade in the coming months. I'm also pretty sure the minimum wage will be abolished. Once that happens, it could be outright revolution. Walmarts will be burned to the ground--which honestly, would be pretty hilarious.
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I don't actually have much to say, but feel compelled to post here a few times a month.

Decided not to move my Email to a cheaper server, mainly because I don't know what the hell I'm doing and don't want to risk fucking up my...basically everything because I'm trying to save $60 a year.

It's almost tax time. I always hate tax time, but this year will be even dumber than usual because we got stiffed by a client and had to have a fundraiser to stave off homelessness. I really hate that dude still BTW. While I don't literally hope he dies in a fire, I do smile when I think of him barely escaping an all-consuming fire while losing everything he has. Because fuck him and his lying, ignorant ass.

Work. I have a lot of it. Much of it is not even boring. Some of it, I'm not even behind on. But I'm no closer to having a novel to write than I was at this time last year...or the year before. I have no inspiration, no idea that I feel passionate about. That might mean I'm not really a writer--because wouldn't a REAL writer push through that and create something anyway? Maybe a REAL writer wouldn't blog about nothing while actually giving a fuck what anyone thinks a REAL anything is. Or as Kyle would say: What if I'm not real?

Right now I'm working on a list of made-forTV horror movies for ScreenRant, a 2016 horror TV recap for 411Mania, plus Gotham comes back next week. I've also got some SEO stuff due soon, and a piece about Splooshing for Kinkly. I was able to pay this year's HWA dues, which keeps me looking like a serious professional for the next 12 months.

Also, when I go outside--it's cold. Unpleasantly so.
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Disclaimer: Medical pot is legal in my state. Even if one doesn't have a medmar card, getting caught with pot in my town is like a traffic ticket. If the laws are different in your town, for fuck's sake, don't smoke any pot. This post is not meant as a substitute for medical or legal advice. Drugs are bad, mmmkay?

As many of you know, I switched to vaping a few years ago. After about 2 months, I lost my perpetual pot cough and my vocal range returned to just about where it was when I was in college. That was awesome. I also tend to go through less herb, and H says smooching me is hardly like licking an ashtray at all. So that's nice too. ;-)

I've been using the Magic Flight Launch Box. I'm a fan. They're pretty inexpensive, and they come with a lifetime replacement warranty. I end up getting a new one about every year since they just kind of wear out. The screens rip after a while, or a flaw in the wood gets bigger, stuff like that. The customer service at MFLB is outstanding, I've literally never had a problem. I also bought the AC adapter, which also has lifetime replacement and am on my 3rd one. Always awesome, they are.
But you know, I work from home now and have a rather robust vaping schedule. If I'm not working or asleep or on my way out, I like to be at least a little high. The MFLB seems to be more for casual partakers. Apparently, I'm partaking at expert or advanced level. An aficionado if you will. I needed something better, but didn't remotely have the scratch to spend on a volcano.

So a year or so ago, I did a bit of research and saw that Snoop Dogg (AKA Snoop Lion, AKA The Guy I'd Love to Toke With) endorses a line of vapes with a company called Grenco. They had these amazingly inexpensive dealies, and offered a discount for my first order. Why the hell not, right?

I got a couple of these, called the G Slim Vape Pen. I got one for daubs, and one for "ground material." I do enjoy that ground material, you know. Apparently the part called a "tank" goes bad after a couple months, so you have to keep replacing them. They cost half as much as the entire pen. Ditto the bottom (the part that isn't the tank) because that's the battery. If I stuck with those vape pens, I'd be basically buying a few each year. Lame, but not bad if they worked well. Their tagline should totally be, "Fuck it, they're cheap."

Whelp, I couldn't get either device to vape properly. I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong. It combusted no matter how hard the draw, how little heat I applied. Combustion. Every time. I had that problem with the launch box, but with practice I got better. That was not the case with these. Did Snoop Dogg steer me wrong? No...that couldn't be.

I contacted Grenco Science. I explained the problem I was having with the vape pens and how vaping isn't supposed to taste like eating lunch out of a used fireplace. See, if you stop smoking and only vape, smoke tastes super rank to you within a short amount of time. I hate smoking now, even joints. Gross...I imagine the way a non-smokers feels about cigs. Besides, if I wanted to combust, all I'd need is a bic. The Grenco rep I talked to basically said yes, the vape pens always combust.

I said, "Well, then they aren't really vape pens, are they?" No, they aren't. But that doesn't stop Grenco from putting Snoop Dogg's name on them and selling them as such.
The rep explained that I'd need to spend at least $90 to get one that wouldn't combust on me--which is two models more expensive than the ones I bought (which I got a few of, since I thought it was my fault they didn't work right).
They assured me that this other unit would be fine. No parts that need to be replaced (except screens, such is life). No combusting. Snoop Dogg endorsed.
Note: Yeah, I'm a grown-ass woman who shouldn't be motivated to purchase something because a famous person put their name on it. But dammit, this isn't some greedy loon. Snoop Dogg isn't an asshole or a fake, so why would he put his name on a sub-par product? If I ever meet him, I'll ask him. The vape also came with a Snoop Dogg album called "Bush." It's a good listen.

Having used this product for a few months, let me say a few things:
--It doesn't combust. So that's great!
--The setup is such that the screen clogs with each draw. Bad.
--It takes over 3 hours to charge, which gives about an hour of use. Bad.
--You can't use it while it's charging. Bad.
--It takes 1.5-3 minutes to heat up all the way, depending on the battery. Bad.
But all that is just luck of the draw, right? After all, it retails for less than $100.

Then after two months, the goddamn mouthpiece (made of cheap plastic) cracked in two places. I wasn't even touching it. It was just hot. But...they told me this wouldn't need extra parts, I worried. What if they didn't sell the part separately? Well, they DO sell the part separately. Because see, they know it's a cheap plastic part that would need to be replaced often. Yet they told me to my face (well, a chat window) that I wouldn't need to keep replacing parts.

To add insult to injury, the goddamn part--which you can't use the fucking thing without--was out of stock. So again, they know that this is a problem, and advised me to buy it anyway. The whole point of talking to customer service first is to find out things the website doesn't say. This was the opposite of customer service--and I've worked in sales and customer service for over 20 years. I can't imagine lying that boldly to a customer about what they should purchase. Seriously, I hope the commission was worth it.

I explained all of this to *another* rep, who didn't appear to give half a fuck about all the money I'd spent with them to STILL not have a working vape. In fact, I was informed that their BEST vape (which costs roughly twice what the last one did) doesn't have any of those problems. Had anyone bothered to tell me that in the beginning, I wouldn't have spent so damn much money on vapes that don't vape and parts that don't last. I would have just bought the good one--that I now cannot afford.

So yeah, I are sad.
Grenco Science can kiss my ass.
Snoop Dogg, we're still cool.
I gotta say though, maybe put some more thought in where you let people put your name. They're making you look like someone who doesn't take weed seriously.
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People who know us know that H is a wicked talented graphic designer. I love his work, but obvs I'm biased. He's made many cards and gifts for people--lots of posters, printed scripts with cool covers, etc. He designs all my marketing stuff, and created the logos for Under the Bed magazine and The Horror Within, among other things. He's designed some awesome book covers and more marketing stuff for friends, family, and clients.

I'd been pestering him to put a portfolio together, so he could make more money doing something he loves and is awesome at. He didn't. A year ago I figured, screw it. We'll start a business together. I can do book layout and editing, he can do cover and internal graphics. Together, we could help people self-publish their books, and maybe even publish some people outside what I already did with the magazine (except with better communication and more money), and what I do with the site now (again, with more money). So we've had a few clients and done some good work. of our clients took some of H's designs to H's day-job for printing. I'm not saying the name of H's work here, and if you know it, please refrain from saying so in the comments. Anyway, this led to questions that then led to H's work informing him that he is not allowed to perform, for profit, any service that his company offers. Even if it's to people who were not customers already. Even if it's something he doesn't actually do for this company, and therefore doesn't involve poaching customers. Even though it doesn't involve using his work's equipment or resources, or wouldn't impact his job function in any way. Even though he's been with the company for almost 20 years and has never been reprimanded in any capacity. He isn't allowed to use his skills to make money on his own time, because employees of his company in another facility H has never even been to, do something similar to what he does--design graphics.

I can't even put into words how sad and angry I am about this.
Our new business was going really well. We had annoying clients who paid us a good wage, and let us work together to do great things for a variety of projects. It was great and promised to only get more awesome as time went on.

Now it's over.
Sure, I can still take on clients for layout and editing. But I don't have H's skills backing me up. We can't offer cover design services or marketing support that requires the use of graphics (ie: most of it). We'd never be a full-service company for people who want to publish books. All because an obscenely profitable and absurdly huge company thinks they have a right to tell H what to do in his own time, with his own computers and talent. And being H, he's not even going to argue with them. Because that's the kind of employee he is.
I can't even let H know the full extent of my disappointment and anger, because he already feels really bad about it.

So long, [name of company redacted].
You were a good dream.


Dec. 25th, 2015 12:25 pm
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I gave H a Kindle Fire for Christmas. Its low price allowed this to be the first time in 15 years together that I've bought H any electronics. However, I didn't keep the secret very well. Five minutes after he opened it he went into his office and returned with a case.
Me: "Oh, it came with a case? That's awesome, I didn't realize..."
Him: "No, it didn't."
Me: "But that's a case right there."
Him: "I know. I wanted to make sure it was protected."
Me: ...

I also gave H a ton of candy from the vintage candy store. Funny, because the candy is new and old all at once. Most of it is either sour or hot. He also got an Agents of SHIELD pin, which is awesome, and a Matchbox batmobile, because I was in a mood to buy people batmobiles this year. No reason.
JoJo got a new cat bed that's shaped like a shark, and a heating pad for the inside. Pentelope is too cranky to celebrate Xmas, but she did get some tuna treats that look like tiny steaks.

What did *I* get?
Well, first H and I both got a new vacuum. It's a Dirt Devil that promises to stand up to the hair-nanza that is our cats.
H's mom got us a humidifier, which I'm pretty sure is a passive-aggressive gift. After not acknowledging my birthday last month, she got us something she knew I would hate. I told her at our wedding (before she walked out in a huff before the ceremony) how much I hate humidity. Ah well...

H got me some movies:
Deep Red (Profundo Rosso)--a fave of mine that I lost years ago in a tragic loaning mishap.
Jane Eyre (the one with Mia W. And Michael Fassbender). My 3rd version of Jane Eyre on DVD. Sweet!
The Strangler (starring the great Victor Buono)

He also got me some fancy food:
Salt and Vinegar kettle chips
old fashioned shortbreads from Zingerman's
Zingerman's "magic" brownie (but not 420-magic)
marcona almonds (hilarious, because of the Specific Store on Family Guy)
And a deck of Harry Potter playing cards (or minor arcana tarot, if you prefer).

I'm told that one of my gifts will be late. Not sure what's up with that.
We also got an impressive haul of cards, but no cookies.
That's right, not a single person sent us homemade holiday cookies, and I didn't bake any. Oops. And here my doctor has been begging me to work more cookies into my diet. Not.

Okay, time to make pancakes and sausages.
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My annual birthday bash (AKA, amazement that I'm still alive party) was Saturday. As always, there were a handful of people who couldn't make it. Drag.

But plenty of people did make it. There was mediterranean food. I didn't have time to make falafel at the last minute--so I ordered it from the same restaurant that catered our wedding. I did make toum and hummus, a pineapple upside down bundt cake, a nutella cream pie. Friends brought wine, grape leaves, baklava, more wine, candies and snacks. The crowd was wonderful.

I got to give away stuff too. My young friend Emory (age 9) was given a telescope and a book on telescoping. I gave my friend's kid a violin setup, and had a box of awesome books and craft supplies to give away as well. Anyone who wanted to got to leave with pressies.

There are pictures, if you're into that sort of thing.

I got some more gifts, which was amazing:
A really nice kitchen knife
A copy of Faust with awesome creepy illustrations
My fave kind of lemon bar mix
A lego Gargoyle
Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans
Apple chips and Pumpkin spice chips (because I'm a white girl, I think)
A beautiful bouquet of yellow roses
Several new Mad Lib books. I fucking love Mad Libs

Somebody smoked tobacco in our bathroom. That sucks, because H was mad. We don't allow tobacco smoking inside, because it reeks for days. I do have to laugh though, when smokers think they're fooling people. Even if it didn't reek, there were ashes left in my sink.
Also, I was sharing a pack of fortune telling fish with everyone. When I got the pack, there were 100. I've given them out at various function, so there were probably 60-some left. I told every guest to take one, and a few to take some home for their kids. Somehow though, the entire goddamn package disappeared. Again, this is disappointing, because taking more than 50 of them isn't sharing--it's stealing. Imma chalk that up to intoxicants, which were flowing like wine (and pot).

So, you take the good.
You take the bad
You take them both
and then you have
The party for my 45th birthday.
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Remember a few weeks, maybe a month ago, I found out H and I weren't getting the check from our 2013 income tax refile? I was super bummed because it was my fault and we sort of needed the money? Well, the check mysteriously arrived today, over a month after it was supposed to and after we were told it wasn't coming at all.


My back is still stiff and sore and terrible. Normally I'd do some stretches while lying on the floor. But the vacuum we bought last year is already broken and H doesn't want to buy one from Craigslist. So I'm not lying on a floor that hasn't been vacuumed in a month. No, not even when I'm in pain.

That bitch from Nerdly who talked shit about me in a review (and stole one of my pics, which has since been removed) is now attempting to justify her terrible behavior. Did you know that being transexual makes you the spokesperson for every transexual? I had no idea. Fascinating, right? Too bad I'm so "disrespectful" and need to "educate" myself. *shakes head*

Honestly, is there a difference between "she revealed herself to be a biological male" and "she revealed herself to be a transgendered woman" in terms of respect or dignity? If my phrasing (the first one) was honestly disrespectful, I do want to know about it. Though I maintain that calling me out publicly while lumping me in with people who made Crying Game jokes or used the term "He/She" is right out. The review was for Penny Dreadful, which is set in a time period before terms like transgendered or transexual were used, as far as I know. I find this annoying because a) I don't think I'm an ignorant or hateful person, and b) if my verbiage is off, I want to discuss it rather than fend off an accusation--especially from a total stranger. Gah.

Site Launch

Jul. 1st, 2015 08:25 pm
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The Horror Within is getting ready to launch. My cousin Rich is doing an awesome job of translating my many needs and wants into realities.

Stuff we'll have and do:
--Accounts for all regular contributors, plus blank accounts so that guest contributors and fiction submissions can all have proper bylines.
--Awesome graphics that H has been working his ass off on. (Don't worry, his actual ass is cute as ever)
--Normal stuff like FB like buttons, our Twitter feed, and cool widgets
--Soon everyone will have custom graphics for their regular content.
--Staff Emails
--A fully functioning Submission page, so we won't have to use submittable.
--The ability to do polls.
--Yoast SEO management.

There's probably more I'm forgetting. I'm awesome at forgetting.
I still need to find some fiction, reprints I think, to have ready for the first few weeks after launch. For the time being, we'll probably have new content a few times a week. Hoping though, that will become more frequent with time.

What we need:
--Regular interviewers to interview mostly writers and authors.
--Novelists who want to pimp their wares.
--Regular swag writer who can commit to 1-2 articles a month about horrific analog games, figures, apparel and other horror swag.
--People dying to advertise with us. :-)

In other news, I thought I was way more caught up with work than I actually am. Seems the calendar on my iPod is not syncing with my mac mini. Talk about first world problems that are a genuine pain in the ass...!

Getting more proactive about fiction writing and subbing. Added a subplot and roughly 1,000 words to my short story Raja, then subbed it to a paying market. I've always enjoyed that story a lot and look forward to finding it a good home.

Getting a free veggie spiraler so I can review it. Got some free massagers for review earlier in the week. No you filthy minded jackals, not THAT kind of massager. They're supposed to be for cellulite, but since I don't give a crap about cellulite, I'm just using them on my calves and thighs because it feels awesome. It's a nobbly roller thing, and pretty durable. Plus, I love getting free stuff. Because FREE stuff!
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Apparently horror writers are having a big blowout over Paid Markets (R with circle) versus FTL markets. Which one makes you a "real writer" or a "sell out" or someone who "lacks talent." I'm someone who has to constantly check myself to make sure I'm not acting like a complete D-bag over who is a Real Writer (TM) or not, and I find this irksome as all hell.

When I first started writing shorts with the intention of wide release, I was willing to give stuff away to FTL markets. I just wanted to be read and seen. But novels? No. I'm only giving those free on special occasions, or to reviewers, and with the hope that doing so will garner good reviews and increase sales. Having done that, I've still never come close to earning min wage in terms of hours spent on a book versus money earned. Does that mean I'm not a Real Writer? To some, yes. I find this odd, because other writers know you can write your ass off, create something great, and still make less than $1,000 on it. I never heard huge authors bashing small authors for the ways in which they try to boost sales--but I hear non-writers bash active writers for their marketing efforts all the time.

I've been hearing the argument that writers giving away their work hurts writers who are selling. I can't imagine that this is true. Books just don't work that way. If you enjoy an author, you're not going to skip their next book because someone you've never heard of has a book available for free. By that logic, people who love to fuck are taking money away from prostitutes.

Writers who want to be paid for their work are not "passionless sellouts" who "only do it for the money." Nor are those who give their work away "talentless losers who couldn't sell a story if their lives depended on it." I strenuously hope I've never sounded like this big a D-bag when talking about other writers (who are not Stephanie Meyer or EL Fudge or whatever her inner goddess name is). But I probably have at some point. *ahem* fanfic *ahem*

In the end, I think it's up to the writer to decide what their work is worth. Yeah, that is bound to result in wild over and under-pricing. I've read great stuff on Kindle that cost me nothing. I've also seen Facebookers who can't even put a sentence together selling their debut books on Smashwords for $75. Well, I don't know that they're selling them, but they are listing them at prices only a mother would spend. Like most things in life--we should all be allowed to do what we want and leave everyone else out of it. I won't hold my breath though.

While I have your attention, I've been listing my own shorts at Amazon for a mere 99 cents. Available now are:

The Growlers: A fast-food zombie tale that ties in to my novel, The Finster Effect.

Whitman, I Ain't: A first-person narrative of a school shooter.

Trabajando Alegre: One of my personal favorite shorts. This one is about a new employment program designed to help poverty stricken minorities. People refer to this as a satire, but I think it's just straight-up horror.

More are coming soon. I'm mainly waiting for H to finish the covers.
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The world of cable TV is in flux right now.
Consumers may actually come out the winners this time.

Did you hear that Comcast complained to the BBB et al about Rob Lowe's Direct TV commercials? Waaaaaah, they're funny and people like them. Maybe if Comcast had better customer service than say, the Ferguson police department, they wouldn't be so worried about a few ads.

HBONow showed up on my Apple TV earlier this week. That's their stand-alone service so you can get HBO without having to pay for cable.

Turns out, most of your bill for cable programming stems from deals made to give you professional and college level sports. I could give a fuck about sports. I don't even watch the Olympics anymore. So why am I paying that much for stuff I don't watch--let alone all the other channels that used to be worth paying for and are now basically shit. I'm looking at YOU: History Channel, Discovery, Animal Planet, The Learning Channel, Mtv, SyFy, Food Network, 20+ hours a day of Comedy Central.

I've been trying to determine what channels I would actually need in order to feel like I wasn't missing anything important. Remember, I'm a pro reviewer and a major fan of television.
I would want:
Network (abc, nbc, cbs, FOX)
Comedy Central
Showtime (but only for 1 or 2 shows)

There are probably a few other things I'm forgetting, but really, about 15 channels or so would have me covered. I'd just want a blazing fast internet connection. But it does seem like $200+ a month is an awful lot--which is about what we're paying with Uverse now that our fancy deal has ended. Plus, our internet is topping out around 5mbps, when it should be at least 4x that. This is preventing the watching of my iTunes from the Apple TV. True, a first world problem--but one that $200 a month should probably take care of for us.

How long will it be before a la carte channels are all available? I guess that depends. Comcast is being, by far, I think, the biggest crying diaper babies about all this. No telling what kind of petulant shenanigans they'll get up to as their position to gouge consumers becomes less and less stable.
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Still looking for work, and have a few leads.

Got hipped to a gig writing short SEO articles for a company servicing a variety of clients. Got approved right away, and found that for a chance to earn $8, all I'd have to do is:
--Research an entire industry to get a baseline of what that industry is, how the competition works, and why businesses or citizens totally need this.
--Research the types of articles this client likes, and what they don't.
--Write an article of about 400 words that is unlike anything they've received before, or like anything their competitors are doing.
--Learn the silly, non-intuitive interface that doesn't allow me to write with a real goddamn word processor and then cut/paste.
--Make edits to "fix" things the client forgot to mention they want/don't want.
If, after all that, the article gets accepted, I make $8 that I can get paid after I make enough $8's to achieve the minimum payout of $100.
Seriously? People actually work like that? And you can't just research one industry and write about it, because you can only submit one article to a client at a time.

Guess I didn't realize how lucky I was writing 4-12 articles per month for the same client who pays five cents a word and requires only minimal research after the baseline. Oh, to still have that terrible wallpaper client!!!

Was invited to write Marvel articles I am in no way qualified to write, because I stopped reading comic books in the 90's and only watch Marvel stuff now.

Was invited to appear on HuffPo live again. Declined. Not only do I have no interest in doing TV or vids (after that bullshit appearance on Thom Hartmann show), but HuffPo runs ads for fracking, and can therefore kiss my ass.

Was invited to do ghostwriting for eBooks. That's where you write an entire goddamn book, and someone else takes credit for it after giving you a minimum payment. The icing on that cake was that they wanted me to write diet books "because you know so much about them." Yeah, that's how I found out that they were bullshit.

Question: What kind of tablet is best for word processing, editing, and the like? I probably won't be typing drafts on it, but will want to do editing that way. I want to hear from people who actually do this. Is 7" too small? It seems like it would be. Is the Kindle fire fast and responsive enough for this? I need the wisdom of the experienced before I buy one.

With the extra time I've had on my hands, I've watched a few things:
Spiders (2013) Meh. This had better production values than I was expecting, and was pretty scary in parts. Ultimately though, the writing was lacking.
The Host (2012) Been meaning to watch this forever. Pretty good, but not great.
House of Cards (2013-present) Holy shit, this was awesome. I don't think I'd ever seen a Kevin Spacey sex scene before. Also, Princess Buttercup turned into a terrible person (except during the last moment of S3--WOW!!)
Dead Snow (2010) & Dead Snow 2 (2014). Enormous, tremendous fun.
Attack on Titan: Wow, this was gruesome as shit. Loved it.

Still reviewing Bates Motel, and it's still badass. Penny Dreadful and Game of Thrones are both coming up. Can you believe I almost ditched reviewing GoT so I'd have more time for Puckermob (those fuckers!). SO glad I procrastinated on that.
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Whelp, we didn't make our funding goal. I seem to have dramatically overestimated my own visibility and esteem in the horror community. So, we won't be having a print mag where we pay pro rates any time soon.


But you know, that doesn't mean we're all washed up. We have a sweet masthead, a cool logo, and a staff who seems to want to keep it going. I'm pondering doing a quarterly digital antho, or maybe running The Horror Within as a website (one of our feature writers came up with that idea). This is something we can probably afford if any one of the many gigs I'm working toward pans out. We can certainly post regular features a few times a month, and maybe showcase some novel chapters and reprint fiction that deserves more notice. And we can have a newsletter so people can sign up if they want. Our main expense there would be paying someone to build the Wordpress site. I already have hosting and stuff.

In the mean time, I'm working on getting some out of print lit back on sale. And yeah, I did pick out an unfinished manuscript that totally deserves to see the light of day. Who knows, maybe I'll actually finish the Millicent Mixter draft while I'm about it.

Even though this turns out to be a fail, I'm not feeling like a failure because of it. If you read my self-indulgent rantings often--you'll know that this is kind of a big deal.
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For anyone keeping track on whether or not I'll be taking Latuda--the new med my doc prescribed for me--I'm not. I was a little nervous about the side-effects, like causing crazy mania. H thought I should take it, because the doctor said so. I explained that psyche meds don't really work like that. It's not like a blood pressure med--where you can die if you don't take it. Anyway, I eventually agreed to give it a try.

Then I found out that it's $90 a month.
So I'm not gonna take it after all.
Funny thing is, $90 a month is actually very cheap for a non-generic psyche med. Personally, I know very few people who live with bi-polar disorder, clinical depression, or schizophrenia (all ailments Latuda is supposed to help with) who are financially solvent enough that a sudden $90 a month expense wouldn't cripple them. Of course, if I didn't have insurance it would be over $300 a month. Are there really people, even sane people, who can afford a sudden expense like that? That's almost half our rent.

In other news, I'm watching the crap out of House of Cards on Netflix. When we got the free Apple TV, I decided it would be neat to treat us to Netflix, since it's only $8 a month. It's already paid for itself over On Demand rentals. Plus I saw "It's Such a Beautiful Day" which is a cartoon that will totally make you cry.
House of Cards is insane, and much more murderous than I was expecting.

Still looking for a new gig. If you know anyone who needs a content creator, editor, English or writing tutor, or childcare giver for a kid older than 7--do let me know.
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At the Delonis shelter in Ann Arbor, homeless people have to take a drug test before they can be admitted. If they can't pass a test within three days, they don't get to stay and work the program. However, if the weather is below 20 degrees F, anyone can stay in the sitting room so nobody freezes to death--even if you can't pass a drug test.

When I was learning this in the training classes for volunteers, the instructor couldn't remember if it was "20 degrees or below" or "twenty degrees below." Finally she reasoned that 20 degrees below zero was absurdly cold--in fact, we all had to think hard to recall if we'd ever been in a place where the temperature was literally 20 below, not factoring for wind.

Well kids, when I checked the weather at 5am this morning, it was 27 degrees below zero. And all I could think was, that shelter has got to be fucking packed.

In other news, the Kickstarter for The Horror Within is slow going. I made a new video in the hopes that it explains who we are and what we do a little more clearly.

We have 20 days remaining, so please do tell everyone you know about it--especially writers, horror fans, rich people with money to burn, and budding philanthropists.
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After much cajoling and craziness, The Horror Within Kickstarter is up and running. I've supported plenty of things at Kickstarter over the years, so it's my hope that all that good karma will help me now. Yes, I realize I'm referring to a bogus, Americanized version of karma--still, I'm hoping for it.

After one day, we're just shy of the 5% mark. I've sent a few press releases out, and plan to send a bunch more now that we're live. Here's the link to donate!

If you can't afford to donate, that's cool. Why not talk it up to your friends and wealthy relatives? Mention how much I love horror and how I have a goodly amount of experience running a magazine. Talk about how important it is to support indie horror, Women in Horror, and to find undiscovered talent and share their stories with horror fans everywhere. I think I have strong skill in editing and polishing stories to bring out their terror and beauty, and I can't wait to get back in the habit of putting out new issues regularly.

Here's our vid. Music is by Peter Alway:

Wish me luck!


Jan. 8th, 2015 06:25 am
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You know how sometimes things start going so well that you become utterly assured that your entire world is about to go up in flames? Things have been going pretty well lately. Nothing major, but enough has been going right that I feel like I've actually got a handle on this writing-for-a-living business. Translating that, it means that taking a chance on myself and the idea that I might actually have some talent and marketable skill at this basically goes against everything I was raised to believe.

Even more recently, things have been going so well in one particular area that I'm wondering if I'm not falling into some kind of John Grisham situation. I feel valued, appreciated, and fairly (if not overly) compensated for what I'm doing. So naturally, I feel like Gene Hackman is going to suddenly show up to let me know that they're all onto me, the jig is up, and that I'm not fooling anyone.

Hopefully everything will be ready for the Kickstarter to go live on Saturday. I'm still waiting to get bio stuff from our artist.'s your week going?

In case you're interested, here are some articles of mine that are doing well. Weirdly, the share counts appear much lower than they are.

60 Modern Reads You Should Get to Before Age 30. Um, because the target audience is millenials.

Tom Mison of FOX's Sleepy Hollow: The TV hero we never saw coming.

A Friend Request from My High School Bully? WTF Do I do Now?

Why Gotham's Penguin is our fave new TV villain

10 Reasons Porn is Good for You.

How Society Benefits from Access to Pornography.
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What I gave:
Balms. Lots and lots of balms. And cards.
H made the cards, as usual.
We got Girl-H a Ravenclaw hoodie, which she loves.
I got H (between his birthday and Xmas)
And Onion Encyclopedia
Face of Boe T-shirt
Andy Capp Hot Fries
Fancy cherry soda syrup
Batman Arkham Asylum for PS3
T-shirt with Futurama heads of famous doctors
Hellblazer anthology 1
A bunch of sour candy and hot peppers.

What I got:
Cookies, more cookies.
Ferdinand the Bull book
Pop Funko Drogon figure
The Walking Dead compendium #2
First season of Bates Motel (DVD)
The Compleat Al (DVD)
Money, with which I bought this:

We got a ton of swell cards, various canned goods and edibles.
H also got me a big hunk of haloumi, which is one of my fave cheeses. You can fry it and it doesn't melt.
Plus I ordered myself the Babadook book, which will arrive this summer.
Dook dook dook.
EDIT: Today I was given a Doctor Who Madlib book and some gourmet candy bars by a little girl I like a whole lot--my goddaughter Evelyn.
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I'm bummed to admit that my new short story will not come together in time for the submission deadline. This sucks. I thought about that story for a really long time, and was quite taken with the concept. But it just never came together and was a horrific exercise in typing and deleting, typing and deleting, and wondering why I think I can even be a writer in the first place.
You know, the usual stuff.

Trying to find another new gig. Also going to be doing tarot readings via Skype or Google chat. That'll be fun and good brain exercise even if it's not especially lucrative. Do hit me up if you're interested. First timers get a full reading for only $10. After that, it's $20.

JoJo is still licking bald patches into his skin. There's no infection, and he eats a varied diet so I don't think it's a vitamin deficiency.

Also, I need to see a tax professional. Can anybody recommend a good one?

How come criminals don't use brightly colored, jet propelled knockout gas anymore? Life would be so much more whimsical. I'd much prefer that we all carried that instead of guns.
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Operation New Computer continues.

I went from a 2008 macbook (not a Pro, the student one) to a mac mini with 8g of RAM and a 2.3 quad core processor. The terabyte drive has given me room to download Homicide: Life on the Street in its entirety. I also have a 24" monitor, up from a 13". So that's all very nice.

Was really bummed to see that Mavericks has done away with my beloved Spaces, and replaced it with some homely crap called Command Center. It sucks. H found me a Spaces emulator program that only costs $20. I'm loving the trial so I'll surely buy it after I get paid. My bank account is actually overdrawn right now. Why I'm being charged almost $20 a month in fees is beyond me. I guess the bank has a system where they charge you money for not having enough money in your account--just one more way banks are not really for poor people.

The extra stuff I needed for the computer was supposed to arrive today. After waiting up for over 6 hours for the UPS man, he showed up during the five freaking minutes I was in the bathroom. dice. Hopefully he'll try again tomorrow, which the text they sent me says will happen. But tomorrow is Saturday, so I wouldn't be surprised if I had to wait all weekend now. Just some cables and the Time Machine drive, plus speakers and a camera since a mac mini is basically BYOeverything. I thought I wouldn't bother with a camera, and then immediately had to postpone a conference. Oops.

On another topic, does anybody really think it's a good idea for us to go back to Iraq? It sounds like this is just a ploy to keep up the illusion that we were there to help the Iraqi people. Does anyone actually believe that? I don't see how. Normally I don't give much credence to the idea that we should help "our own" people over those in another country. In this case though, I'd really like to see veteran's needs, welfare, unemployment benefits, schools, green energy, and job creation addressed before we engage in another goddamn multi-billion dollar war over nothing.
I know we talk a good game about soldiers fighting for our freedom. I can't seem to recall our freedom ever being in jeopardy, at least not in my lifetime.

In TMI news, I'm having the sort of cramps that could kill a small child. Time once more for my annual Nightmare Period. I can always tell it's coming because I want nothing but red meat and coca cola for several days straight. It's also the only time I'm likely to crack out on caffeine Of course, I can't drink regular coke anymore. I also don't keep chocolate around the house anymore. *sigh* These healthy shopping habits will be the death of me...


Apr. 8th, 2014 06:48 am
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Made a few adjustments to my Goodreads advertisements. In the space of one week, I literally increased my views ten times, and my clicks five times. Did not expect so dramatic an increase. I thought small targeting of specific readers would be better for me, but maybe not. I guess I'll have to wait and see if it translates into sales.

Still trying to chase down more freelance work. Know anybody who needs SEO, blogs, or anything I'm good tell. Geekbinge site has been wonky lately, but I'm told it will be fixed soon.

Did I already mention that Under the Bed is going to print? Yes, I'm told it will be this summer, so we shall see. I'm guessing that issues will be right around $10. Won't that be fun?

Got an extension on my taxes, and am going to file my Michigan return on paper. Turbo Tax is just too expensive for me now that I'm freelancing, which sucks, because now is when I really need the good version. I just can't pay an extra $170 on top of the $350 or so I owe the gub-mint. Being poor blows. Too bad I plumb forgot to be rich.


Apr. 5th, 2014 08:00 pm
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If there's one thing that sucks about being a freelancer, it's figuring out your taxes. I have waiting until the last minute again, thinking I could just spend a few hours with Turbo Tax and it would all be jake. No dice.

Last year, I claimed a bunch of expenses: advertising, website costs, cable and internet bill, office supplies. Plus we had plenty of medical expenses since I was still paying off the CPAP and getting prescriptions and stuff. State-wise, I was due for a phat refund. But when I told TurboTax that H was probably going to claim me, the refund vanished.

When I later learned that H did not claim me, (or any of our expenses) I was pretty bummed. I had no idea you could go back later and make changes. This year, I vowed to go back to TurboTax and amend my previous return before working on this years. But wait--in order to amend last year's return, the site said I had to download a program (some 2012 version of their site) and install it. That sounded punk as fuck, but whatever, it was a big refund and I really need a new computer.

But wait--what's this?
It seems the program is ONLY available for Windows. So now if I want to amend my return, I'd have to partition my hard drive, score a copy of Windows, and install it before I could even get started. Bullshit. I'm not doing it.

So...I made an appointment at HR Block even though they'll probably be more expensive. But if I go there, I also have to have print outs of receipts for everything. But it's all online or in a folder on my computer. So I'd have to go to Kinkos (paying for another cab) just to print everything out. It's all an enormous pain in my ass.

I complained on Turbo Tax Facebook page, since that generally gets me better results than contacting customer service (and because the comments on my page just annoyed me further), and someone said they want to help. I PM'd them, and am waiting to hear back. Like I said...annoyance!
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H and I finished the first season of Torchwood. It got better as it went along. First ep of season two had James Marsters. I had to explain to H who he was and where we'd seen him before. We don't do a lot of Joss Whedon stuff.

The magazine now has what will be two recurring columns. Journey into the Netflix Queue discusses a horror movie that is available in Netflix instant streaming. They've all been excellent so far. We also have a lit reviewer who'll be posting spoiler-free book reviews. I'm still looking for a videogame writer. Know anyone who wants to write about past and present scary games? Please do send them my way.

Was concerned about Pentelope's recent lethargy and extra puke. After all, she's fourteen years old. Turns out, she had a cold and is now better.

Since we're saving so much money on medical stuff, we decided to restart our bi-weekly organic produce delivery. It's so awesome. On the weeks we don't shop, we get a box of in-season organic fruits and veggies delivered for slightly more than the cab ride to and from the store (not counting the purchase of food). I love them. If you have one near you, I highly recommend Door to Door Organics. If you do decide to sign up with them, please mention my name since I'll get free stuff if you do.

I predict that this months magazine layout will be the least frustrating yet, mainly because I finally think I understand how this all works. Conversions ahoy! Not sure why this information wasn't simple to access or understand, but whatevs. It will all be helpful to know once I finish the Millicent Mixter book.


Mar. 13th, 2014 10:27 am
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I've had a low grade flu since the weekend. You'd think it would be gone by now. Or maybe I caught it on Monday since I spent the day with a kid. Kids are little sickness factories, especially since they spend so much time with other kids. Anyway, not feeling so hot.

Been trying to get up at a more reasonable hour, lay off that stuff I like, and just generally be less of a recluse. But people suck. I mean, I believe that people are basically good, and that if we take the time to get to know most people--we'll have more understanding and all that there. Internet-wise though, people are assholes. I got so annoyed with someone this morning I told them they had sand in their vagina. Not something I would normally do.

I've always been more of a night person than a day person, and I'm wondering if it might be because day people are jerks.

Was gonna watch Those Who Kill since I still have the first 2 eps on my DVR. Alas, it's already been pulled from the schedule. Sorry, Chloe.

Been waiting for a phone call about a job for the last hour and a half. They gave me a 1-hour window, so I'm irked that I'm still waiting. Plus, I have to call Uverse. Curious to find out why they think we should pay them $193 a month for slow internet and sub-par cable. At least Comcast has an awesome product to go with their awesomely huge rates.

The mag now has a movie reviewer and a book reviewer. Hoping to find a video game writer. You'd think it would be easy, given how many gamers I know. It's not though. *sigh*
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The Furby saga finally comes to a gripping end.

When we last left our Furby saga, some jackassy Amazon vendor was refusing to sell me a Furby at the prices they advertised on Xmas eve. They asked me to cancel my order. I didn't. Then they asked me again, and again I said no.
Then I left terrible feedback for both orders that were cancelled. THEN they asked me to remove my negative feedback. And I was all "How 'bout No?"

Today I heard back from them, and they offered me a $25 Amazon gift card for each order that was cancelled. This will be enough money that I can buy the girl the stupid Furby (from another vendor), or thereabouts.

The squeaky wheel gets the grease.
And with Zod as my witness, I am that wheel!


Dec. 21st, 2013 05:00 pm
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"I'm so excited."

"Her name is Twinkle."


"How did you get enough money to buy this?"

These are just a few of the things my goddaughter, Evelyn, said when I gave her the Furby I got her for her birthday (also her Xmas gift).

Here she is with some blue-haired lady.

Holly Daze

Dec. 12th, 2013 07:37 pm
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I didn't make it to mass at St Francis last week despite my best efforts. Snow and cabs thwarted me. This week, I shall time call! (for non-cab people, this means scheduling the cab the night before)

I decided to take it really easy on myself this holiday season. We're not having anyone over for New Years Eve, first of all. So that's a LOT of cooking I won't have to do. I'm also not baking anything, except for H's birthday. Even with very little family in the area, there seems to be such a glut of cookies, fudge, and other holiday sweets that giving them out starts to seem like a cumbersome imposition.
In contrast, my Wednes-made lip balms have been turning out well and are pretty popular. Most of them can be sent with cards in padded mailers (H always makes us an awesome card). And nobody has to lay any diet-shaming talk on me about how "naughty" they'll feel when they eat cookies--because unless you're a disturbed youngster, you don't eat lip balm.

Aside from H and my goddaughter, I'm also not buying many presents. I get a little splashy with birthday gifts, but Xmas is just too huge and spendy to be getting pressies for everyone. That said, I did buy my goddaughter a Furby. I got an awesome Black Friday (why you gotta bring race into it?!?) deal on it, and I know she really wanted it. Honestly, I wouldn't mind a play robot myself, but I'm certainly not spending that kind of money on a toy for me.

Computer is worse than ever. In addition to having a broken click-bar, I'm looking at 12+ minutes to open Photoshop, and sometimes 10 minutes just for MS Word. Bearing in mind that I have to run INDesign including conversions, it's very frustrating. If I leave it unplugged, it will shut down itself at 20% power and without a warning. Gah! Mostly, I want to replace this computer before it shuts down completely and I can't get my stuff off it. I only have so many tiny flash drives, and most of them will not hold the magazine archive. *sigh* The down side to working at home and online is that if anything happens to my computer, I'm pretty much boned.

In better news, you can now Subscribe to Under the Bed magazine at Amazon. B&N is still taking a stupid long time to get the new issues up, but you can buy single issues from them. The best place to get single issues though, is at the FicMag website.

Found out today that there's a short film adaptation of Abed which is a short story I first read in Skipp and Spector's Book(s) of the Dead which I was just talking about on Facebook as being particularly influential to me. This particular story is now sold singly, with the same publisher as me, in fact. I'll be receiving a review copy soon, so that's fly. ZZN is starting to get active again. I'm throwing up my thoughts on Walking Dead this weekend if I have time. Mostly though, I'll be editing stories for the Feb issue and laying out the Jan issue once H gets the graphics to me.
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My birthday party is this weekend. I get so giddy with child-like glee for my birthday party. Lots of my favorite peeps come over and we eat yummy food, play games, and enjoy general merriment. It's like Christmas, but just for me and a select group of comrades.
Ya'll should come if you're in the area.

Key & Peele. Those guys are so smart and hilarious, I don't even get bent out of shape when Jordan wears a fat suit. From me, that totally means something since I went off on Jon Stewart for wearing one.
Also, I got my eye on you, Jay-Quellin!

My fam. Seeing my brother on a regular basis is awesome. Bummed his new GF can't come to my party because I would love to meet her.

I'm enjoying how many people are finally realizing how fucked up our current minimum wage is. That's right, people with full time jobs shouldn't be below the poverty line--especially if they're only supporting themselves, or themselves and one child. That said, yes, most families do require two incomes. If your wife has a job and you don't--fucking find yourself a gig, you lazy bastard.
Sorry to digress, that was for one person in particular.

Work. Even when various assignments are brain-breakingly terrible, I still LOVE being able to earn money by writing and editing from home. That is my life's dream, though I did think I would also have a house. Ah well...guess you can't have everything, amirite?

American Horror Story: Coven. I adore you. You are my favorite American Horror Story yet, which is huge considering last year's themes were insanity and mental health "treatments." And I've always been a fan of killer Santa Clauses--ever since Larry Drake in Tales from the Crypt. I still need to buy all these seasons. Would you believe I don't have a single one?
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We are not as poor as some people, certainly. When I need to go to the doctor, I get to actually go. When he writes me prescriptions, I can get all the generics filled. When he prescribes non-generics, he'll work with me to get samples and stuff. We're pretty lucky, we know it.

Our apartment does not have rats, or mice, or roaches (LOL). The ants are kept at bay from diligently cleaning (LOL, again) and calling the bug spray guy fairly often. Still, I'm not wild about having poison sprayed around my home.
Whaddaya gonna do, amirite?

After two illegal entries in one year, (and several others over the years that ended up being less horrible than the recent ones) many broken agreements with the office, we want to get the hell out of here. We've been throwing rent into the trash for over a decade now, because that's what poor people with no credit have to do. Well, we're sick of it. At the same time, we don't really have any options. The last time I felt like this, I contemplated doing a robbery so I could have a place to live that was less abusive than where I was (at "home"). But now I have an awesome husband, we're just fucking poor despite both having full-time jobs.

So yeah...we're looking at manufactured homes.
I feel so dirty.


May. 7th, 2013 12:21 pm
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I hate this apartment complex, and want it to die.

They sent us a letter that was all "we're coming in to install new windows between 7am and 6pm some time next week." They went on to say we had to crate our animals (yes, cats too) and move our stuff around so there's nothing within 3 feet of any window. Yeah, that's convenient.

So we did all that. They woke us up loudly working in the apartment upstairs, and then running up and down the stairs like it's the fucking Preakness. That was at 7:30am ish. It's twenty after noon and they're still not here--despite the office knowing (I called to remind them again) that we both work nights and need our goddamn sleep during the day.

It just chaps my ass. We've been here for years. Our rent is never late.
We don't leave crap out on the laws, and don't even use our parking space.
And they treat us like we're trying to return bloody nylons every goddamn time we suggest that they give a shit what our needs are.

God DAMN I wish I could move out of here and never have to deal with HARTMAN AND TYNER again.
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It's all true, I'm giving away Kindle copies of the 2nd edition of Kiss Me Like You Love Me. I'm hoping that this giveaway will be ginormous and turn me into a giantly huge author. Failing that, I'm hoping it will let a few more people figure out who the hell I am and what the hell I do.

So if you wouldn't mind telling everyone you know, perhaps by sharing this picture, that would be swell.

Or this one.

There's also this here link, what people can use for buyin'. Even if you already have the first edition, this new one has a fresh new edit. I made a few nagging changes that needed making. PLUS, there's a sample of The Finster Effect which if you haven't read it (and judging by the numbers, you haven't) is pretty goddamn good.

By the way, those of you out there who keep telling me you "don't do horror" but still post about The Walking Dead every week--I'm SO onto you. When The Finster Effect is finally optioned for a cable series, you'll be glad you already bought yours.
Speaking of The Walking Dead (cut for spoilers) ) Also, The Governor played future Doctor Who. It's important that we remember that.
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I require the services of a web designer who can rework the front page of my website,

When I first came up with the ideas for the site, I had no idea how important it was to have fresh content on the front page. My front page is static, and is a jumping off point to take people to other parts of the site where they can download pdf samples and podcasts, read reviews, contact page, bio, etc. But the front page doesn't change.

I need to move all the headings over to the left side of the page, and have my Twitter feed onto the other side. That way, there will be fresh content on the front page, and stupid bots won't think it's just sitting there doing nothing.

It seems like something I should be able to figure out. So far though, no luck. I need to find someone who can do this for me, preferably for a wage they'd be otherwise insulted to take. Well, not quite THAT low, but my budget is pretty tiny.

If you or someone you know is willing to take a stab at this, do let me know.

Also, if you haven't been already, do take a look at my TV reviews at GeekBinge. These days, I'm covering The Following, and Bates Motel. Coming up: Doctor Who and Game of Thrones.
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If you haven't been following my horrible maintenance goings on, it's here if you're interested. If not, no big whoop. The office started calling us every time maintenance was going to be making noise in the hall. They might have been trying to anger me, but I wasn't angered. I'd much rather know in advance when my water is gonna be off, when I'm not gonna be able to record because of loudness in the halls, or when they're gonna come busting in here.

I got a call from them on Tuesday telling us that our water might go out for a few hours that afternoon. It didn't. Got a call yesterday telling us that they're going to have to come in between 2-2:30 today. I planned my sleep schedule and whole day around being here to deal with them so H wouldn't have to. Instead, they show up at 11:30am. Then they tell H that they have to cut a fucking hole in our bedroom wall--for water pipes. Why the fuck do water pipes even go through the back bedroom??? Even though I've only been in bed since 6am, (when I took a sleeping pill and a pain pill because I have another goddamn kidney stone) I get up and haul myself out to the sofa. That's when I learn that this intrusion has to happen two more times in the next two days. H and I both work nights, so we find this very, very inconvenient.
Do they care? No.

I find this doubly frustrating because they KNOW we can't afford to move out, take our business elsewhere, stop throwing money into rent that we'll never see again--etc. And I have a FB friend who can't shut up about how people can always move if they "put forth the effort." Yeah, because the US is a complete meritocracy and the reason a banker makes more money than any 6 people I know put together can only be because bankers work so very hard. *spit* I'm sick of feeling guilty any time I spend $20 on something just for fun. It's not as if that money would buy us a house...still.

I have tons of work to do and can't sit at my desk for more than a few minutes. I'd love to move my laptop to a more comfortable position, but alas, JoJo broke my click bar and I haven't spent a whole day yet sitting at the Apple store, waiting for one of those rude jackasses to help me. I don't know why I can't just rip the click bar the hell off and go from there. Fuck! Everything is so annoying right now.
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The Leonid meteor shower was still supposed to be going on tonight. Nice for us, since H is home from work, and we have a telescope. I'm told that if you can find the right place to point it, you can see some cool stuff. No dice. We've had rain all day, and clouds friggin' everywhere. Sad times.

I'm trying to get all my marketing work done before Thanksgiving. I'm making a nice meal and H is off work. We're having a few friends over, people who want a nice meal and don't have local family or whatever. If you are such a person and would like to come, let me know. We're having pasta with meatballs (I've never made meatballs before, so they might suck) and a roasted pepper cream sauce. I'll also be making bread sticks. Somebody is bringing a chocolatey dessert.

Saturday is my annual birthday bash. I decided not to get all stressed out about cooking this year. We're having hot dogs and a crock pot full of baked beans. I'm making fresh salsa, toom (also a first for me, but I'm fairly confident that it won't suck), and a pineapple cake. If you are typically invited and haven't heard from me, it's because I suck at invites these days. Facebook is lame for that stuff, but I don't think I have everyone's right Email anymore.
In better news, H is cleaning the house.

Last time I got a salon haircut, it was the kind that you're supposed to maintain. Yeah, right. Months later, it is all grown out and looks awful. I have a party this weekend, and an actual family wedding with my actual family next weekend. So a haircut is in order despite my not having $80 to get one. (Yes, it really costs that much with cab fare.) So I trimmed up the front, and tried to trim up the back. I think it's a fail though. I gotta have somebody come over and trim it, because that's another one of those things H simply will not attempt. It's just hair, and cutting it in a straight line. *sigh*

37000 / 50000

See everybody Saturday!
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After going through my stash, it seems that I have a few first-editions of A Stabbing for Sadie and Kiss Me Like You Love Me. These editions are both out of print, and selling for upwards of $25 each online--and those don't even have my autograph!!1!

Do not miss out on the opportunity to get these books, signed by me, and shipped directly to you for a mere $10 per book. Shipping is $8 for up to 2 books shipped domestically via USPS--God DAMN shipping is expensive! Can provide shipping quote for international shipping.
Shipping is Edited. Sticker Shock, man. Like Whoa.

If you aren't aware, big things are brewing for me in 2013.
Things that are destined to make my books at least somewhat more popular than they are now. This is the time to say you were down with the Wednes on the ground floor.

Payment may be sent via PayPal to wednes (at) wednesdayleefriday (dot) com.
If you don't have PayPal, hit me up privately at the same Email addy and we'll work it out.

If nothing else, you won't want to miss out on the awesome cover art by [personal profile] flemco. It's super badass.
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So let's just get this out of the way...

In more Wednes-centered news, I'm in a new anthology that is out in paperback today! Fortune: Lost and Found is a collection of short stories about how the pursuit or loss of monies can know, horrifying and deadly. Been reading it on the Kindle, and there are some really great stories in it. I'm quite proud of mine, which is called Trabajando Alegre. It's about a government program to assist poor Latino immigrant-types. Horror ensues.

Speaking of money, it's Election Season. I recall saying roughly four years ago about how incredibly angry I feel at people who would actually vote McCain/Palin. How was that possible? How could anyone look at those people and say "Gosh, imagine how awesome the USA would be with them in charge!" ??? I couldn't imagine. This time is, if anything, worse. Mitt Romney isn't just a robotic war hero who altered all of his beliefs so he could try for a job he really, really wanted (like McCain). He's a monster. A MONSTER.

Mitt Romney is a lifelong bully and snotty rich asshole. No, I don't think all rich people are snotty assholes. But he clearly is. I'm not jealous of his amazing job-creation abilities, his many houses, or his fleet of robot sons. For somebody running on a ticket of profound America-love, it's sort of odd that no one in his family ever served. I mean, Obama never served, but he's not pretending that he loves flags and patriotism more than...well, the American People.

That's the crux of it for me. Romney is NOT a man of the people. No one, ever, anywhere could possibly look at (what's actually available of) his record and think that he was. Unless you're super, dooper rich, voting Romney/Ryan is akin to punching yourself in the face. Romney thinks laborers who want living wages should have gone to college so they could have better jobs--never mind that he wants to cut programs that help poor kids go to college without emerging 30K in debt. He thinks women should keep their legs closed if they don't want to be baby machines, and that EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE should love the same god as him, the same way he loves him, and that anyone not wearing magical underwear is not to be trusted.
Actually, he might not think any of those things, because he's the most dishonest motherfucker in the history of politics. Nixon could advise this guy on morality...if he's still got his head in that Futurama jar, I mean.
Romney accuses poor people of hating rich people when his disdain for the poor is the stuff of legend. He tells every non-super rich person that they are essentially worthless, they're problems are beneath his notice, and that if they want to be equal under the law--they should become a corporation. Now why the fuck didn't I think of that?

And then there's Paul Ryan, who fully intends to cut the many programs that made him rich in the first place. This would include social security (which he received after his father died), infrastructure money (which funded his family's construction business for over 60 years), and of course, the stimulus, which he called "a monstrosity" of spending but still helped himself to--for Green Jobs he now feels are unimportant.

These are the gentlemen calling foul on the NaNaNaBooBoo Stick your head in DooDoo audacity of the Democrats when they finally said "Hey Romney man, do you even pay taxes?" His actual comments were a rousing "No Comment" followed by tons of lies about what other people did or did not do. That'll learn people to question the integrity of Sir Mittington of Romneyshire.
I can't wait to see how giant a write-off Rafalca is now that the Olympics is over. He's probably strapped to the roof of a car someplace...

Okay, so it's Friday. A friend is coming over for dinner and nail polish. We'll probably watch some True Blood just so I can show her how shitty it's become. I'd really like to throw a drink on the new writers. Hey, HBO! Yes, I DO think I could do a better job writing dialogue than that. Fly me out to wherever the hell your writers are, and I'll show you...if I get to do lunch with the guys who play Jason, Hoyt, and Terry. *Cougar Growl*
Maybe while I'm rewatching, I'll count how many times the word FUCK is used where interesting or revealing dialogue should actually be.

This weekend shall be Finster edits, an Epic Subbing, finishing my secret-short-story mashup project, and working on my comic for Resilent Brainforest #2. This time, I have an idea that might end up being multiple comics. I'm kind of into it, though who knows what'll happen once I look around the internet to make sure my idea isn't already a thing. I hate when that happens. I thought I was the cleverest chick in the world when I came up with Welcome Back, Potter about the wizard who returns to teach unruly kids at his alma mater. *sigh*
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Everything sounds cooler when it's from Beyond the Moon.
Just sayin'

I took Saturday and Sunday off from sociopolitical posting on the internets. I enjoyed it so much, I'm going to do it for a few more days. I may even commit to a whole week of it. I'm focusing on nice things like work, foodstuffs, H, movies, cats, and people being good and kind to each other.

With that in mind, I got an unexpected royalty check today. I try not to keep track of when those are coming--mainly so they aren't already spent by the time they arrive.

The Cards Against Humanity set that H made me is spectacular. He rounded all the card edges, and made an Aliens-specific expansion pack. If you have not yet experienced the laff-riot that is Cards Against Humanity, please do get your coolest, smartest friends together for a few rounds. Do it!!!
We played a rousing game of it Friday night, whilst having this dessert.

And now, as promised, a pictorial journey into the creation of a dessert lasagne. )

And you end up with essentially this. Mmmmm...this.
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You'll all be delighted to learn that I am over my harrowing experience with almost getting scammed. My "recruiter" is still trying to reach me via Email and text to find out why I haven't completed my "assignment." Eat a dick, buddy!

I sent a query to a small house (that does reprints *rubs hands together in sinister gesture*) over the weekend since I finally finished the summary for The Finster Effect. Fuck, I hate summaries. I got an Email back on Monday asking for the synops and 5 chapters. I sent it. Waiting...
Also going to be checking in to a few other houses.

Since I've started trying to be a novelist, I think my writing has gotten pretty good. Without any extra formal training, I've developed a strong narrative voice. In face, my narrative voice has become more controlled and assertive from book to book. I've learned that I can't write a 3rd person POV with anywhere near the truthiness of the 1st person. My dialogue kicks ass. And my plotting skills are improving, though certainly not at the same rate as my character development, which is, if I do say so myself, stunning.

But...the editing. All of my books have different editors. My experience has been that editors at small houses don't really do what I was expecting editors to do. I thought an editor was supposed to find typos and stuff...but also to find ways to improve the book. I thought they would suggest cuts or adding things to explain them more fully, or to generally come up with things to streamline things, or make them more clear, more scary, whatever. My hope was that over time, I'd develop a relationship with a particular editor, and would learn and grow as a writer because of their input.

What I've been getting are editors who attempt to correct typos, and maybe point out a glaring inconsistency or plot hole. That's it.

Am I expecting too much from small houses? Or too much in general? Am I not really famous enough to score that kind of editing? I'm not entirely sure what's happening here, or what I can do to fix it. Could it be that small house editors are really just writers with proofing skills who don't have the confidence or objectivity to make editorial suggestions?

I recognize that I could do with more formal training in the world of writing. Since I can't afford it, I try to read as many different authors as I can. Certain books are so good that they change your whole perspective on shit--even making you think for a day or two that you shouldn't be writing at ALL if that's what other people are doing.

I feel a little too old for grad school at this point. Even if I could go, I could never afford it. But I could really do with a couple years of writing with hardcore critique and intensive networking with other writers.

That said, I am no longer trying to get a professional advance and join HWA as a full member. Instead, I'm looking for a smaller advance so I can join as an associate member. Associate members get assigned mentors, which sounds like just the thing I need. Then maybe someone can paint MY face up like a zombie and film me while I run around outside. Hahahahahahaa! (It's funny because that's what I did with my protege)
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So it's been a big long hassle with the medical supply place and the insurance company, and the sleep study people. Ultimately, it was a good idea to let the insurance cover the CPAP last year, and a terrible idea to let them cover it now. With last years plan, I'd have paid about the same as it would have cost me to buy a used machine. With this year's plan, I'm paying full price out of pocket for a brand new CPAP machine and all the accessories. That's right, full price.
Because even though we have insurance, our deductible multiplied by 4 this year. So they don't cover anything but prescriptions until we spend $4,000 of our own money.
Funnily, if we'd gone for the plan that actually covers stuff, the premiums would have been almost $500 a month. So this is actually a bargain. Because what couple doesn't have an extra $4 grand laying around? Most? Oh yeah...
We'll be making smaller payments from now til forever. I imagine by the time I pay the stupid thing off, it will no longer work and we'll have to get a new one. No one can seem to tell me what, if any, warranty it has.

In better news, the Spider story I wrote with my protege was accepted. He's getting his first professional writing credit. I'm really happy for him.

Hoping to have the Finster packet ready to send out by Monday. Sending to a way far long-shot publisher. But dammit, I want a professional advance so I can join HWA. I'm tired of not being in HWA.
Also working on the top-secret Blue Harvest project. Ha! Blue Harvest...
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Some of you may remember that I had a pretty big freak out during H's open enrollment last November. H has been at his current gig for over 15 years and is not eligible for any more raises as he is "topped out." We didn't mind so much, because our biggest expenses were rent and my medical stuff. BCBS is supposed to be like winning the lottery of insurances.

BCBS used to offer us a decent plan. As long as a doc confirmed that I "really needed" something, I got it. That's how I finally got the mental, emotional, and medical help I needed. It's how I learned about my ulcers, my kidney-stones, and my random internal bleeding. It's also how I finally got the sleep study and CPAP I'd clearly needed since childhood.

I have memories of being 5 or 6 years old and not even being able to run for the school bus. I was tired my whole life. Because I was in the midst of such a warm wonderful family (sarcasm, dammit) I was constantly told I was "just lazy." I grew up thinking everyone felt like me, shitty and tired, but they pulled themselves out of it--and I didn't because I was SO lazy. When our appalling eating habits also made me fat, and that fat was then exacerbated by nearly a decade in the fast food industry--my body, and my credit were both pretty much ruined by the time I was 25. Yeah, there's more to that...but I digress.

It wasn't until I met H, and introduced a steady stream of love and support (and okay, income--not a lot of money, but I wasn't at risk of homelessness anymore) into life that it got any better. Having health insurance was a fucking godsend. Finally finding a doctor who didn't dismiss my rampant night terrors and hallucinations as "probably from smoking marijuana" (or saying it's brain damage and then not doing anything about it) and got me a damn sleep study. Turns out, I was damn near insane from lack of sleep, as I stopped breathing at least 80 times an hour.

I have the kind of apena that is hereditary. I've always had it, as has much of my family. Losing 200 pounds wouldn't make it go away. Even if it did, I'll probably need a good night's sleep before that happens. I've lost a bunch of weight since I got the CPAP, just because I'm awake and have energy.

Anyway, H's work used to offer 3 tiers of insurance: basic, medium, and fancy-pants. We couldn't afford the fancy-pants, but needed more than the basic.
They used to offer 3 plans: employee, employee plus spouse, and family.
We have no kids, so our choice was obvious.
FF to last year. They cancelled the medium plan, and canceled employee plus spouse. I worried that we'd have to cancel cable/internet/and one of our phones, which I didn't like, just to keep the insurance. I need the internet and cable to work. Turns out, that still wouldn't have been enough scrimping. We'd have needed to find a cheaper apartment, which would have meant an even worse neighborhood and MUCH farther for H to commute. Remember, we don't drive.

We have basic insurance and are paying for a whole family even though there are only two of us. I learned today that since the insurance changed in January, they've been charging me over $100 a month to rent the CPAP. So now I have a bill for almost $700 that I can't remotely pay. AND since I won't be able to pay any further bills, I have to give the fucking thing back.

And to be perfectly honest, it's making me cry like a little kid.
Pretty sure my mom was in the room the last time I felt this helpless...
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Today was my last day at the day-job. I came in to a store with almost no power. No phones, no computers, no air-conditioning. I had my Exit Interview, which lasted almost an hour and a half because I had so much to say. Then the Prez of the company--a really nice guy who looks a lot like a less-grey version of Anderson Cooper--came in for the end of the Exit Interview at my request.

We talked about their perceptions of what initiative is and what it should achieve. I was clear in saying that praise and thanks are not something employees should have to ask for. That open, truthful communication is good. That our team is a good one, with good supervisors that care a whole lot. And that people need to feel valued, respected, and appreciated. I mentioned the shittiness of the computer programs, and how our department has a high turnover rate because you have to leave to get the respect you deserve. Regular wage reviews are important, not even for the money itself, but for clarity of expectations on all sides.

I left my exit interview at about 11:45 and saw that the whole rest of the team went home because of the power outtage. So I didn't get a cake, or a signed violin top, and nobody on my team actually said good-bye. I am having a party tomorrow, and I imagine many of them will be there.'s a bummer because I'm the person who arranged all the boss's day gifts, theme days, secret santa's, and most of the other fun stuff we did there. See, that's why I always throw myself a birthday party--so I'm sure I'll get one. And I suppose it's fun that I have one last thing to complain about...

Even though I left before noon, they are paying me for the whole day!


May. 25th, 2012 12:03 pm
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Most of you know that I'm large with the Fat Acceptance. (Ha! Pun)
To me, this essentially means that the size of my body does not permit anyone to treat me like less of a human. By fat-haters own admission, I'm a lot more person than many of them.

Ragen Chastain, who is something of a hero of mine, is a dancer. A large, lovely dancer, and activist, and writer, and speaker. She suggests that fat people make it a point to be seen out in the world doing athletic things, dancing joyfully, wearing revealing clothing, or just generally doing things you'd like to do without carrying body shame around with you. I'm into that.

HAES thinking has allowed me to work on strength training. It is almost June, and I am stronger, more flexible, and have better balance than I did on January 1st of this year. I don't talk about diet or exercise very much, because it's boring, private, and to my mind--akin to posting about what an impressive shit I had. But I have been working on myself from a desire to feel awesome rather than a desire to change myself so assholes will be less assholish to me. I'm seeing results that I am happy with. The switch from delicious cheeseburgers to delicious sushi hasn't hurt either.

With that in mind.
Wait for it....

I want new tap shoes. I used to tap as a teenager. I did not entirely suck at it, but didn't dance as well as I could have out of self-consciousness and a general feeling that I looked awful. My mom was my main--what's the opposite of a cheerleader? I don't even know, tormentor will work I guess. But it's not like my mom was the only person who was shitty to me about my weight--I have a good brother and a mean brother, don't forget. And I went to school. Remember school? Yeah...bully smorgasboard.

I want to tap again. And I want to post vids of myself doing it. I want to open myself up to the ridicule of the internets (I did this once before when I allowed a vid of me reading at an FA event to be posted in a bunch of places. I braced for impact, but it never came), if only to confirm that it's them not me.

Can't really afford new tap shoes. I'm actually considering doing one of those online donation dealies to get $200 together to invest in a really good pair of tap shoes, and a set of regular taps, and double taps. As a zombie fan, double taps are essential. LOL and Ha! I have to get awesome shoes, because if I hurt myself--well, I don't want to hurt myself. I sit around watching TV and complaining when I am feeling poorly.

In other news, I'm having a surprise visit with my young protege today. We're working on a Spider-flavored short story that will be submitted to an anthology next week. I'd love for him to share a professional writing credit with me.
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As promised, I checked out Farmhouse last week. I was pleasantly surprised. The violence was not as intense or pervasive as standard torture porn fare. But it was grueling and suspenseful with a strong cast. Steven Weber as a bad guy. Yes, I like it. Like Martyrs, it has an intriguing premise that you won't understand until the very end. Stick with it, because it's a pretty good watch if you like the hard-R-for-violence stuff.

Got my biggest royalty check ever yesterday. This might be the year I achieve my dream of being a thousandaire. Maybe someday, my yearly income will be more than what Mitt Romney earns in 2 weeks. Man...that'd be something.
Speaking of Mittington of Romneyshire, have you been reading about all this shit he got up to as a punk born with a silver spoon in his whiny gob? Beating up a gay kid and cutting his hair? Screwing with a blind man? Gods, what a prick. I don't necessarily believe in electing the president I'd most want to have a beer with--but he can't be an out-of-touch sociopath who lies like the rest of us drink water (which is to say, whenever his mouth gets dry).

My relationship with my day-job continues to struggle. At the end of the month, they are cutting 28 hours of open-time a week. Instead of being open 9-9 M-F and 9-5 on Saturday, we're only going to be open 10-6 M-F. I also hear we will not be doing our usual streak of hiring in the fall. I imagine I'll stay around until the busy season, but it looks like another round of "Please do the work of several people for the same pay you're making now, with less flexible hours and less available support." As you might imagine, I'm not really a fan of that sort of thing. The job market is getting better though. People are slowly getting back on their feet. Let's hope the trend continues.
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Well, there's plenty of crazy to be had in the conservative sphere right now. Groups of straight, mostly white men are meeting in secret to decide how they can best get those dirty sluts to keep their legs shut so all the boys (will be boys) will stop getting them "into trouble." When I was a kid, an unmarried girl who was knocked up was referred to as being "in trouble." You know, the way you get "in trouble" for not cleaning your room, or saying something that gets five rounds of hollow point bullets shot through the laptop you bought with your birthday money. But I digress.

Everything sucks and everybody is stupid.
I keep applying for freelance gigs and then never hearing anything back. I clicked a link to check out online grad schools and have been getting constant calls from 2 schools for over a week now. The website says it costs at least $30K for an online Masters, so I don't really see the point in discussing it further. I have to get the hell out of my day-job. I'm feeling fine now about the day-to-day, but I seriously don't have it in me to keep using those terrible archaic computer programs for another busy season. I am confident that I won't be able to do it without flying into a rage. Even if I could, I'm also confident that I'm not being paid a good enough hourly wage to work with something that longs to be half as awesome as OS9.

Got a new keyboard for home. So far, it's great.

We had Valentine's Day. I got H some more of those sour freezer pops I got him for Xmas that he liked a lot. I also got him a T-shirt of the 11th Doctor. I've only seen up to the 10th Doctor, but I know H loves Matt Smith.
He made me another awesome card (more on this), some blood orange soda, some sparkling meyer lemonade, organic lemon curd, and a kitkat with hazelnuts. Man...hazelnut kitkat was outrageous, and I want to eat them til forever.

I'm trying to get H to make cards and sell them online. I know a lot of people do this, but I'm not sure how to start. I asked him to come up with 20 or so cards. We should be able to watermark them and list them on a site to produce and ship to order. I imagine I could host it at my same site and just pay someone to build it. Or maybe etsy would be a good way to start? H is so damn talented and it's annoying how many people who are less talented them he is making money with their stuff online. So, we're gonna give it a whirl. Any advice would be much appreciated.

New podcast ep expected to go up later today.
Also, does anybody know what the hell is going on with Stephen Colbert? I'm unhappy that the show is not on, and very concerned because no one is saying why.
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In case you've not read it, Kiss Me Like You Love Me is a damn good book. In the hopes that more people will hip themselves to it, this is happening:

Anybody who helps me spread the word gets my undying gratitude.

Let me be clear, this is a bloody, creepy, stabby book for GROWN UPs.
No sparkly shit, heroes saving the goddamn day...none of that happy crap.
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On Thursday night, I finished the last of the big edits for The Finster Effect. Turns out, it's less about zombies than about the fact that I don't care for organized religion. I didn't realize how pissed I was until I got to the end. I'm reading it over tonight one more time, and then giving it to the new publisher tomorrow. I'm stoked!

I'm kinda mad today because I had a weird conversation last night with an old friend. I'll cut it, because it got long ) I guess I'm not used to having the kind of life people are jealous of--especially given that if anything happened to H, I'd be living in a shipping container by year's end. hahahahaha...yeah, like I could really afford my own shipping container.

Anywhoo, my Kindle Touch is still not here. Expected delivery date: 2 days ago. Still waiting. Chatted Amazon up last night and got them to give me a $15 shipping refund--which I actually had to haggle for. They're like "Well, I see that part of your order arrived on time" and I'm like "Yeah, the charger and the case for the Kindle--which isn't here!"
Refund accomplished. Yay! I spent part of that green on Shufflers by James L Grant. Then I realized I already had a pdf of it. Enjoy my money, you tricky bastard!

Honore, H's lovely sister, is coming to town one week from today, and staying for over 2 weeks. I don't typically tolerate guests for so long, especially because our place in tiny. But Girl-H is so awesome. She's an excellent guest, not annoying at all. Doesn't expect me to entertain her even. And she loves JoJo. Then again, how could anyone NOT love JoJo?


Q. What's worse than finding a worm in your apple?
A. the Holocaust

Q. How many potatoes does it take to kill an Irishman?
A. None.
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Still sick.
Scratchy throat, runny nose, voice mostly there but it hurts to talk.
I'm not gonna let that stop me though. My thinking is that it's NOT the flu shot making me sick. I'm basing that on the fact that H is also sick as of yesterday afternoon. So, hopefully we will both be well soon. I'm working today and tomorrow at the day-job, but H is off until Weds.
Customers are getting on my last nerve already. The weekend was slow, but a few terrible customers. Why do people think screaming will get me to send you free stuff? It won't. In fact, it makes me dig in my heels and not give you things I would normally give to people when they're being polite.

I got precious little work done over the weekend.
Couldn't even watch Boardwalk Empire last night because HBO Go is a bitch full of suck.
Too bad too, because Nucky's family is totally turning on him. That's the kind of stuff that can only happen on TV. See what I did there? Hahahahahaa!

In other news, our medical bills are giant. Just got another bill telling me I don't owe the dentist $50, which I was totally worried about coming up with. Actually, we owe them $300 for reasons I am still unsure of. If it turns out to be for the Xrays they lied to me about, we are going to have a problem.
My CPAP mask hurts my face, but it's $120 to try the other kind. *sigh* If anyone tells you our health care system is fine, they're obviously rich. Please push them and take their money. Ha! Oh, c'mon. It's a JOKE. Whenever you give me THAT's a joooooke. You know, like electrocuting Mexicans. Lulz. Someone on FB last night suggested that if people don't like their health coverage, they should negotiate it themselves away from a company. Joke is, once you have insurance and then switch, anything you were ever diagnosed with is now a "pre existing condition" which means they can't give you medical care/coverage because you are NOT physically well.

You guys ready for another shitty year of deceitful politics and idiots flaming away online? neither, but there doesn't seem to be much choice. I can say that if OWS is still happening after the (lame, gregorian) new year, I'm totally going. The cops should have all their anger worked out by then, or at least their beating arms will be too tired to pack much of a whallop.

TV season is still pretty great.
Never Fear, Dexter. I see the light in you.
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Work is teh suck.
I'm soooooo tired.
Columbus Day, which is--if you'll pardon the expression, totally fucking lame.
Even dumbass undereducated Americans who fear the metric system almost as much as the Euro should be over having a holiday for a liar and wanna be slave trader. Then again, people are still clamouring to put Reagan's treasonous mug on our money.
Jackassery abounds in my beloved country.

I imagine you tire of hearing this, but I'm tired.
Fuckin' A, I'm tired.
CPAP appointment is on Weds, and I might just sleep right through until I have to come back to this crapshack. This crapshack being my day-job.
Found out the exact numbers for the new insurance premiums. It seems like a no brainer that we would roll the dice with the crappier coverage. Otherwise, our monthly payment would more than double. BUT, I'm not sure what's gonna happen with the CPAP machine. If I can't buy it before the insurance changes Jan 1st, we might have to pay for the rental ourselves next year. I still don't know why it's so difficult to get even the most basic information about coverage and how much this stuff is going to cost. It's like keeping us in the dark is their first line of offense.

Speaking of which, I need to find a new dentist. I've been progressively more pissed with the fact that I scheduled a cleaning and they would only clean HALF my mouth. I'm going back week after next so they can do the other half--for the co-pay for another office visit. Then the next visit, they want to do one filling at a time, so I'd have to come back 3 more times. At $80 an office visit, I think I'll pass. I have to go back once for the rest of the cleaning. After that, they can kiss my ass. Great Expressions, indeed. Plus they were totally rude to me about the fact that I've not been for over a year. Is it really that unusual that a person wouldn't have an extra couple hundred dollars handy for the dentist?

Wanted to put up a new ZZN article this week, but didn't.
I can't freaking concentrate on anything real.
Most distressing.

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