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Apr. 24th, 2014 12:56 pm
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"Study of Pot Smokers' Brains Shows That MRIs Cause Bad Science Reporting"

(Warning, crank site, full of bad logic and counterrational leaps. And they also make one of the very same mistakes they are complaining about: How do they know the MRIs *cause* bad science reporting, instead of just being correlated with bad science reporting in at least one case? But still, very funny.)

Be back in five

Apr. 24th, 2014 07:22 am
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This is my last 15 minutes before my day gets stupid busy (morning shift/clean living room --> go pick up air mattress --> go pick up Dad at airport, spend weekend through Monday evening with Dad), so I want to post some fic/ficlet links before I go under for the next few days. I still owe five people drabbles, and will do my best to get to them soon! My dad is just... the kind of dad who travels without a laptop (and now without a cell phone, joy!), and he uses mine like it's no big deal, even though I find it extremely uncomfortable -- ha ha, moving on!

This is all MCU/Cap-related, with spoilers for Cap 2:
  • Bucky and therapy animals
  • Peggy and Bucky, post-Triskelion
  • First time Bucky wakes from stasis
  • Bucky's first meal as a free man
  • Sam, Bucky and first-person pronouns, plus baseball
  • Maria Hill and contingency plans

    Right, hi, &c, oh gosh, I really should have cleaned last night rather than gotten sleep. /o\
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    defira85: leeshajoy: mschaos: joebagofdoughnuts: Magnetic...




    Magnetic Cushions Let You Easily Build a Structurally Sound Pillow Fort

    The Future is Now!

    I think many people I know need to own these

    I need to invent a time machine and send this back to my seven-year-old self.



    Apr. 24th, 2014 07:43 am
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    Posted by jlgrant


    Sooooooo. Bloomberg is off his tit.

    Sure, dump $50 million into propaganda about gun control when the majority of America doesn’t want more gun control. GOOD IDEA.

    Yes, this comic is a direct parody.

    Tell ya what, Bloomie. Give me a tenth of that. Grant me $5 million to come up with GUN SAFETY messages, rather than your gun grabbing horseshit, and watch the gun deaths plummet. Work with me here, Bloomie. I’m not kidding. I will make you images that actually educate people on gun safety, and get rich in the process. And we all win.


    This song’s been stuck in my head for the last 24 hours.

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    Despite how bad it actually is, the cherry-lime syrup was gone in the morning. I arrived well-armed with a set of gummy candies for the "hummingbird feeder".

    It's possible that the departmental move may be delayed. I say this on account of my manager saying that we should have been notified by today at the outside if we're going this Friday. There are no emails, no letters, no white flag above my door numbered pieces of paper stuck to cubes or offices. Purple, who was also going to have been in this batch, is similarly without notification. He told a harrowing tale of a move where they told them on Monday, got other pending moves done, and then went "Hey, so can we move you folks like RIGHT NOW?" Except there were still some people with machines up running things that shouldn't be interrupted...

    Read more... )
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    Arise to birth with me, my brother.
    Give me your hand out of the depths
    sown by your sorrows.
    You will not return from these stone fastnesses.
    You will not emerge from subterranean time.
    Your rasping voice will not come back,
    nor your pierced eyes rise from their sockets.

    Look at me from the depths of the earth,
    tiller of fields, weaver, reticent shepherd,
    groom of totemic guanacos,
    mason high on your treacherous scaffolding,
    iceman of Andean tears,
    jeweler with crushed fingers,
    farmer anxious among his seedlings,
    potter wasted among his clays--
    bring to the cup of this new life
    your ancient buried sorrows.
    Show me your blood and your furrow;
    say to me: here I was scourged
    because a gem was dull or because the earth
    failed to give up in time its tithe of corn or stone.
    Point out to me the rock on which you stumbled,
    the wood they used to crucify your body.
    Strike the old flints
    to kindle ancient lamps, light up the whips
    glued to your wounds throughout the centuries
    and light the axes gleaming with your blood.

    I come to speak for your dead mouths.

    Throughout the earth
    let dead lips congregate,
    out of the depths spin this long night to me
    as if I rode at anchor here with you.

    And tell me everything, tell chain by chain,
    and link by link, and step by step;
    sharpen the knives you kept hidden away,
    thrust them into my breast, into my hands,
    like a torrent of sunbursts,
    an Amazon of buried jaguars,
    and leave me cry: hours, days and years,
    blind ages, stellar centuries.

    And give me silence, give me water, hope.

    Give me the struggle, the iron, the volcanoes.

    Let bodies cling like magnets to my body.

    Come quickly to my veins and to my mouth.

    Speak through my speech, and through my blood.

    Girls with Slingshots - GWS #1836

    Apr. 23rd, 2014 09:00 pm
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    New comic!
    Today's News:

    Calgary Expo!

    Hey-ho, Calgary, I'm coming for you today! Not yesterday, not tomorrow, but today. I'll be at booth #625 with Randy on Friday! 

    And I'm bringing original art with me, too! The most recent strips! Thea, Mimi, Clarice, Joshua, take your pick. Most of them are $100 even, but each piece is priced individually. Here's a pile that's coming with me:

    Yes, including the watercolor. :) 

    But if that watercolor sells before you get to my booth and you'd like a print of it, I'll have those too! As well as the Grammar Strip, Dino Kiss, the Erin & Jamie rainy beach painting, and Hazel and Jamie in ridiculous superhero costumes:

    I'll be taking CASH ONLY (I hear Square doesn't like to venture outside of the account holder's home country), so please prepare accordingly!

    Ad problems!

    We've been having trouble with some intrusive ads lately on the site, and Hiveworks is playing Whack-a-Mole with the ads that shouldn't be there. Thank you for continuing to give us a heads-up when you see them! We'll be working to get rid of them for the rest of the week. Sorry for the inconvenience!

    Luke Primous!

    If your name is Luke Primous, or you know him, please e-mail me immediately! This is the adult version of "please report to the office immediately."

    The address you gave me to send your books to was listed as VACANT and returned to me; please send me a new & correct address asap before your returned package is hidden under layers of dust and cat fur!!

    Kidding, kidding, it already is.

    This concludes the announcements for today. Thank you for listening.

    New Adam Strange

    Apr. 23rd, 2014 10:41 pm
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    Justice League United 0 came out today, reintroducing Adam Strange to the nuDC universe (and also introducing Equinox, but her pages are pretty boring and don't tell us anything about her character yet).

    Just one page below )

    Magneto was right

    Apr. 24th, 2014 11:55 am
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    "Neither respond particularly well to medication, but therapy with an emphasis on interpersonal relationships can hold the key. Particularly work focussed on metallization, which encourages a greater awareness of the intentions of oneself and those around them."
    - from a blog post about commonalities between borderline personality disorder and Asperger syndrome
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    Time now for the latest issue of Teen Titans. You'll recall that the team 'ported back to the 21st century to find Bunker and Beast Boy fighting for their lives on Tim's yacht, which is apparently the worst-guarded secret headquarters ever.

    It's kind of a long story. ), all that happened. *shrug* Reboot, anyone?
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    Hi ho, gang! Yes, i'm still alive. I got ill in February and was either in hospital or recovering and not allowed to drive til recently, and so missed the last couple issues of Teen Titans. But! Now I have both the ones I missed and the latest in hand! So I figure i'll do one post on the back issues and a separate post for the new. I have here six pages each from Teen Titans #28 and #29 - sounds like a lot, but there's at least one double-page splash from each ish.

    You'll recall that when we left our merry band, the remaining Titans had joined Kid Flash and Solstice in the 31st century, where Bart was apprehended and put on trial. Being in the future enabled Bart to break through his Echo-created "witness protection" personality and become the evil revolutionary Bar Torr again, and submitting to the trial was part of his scheme - with all his world's power brokers gathered to watch him hang, his forces were able to strike at all of them at once, to the Titans' dismay.

    We now join the battle already in progress )

    Stay tuned, gentle readers! Same Titan time, same Titan channel!

    Gun Dildo

    Apr. 23rd, 2014 11:30 pm
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    Posted by drew


    “Raise,” he said, shoving a pile of chips into the middle of the table. I furrowed my brow, pushing a stack of my own chips forward. “I’ll see your raise,” I said, throwing my gun dildo onto the table, “and raise you a gun dildo.”


    Apr. 24th, 2014 08:14 am
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    Posted by mugumogu

    Maru loves to sleep in the bathtub.

    Maru:[I love the bathtub.]

    Hey Hana, do you not sleep with him?

    Hana:[I don't like the bathtab.]

    Maru loves to play in the bathtub, too.

    Maru:[I get it!]


    A brief Wednesday reading post

    Apr. 23rd, 2014 03:45 pm
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    I suspect it's not actually true that I can sit down and read novels, just not in the United States.

    Nonetheless, I once again got more reading done in Montreal than at home (and then not much on the flight back):

    We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves, by Karen Joy Fowler, is very good, a portrait of a damaged family told by one of the daughters, who talks about trying to figure out what went wrong, and her own sense of identity. (I bought this for the kindle, after seeing it had won an award; Fowler has sf connections but I'd call this mainstream. More later, maybe, if I can decide what counts as spoilery.)

    The Old Vengeful, by Anthony Price, is a cold war thriller, from I think 1982; only loosely connected to some of his others, David Audley is there but not a major character. This is one of [personal profile] rysmiel's, selected in part for its relative brevity, because it was late enough in my visit that I didn't want to start a 400-page novel.

    I also reread a couple of Pat Wrede's Enchanted Forest books, which are on the light and fluffy side; one before the Fowler, the other while traveling home from Montreal.

    I don't know what comes next; probably either Nicola Griffith's Hild (which I have from the library and am thinking I have time to at least start and decide whether to buy or wait) or the most recent Terry Pratchett (which [personal profile] cattitude bought, so there's less temporal urgency). Or maybe I'll finish that book on the history of Spanish, rather than more fiction right now.
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    Deaf, deaf, Hard of Hearing, even the dreaded Hearing Impaired..... There's a lot of divisions in 'deaf communities' and a fair bit of fighting. I don't join 'deaf' spaces without expecting to need a fairly thick skin.

    Yet every individual I speak to Deaf, deaf, HOH, deafened, deaf-blind says they don't like the division and fighting either. In fact I'd go so far as to say people HATE it. I know I do.

    Just hurling this blogpost out now in reply to a tweet really, cos 140chars isn't enough. Someone suggested we had too much uncommon ground to do deaf unity...

    That's almost the opposite conclusion to what I was noodling with the other day.

    The entire deaf world seems to be split into BSL signing culturally big D deaf and oral/aural non-signing small d deaf (hard of hearing, hearing impaired etc)...

    You're either or.... Apparently.

    And even if you do accept a D/d deaf divide we seem not to be able to work together on anything and there's epic amounts of grudge bringing up, "you were mean to me about X, so I'm not being nice to you about Y"...

    And I can understand that. Cos what it says to me is we're all hurting. Paddy Ladd on See Hear talking about CIs discussed bullying amongst "deaf" people of all deafnesses and talked about how it was caused by structural audism...

    So assuming there's 3 loose groups of deaf-signing, deaf-oral and then the inbetweeny group of deaf signing & oral cos an astonishing number of people seem to have some level of sign language skills...

    I tried to work out some basic choices and which groups would choose what. And actually very few fell into either the deaf-signing or deaf-oral only camps. Most fell somewhere in between.

    I also tried to add deaf-blind and deaf+other-impairment to that cos many of us do have sight impairments and I hear deaf-blind people talking about inclusion or exclusion within the deaf community. My own "additional impairments" affect how much I physically CAN sign...

    So here's my startng venn diagram.
    venn diagram image of signing deaf, oral deaf, deafblind etc, with communication choice type things

    What have I missed? I'm sure I have missed stuff, will modify this as needed.

    But I think we can all agree that we support access to
    * Healthcare via deaf awareness and communication support
    * Education, cos right now for deaf children it's not good
    * Employment support in the workplace with deaf awareness, less structural prejudice,
    * Access to Work support whether it be for BSL terps, lipspeakers or radio aids
    * Entertainment with subtitles for cinema and DVDs and videos on websites etc
    * Funding for access to support for every day life like Finland has for deaf people
    * Some stuff under legal, social, moral, medical models of disability.
    * Assistance animals like hearing dogs or guide dogs

    The only thing I could find which I think some people want and others don't is culturo-linguistic recognition of British Sign Language. Which arguably even those who don't sign don't lose out from, and could benefit from if we wanted to learn/improve our sign language and could apply to other things...

    What are the other differences we have amongst ourselves?

    More DIY Antique Key Necklaces!

    Apr. 23rd, 2014 03:30 pm
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    Posted by Jen

    I've been playing with re-purposing old jewelry and antique keys again:

     These particular keys are kinda strange; they're like a modern/skeleton key hybrid:

    While going through my stash I found some filigree that fit perfectly, though, with just a little trimming:

    The glass leaves were in a goody box from one you readers. (Every now and then I get a bag of old jewelry or keys from one of you guys to play with, and every rusty box is like Christmas. :))

     Here's another one:

    The skull charm is another scavenged find, although I added the red crystals:

    I like the idea of using the key body as a kind of charm bracelet, so next I made a really delicate one:

    The key is a modern reproduction you can get at any hardware store for a few dollars. The little bow was its own necklace, if you can believe it, that belonged to my grandmother. (They made some TINY necklaces back then!)

    I made the loops for the little pink Swarovski crystals myself - which I'm pointing out because it was a PAIN:

    They all slide around a bit as you wear it, of course, but I kind of like the jumbled-charm look.

    And finally, for something completely different:

    This one's my favorite. :)

    I saw a similar design on Pinterest, and since I'd just purchased some wing charms anyway, figured I'd give it a try. All you need is a Dremel to drill extra holes in the wing tips:

    That chain is one of the coolest link designs I've ever seen, btw. I found it and the other heavy chains in this post from a junky stall at Renningers, the giant antique market out in Mount Dora. There was an enormous box full of random chains, and if I ever find that seller again, I may have to buy the whole thing!

    Hope you guys liked the eye candy! I'm debating trying to sell a few pieces from time to time, assuming I can ever bear to part with any, of course. ;) Not ready to take that leap yet, though, so for now I'll just keep making the pretties, and hope they help inspire my fellow tinkerers!

    Oh, and you can see my other key necklaces here, if you missed 'em way back when.

    House offer

    Apr. 23rd, 2014 08:31 pm
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    We've made a final offer on the house in king's hedges. I'm a bit scared, because liv hasn't had a chance to see inside, and because I think it's the right trade off between "features we care about" and "money", but I don't know for sure if we waited we'd get a better ratio or a worse one.

    I count the chances of it being accepted as about 50/50.

    I'm pretty sure rationally we're making the right decision, but I'm still scared there's something big I should have known and didn't.

    Thank you to everyone who assured us it was possible to get through the process!

    Bright as yellow. #nofilter

    Apr. 23rd, 2014 03:56 pm
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    Bright as yellow. #nofilter
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    Posted in full at: at April 23, 2014 at 04:30AM
    copperbadge: eruvadhril replied to your post:Answers About Kindereggs Hey, Sam, tell us about how...

    eruvadhril replied to your post:Answers About Kindereggs

    Hey, Sam, tell us about how you used to make bootleg hooch under your sink in college!

    WELL I’LL TELL YOU, all you really need to make alcohol is yeast, sugar, and fruit juice. When I was doing some research in some old newspapers, I came across a recipe for “dorm wine” — you mix yeast and sugar in the bottom of a large jug, then add fruit juice concentrate and fill the jug with water (I used a 2-liter soda bottle). You tape a balloon over the mouth of the jug to prevent bugs and dust getting in but to allow for gas expansion as everything ferments, and after about two weeks, when the balloons have deflated, you have decent but nigh-undrinkable alcohol.

    The key to making it drinkable is to age it in the fridge for at least a few weeks; the longer it ages the better it tastes. I made “apple jack” and “red wine” this way. It was pretty mellow, probably not any higher alcohol content than most beer, but if you’re 19 and can’t buy booze yet, a couple of bucks for a 2-L of beer isn’t bad.

    If you’re concerned about someone noticing what you’re buying, get flour and stuff and pretend you’re going to try making bread with the yeast. (Get baking powder as well, and make pancakes.)

    (no subject)

    Apr. 23rd, 2014 07:25 am
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    Happy El Dia de la Rosa / El Dia del Llibre / World Book Day to all those who celebrate!

    ...Y'all do all celebrate, right? *eyes*

    St George's Day

    Apr. 23rd, 2014 11:56 am
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    Today is traditionally St George's Day, although in the church calendar Easter Week takes precedence, so it's moved to next week instead.

    That raises the question, for people who *don't* celebrate easter week, but do celebrate st george's day, should they follow the usual date in the civil calendar, or the church calendar? I'm actually inclined to follow the civil calendar tradition, although fortunately, it seems to not matter very much so we can all do whichever we prefer.
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    Today my manager was Out, and I used the 1:1 time shoving things into boxes, and reconciling papers with computers, and pulling things out of closets.

    I popped by the desktop office with two briefcases full of ancient Latitude mumblety-something versions. Poor long-suffering Chip. Then I returned with a third briefcase, because there was really nowhere else to put it.

    As part of this whole exercise, various things are being put out for salvage, such as the tablecloths of bad mojo, and a whole bunch of random swag. People from the team were coming up to me the whole day, asking whether I had any left. The vultures claimed it all, very quickly.

    Transporting an array of coffee syrup bottles coherently is less fun than you might imagine. This is complicated by the need for everything to be in boxes -- if I thought I could get away with it, I would have left it intact and just carried it across and down myself. But probably not, no. So all the syrups went in one box. I top each box with my email address, just in case the external labeling fails and I have an orphaned box found somewhere.

    So there was the matter of getting the syrup pumps out of the bottles. This involved unscrewing, draining, rinsing, and being careful about angles. I had a little more coffee than usual due to using up the drained syrup.

    One of the bottles was the ill-favoured cherry-lime. I left that in the traditional free-stuff place.

    I got the notice that I was accepted in to the transition pilot for the leap from Exchange 2007 to 2013. In the absence of my Overlady, I had to check her inbox to make sure she'd got the same message (because we go as a unit). In said inbox, I found a question from the PM on the other end of my block. So I hit the database again, and shook it until candy fell out, and this time I was careful to reply as myself and not as my Overlady. So another PM is learning where the information comes from.

    One of the mover guys came past my cube and asked was I going to use all those boxes. Yes. Yes, I was.

    The PM down the corner is not sure when she's moving, but she thinks it's soon. She is also going to be out of the state next week sometime. This may interact poorly. I bequeathed her two of my boxes -- when I run out, I can request more, but if she's going to be out of the office, she has a limited time window for packing.

    The large metal rooster goes in the box before the lava lamp.

    I saw JD checking in vaguely near where I was at, and called to ask if he needed a ride home. He allowed as how that might be good. Various communications later, I made my escape and headed in the direction of dinner. (Purple was delighted to learn of a place that did Mongolian beef in the general area, but was staying Somewhat Later.) I joined JD and his hiking buddy. Om nom nom beef.

    When I headed out from work, the cherry-lime syrup bottle was still as I'd left it.

    I had forgotten how very much I dislike driving and parking near Castro Street in Mountain View. It is not my favorite thing. Fortunately, parking garage. Fortunately, legs.

    Then I drove JD home. Yay!

    The Starbucks near my friendly neighborhood Trader Joe's is open hella late. I got a cookie. Then I came home and finished up my step count while detangling and re-braiding my hair.

    The Big Meeting 4

    Apr. 23rd, 2014 07:35 am
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    Posted by jlgrant


    Guys, trust me: Don’t talk about your lovers in this way. Not to your other lovers, CERTAINLY not to your pals. They WILL find out. And slashed tires are the LEAST of your worries.

    I really like this idea. Let’s see if anything comes of it. *chortles*

    Merchandising 101

    Apr. 16th, 2014 06:08 am
    [syndicated profile] hijinksensue_feed

    Posted by Joel


    [actually posted on 4/22/14] Still playing catch up and still a week behind on comics. I have a pretty cool idea for how to get caught up this week, that I think many of you are going to enjoy. More on that when it’s actually a thing. I’ve also got a pretty sweet guest comic lined up for while I’m away at Calgary Expo.


    Calgary Expo 2014

    I will be at Calgary Expo as part of Cyanide & Happiness in booth 622. It’ll be me and Rob Denbleyker doing stick figure dick sketches, and I’ll also have some HE prints and shirts.

    RE: This comic
    David’s a real person, and one of my best friends. I am also a real person. Comic Joel is a fictionalized version of myself. Comic David is a HYPER-fictionalized version of David IRL. I hate explaining jokes, but I thought it was necessary to explain this distinction to prevent anyone else from thinking I am being rude, or cruel to my actual real life friend.

    Speaking of selling things related to comics TO people, AT places, a reader asked me for some business advice and I posted my answers to her questions here on my Tumblr.

    Some of the shirts in the HE Store on are MAJORLY on sale, because they aren’t going to be printed again. Some are down to the last few sizes. Get ‘em while you can! There are also some great PRINTS and POSTERS in the store. Your walls cry out for them.

    Apparently they found an extra box of Lil’ Wils hiding in the warehouse, so there’s maybe 50 or 60 of these little dudes left between now and the heat death of The Universe.

    The first ever HijiNKS HANGOUT was fun! My guests were be David Willis and Angela Melick and you can view the archived stream HERE. If you miss the HE Podcast, the HijiNKS HANGOUT is probably a thing that will make you happy. Tweet your discussion topics, questions and drawing challenges for the next one to #HijiNKSHangout.

    Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 5.12.57 AM


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    (no subject)

    Apr. 23rd, 2014 06:56 am
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    It's time for today's picture of Ginny draped over my knee and laptop being painfully cute. Earlier she unplugged my monitor cord. With her chin.
    Read more... )

    (no subject)

    Apr. 22nd, 2014 11:32 pm
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    Oh thank god, today was a good day. I'm at work, with my most difficult client--but after a month straight of an ongoing pitched battle, I have finally won the Yes There Are Rules And You Are Going To Follow Them fight. So today we managed a lovely dinner and outing where we had no meltdowns or big acts of rulebreaking, no rocks were thrown at people or seagulls, and my shoulders were not tuned like piano wires before bedtime even rolled around. Tonight after bedtime I even got some work in on a job application for a posting that closes this week!

    Also: Sometimes I fret over some flaw or infelicity in my appearance, the kind of thing someone would notice only if they scrutinized me closely. And on Monday, I got a haircut and lost a foot of hair, so now my hair ends in a long bob that does the flippy thing framing my face an inch above my shoulders. No one in my life has commented on it. So this is a reminder to me when I get all super self-conscious: I notice these things way more than other people do.

    (I do like my hair, tho. ^_^)

    Oh hey, have I ever defined neg-stimming for people? That's, "negative self-stimulation" as in "deliberately going out and looking for things that will make you feel bad or upset." For example: I can't deal with gore and violent injury. And yet, every so often I go read about serial killers on Wikipedia with some kind of sick fascination, clicking more links even as I rock with disgusted revulsion. I also used to read things like anon memes where people were talking about how fans like me were totally horrible, which fed my fear that people in my life secretly hated me.

    Neg-stimming is kind of like the traumatic repetition compulsion. "I will do the bad thing again, and this time I will do it right!" Which is how you wind up being sucked into yet another argument with someone you know is toxic, or volunteering for a situation which will provably push you past your limits. A lot of the time the idea is, "If I were only braver/stronger/tougher, this would work!" instead of just walking away and coming up on the problem later from a totally different angle.

    Then there is also, of course, just the pleasure of brainweasels being able to croon, "Yesss. I was right. My overclocked worries were good worries. Look how validating this is. I are a smart weasel." It feels kind of satisfying and necessary, despite the big DON'T FEED THE BRAINWEASELS signs, and the fact that it is neither.

    So I'm not saying neg-stimming is bad. One of my healthy, adaptive coping mechanisms has always been finding out just how bad my worst-case scenario would be, so it's not some great unknown. ("Okay, so, if I fail this course I won't get my tuition back, but I will be able to re-register and try again four more times...") It's just something to be aware of: "Am I neg-stimming, or does this serve a useful purpose?"

    Then, without judging or blaming yourself, you can learn to disengage and go do something else that's less brain-killing, even if no more enlightening. I'm a fan of Candy Crush, myself.

    Culture Consumed Wednesday

    Apr. 23rd, 2014 04:48 pm
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    For the past fortnight.


    Read Anne Bishop's Daughter of the Blood. From Twitter:

    @vassl: Now to attempt to finish reading the GOH's first novel before I arrive in the convention city. It was published in '98, I'm a little slow.

    @vassl: Anne Bishop's Daughter of the Blood: surprisingly good airport reading. It's set in Hell, so relevant to my current location.

    @vassl: Tullamarine Airport has fewer magic cockrings and sparkly jewels than Anne Bishop's Hell, and different decor choices, but otherwise similar

    @vassl: Finished Daughter of the Blood. Started out all lolzy idfic magic cockrings, suddenly became not at all lolzy child trafficking rings.

    Can see where JR Ward got her inspiration for what to name people in the Black Dagger books. There is a character in this novel whose name is surreal. I mean she is named Surreal. I mean both. [personal profile] snarp and [personal profile] rachelmanija were both right about it (except that I enjoyed it more than Rachel did, and will definitely be reading at least the second book.)

    Reading Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray. Got through a few more pages in the last week. Hate Henry SO MUCH. Hate Dorian too. Indifferent to Painter Dude. Want to read a novel about Henry's aunt, written by Anne Bronte not Oscar Wilde.

    Reading Bill Bryson's A Short History of Everything. Got from pg 129 to pg 288 during Swancon weekend. Volcanoes and meteorites are scary. :( Some more Twitter commentary, because I like to recycle my jokes:

    @vassl: Reading Bill Bryson on M-theory and have suddenly and regrettably turned into a zombie. Braaaaaaanes. #physics #holidayreading

    Reread Komarr and 'Winterfair Gifts'.

    Read Loki: Agent of Asgard #1 and #2. Basically giggled the whole way through. Yes, it was pure bubblegum, but I was in the mood for bubblegum. And Al Ewing's author's note on the last page, quoting Thor #353 (Odin: "For Asgard!" Thor: "For Midgard!" Loki: "For myself!") really rang true to me, both as a principle (standing up for yourself is not selfish/bad!) and also as an interpretation of Loki's character (not a nice person, but also frequently the only person on Team Himself.)

    Read [personal profile] dira's Vorkosigan refugee AU and reread one of her Jole series while waiting for the plane. Some stories are worth going over your mobile data plan for.

    TV and Movies
    Watched 'Lake Laogai' from ATLA. Can we leave Ba Sing Se now? It is a terrible place.

    Watched Spirited Away at [personal profile] bookgirlwa's house. It was made in 2001, but it's still very definitely in the tradition of 80s/90s kids' films that will destroy your infant mind with terror, while being instant classics for their meaningful script/use of myth and their beautiful cinematography/hand-drawn animation/puppetry/David Bowie's crotch.

    Discovered Cut The Rope. Obsessed.

    Watched the music video to Total Eclipse of the Heart for the first time, and have some preliminary conclusions: 1. I want whatever drugs they were on. 2. At least part of this is set in the Black Jewels universe. 3. The rest of it is set in Smallville. 4. I want the I'm Not Okay crossover. It would be epic. More epic, I mean.

    Listened to Lydia Lunch's Queen of Siam. Liked.

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