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Sticky Post is Sticky

I am Wednesday Lee Friday, writer of fact and fiction.

I have digital, paperback, app, and audiobooks you should feel free to acquire in your usual manner of getting new stuff. The links to your left will take you to various places where you can find out more about me or my work, and check out my archive of TV reviews, sex articles, and whatever else I'm up to. You can also ask. I'm really into that sort of thing.

Buy my horror books on Amazon or from the good people at Crossroad Press:
A Stabbing for Sadie
2nd Edition
Kiss Me Like You Love Me
2nd Edition.
The Finster Effect
DRM-free epub and audiobook editions available now.

This is my official blog, maintained by me. I've been blogging in it for over 10 years now, first at Livejournal, then here at DW. In this blog you will find swears, adult content, occasional pics or vids with nudies, bloody killings, mental-health talk, or just plain disturbing shit. I talk about my personal life, on the off chance that you've an interest in that sort of thing. There are tons of reviews on movies and TV, and my reactions to all of LOST and Harry Potter as I experienced them. Check out the tags if you want to skip stuff that's boring to you.

Using the Radish app? Peep my serialized offering Hellish Calling. New chaps drop every Wednesday (more or less).