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How to Safen Up--Safe Style

We haven't heard anything else from Nightmare Client since we got that ridiculous letter from his rented legal firm. While that may seem like good news, it worries me.

Some facts:

--Nightmare Client is sure I'm responsible for all of his bad Amazon reviews, and therefore his lack of sales.

--I am not responsible for any, and Amazon can verify this if they so choose.

--As of the 13th of this month, the 21-day deadline sent by the lawyers will be up. As such, Nightmare Client will realize he's powerless in this situation.

I worry that once he realizes this, he will be driven even more insane. While he hasn't made direct threats of violence, it's obvious that he's fuckin' nuts. The stuff we've been sent via Email is delusional to the point of actual psychosis.

NC also knows things about us, like H's work schedule and how often I'm here alone.

We don't have room for a dog (I've been wanting one for a while now) and H won't even discuss having a gun in the house. I very much see his point, and am mostly in agreement. I have a taser, which is meant to discourage people from bothering me. I imagine it would be useless against someone who broke in here with the express purpose of doing me physical harm. And I'm telling you all--I wouldn't put that past this guy for a second. As I keep saying, he sounds deluded to me.

So the question is: How do I keep myself safe from this deranged maniac?
I seriously need ideas.

[personal profile] absynthe 2016-06-02 04:09 am (UTC)(link)
A very good personal defense weapon is wasp spray. The 'organic' variety that is based on clove oil is a substantial deterrent when sprayed in or near the face, and it's useful at a distance of 8-10 ft. It's relatively cheap, so buy several cans and leave them in easily accesible locations throughout your place. (Be sure to pop off the protective trigger lock!) Also, practice hitting targets with one or two cans so you know what to expect.
I would strongly advise reading up on the limitations of self defense in your state, just so you know how far you can go if someone breaks into your home. If you're in a 'stand your ground' state, they're basically your toy if they force their way in, but it's always best to know where you stand and plan accordingly.

(Anonymous) 2016-06-12 11:42 am (UTC)(link)
How about a Tippmann TiPX paintball marker ( (they aren't classed as firearms in Michigan)
It's quite large (being .68 caliber) which may be a problem if you have small hands, but you can always hold it with both if this is the case.
Instead of paintballs, load it with 11/16" nylon bearings ( This is a combo used by law enforcement around the world for riot control.
Aim for the intruders legs. If that doesn't get the message across, or if they're armed, aim for the face.

I recommend this marker for non-lethal home defence, as the 12g CO2 cartridge remains unpunctured until the first trigger pull, allowing the marker to be stored ready for use indefinitely, without the risk of depressurisation due to leaks.